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;I do.; To Americans those two words carry great meaning. They can even change your life. Especially if you say them at your own wedding. Making wedding vows is like signing a contract. Now Americans don#39;t really think marriage is a business deal. But marriage is serious business.  「我愿意」这句话对美国人而言具有重大意义,它甚至可以改变你的生命,特別是当你在自己的婚礼上说出这句话时,在婚礼中所发的誓言就如同签订契约一样,美国人并不是真把婚姻当作商业交易,但是,结婚确实是件严肃的事情。  It all begins with engagement. Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his sweetheart for permission to marry her. If the father agrees, the man later proposes to her. Often he tries to surprise her by ;popping the question; in a romantic way.  结婚是从订婚开始,在传统上,年轻人会请求他的女朋友的父亲允许他娶她,如果女方的父亲答应,之后方可向女方求婚。通常男方会试着以罗曼蒂克的方式「提出这个问题」以带给女方惊喜。  Sometimes the couple just decides together that the time is right to get married. The man usually gives his fiancee a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement. They may be engaged for weeks, months or even years. As the big day approaches, bridal showers and bachelor#39;s parties provide many useful gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life.  有时候双方会觉得现在结婚正是时候,于是男方通常会送女方钻戒做为互订终身的象征。他们可能订婚几个星期、几个月,甚至几年,当大喜的日子接近时,贺礼赠送会和单身汉俱乐部都会赠送许多实用的礼物。今天有许多订婚的男女在订婚期间接受咨询务,这是为了让他们有准备接受婚姻生活的挑战。  At last it#39;s time for the wedding. Although most weddings follow long-held traditions, there#39;s still room for American individualism. For example, the usual place for a wedding is in a church. But some people get married outdoors in a scenic spot. A few even have the ceremony while skydiving or riding on horseback! The couple may invite hundreds of people or just a few close friends. They choose their own style of colors, decorations and music during the ceremony. But some things rarely change. The bride usually wears a beautiful, long white wedding dress. She traditionally wears ;something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.; The groom wears a formal suit or tuxedo. Several close friends participate in the ceremony as attendants, including the best man and the maid of honor.  最后就是婚礼了,虽然大多的婚礼仍沿袭长久以来的传统,但是美国人的个人主义仍有其空间,例如,通常婚礼的地点是在教堂,但是有些人却是到戶外的风景区结婚,有些人甚至是跳伞或骑马结婚!双方可能邀请上百人或者只是一些熟朋友,婚礼的顏色风格,布置和音乐都由他们自己决定,但有些事是不太会变的;新娘通常都穿著美丽的白色结婚礼,按照传统她必须穿的衣上包括了:一些旧的,一些新的,一些借来的,及一些蓝色的东西。新郎则穿着正式的西装或燕尾晚礼,几位熟朋友参加婚礼并协助帮忙,包括了伴郎和伴娘。  As the ceremony begins, the groom and his attendants stand with the minister, facing the audience. Music signals the entrance of the bride#39;s attendants, followed by the beautiful bride. Nervously, the young couple repeats their vows. Traditionally, they promise to love each other ;for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.; But sometimes the couple has composed their own vows. They give each other a gold ring to symbolize their marriage commitment. Finally the minister announces the big moment: ;I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride!;  当典礼开始时,新郎和伴郎和牧师站在一起,面对观众,音乐一起,表示伴娘入场,后面就跟着美丽的新娘。年轻的男女双方紧张地跟着说出他们的誓言,传统上而言,他们会承诺要彼此相爱,「不论好、坏、贫、富、生病时或健康时」,但是有时候,他们也可能自己编一套自己的誓言,他们互赠金戒指以此表示结婚的承诺,最后牧师宣布这重大的时刻:「我现在宣布你们成为夫妻,你可以亲吻你的新娘!」  At the wedding reception, the bride and groom greet their guests. Then they cut the wedding cake and feed each other a bite. Guests mingle while enjoying cake, punch and other treats. Later the bride throws her bouquet of flowers to a group of single girls. Tradition says that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. During the reception, playful friends ;decorate; the couple#39;s car with tissue paper, tin cans and a ;Just Married; sign. When the reception is over, the newlyweds run to their ;decorated; car and speed off. Many couples take a honeymoon, a one- to two-week vacation trip, to celebrate their new marriage.  在结婚宴会上,新娘新郎向宾客问候.然后切结婚蛋糕并互相喂对方一口。宾客们在享受蛋糕、饮料及其他的食物时就混在一起交谈。之后新娘将捧花投向一群单身女孩,传统说接到捧花的女孩会成为下一位新娘。在婚宴上,爱闹的朋友用面纸、铝罐和「新婚」标志「装饰」礼车,宴会结束后,新婚的小俩口就跑向他们「装饰完成」的礼车,迅速地离开,许多夫妻会去渡蜜月,就是一至二星期的假期以庆祝他们的新婚。  Almost every culture has rituals to signal a change in one#39;s life. Marriage is one of the most basic life changes for people of all cultures. So it#39;s no surprise to find many traditions about getting married . . . even in America. Yet each couple follows the traditions in a way that is uniquely their own.  几乎每一种文化都有仪式来表示一个人生命中的改变。结婚对于所有文化的人而言是一生中最重要的大事之一,所以会有这么多婚礼的习俗就不足为奇了,美国也不例外。然而每对新人都以自己认为独特的方式来跟随传统。 /201303/2310657 ㎡ box housing, it can be a home: bedroom, bathroom, balcony, desk, cafe, wardrobe, storage space for everything. The picture is a 7-square-meter home on exhibition in Chongqing4月11日,重庆大学12名学生设计建构的1∶1实体住宅模型在学校展览。7㎡箱子式的房屋,就可以是一个家:卧室、卫浴、阳台、书桌、茶座、衣柜、储藏等空间应有尽有。图为一学生正在展示书柜。 /201304/234563

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我觉得人生最懊悔的是,以为自己想要苹果,而不是别人追求的鸭梨;可最终发现,自己想要的不是苹果,也是鸭梨……看错了自己,更可怕!!译者:koogle


  I complimented one of my co-workers on having lost ten pounds. However, I couldn’t resist bragging that when I was 17, 1 weighed 225 pounds and today I tip the scales at 224. 1 added, “That’s not bad for a man of my age.”我称赞我的一个同事减肥10磅。可是,我禁不住夸耀说我17岁时,体重225磅,而目前体重是224磅。我还说:“这对我这样年龄的男子来说,是不错的。”Overhearing this, a woman remarked, “You mean to say it took you all this time to lose one pound?”一个女子听到了这些话,她说道:“你是说你花了这么长时间才减了1磅?”。

  It#39;s hard to find a precise Western analogue for Lu Xun (1881-1936). He is China#39;s Dickens, for his mercilessly sharp portrayals of the era he lived through; he is Joyce, a re-maker of language and form. He has a good deal of Orwell, too, for his political commentary and the plain vernacular style that he championed. And, as a writer who in his final years became a figurehead of the literary left and was sanctified by his the Chinese communist leadership after his death, he has a touch of Gorky.要在西方找到一个与鲁迅(1881-1936)完全对等的人物并非易事。他是中国的狄更斯,因他以尖锐的笔触无情地抨击了他生活过的那个时代;他又是中国的乔伊斯,因他改革了文学作品的语言与形式。他常撰写政治、倡导自然朴实的白话文体,因此亦可以说是中国的奥威尔。作为一名在人生的最后岁月中成为“左翼”文学领袖人物、在死后作品又被共产党领导层所禁的作家,他又与高尔基有些许相似之处。Lu Xun owes his immense literary reputation in mainland China primarily to his satirical fiction but also to the prose poems and polemical essays that he wrote in the last two decades of his life. In 1918, his surreal first short story in vernacular Chinese, #39;Diary of a Madman,#39; portrayed Chinese culture as cannibalistically eating its young. Its iconoclastic premise propelled him to the center of the New Culture Movement of the late 1910s. The two volumes of short fiction he produced between 1918 and 1925, #39;Outcry#39; and #39;Hesitation,#39; were admired for their portrayals of a China in a state of spiritual emergency: backward, impoverished and complacent.鲁迅在中国大陆的崇高文学声望主要源自他的讽刺小说,他在人生最后二十年中撰写的散文诗和文章也功不可没。其发表于1918年的第一篇白话文短篇小说《狂人日记》为超现实主义风格,将中国文化描绘为“吃人”的文化。该篇小说打破旧习的主题将鲁迅推到了1919年新文化运动的中心位置。他在1918年和1925年间创作的两部小说集《呐喊》和《彷徨》备受赞誉,描绘了陷入精神危机的中国──她落后、贫穷又自大。In the story #39;Kong Yiji,#39; a crowd of thuggish revelers delight in humiliating the village failure, roaring with laughter at the discovery that his legs have been broken by the local magistrate. In #39;Tomorrow#39; and #39;Medicine,#39; children die of superstition: A 3-year-old with typhoid is diagnosed by a respected doctor of Chinese medicine as having a #39;blocked stomach#39;; a tubercular boy is fed a supposedly miracle cure岸a b roll dipped in the blood of an executed revolutionary. #39;The Real Story of Ah-Q#39;岸Lu Xun#39;s best-known fictional re-creation of the doltish Chinese everyman岸sardonically follows the stupidities of its subject, a man too idiotic even to realize that he is going to his own execution. Within years of his invention, Ah-Q had entered the Chinese language as shorthand for the national character in all its less appealing aspects: its obsession with face, its superiority complex, its servility before authority and cruelty toward the weak.在《孔乙己》这篇小说中,一群经常在小酒馆饮酒的粗野村夫以羞辱孔乙己这个潦倒汉为乐,在发现他的双腿被当地举人打断后更是爆发出狂笑。《明天》和《药》则讲述了孩子因迷信而丧命的故事。在《明天》这篇小说中,一个染上伤寒的三岁孩子被一名受人尊敬的中医诊断为“中焦塞着”。在《药》中,一个患肺结核的男孩被家人喂了一种据传很神奇的药方──浸了被处决的革命党鲜血的馒头。鲁迅最知名的小说《阿Q正传》再现了愚昧的中国普通百姓,以讽刺手法记述了主人公阿Q的各种愚昧行为,而其竟愚蠢到不知自己将被处决。在“阿Q”这个词被创造出来的数年间,它成为汉语中指代所有让人厌恶的国民性──好面子、迷恋权势以及畏强凌弱──的统称。In the People#39;s Republic of China today, #39;Luxunology#39; keeps an army of researchers and publishers busy. Lu Xun remains a touchstone against which other authors are judged, however inappropriately. After the young celebrity novelist-racing driver Han Han launched his hugely popular satirical blog in 2006, pundits labeled him #39;the new Lu Xun.#39;在当今的中国,“鲁学”让一大批研究者和出版社忙前忙后。他还是被用以评判其他作家的标杆,无论这么做有多不恰当。知名青年作家兼赛车手韩寒在2006年开设其人气超高的讽刺性客后,有人士将其誉为“当代鲁迅”。No Anglophone trade publisher has yet commissioned the comprehensive biography that Lu Xun deserves. Gloria Davies#39;s dense and careful study, #39;Lu Xun#39;s Revolution,#39; passes quickly over the short fiction that first made him famous and concentrates on Lu Xun#39;s response to China#39;s revolutionary turmoil of the late 1920s and 1930s. Ms. Davies does not, therefore, offer a full overview of the writer#39;s dramatic life, but she does illuminate his inner conflicts during his last, most contentious decade岸particularly his hesitation between the aristocratic literary tradition with which he had grown up and the radical modern egalitarianism to which he aspired.目前英语世界尚未有出版商委托他人编写一部鲁迅应得的全面综合的传记。黄乐嫣(Gloria Davies)密集而细致的研究作品《鲁迅的革命》(Lu Xun#39;s Revolution)对最早让鲁迅声名鹊起的短篇小说一笔带过,集中关注了他对上世纪20年代末和30年代革命动荡局势的反应。因此,黄乐嫣并未全面展示这位作家引人注目的一生,但她确实阐述了鲁迅在其最具争议的人生最后十年中的内心挣扎,特别是描绘了他在伴随其成长过程的上层文化传统与其向往的激进的现代平等主义之间的彷徨。The grandson of a high-ranking member of the Beijing civil service, Lu Xun was born into the fraying, fin de si豕cle world of late imperial China. As a boy, he was educated in the cultural archaisms of the Chinese classics. During his teens, however, Lu Xun#39;s family sank from gentility into poverty and disgrace. His grandfather was imprisoned for trying to bribe a civil-service examiner, while his father destroyed his health (and the family finances) with a liquor and opium habit.鲁迅出生于19世纪末分崩离析的清王朝末期,其祖父是北京一名高级文职官员。他在童年时期接受的是中国儒家经典的旧式教育,在十几岁的时候,其家道中落,从富贵人家陷入贫穷和羞辱。他的祖父因试图贿赂科举主考官而锒铛入狱,父亲则因酗酒和抽鸦片的恶习毁掉了健康(及家族财富)。 /201307/247078

  不靠谱的老爸老妈之一Will they never learn? Another set of worrying pictures show how parents can get it so, so wrong.难道他们永远学不会吗?——又一组令人堪忧的照片,许多父母未尽其责Usually, parents will do anything to keep their precious children out of harm#39;s way.通常来说,家长们总是竭尽所能地保护自己珍视的孩子,以免他们受到伤害。Whether it is preventing them from watching violent scenes on TV, or from riding on a white-knuckle ride at a theme park, they do their best to protect them from life#39;s dangers.无论是防止孩子观看电视上暴力血腥的画面,还是阻止孩子在主题公园坐惊险万分的过山车,父母们总是尽其所有来保护孩子免受危险。But, as these shocking pictures show, this rule does not apply to all parents.但是,就这些令人震惊的照片来看,并不是所有的父母都是如此。Disturbing: This father is pictured ing the adult magazine Playboy with his young child.困扰:这位父亲正与自己年幼的儿子共同津津有味地阅读着成人杂志《》。 /201304/234590日常生活中,我们常听到夫妻提到自己的伴侣时,爱说“那口子”,“我们家那位”, 听上去感觉不发酸,还特别生活。于是,我们特别想知道老外说起“家里那位”时,又是怎么表达呢?平时他们又是怎么称呼“那口子”呢?今天就一起看看吧!老外在谈到“我们家那位”时,一般会说other half 或者 my better half, 表示自己的配偶、伴侣。比如:How do they meet their other halves?他们都是怎么遇到自己另一半的?I#39;ll go if my better half lets me.老婆大人批准我就去。另外,partner 除了平时有“搭档”的意思,也可以用来指自己的另一半。比如:I met my partner by the matchmaker.我和我家那位是别人做媒认识的。比较正式的场合中,你还可以用spouse表示配偶。比如:Where can British people find their ideal spouses?英国人都是如何找到理想的对象的?日常生活中,国外夫妻称呼对方时,还有以下多种甜蜜选择:dearhoneybabedarlingsweetheart /201302/225017

  Men with rugged(1) jaws and chiseled(2), masculine(3) facial features might have no problem getting dates but women don't always see them as marriage material, according to a U.S. study.The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, found women may judge potential mates by how masculine their facial features are before getting to know them.Researchers tested about 850 male and female undergraduates usually digitally altered pictures of male faces and found women viewed men with "masculine features" like prominent brow ridges and large jaws, as good short-term partners -- but saw them as more likely to cheat on a spouse(4) and get into fights.Men with more "feminine features," such as rounder faces and fuller lips, were viewed as better long-term partners by female participants who would likely make better parents and husbands."Women's preferences depend on what type of partner she is looking for," said the study's author Daniel Kruger in a statement."She will prefer a highly masculine face for a short-term relationship where the potential genetic investment would be most important, and a more feminine face for a long-term relationship, where a stable, supportive relationship and ability and willingness to care for children would be more important."Kruger said male participants in the study, which was published recently in the journal "Personal Relationships," drew similar conclusions based on men's facial features.When they were asked to choose a person to accompany their girlfriend on a weekend trip or as a potential son-in-law, they opted for(5) men with more feminine features.Kruger said according to this and other studies, the hormone testosterone(6) may play a role in explaining facial preferences although further study was needed.Testosterone promotes the development of male facial and sexual features, including prominent brow lines and larger jaws, which may be characteristics women want to pass on to their children.But at the same time, increased testosterone has been linked to violent behaviour and spousal cheating so as a result, women may want longer-term relationships with less-masculine looking men. 美国一项调查显示,下巴粗犷、面部轮廓分明、具有男子气概的男人也许不愁没有约会,但是结婚就不好说了。密歇根大学公共健康学院的研究人员发现,女人在了解一个男人之前会通过他的长相是否粗犷来判断他是否适合婚姻。研究人员对850名男女大学生进行研究,给他们看很多不同的男性面部照片,女人们通常认为那些长相具有“男子气概特征”—诸如高眉骨、宽下巴—的男人非常适合作短期情人,可却会欺骗配偶,引发争吵。女人还认为长相具有“女性特点”,例如圆脸盘、丰满嘴唇的男人更适合作终生伴侣,认为他们会成为好父亲、好丈夫。本研究作者Daniel Kruger在声明中说:“女性的偏好取决于她对伴侣的需求。”“当她需要一个短期情人时,潜在基因投资是最重要的事情,她会选择一张颇具男子汉气概的脸;当她需要一个长期关系时,稳定、相互扶持的关系和抚养孩子的能力、愿望便是最重要的因素,她会选择一张更富女性气质的脸。”Kruger说最近一期《私人关系》对男性的调查也得到类似的结论。问及会找怎样的人来陪他们的女朋友周末旅行或者作准女婿时,他们都偏爱更具女性特点的男性。Kruger说根据此项以及其他研究,荷尔蒙睾丸激素可能对面部特征产生一定影响,但仍需要更深研究实。睾丸激素有利于男性面部和性特征的发展,包括高眉骨、宽下巴,这也是女人希望能够遗传给孩子们的。但同时,荷尔蒙也与暴力行为和婚姻背叛有关,所以女人们更愿意找一个不太具男子气概的男人结婚。 /200805/39777

  The need to smile all day at work is turning young South Koreans towards a surgical procedure that lifts the corners of their mouths.韩国人希望工作时能够整天面带微笑,这一需求令年轻的韩国人求助于一种可以令嘴角上扬的手术。Cosmetic surgeons in Seoul say they are seeing a sudden rise in demand for the so-called smile surgery this year among men and women in their 20s and 30s, most of whom are concerned about facing criticism at work because of their expressionless miens.首尔的整形医生说,今年二三十岁的男女对所谓的“微笑手术”的需求剧增,他们大部分人担心自己会因为工作时面无表情而受到批评。#39;Even when you are looking like your normal self, people keep asking you: #39;Why are you frowning?#39;#39; said Kwon Taek-keun, a plastic surgeon in practice for 20 years and known in professional circles as the first in the country to popularize the procedure. #39;That#39;s a lot of stress.#39;拥有20年执业经验的整形医生权宅根(Kwon Taek-keun)说,就算你看起来与平时的自己没有两样,人们也会不断地问你:你为什么皱眉头?这会带来很大压力。他在专业整容圈内是众所周知的韩国第一个推广整容的人。The pictures and clips that Dr. Kwon#39;s clinic, Aone Plastic amp; Aesthetic Surgery, posted online have caused a controversy in recent days, attracting derision from some media reports and the blogosphere, and comparisons to the Joker character from the Batman series.权宅根的诊所Aone Plastic amp;Aesthetic Surgery在网上发布的照片和视频近几天引发了争论,遭到了一些媒体报道和客圈的嘲讽,有人甚至将其比作“蝙蝠侠”系列影片中的“小丑”。But the cosmetic surgeons who carry out the procedure argue people, young and old, come psychologically scarred by hurtful remarks about their naturally downturned lips, especially if they have customer-facing roles. Services-industry workers such as flight attendants and consultants frequent the clinics, according to the surgeons.但给人做嘴角上扬手术的整形医生称,无论年轻人还是老年人,人们都会因别人对其天生下垂的嘴唇的伤人而在心理上留下伤疤,特别是如果他们从事与客户打交道的工作时。据整形医生说,空乘和顾问等务业从业者常常光顾这类诊所。Known in the West as #39;Valentine anguloplasty#39; after the heart shape of the removed muscle tissues at the lip#39;s edge, the smile surgery was first developed as a part of an overall anti-aging face lift, Dr. Kwon and other surgeons say. Tightening the drooping face parts didn#39;t restore the lips to the original upturned position, making an extra procedure necessary, they said.权宅根和其他整形医生说,“微笑手术”在西方被称为“瓦伦丁嘴角成形手术”,得名自手术中从嘴唇边缘去除的心形肌肉组织,这种手术最初是作为整体抗衰老面部拉皮手术的一部分。他们说,将下垂的面部组织变得紧致的手术无法将嘴唇恢复到原来的上扬状态,因此需要做额外的手术。#39;It is going against gravity, #39; said Dr. David Song of Golden View Plastic Surgery. He added that he observes the patient in different poses, such as in a seated position or while lying down, to get the most natural angle for the lips. #39;We#39;re restoring the original lip line.#39;Golden View Plastic Surgery整形诊所的医生David Song说,这是在对抗重力的作用。他还说,他会观察病人摆出各种姿势,比如坐着或躺着,以便得到最自然的嘴角上扬角度。他说,我们是在修复本来的唇线。Though South Koreans are some of the most avid users of plastic surgery in the world - the country has the world#39;s highest number of cosmetic surgery procedures per capita, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons - the area around the mouth was relatively unexplored, the surgeons say.尽管韩国人可以说是全球最热衷于整容的,国际美容整形外科学会(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)的数据显示,韩国人均整容手术数量在全球排第一,但整形医生说,嘴巴周围的区域相对来说尚未开发。The age demographic of clients asking about the smile surgery became substantially younger, the surgeons say, after some celebrities#39; smiles began attracting public scrutiny earlier this year. Few have admitted to going under the knife for a perkier expressions.整形医生说,今年早些时候,一些名人的笑容开始吸引公众的关注,之后咨询“微笑手术”事宜顾客的年龄构成大大降低。几乎没有人公开承认为了获得更有魅力的笑容而不惜挨刀子。But some clinics now publicize more than 15 different procedures for the lip and the mouth, including enlargement, reduction and gum exposure reduction. The most common procedure? The smile surgery, according to Dr. Cha Seung-youn at ZIEN Plastic Surgery.但一些诊所目前推出了15种以上的唇部和嘴部手术,包括放大、缩小和减小牙龈外露。最常见的手术是什么?据ZIEN Plastic Surgery整形诊所的医生Cha Seung-youn说,是微笑手术。#39;Your eyes and mouth make up the most of your facial expression, #39; said Dr. Cha.Cha Seung-youn说,眼睛和嘴巴占了面部表情的大部分。With a typical price tag of up to , 000, the #39;natural#39; killer smile doesn#39;t come cheap, and Dr. Song warns that consistent care will be needed over a three-to-six months of the recovery period.要获得“自然”而迷人的微笑,手术费通常得花2,000美元,价格可不便宜。此外,David Song警告说,在三到六个月的恢复期中,需要持续不断的护理。 /201309/256039

  Sushi is no longer the sole preserve of the adventurous diner. These days, grabbing a pack for lunch is almost as common as picking up a cheese and pickle sandwich.寿司不再是美食冒险家的专利了。如今,买一盒寿司作午餐几乎就像买奶酪泡菜三明治一样稀松平常。The Japanese dish can be bought from every major supermarket (where sales have risen a staggering 88 percent in the past two years).在每个大型超市都可以买到这一日本料理(在过去两年内寿司销售量猛增了88%)。Indeed, the British sushi industry — of which Tesco has a 60 percent market share — is worth more than £56?million annually.事实上,英国的寿司产业(其中乐购公司占了60%的市场份额)每年收益超过了5600万英镑。The main reason for its surge in popularity is its reputation as a healthy meal. Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world, while slender celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Keira Knightley are all fans of the raw fish dish.寿司变得如此受欢迎,主要原因是它被誉为健康食品。日本女性是全世界最健康的,而像维多利亚?贝克汉姆、谢丽尔?科尔和凯拉?奈特莉这些拥有苗条身材的名人都是这种生鱼料理的粉丝。But do sushi’s nutrition credentials — especially the Western version — stack up? Not always, according to dietitian Rachel Beller. In her book Eat To Lose, Eat To Win, she says a ‘light lunch’ of sushi may mean you overdose on calories and carbohydrates.但是寿司(尤其是西方版寿司)确实有营养学明吗?营养学家瑞秋?贝勒表示,并非总是如此。她在自己的书《瘦在饮食,赢在饮食》中说,一份“简单的”寿司午餐可能意味着你摄入了过量卡路里和碳水化合物。‘A typical sushi roll contains 290 to 350 calories and has the carbohydrate equivalent of two-and-a-half to four slices of b,’ says Ms Beller.贝勒女士说:“一个典型的寿司卷含有290至350卡路里,其碳水化合物含量相当于两片半到四片面包所含的碳水化合物。”‘So a California roll (round rolled sushi, containing a small piece of fish and avocado plus fatty mayonnaise) equals two sandwiches filled with crab sticks (processed fish that is flavoured and coloured to look and taste like crab), a sliver of avocado and a tiny bit of veg.’“因此一个加州卷(圆形的卷状寿司,含有一小片鱼、鳄梨和含油脂的蛋黄酱)相当于两个夹有蟹肉棒的三明治(蟹肉棒是经过调味和上色、使其具有蟹肉的外观和口感的一种鱼类加工产品)、一片鳄梨和一点蔬菜。”Bear in mind a sushi lunch contains two or three of these rolls, a total of up to 1,050 calories, and it’s easy to see how we’re conning ourselves that we’re enjoying a low-calorie, healthy lunch.别忘了一顿寿司午餐包含两到三个这种寿司卷,总热量达到1050卡路里,这样很容易可以看出,我们以为吃寿司午餐是在享用低热量健康饮食,其实是在自欺欺人。Many of us believe eating sushi is a good way to get the Government’s recommended two portions of fish each week, but here’s the problem: most sushi contains very little protein, despite its expense.许多人认为吃寿司是达到政府建议的每周两份鱼的饮食标准的好方法,但是问题是:尽管寿司价格不菲,但大部分寿司所含的蛋白质很少。Health experts say a portion of fish should weigh 140g, but on average, the fish in a California roll or piece of nigiri (rice with fish balanced on the top) weighs just 5g.健康专家称,一份鱼的重量应为140克,但是平均来看,一个加州卷或一个生鱼片寿司(把鱼片均匀地放在米饭上的料理)中的鱼肉重量只达到5克。You’d need to eat 28 pieces of sushi to reach your 140g portion — or more, if you choose a mixed sushi box containing vegetarian varieties.你将需要吃28个寿司才能达到140克的鱼肉摄入标准,或需要吃更多——如果你选择的是含有多种蔬菜的混搭寿司盒。Even ‘fish’ sushi boxes don’t contain much. Marks amp; Spencer Fish Sushi Selection (191g, £4.68) has just 36g of fish, meaning you would have to eat four boxes and consume 1,184 calories to get one of your recommended fish portions.即使“全鱼”寿司盒所含的鱼肉也不多。玛莎百货的精选鱼片寿司(191克,4.68英镑)只含有36克鱼,这意味着你将必须吃掉四盒这样的寿司,摄入1184卡路里才能达到建议的鱼肉摄入量。 /201303/229687。




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