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US Military, Afghan President at Odds Over Airstrike Deaths美军与阿总统对空袭结果说法不一Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that some Afghan officials say killed more than 70 civilians on Thursday. The U.S. military disputes the number of civilian casualties and insists the operation was a successful strike against a wanted Taliban commander. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊谴责美国星期四在阿富汗西部的空袭,阿富汗官员说那次空袭造成70多名平民丧生。美国军方对平民死亡数字表示异议,并坚持说,这次对一名受到通缉的塔利班指挥官的空袭行动取得了成功。President Hamid Karzai's office issued a statement Saturday strongly condemning what it called a "unilateral operation of Coalition Forces" in the Shindand district of Herat Province.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的办公室星期六发表声明,强烈谴责“联军部队在赫拉特省辛丹德区的单方面行动”。The statement said local political and security officials reported at least 70 people, including women and children were killed in the airstrike.  声明说,当地政府和安全官员报告说,至少70人在空袭中丧生,包括妇女和儿童。The U.S. military disputes the civilian casualty figures and says troops called for airstrikes after a group of wanted militants fired on a joint patrol of coalition and Afghan forces.  美国军方对平民死亡数字提出质疑,说由联军部队和阿富汗部队组成的一联合巡逻队遭遇一夥被通缉的激进分子火力攻击之后,请求实施空中打击。U.S. coalition spokesman, First Lieutenant Nathan Perry, told VOA the troops were able to search the compound following the battle to confirm the casualty figures.  联军部队美方发言人佩里中尉对美国之音说,战斗结束之后,联军部队对受到空袭的院落进行了搜查,确定了死伤人数。He says five civilians, who were believed to be related to the militants, were among the 30 people killed in the strike. 佩里说,有30人在空袭中丧生,其中有5名平民据信是激进分子的亲属。"There was aly a battlefield assessment of this operation," said the spokesman. "We want to point out that this was an Afghan army operation. Coalition troops were in support of the Afghan operation. And after the operation, those troops on the ground were able to do a battlefield assessment. Not only did they confirm that they killed 25 militants, they also confirmed the main target that they were in pursuit of."  佩里说:“已经对这次空袭行动做了战场评估。我们想要指出的是,这是一次阿富汗军队的行动,联军是持阿军的行动。这次行动之后,地面部队进行了战场评估。他们不仅实了他们消灭了25名激进分子,还确定了他们追剿的重要目标。”The spokesman said despite the initial battlefield assessment, U.S.-led coalition forces have launched an investigation into the airstrike. Afghan officials have also called for an investigation.  这位发言人说,尽管进行了初步战场评估,美国领导的联军部队还是对这次空袭展开了调查。阿富汗官员也要求进行调查。Civilians deaths from U.S. airstrikes are a contentious issue in Afghanistan and in recent months the Afghan government has been more assertive in publicly rebuking foreign allied forces for civilian casualties.  美国空袭造成平民死亡在阿富汗是个容易引起争论的问题,阿富汗政府近几个月对外国联军部队造成的平民死亡进行了语气更加强硬的公开指责。President Karzai said Saturday that so far, Afghan efforts to stop civilian casualties have not had "desired outcomes." The president said the government will soon announce new initiatives for avoiding civilian deaths.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期六表示,到目前为止,阿富汗争取制止平民伤亡的努力还没有取得“理想的效果”。卡尔扎伊说,政府很快会宣布避免平民伤亡的新措施。In the village in Herat where Thursday's airstrike occurred, hundreds of locals protested Saturday after rejecting offers of food and other aid from Afghan military troops. Local media reports said some of the protesters turned violent and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring several people. 在星期四受到空袭的赫拉特省的这个村庄,数百名村民星期六举行抗议,他们拒绝了阿富汗军队向他们提供的食品等援助。当地媒体报导,一些抗议者后来开始使用暴力,阿富汗部队向人群开,有几个人受伤。200808/46605。

Well, he is the second richest man in the world, but he may not be for long. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he is going to give away most of his multibillion-dollar fortune, less, at least to the, less fortunate. Now it will be the largest philanthropic gift in history. Buffett is worth about 44 billion dollars and he's pledged to give away 85% of it. The 75-year-old CEO controls Berkshire Hathaway. He plans to gradually give away the bulk of his stock to five foundations, most of it (is) going to the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation, which is focused on ridding the world of malaria, AIDS, and other diseases. So joining us now is a man who knows Buffett and his motivations perhaps better than anyone. Biographer Andrew Kilpatrick. Andrew, good to have you.All right.Thank you.So many people thought that, that Buffett would never give away his money to charity until after he dies. So why the change of heart?Well, Carol, that's right. He, he's always said it would be after he died, he has changed it. I think Gates has influenced him a lot and I think what he sees is the, the Gates foundation can do a better job of giving than he can. And what this is really is a merger of Buffett and Gates. It's not a business deal but it's, it's two great minds joining together for charity. So that explains perhaps why he gave it to the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation, I mean to have the second richest man give his fortune to the richest man in the country, might make sense?Well, it's pretty, it's pretty funny but he says he's really not giving it to Bill Gates, he's giving it through Bill Gates to, to give to the causes of that foundation deems, deems the best use of the money.Which is aly worth er, something like 30 billion dollars aly even without Buffett's money?Right. When he...So I guess the relationships mean a lot to the men then, perhaps.The relationship does mean a lot. They met in 91. They, they played bridge together, travelled together,ur, been to each other's football games and homes, and I think they've talked about this for a long long time. But people always thought, I always thought that maybe they would do some business deal, you know, Berkshire, Microsoft would merge or something, but that, that doesn't make much sense. But this really is almost a merger of Berkshire and Microsoft in some way, I mean the stocks of these companies, are really going to this great charitable interest and er, it's just that he sees, that er, Gates Foundation had, has the staff and the manpower and it's aly ramped up and running and that they can do a better job, and he admits it. He says, if you're gonna do a bet on the golf game, go with Tiger Woods, so he is doing it with the way he thinks that money will do the best for society.Well, Andrew, give us the inside story on, would the children's reaction would be. I mean Buffett has always said that he wasn't going to give them his fortune that he wanna them to have the incentive to work. But I'm wondering what are their feelings about their dad and his money?This is a question about their children that's, it's, they, they've joked about it, say that's not about their mother used to think/say, but they,they are in full agreement with their father about this, I mean they,they joked about it,er(not bitter). But they, they, they are in synch with him, in fact, some of the money is going to the children's foundations, so that they can give it to the causes they,they believe in. 200809/50671。

That is strange – we all seem to be losing our pens.奇怪了,我们的笔好像都没了。Here, use this old pencil.先用这杆旧铅笔吧。Thanks.谢谢。Anna. Are you happy complaining officially about Rachel?安娜,你乐意这样正式地投诉瑞秋吗?Not really but what else can I do?不愿意,但我又能怎么做呢?Shes been spoiling all the work Ive been doing.她搞砸了我做的所有工作。Yes she has.确实。OK, well tell Paul the facts and tell him you want action.告诉保罗这件事并告诉他你的行动。OK.Right, here goes.好的,就这样。Come in.请进。Hi Paul. I really need to speak to you about Rachel.嗨,保罗,我有必要和你谈谈瑞秋。She really is messing things up…Paul? Paul?她搞糟了一切,保罗?保罗?Sorry, just counting my biscuits.不好意思,我在数饼干。What were you saying? Rachel?你刚才说什么?瑞秋?Great girl, isnt she?很棒的女孩,不是吗?No shes not.不,她不是。Paul, shes aly sent out the wrong order and now shes upset our new client.保罗,她已经把错误的订单发出去了,现在她又惹恼了我们的新客户。 /201705/508483。

dawdle ------ 磨磨蹭蹭(不及物动词) 英文释义(intransitive verb) To move in a slow, idle manner; to progress so slowly that other people become annoyed. 例句My young son often dawdles a bit before getting y to go to sleep at night.我的小儿子在晚上睡觉前总是会磨蹭一会儿。 /201610/466531。

Bush: US Has Taken 'Extraordinary' Measures to Stabilize Markets布什:将继续行动稳定金融市场  U.S. President George Bush says Washington will continue to act to stabilize financial markets shaken by fears of a global financial meltdown. The world's major central banks are joining forces in hopes of restoring investor confidence. 美国总统布什说,华盛顿将继续采取行动,稳定因担心全球财经体系崩溃而动荡的金融市场。世界各主要中央正在联合起来,希望恢复投资人的信心。President Bush canceled travel to political fundraisers to stay at the White House and consult with economic advisors. 布什总统取消了参加政治募款会议的旅程,留在白宫与经济顾问进行商榷。"The American people are concerned about the situation in our financial markets and our economy, and I share their concerns," the president said. 布什总统说:“美国人民在为我们金融市场和我国经济的形势担心,我和他们有同感。”The U.S. government has taken charge of the nation's largest home finance agencies. It also moved to rescue the insurance firm American International Group, the failure of which Mr. Bush says could have caused a severe disruption in financial markets and threatened other sectors of the economy. 美国政府已经接管了最大的住房贷款机构。美国政府还采取行动挽救保险公司美国国际集团,即AIG。布什总统说这家公司的失败可能严重扰乱金融市场并危及其它经济领域。The speed of government action during the past week has largely left lawmakers behind. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson informed Congress of the billion loan for AIG only after the deal was done. 政府的迅速行动使得立法人员基本上落后于形势发展。财政部长保尔森在与AIG达成协议、向他们提供八百五十亿美元的贷款之后,才通知国会有关事宜。Using taxpayer money to save faltering firms is the most direct, but not the only way the executive branch intervenes in economic crises. President Bush earlier this year got Congress to agree on an economic stimulus plan of tax rebates for consumers and tax incentives for businesses to spend money on new equipment. 利用纳税人的金钱去挽救摇摇欲坠的公司是财政部门抵挡经济危机的最直接、但并非唯一的手段。布什总统今年早些时候促使国会同意了一项经济刺激方案,退税给消费者并向企业提供购买新设备的税务优惠,来刺激经济增长。Presidents affect markets through regulatory policy and in the way they spend public funds as the amount of assistance budgeted for corporate research and development, for example, either encourages or discourages businesses from making similar investments. 总统是通过管制方针来影响市场的,也通过他们在预算中使用公共资金帮助公司开展研发的方式来影响市场,例如,他们可以鼓励公司作类似的投资,或者不鼓励它们这样作。Presidents also affect economies with public policy. President Bush says Congress can help the economy by passing free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea to help American businesses sell more goods overseas. He also wants to expand offshore oil drilling which he says will ultimately reduce energy costs. 总统也应用公共政策来影响经济。布什总统说,国会通过批准与哥伦比亚、巴拿马和韩国的自由贸易协议,促使美国企业向国外销售更多商品,来帮助美国经济的发展。他也希望发展近海石油开采,他说,这最终会降低美国能源价格。Presidents do not directly affect monetary policy because the U.S. Federal Reserve is an independent entity. The Fed has joined other nations' central banks to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into global financial markets in hopes of restoring investor confidence and encouraging banks to lend each other money. 总统并不直接影响货币政策,因为美国联邦储备系统是独立的机构。美联储现在已经与其它国家的中央一起向全球金融市场注入几千亿美元的资金,希望恢复投资人的信心,并鼓励相互借贷。President Bush says it is a substantial step to provide additional liquidity to the U.S. financial system. 布什总统说,向美国金融体系提供更多流通资金是切实可行的步骤。"These actions are necessary and they are important and the markets are adjusting to them,"he said. "Our financial markets continue to deal with serious challenges. As our recent actions demonstrate, my administration is focused on meeting these challenges. The American people can be sure we will continue to act to strengthen and stabilize our financial markets and improve investor confidence." 他说:“这些行动是必需的、也是重要的,而市场正在进行调整以适应这些变动。我们的金融市场在继续处理严重问题。正如我们近年来的行动所显示的那样,我国政府正集中精力应对这些考验。美国人民可以确信我们将继续采取行动加强并稳定我们的金融市场,并且增强投资者的信心。”The U.S. economy has been hurt by falling home values and high energy and food costs. A public opinion poll by CBS News and the New York Times this week said the economy and jobs are the biggest issues on the minds of nearly half the American voters before November elections. 美国经济受到房价下跌、能源及食品价格飞涨的影响。哥伦比亚广播公司与纽约时报本周进行的民意调查显示,在十一月大选前,在近一半美国选民心头上的大事就是美国经济和就业机会。200809/49276。

Pakistan Coalition Government Shaken by Impasse Over Reinstatement of Judges巴联合政府第二大党宣布退出内阁   The second largest party in Pakistan's ruling political coalition is vowing to quit its federal cabinet posts, threatening the stability of the six-week-old coalition government.  巴基斯坦执政的政治联盟中的第二大党誓言要退出该党在政府内阁中的部长职位,此举将危及上台六个月的联合政府的稳定。The leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-N party, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told reporters that ministers from his party will resign from their cabinet posts on Tuesday, ending their participation in the government led by the Pakistan People's Party. Mr. Sharif says today was the deadline for an agreement on the judges and now that the deadline is ending, the ministers will meet with the prime minister on Tuesday to hand in their resignations.  巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟领袖、前总理谢里夫对记者们说,他所领导政党的内阁部长们将于星期二辞职,从而结束参与巴基斯坦人民党领导的政府。谢里夫说,星期一是在法官问题上达成协议的最后期限,现在这个期限已经过去,内阁部长们将于星期二拜会政府总理,提交他们的辞呈。The former prime minister said that although party members were leaving their cabinet posts, they would remain in parliament and would not join the political opposition.  这位前总理表示,虽然这些党员辞去他们在内阁中的职位,但他们将继续留在议会,不会加入政治反对派。Immediately following his press conference, a spokesman for the Pakistan People's Party said the vacated cabinet positions will remain empty and party leaders will attempt to resume negotiations over the judge's issue.  谢里夫的记者会一结束,巴基斯坦人民党发言人说,内阁职位的空缺将不递补,两党领袖将努力恢复有关法官问题的协商。The two parties have been at an impasse over the judges since the beginning of their coalition. The main disagreement has been over which supreme court justices to empower. Mr. Sharif's party wants to restore the deposed justices and have them decide whether to retain those justices appointed by Mr. Musharraf. The Pakistan People's Party argues Mr. Musharraf's appointed judges should remain in power.  从联合政府组建开始,两党在是否恢复法官职位问题上的磋商就陷入僵局。主要分歧是恢复哪些最高法院大法官的职务。谢里夫领导的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟主张恢复被解职的大法官的职务,然后让他们决定穆沙拉夫任命的法官是否留任。但是巴基斯坦人民党则认为,穆沙拉夫任命的法官应当留任。Mr. Sharif also addressed media reports that U.S. diplomats have been pressuring the two sides to end their deadlock on the judges issue.  有媒体报导,美国外交官敦促双方结束在法官问题上的僵局。"There is no American pressure on us. And frankly there has been no pressure," he said. "And we don't take any outside pressure, we take positions according to the aspiration of the people of Pakistan." 对此,谢里夫说:“美国并没有向我们施压。坦率地讲,没有任何压力。我们不会接受任何外界的压力,我们根据巴基斯坦人民的意愿来采取我们的立场。”The Pakistan Muslim League-N party and the Pakistan People's Party swept to power in February elections that were largely seen as a rebuke to politicians allied with President Pervez Musharraf.  巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟和巴基斯坦人民党在2月的选举中获胜上台,这被普遍认为是对同穆沙拉夫总统结盟的政治家们的谴责。The PPP released a statement Monday saying the decision by PML-N ministers to leave the cabinet would not weaken its determination to restore the sacked judges and to strengthen the parliament. 巴基斯坦人民党星期一发表声明说,巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟的部长们决定离开内阁,不会削弱巴基斯坦人民党恢复被解职法官职务、强化议会的决心。 200805/38800。