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蚌埠美莱坞整形美容医院激光去斑好吗蚌埠开眼角效果好吗蚌埠医学院第三附属医院激光去斑手术多少钱 Turkey plans to deepen its involvement in Syria by establishing a de facto safe zone that could eventually cover some 4,000 square kilometres of territory where both Isis and Kurdish militias would be kept at bay.土耳其计划深化其在叙利亚的介入,建立一个实际上的安全区,最终可能覆盖约4000平方公里的领土,把伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)和库尔德武装都挡在外面。The plan involves the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army working with rebel groups to consolidate and extend recently captured territory south of the Turkish border.该计划涉及受土耳其持的叙利亚自由Free Syrian Army)与其它反政府组织合作,巩固和扩大最近刚刚在土耳其边境以南占领的地盘。Specifically, the FSA would push from the border town of Jarabulus to join a rebel council about 40km to the south in Manbij, which was recently wrested from Isis control. 具体而言,叙利亚自由军将从边境城镇杰拉布卢斯(Jarabulus)推进,与曼比季(Manbij,最近刚刚脱离ISIS的控制)以南大约40公里处的一个反政府委员会会合。The forces would move south-west towards al-Bab, about 50km from Aleppo, a Turkish official said.一名土耳其官员表示,这些武装力量将向西南方推进,目标是距离阿勒Aleppo)0公里的巴al-Bab)。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president, has asked for the US-led coalition to help create a no-fly zone over this territory, which he hopes to repopulate with refugees who have fled to Turkey in the five years since the Syria conflict began.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)要求以美国为首的盟军帮助在该区域建立一个禁飞区,他希望在此重新安置自叙利亚冲突爆发以来的五年间逃往土耳其的难民。Turkey is also pushing for a 48-hour ceasefire in the disputed city of Aleppo over next weekend’s Eid holiday, and wants at least one of two aid convoys one each for government-held and opposition-held quadrants of the city to depart from Turkey, the official added. 该官员补充称,土耳其还在推动在各方相持不下的城市阿勒颇在下周末的古尔邦节实施48小时停火,并希望两援助车队——一开往阿勒颇的政府控制区,一开往反对派控制区——中至少有一可以从土耳其出发。Negotiations over the convoys stalled at the recent G20 summit in China, where Mr Erdogan met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of the US.有关援助车队的谈判在中国举行0国集G20)峰会期间陷入停滞,埃尔多安在峰会上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)进行了会面。The US has been urging Turkey for some time to orchestrate a campaign to dislodge Isis from the last remaining strip of the border that it still controls.美国一直在敦促土耳其策划一场战役,将ISIS逐出其仍然控制的最后一块边境地带。However, Washington has consistently argued against proposals to set up a formal safe zone in the area, which it fears could involve a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover.然而,华盛顿方面始终反对在边境地区建立正式安全区的提议,美国担心,这会使以美国为首的盟军卷入比单纯提供空中掩护大得多的军事投入。For Mr Erdogan, a Turkey-administered safe zone with international support would position him as a leading figure in a conflict in which he has largely been frustrated.对于埃尔多安来说,在国际持下建立一个由土耳其负责的安全区,将使他成为叙利亚冲突的主导人物。在这场冲突中,他迄今基本上一直受挫。Turkish-backed rebels had, until recently, little battlefield success, prompting his US allies to depend on a Kurdish militia he despises to fight Isis.直到不久以前,土耳其持的反政府军在战场上表现欠佳,促使埃尔多安的美国盟友依赖他所蔑视的库尔德武装来打击ISIS。Meanwhile, Russian and Iranian support has propped up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president whose ousting Mr Erdogan has long sought.与此同时,俄罗斯和伊朗的持一直撑着叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而埃尔多安一直希望将阿萨德赶下台。来 /201609/465580蚌山区治疗青春痘多少钱

蚌埠胎记医院较好蚌埠去痘坑价格 Theresa May is no longer Theresa Maybe, as The Economist dubbed her. After months of gnomic statements, the prime minister appears to have locked herself in a dark room over Christmas and taken the hard decisions about Brexit. In her speech on Tuesday, she outlined a bold plan of intentions: the UK will leave the single market, regain full control over EU immigration and pursue trade agreements with the EU and other countries. In short, Mrs May confirmed that the government is pursuing a “Canada+model. Both in the UK and elsewhere, a statement of intent is most welcome. Now, the really hard part is making it happen.特里Theresa May)不再是《经济学人The Economist)所称的“特里萨?没准儿Theresa Maybe)了。在数月来净讲套话之后,梅似乎在圣诞节期间将自己关在小黑屋里,然后在退欧问题上做出了艰难决定。她在周二的演讲中概述了一个大胆的计划,说明了英国方面的意愿:英国将会退出单一市场,在欧盟移民问题上拿回全部控制权,并寻求与欧盟和其他国家签署贸易协定。简言之,梅实英国政府将寻求一种“加拿大+”模式。无论是在英国还是在其他地方,意愿声明都最受人欢迎。如今,真正困难的部分是落实。There was clarity too on a transition deal. Mrs May said she wishes to avoid a “disruptive cliff-edgeand the markets responded favourably with sterling rebounding. There will be a “phased process of implementationover a finite time but it is still unclear how this will work or what will change between the end of the Article 50 process and the ultimate break with the EU. This may be out of Britain’s hands the EU27 nations will have their own thoughts about the terms of the transition.梅还阐明了过渡协议问题。梅表示希望避免“置身悬崖边以致造成破坏性后果”——市场做出了积极的回应,英镑汇率反弹。英国退欧将会在限定时间内“分阶段实施”,但目前仍不清楚的是,将会如何分阶段退欧,或者从依据《里斯本条约》第50Article 50)启动的退欧进程结束到最终退出欧盟之间将会发生哪些方面的变化。这可能超出了英国的控制——欧盟其7个国家将对过渡条款有自己的想法。The largest unknown area is the UK’s future in the customs union, which provides for the frictionless movement of goods across Europe. Mrs May admitted that remaining a full member was off the table she wants Britain to strike its own trade deals. But nor does she want to quit entirely. Instead, Britain may become “an associate member of the customs union in some waya rejigging of the notorious “have our cake and eat itformula.最大的悬念是英国在欧洲关税同盟的未来,后者使得商品可以在欧洲境内畅通无阻地流通。梅承认,保留关税同盟完全成员国身份不在讨论范围内——她想让英国签署自己的贸易协议。但她也不想完全退出。相反,英国可能“在某种意义上成为关税同盟的准成员国”——这是对出了名的“鱼与熊掌不可兼得”模式的调整。This could prove to be the most contentious issue in the negotiations: Britain needs it to please important employers like Nissan because they use the UK as a base for exporting to Europe; the EU, meanwhile, can use it as leverage. Both sides know that pulling the plug on the customs union in its entirety could be hugely disruptive.事实可能明这是谈判中最具争议性的问题:英国需要关税同盟成员身份来取悦日产(Nissan)等重要雇主,因为它们将英国作为出口欧洲的基地;与此同时,欧盟可能利用它来作为筹码。双方都知道,英国完全退出关税同盟可能产生巨大的破坏。Mrs May’s Brexit approach is to abandon all elements of EU membership and then claw some back, notably on customs and security. It is a strategy designed to satisfy the country’s political mood. She has to convince EU leaders that such an approach is in their interests, too. There is a precedent for this: during her time in the Home Office, Mrs May pushed for the UK to opt out of 130 EU Justice and Home Affairs measures. She ended up opting back in to 35 of them, including the European arrest warrant. The same approach is being taken with Brexit.梅的退欧策略是全面放弃欧盟成员国身份,然后取回部分资格,特别是在关税和安全问题上。这项战略旨在安抚国内政治情绪。她必须让欧盟领导人相信,这种做法也符合欧盟的利益。她这套策略是有先例的:在英国内政部任职期间,梅推动英国选择退出欧盟司法和内政事务(EU Justice and Home Affairs) 130项措斀?她最终选择重新加入其中5项,包括欧洲逮捕令。她正在英国退欧问题上采取同样的策略。Aside from the unnecessary threat that Britain will walk away if offered a “bad deal the tone and content of the speech was well judged. After plenty of stick brandished in Europe’s direction, there were lots of carrots in the talk of friendship and a new “strategic partnership除了不必要地威胁如果欧盟给出“糟糕的协议”英国就不干了,她演讲的语气和内容还是恰当的。在多次朝着欧洲方向挥舞大棒后,谈到友谊和建立新的“战略合作”时她也拿出了许多胡萝卜。For those who supported Remain in last year’s referendum, Mrs May has killed off their last hopes of being partly in, partly out of Europe. For Brexiters, their fears that the prime minister would not deliver on the referendum result have been calmed.对于那些在去年公投中持留欧的人而言,梅扼杀了他们对“部分退出、部分留下”的最后希望。而退欧派就不必再担心梅不履行公投结果了。Today marks of the dawn of Brexit Britain. It could be a cold shower for politicians and the economy, but there seems to be no going back. It is time for everyone to pull together to make it work.今日标志着英国退欧时代的开端。对政治人士和经济而言,这可能会是一次冷水浴,但似乎已无法回头。现在是所有人团结合作实现退欧的时刻了。来 /201701/489199蚌埠东方美莱坞整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

蚌埠脱毛优惠 British Prime Minister Theresa May meets with U.S. President Donald Trump Friday at the White House where the two world leaders will hold a joint news conference.英国首相特雷莎·梅星期五将在白宫会晤美国总统川普,这两位领导人还将举行联合记者招待会。She will be the first foreign leader to meet with Trump in Washington since he took office.特雷莎·梅是川普上任后第一位到访的外国元首。On Thursday, May spoke to a gathering of U.S. Republican leaders in Philadelphia where she said the days of the U.S. and Britain intervening in other nations to remake them in their image are over.特雷莎·梅星期四在费城向聚集在那里开会的共和党人发表演讲,她说美国与英国干预别国,按照自己的模式改造其它国家的日子应该一去不复返了。May said it is in British and American interests to defend their values, but not go back to what she called the ;failed policies of the past.;她说,美国和英国需要维护自己的价值,不能回到她所说的“过去失败的政策。”May also called for reform in such multinational institutions as the U.N. and NATO ;to make them more relevant and purposeful.; She said their members have to stop leaning on the ed States.特雷莎·梅还呼吁改革联合国和北约等多国机构,使他们更符合时代需要和目的明确。她还呼吁这些机构的成员国不要依赖美囀?来 /201702/490293蚌埠做狐臭有哪些医院安徽蚌埠市做鼻尖整形多少钱



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