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The Amur leopard - the rarest cat in the world.这是远东豹,世界上最稀有的猫科动物Here, in the deciduous forests of eastern Russia, the winter makes hunting very difficult.这里是俄罗斯东部的落叶林,冬天使得狩猎变得相当困难Pray animals are scarce, and theres no concealing vegetation.猎物非常稀少,也没有可以隐蔽的植被The cub is a year old and still dependent on its mother.小豹已有一岁大了,仍旧依靠着它的母亲Deer are frequent casualties of the harsh winter and these leopards are not above scavenging from a corpse.鹿经常会死于严酷的冬天,这些豹子不会介意吃死鹿的肉充饥African leopards could never survive here,非洲豹根本不能在这里生存but the Russian cats have thick fur to shield them from the cold.而俄罗斯的猫科动物则有厚实的皮毛帮助它们抵挡严寒There are only forty Amur leopards left in the wild and that number is falling.如今世界上只存活着40只远东豹,而且这个数目还在减少Like so many creatures, the cats have been pushed to the very edge of extinction与许多动物一样,这些大猫已经被推到了灭绝的边缘by hunting and the destruction of their habitat.这是因为盗猎和栖息地遭到破坏。The Amur leopard symbolises the fragility of our natural heritage.远东豹充分暴露了自然遗产的脆弱The future of an entire species hangs on survival of a tiny number of mothers like this one.整个物种的未来寄托在为数不多的几只母豹身上,就好比这一只。201701/487565Im an underwater explorer, more specifically a cave diver.我是一名水下勘探者。更确切的说是一名水下洞穴潜水员。I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little kid,我小时候的梦想是成为一个宇航员,but growing up in Canada as a young girl, that wasnt really available to me.但是作为一个生长在加拿大的小女孩,这个梦想是不大可能实现的。But as it turns out, we know a lot more about space than we do about the underground waterways但目前的情况是,我们对于宇宙的了解远远超过了我们对于地球上地下水的了解,coursing through our planet, the very lifeblood of Mother Earth.而这些水域和我们的星球相依相伴,是地球母亲的命脉。So I decided to do something that was even more remarkable.所以我决定做一些更有意义的事情。Instead of exploring outer space, I wanted to explore the wonders of inner space.相比探索太空,我更想要探索我们星球内部的奇迹。Now, a lot of people will tell you that cave diving is perhaps one of the most dangerous endeavors.现在,许多人会告诉你水下洞穴潜水可能是最危险的尝试之一。I mean, imagine yourself here in this room, if you were suddenly plunged into blackness,想象一下你独自一人在这个空间,如果一下子让你陷入黑暗,with your only job to find the exit, sometimes swimming through these large spaces,你唯一要做的事情就是寻找出口,有时要在这些巨大的空间里穿梭,and at other times crawling beneath the seats, following a thin guideline,而有时却要在座位底下匍匐,跟随着一条细细的指引线,just waiting for the life support to provide your very next breath. Well, thats my workplace.等待着氧气瓶给你提供下一次呼吸。这就是我的工作环境。But what I want to teach you today is that our world is not one big solid rock.但是今天我想告诉你们的是,我们的世界不是一块巨大的实心岩。Its a whole lot more like a sponge. I can swim through a lot of the pores in our earths sponge,它更像是一块海绵。我可以在地球海绵的许多细孔中穿梭,but where I cant, other life-forms and other materials can make that journey without me.但是在我触及不到的地方,其他生物形态和物质可以在没有我的情况下完成这次旅行。And my voice is the one thats going to teach you about the inside of Mother Earth.我的声音将会告诉你们关于我们地球母亲内部世界的情况。There was no guidebook available to me when I decided to be the first person to cave dive inside Antarctic icebergs.当我决定成为第一个南极冰川的洞穴潜水员的时候,并没有什么参考资料可用。In 2000, this was the largest moving object on the planet.在2000年,这是这个星球上最大的移动物体。It calved off the Ross Ice Shelf, and we went down there to explore ice edge ecology它是由罗斯冰架崩裂而成,我们为了探索冰缘生态而下潜,and search for life-forms beneath the ice.并且在冰川底下寻找生命体。We use a technology called rebreathers.我们使用了一种叫做呼吸换气器的技术。Its an awful lot like the same technology that is used for space walks.这种科技与太空行走使用的供氧技术十分相似。This technology enables us to go deeper than we couldve imagined even 10 years ago.这种技术使我们可以走的更远更深,在十年前还是不可想象的。We use exotic gases, and we can make missions even up to 20 hours long underwater.我们运用特殊气体,可以使我们在水下作业时间高达20小时。I work with biologists.我和生物学家们一起工作。It turns out that caves are repositories of amazing life-forms, species that we never knew existed before.我们发现洞穴里储藏着神奇的生命体,我们从来不知道它们的存在。Many of these life-forms live in unusual ways.许多生物用奇特的方式生存着。They have no pigment and no eyes in many cases, and these animals are also extremely long-lived.它们中的许多没有颜色,也没有眼睛,而且这些动物的寿命极长。In fact, animals swimming in these caves today are identical in the fossil record that predates the extinction of the dinosaurs.实际上,现在在这些洞穴里游来游去的动物都能在化石标本中找到,它们甚至出现在恐龙灭绝之前。So imagine that: these are like little swimming dinosaurs.所以请你们想象一下:它们就像是会游泳的恐龙。What can they teach us about evolution and survival?它们可以教会我们关于进化和生存论的什么呢?When we look at an animal like this remipede swimming in the jar, he has giant fangs with venom.当我们看见这种在罐子里游动的桨足虫,他有着巨大的毒牙。He can actually attack something 40 times his size and kill it.他可以攻击比他大40倍的动物并致其死亡。If he were the size of a cat, hed be the most dangerous thing on our planet.如果他和一只猫一样大,就会是这个星球上最危险的东西了。And these animals live in remarkably beautiful places, and in some cases, caves like this, that are very young,再看看居住在这些鬼斧神工的地方的生物,类似这样的洞穴都是新形成的,yet the animals are ancient. How did they get there?但是在里面的动物都是十分古老的。它们是怎么到达那里的?I also work with physicists, and theyre interested oftentimes in global climate change.我也和一些物理学家一起工作,他们通常对于全球气候变化十分感兴趣。They can take rocks within the caves, and they can slice them and look at the layers within with rocks,他们可以采集洞穴里的石头,把石头切割开,逐层研究,much like the rings of a tree, and they can count back in history and learn about the climate on our planet at very different times.就像在读树的年轮,他们能够知道石头的历史和地球气候变化的不同时期。The red that you see in this photograph is actually dust from the Sahara Desert.在这张照片里红色的部分其实是撒哈拉大沙漠的沙。So its been picked up by wind, blown across the Atlantic Ocean.它随风飘荡,横跨大西洋。Its rained down in this case on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas.伴随着蒙蒙细雨落在了巴哈马的阿巴科岛。It soaks in through the ground and deposits itself in the rocks within these caves.它渗透进土地,把自己封存在这些洞穴的岩石中。And when we look back in the layers of these rocks,当我们回头观察这些石层,we can find times when the climate was very, very dry on earth, and we can go back many hundreds of thousands of years.我们会发现地球气候极其干燥的时期,可以追溯到几十万年前。Paleoclimatologists are also interested in where the sea level stands were at other times on earth.远古气象学家对地球不同时期的海平面十分感兴趣。Here in Bermuda, my team and I embarked on the deepest manned dives ever conducted in the region,在百慕大,我和我的团队着手于那些达到潜水艇下潜极限的区域,and we were looking for places where the sea level used to lap up against the shoreline, many hundreds of feet below current levels.我们在寻找那些以前比现在低几百英尺的与海岸线齐平的海平面。I also get to work with paleontologists and archaeologists.我也与古生物学家和考古学家一起工作。In places like Mexico, in the Bahamas, and even in Cuba,在像墨西哥,巴哈马,以及古巴这样的地方,were looking at cultural remains and also human remains in caves,我们在寻找洞穴中遗留的文化和人类生存的痕迹,and they tell us a lot about some of the earliest inhabitants of these regions.它们告诉了我们很多关于居住在这些区域的最早期居民的情况。But my very favorite project of all was over 15 years ago,但是我最喜欢的一个项目是在十五年前,when I was a part of the team that made the very first accurate, three-dimensional map of a subterranean surface.我作为团队的一个成员绘制了第一张准确的3D下表层地图。This device that Im driving through the cave was actually creating a three-dimensional model as we drove it.我用于水下洞穴勘探的这个设备能够在我们勘探的过程中建立3D模型。We also used ultra low frequency radio to broadcast back to the surface our exact position within the cave.我们也用超低频声波向地面发出信号,通过反馈得到我们地下的具体位置。So I swam under houses and businesses and bowling alleys and golf courses, and even under a Sonnys BBQ Restaurant,我在民居,公司,保龄球道和高尔夫球场,甚至Sonny烤肉店底下穿梭。Pretty remarkable, and what that taught me was that everything we do on the surface of our earth挺不可思议的吧!这让我知道,所有我们在地球表面做的事,will be returned to us to drink.都会影响我们的生活用水。Our water planet is not just rivers, lakes and oceans,我们的水资源不仅仅只有川河湖海,but its this vast network of groundwater that knits us all together.地下水资源也将我们联系起来。Its a shared resource from which we all drink.这是我们共享的饮用水源。And when we can understand our human connections with our groundwater and all of our water resources on this planet,如果我们能够了解人类与地下水,以及这个星球上其他水资源的联系,then well be working on the problem thats probably the most important issue of this century.我们就会一起解决这个可能是这个世纪最重要的问题。So I never got to be that astronaut that I always wanted to be,我终究没有成为我想做的宇航员,but this mapping device, designed by Dr. Bill Stone, will be. Its actually morphed.但是这个由比利·斯通士设计的绘图机器能够做到。它是改良过的。Its now a self-swimming autonomous robot, artificially intelligent,现在是自动巡航的宇航机器人,拥有人工智能,and its ultimate goal is to go to Jupiters moon Europa and explore oceans beneath the frozen surface of that body.它的终极目标是到达木星的卫星欧罗帕,探索在冰冻地面下的海洋。And thats pretty amazing.这真的很神奇。201707/516964

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  She retires to consider her verdict.雌鸟退后考虑一番,准备作出决定Its hard not to feel deflated when even your best isnt good enough.雄鸟不免有些沮丧,因为它已经倾尽全力,却还是没有合格The sun influences life in the oceans just as it does on land.除了陆地之外,太阳也同样影响着海洋中的生命Its richest parts are those where waves and currents当海浪和洋流把大量营养物质翻上,bring fertilising nutrients to surface waters that are bathed in sunlight.沐浴着阳光的表层海水时,那里便成了最热闹的用餐场所The seas off the Cape in South Africa have this magic recipe and are hugely productive.南非好望角外的海域就有这种神奇的魔力,而且产量还非常高Summer is the time of plenty and its now that the seals start to breed.夏季是丰产季节,也是海豹的繁殖季节。The strike of a great white shark lasts a mere second.大白鲨的突袭仅持续短短一秒左右Slowing it down forty times reveals the technique and immense strength of this massive predator.放慢40倍的画面为你呈现了这个巨型掠食者的纯熟技巧与强悍力量。201701/489572TED演讲视频:少点用具 多点乐趣作家兼设计师格雷厄姆·希尔在探究这样一个问题:使用小一些的空间并且放置少一些的用品能够给我们带来更多快乐吗?他从占据更少空间这个角度切入,给出了三条修正我们生活方式的建议。201702/490668And Im telling you我要告诉你Im not going我不会走Your the best friend Ill ever know你是我最好的朋友Theres now way I could ever, ever go我永远不会走No, no, theres no way我不可能No, no, no way Im leaving without you我不可能离开你一人离去Im not leaving without you一人离去I dont want to be free我不需要自由Im staying Im staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, youre gonna love me你会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah Youre gonna love me哦耶,你一定会爱上我Yes, you are是的,你会的And Im telling you Im not going我告诉你 我不会走Sing, boy. Even though the rough times are showing唱得好,孩子。即使道路崎岖艰险You see, theres just no way theres no way我不会,我绝不会Were part of the same place我们身在同一片土地Were part of the same time我们处在同一个时间点We both share the same blood我们有着相同的血液We both have the same mind我们志趣相投And time and time, we have so much to share我们有如此多要分享的事情No, no, no, no way不可能,绝不可能Im not waking up tomorrow morning早上睡觉醒来And finding that theres nobody there发现你不在身旁Darling, theres no way亲爱的,我不可能No, no, no, no way不可能Im living without you离你而去Im not living without you绝不离你而去I dont want to be free我不想得到自由Im staying Im staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, youre gonna love me你一定会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah欧耶Youre gonna love me你一定会爱上我Yes, you are你一定会Love me Love me Love me爱上我 爱上我 爱上我L-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove爱上Your gonna l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve M-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e你一定会爱上我Thank you!谢谢大家!Ladies and gentlemen, show your love! Reuben!女士们先生们,为鲁本喝!Did you see this boy?! Did you hear this boy?!看见了吗?听见了吗?Put your hands together for 11-year-old Reuben.为只有11岁的鲁本鼓掌!Come on, man. Come down here with me.来吧孩子,我们坐这里。This little dude right here. Man, sit down.孩子来,坐这里。How you doing, man? Great.怎么样孩子?很好。Where did you get that voice?你这嗓音是跟谁学的?My mom has sort of a voice. Sort of a voice?我妈妈有这种嗓音。这种嗓音?You got the accent, everything, boy.你有这种与生俱来的口音,你拥有一切孩子。The money we fitting to make. Listen.你将财源滚滚啊孩子。So, where you from? Wales, which is in the U.K.你从哪来?英国威尔士。So, when you got the call initially from us to come to the USA, what did you think about that?当你接到邀请你来美国的电话,你当时是什么感受?Well, at first, I thought it was a bit of spam.刚开始,我以为是骚扰电话。What is that? Like, trash or something? Okay.什么意思?像垃圾吗?好吧。I dont really know nothing about that. Im 59 years old. Spam is a can with fake meat in it.我对它一窍不通。我今年59了。spam是一种罐头,里面全部是造假肉。And it got a key on it.上面有一个拉环。And you put the key on it, and you turn it.然后你转动拉环。And you eat this fake meat.造假肉就出来了。Now, I want to tell you something.听我说孩子。He is completely undiscovered.他完全被埋没了。We found this kid, and we called his mother. Is your mother here?我们找到了这个孩子,我们给他的妈妈打了电话。今天你妈妈来了吗?There she is. There she is. Hi, Mom. How are you?那里。那里。孩子他妈,你好吗?How long has he been singing? Forever. Forever?他唱歌多久了?他一直这么唱。一直唱?Did you know he was a great singer? I knew he could sing. You knew he could sing.你知道他唱歌不错吗?我知道。你知道他唱得不错。So, your mother, she bought you a karaoke machine?你妈妈给你买了一个卡拉OK唱歌机?Is that what the story is? Pretty much.真有其事吗?是的。And I sang in the living room, and my sister, over there, would lock the door so she couldnt hear me any longer.我会在卧室唱歌,我会锁上房门,这样她就听不见了。This started with a karaoke machine? Yep.他唱歌是从这台卡拉OK唱歌机开始的?是的。You know how many parents in here are fitting to go out and buy a karaoke machine?你知道在座的,有多少家长都跃跃欲试想买个唱歌机试试?Sing, just try it!唱吧,试试!Whos some of your favorite singers?你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Etta James, Beyonce, yeah.埃塔·詹姆斯和碧昂丝。Is singing an outlet for you?唱歌是你表现自我的方式吗?Yes, because Ive always been bullied for doing what I want to do.是的,因为我喜欢做的事情总会遭到别人的欺辱。And I always feel like singing, expressing through the lyrics and the song.我喜欢唱歌的感觉,通过歌词和音乐表达自己。Let me tell you something.听我说孩子。I think whats gonna happen after this, a lot of people are gonna see you,我觉得接下来会发生的是,会有许多人关注你,and, man, you alls phone is gonna be ringing.你的电话会“炸掉”的。Youre gonna be a major star. Youre gonna be a major star.你将会成为巨星,你将会成为巨星。Folks, give your love for the sensational Reuben!朋友们,为鲁本鼓掌!201706/515384

  Now to the earthquake outbreak. Three deadly quakes in three days. The soaring death toll—the search for victims now under way.现在进到地震突发事件。三天内发生三场夺命地震。死亡人数持续攀升——搜寻受难者行动正在进行中。In Ecuador, surveillance showing the moment disaster struck. Items flying off shelves. The quake measuring 7.8—more than 230 killed. And in Japan, more than 40 people are dead after two earthquakes hit there. Rescuers searching for missing victims.在厄瓜多,监视录影画面显示灾难来袭那刻。物品从架上飞落。这场地震规模估计为 7.8——有超过 230 人死亡。而在日本,两场地震发生后有超过 40 人死亡。搜救人员正在寻找失踪受难者。Whats known as the Ring of Fire—take a look—lining the Pacific, running along the American west coast. New concerns tonight about the big one hitting here. As Matt Gutman, in Japan.被称作“火环带”的区域——来看看——环绕着太平洋、沿着美洲西岸走。今晚有关于强烈大地震袭击这个地方的新疑虑。A 记者 Matt Guttman,在日本为您报导。The third massive quake, the strongest yet, leaving shoppers screaming, products tumbling off the shelves, and then darkness.第三次大地震,也是目前最强的一次,让顾客们放声尖叫、商品从货架砸下,接着是一片黑暗。The epicenter of this powerful 7.8-magnitude quake, just 110 miles west of Ecuadors capital. Its president saying today hundreds are dead. This man using his hands to dig into a mountain of bricks. He tells us three are alive and a girl is dead.这场规模 7.8 的强烈地震的震央,仅位于厄瓜多首都西方110英里处。厄瓜多总统表示今天有数百人死亡。这名男子用他的双手挖掘瓦砾堆。他告诉我们有三个人生还,而一位女孩死了。Tonight, experts warning the ed States is also in danger.今晚,专家们警告美国也处在危险中。Were all on the Ring of Fire. This is a very active part of the earth. And its a reminder that this is a hazard that we face.我们都位在火环带上。这是地球上一个非常活跃的区域。而这是提醒我们,这是我们面临的危险。Across the Pacific, a spasm of hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks killing dozens. Most of the dead in the town of Mashiki. At this one on Friday, rescuers gently delivering this nine-month-old baby girl from deaths grip. That rescue—the one bright spot amid the grim task of recovery. In that same neighborhood, we found these rescuers.越过太平洋,无数地震和余震杀死许多人。大多数死伤是在熊本益城钉内。星期五这场搜救行动中,搜救人员小心翼翼地将这名九个月大女婴从死神手中救出。那次救援——在晦暗重建路程中的一线光明。在女婴获救的相同住宅区中,我们找到这些搜救人员。So this crews checking out the hardest-hit homes, and one house in particular that they want to hit is the one where that nine-month-old baby girl was rescued from. They wanna make sure that nobodys still in there.这搜救队正在检查损害最严重的房屋,而他们特别想寻找的一间房子,是九个月大女婴被救出的那间。他们想确保没人仍困在那里。Minutes later, they found it.几分钟后,他们找到了。So this rescue crew finally found the house where they rescued that eight-month-old girl just a couple days ago. And when you look at this house, its incredible that anyone was able to survive.这搜救队终于找到那间房子,他们几天前救出八个月大女婴的那间。当你看这间房子时,有任何人能生还真的是很不可思议。Then, a man approached us. He said he was the babys grandfather. Her name? Baby Miku.接着,一名男子走向我们。他说他是女婴的爷爷。女婴的名字?小 Miku。Rescue.救出。Rescued. Exactly. Thank God, right?获救了。没错。感谢老天,对吧?He then tells us we can meet her, hopping in the only possession he has left.接着他跟我们说,我们可以见小女孩,搭上他仅存的财产。Hi, sweet girl.海,亲爱的女孩。And she was right there when we walked up to the shelter. All cheeks and completely unscathed.当我们走向避难所时,她就在那。笑容满面而且毫发无伤。Mikus family told me they lost everything in the quake but also that they found the most important thing—their family. But the recovery here is being hampered by hundreds of aftershocks, and the fear that another massive one could come at any time. Tom?Miku 的家人告诉我,他们在地震中失去一切,但也发现最重要的事物--他们的家人。不过这里的修复之路被无数余震给阻碍,以及另一场大地震可能随时到来的恐惧。Tom?201606/449676But just as in 1715,it could be said the Jacobites defeated themselves.然而就在1715年 詹姆斯二世党人真可谓是自食其果They didnt do it on the field of battle,他们并非在战场上失利but in this room at Exeter House in Derby,on December 5th, 1745.而是由于1745年12月5日在德比郡的 埃克塞特楼的这间屋子里犯下了致命错误The prince and his chiefs argued bitterly whether to go forward or retreat.王子和他的部落领袖们激烈争论着 到底是该乘胜追击还是收兵回营;London is just 130 miles away,; Said the prince.伦敦只在130英里之外 王子说道Move on the capital and the French will come.攻进首都的话 法国人会来援我们Besides, weve got precious little time.而且 我们的时间也很紧迫The Redcoats will be back from Europe soon.英国军队很快就会从欧洲战场上回来;No,; Said Lord George Murray,joint commander of the princes army.不 王子军队的联合司令 乔治·默里爵士说道I no longer believe the French are coming.我不再相信法国人会来援我们Its time to cut our losses. Its time to go home.现在要减少损失 也是时候回家了This time, the prince lost the vote by a substantial margin.这一次王子在投票中输得一败涂地The Jacobites turned about and headed north,詹姆斯二世党人掉头向北方前进beginning the long tramp back to Scotland through dful winter weather,开始踏上漫长的归途 在寒冷的冬天举步维艰pursued by the newly-returned British regiments.还要应付刚回国的英军主力的追杀Their retreat turned into a nightmare.他们的撤离变成了一场噩梦Its hard to know which was more murderous the snows of December and January 很难说到底哪个更为残酷 是冬季里纷飞的暴雪or the vengeful, pursuing troops of George IIs son, the Duke of Cumberland.还是乔治二世之子坎伯兰公爵复仇的追兵 /201706/512718

  Six-year-old Iris, who has autism, finds comfort with her feline best friend, two-year-old Thula. The cat stays by her side all the time—during playtime, ing books, and painting. Iris is an incredible artist who expresses herself through her artwork.六岁的 Iris,一位有自闭症的小女孩,因为猫咪好友的陪伴找到慰藉,它是两岁大的 Thula。这只猫咪一直陪在她身旁——玩耍、看书和绘画时。Iris 是个透过作品表达自我的出色艺术家。Iriss mom, Arabella, says that her daughters severity of autism caused difficulty in everyday tasks. She often dislikes many textures, including water, which made bathing difficult. After Thula joined the family, she began speaking and even joined Iris in the tub.Iris 的妈妈 Arabella 表示,女儿自闭症的严重程度让每天要做的事都有困难。她常不喜欢很多东西的触感,包括水在内,那让洗澡变得麻烦。Thula 加入家庭后,Iris 开始说话,而 Thula 甚至和 Iris 一起进浴缸洗澡。Iris has become famous for her artwork, which has even been purchased by Angelina Jolie. Iriss mom has penned a book about her daughters relationship with Thula. This little girls life has been transformed thanks to the cat, and together their relationship will continue to flourish.Iris 因为她的画作变得有名,她的画甚至被安洁莉娜裘莉买下。Iris 的妈妈写了一本关于女儿和 Thula 间关系的书。多亏这只猫咪,小女孩的人生被改变了,在一起,他们的友谊将持续茁壮。Be sure to watch Inside Edition.务必收看《Inside Edition》。201606/449586

  After that climb,it is a good opportunity for a quick fire and cook up my rat.爬上来后 就有机会生火 烤老鼠吃Normally,youd skinned guts right out of this.通常来讲 你可以像这样扒掉鼠皮掏出内脏But the problem of doing that is you lose a lot of the good nutrits in the skin.但这么做有个问题 就是你吃不到鼠皮上的营养了So I gona do that she is just cooked the whole and this is what the local would do.所以我就拿整只老鼠来烤 这也是当地人采用的做法And then gut it after with and then the hairs off in the flames.掏出内脏 然后用火烧掉鼠毛 There you go.Now you see the body is beginning to swell,好了 现在它的身体开始胀起来make it easier to gut it as well as make it popped and the guts just come out nicely.只要身体烤爆就更方便掏出内脏 内脏自然就流出来了The fact is the other thing,the locals often eat,is the head thats given to the hunter as a prize.事实上还有一样东西 当地人经常食用的 就是鼠头 它也是送给猎人作为礼物Aslo they often need the brain out of it as well.他们还经常 把鼠脑剥离出来Here you go. Rat brain hors doeuvre.Overrated.Oh, thats the back bone.好了 鼠脑开胃菜 名过其实了 吃到脊骨了As I get higher,the landscape is changing dranatically.随着我越走越高 地面景观变化很大See a lot more pines up here,they good indicate getting on the higher ground.这边松树更多 这标志着我已经身处高地These things grow expose tree,rocky soils,这里长了松树 地面没什么遮蔽 还有石质土also as much thin the soil as well,definitely get towards to the ridge line.土层也很薄 很明显我接近山脊了201607/457409。

  There are remains of Stone Age life doted all over Britain and Ireland.石器时代的遗迹遍布于不列颠与爱尔兰But nowhere as abundantly as Orkney,with its mounds, graves尤以奥克尼群岛为最 大量鼓起的坟堆and bavol its great circles of standing stones like here at Brodgar.以及像布罗德盖石圈一样耸立着的巨石阵Vast, imposing and utterly unknowable.雄伟壮观 并散发着不可知的神秘气息But Orkney boasts another Neolithic site,而岛上有一处新石器时代的遗址there is, in its way, even more impressive than Brodgar,甚至比布罗德盖 更令人惊叹the last thing you would expect from the Stone Age,你永远想象不到 遥远的石器时代a shockingly familiar glimpse of ancient domestic life.远古的家庭生活 竟在这里揭开了神秘面纱Perched on the western coast of Orkneys main island,a village called Skara Brae.这处遗址就在 位于奥克尼主岛西岸 一个叫做斯卡拉布雷的村庄Here, beneath an area no bigger than the 18th grade of a golf course在这不足一个十八洞高尔夫球场大的地下lies Europes most complete Neolithic community,静静沉睡着欧洲最完整的新石器时代部落miraculously preserved for 5,000 years under a blanket of sand and grass在草与沙之下 奇迹般地保留着五千年前的风貌until uncovered in 1850 by a ferocious sea storm.This is a recognisable village.直到1850年的一次巨大海上风暴 揭开了她的真实面目 村落的面貌清晰可见Neatly fitted into its landscape between pasture and sea,intimate, domestic and self-sufficient.完美地镶嵌在牧场与海洋之间 联系紧密 以家庭为单位 自给自足And although they were technically still the Stone Age and Neolithic period,虽然这一时期仍被划分在新石器时代these dwellings are not huts,theyre true houses,这些寓所却已不再是临时的窝棚 而是真正的房屋built from sandstone slabs that lie all around the island由遍布岛上的砂石板材筑造and which gave stout protection to villagers here at Skara Brae,from their biting Orcadian winds.坚实地保护着斯卡拉布雷的村民们 免受奥克尼凶猛海风的侵袭 /201606/450162


  原味人文风情:One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day I will live in the Queens castle.有一天我会住在女王的城堡里。One day Ill open my own lab.有一天我会开自己的实验室。One day I will have a restaurant with my son.有一天我会和儿子开一间餐厅。One day I will visit all the libraries in the world.有一天我会拜访世界上所有图书馆。One day Ill go to work and be judged on my abilities, not my appearance.有一天我会去工作然后被看到能力,而非外表。One day we will see every girl in school.有一天我们会在学校里看见每个女孩。One day I will give a voice to those who cant speak.有一天我会给那些不能发声的人一个声音。One day I will run my own music management company.有一天我会经营自己的音乐经纪公司。One day I will make women everywhere more financially confident.有一天我会让各地的女人经济上更有自信。One day I will understand how our brain works.有一天我会弄懂大脑是怎么运作的。One day I will discuss the environment with Pope Francis.有一天我会和教宗方济各讨论环境。One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day...有一天……One day I will empower women through my s.有一天我会透过我的影片让女性更自主。One day I will live in a world where women become the queens they truly are.有一天我会住在一个女性成为真正女王的世界。Google # One Day I WillGoogle #有一天我会201605/446542

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