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2019年08月26日 06:42:45 | 作者:中医晚报 | 来源:新华社
Even bears need to cool off on a hot summer day? Check this guy out. This bear apparently needed a break after scaling fences, hopping over walls and wandering into someone's backyard. That's when he decided that this San Dimas California pool was just right for a swim. But he only spent about one minute swimming before popping out and exploring more of the human habitat. There have been several recent reports in San Dimas of bears in backyard pools, and even bears stealing from apple trees.Scale: to climb to the top of sth very high and steep 攀登,到达…的顶点Habitat: the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found (动植物的)生活环境,栖息地08/81319America’s embassies美国大使馆First, dig your moat挖壕筑壑Designing buildings for America’s diplomats is getting ever trickier为美国外交官员设计建筑变得愈加棘手Jul 30th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition “NOBODY can be messing with our embassy,” declared Barack Obama in mid-July, after a pro-government mob pelted America’s mission in Damascus with stones, eggs and tomatoes. That is not true, however, of the put-upon architects who have to design America’s embassies: they are constantly being hit with new restrictions, from both their own government and the host country.“任何人都不能滋扰我们的大使馆,” 美国总统奥巴马七月中旬向外界如是宣布。此前,大马士革亲政府民众曾向美国大使馆投掷石头、鸡蛋和西红柿。然而对于那些受雇于美国,迫于无奈才设计美国大使馆的建筑师来说,他们可没这样的好运:他们经常因为本国政府和东道主国家施加的种种新限制而苦恼不已。Ever since the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut in 1983, security has been the overarching concern when designing new embassies. Safety rules have been tightened repeatedly, and incorporated into a “standard embassy design” that dictates which offices should be adjacent to which (keep the bigwigs away from the public areas), how far embassy buildings should be set back from nearby roads (100 feet, or 30 metres), what materials can be used for walls and windows (nothing that is easy to climb or shatter) and so on. The result, critics say, is a dull series of near-identical, boxy bunkers. As John Kerry, who heads the Senate foreign-relations committee, put it in , “We are building some of the ugliest embassies I’ve ever seen…I cringe when I see what we’re doing.”自从美国驻贝鲁特大使馆在1983年发生爆炸事件以来,对于新使馆设计的安全性考虑向来是有过之而无不及。安全规则一再收紧并被纳入“标准使馆设计”——规定了各办公区的相邻性原则(政要办公区要远离公共区域)、使馆建筑距离附近公路应有的距离(100英尺或30米)和墙体和窗户所使用的材料(避免任何攀爬的可能性或可破坏性)等诸多因素。批评者认为,按此规则设计出的使馆不过是一系列单调得近乎相同、四四方方的掩体而已。正如参议院外交关系委员会主席约翰·克里年所言:“我们正在建造一些我见过的最丑陋的大使馆…每当见此情景我就深感厌恶”。He is not alone. Londoners are less than thrilled by the thought of the “crystalline cube” that will slowly rise from the semi-gentrified riverine site of Nine Elms. This, at billion the most expensive American embassy ever built, was made necessary when Grosvenor Square in Mayfair became too unsafe, despite the bomb-blast barriers that make the place look like a damper version of Baghdad.The new embassy will be separated from malicious sightseers by rolling parkland and a moat—100 feet wide, as required.不只克里有此想法。伦敦人对于九号榆树巷半人工河处徐徐崛起的“水晶立方”建筑丝毫没有兴奋之感。尽管防炸弹爆炸障碍物使得新大使馆看上去象阴影笼罩的巴格达,但当梅费尔区格罗夫纳广场安全性无法保障时,花费10亿美元建造这座美国史上最昂贵的大使馆就显得很有必要了。通过种植草坪和挖掘100英尺宽(视需要而定)的护城河,有不良意图的观光客将无法接近这座新使馆。201108/147088CNN's Hala Gorani talks with fashion designer Alber Elbaz about the late Yves St. Laurent. A wonderful man. You know, I was hired by him, it was a myth. I mean the name Yves St. Laurent, the address of new Melzo, was more of a dream. And then you'll see a person, then you'll see eye glasses, and then you'll see the color of his eyes. Then you go into his soul, and you find out that he was a very, I mean it’s very difficult for me to say he was rather than he is. You know, when I think out that his creation, his work would stay with us, you know, he will never die. That’s the adventure (a tongue-slip by the interviewee, here it should be advantage) of being an artist, you’ll never die, you’ll stay forever. And he will.And especially Yves St. Laurent has legacy, lives to this day in the way women all over the world dress. I was asked today whether, what do I think, did he do more for women or more for fashion. And I think he did a lot for both. He did a lot for fashion, and he did a lot for women. He changed the way they dress, in a way he changed the way they think. He brought beauty back to their life and modernity. Actually one time when I was hired by Mr. Belgee, he told me that he thought that Miss Coco Chanel, liberated women and Mr. St. Laurent gave them power and strength. And I thought that he gave them beauty and he gave them a lot of power by giving them that wardrobe that he did. He was the one that invented the y to where he translated his couture show or so, into, er, y to a business he was extremely smart, extremely sensitive, extremely, extremely, extremely wonderful man. And, and what gave him that vision, do you think, what about his creative genius, if you wanna call it that, what about his personality as a human being gave him that kind of vision that to this day lives on, do you think? I think life did it to him, he was extremely sensitive. He was like a spongy got everything. He saw people, he lived with them, he got them, he went into them, he understood women, he loved women. He worked with women, for women and they loved him back. And you knew him, what gave him these ideas, I mean, when you think of the trouser suit or when you think of the safari jacket or when you think of things that we see today on runways and take for granted as having existed for decades when in fact they were born with him.He actually was the one that introduced different elements into fashion, like art, like music, like street life, like movement in life. So he really brought fashion high, fashion to the street and brought it back from the street up to the runway. Em in that sense, I think that he was a very unique man. Coz' he was a pioneer, he was the first one. So he get the credit for doing all of the above. Now you are with Lanvin, now you are a celebrated designer, very much admired all over the world for having revived the oldest existing fashion house. (Alright) What did you think when you heard of the news yesterday that Yves St. Laurent died, what crossed your mind.Oh, my god. That I have to chill. I was very, very sad. You know, I went to the house of St. Laurent and I felt more like a son-in-law than a designer that was hired, I felt kinda I marry his daughter and he is my father-in-law. So it feels like somehow a death in my family.200812/59267

In the brief three weeks the pup has with his mother.His body weight would triple.As herds shrinks by a third.在短暂的三个星期,幼仔只能与母亲作伴。他的体重会重达三倍。而它的群体却缩短为原来的三分之一。A bull moves in soon after the birth to impregnate her again.Each beach master on these shores may have dozens of females in his harem.And 100 meetings to complete in less than a month.All the while having to fight off more and more challengers.在她生育后不久,一只公牛再次和她进行交配。每一个海滩的王者在其后宫都可能有很多佳丽。这些100多次的交配在不到一月之内即可完成。之后所有动物都开始抵抗越来越多的挑战者。词语解释:1. shrink v. 缩短2. impregnate v, 交配、3. harem n. 后宫163427

American humour美式幽默Funny man有趣的人The talent of an American lyricist一位富有天赋的美国抒情诗人CALVIN TRILLIN made his reputation over four decades as the author of “US Journal” in the New Yorker, reporting extensively about serious and often tragic subjects such as race relations and crime. He was also among the first writers to grasp that American cuisine is a good way to understand the nation’s vigorous and various cultures. But Mr Trillin is incapable of resisting the temptation of comedy. The jokes kept on welling up and Mr Trillin made a parallel reputation as a writer of funny stuff.卡尔文.特里林作为《纽约客》美国日报作者享誉盛名四十余载,广泛的报道种族关系和犯罪这类严肃而悲痛的题材文章。他是首位发现美国烹饪是了解美国朝气而丰富文化的良好途径的作家之一。但是特里林无法抗拒喜剧的诱惑,创作出许多笑话。因此,他也因创作滑稽有趣的作品而享有同等声望。He belongs to a tradition that included distinguished journalists such as Art Buchwald in the Washington Post, and Russell Baker at the New York Times. Each might regard the idea as risible, but their ability to deflate the reputations of self-important politicians and men of business makes classy moralists of them.他是一位传统派作家,还有华盛顿邮报和纽约时报著名的新闻记者阿尔特#8226;布克沃尔德和拉塞尔贝克。每位想法独特有趣,而他们有能力减少高傲政客和商业人士的声望和影响力,因此他们可称为优秀道德家。The title of this collection of his humorous writings is the first of many jokes. Mr Trillin makes fun of the arrival in the Port of Galveston, Texas, in 1908, from somewhere “near Kiev”, of his father and his Uncle Benny. Apparently, Jacob Schiff, an eminent German Jewish banker was embarrassed by the poor, huddled masses from eastern Europe cluttering up New York at the time and financed the detour to the south-west. The thought is rather appalling, but Mr Trillin makes it work for him: “You can say what you want to about my Uncle Benny, but he never made his living as a money lender.”幽默集锦是特里林第一部笑话作品。他取笑他的父亲和叔叔本尼从基辅附近的某个地方在1908年到达德克萨斯州加尔维斯顿。大批来自东欧的贫穷民众使纽约异常杂乱拥挤,杰出的德国犹太家雅各布.希夫很明显对此感到不安,并资助他们绕道去往美国西南部。这种想法非常令人震惊。但是特里林成功的为他开脱:你可以随便我我叔叔本尼,但是他从未以放贷人为生。201109/154662

EU, IMF Agree to Multibillion-Dollar Rescue Package for Hungary250亿美元救匈牙利计划获批准 The International Monetary Fund, the European Union and World Bank have agreed to a billion economic rescue package for Hungary to strengthen confidence in its economy. It has been described as the largest financial aid measure for an emerging-market economy since the start of the worldwide financial troubles, and the first for an EU-member country. 国际货币基金组织、欧洲联盟和世界同意向匈牙利提供一个250亿美元的一揽子经济拯救计划,以增强市场对匈牙利经济的信心。这个拯救计划是自从全球金融危机爆发以来国际社会向新兴市场经济体所提供的最大的金融援助项目,同时也是欧盟成员国接受的第一个国际援助。They still sing Hungarian folksongs while baking b and cookies at an old pensioners club in Budapest. But they may soon sing the blues when hearing of government plans to freeze or reduce their pensions.  这是在布达佩斯的一个老年人俱乐部,人们一边烤着面包和点心,一边唱着匈牙利民歌。可是当他们听到政府计划冻结或削减他们的养老金的时候,他们的调子恐怕就会显得垂头丧气了。Hungary's Socialist-led government also wants to suspend salary bonuses for state employees.  匈牙利社会党人领导的政府还准备暂时停止向国企雇员发放奖金。Cutting spending is a key condition for Hungary to receive more than billion in international aid as it struggles with the worst global financial crisis in 80 years.  在匈牙利挣扎著应付80年来最糟糕的全球金融危机的时候,削减出是匈牙利得到250多亿美元国际援助的一个关键条件。The International Monetary Fund says it will grant Hungary a standby loan of nearly billion while the European Union has offered over billion and the World Bank more than billion.  国际货币基金组织说,它将给匈牙利提供将近160亿美元的备用贷款。与此同时,欧盟同意提供80多亿美元,世界提供10多亿美元。Hungary is particularly hard hit. Last year it had Europe's largest budget deficit, with most of its overspending on social benefits.  这次金融危机对匈牙利的打击尤其严重。去年,它的财政赤字是欧洲最大的,大部分的超额花费都被用在社会福利上。In addition, most households took loans and mortgages in foreign currencies, such as euros, Swiss francs or Japanese yen, because interest rates were better. With the Hungarian currency, the forint, plunging to record lows, many Hungarians are unable to pay-off their financial obligations. 另外,大多数家庭的借贷和房屋贷款都是以欧元、瑞士法郎或是日元这些外币来计算的,因为这些货币的利率比较好。随著匈牙利货币福林贬值到创记录的低水平,很多匈牙利人变得无力偿还他们的债务。But Hungary's main center-right opposition party, Fidesz, has criticized the government for accepting the financial rescue package, saying it could compromise the country's sovereignty. 但是匈牙利中间偏右的主要反对党青年民主联盟-匈牙利公民联盟对政府接受金融援助计划提出批评,说此举可能使匈牙利的主权受到损害。Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany shrugs off this criticism. He says the loans Hungary receives will not restrict the country's right to make its own political decisions and introduce reforms.  匈牙利总理久尔恰尼对这个批评不以为然。匈牙利总理久尔恰尼(Gyurcsany)说,匈牙利得到的贷款不会限制匈牙利的政治决策权,也不会限制改革进程。"We will remain an independent country," he added.  这位总理还说:“我们将保持国家独立。”But Mr. Gyurcsany admits his government can "not take up the responsibility to pay automatically 13th month wages and pensions, because we do not know from where to cover these expenses."  不过,久尔恰尼承认,他的政府“不能承担自动付‘第13个月’的工资和退休金的责任,因为我们不知道这笔费用从什么地方出。”One in five Hungarians, about 1.5 million people, are expected to be impacted by the measures.  估计这些措施将会对五分之一的匈牙利人,也就是150万民众,造成影响。Hungarian pensioners find it difficult to prepare for the upcoming holiday season without their bonus extra month's pay.  如果拿不到相当于一个月工资的额外奖金,匈牙利领取退休金的人员恐怕就会感到难以为今年的节日进行筹措了。"We are always counting how many nights we have to sleep to receive the 13th month pension," said one woman. “我们每天晚上都在数着再过多少个晚上就能够拿到这“第13个月”的退休金了。”But b-and-butter concerns seem far removed from the daily reality of traders at the Budapest Stock Exchange, seen as a key indicator of Hungary's overall economic situation.  不过,对面包和奶油的担心要跟布达佩斯股票交易所的交易员们每天所面对的现实相比就差得太远了。股票交易所被人们视为匈牙利整体经济状况的晴雨表。Men in suits are glued to their computers as they try to cope with unprecedented volatility in Hungary's stock market. The Hungarian forint and the Budapest Stock Exchange were both significantly higher Wednesday, but nobody knows for how long after weeks of turmoil.  西装革履的交易员们坚守在电脑旁,试图应付匈牙利股市前所未有的震荡。匈牙利货币的币值和布达佩斯股市星期三大幅度走高,但是经过几个星期的震荡,没有人知道这种形势会持续多久。Hungary's financial situation is closely monitored by Europe's other former Communist countries, where governments have slashed economic growth forecasts and expect budget revenues to dwindle. Analysts say it comes at a time when their ability to borrow more on international debt markets has been squeezed by the global credit crunch.The larger-than-expected rescue for Hungary, the biggest for an emerging market economy since the global crisis began, is the first for an EU member. It also dwarfs the billion and more than billion sums offered by the IMF earlier to fellow strugglers Iceland and Ukraine. 国际社会对匈牙利的救援超过了预期规模,对于一个发展中经济体来说,这是全球金融危机开始以来最大的一笔援助,在欧盟成员国中更是绝无仅有。相比之下,国际货币基金组织早些时候分别向冰岛和乌克兰提供的20亿美元和160亿美元的救援资金就显得相形见绌了。200810/54476

'Homeless Boy' is adapted from an autobiographical best-seller written by Tamura Hiroshi, a young, successful and prosperous Japanese comedian. It's not an epic—no heroes, no dragons, swords and magic; it's simply a story about a 14-year-old boy who faces unexpected poverty and about selfless love among siblings. "You all, take care of yourselves, dismissed!" says Hiroshi's single father, who then turns around and leaves with his old bicycle, leaving his three children behind. Their house has been seized by the authorities due to their father's bankruptcy. Hiroshi, not wanting to cause any trouble to his older brother and sister, lies to them, saying he's going to live in a friend's house, but actually he has nowhere to go except a park nearby. He eats cardboard and weeds, drinks fountain water and rain, and fights with little kids to defend his 'home.' As Hiroshi and his siblings try to make a better life for themselves, they cherish things that we consider 'deserved' and 'standard.' And because of their dire circumstances, the siblings become closer than ever before. Twenty-two-year-old Japanese idol Koike Teppei plays the main character, fourteen-year-old Hiroshi. He looks and acts younger than his age and fully gets into character by actually eating cardboard and weeds. For his performance, he won the 2008 Japanese Oscar for the best new actor award. 单词注释:best-seller 暢銷、賣座的電影、書籍或戲劇 prosperous (adj.) 富庶的;成功的 poverty (n.) 貧窮;貧困 to dismiss (v.) 解散;打發 to leave someone/something behind 丟下;拋棄 weeds (n.) 雜草 to cherish (v.) 珍惜;珍愛 dire (adj.) 悲慘的;可怕的 main character 主角 to get into 投入;融入08/82211

Coolest cars of 08, part 1 Fortune's Sue Callaway picks the fastest, best performing and good looking sports cars and takes them to the track. Hi, I'm Sue Callaway, car columnist of Fortune Magazine. And I am here at the Las Vegas motor's speedway to test the coolest cars of 08. The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the flagship of the company in Maranello. Ironically Ferrari says that this car is the one out of the three they made that is not suitable for the track. But performance was, this car stands up with the rest of them here today. It's got incredible power from a very smooth D12 and an amazing new gearbox. Lots of great balance in fact this car feels more eager than a lot of the cars here. And with this, Ferrari introduced a new customization program, you can personalize just about anything you want on this car, this particular one has over 100,000 dollars with special touches on it. All and all, the sound, the smell, the beauty, a Ferrari truly is greater than the some of these cars.The Aston Martin DBS certainly has to win one of the beauty awards in our top coolest cars. It's a big gorgeous talkeepowerful grand touring car, probably a little unfair to put on a tight road course like this, although it handled aberbly. But this is a car for the big open road. And frankly, for a lifestyle, that's the highest and the James Bond and the most of all of looks could kill, this one is license.I suppose I shouldn't be surprised driving each of the coolest cars to think that the next one may just be the coolest. This, the Tesla wins on a lot of measures. It is the first electric sports car to hit the market. But that isn't the only thing impresses about it, it's impressive because it’s an amazing sports car period, it's balanced, it's precise, it's the best, it's capable. And when you shut the traction control off, you can slide it around like the best of them, thanks to a thousand pounds of battery in the rear. This is the future and it's here.200811/55304

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