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淮安四院泌尿系统在线咨询涟水县做产检多少钱How can I keep information about myself private without seeming rude?工作场合应该怎样保护我的隐私不被别人知晓,而看上去不那么无礼呢?To keep information about yourself private without seeming rude, heres a rule that I invented I call The Thirty Day rule.In The Thirty Day rule, if someone in the workplace asks you a question, you can answer it by giving them an example of an event or a situation that happened thirty days from today or will happen thirty days from today. So if people ask me,;Phyllis how are you?; Ill say, ;Great, my husband and I just got back from a four day conference in Las Vegas and we met so many interesting people.; I didnt tell them anything about how I am. I could be tired, I could be discouraged, I could be depressed, I could be elated, but I didnt tell them anything about myself. Instead I gave them an example of an event or a situation that happened thirty days before or thirty days after. Again it happens with ;Phyllis, how are you?; and I reply ;Im great, Codey and I, we planted a herb garden this weekend, we were so careful and we had such a great time choosing the herbs we wanted in the garden.; Again I didnt tell those in the office anything about myself, keeping information about myself private without seeming rude.要在工作场合保护自己的隐私,同时看上去不那么无礼,我推崇“30天”准则。按照“30天”准则,如果工作场合有人问你一个问题,你可以告诉他30天前发生的事情,或者30天后将要发生的事情。所以,如果有人问我,“最近怎么样?”我会说,“很好,我和丈夫刚刚在参加了一个为期四天的会议回来,我们见到了很多有趣的人。”我没有告诉他们关于现在的任何情况。或许我现在非常疲惫,非常失落,非常压抑,非常兴高采烈,但是我什么都没有告诉他们。而是告诉了他们30天前或30天后的情况。如果他们再问,“你最近怎么样?”我还是以同样的策略回答,“很好,我和科迪这个周末创造了一个香草花园,我们非常认真,非常开心地选择了自己喜欢的香草。”这次,我也没有在办公室告诉他们我的任何情况,既保护了我的隐私,也没有看上去很无礼。Thanks for watching How To Keep Information About Yourself Private From Work Without Seeming Rude.感谢收看“怎样在公共场合保护自己的隐私”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/228180淮安有几个医院能治疗妇科病 Videojug will show you the perfect application of concealer to cover up bags or dark circles under your eyes in this short . Watch this, and look years younger by concealing the bags under your eyes.Videojug这一段简短的视频讲述了帮你隐藏眼袋或黑眼圈的完美方法。恰当遮盖眼袋,你会看上去年轻好几岁。Step 1: Choose Your Concealer1.选择遮瑕膏Have your dark circles recently reappeared? Learn how to conceal them the VideoJug way.最近你的黑眼圈又出现了?跟着VideoJug学习怎样巧妙隐藏。Concealers come in tubes, sticks and pots. Tubes contain the lightest formulas and are good for light coverage, while sticks are more opaque. Pots are the most opaque of all and good for dark bags...but dont use too much.遮瑕膏通常有管状的,棒状的和罐装的。管状的通常用于浅色化妆,棒状的更加不透明,罐装的是最不透明的。但是不要使用太多。The hardest part is picking the right shade of concealer. Go for a concealer color just a tiny bit lighter than your skin color.最困难的是选择合适颜色的遮瑕膏。遮瑕膏的颜色比你的肤色稍微浅一点就可以了。Step 2: Prep Your Skin2.皮肤保湿Make sure your undereye area is well-moisturized. If theres any hint of dryness, the concealer will instantly reveal itself and turn chalky presence.确保眼睛下部湿润。如果没有做好保湿,遮瑕膏会立即暴露出来,变成一片白茫茫。If you wear foundation, put it on before applying concealer.如果你用粉底的话,在遮瑕膏之前使用。Step 3: Apply The Concealer3.使用遮瑕膏Use a small nylon concealer brush. The brush lets you put pigment exactly where you need it.使用小小的尼龙遮瑕膏刷子。这种刷子可以让你精确地为每一个细节部位上色。When it comes to concealer, less is more. Put on too much, and it looks obvious.遮瑕膏使用的越少越好。涂的越多,看上去越明显。Don’t rub. Don’t smear. Don’t stroke. Pat, pat, pat. Pat, pat, pat.不要来回涂抹,否则会让你的妆容污染,成为大花脸。Step 4: Assess The Application4.评估效果Take a moment to let the concealer set. If theres still darkness under your eye, go for that second application. But keep it light.让遮瑕膏固定一会儿。如果眼睛下面还有黑眼圈,重新涂一遍遮瑕膏。但是一定要做到轻薄透气。Thanks for watching How To Conceal Bags Under Your Eyes感谢收看“怎样隐藏眼袋”视频节目。 /201209/201454淮安开发区有治疗前列腺炎吗

淮阴区挂号网盱眙县妇保院妇科咨询 Today in History: Saturday, March 16, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月16日,星期六On March 16, 1751, James Madison, the fourth president of the ed States, was born in Port Conway, Va.1751年3月16日,美国第四届总统詹姆斯·麦迪逊在弗吉尼亚州港康威出生。1521Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Philippines, where he was killed by natives the following month.1521年,葡萄牙航海家麦哲伦抵达菲律宾,次月被当地人杀害。1802Congress authorized the establishment of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.1802年,国会授权在纽约成立美国西点军校。1836The Republic of Texas approved a constitution.1836年,得克萨斯共和国认可宪法。1850;The Scarlet Letter; by Nathaniel Hawthorne was published.1850年,纳撒尼尔·霍桑的小说《红字》发表。1926Rocket science pioneer Robert H. Goddard successfully tested the first liquid-fueled rocket, in Auburn, Mass.1926年,火箭科学先驱罗伯特H·戈达德在马萨诸塞奥本成功的测试了第一个液体燃料火箭。1935Adolf Hitler scrapped the Treaty of Versailles.1935年,阿道夫·希特勒废除《凡尔赛条约》。1968U.S. troops gunned down hundreds of unarmed civilians in the village of My Lai during the Vietnam War.1968名,越南战争期间,美国士兵杀了美莱村数百名手无寸铁的平民。1985Terry Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, was abducted in Beirut.1985年,美联社首席中东记者特里·安德森在贝鲁特遭绑架。2003Vice President Dick Cheney predicted on Ns ;Meet the Press; that American troops would be ;greeted as liberators; by the Iraqi people.2003年,副总统迪克·切尼在N电视台“会见新闻界”节目上预测美国部队将被伊拉克人民“拥戴成解放者”。2003Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old American, was killed when she was run over by a bulldozer while trying to block Israeli troops from demolishing a Palestinian home in Gaza.2003年,23岁的美国人若雪·柯利在加沙试图阻止以色列军队拆毁一巴勒斯坦人的家,遭以色列推土机辗死。2005A judge in Redwood City, Calif., sent Scott Peterson to death row for the slaying of his pregnant wife, Laci.2005年,斯科特·彼得森因杀害怀的妻子莱西被加州雷德伍德城法官判处死刑。本节目属 /201303/230313淮安三院男科专家

淮安市妇幼保健院治疗腋臭多少钱Fall Movie Review09/84090 Reunited after three months apart.三个月后的重逢The reward for the females return,她会得到什么礼物呢a first glimpse of her chick.那就是初瞥亲骨肉的瞬间A task that began in autumn has been completed.从秋天开始的征途终于结束Despite the huge odds against it,尽管机会渺茫the precious chick has survived the winter,可爱的小企鹅终究熬过了严冬and is now with its mother. And she has food.和带着食物归来的母亲团聚The chicks first fresh meal.小企鹅的第一顿美餐The females mission is complete.雌企鹅的任务圆满完成For those emperor penguins that survive,对于那些存活下来的帝企鹅the worst is over for this year.今年最坏的时节已经过去There will soon be abundant food for everyone.食物富足之日即将到来The emperors have taken on the polar winter and won.帝企鹅熬过了极地寒冬并取得了胜利The gamble has paid off.放手一搏也有了回报All other animals escaped.在所有存活下来的动物中Only they remained with their eggs,只有它们得以和自己的骨肉相伴and its they who will benefit most帝企鹅成了温暖富足的南极之春里from the rich southern spring.最大的受益者Their epic journey is complete.完成了史诗般的征程 /201301/223002淮安区男科医生淮安尿道炎如何治疗



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