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On Sunday night (Dec. ), the entire internet cringed endlessly Steve Harvey, who hosted the annual Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. Harvey mis his notecard and accidentally announced Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, Miss Colombia, as the show winner — but the real winner was Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines. Oops?美国当地时间月日晚,一年一度的环球决赛在落幕,主持人史蒂夫·哈维闹了个大乌龙,让网上炸开了锅哈维竟读错手卡,将桂冠错颁给了哥伦比亚阿丽阿德娜·古铁雷兹-阿雷瓦洛,而真正的冠军佳丽,菲律宾匹娅·阿隆佐·渥茲巴赫却被晾在一边!Gutierrez-Arévalo, who was actually the first runner-up, was aly crowned and holding a congratulatory bouquet of flowers by the time Harvey realized his mistake. He promptly backtracked, saying, ;I have to apologize. The first runner-up is Colombia.; The crowd erupted in cheers, and Twitter freaked out under the trending #MissUniverse hashtag.本为亚军的阿雷瓦洛手捧鲜花,还戴上了比赛桂冠直到这时,哈维才发现自己口误他迅速回到台前,说道:;我得道歉,哥伦比亚其实是亚军;顿时,台下嘘声一片,而;环球;也成了推特热门话题It took a few moments bee Miss Philippines, who had moved out of Miss Colombia spotlight to the side of the stage, realized what this statement meant her. Miss USA, the second runner-up, is seen whispering something to her, and then it finally clicks. The wrong person was crowned.当时,菲律宾早已退到台边,刚听到消息时依旧大惑不解一旁的季军美国与她耳语了几句,她才恍然大悟:冠军给错人啦!;Miss Universe is Philippines,; Harvey continued, showing his notecard to the cameras as proof. It was a genuine mistake — hey, humans arent perfect — and it was captured ever on live TV.;环球的冠军是菲律宾,;哈维继续宣布,并向镜头展示了手中的结果虽说孰能无过,但这么个活脱脱的乌龙就被永远地记录在了荧屏之上Wurtzbach, stunned, moved to the front of the stage, where the crown was removed from Miss Colombia head and placed on Miss Philippines. Awwwwkward. You can watch the whole thing go down in the clip below.重新走到台前的渥兹巴赫依然震惊不已这时,工作人员将桂冠从亚军头上摘下,戴在了她的头上,现场尴尬到了极点你可以在下面这段视频中观看全程The Miss Universe organization released an official statement following the pageant: ;The excitement of live TV was evident tonight on The Miss Universe stage with over million live fan votes tabulated. Untunately, a live telecast means that human error can come into play. We witnessed that tonight when the wrong winner was initially announced. Our sincerest apologies to Miss Universe Colombia , Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, Miss Universe Philippines , Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, their families and fans.;赛后,环球大赛主办方发布了官方声明:;今晚的环球决赛无疑精纷呈,我们收到了一千多万张粉丝投票不过,电视直播难免会出差错,今晚我们就目睹了误颁奖项的插曲在此,我们要向哥伦比亚阿丽阿德娜·古铁雷兹-阿雷瓦洛、菲律宾匹娅·阿隆佐·渥茲巴赫,以及她们的家人与粉丝致以最诚挚的歉意;Harvey also apologized his error on Twitter — but he messed up again, Fox News reports. He tweeted, ;I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia. This was a terribly honest human mistake and I am so regretful.;据福克斯新闻报道,主持人哈维也已通过推特致歉,不过他又闹了个乌龙一开始,他发推说,;我要向菲律兵和哥论比亚郑重道歉那着实是个无心之过,但我深感后悔;He misspelled both countries, and the tweet was soon deleted and replaced by a second apology.哈维把两个国家名都拼错了,而后他迅速将其删除,又发了第二条致歉推文;Id like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia amp; Miss Philippines my huge mistake. I feel terrible.;我要向哥伦比亚与菲律宾致以最诚挚的歉意闹了这么大的错误,实在不应该;Secondly, Id like to apologize to the viewers at that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake.;我还要对观众说,抱歉让你们失望了但那真的是个无心之过;I dont want to take away from this amazing night and pageant. As well as the wonderful contestants. They were all amazing.;;我不愿看到自己的口误影响了这场精绝伦的比赛,或给参赛者们带来伤害她们都是最美的; 8。

  • YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita, who is based in Japan, regularly uploads s of her undertaking unusual and extreme food challenges - and her latest endeavour is no exception.YouTube视频中的美女木下优香,是日本著名的“吃播”美女,经常上传超乎常人、超大份量的美食挑战视频--而最近这次的面包挑战也不例外In the six-minute clip which has been viewed more than 0,000 times, Ms Kinoshita begins by lining up bags which each contain slices of b.6分钟的视频短片,现在已经有万的点击量,视频开始就是木下将袋面包整齐排在镜头前,每袋中又有片面包片She said: Today I will be eating 0 slices of b - Texas toast sized. I have of these bags which contain slices each.她说,“今天我要吃下这0片面包,这些面包片是德州吐司的大小这里共袋,每袋有片”It not really that much after all! One bag is about 389g so 0 pieces would be 3.8kg. I have some mayo, some honey and jam, butter and a toaster over here.“这真的不算多!一袋大约389克,所以0片面包就是3.8千克我还可以配上这里的蛋黄酱、蜂蜜、果酱、黄油,还有一个烤面包机”Through a mouthful of b she tells the camera: Mmm, it so thin it pretty easy to eat!嘴里塞进满满一口面包的她边吃边对镜头说,“面包很薄所以很容易吃”Remarkably, after six minutes and 0 slices of b, she completes her challenge with apparent ease. She told the camera: Halfway through my jaw got so tired I believe this was a tough challenge but I felt like I had to finish what I started, and well it was pretty tasty as well.惊人的是,6分钟后她很轻松地完成了0片面包挑战她对着摄像头表示:虽然中途下巴嚼得有点累,让她觉得这个挑战有难度,但是既然开始了就必须完成另外,面包真的很美味According to Kotaku.com, Kinoshita mean a gluttonous beautiful woman in Japanese - and Yuka certainly lives up to the name as she has previously eaten 0 chicken nuggets from McDonalds in one sitting.根据Kotaku网表示,“木下”这一名字在日语中的意思是“吃货美女”,木下优香真算是名副其实了,因为此前她还曾经一次性吃下0块麦当劳的鸡块In another online challenge she attempted to eat 0 hamburgers but had to give up when she reached 6 because she ran out of time. On another occasion she ate 3kg of instant noodles straight from the pan.在此前的另一挑战中,她还尝试想要吃完0个汉堡,但吃到第6个汉堡的时候,时间不够了她还该曾经吃下过3千克刚煮好的方便面,What make people enviously is that she still slim.而让人羡慕嫉妒恨的是,她还是那么瘦 68。
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