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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463922。

And Im telling you我要告诉你Im not going我不会走Your the best friend Ill ever know你是我最好的朋友Theres now way I could ever, ever go我永远不会走No, no, theres no way我不可能No, no, no way Im leaving without you我不可能离开你一人离去Im not leaving without you一人离去I dont want to be free我不需要自由Im staying Im staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, youre gonna love me你会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah Youre gonna love me哦耶,你一定会爱上我Yes, you are是的,你会的And Im telling you Im not going我告诉你 我不会走Sing, boy. Even though the rough times are showing唱得好,孩子。即使道路崎岖艰险You see, theres just no way theres no way我不会,我绝不会Were part of the same place我们身在同一片土地Were part of the same time我们处在同一个时间点We both share the same blood我们有着相同的血液We both have the same mind我们志趣相投And time and time, we have so much to share我们有如此多要分享的事情No, no, no, no way不可能,绝不可能Im not waking up tomorrow morning早上睡觉醒来And finding that theres nobody there发现你不在身旁Darling, theres no way亲爱的,我不可能No, no, no, no way不可能Im living without you离你而去Im not living without you绝不离你而去I dont want to be free我不想得到自由Im staying Im staying我会呆在这里,呆在这里And you, and you, and you, youre gonna love me你一定会爱上我Oh, whoa, yeah欧耶Youre gonna love me你一定会爱上我Yes, you are你一定会Love me Love me Love me爱上我 爱上我 爱上我L-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove爱上Your gonna l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ve M-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e你一定会爱上我Thank you!谢谢大家!Ladies and gentlemen, show your love! Reuben!女士们先生们,为鲁本喝!Did you see this boy?! Did you hear this boy?!看见了吗?听见了吗?Put your hands together for 11-year-old Reuben.为只有11岁的鲁本鼓掌!Come on, man. Come down here with me.来吧孩子,我们坐这里。This little dude right here. Man, sit down.孩子来,坐这里。How you doing, man? Great.怎么样孩子?很好。Where did you get that voice?你这嗓音是跟谁学的?My mom has sort of a voice. Sort of a voice?我妈妈有这种嗓音。这种嗓音?You got the accent, everything, boy.你有这种与生俱来的口音,你拥有一切孩子。The money we fitting to make. Listen.你将财源滚滚啊孩子。So, where you from? Wales, which is in the U.K.你从哪来?英国威尔士。So, when you got the call initially from us to come to the USA, what did you think about that?当你接到邀请你来美国的电话,你当时是什么感受?Well, at first, I thought it was a bit of spam.刚开始,我以为是骚扰电话。What is that? Like, trash or something? Okay.什么意思?像垃圾吗?好吧。I dont really know nothing about that. Im 59 years old. Spam is a can with fake meat in it.我对它一窍不通。我今年59了。spam是一种罐头,里面全部是造假肉。And it got a key on it.上面有一个拉环。And you put the key on it, and you turn it.然后你转动拉环。And you eat this fake meat.造假肉就出来了。Now, I want to tell you something.听我说孩子。He is completely undiscovered.他完全被埋没了。We found this kid, and we called his mother. Is your mother here?我们找到了这个孩子,我们给他的妈妈打了电话。今天你妈妈来了吗?There she is. There she is. Hi, Mom. How are you?那里。那里。孩子他妈,你好吗?How long has he been singing? Forever. Forever?他唱歌多久了?他一直这么唱。一直唱?Did you know he was a great singer? I knew he could sing. You knew he could sing.你知道他唱歌不错吗?我知道。你知道他唱得不错。So, your mother, she bought you a karaoke machine?你妈妈给你买了一个卡拉OK唱歌机?Is that what the story is? Pretty much.真有其事吗?是的。And I sang in the living room, and my sister, over there, would lock the door so she couldnt hear me any longer.我会在卧室唱歌,我会锁上房门,这样她就听不见了。This started with a karaoke machine? Yep.他唱歌是从这台卡拉OK唱歌机开始的?是的。You know how many parents in here are fitting to go out and buy a karaoke machine?你知道在座的,有多少家长都跃跃欲试想买个唱歌机试试?Sing, just try it!唱吧,试试!Whos some of your favorite singers?你最喜欢的歌手是谁?Etta James, Beyonce, yeah.埃塔·詹姆斯和碧昂丝。Is singing an outlet for you?唱歌是你表现自我的方式吗?Yes, because Ive always been bullied for doing what I want to do.是的,因为我喜欢做的事情总会遭到别人的欺辱。And I always feel like singing, expressing through the lyrics and the song.我喜欢唱歌的感觉,通过歌词和音乐表达自己。Let me tell you something.听我说孩子。I think whats gonna happen after this, a lot of people are gonna see you,我觉得接下来会发生的是,会有许多人关注你,and, man, you alls phone is gonna be ringing.你的电话会“炸掉”的。Youre gonna be a major star. Youre gonna be a major star.你将会成为巨星,你将会成为巨星。Folks, give your love for the sensational Reuben!朋友们,为鲁本鼓掌!201706/515384。

Side effects may include...可能会有的副作用Now anyone in here thinking of getting a neck tattoo or maybe you have a neck tattoo.在座的各位有人想过在脖子上纹身或者脖子上有纹身的吗?If you are thinking about it, you should know there are side effects and those side effects may include—unemployment.如果你在考虑的话,你应该知道它会有一些副作用,其中包括——失业Cracking your knuckles before you do literally anything.还没纹就折了关节Only getting paid in cash. Having a favorite kid rock memory. Dying young.别人只肯付你现金。拥有一段难得的摇滚记忆。早死And the final side effect to having a neck tattoo在颈部纹身的最后一个副作用就是is kicking my ass next time you see me because all this stuff I just said about you.下次见面的时候,你可能会因为我今天所说的话揍我Now, Reggie, anyone here thinking about being an undercover cop? I know that it plays on Reggies mind a lot.好了,瑞吉,现场有人想过当便衣警察吗?这个我相信瑞吉已经想了很久了If youre going to become an undercover cop,如果你想当便衣警察,you should know there are side effects and they may include—being new to this school.你应该知道它的副作用其中包括——所有的东西都要重新学Wondering where all the fun parties are this weekend.想知道这个周末好玩的派对在哪里Asking the other kids if they like getting beer drunk on some cold ones.要问其他人想不想喝冰啤酒Wanting to get your hands on some high quality doobage if anyone has any to sell.看到有人卖纯度高的大麻就想要Making sure everybody knows youre a cool, fun guy who likes to hang out and get down with the guys要让每个人都知道你是个风趣又玩得开的人or even with mixed company as long as there are cold ones and some high quality doobage.只要给你冰啤酒和高纯度的大麻,你跟陌生人都能玩得好And the final side effect to being an undercover cop is you finally lose your virginity.做便衣警察的最后一个副作用就是你最终会失去你的贞操Anyone in here—is anyone in here a vegan or thinking about becoming a vegan?在座有人是素食主义者或想成为素食主义者的吗?Anybody? Yeah. OK, well. You know I think about it. I really do. I have given it considerable thought.有吗?嗯,好吧,这个问题我想过。真的。而且我想过很多次If you are becoming a vegan, you should know there are side effect that may include—如果你想做素食主义者,你应该知道的副作用有sore eyebrows from always raising them when your friends order lunch.眼睛以上酸疼,因为每次你朋友点菜时你总得昂着头No, Im fine with it. Lying to yourself that something called facon tastes like bacon.我其实还好啦。骗自己素菜跟荤菜味道差不多Getting into a car accident because your car is covered in so many bumper stickers.因为车上贴了太多保险杠贴纸而发生车祸Acting like youre healthier than everyone when your diet consists entirely of carbs.当你的饮食里只有碳水化合物的时候还要假装你比其他人都健康Guess what, Lisa, rice pasta is still pasta!丽萨,你知道吗,用大米做的意大利面也是意大利面And the final side effect to becoming a vegan is weak bones.做素食主义者的最后一个副作用就是骨骼脆弱201706/513014。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463943。

All of the information going over those cables所有经过这些光纤的信息is able to be replayed over the course of three days都能在接下来的三天里重播so you can rewind and see因此你可以回放并看到what was going over the internet at a particular moment.在某一个特定的时刻互联网上发生了什么Analysing this amount of data is an impressive achievement分析这些庞大的数据是一项令人瞩目的成就but it also attracts criticism.但这同样会招致非议When you see the capacity and the potential for that technology,当你意识到了这项科技的能力和潜力and the fact that it is being used without transparency并且得知它的实际使用过程并不透明and without very high levels of accountability,同时也没有较高的问责制时its incredibly concerning because the power of that data这便十分令人担忧 因为这些数据to predict and analyse what were going to do is very, very high能极其准确地预测和分析我们的行动and giving that power to somebody else,如果把这个权力交给其他人regardless of the original or stated intentions,不论是原始意图还是声明意图如何is very worrying.都十分令人担忧We only know about the GCHQ project thanks to documents released从美国泄密者爱德华·斯诺登泄密的文件中by US whistle-blower Edward Snowden,我们才知道英国情报机构政府通讯总部的窃听计划and the revelation has begun to change the way而这次泄密事件已经开始改变many people think about privacy and the internet -大多数人对隐私和互联网的认知among them the inventor of the World Wide Web,这其中就包括万维网的发明者Tim Berners-Lee.蒂姆·伯纳斯-李重点解释:1.able to 能做 ...例句:I may be able to help you in some way. 我也许可以从某个方面去帮助你。2.regardless of 不管; 不顾例句:She is determined to do regardless of all consequences.她不顾一切后果,决心这样做。3.know about 知道例句:Id love to know about the plan.我想知道这个计划。201612/482148。

How did the 19-year-old Edward feel about the drastic shrinkage in the power of the crown, his crown.十九岁的爱德华面对 手中王权的巨大削弱会作何反应Well, theres no doubt for some time, even the prince was dazzled by the intense magnetism of Simon De Montforts personality,毫无疑问 有时甚至王子本人 也会拜倒在西蒙·德·蒙德福特强大的人格魅力之下and, for a while, Edward went along with it.在一段时期内 爱德华对其听之任之But, inevitably, divisions opened up between the reformers.然而 变革者自身出现了不可避免的分歧It was all very well to make the king and his officers answerable to the barons.让国王与群臣 对男爵们负责固然很好But ought the barons to be answerable to their inferiors?但男爵们是否该对其下属负责呢De Montfort thought yes. The earls thought no.德·蒙德福特认为是 而伯爵们认为否And as those divisions opened wider,the leopard prince began to change his spots and sharpen his claws.当分歧继续扩大 猎豹王子就开始厉兵秣马 准备开战It became increasingly clear that the struggle over who withdrew England,and how they were going to do it,centred on two men Simon and Edward.政治形势愈发明朗化 究竟谁是这场权力的游戏的胜者 如何将对手打败 一切最终归结到两个人身上 西蒙和爱德华Neither could prevail without the others total defeat.这是一场生死较量 必须分出胜负Over five years,Henry and Edward manoeuvred against De Montfort for power,until, finally, words ran out.在五年的时间里 亨利和爱德华对德·蒙德福特机关算尽 企图谋得权力 直到最后 意图昭然天下For this was no three-month paper revolution,like the original signing of the Magna Carta.这已不再是签订《大宪章》时的那种 历时三个月的纸上革命 /201610/470851。

At least 13 people are dead and more than 200 families are missing after a landslide buried several villages in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. 周二,斯里兰卡发生的山体滑坡掩埋几个村庄,造成至少13人死亡,超过200个家庭失踪。The countrys Red Cross says at least 180 people were rescued from the massive landslide, which hit three villages. 斯里兰卡红十字会表示,至少有180人从袭击三个村庄的大滑坡中被救出。The disaster comes after multiple days of heavy rains caused flooding, mudslides and cyclones across the island. 岛上多天的暴雨造成洪水、泥石流和旋风,并引发灾难。Local media report at least 346,000 people have been affected by the storms, and more than 196,000 people are staying in camps. 当地媒体报道,至少有346,000人受到风暴影响,196,000多人留在营地。For those displaced residents, the countrys president announced Monday the government would be upping the disaster allowance. 对于那些流离失所的居民,斯里兰卡总统周一宣布,政府将加大灾害补贴。Conditions might not improve anytime soon — at least in the countrys southwest. 条件可能不会很快得到改善,至少在该国西南部。India, which is north of the island, is also prepping for several southern cities to be hit by floods. 斯里兰卡北部的印度也在为几个南方城市做好洪水袭击的准备。译文属。201605/444824。

Zika is no longer a global health emergency.寨卡不再是全球关注突发公卫事件。The World Health Organization determined the virus is no longer an international concern,but thats not to say the virus is gone.世界卫生组织确定寨卡不再是国际关注事件,但这并不是说病毒已经消失了。An official with the WHO said the announcement is ;not downgrading the importance of Zika.; 世界卫生组织官员称此项宣布并不是降低应对寨卡疫情的重要性。Instead, Zika is now considered a chronic problem as opposed to an outright international crisis.相反,寨卡现在被认为是一个长期的问题,相对于完全的国际危机。The virus was deemed a global heath emergency in February after cases of the disease spiked in the Americas.寨卡病毒病例在美洲大幅增加后,二月该病毒被认为是全球关注突发公卫事件。Zika still poses a serious risk to pregnant women and babies; 寨卡仍对妇和婴儿构成严重威胁,the virus has been linked to cases of microcephaly and other neonatal complications.该病毒与小头畸形和其他新生儿并发症有关。译文属。201611/479977。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481061。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441501。