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If you live in a big city, there are many things to drive you crazy on your daily commute, and it’s not just overcrowded subway trains. 如果你生活在大城市中,上下班路上常常会发生许多令人抓狂的事情,沙丁鱼罐头一般的地铁车厢只是其中之一罢了。 Vicky Zhao is a mainlander working in Hong Kong. For her, one thing she can’t put up with is people standing on the wrong side of the escalator in subway stations. Vicky Zhao是一位在香港工作的大陆人。她不能容忍的是,地铁扶梯上人们总是站错位置。 “Escalators help us move faster and save time. It isn’t a place to rest,” the 24-year-old says. “I often see tourists block the way with their chunky suitcases or chitchatting on the escalators during rush hour. It annoys me to no end.” 24岁的她说:“电梯是提高我们出行效率、节省时间的,并非休息的地方。在上下班高峰时段,我经常看到许多游客用大件行李挡住了路,有的人还在电梯上闲聊家常,这让我不胜其烦。” Admitting she is not the patient type, Zhao says things are much better in Hong Kong than in cities on the mainland where “stand right, walk left” signs are often ignored. Vicky Zhao承认自己没什么耐心。她说:“香港的状况要比内地城市好得多,在内地‘左行右立’的标识形同虚设。” The logic behind the “stand right, walk left” escalator etiquette seems obvious. Even though you may want to catch your breath and just wait while you’re transported up or down, you should still consider others and leave enough space for people in a hurry, so that they can run and catch the train. “左行右立”这种扶梯礼仪背后的逻辑显而易见。即使你想在上下奔波的过程中喘口气,或者只是放缓脚步,你也应该替他人着想,为赶时间的人留下足够的空间,以便其疾行追赶列车。 Many cities’ escalators, including London’s and Beijing’s, use the “stand right, walk left” system to speed up the flow of people. (Australia is an exception and you should stand on the left side instead.) But some cities discourage people from moving on escalators out of safety reasons. In Hong Kong’s subway stations there are regular annoucements asking people to “stand still” on escalators. Even so, most people in this fast-paced metropolis observe the “stand right, walk left” etiquette. 在包括北京和伦敦在内的许多城市中,扶梯上会贴有“左行右立”标识来疏导人流。(澳大利亚是个例外,在那你应该靠左站立。)但一些城市出于安全考虑,禁止人们在扶梯上行走。例如,香港地铁就用站内广播就提示,禁止乘客在扶梯上走动。尽管如此,在这个快节奏的大都市里,大多数人还是会遵守“左行右立”的礼仪。 Perhaps this is because those who walk on escalators seem to have taken the moral high ground and like to accuse those who block the way of being inconsiderate. 这或许是因为在自动扶梯上行走的人们已经占领了道德高地,就喜欢指责那些挡路者的自私自利。 “Able-bodied people standing on the downward escalator are in effect robbing the people behind them of time,” says Hamilton Nolan, who writes for online forum Gawker and regularly uses the New York subway. He speaks the mind of many walkers. 纽约地铁的“常旅客”汉密尔顿#8226;诺兰在网上论坛“高客网”上写道:“身强力壮的人乘坐下行电梯实际上是浪费了身后人们的时间。”一语道出了许多人的心声。 “Their presumptuous need for leisure may cause everyone behind them to miss a train they would have otherwise caught. Then those people are forced to stand and wait on a subway platform for many extra minutes. Those are precious minutes of life that none of us will get back.” 他说:“他们自以为是地认为人们应该放慢脚步,享受闲适,然而这可能导致身后所有人错过了本可以赶得上的列车。这些乘客不得不在站台上再多等几分钟。那些时间都是一去不复返的宝贵光阴啊!” But the people who stand on escalators defend themselves by telling the walkers not to be so impatient. In a recent story about escalator etiquette, the B es one stander as saying: “If the person is in such a rush, why not just take the stairs? Even when the escalator is packed and there’s nowhere to move, I see these same people moaning and groaning about not being able to pass.” 但那些选择在扶梯上站立不动的乘客也有为自己辩护的理由,他们告诉那些行人不要那么没耐心。在最近一则有关扶梯礼仪的报道中,B援引了一位“站立者”的话:“如果十万火急,为何不选择走楼梯?即使在电梯人满为患、乘客无法动弹的情况下,我还是能看到那些着急的人嘟嘟囔囔地抱怨自己无法通过。” Whatever the escalator etiquette is in the place you live or visit, do what most people are doing and always be mindful of others: leave enough space between each other, don’t linger at the end of the escalator, and if someone is blocking your way, a simple “excuse me” is enough. 无论你居住的城市还是旅行目的地奉行着怎样的扶梯礼仪,切记要“随大流”并时刻为他人着想:与他人之间保持礼貌距离;不要在扶梯两端徘徊;如果别人挡住了你的路,说一句友好的“借过”就可以了。 /201309/256027

  Following the research on the health effects of caffeine is dizzying. Positive in some cases, negative in others – it’s hard to know whether that morning cup of joe is a health elixir or slow-acting poison.咖啡对健康有什么影响,相关研究给出了五花八门的结论,让人不知所措。有些说有益健康,另一些说有害健康——很难知道早上的那一杯咖啡到底是健康的灵药还是慢性毒药。In the latest major study on caffeine’s effects, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found a correlation between drinking 2-4 cups of caffeinated coffee each day and lower suicide risk among adults.在最近有关咖啡因的一项重要研究中,哈佛大学公共卫生学院的研究人员们发现,每天饮用2-4杯含咖啡因的咖啡与成年人中自杀风险的下降存在着相关性。The study, published in The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, was a meta-review of three extensive U.S. health studies that included a total of 43, 599 men and 164, 825 women. Consumption of caffeine (from tea, soda and chocolate), coffee and decaffeinated coffee was evaluated among study participants every four years via questionnaire. Across all three studies, coffee accounted for the majority of caffeine consumed at 71% of the total.该研究发表在《世界生物精神医学杂志》(The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry)上,这是一项对美国三个规模浩大的健康研究项目(共有43,599名男性和164,825名女性参加)进行的元分析。每四年,通过问卷形式对调查对象的咖啡因(来自茶、苏打和可口可乐等饮料)、咖啡和脱咖啡因咖啡的摄入情况进行评估。全部三项研究中,从咖啡中摄入的咖啡因占绝大多数,比例高达71%。Causes of death were tracked during the study period by reviewing death certificates; 277 deaths were the result of suicide.对于研究期间发生的死亡案例,研究人员会查看死亡明书以追踪死因;277例死亡源于自杀。The analysis showed that the risk of suicide among adults drinking 2-4 cups of coffee (the equivalent of about 400 mg of caffeine) a day was 50% less than the risk for adults who drank decaffeinated coffee or one cup or less of caffeinated coffee. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee didn’t drop the suicide risk lower.分析显示,每天饮用2-4杯咖啡(相当于约400毫克咖啡因)的成年人中,自杀的风险比饮用脱咖啡因咖啡或一杯以下含咖啡因咖啡的成年人低50%。每天饮用四杯以上咖啡并未进一步降低自杀风险。As with all correlative results, it’s worth noting that this analysis does not show causation between drinking coffee and lower suicide risk, and there’s nothing in this study to suggest that suddenly bumping up your caffeine intake will curb depression. It’s also worth noting that the three studies examined in this one were cohort studies, meaning they tracked multiple health risk factors across large groups over the course of several years, and it’s notoriously difficult to control for variables with this study design. Cohort study results aren’t very popular with statisticians.和所有具有相关性的结果一样,值得注意的是该分析并未显示出喝咖啡与自杀风险降低之间的因果关系,这项研究中也没有任何据显示突然大幅提高你的咖啡因摄入量可缓解抑郁症。同样值得注意的是,本研究中调查的三项研究均是群组研究,这表示这些研究是在几年的时间内,对大型组群的多个健康风险因素进行追踪,在这种研究设计中,要对多个变量进行控制会出奇的困难。统计学家并不经常采用群组研究的结果。Having said that, the neurochemistry behind the finding makes sense. As discussed in a previous article, caffeine acts as an expert mimic of a chemical called adenosine in the brain and other parts of the body. Adenosine is a sort of checks-and-balances chemical produced by neurons as they fire throughout the day; the more adenosine is produced, the more the nervous system ratchets down activity, until we eventually fall asleep and reboot the process.话虽如此说,但这一发现背后的神经化学分析还是有些意义的。咖啡因的作用类似于大脑和身体其他部位中存在的一种称为腺苷的化学物质。腺苷由神经元产生,起制约平衡的作用;产生的腺苷越多,神经系统的活跃性越低,直至我们最终睡去并重新焕发活力。By mimicking adenosine, caffeine blocks receptors in the nervous system from receiving the signals to decrease energy expenditure. When that happens, levels of the brain’s homegrown neuro-stimulants—dopamine and glutamate—increase, and we experience the brain stimulating effects associated with drinking a big cup of java.作用类似于腺苷,咖啡因阻隔了神经系统中的受体接收要降低能量消耗的信号。当这种情况发生时,大脑中的神经刺激物质——多巴胺和谷氨酸酯——的水平会上升,我们会体验到喝下一大杯爪哇咖啡后对大脑产生的刺激效果。Seen this way, coffee may act as a mild antidepressant — at least to an extent. Previous research has found similar correlations reinforcing the possibility that coffee–the most frequently ingested psychoactive substance in the world–can help alleviate depression.从这方面看,咖啡的作用可能像一种温和的抗抑郁剂,至少某种程度上是这样。之前的研究也发现了类似的相关性,进一步表明咖啡——这一世界上被最频繁摄取的精神活性物质——能够帮助缓解抑郁的可能性。All of this research, however, should be taken with an enormous caveat that the findings are anything but conclusive. And given the drawbacks of cohort studies, it’s possible that the latest study results are a “mirage” that wouldn’t hold true outside of this particular correlative fishbowl.然而,必须对这项研究审慎看待,该研究的结果决不是结论性的。鉴于群组研究的缺陷,这一最新研究结果很可能是个“幻像”,在这一特定研究之外,此种相关性很可能并不成立。 /201309/256738


  Boys are 14% more likely to be born premature than girls, and even at the same gestational age boys have a higher risk of death and complications because girls develop faster in the womb, new global research shows. #39;一项新的全球范围的研究发现,男孩的早产几率比女孩高14%,而且龄相同的情况下,男孩的死亡风险和出现并发症的危险也更高,因为女孩在子宫内发育的更快。 #39;The findings from six studies published Thursday in the journal Pediatric Research quantify for the first time what neonatologists have long observed. #39;《儿科研究》(Pediatric Research)杂志近日发表的六项研究的结果首次将新生儿学家长期观察到的现象进行量化。 #39;#39;Throughout development, girls are a little bit ahead of boys. Girls walk before boys, they talk before boys and it#39;s also true in utero,#39; said Joy Lawn, a neonatologist at the London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine and team leader of the studies. #39;伦敦卫生与热带医药学院(London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine)的新生儿学家、上述研究的团队领导者劳恩(Joy Lawn)说,在这个发育期,女孩都领先男孩一点,女孩比男孩更早会走路,比男孩更早会说话,而在母亲的子宫内情况也是如此。 #39;And for babies born before 37 weeks, which researchers call preterm, #39;being even a little bit more mature brings an advantage,#39; Dr. Lawn said. #39;劳恩说,对于怀37周之前出生的婴儿来说,就算多成熟那么一点点也是一个优势。研究人员将37周之前出生的婴儿称为早产儿。 #39;The research, funded through the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation, involved 50 researchers in 35 institutions. It found that despite progress in many countries, about 15 million babies are born preterm world-wide each year, out of around 135 million total births. #39;来自35家研究机构的50名研究人员参与了这项由比尔及梅林达#12539;盖茨基金会(Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation)提供资金的研究。研究发现,尽管很多国家都有进步,全球每年出生的1.35亿名婴儿中,仍有1,500万名婴儿早产。 #39;More than one million babies die due to prematurity, and an estimated three-quarters of those babies could have been saved with even modest interventions such as antibiotics. Babies born before 37 weeks are 10 times as likely to die in low-income countries than in high-income countries, the research found. #39;每年有逾100万名婴儿死于早产,而据估计,即便是最简单的干预(比如使用抗生素)也能令其中四分之三的婴儿获救。研究发现,相比之下,低收入国家的早产儿的死亡风险是高收入国家的早产儿的10倍。 #39;Disabilities related to prematurity, including blindness, cerebral palsy and brain damage linked to breathing problems, are responsible for nearly 10% of the global burden of disease all around the world, the studies found. #39;上述研究发现,与早产相关的残障,包括失明、脑性麻 以及呼吸问题相关的脑损伤,几乎占全球疾病总量的10%。 #39;For boy babies, addressing the higher risks they face is difficult because scientists are still trying to understand what makes them more vulnerable. #39;对男婴来说,应对他们面临的较高风险这一问题非常困难,因为科学家们仍在试图理解,是什么原因让他们比女婴更容易受到伤害。 #39;#39;Boys face a triple whammy,#39; said Dr. Lawn. #39;They are more likely to be born preterm, and if they are, they have a greater risk of death, disability or blindness. And even when they are full term, they have a higher risk of birth complications such as jaundice and infection.#39; #39;劳恩说,男孩面临着三重魔咒:他们更有可能早产,而且如果早产,死亡、残障或失明的风险更高;而且即便他们没有早产,出现黄疸和感染等并发症的风险也更高。 #39;Separate new research from Scandinavia suggests that women carrying boys have a higher rate of problems in the placenta -- the sacks that surrounds and nourishes fetuses, Dr. Lawn said. #39;劳恩说,斯堪的纳维亚地区进行的其他新研究表明,怀男胎的妇胎盘出现问题的可能性更高。胎盘包裹着胎儿,为胎儿提供营养。 #39;One theory is that some mothers mount an autoimmune response to male tissue, which creates inflammation in the placenta and compromises its ability to deliver oxygen and nutrition to the fetus, according to Marianne Legato, founder of the Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine in New York, who wasn#39;t involved in the new research. #39;纽约“性别特异性医学基金会”(Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine)的创始人莱加托(Marianne Legato)说,一种理论认为,一些母亲会针对男性组织启动自动免疫反应,这会刺激胎盘发炎,损害其向胎儿输送氧气和营养的能力。莱加托没有参与这项新研究。 #39;Male hormones known as androgens may also delay lung maturation. Two-thirds of fetuses with immature lung development are male, writes Dr. Legato in her 2008 book, #39;Why Men Die First.#39; #39;莱加托在她2008年出版的书《男人为什么先死》(Why Men Die First)中写道,雄激素也可能延缓肺的成熟过程。肺发育不成熟的胎儿有三分之二是男性。 #39;Nearly twice as many boy babies are conceived as girls, but they are much more likely to miscarry, and by birth, the ratio is roughly 105 boys to 100 girls. #39;在受阶段,男婴的数量差不多是女婴的两倍,但男婴的流产率要高得多,而到生产的时候,男女婴的比例大致是105 :100。 #39; Most boys do catch up, and in some societies girls are more likely to die after the first few months of life because they get less attention and medical care, the study authors note. #39;研究的作者们还指出,诚然,大多数男孩后来都会跟上,而且在某些社群中,女婴在出生后最初的几个月里死亡的可能性更高,因为女婴得到的照顾和医疗护理更少。 #39;That men eventually grow bigger and stronger than women #39;is probably evolutionary,#39; adds Dr. Legato. #39;The genes that create higher height and stronger muscle are favored in terms of survival.#39; #39;莱加托补充说,最终男性体型更大、更强壮这一事实可能是演化的结果,从存活的角度来说,能够导致更大体重、更强壮的肌肉的基因会被优先选择。 #39;The release of the new research, timed to coincide with World Prematurity Day on Sunday, is part of an effort by more than 50 organizations to combat premature birth. #39;这份新研究的发布时机正好赶在11月17日的世界早产日(World Prematurity Day)之前,是逾50个组织为了对抗早产儿进行的努力的一部分。 #39;In the meantime, says Edward McCabe, chief medical officer of the March of Dimes, #39;the key thing is to provide the best possible care-for boys and girls.#39; #39;慈善组织March of Dimes的首席医疗长麦凯布(Edward McCabe)说,与此同时,最关键的是尽可能提供最好的照料,不管是男孩还是女孩。 /201311/265698

  Koreas Hold Family Reunions Via Video Link数百名南北韩人星期二通过视频联线心情激动地和亲人团聚。这是南北韩和解的最新努力。参加团聚的人当中最年长的102岁韩国老人几十年来第一次看到了生活在北韩的儿子。1945年朝鲜半岛分裂造成数百万家庭离散。三天的视频团聚活动中,有120个家庭的865人将通过视频得以见面。南北韩计划5月在北韩金刚山恢复离散家庭面对面团聚。北韩今年2月同意了一项有关核问题的协议,此后南北韩本月恢复了会谈和交流。Hundreds of North and South Koreans held emotional family reunions through links Tuesday as part of renewed reconciliation efforts between the two countries. South Korea's oldest participant, who is 102-year-old , met his North Korean son for the first time in decades. Millions of families were separated by the division of the Korean peninsula in 1945.Three days of reunions are being held for 865 people from 120 families. The two Koreas plan to resume face-to-face reunions in May at North Korea's Mount Kumgang.North and South Korea resumed talks and exchanges this month after Pyongyang agreed in February to go forward with a nuclear deal.北爱尔兰对立派系领袖达权力分享协议 Northern Ireland's Rival Leaders Reach Deal on Sharing Power北爱尔兰新教和天主教政治领导人宣布了一项今年5月8号组建权力分享政府的协议。星期一在贝尔法斯特宣布这项突破性协议之前, 强硬派的新教领导人佩斯里和天主教新芬党领袖亚当斯举行了首次面对面的谈判。这对宿敌过去一直通过第三方进行谈判,他们这次在英国为组建政府而制订的最后期限结束前仅数小时举行了会晤。他们在宣布这项协议时并排坐在一起。80岁的佩斯里说,“过去特定环境下的发生恐怖和悲剧”不能阻碍“为我们的后代建立一个更好、更稳定的未来”。爱尔兰共和军政治党亚当斯说,协议“标志着新世代的开始”。英国首相布莱尔在伦敦赞扬这个协议。他说:“我们过去10年来做的一切努力都是为了这一刻的到来。”Protestant and Catholic political leaders in Northern Ireland have announced a deal to form a power-sharing government on May eighth.The breakthrough, announced Monday in Belfast, came after the first face-to-face talks between hardline Protestant leader Ian Paisley and Catholic Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.The bitter foes, who previously negotiated through third parties, met just hours ahead of a British deadline for the formation of a government. They sat side-by-side in announcing the deal.The 80-year-old Paisley said the "justified horrors and tragedies of the past" must not become "a barrier to a better and more stable future for our children."Adams, who heads the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, said the deal "marks the beginning of a new era."In London, British Prime Minister Tony Blair hailed the pact, saying "everything we have done for the past 10 years has been in preparation for this moment."韩国将封锁更多外国色情网站 South Korea to Block More Foreign Pornographic Web Sites韩国政府表示, 将在5月前再封锁180家外国色情网站,打击色情门户网站。韩国信息和通讯部说,这次行动的目的是封锁那些含有未成年人可以进入的具有淫秽内容的网站。首尔目前正在加大打击网上色情的力度,因为最近韩国的一些主要网站贴出了具有明显色情内容的录像。这些片段被删除前已经成为观看人数最多的录像片段。韩国信息和通讯部星期一还表示, 将加强昼夜滤除网上色情内容的行动小组的力量。韩国的高速上网非常普及,大部份人口经常使用电脑和其他电子通讯装置。South Korea's government says it will block an additional 180 foreign pornographic Web sites by May as part of a campaign against local Internet portals with sexual content. South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communications says the move is aimed at eliminating access to Web sites containing obscene material that could be viewed by minors.Seoul is stepping up its crackdown on Internet pornography after sexually-explicit clips were recently posted onto major South Korean portals. The clips became the most widely-viewed s in South Korea for several hours before they were deleted. The South Korean ministry also said Monday it will strengthen a task force that filters out pornographic Internet material around the clock. South Korea has widesp high-speed Internet access and a large percentage of the population uses computers and other electronic communications devices regularly. /200803/32945One of the Queen’s swans was apparently barbecued and left on a river bank near Windsor Castle, an animal charity has said.一家动物慈善机构称,有人把女王的一只天鹅烧烤了,还把残余物留在了温莎城堡的河岸上。Wendy Hermon, 46, of the charity Swan Lifeline which cares for sick and injured birds, said she discovered the #39;sickening#39; scene on Sunday afternoon.46岁的温迪·赫尔蒙来自“天鹅生命线”慈善机构,专门负责照顾生病和受伤的鸟类。她说这令人作呕的一幕就发生在周日下午。#39;It was just a carcass, it was all burnt. We could see that whoever did this had taken the breast out,#39; she said. #39;It was done neatly, presumably to get at the meat. They had skinned it as well and possibly barbecued it there, on a disposable barbecue.她说道:“这里只剩一具残骸,其余全被烧光了。我们可以看到干这事的人把天鹅开膛破肚,大概是为了吃肉,把里面掏得干干净净。那些人还扒了天鹅的皮,用一次性烧烤器具将这只鸟儿就地烤熟。”We have no idea how it was killed, it could have been shot or beaten. How can someone do that and leave it where they did? I would have been devastated if I had been walking along there with my little boy and he had seen that. It just sickens me that there are people out there that do things like that.#39;“我们不知道天鹅是怎么死的,有可能是被射中,也有可能是被打死的。怎么会有人做得出这种事,还把它留在了那里?幸好我没有带着我儿子来这里散步,要是他看见这一场景,我真不知道该怎么办。竟然有人能做出这种事,真让我觉得恶心。”The charity worker said she was called to the river bank by a council warden who discovered the swan’s remains on Sunday.这位慈善机构工作者说,周日她接到议会看守人的电话,说他在河边发现了天鹅尸体,让她赶快过来。The bird is believed to have been killed on Saturday evening.天鹅应该是在周六晚上就被残害了。All wild mute swans in Britain are considered to be the property of the Crown and it is an offence to kill one.英国所有的野生疣鼻天鹅都被认为是王室的财产,杀死它们是一种大不敬的行为。A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: #39;Thames Valley Police is investigating a theft following a report at 12.38pm on August 18 by a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council warden who had found a swan. The swan had been killed and burnt.#39;泰晤士河谷警方发言人说:“泰晤士河谷警察局在8月18日夜里12:38分接到温莎-梅登黑德皇家自治市镇一个看守人的报案,说他发现一具被杀死烧焦的天鹅尸体,目前警方正在调查此事。”Killing or injuring a swan used to be classed as treason under a law dating back to the 12th century when the Crown claimed ownership of the birds.如果是在12世纪,皇室是这些鸟儿的拥有者,屠杀和伤害天鹅会被归类为叛国罪。Centuries ago, their meat was considered a delicacy and was served at banquets. Swans now have statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.几个世纪以前,人们认为天鹅肉很美味,在宴会上通常会有这道菜。但自1981年《野生动物和乡村法》颁布后,天鹅被列为保护动物。 /201308/254475

  We'll offer some informations about the Christmas Traditions, Significance of Christmas, Christmas Family Traditions in other coutries of the world.   瑞士   Beautifully dressed small kids visit homes with beautiful gifts a week before Christmas day. Ringing of bell is become a custom. Villagers of distinct villages compete while calling people for midnight mass by ringing the bell. After midnight mass, homemade doughnuts are shared among family members.  On 6th December, Chlausjagen festival or feast of St. Nichohlas is celebrated. A Swiss person eagerly awaits the arrival of Christkindli. He distributes Christmas gifts among people. There is one special fairy tale tram in Zurich. Santa visits on this tram along with little children.  澳大利亚  The traditional meal in Australia during Christmas celebrations is the turkey dinner, pork and ham. Christmas plum pudding is one of the famous Christmas desserts. Sometimes gold nuggets are also present in Christmas puddings during Christmas gold rushes.  Bondi Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is one of the famous hang out for thousands of visitors during Christmas celebrations.  Christmas Eve in Australia is known for celebrating Carols by Candlelight. During Christmas celebrations, thousands of people surround them with Christmas Bush. Christmas Bush is a native Christmas native plant with red flowered leaves.  日本  Although, a few percentage of Japanese population believe in Christ, still people love to decorate their home and stores with Christmas trees. Exchanging of Christmas gifts is an important Christmas tradition in Japan. Hotei-osho acts as Santa Claus during Christmas celebrations. He is a Buddhist monk.  In Japan, Christmas is celebrated by doing nice things, such as helping needy or sick people in hospitals. Christian missionaries mark the arrival of Christmas celebrations. Turkey is one of the famous Christmas recipes in Japan.  智利  Little clayed figures are placed near the Christmas tree in Chile. This is referred as pesebre. Father of Christmas in Chile is Viejito Pascuero. He wishes everyone Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Anc Nuevo or Happy Christmas.  His arrival is quite similar to Santa Claus. The reindeer draws his cab. Famous Christmas meal of Chile areb azuele de ave, chicken soup wijt stuffed potatoes, corn on cob and onions. Pan de pasqua is another mouth-watering Christmas recipes. it is usually Christmas b comprised of candies and fruits.  奥地利  Christmas celebrations start with the feast of St. Nicholas. Saint is accompanied with a devil. He asks small children about their good and bad actions. Toys, sweets and nuts are gifted to good children. Brass instruments are used for playing chorale music. Carol singers visit house to house with blazing torches and manger. They assemble on the steps of church.  In the year 1818, song Silent Night was sung first time. It was sung in the village church located in Oberndorf. Traditional Christmas dinner of Austria is baked carp. Good children are rewarded with nuts, apples and sweets by St. Nicholas on 6th December. St. Nicholas is also known as Heiliger Nikolaus.   丹麦  On Christmas Eve, dinner starts with rice pudding. This rice pudding is comprised of a magical almond.  Christmas recipe in Denmark also comprised of goose, red cabbage and browned potatoes, along with pastries and cakes.  Christmas plate is one of the world famous Danish traditions. During earlier times, rich Dans used to gift plates biscuits and fruits to their servants.  Christmas decoration plays significant role during Christmas celebrations. People decorate their houses with bright paper, wooden bits and straw.   Parents usually decorate Christmas trees in a secret manner. Children are not allowed to see Christmas tree.  Christmas tree is beautifully lit up and family members assemble around it on Christmas Eve. All of them sing Christmas carols and dance. /200803/29064



  People in tropical countries are enjoying the heat of the sun, the opportunity to do outdoor activities, travel, and of course everyone#39;s favorite, swimming.热带地区的人享受着阳光的热量,热爱户外运动,热爱旅游,当然还有每个人最爱的游泳。Summer is more felt in those locations, and there are increased number of patrons going to beaches, hotel resorts, private pools, and other places where they could enjoy the invigorating and refreshing feeling of water.这些地区的夏日气息特别强烈,而且还有持续增长的游客来到这里的海滩,假日酒店,私人游泳池以及其他一些可以给人们神清气爽和享受感觉的水的地方。Hence, whether it#39;s summer or not, here are the top 10 health benefits of swimming that you should bear in mind to keep yourself up, energetic, and active.因此,无论是不是夏天,接下来讲的游泳的十大益处你可以牢记于心来鼓舞你自己,让自己积极向上,让自己变得更加充满活力。10. Improves appetite control10. 加强对饮食的控制You don#39;t need to deprive yourself too much just to stop your cravings for food.你不需要过分剥夺自己的权利,你只需要停止你对食物的渴望。Spending regular time each day to swim for an hour or two, would make you feel that your appetite decreases.每天有规律的花上一两个小时游泳,你将会发现你的食欲有所下降。Thus, it helps you to have more control as to how much food you will take in, and when is the appropriate time to eat.因为,游泳帮助你更好的控制你自己的饮食量以及最佳饮食时间。This is an ideal way of doing or practicing a balanced diet without feeling the need to lose weight.这是一个在不需要减肥的情况下养成规律的饮食习惯的好方式。9. It keeps your respiratory tract healthy9. 保持呼吸道健康According to studies, regular swimming boosts up the oxygenation process in bronchi, and lungs that results to an increased capacity of the respiratory system, which people normally gets when they do typical exercises like jogging, walking, and other physical movements.研究表明,经常游泳能增强呼吸道和肺的氧化过程,这将有助于增加呼吸道的容量,人们通常通过做一些典型的运动,比如,慢跑,散步和一些其他身体上的运动来得到这种氧化过程。Of course, you also need to ask for a physician#39;s advice if you have a current respiratory disease or condition that may complicate when you swim.当然,如果目前你身体上存在呼吸道的疾病及问题,你就需要问下医生这种情况下游泳会不会使情况变的更糟。8. It controls blood pressure8. 控制血压Instead of having a regular maintenance of medicines, why don#39;t you opt for free, safe, and easy way of controlling your blood pressure without causing too much cut from your pocket.你为什么不选择用一些花钱少而又自由,安全和简单的方式而不是靠定期的药物来保护身体来控制你的血压呢?According to several studies conducted by health experts, people over 40 and up have experienced great improvement in the systolic blood pressure after two weeks of regular swimming activities.根据一些健康专家的研究表明,超过四十岁的人们在经过两周有规律的游泳后大大的改善了收缩压的情况。It improves the function of the blood vessels that results to a decreased pressure in pumping blood.它提高了血管的功能从而降低了其输送血液的压力。7. It Shapes Body7. 塑造身材Whether you are in shape or not, swimming is a relaxing way of being and getting fit.无论你的身材好与不好,游泳是一种很轻松的塑造身材的方式。The process of doing it regularly will not just assist you in achieving the figure that you want, but you are also creating the habit of focusing to get the size that you want.定期锻炼不仅仅能让你专注于你想要得到的曲线,更让你产生了想得到这种曲线的习惯。Because you enjoy every moment of it, you are not in the pressure of getting to the point of having muscles, and refining other flaws that you might see in the curves or forms of your body.因为每一刻你都在享受,你并没有处于压力的状态下锻炼肌肉或者刻意地改善一些其他的缺点,也许在不经意间你就能看到自己的曲线了。6. It Burns Fat6. 燃烧脂肪All forms of exercise are effective good ways to lose weight and burn unnecessary fats.任何形式的运动都是燃烧不必要的脂肪和减肥的有效的好方法。However, swimming does everything the moment that you jump in to the pool and start doing different strokes; all parts of the body are also moving.但是,游泳的时候能帮助你全身都得到锻炼,当你跳进游泳池并且开始做不同的拍打动作的时候,你的全身上下都在动!You may not be able to see the kind of sweat that you#39;ll get when you walk, jog, and even bike, but swimming firms the muscles of your body, burns calories, and even boosts up the metabolic process that is necessary to burn fat.当你散步,慢跑,甚至是骑自行车的时候,你也许看不到身上的汗水,但是游泳能塑造你身体上的肌肉,燃烧卡路里甚至增强新陈代谢,这些必然会燃烧脂肪。5. It Gives Healthier Skin5. 打造更健康的肌肤Aside from water intake, swimming does the job of making your skin soft, younger, and healthier.除了水分的吸收,游泳这项工作会让你的皮肤更加柔软,年轻和健康。This is another form of exercise where it boosts up the pumping of blood that automatically results to a healthy skin color.这也是增强血液运输的另一种形式的锻炼,这往往会让我们的皮肤变成健康的肤色。Don#39;t forget to apply sun screen protection, especially if you are in tropical countries where sun is at its peak, where it can leave harmful effects not just on the skin, but within the skin too.别忘了用防晒霜来保护自己的皮肤,尤其在一些热带国家,当太阳达到顶峰的时候,将不仅仅对皮肤表层更会对皮肤里层造成有害的影响。4. It Reduces Muscle Tension4. 缓解肌肉紧张As swimming improves the blood flow in your body, it also relaxes the muscles that frees up the tension that the muscles feel.游泳不但能增强身体的血液循环,它还能放松肌肉从而缓解肌肉的紧张感。Since this involves physical exertion, it is expected to see and experience this healthy result in your body.由于这个涉及到物理运动,你最好亲身体验这种健康效果。Hence, make sure that you do it correctly so you won#39;t feel any negative or stressful effect in your body, especially if you have done it in an excessive amount of time.你要确保自己做对了特别是当你在这上面花费了很多的时间的时候,这样你的身体才不会因此感觉到任何的负担和压力。More so doing the right strokes will help you avoid any injury or pain as you consult any professional trainer or swimming coach.而且,如果你请了专业的培训师或者教练的话,正确的拍打姿势将会帮助你避免任何伤害和痛苦。3. Keep Away Stresses in Life3.远离生活中的压力According to surveys, there are 74% of people who have shared that the stresses and tensions that they have felt before they started to swim have greatly reduced, and in fact, some of them did not feel the pressure that life gives them whether the sources are from work, family, and other aspects of life when they find themselves in the water.根据调查显示,74%的人在游泳前都感觉到了压力和紧张感,但是当他们开始游泳的时候这种感觉会大大的减少。事实上,很多人在水里的时候根本就感觉不到来自生活上的无论是工作,家庭抑或是其他方面的压力。Moreover, it also relaxes their mind that creates positive feelings and impressions that make them forget any concerns and challenges that bother them.此外,游泳还可以放松他们的大脑,创造一些积极向上的感觉从而让我们忘记任何烦扰他们的忧虑和挑战。It does not matter if you are doing it for fun or if it#39;s a regular physical work out, but it invites positivity and increases self-confidence.无论你是出于对它的爱好还是为了做有规律的身体锻炼,这都不重要,但是它融入了积极性,提升自信心。2. It#39;s Free Most of the Time2. 免费的Whether you are swimming in the pond, lake, bathtub at home, and other public resorts or beaches, most of them are free.无论你是在池塘,湖泊, 家里的浴缸,公共的度假村或是海滩边游泳,大部分都是免费的。You don#39;t need to spend too much.你不用花很多钱。Of course, if you want other amenities, you have to spend extra money for it.当然,如果你想要其他的,你就要付额外的钱。Nonetheless, it#39;s still a cost effective way of enjoying, at the same time, you free yourself from worries about how much would you have to pay after.尽管如此,它还是一项值得消费的享受方式,与此同时,它还能让你远离一些日后不知道要花费多少的担忧。1. Its Enjoyable1.令人享受的Pleasure is the number one benefit that one gets from swimming.游泳的最好好处就是享受快乐。Playing with water makes you feel young, and it washes away all the negative feelings that you have.和水嬉戏不但能让你感觉年轻,还能冲掉你身上所有负面的情绪。It automatically cools down your mind, and all other parts of your body.它能自然而然的让你头脑和身体的其他部位都冷静下来。In fact, even if you have not yet thrown yourself to the pool or to the water, you#39;ll aly feel the different kind of excitement and happiness that affects your mood.事实上,即使你还没有下游泳池或者下水,你就能够感觉到它在影响着你的情绪,给你带来了不同的兴奋和幸福感。In return, you also reciprocate that positive emotion to the people around you.作为回报,你也能将这种积极的情绪传给你身边的其他人。This is a proactive way of releasing your anger, problems, and fears.这是一个积极主动的释放你的愤怒,问题和恐惧的方式。There is something in water that drowns away all your troubles, even the greatest anxieties in your life.水里面总有些东西能将你所有的麻烦甚至是你生命中最大的焦虑淹没和冲走。 /201305/240238



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