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拉萨市纹眉纹绣的地方广安做韩式眉毛多少钱Foreign Backpackers Flock to Australia to Escape Global Recession更多外国人申请到澳大利亚工作 Officials in Australia say more young foreigners looking to escape recession in other parts of the world could be heading for the country this year on working holidays. The number of skilled travelers from Britain and Germany applying for working holiday visas is up sharply from last year. 澳大利亚官员表示,由于全球经济减缓,今年申请到澳大利亚临时工作的外国旅游者的人数出现上升。从英国和德国申请到澳大利亚工作的人数比去年增加了许多。Australia has always been a backpacker's delight, a vast island that's relatively inexpensive and safe that offers them the chance to work for up to two years. While the country has not avoided the global credit meltdown, Australia is increasingly becoming a haven for young foreign travelers looking to strengthen their resumes and escape economic problems back home. 澳大利亚一直是年轻的旅游者喜欢去的地方:四面环海、东西相对便宜、安全、而且旅游者可以申请工作两年。虽然澳大利亚也没能逃过这次全球金融危机,但是相对来说,很多外国旅游者都认为这里的情况比他们本国要好得多。Applications from British and German travelers for working holiday visas are up by 20 percent. 今年从英国和德国来澳大利亚申请临时工作的人数比去年增加了20%。A 21-year-old backpacker from England who identified herself only as Rachel, says she is looking for work in Sydney but is concerned about those she has left behind. 瑞切尔是来自英国的一位年仅21岁的旅游者。她说,自己到悉尼来想找工作,但是对家里的人又放心不下。"Speaking to people and friends back home there is always the constant worry that they are going to be made redundant, she said. "I am also trying to decide whether to stay here for a year rather than three months that I initially planned to because I just do not see that there is that many prospects back at home."  她说:“每每跟家人和朋友谈起来,总是担心,怕他们不知什么时候就会被炒鱿鱼。我最初只是想在这儿呆三个月,但是现在在考虑是否要呆上一年;因为回去的话实在是看不到什么就业前景。”Australia's economy is declining, and with unemployment rising, finding a job is likely to be increasingly difficult for international backpackers. 澳大利亚本身的经济也在下滑,失业率也在上升,对那些想找工作的外国人来说,困难相对有所增多。Patricia Forsyth from the Sydney Chamber of Commerce says young travelers will have to be patient.  悉尼商会的福尔赛思女士说,那些想在这儿找到工作的游客要有耐心才行。"I cannot pretend that it will be easy for people to be able to get jobs but I think you would need to come in prepared to hunt for work," said Forsyth. "It is not going to be on a plate and handed to you as it might have been 12 months or more ago." 她说,“要说人们一来这儿就能找到工作,那是不真实的;那些想要找到工作的人要做好四处申请的准备。现在情况变了,不像从前那样工作机会似乎比比皆是。”Australia's working holiday scheme is open to travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 from a range of countries, including Canada, Britain, Sweden and South Korea. 澳大利亚对旅游者开放的就业机会专门给那些年龄在18到30岁、来自加拿大、英国、瑞典和韩国等国的旅游者。Work permits are valid for 12 months but can be extended up to two years if participants agree to work on a farm - an attempt to help Australia's agricultural sector which often has trouble finding enough laborers. 旅游工作签一般12月内有效,但是如果申请人同意到澳大利亚农场去工作,签可以延长到两年,因为澳大利亚农业领域的人力往往不足。04/68150绵阳做立体绣眉多少钱 Iraqi Parliament Delays Vote to Extend Presence of Non-US Forces伊议会推迟就延长非美军留驻表决 A dispute in Iraq's parliament has forced a delay in the approval of a resolution that would allow non-U.S. troops to remain in the country after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of this month. 伊拉克议会内发生的争论迫使议会推迟对一项决议案的表决。这项决议案将允许非美军部队在本月底联合国授权到期之后继续留在伊拉克。Iraqi politicians have been predicting that parliament would approve a measure to allow non-U.S. troops to legally remain in the country until July of next year. But the Speaker of Iraq's Parliament, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, suspended the legislative session after a number of deputies called for his resignation. 伊拉克的政界人士预计,伊拉克会议将批准一项议案,允许非美军部队在明年底之前合法的留在伊拉克。但是伊拉克议会议长马什哈达尼在一些代表呼吁他辞职后终止了议会议程。Al Mashhadani had threatened to resign his post last week during heated debate over the fate of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George Bush. He angered a number of lawmakers, who say he insulted them and should now keep his promise to resign. It is not now clear when the parliament will meet again, but failure to approve an extension of the troop agreement would leave non-U.S. troops without a legal framework to remain in Iraq beyond December 31, when the U.N. mandate expires.  目前还不清楚议会将于什么时候复会,但是如果伊拉克议会不能批准延长驻军协议,非美军部队在12月31日以后就无法在合法框架下留在伊拉克。联合国的有关授权在12月31日期满。The last-minute impasse came after the Iraqi parliament was reported to have reached a compromise Sunday, transforming a draft law into a parliamentary resolution that would require only a simple majority to pass. 据报导,在出现这最后的僵局之前,伊拉克议会星期天已经达成了一项妥协,将一项法律草案变为议会的决议案。这项决议案仅需要议会的简单多数就能通过。Hanin Mahmood, who sits on the Iraqi parliament's foreign relations committee, insists that some solution must be reached quickly to prevent foreign troops from going into a legal limbo. 伊拉克议会外交委员会委员马哈茂德坚持认为,为了防止一些外国军队陷入不能合法留在伊拉克的局面,某种决议必须尽快达成。She says that it is important that parliament gets this resolution passed so that there is no legal or security void for those troops remaining on Iraqi soil. The agreement concerns mainly British and Australian forces in Iraq. A number of other countries, including Estonia, Romania, El Salvador and Ukraine have troops in Iraq, as well. 她说,议会通过有关决议案,至关重要,因为这样才不会使驻伊拉克军队在法律和安全方面出现真空。这项协议主要事关在伊拉克的英国和澳大利亚军队,以及萨尔瓦多、爱沙尼亚、罗马尼亚和乌克兰的军队。Britain's Defense Minister contends that there are "contingency plans," but a "proper agreement" must be reached. 英国国防大臣声称,还有一些应急计划,但是必须要达成“一个合适的协议”。Parliament member Abbas Bayati of the ed Iraqi Alliance party says several solutions are being contemplated to end the current stalemate. “伊拉克团结联盟”党的议员巴亚提说,为了结束目前的僵局,正在仔细考虑一些解决办法。He says parliamentarians are facing three choices: either to rely on the original draft law, once again -or sign bi-lateral agreements with each of the countries involved, and to do this before the end of the year -or to have parliament allow the government to make agreements with British, Ukrainian and Georgian forces to prepare for their withdrawal within six months. 他说,议员们面临三种选择:要么重新依赖原有的法律草案,或者同每一个有关国家再签署一个双边协议,并在年底之前完成协议的签署;要么议会授权政府同英国、乌克兰、格鲁吉亚军队签署协议,为他们在6个月后撤军作准备。The ed States and Iraq have aly concluded a new security pact that allows U.S. troops to remain in the country. 美国和伊拉克已经签署了一项新的安全协议,允许美军继续驻扎在伊拉克。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Iraq ast week and announced his forces would withdraw from their positions in southern Iraq by the end of July . 英国首相布朗上星期访问了伊拉克。他宣布,英军将在年7月底之前撤离伊拉克南部。200812/59495Economic Downturn Hits Charities Just about every sector of the economy and every household has been hit by the global economic downturn. But spare a thought for those who rely on charity to get by. The squeeze has spelt disaster for them too. Sara Merchant has more. Just when some people are most in need, others have less to give. In these lean times, greater numbers are relying on charity. But donations are getting harder to raise. Judy Nord hopes her card-making will some day raise money for charity. Her cancer diagnosis forced her to give up paid work. And when she’s not receiving treatment in hospital, she is at home, often worrying about how to survive on benefits of less than 60 pounds a week. The cost of living has risen sharply. And for the first time in her life, she is dependent on help from family and from charity. I saw a lot of people out there that really really do need that support. I wouldn’t have this roof over my head still, that, you know, that would have been gone, cause I just wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage. I wouldn’t be able to afford the bills or anything. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’ll be. Charities are being squeezed in two ways-- demand for their services has increased by 72% in the last twelve months, but almost a third have suffered falls in donations. That means many charities are having to cut costs by making staff redundant. Gee, for the governments are bailing out the banks who have caused this problem, they need to think about the victims of recession and our work and therefore a financial package to support our work with the victims of recession is important. Corporate donations from the city are dwindling, and falling property prices mean the value of legacies is diminishing. It means there’s more pressure on individuals to be generous. Charity begins at home, I think, at the moment. (I think we will.)If we could afford it, we would donate it. I think I would volunteer as well in different ways than probably just giving money. I still give. You know, I give every month through like on direct debit, so now I don't get it affect me much at all. As tougher times threaten, charities just can’t afford to keep losing.Sara Merchant Sky News.参考中文翻译:经济体中的每一个部门和每一个家庭都受到经济低迷的冲击。但是想一下那些依靠慈善救济来生存的人。经济危机对他们也造成了巨大的灾难。Sara Merchant来报道详细内容。当一些人最需要帮助的时候,其他人却没有什么可以给予的。在这个困难的时候,更多的人需要救济,却更难得到捐赠。Judy Nord希望有一天她能够募集到慈善资金。她身患癌症,不得不放弃带薪工作。不在医院接受治疗的时候,她待在家里,一直担心依靠每周60英镑怎么生存。生活成本急剧上升。在她生命中第一次,她要依靠家庭和慈善救济的帮助。我看到许多人真的非常非常需要帮助。我也已经没有房子住了,你知道,房子会被收回的,因为我无力付抵押贷款。我没钱付账单和任何东西。我不知道,我不知道我今后该怎么办。慈善机构两天之内就变得资金薄弱,对慈善救济的需求在过去的12个月里增加了72%,但是几乎三分之一的慈善机构受到的捐赠减少。这意味着许多慈善机构要通过减少员工来削减成本。现在政府在拯救那些导致这些问题的,但是他们也需要考虑一下经济萧条的受害者,考虑一下我们的工作,然后出台一套财政方案来持经济萧条的受害者,这是非常重要的。该城市公司的捐赠减少,下降的财产价格意味这遗产的价值缩水。这导致个人面对这更大的压力,很难慷慨起来。我认为,目前救济要从家庭内部开始。(我认为我们会的。)如果我们能可以付的起,我们会捐赠的。我认为我会通过各种不同的途径来帮助别人,而不一定只是给钱。我现在仍然会捐赠。你知道,每个月我都直接通过借记卡捐钱,所以现在根本不会影响到我。随着形势更加严峻,慈善救济款越来越少。200812/57700达州激光脱毛和雾眉多少钱

平凉做韩式定妆眉毛多少钱This morning on Today's Tech, "Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? ". Well, according to a new survey released by the Oxygen Network - Say goodbye to jewelry and hello to technology. In fact, 77% of women said that they would prefer a new plasma TV over that diamond solitaire necklace. An AOL's consumer advisor, Regina Lewis knows what women really want. Regina, is that really true that women want tech over diamonds? I don't think we have to… Diamonds we have to swear off diamonds any time soon (No). I think what that survey reflects in the results is that generally when you get something and you use it a lot, you are glad you got it. And the reality is we are using the stuff all day, every day. And it's making our lives easier. (Exactly) You know sometimes it's harder, depending on the technology. But tell me about this survey; it also says that, you know, electronics, of course, are becoming more appealing for their functionality. Right, it's interesting. When you ask men, men wanna know what does a gadget do, women wanna know what does it do for me. But not all women are alike and they are not in the same stage in their technology savvyness, so they're usually falling to 3 groups. The first would be Mrs. Doubtwire. So now who are they, and what kind of technology they are looking for? Well, Mrs. Doubtwire, a little slow to the games, still a little hesitant, it's a lot of people, probably now doing the email thing. ((Hold her kids at home) ) Yeah, doing the email thing, doing the google thing, if you are doing one of the things, it's digital photography. Women are the memory keepers; they actually became the biggest buyers of digital cameras in 2004 and remain so. (got a lot of) And now you are starting to see the feminine sensibility, (new cameras) yeah in the color, these are the latest greatest models for Sony CyberShot, pink, and you know (all designed for women in nice colors ) yeah, but it's great pictures, big viewing screen and then you know, you, you are not, like who's got a camera. You are lugging around the thing or you have a disposable one, so size and weight really matters. Put it in the purse (exactly) exactly, very easy to carry, all right, so the Mrs. Doubtwire is going for something like this. What about the prag, pragmatics, (Yes) or, prag, pragmatechs, pragmatechs Pragmatechs, it's the biggest group and it's women who say: Listen, I just need it to work, but you know what, if you throw in a little style I'll take it and when you mentioned. . . That's, 76% of the women you surveyed say they wanted to really work with that. Yeah, to the tune of 65 million dollars in technology purchases, so if you are a technology company, that's too big a number to ignore and that's why you're gonna start to see advertising towards women, and then products like this (right), you just scream, you gotta have this, (wow) so this was debuting on the show today. I have this computer, but mine is not as wild as that. Exactly, well this is the new Sony VAIO, you probably have a black or silver one (right).It has been the case for years now. They are only gonna make 500 of these limited edition and come out later this summer (Very cool) at Sonystyle.com, but a perfect example, does everything your laptop does. For when you want it, it's like shopping for a purse now. Yes, cool, excellent, it looks great too. (Yeah) Now I mean, as a mum, you're always like taking movie s of your kids, it's really hard technology though. But these are ways that can simplify your life. Absolutely, in fact, this one simplifies your life cos it's the same computer you have but you can put it in your purse. (Hmm umm) Right? The weight thing, (Oh my God, that's fantastic) if you carry around a laptop, the novelty wears off, right? Coz they're heavy. This, you are right, you bring home the s and then you get lost in cords. Who's got the right cord? You're behind the TV in the snake pit. Now...Impossible to try to play anything you've got, right? Yeah, exactly, so we just took the , we pop up the mini DVD, this plays in any DVD player, one step, one step always wins, that's what a pragmatech likes . Very neat. OK, actually. $ 500. Alright, but of course there's that woman still that always wants to have a little bit of blink in her life. It's more than a little blink, more The tech in the city, girl. Tech in the city. They like to techessorize. This Techessorize. That's 15% of women that you surveyed (Yeah) really like to have not only the, the function but also the fashion behind the technology. Yeah, it's a statement for that, and be steal my heart, and this is the new T3, (my gosh, look at this) all in one, this, there is nothing this guy doesn't do. Oh, Geez. Email, instant messaging, surf the web and thanks to NYCPeach.com, (right) it's got Swarovski crystal diamonds. We get the idea now, what about that (7, 000 bucks) speaking of crystals and diamonds, look at that television. Flat screen TV, we've mentioned that, come way down to a price, 1800 bucks. The price doesn't matter, 10, 000 dollars (10, 000 dollar) for also, (you can get all the blink you want for that) and you know what? Coz it looks good even when it's off, so it becomes an art form. Absolutely, well, Regina Lewis, it's great, thanks so much. You are welcome200810/52593成都市绣眉好还是植眉好 China uses web to find loved onesWith thousands of people still unaccounted for after the earthquake, Chinese people are turning to the internet in a desperate bid to find loved onesSurvivors pulled from the rubble of the China earthquake have begun describing their dful ordeal and the other voices are also emerging on the Internet. Many are searching desperately for relatives and friends, hoping someone else on the message boards has news of them. Others trapped in the earthquake zone are appealing for help via their mobile phones. Once the images would have been censored in the information holdback, but today Chinese are watching this horrifying story unfold. Many bypassing government sources are turning to the Internet communities for answers and for action. One says, Mum, are you ok? After the earthquake I have not been able to get in touch with you by phone. It's May 13, your phone seems to work, but no one answers. I don't know whether you're ok. I'm really concerned about you.Another posts an image of his relative's car in an effort to track him down. Later adding his thanks, saying he's been in contact. A soldier awaiting orders to join the rescue effort in Wenchuan says his pregnant wife has told him she's starving, without food or water, in Jiangyou. "Why doesn't the television report the situation in Jiangyou? I'm willing to devote all of my energy to save the people from my hometown. But there's nobody to save my wife. Please, everyone. Her name is Wang Zhou. She's a teacher. Please help, everyone."Another has heard of a group of minors, safe, but again without food in Qingpin. They could die if they have to wait too long. Please help to sp this message to let everybody know because this message could save the lives of a thousand people. And there are messages direct from the disaster zone. One man trapped near Wenchuan lists all the landmarks he's passed in a text message to a friend to help rescuers find him. These places haven't got any signs. But there are so many people waiting to be rescued. Please forward this message for me so people can send a rescue team to us. Please, quick!So are the messages from the Internet. We're joined now by Doctor Yi Lu from Nottingham University's China Policy Institute. Yi Lu, what is without precedent, despite the horribleness, is that we are seeing more of something happening in China that we've ever seen in history? Yes, I think so far Chinese people are generally happy with the Chinese government's response. People feel that the government responded to this major disaster very swiftly and they mobilized a large resources and also people feel that this time the medium has been very open in reporting all aspects of the disaster.Yeah, there was some sort of new act that came in that I think May 1, demanding more transparency, perhaps to coincide with the Olympics. Has that played a part? I think that has definitely played a part. This new regulation which became effective on May 1, basically it's about government transparency and government has the obligation to disclose the information. So people see this as really a test to see how well the government is going to implement this new regulation. In fact in commentaries in Chinese media, many people are all sublinking this media coverage to the regulation and saying they seem to be doing well so far. To what extent are their questions beginning to come for around China about how well the cities were built? I was watching sort of Chinese media coverage and ing article online just earlier. And I saw people have aly raised these issues, for example, we know that some school buildings collapsed and many children who were in class at that time were trapped underneath. So I saw an article sort of questioning whether the government buildings, maybe they're of higher quality. So if that's a case, then that'll tell you something. Well that in itself is quite extraordinary, isn't it? That's sort of criticism should aly be surfacing? Yes, although I think at the moment the mainstream voice is still of supporting the efforts to help the victims and also praising the government effort in general. You also hear some of these voices questioning, er, you know, whether, for example beforehand whether they could have done better in terms of forecasting this disaster and also as I said raising this issue of building quality. So I think at the moment also the voices do get heard. Doctor Lu, thank you very much indeed for joining us from Nottingham University.200811/55511伊犁哈萨克伊宁市做纹唇多少钱

成都/地区做纹绣整形多少钱Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674 U.S. President Barack Obama says to support economic growth, the government has to be willing to cut spending. He says lawmakers should lead by cutting back federal spending on local projects.美国总统奥巴马表示,为了持经济增长,政府必须缩减开。他说,议员们应当成为榜样,在地区性项目上减少联邦出。President Obama's weekly address to the nation comes as he concludes a trip to Asia aimed at opening up new, fast-growing markets for American products. He notes that the economic competition is fierce.奥巴马总统在结束亚洲行之际发表每周例行讲话。他到亚洲访问的目的是使新兴国家迅速增长的市场向美国产品打开大门。他指出,经济竞争是激烈的。"But as I've said many times, America doesn't play for second place," said President Obama. "The future we're fighting for isn't as the world's largest importer, consuming products made elsewhere, but as the world's largest manufacturer of ideas and goods sold around the world."他说:“但是正如我多次提及的那样,美国不甘屈居第二。我们所争取的未来并不是成为世界最大的进口国、消费在其它地方制造的产品,而是成为世界上产生理念与产品的最大的国家。”The U.S. president says in order to make the most of economic growth, the U.S. must reduce its budget deficit and cut spending.奥巴马总统说,为了尽快达到经济增长,美国必须减少财政赤字和减少出。The Republican opposition has repeatedly accused the administration of overspending. That message helped Republicans trounce President Obama's Democratic Party in recent Congressional elections.共和党反对派多次指责奥巴马出过度。这帮助了共和党人在最近的国会选举中战胜奥巴马的民主党。Now, the President says he is calling on Democratic and Republican lawmakers to show they are serious about reform, and to stop funding projects in their own local districts through so-called "earmarks" inserted into federal spending bills.现在,奥巴马正在呼吁民主党和共和党议员表现出他们对于改革的认真态度,停止为自己本地区的项目提供“指定用途资金”来增加联邦出。201011/118285海东市纹眉价格华蓥市做韩式雾状眉多少钱



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