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When you look for a job you probably take salary, location and chance for advancement into consideration. Most people don’t stop to consider that they should be choosing a career based on the type of person they are. You are going to spend a large part of your life at work—you should choose a career that is compatible with which personality you really are.These personality types were developed by career psychologist John Holland, who identifies six general types of people. Here are some basic personality types and careers that go with them:1.Realistic PersonalitiesIf you are a realistic personality you are hands-on, practical and straightforward. No beating around the bush for you!#8226; Civil Engineers #8226; Surveyors #8226; Computer Support Specialists #8226; Electrician#8226; Orthodontist现实派土木工程师鉴定员电脑工程师电工牙医 /201001/94334Americans usually consider themselves a friendly people. Their friendships, however, tend to be shorter and more casual than friendships among people from other cultures. It is not uncommon for Americans to have only one close friend during their lifetime, and consider other "friends" to be just social acquaintances. This attitude probably has something to do with American mobility and the fact that Americans do not like to be dependent on other people. They tend to "compartmentalize" (划分) friendships, having "friends at work", "friends on the softball team", "family friends", etc.. 美国人通常认为自己是友好的民族。然而他们的友谊往往比来自其他文化的人们更短暂,更随意。生活中只有一个亲密的朋友,对美国人来说这很常见,他们认为其它的“朋友”只是社会上的泛泛之交。这种看法或许跟美国人的流动性和美国人不喜欢依靠别人的实际情况有关。他们往往将朋友关系划分为“工作朋友”、“运动朋友”、“家庭朋友”等。 Because the ed States is a highly active society, full of movement and change, people always seem to be on the go. In this highly charged atmosphere, Americans can sometimes seem brusque (无礼的) or impatient. They want to get to know you as quickly as possible and then move on to something else. Sometimes, early on, they will ask you questions that you may feel are very personal. No insult is intended; the questions usually grow out of their genuine interest or curiosity, and their impatience to get to the heart of the matter. And the same goes for you. If you do not understand certain American behavior or you want to know more about them, do not hesitate to ask them questions about themselves. Americans are usually eager to explain all about their country or anything "American" in which you may be interested. So much so in fact that you may become tired of listening. It doesn't matter because Americans tend to be uncomfortable with silence during a conversation. They would rather talk about the weather or the latest sports scores, for example, than deal with silence. 因为美国是一个高度活跃、充满运动和变化的社会,人们看起来一直在路上。在这种高度紧张的氛围里,美国人有时看似无礼或缺少耐心。他们想要尽快了解你,然后转身去做别的事。在交往初期,他们有时会问你一些你感觉很私人的问题。这不是有意的冒犯;问这些问题通常是出于他们真正的兴趣和好奇心或者他们没有耐心去得到事情的实质。换成你也一样,如果你不理解某些美国人的行为或你想知道他们更多的东西,就毫不犹豫地去问他们。美国人通常会热心地介绍有关他们国家或者你可能感兴趣的美国的任何事情。实际上他们如此地介绍这个东西可能使你听得很累。这无所谓,因为美国人往往会对交往中的沉默感到不安。例如,他们宁愿去谈天气或者最新的赛况,也不愿去对付沉默。 On the other hand, don't expect Americans to be knowledgeable about international geography or world affairs, unless those subjects directly involve the ed States. Because the ed States is not surrounded by many other nations, some Americans tend to ignore the rest of the world. 另外,别指望美国人熟知世界地理或国际事务,除非这些事情直接涉及到美国。因为美国并不与许多国家接壤。一些美国人往往忽略了世界其他地方。    /201103/127457婚庆摄影是一种特殊的摄影形式,它沁透了挚爱、承诺、回忆、和欢乐,正是这些,使它们既能永不磨灭,又是无价之宝。要拍出与众不同的婚礼照,离不开摄影师独特的艺术创造能力,以下这些便是极好的范例。Ben Chrisman Ben's wedding photography is imaginative, intimate and authentic. He is currently ranked as the top wedding photographer in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Ben的婚庆摄影既富于想象,又亲切怡人,还真实生动。最近,他被“婚庆摄影记者协会”评为全球最佳婚礼摄影师。 /201108/148878

A centuries-old tradition of wearing a white horse-hair wig in court ended for many judges when a simpler new dress code came into force.一项更为简便的新着装规范开始实行,对许多法官而言,延续数百年在法庭上戴白色马尾假发的传统就此结束。While judges in criminal cases will still wear them, those in civil and family hearings will appear bare-headed in court, wearing a new-style plain black robe, the British government said.英国政府称,审理刑事案件的法官仍将戴假发,而那些民事案和家庭听案的法官将不戴假发出庭,只穿一种简单的新式黑袍。After a long debate, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Philips, head of the judiciary in England and Wales, finally ordered the changes in an attempt to modernise the courts.在长时间的辩论之后,英国高等法院王座庭庭长菲利普斯勋爵——英格兰和威尔士的最高司法长官——最终下令做出这些改变,以使法庭现代化。Wigs have been an emblem of the British legal system since the 17th century when the fashion for wearing them in wider society filtered through to the courts. For hundreds of years before the reign of Charles II, judges and lawyers were expected to come to court with short hair and a beard.自17世纪以来,戴假发的社会风尚蔓延到法庭上之后,假发就成了英国司法体系的一个标志。在查理二世统治之前的数百年间,法官和律师都要留着短发和胡须出庭。The decision to abandon wigs has dismayed traditionalists who argue that they give judges an air of authority and impartiality. The degree of anonymity that wigs provided could also protect them from angry members of the public. John Mortimer, the barrister and author of the "Rumpole of the Bailey" books, opposed the changes. "The idea's ridiculous! A barrister without his wig would be like a doctor without a stethoscope," he wrote in a newspaper article when the changes were first proposed.抛弃假发的决定令传统人士十分沮丧,他们坚称假发使法官显得权威而公正,而且掩盖了法官外表上的个性特征,以免受某些愤怒群众的骚扰。“法庭上的鲁波尔”系列图书的作者、律师约翰·莫蒂默反对这些改变。当这些改变首次被提出时,他在报纸上撰文写道,“这主意简直荒谬!不戴假发的律师就如同不戴听诊器的医生。”However, modernists argue that wigs are a hangover from the past that could intimidate people in court. In a newspaper interview, Lord Phillips described wigs as an anachronism that gave the public a false impression of judges.然而,现代主义者认为假发是过去的遗留,是用来恫吓出庭人的。在接受某报采访时,菲利普斯勋爵说,假发是件不合时宜之物并导致公众对法官形成错误的印象。A Ministry of Justice survey last year found 70 percent of court workers wanted to keep wigs, compared to 42 percent of the public.去年司法部的调查显示,70%的法庭工作人员想保留假发,相比之下只有42%的公众这么想。 /200907/78515

Forget the romantic novel. Most women are bored with, and cynical about, the well-trodden path of romantic fiction. They do not like happy endings and would rather a thriller or crime novel.But their literary idol is still Mr Darcy, the haughty hero of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.A survey of 1,500 predominantly married, working women aged 35 to 59 found that the majority would rather a good book than have sex, shop, or sleep.Nearly half finished a book in less than a week, 48 per cent more than one book at a time and, in the last year, one in five had spent pound;100 or more on novels.The women surveyed said their favourite types of fiction were thrillers (47 per cent), contemporary fiction (46 per cent) and crime (45 per cent) with science fiction and romance their least favourite.The findings correspond with public library statistics, published recently, which showed that in only 10 years the nation had ended its love affair with family sagas and books about romance and was devouring thrillers--the more ghoulish the better.Comparative figures for 10 years ago showed that the late Catherine Cookson and Barbara Taylor Bradford, queens of raw family romances, were the authors most borrowed by adults from libraries.The top 10 borrowed titles have a startlingly different feel now. Romance still made a showing, but the list was dominated by crime novels.However, today's survey by Woman amp; Home magazine found that if women could pick one book it would be the romantic classic Pride and Prejudice.Mr Darcy was also regarded as the sexiest fictional man, beating Heathcliffe (Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights), Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell) and Mr Rochester (Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte).The only modern hero to get a vote was Ian Fleming's James Bond. If they were to be a character in a book, most women would be Elizabeth Bennett. Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara was voted the most glamorous female character. /200812/59293对于旅行者而言,餐桌礼仪(table manners)可是必修课。“孤独星球”旅游指南特地为旅行者们盘点了各国的餐桌礼仪,以便他们能更好地“入乡随俗”。Table manners are how to behave when you eat a meal. They include how to handle cutlery and how to eat in a civilized manner. The world#39;s largest travel and digital publisher, Lonely Planet has assembled etiquette tips. It warns of blunders you should avoid at table. ;It celebrates the fun of travel. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are informative,; said US editor Robert Reid, whose team pulled together tidbits from various cross-cultural books.餐桌礼仪指的是你的用餐行为准则,包括如何使用餐具以及如何文明进餐。全球最大的旅行指南数字出版商“孤独星球”最近汇集了各类餐桌礼仪,并列出了餐桌禁忌警示。美国编辑罗伯特?瑞得同自己的团队将各类跨文化书籍中的珍闻搜集起来,他说:“此举用来宣扬旅行的乐趣,有时很有趣,有时也可以增长见闻。”Eating进餐Japan日本Lonely Planet: It is ;perfectly; okay to slurp when you eat noodles.“孤独星球”:吃面时“滋滋”出声是“完全”没有问题的。Tradition: Unlike making big noises, slurping mildly is not rude but is a compliment to the chef. Japanese also say it tastes better if you slurp.文化传统:不同于制造高分贝噪音,吃面时自然地发出轻微的声音非但不粗鲁,反而是种对厨师的赞美。日本人认为吃面时发出声音,面条的味道会更好。What else to watch: It#39;s important to say traditional phrases of thanks before and after a meal.其他注意事项:饭前饭后说些感谢客套话是很有必要的。Eat sushi whole. Dip the fish part rather than the rice into soy sauce.寿司要一口吃掉。应该用鱼生的部分来蘸取酱油,而不是米饭的部分。Russia俄罗斯Lonely Planet: Your wrists should be placed on the edge of the table while eating, fork in left hand, knife in the right.“孤独星球”:用餐时手腕要放在桌子边缘,左手拿叉,右手拿刀。Tradition: Keep your hands in sight. It is not good manners to rest them on your lap. Keep your elbows off the table.文化传统:双手要保持在别人的视线内。把双手搭在大腿上这是不礼貌的,也不要将肘部放在桌子上。What else to watch: Leave some food on your plate to show that the host has given you enough to eat. Or the host will ask if you#39;d like to have a second helping. It#39;s polite to mop up excess sauce or gravy with b.其他注意事项:不要吃光盘中的食物,以此来表示主人为你准备了充足的食物。否则主人会问你是否需要再来一份。用面包将余下的酱汁或肉汁抹干净吃掉也是礼貌的做法。Portugal葡萄牙Lonely Planet: don#39;t ask for salt and pepper if it is not on the table. ;Asking for any kind of seasoning or condiment; will offend the cook.“孤独星球”:如果桌子上没有摆放盐或胡椒瓶,不能主动去索要。“索要任何调味品或佐料”都会冒犯到厨师。Tradition: Cooks are highly respected in Portugal.文化传统:在葡萄牙,厨师是非常受人尊重的。What else to watch: Place your napkin on your lap, and don#39;t eat with your fingers. Don#39;t switch cutlery between hands.其他注意事项:将餐巾铺在大腿上,不要用手吃东西。不要双手交换使用餐具。France法国Lonely Planet: never discuss money or religion over dinner. Going Dutch is considered ;the height of unsophistication;.“孤独星球”:餐桌上不要讨论金钱或宗教信仰问题。在法国人眼中,AA制会被视作极其不通世故的。Tradition: In France, a meal is like a ceremony. People relish it and make it#39;s a special occasion.文化传统:在法国,用餐就像是一种仪式。人们享受这一过程,并将其看作是一种特殊场合。What else to watch: In contrast to the etiquette in Russia, it#39;s considered good manners to finish everything on your plate.其他注意事项:与俄罗斯的餐桌礼仪相反,在法国吃光盘中餐被认为是一种礼貌行为。People often cut b directly on a table cloth rather than on a plate. Tear your b into bite-sized pieces before eating. Taking a bite from the whole piece is very impolite。人们通常直接在桌布上切面包,而不是盘子上。吃之前要先将面包撕成小块。拿着整个面包咬着吃很不礼貌。Mexico墨西哥Lonely Planet: Whenever you catch the eye of someone who#39;s eating, even a stranger, it#39;s good manners to say ;provecho;, which means enjoy.“孤独星球”:如果你跟某个正在用餐的人目光相遇,哪怕是陌生人,你也应礼貌地说:“provecho”, 即“祝您好胃口”的意思。Tradition: In Mexico, dining is more than a meal. It#39;s a social occasion - lunches are rarely quick and suppers can last for hours.文化传统:在墨西哥,就餐不仅仅是填饱肚子那么简单,更是一种社交场合——午餐很少会匆忙结束战斗,晚饭要吃上几个小时。What else to watch: Where you sit matters in the country. Before you get seated, look for place cards, or wait until the host seats you.其他注意事项:在墨西哥,你就坐的位置很重要。就坐前,要看清座位卡,或是等主人领你就坐。And you must say ;enjoy your meal; before you leave the table。离席前一定要说:“请慢用!” /201205/184787

Fathers who were spanked as children are less likely to spank their own children than mothers who were spanked while young, according to a US study.美国一项最新研究表明,小时候挨过打的爸爸更舍不得打自己的孩子,而有此遭遇的妈妈打孩子可能性更大。Researchers from Ohio State University set out to see if 1990s parents followed the practices of their own mothers but found parents today were showing a lot more affection to their children, ing to them more and spanking them less.俄亥俄州立大学的研究人员对上世纪90年代的家长是否会效仿他们自己的妈妈展开了调查,但结果表明,如今父母们对孩子更加疼爱,更爱给他们读故事,也更少打他们。"We were surprised that mothers seem to learn a lot about the parenting role from their own mothers, but fathers don't follow their mothers as much," said researcher Jonathan Vespa in a statement.研究人员乔纳森·韦斯帕在声明中称:“看起来妈妈从自己的母亲那里学到了很多育儿经,而爸爸却不跟自己的母亲学那么多,我们对此很惊讶。”The study of 1,133 young adult parents found significant generational changes in parenting practices.这项研究共对1133位年轻的父母进行了调查,结果表明一代一代的育儿方式有很大差别。Overall, there was a large generational shift in which the second generation of parents was much less likely to spank than their own parents.总体上看,与自己的父母相比,第二代父母更不爱打孩子,两代人在此问题上的观念有很大转变。Second generation mothers who were spanked at least once a week were found to be nearly half as more likely to spank their own children compared to mothers who weren't spanked.调查结果还表明,与没挨过打的母亲相比,小时候至少每周被打一次的第二代母亲打孩子的几率要多一半。Fathers spanked as children were less likely to spank their own children.但小时候挨过打的父亲却更不会打孩子。The study found only 28 percent of the second generation of fathers reported spanking their children compared to 43 percent of mothers.研究发现,仅有28%的第二代父亲打过孩子,而在母亲中该比例为43%。"A little spanking of boys seems to deter (fathers) from spanking their own children later in life," said Vespa.韦斯帕说:“挨过几次打的男孩长大后更不会打自己的孩子。”"The evidence suggests that mothers are more the disciplinarians in the family than fathers are today."“数据表明,在当今家庭中,教训孩子更多的是母亲而不是父亲。”In general, the amount of affection that parents show their children has increased significantly over the generations.总体来看,如今的父母对孩子的疼爱比前几代人超出很多。Sixty percent of fathers and 73 percent of mothers in the second generation reported showing their children physical affection and praising them within the last week compared to only 40 percent of their parents openly showing affection weekly.在第二代父母中,有60%的父亲和73%的母亲在一周之内爱抚并称赞过孩子,而第一代父母中仅有40%每周公开向孩子表达爱意。Reading to children had also increased markedly. Nearly three times more mothers in the second generation reported ing to their children daily compared to their own parents.给孩子读故事的比例也有大幅提高。与第一代父母相比,第二代母亲每天给孩子读故事的比例要多近3倍。 /200908/81146

Leo with Taurus Compatibility 狮子座和金牛座的相融性 There is a lot of initial attraction between these two Zodiac signs as both of them are full of passion and sensuality. The Taurus individual will be attracted to the Leo for his independent and enthusiastic nature. On the other hand the Leo individual will love the patient and reliable nature of the Taurus. Both of them love a long lasting relationship and there will be no dearth of loyalty and romance. The Taurus will shower the Leo partner with attention and gifts and the Leo in turn will be at his charismatic best. Secondly, both these signs are fond of luxuries and finer things in life and in most of the cases, have excellent tastes. Also, both these individuals love to accumulate things of material pleasures and wish to be successful in life. So is Leo and Taurus compatibility, the best? Let us have a look at the other side of it.这两个十二生肖中的星座最初就相互吸引,他们都充满了热情和性感。金牛座以其独立和热情的特质吸引着狮子座,另一方面,狮子座也钟情于金牛的耐心和可靠。他们之间的爱情将是天长地久、至死不渝而又浪漫美好的。金牛座能将他的天赋与才华展示给狮子座,同样,狮子座也能尽显其魅力。另外,这两个星座的人都崇尚高品质生活和奢侈的物质生活享受。大多数情况下,他们有着相同的品味,都比较热衷于享受物质生活的快乐,并期望成功的生活。因此,狮子座和金牛座最配吗?让我们再看一看它的另一面。However, on the less brighter side, Leo and Taurus both being fixed signs may create a rift in their relationship. Both of them wish to dominate and have their own way. The legendary stubborn nature of the Taurus often clashes with the bossy nature of the Leo. There are times when they utterly refuse of view each other's point of view and are reluctant to compromise. Secondly there can be clashes due to their diverse temperament. For once, the Leo individual is very out going, pompous and a party animal. On the contrary, the Taurus individual is much reserved who loves his own cozy home rather than crowded places. Also, the Taurus may love luxurious but he looks for security and is never perceived as an extravagant which is contrarily true for the Leo. However, some understanding and compromise on these parts and prevent most of the problems between this couple. Let us have a look at the Leo Taurus compatibility between the couples. Read more on astrology signs compatibility.然而,不太乐观的一面是:狮子座和金牛座也许是很容易产生矛盾和擦一对。他们都控制欲强,各行其事。传说倔强的金牛常常会惹怒暴躁的狮子,他们往往会完全拒绝对方,且不愿意妥协。另外,由于他们多变的脾气,会引起许多擦。狮子座外向、霸道,喜欢群聚;与之相反,金牛座比较保守,比起那些喧闹的地方,他们更愿呆在自己温馨的小家。还有, 金牛座虽喜欢奢侈,但是却很安全,从不外露,但狮子座却恰恰相反。然而,在这些事上的一些理解和让步可以减少这两个星座夫妻间的擦。让我们看一看这两个星座夫妻间的相融性。你可以参照更多星象学的知识。 /201105/134575

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