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Different Kinds of Ancient Clothes古代饰的不同种类Since remote ages, people usually wore different clothes on different occasions. So far as individual clothes was concerned, there were civilian clothes,workingsuit,ceremonial dress. And there were different ceremonial dress on different ceremonial occasions—such as wedding dress, mourning apparel,etc. Different clothes were also worn in different weathers such as umbrella, parasols, alpine rush rain capes and bamboo hats. The dress custom defined by different occasions also restrained people#39;s behavior in their daily life. If people wore inappropriate,they might incurs blames for their in-consistency with customs. Changes occurred to the uses of this dress,such as a special rain cape and bamboo hats called suoyi and douli. The former used to be a rainproof cape,but later as it was mainly worn by fishermen, it gradually evolved into the career symbol of fishermen. The latter used to be a heat stroke proof utensils,later it was also used for rainproof.自上古时代,人们通常在不同的场合穿不同的衣。就个人的衣装而言,有便装、工作、礼。不同的场合有不同的礼,如婚纱、孝衣等不同的饰。在不同的天气也穿不同的衣,如雨衣、遮阳、龙须草雨披肩和竹斗笠。穿衣习惯由不同的场合决定,这也限制了人们在日常生活中的行为。如果人们穿着不合适,他们可能会招致指责。衣会因其用途发生变化,例如作为一种特殊的雨披和竹帽,被称为蓑衣和斗笠。前者曾被用作是一个防雨斗篷,但后者因为主要是渔夫穿戴,它逐渐演变成渔民的职业生涯的象征。后者曾经是防中暑的器具,后来它也用于防雨。 /201604/439856Shaping the agenda 完善峰会议程At this year#39;s G20 summit, China will also be playing a more prominent role in international affairs. 在今年的G20峰会上,中国将会在国际事务中发挥更突出的作用。;This will be the first time that China hosts a global economic governance summit, unlike chairing regional meetings such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation,; said Chen. ;It is a good opportunity for China to exercise its power in global economics.; “这是中国首次举办商讨全球经济治理的峰会,这与举行亚太经合组织会议等区域性会议不一样”,陈凤英说,“这是中国在世界经济中展示力量的好时机。”She explained that because the G20 is an international forum with no secretariat or enforcing agencies, the outcome of the summit is to a large extent determined by the will of the host country. 她解释道,G20作为一个国际论坛,没有常设的秘书处,也没有执行机构。所以,G20峰会能取得什么样的成果很大程度上取决于主办国。;As a big country, China has the influence to push for specific goals, especially when they coincide with the interests of other countries,; she said, praising China#39;s concrete action plans in the context of vaguer pledges of past years. “作为一个有影响力的大国,中国能够推动达成特定的目标,特别是那些与其他国家的利益相契合的目标,”陈凤英说道。相对于以前定下的相对模糊的承诺,她认为中国制定的具体行动计划确实值得称赞。Zhu stressed that China, as the biggest developing country, has the responsibility to promote more balanced governance of the global economy. 朱教授强调,中国作为最大的发展中国家,有责任推动建立更加均衡的全球经济治理模式。;The birth of the G20 has broken the myth of the G7 and allows for the exploration into diverse paths of growth,; he said. “G20打破了G7的旧逻辑,考虑到要探索不同的发展道路,”朱教授说道。According to statistics from the International Monetary Fund, emerging and developing economies are home to 85 percent of the world#39;s population, accounting for almost 60 percent of global GDP and contributing to more than 80 percent of global growth since the 2008 financial crisis. 国际货币基金组织的数据显示,新兴经济体以及发展中国家的人口占世界总人口的85%,GDP占比接近全球的60%;自2008年金融危机以来,这些国家对全球经济增长的贡献率超过了80%。China alone has contributed 35 percent to global growth in the past five years. 过去五年,中国对全球经济增长的贡献率为35%。The view of China#39;s growing role in global economic governance is widely shared. “中国在全球经济治理中发挥着越来越重要的作用,这是大家都认同的。;There is probably some means for building new institutions given the rise of Asia and rise of China,; said Tim Harcourt of the University of New South Wales in Australia. ;I think in some ways the G20 can play that role.; “随着中国及亚洲的崛起,我们也许能够找到建立新体系的方法,”澳大利亚新南威尔士大学的提姆#8226;哈考特教授说,“我认为在某种程度上,G20就能发挥这样的角色。”China is now in a position to assert its influence in the management of the global economy, according to a report that was released in March by the London-based Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Other countries are y to learn from China#39;s experiences in transforming its economy, it added. 英国皇家国际事务研究所——伦敦查塔姆研究所3月发布的报告显示,如今中国在全球经济治理中正发挥着自身的影响力。报告还指出,其他国家也非常愿意借鉴中国在经济转型发展中的经验。 /201608/463089

The Moon in Mid-Autumn Day中秋节的月亮In the Chinese cosmology, the moon—not the sun—is the dominant orb,and not only has its radiance inspired countless poets, priests, andpeasants alike,but its waxings and waning have inspired the calendar according to which most of Asia plots yearly events. It’s only natural that a lunar year should include a holiday set aside for appreciation of the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival,aka Moon Festival, a Chinese staple since the Song dynasty, is just that. The moon is said to be at its loveliest on this night;its roundest,brightest,and most magical.在中国的宇宙观中,月亮而不是太阳占天体的主导地位,不仅是其光辉鼓舞了无数诗人,牧师,和农民,但其盈亏也启发日历将亚洲大部分地区的每年事件记入历法中。这是很自然的,一个农历年应包括有假期来欣赏月亮。在中秋,又称月亮节,自宋代以来是中国的主题,就是这样。月亮被认为在这个夜晚是最美丽的;它在这晚最圆,最亮,最神奇。 /201607/454242

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