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Kick your memory power into high gear with savvy ways to boost your brain. Click through for 9 ways you can boost your memory power now.用聪明的方法让高速运转起来,提升你的脑力吧。下面介绍9种促进的方法。1.Exercise1.做运动Staying fit physically keeps the brain in shape too. From maintaining balance to improving coordination, your brain fires while you#39;re moving your body, keeping it in tip-top form.经常做运动也能让大脑保持灵活。通过保持平衡来增强自己的协调能力,你的大脑将会在身体运动的同时达到最佳状态。2.Be Creative2.培养创造力Your brain has two halves: the right and the left. While they both work together harmoniously, each hemisphere has special areas of expertise. Creativity and intuition come from the right side, while logical and critical thinking dominate the left. The majority of people rely heavily on the left side of the brain, leaving the creative right in need of a kick start when wanting to boost memory skills. Challenge yourself to keep a sketchbook for a month without being critical of your skills.大脑分为左脑和右脑,当它们和谐工作时,将会发挥各自的优势。右脑负责创造力和直觉,左脑提供逻辑性和批判性思考。大多数人过分使用左脑,而在提高时,你就需要激发右脑。挑战下自己,带个随想本将一个月内的点滴记录下来,不要总挑剔自己的能力。3.Eat Your Antioxidants3.多吃抗氧化食物Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which protects brain cells from damage. Colorful fruits and vegetables, such as leafy greens, apricots, and strawberries are also good sources of antioxidants.蓝莓富含抗氧化物质,保护你的脑细胞不致坏死。有色水果和蔬菜,比如绿叶蔬菜、杏仁、草莓也是抗氧化的不错选择。4.Solve Puzzles4.解猜谜游戏Put your brain to the test by solving puzzles. Even if you#39;re not the game-playing type, trying your hand at Soduko, solving a crossword, or enjoying a challenging board game with friends encourages your brain#39;s memory skills.多用脑来解猜谜游戏。即使你不擅长游戏,可以试试解数独、填字游戏(纵横字谜),或者和朋友来局有难度的棋盘游戏,都能提高。5.Meditate5.冥想Giving your brain a break allows it to recharge and be y to tackle new challenges. Even two minutes of quiet meditation refreshes your most important muscle.让你的大脑休息片刻,让大脑重新充满能量解决新的难题。两分钟的安静冥想就能使你身体最重要的肌肉焕然一新。6.Eat More Omega-36.多吃含有欧米茄-3的食物Fresh salmon is packed with brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial to building memory. If you don#39;t feel like splurging on salmon, then other fatty fish, including tuna, halibut, trout, mackerel, and sardines, are also good choices.新鲜鲑鱼富含提高脑力所需的欧米茄-3脂肪酸,对提高记忆非常有益。如果你觉得浪费鲑鱼不太好,可以尝试其他富含脂肪的鱼类:金鱼、大比目鱼、马鲛鱼和沙丁鱼都是不错的选择。7.Learn How to Knit7.学编织Knitting takes focus and fine motor control, which seriously keeps your brain active. And mastering any new skill encourages memory and learning skills in your brain.编织衣物需要专注力和良好的控制力,这些都能让大脑处于兴奋状态。掌握一门新技巧也能促进大脑的和学习能力。8.Learn a New Language8.学习一门新语言Our brains get lazy when dealing with the same daily challenges over and over. Switch things up by learning a new language, which builds memory skills in your brain. Along with challenging your brain, you#39;ll be able to sweet-talk someone special with your new skills.再三地解决一尘不变的日常事务会使我们的大脑产生惰性。来学习一门新的语言转换一下吧。这也能培养记忆能力。在你挑战自己大脑的同时,你也将可以用新学的语言和某些特别的人甜言蜜语了。9.Sleep Tight9.保持良好睡眠The brain gets tuckered out with all the information it#39;s constantly bombarded with. Hard work and serious problem solving requires downtime, so hit the sheets early to ensure your brain will be y to recall and memorize.大脑会在信息连续轰炸之后变得疲惫不堪。解决大量而困难的工作也需要休整时间,所以早点休息以确保你的大脑能准备好恢复和更好地记忆。 /201301/222308在长乐做无痛人流哪家医院比较好长乐做微微人流术的医院SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)Adventurous and enthusiastic, Sagittarius will satisfy their appetite not only for food but also for excitement by dining on foreign cuisine. The more exotic the cuisine, the better;射手:热情勇敢的射手座不但会为美食折,而且更会为能在充满异域风情的饭店里就餐而兴奋不已。烹饪手法越独特,你就会越满意。 /201210/203448长乐超导可视人流多少钱

长乐做无痛人流需要多钱福建省长乐市一院客服中心For the past two years, members of the Laughter Yoga club have been gathering each morning at a public park in Hanoi to practise laughing in the belief that this will help them to be happier, fight disease and relief the stresses of daily life.  据英国《每日电讯报》9月25日报道,在过去的两年里,每天清晨,“大笑瑜伽”俱乐部的会员都会聚集在越南河内一公园内练习大笑。他们相信,这可以帮助他们(过的)更快乐、抵抗疾病和减缓日常生活中的压力。  Members of the Laughter Yoga group chuckle and chortle for 45 minutes. They wave their arms, clap and march around, making funny faces at each other in an effort to get each other to laugh even harder. All of these are under the instruction of yoga master.  在瑜伽大师的指导下,“大笑瑜伽”的会员会持续轻笑和大笑45分钟,他们挥舞手臂、击掌、四处走动,还向彼此做鬼脸,试图让对方笑的更厉害。  Laughter yoga was launched in 1995 by Dr Madan Kataria, a physician, in India and there are now more than 6,000 clubs in 60 countries.  “大笑瑜伽”于1995年由内科医生卡塔瑞尔创建于印度,如今在60个国家已有6000多个俱乐部。  The combination of unconditional laughter and yogic breathing is said to stretch muscles and trigger endorphins – the chemical in the brain known for its feel-good effect.  据说,无拘束的欢笑和瑜伽呼吸(方式)相结合能够舒缓肌肉,刺激一种脑内化学物质——内啡肽的产生,而这种物质能带产生使人感觉良好的效果。 /201109/155434首占镇人民医院妇科人流Bride kidnapping, also known as marriage by abduction or marriage by capture, is a practice throughout history and around the world in which a man abducts the woman he wishes to marry. Some modern cultures maintain a symbolic kidnapping of the bride by the groom as part of the ritual and traditions surrounding a wedding, in a nod to the practice of bride kidnapping which may have figured in that culture’s history. According to some sources, the honeymoon is a relic of marriage by capture, based on the practice of the husband going into hiding with his wife to avoid reprisals from her relatives, with the intention that the woman would be pregnant by the end of the month.绑架新娘也被称为绑婚或者抢婚,就是一个男人绑架他想娶的女人。纵观历史和世界各地,抢婚是一个习俗。有些现代文明仍把新郎抢婚作为传统婚礼仪式的一部分,默默继承着这种或许出现在文化历史上的“绑架新娘子”的习俗。根据一些消息,蜜月是抢婚的延续,基于丈夫把他妻子隐藏起来,避免亲戚的“报复”,有意让妻子在当月底怀。 /201211/211342长乐区妇幼保健院在周日有上班吗

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