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Taxis take on UberAfrican potholes“I WAS lucky my customers were three big white guys,” says Themba, an Uber driver in Johannesburg recounting a close call with taxi-drivers who tried to block him from collecting passengers at the airport that serves South Africa’s economic hub. “They pushed them out the way and we managed to drive off.”The ride-hailing app has made a splashy if slow start in Africa. Of the 529 cities in which Uber connects riders with drivers, just 14 are on the continent. Yet Africa is fertile ground for a firm offering cheap and safe transport. Most passengers have to spring for overpriced cabs or catch a white-knuckled ride on the back of a motorcycle taxi.In Abuja, locals have long used a low-tech version of ride-sharing. Many folk simply stick out a hand at the roadside to hail any passing car before negotiating a fare. Yet locals warn that fake taxis cruise the streets with robbers hiding in the boot, y to jump out at a traffic light. In Lagos some taxi-drivers are even thought to be in cahoots with kidnappers. Not surprisingly, Uber seems to be growing quickly in the few cities where it has launched. In many places rides cost less than a quarter of the fare charged by taxis. And it is adapting to local markets too. In cities such as Nairobi, where few have credit cards, customers can choose to pay for rides using mobile money on their phones, or in cash.Yet the firm is also facing some potholes quite unlike the regulatory barriers erected elsewhere in the world (such as, in Paris and Frankfurt, rules that stop it using unlicensed drivers). Instead of lobbying the government or going to the courts, taxi-drivers in some African cities have taken matters into their own hands.At the airport and main railway stations in Johannesburg cabbies crowd around commuters, looking intently at their smartphones before trying to manhandle those who seem to be getting into Uber cars. Shots have been fired in some of these clashes. In Cape Town and Nairobi, Uber cars have been torched and their drivers attacked. The firm has responded by hiring burly security guards to watch over the main flashpoints in Johannesburg and is testing a panic button that calls armed guards.Yet Uber also seems to be having some success in winning over taxi-drivers, mainly by signing them up. In Accra many Uber drivers are also old-fashioned cabbies who have chosen to venture into online ride-hailing. Petrus, an Uber driver in Johannesburg, says he joined the firm three months ago after working for many years behind the wheel of a taxi. “Those who are remaining [as taxi-drivers] are losing hope,” he says. “Lots of their friends are joining Uber.” Having as many as possible in the drivers’ seats is certainly preferable to having them pelting stones from the side of the road. Article/201701/487617Typhoon #39;Linfa#39; lands in Shanwei city in Guangdong province台风“莲花”在汕尾陆丰登陆A typhoon has just landed in southwest China.台风莲花刚刚登陆中国西南部。One of the two that were headed that way.莲花则向偏西方向移动。Typhoon ;Linfa; hit Shanwei City in Guangdong province about 2 hours ago, whipping up gale-force winds in the area.“莲花”约2小时前登陆广东省汕尾市,登陆时造成该地区强风。No damage or casualties have been reported so far.目前为止还没有人员伤亡报告。 译文属 Article/201507/385087

If you#39;re about as warm and fuzzy as a cactus, these tips will help you get a little closer to your significant other and show them how much you care.如果你想情侣关系更密切,下面这些小贴士可以帮你跟伴侣之间更近一步,展示你们相互之间多么在意对方。You Will Need你需要Bravery勇敢Kind words温和的语言Romantic message浪漫的信息Plan计划Movie or book电影或书Soft touch温柔的触碰Steps步骤STEP 1 Make eye contact1.进行眼神交流Make eye contact with your partner when you talk to them -- don#39;t be shy. Give them all of your attention to build trust and increase the intimacy in any relationship.跟伴侣说话的时候,进行眼神交流——不要害羞。给他们你所有的注意力,建立信任,这样可以增加任何一段关系的亲密程度。STEP 2 Whisper sweet nothings2.轻声细语Whisper sweet nothings into your partner#39;s ear. Leave a note or two around the house to let them know you#39;re thinking about them -- even when you#39;re not around.在伴侣的耳边轻声细语。在房间里留下一两张便条,让他们知道你在想他们——即使你不在他们身边的时候。A text message or e-mail can be just as romantic, but be wary of who else may be eavesdropping.一条短信或一封电子邮件也同样浪漫,但是要警惕不要被其他人看到了。STEP 3 Set the scene3.制造气氛Set the scene putting away cellphones, turning off the TV, drawing the curtains, and lighting some candles. Make it just about the two of you and the moment.抛开手机,关掉电视,拉上窗帘,点几根蜡烛,制造气氛。让此时此刻成为你们两人私密的空间。STEP 4 Reconnect in your marriage4.重燃婚姻Reconnect over a shared experience, such as cooking dinner together, taking a pottery class, or going to a baseball game.通过共同的经历让爱情更亲密,比如一起煮碗饭,参加陶艺课,或者一起打棒球。Low-key options include cuddling on the couch with a favorite movie and ing a book together.较低调的选择包括一起窝在沙发里看最喜欢的电影,或者一起读一本书。STEP 5 Be open5.敞开心扉Be open and vulnerable to your partner. Share your deepest feelings, including your dreams and fears. This kind of honesty will bring you both closer to one another.向伴侣敞开心扉。分享你内心最深处的感受,包括你的梦想和恐惧。这样的坦诚可以让两人之间更亲近。STEP 6 Touch6.触碰Embrace and hold hands. Physical closeness can inspire emotional closeness. With a little practice, your relationship will become stronger than ever.拥抱,握手。身体接触可以让感情更亲密。通过一点练习,你们的恋情将比以往更加稳固。Swans, gibbons, wolves, and doves all mate for many years -- sometimes for life -- just like humans.天鹅,长臂猿。狼和鸽子结成配偶会持续很长时间,有时甚至是一生,就像人类一样。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/362621

During the darkest years在经济大萧条of Great Depression - 1929 to 1933最黑暗的1929至1933年间life expectancy increased by a remarkable six years.人均寿命显著增加 延长了六年Now, on the face of it, that is really surprising,乍看之下 这实在令人惊讶and yet, clues as to why could also be found然而 关于这种现象的原因from research done back in the 1930s.在三十年代的研究中就已经发现Nutritionists at Cornell University working with animals康乃尔大学的营养学家进行动物试验discovered that if you severely restrict发现如果严格限制the amount they eat, they live longer.动物的摄入量 它们寿命更长Much, much longer.且长寿很多So the next obvious question -那么下一个显而易见的问题if you do the same with humans,如果在人类身上进行will it have the same effects?会有相同的效果吗Well, it#39;s been eight decades since that observation,那项实验距今已过了八十年and only now are scientists really beginning to understand现在科学家们才真正开始了解the link between calorie restriction and longevity in humans.低热量饮食与人类长寿之间的联系重点解释:1.on the face of 从 ... 外表判断例句:On the face of it, you are right.由此可见,你是对的。2.as to 关于例句:As to the author of the book, I will hazard a guess.关於这本书的作者,我来试猜一下。 Article/201509/398656

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