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桂东县泌尿科咨询资兴市中医院看男科怎么样Its two in the morning, and like most people youre fast asleep.已经是凌晨两点钟了,就像其他人一样你正在睡梦当中。But then your eyespop open and your three year old is standing there,tugging her ear and saying, “Mommy, my ear hurts.”但是你突然睁开眼睛,发现你三岁的女儿站在那里,拽着她的耳朵说:“妈妈!我的耳朵痛。”If youre a parent with a young child, this scenario is probably nothing new.如果你是一个年幼孩子的家长,你就会知道这样的情景并不新奇。In fact, the typical toddler averages about four ear aches per year.实际上,大部分幼童每年平均有四次耳痛。But whens thelast time you had an ear infection?但是你最后一次耳朵感染是多久呢?Clearly, little kids are much more likely to get anear infection than adults.明显地,小孩比大人更容易患耳朵感染。What makes kids so susceptible?究竟是什么让小孩如此脆弱呢?Most infections happen in the middle ear, a pocket about the size of a small grapelocated just behind the eardrum.大多数感染发生在中耳。在鼓膜后面有一个小葡萄般大小的囊。When kids get a cold, the auditory tube–ashaft running from the middle ear to the throat-can become filled with fluid.当儿童感冒以后,耳咽管就会就会充满液体,耳咽管是从中耳到喉咙的通道。For grownups this usually isnt a problem, since adult tubes are large enough to letthe fluid drain away.对于大人来说,这根本不是一个问题,因为大人的耳咽管大得足以让液体流走。But in children under three, the auditory tube is a lotsmaller and more likely to get clogged up.但是对于三岁以下的儿童,他们的耳咽管更小更容易被堵塞。Bacteria love this sort of clogging,and soon they move in and cause infection.细菌很喜欢这种赌塞,很快他们就会滋生,引起感染。The ear reacts by making pus, a thickliquid that fights bacteria.耳朵这时会做出反应产生一种浓稠的杀灭细菌的脓液。As the pus builds up it pushes on the eardrum, causingpain.随着脓液的积聚,它会压迫耳膜,引起疼痛。Fortunately, the cure is pretty straightforward.幸运的是,治愈很简单。A good dose of antibiotics andyour child will be good as new in a few days.只需一剂好的抗生素,你的孩子在几天内就会康复,如同新生一般。So if what seems like a constant seriesof ear infections is wearing you and your child out,take heart.因此如果一系列的耳朵感染似乎让你和你的孩子筋疲力尽了,一定要振作起来。Around when most kids turn three, their auditory tubes become large enough to makeinfection less likely.当大多数儿童到三岁以后,他们的耳咽管就会变得足够大,感染也会变少了。 201411/341852郴州包皮环切术哪家好 郴州嘉禾县包皮手术怎么样

郴州东方医院专家Johnson约翰逊Noam Chomsky诺姆·乔姆斯基The theories of the worlds best-known linguist have become rather weird世界最知名语言学家提出了更诡异的理论FEW disciplines are so strongly associated with a single figure: Einstein in physics and Freud in psychology, perhaps. But Noam Chomsky is the man who revolutionised linguistics. Since he wrote “Syntactic Structures” in 1957, Mr Chomsky has argued that human language is fundamentally different from any other kind of communication, that a “linguist from Mars” would agree that all human languages are variations on a single language, and that childrens incredibly quick and successful learning (despite often messy and inattentive parental input) points to an innate language faculty in the brain. These ideas are now widely accepted.很少有学术领域能如此紧密地与某个人挂钩:就像爱因斯坦之于物理学、弗洛伊德之于心理学,而诺姆·乔姆斯基则彻底改革了语言学。自从其著作《句法结构》于1957年问世以来,乔姆斯基一直认为人类的语言与其他任何交流方式有着本质的不同。“来自火星的语言学家”可能会同意所有的人类语言最初都是由单一语言变种而来,而儿童之所以能够快速地学会一门语言(尽管有时候家长会无意教些乱七八糟的东西)则都归功于大脑中天生的语言机制。这种观念已经被广泛接受了。 Over the past 60 years, Mr Chomsky has repeatedly stripped down his theory. Some aspects of human language are shared with animals, and others are part of more general human thinking. He has focused ever more narrowly on the features of language that he reckons are unique to humans. All this has led to a remarkable little book, published late last year with Robert Berwick, a computer scientist. “Why Only Us” purports to explain the evolution of human language.在过去的60年中,乔姆斯基不断地在精简自己的理论。人类语言的某些方面与动物类似,而其余的则来源于人类的思考。他一直专注于研究人类语言中独一无二的特性,并于去年与计算机科学家罗伯特·贝里克合著了一本名为《为什么我们是唯一的》的书,书中解释了人类语言的进化历程。Other biologists, linguists and psychologists have probed the same question and have reached little consensus. But there is even less consensus around the worlds most eminent linguists idea: that a single genetic mutation created an ability called “Merge”, in a single human whom Mr Chomsky has called “Prometheus”, some time before the human exodus from Africa. That mutation was so advantageous that it survived and thrived, producing todays 7,000 languages from Albanian to Zulu. But the vast differences among the worlds languages, Mr Chomsky argues, are mere differences in “externalisation”. The key is Merge.虽然其他各路生物学家、语言学家和心理学家也一直在探寻这个问题,却并没有达成多少共识。然而对于语言学中最著名的理论则分歧更大—在一个乔姆斯基称之为“普罗米修斯”的人中,一次单一的基因突变创造了“合并”的能力,而当时人类还没有迁徙出非洲。该突变如此强大,在之后的岁月中存活并繁衍,创造出如今从阿尔巴尼亚语到祖鲁语的7000种人类语言。而世界各种语言中存在的广泛差异,乔姆斯基认为这只不过是外在的区别,核心仍然是“合并”。But what is it? Merge simply says that two mental objects can be merged into a bigger one, and mental operations can be performed on that as if it were a single one. The can be merged with cat to give a noun phrase, which other grammar rules can operate on as if it were a bare noun like water. So can the and hat. Once there, you can further merge, making the cat in the hat.但“合并”到底是什么?是两个精神客体互相融合成一个更大的,如果这是一个单一个体,就能产生各类心理活动。”The”与”cat”合并就能组成一个名词短语,如果只有一个名词(例如”water”)从语法规则上来说也是可以的。”The”与”hat”的组合也同理。之后,你可以进一步合并更多的词”the cat in the hat”。 译文属译生译世 /201604/435017桂东县男科电话 and so through the stories they can connect to the animals所以通过这些故事他们便能和动物们在情感上建立联系and be inspired by the animals,cuz the animals have healed so to coney同时也受到动物们的激励 因为动物们都能痊愈得那么快amazing job you are doing and the story is a great story how you got started你的工作是一个很棒的工作 你怎么起步的故事也是一个很棒的故事and your fiance is working with you Jay and hi Jay而你的未婚夫也陪你一起干 杰 嘿 杰Its really a cool thing so we want to help you out because they need money这确实是一件很酷的事 所以我们想要帮助你走出困境 因为 他们需要钱and they are helping so many animals that need to be taken out of horrible situations他们正在帮助一些急需 被带离困境的动物们So we have friends at Tonic.com who have been so extraordinarily generous with us for any occasion when they know somebody needs money在Tonic.com上我们有一些朋友 无论何时当他们得知有人需要经济资助的时候 他们都表现的异常的大方I know you are trying to raise 100 thousands dollars to rescue some dairy cows我知道你正在筹集10万美元 来救助奶牛场的一些奶牛们there give you 50 thousand dollars right now,OMG现在给你5万美元 天啊alright and we can help,everything you donate helps是的 我们可以伸出援手 你所捐赠的任何一样东西都有用please log on to our website to learn,how you can help the Gentle Barn reach their goal of raising 100 thousand dollars请打开电脑登陆我们的网看看你能为“温柔之乡” 的筹集10万美元的梦想做些什么and go to our website and you have to log on to the Gentle Barn来到我们的网站 你得先打开电脑来到“温柔之乡”because when you see the stories and when you see everything they are doing for these amazing animals因为你会了解到那些故事 你会看到他们为这些可爱的动物们所付出的一切and go visit if you can its an amazing experience and bring your kids to learn more about that如果有可能去参观一下那里吧 那确实是一个美妙的地方 带上你的孩子让他们也有更多的了解any way congratulations.Simon Cowell will be here after this无论如何 恭喜 西蒙·考威尔马上就会来到这里 /201606/448497郴州医院治疗性病技术

郴州资兴市人民医院妇幼保健治疗前列腺疾病多少钱It was our aim that a strong man should have the say,and we had such a strong man.我们需要主宰国家命运的强人,而现在拥有了。The people were really hungry.当时人们挨饿。It was very, very hard.相当艰苦。And, in that context,Hitler, with his statements, seemed to be the bringer of salvation.在这样的背景下,演讲令希特勒看似救世主下凡。Hitler hadnt somehow mesmerised his new followers into acting against their own will.希特勒并没有迷惑新追随者让他们做违背自己意愿的事。In this desperate situation,they chose to have faith in a leader they felt had charisma.在这种绝望的处境下,追随者选择相信这位有;领袖魅力;的人。But not everybody thought Hitler was the answer to Germanys problems.并非所有人相信希特勒是德国救星。President Hindenburg certainly didnt.兴登堡总统正是其中一位。Even though in 1932 the Nazis became the biggest party in Germany,he refused to make Hitler Chancellor,calling him the ;Bohemian corporal.尽管纳粹在1932年成为德国第一大政党,他拒绝希特勒,出任总理一职并称他为;波西米亚下士;。Hitler was offered the job of Vice Chancellor,but he refused to take it.希特勒受命担任副总理,但他拒绝。And some of his supporters saw his obstinacy as heroic.一些持者认为他的倔强是英雄的表现。Hitler holds his nerve, he is above the machinations.希特勒能保持冷静,一切阴谋了然于心。I love him when hes like this.我爱他这个样子。 译文属201512/413287 Bankruptcy and the economy破产与经济A fresh start一个全新的开始New evidence that rules for debtors are too tough新据表明,对债务人的要求太苛刻LAST year nearly 1m Americans filed for bankruptcy. That is far fewer than the number who used to seek bankruptcy protection before the law was made tougher a decade ago. This reform may have done more harm than good.The aim of bankruptcy law is to give people relief from unpayable debts. Some two-thirds of individual bankruptcies are due to a lost job. Many bankrupts need time to get back on their feet. In the mid-2000s 7 rules made it easy to wash away debts. That irritated credit-card firms, which claimed that spendthrifts abused the system; so in 2005 the law was toughened. The idea was to shift people to a 13 bankruptcy, where they would have to repay some of the debt.去年,将近100万美国人申请破产。十年前,法律对于破产保护条件非常严苛,而那些曾经寻求破产保护的人数却远超过申请破产的人数。这项改革可能弊大于利。[破产法旨在帮助人们减轻无法偿还的债务。约有2/3的个体破产源于失业。许多人破产后需要一定时间才能从中恢复过来。21世纪中期,第七章规定有利于摆脱债务。这激怒了信用卡公司,并声称,“败家子们”滥用了系统;也因此2005年,法律变严格了。这样做的初衷是让人们适应第13章破产规定,即他们必须偿还一些债务。The reform had a big impact. At least at first, 13 filings rose relative to 7 ones. And a new paper, from Stefania Albanesi, of the New York Federal Reserve, and Jaromir Nosal, of Columbia University, finds that the reform led to a permanent drop in the bankruptcy rate.这项改革曾意义深远。至少,一开始,第13章文件与第7章文件相关联的。纽约联邦储备的Stefania Albanesi与哥伦比亚大学的Jaromir Nosal共同完成了一篇新的论文,指出这项改革实现了短暂的破产率降低。However, other recent research suggests that this is not necessarily a good thing. Will Dobbie, of Princeton University, and Jae Song, of the Social Security Administration, look at 13 bankruptcies before the reforms of 2005. They link half a million bankruptcy filings to tax records and use a novel technique to analyse them. Because some bankruptcy judges are more lenient than others, people in similar straits may end up with different bankruptcy decisions. This quirk allows some useful comparisons.然而,其他最新研究表明,这未必是一件好事。普林斯顿大学的威尔·多比(Will Dobbie)与社会保障总署的宋杰(Jae Song)于2005年改革前就研究第13章破产法。他们认为,这100万人中有一半破产与税收记录有关,并且使用一项新技术对其进行分析。因为一些审判破产的法官网开一面,所以处于类似困境的人有可能会有不同的破产决议。像这样的案例带来了用价值的对比。Messrs Dobbie and Song argue that easier bankruptcy laws have good microeconomic effects. If a creditor may no longer claim large chunks of a bankrupts salary, that may increase his incentive to work—and decrease his need to slip out of town, change his job and close down his bank account. On average, those granted bankruptcy earned over 6,000 more in the subsequent year than similarly-placed plaintiffs who were rejected. The unlucky ones found it trickier to service their mortgages. Michelle White of the University of California, San Diego and colleagues found that bankruptcy reform caused the default rate on prime mortgages to rise 23%.多比先生和宋先生辩解道,破产法越简单,其产生的微观经济效应越好。如果债权人不再索要大量破产者的薪水,如此一来,或许可以刺激他工作,而且他也不用搬去郊区、更换工作、关闭账户。与那些有类似遭遇且遭到拒绝的原告相比,这些有保障的破产,平均可以在接下来的一年里挣6千逾美元。倒霉的人发现越来越难偿还抵押贷款。圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的米歇尔·怀特以及其同事发现,破产法改革导致贷款市场的拖欠债务率上调了23%。Making consumer-bankruptcy law more debtor-friendly could hit Americans in other ways. If lenders are exposed to bigger losses, some argue, interest rates for such things as credit cards are bound to rise. But that danger can be overstated. Credit-card companies may be reluctant to charge rates higher than their competitors lest they attract the dodgiest customers—those not put off by high rates because they know that, with luck, they wont have to pay their debts back.消费者—破产法越有利于债务人,越是在其他方面冲击美国人。一些人争辩道,倘若借出方蒙受更大的损失,类似信用卡的利率势必上涨。但是,这种担忧或许有点言过其实。信用卡公司或许不愿意改变高于对手的利率,唯恐竞争对手会偷偷吸引顾客——这些顾客深知,如果运气好,即使利率再高,他们也可以不用偿还债务。Figures released on March 6th by the Federal Reserve show that consumer debt rose for the 41st straight month (see chart). With inflation low and wages weak, that is worrying. Ms White wants to roll back some of the reform of 2005, making bankruptcy cheaper. Whether that just increases profligacy remains to be seen.美国联邦储备局3月6日发布数据表明,消费者债务连续第41个月上升。通胀率低、工资减少,情况很不乐观。怀特想把2005年改革压到最低标准,把破败变得更加廉价。此举是否助长享乐主义,仍为一个未知数。译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201503/364861郴州生殖门诊桂阳县治疗男性不育多少钱



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