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You look fantastic.Thank you,so do you.I just said that back stage,thats sweet.thank you你看起来好极了 多谢 你也是 我刚在后台还说了呢 你真好So have you ever done one of those,I didnt even know those classes existed,have you ever taken a seductive class你有参加过那种传说中的教你怎么诱惑别人的课程吗No,I havent,but all the girls in my work do a weekly class every saturday我没有 但是我的其他女同事 每周六都去上这种课And now theyve put a pole in the make up room然后他们居然在化妆间里放了一根钢管舞的钢管Really?yes,theyre really into it and I love it because you know,theyve all come out of their shell and they feel great and confident真的吗 真的 她们练得很投入 我觉得这样挺好的 因为她们都从自己的小世界里走了出来 并感觉很好很健康Its supposed t be a great workout,like not just a seduction thing,but its hard to do这应该是种很好的锻炼 不仅仅是诱惑人这么简单 其实是很难Because Ive done it as a joke on the show,and its really hard to do因为我在节目里开玩笑地试过一次 然后发现真的好难啊yeah,they are all sore when they come in Monday morning,theyre complaining about how sore they are是啊 当她们周一早上上班的时候 各个腰酸背痛的 她们都抱怨浑身都疼死了The one downside I will say is that they all have bruised kness,yeah,They say from the pole对了 我要说这项运动有一个不好的地方 所有练的人膝盖都有擦伤 是的 她们都说是钢管弄的And there are these portable poles apparently that you can buy,theyve all bought them and put them up in their houses你可以买到那种自由装卸的钢管 她们都买了一根装在家里Right,Okay,well Im not going to go there,there are lot of places to go with that,the husands and wives are all very happy about it好吧 反正我不要遭这罪 虽然有很多地方都有类似的东西 老公老婆的都很喜欢这个And hows the little girl doing,she is delicious,how old is she你女儿最近怎样 她很可爱 她多大了Everyone asks me everyday hows Stella,shes ugly and stupid,yeah,Shes so ridiculously cute,I get it每一天我遇到的人都要问我我女儿怎么样了 她又丑又蠢 好吧 她实在是可爱至极 明白I have to say every minute I love her more and every day is more fun我要说每一分钟我都更加爱她 每一天都变得更加有趣You know something strange happened to me Because I didnt want to be a mother生活在我身上施了一个神奇的魔法 因为我本意并不想做一个母亲You know I never thought I was going to have children,it was never something sort of that I thought i wanted to do,because我从来没有生孩子的念头 那从来不曾是我所追求过的I sort of had a rough childhood,and didnt really associate childhood with necessarily happy time因为我的童年并不幸福 所以我也并不认为童年一定是幸福的时光 /201608/462774

Journalism in America美国新闻业Digital resurrection数字复兴Some moderately good news in the news industry新闻业的好消息IN FEBRUARY Vice, a media firm that caters to youngsters who like their news with a dollop of sass and hip-hop, toured the opulent residence of the ousted president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, and posted the online. “It looks like a weird dictatorship theme park,” the sardonic reporter told the camera. A new report by the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that a third of Americans now watch news s online, about as many as say they watch news on cable television. Among those aged 18-29, around half do.传媒公司Vice迎合年轻人的口味播报充满狂言妄语的新闻及嘻哈音乐。今年二月,该传媒公司的记者参观了已被罢黜的乌克兰总统亚努科维奇豪宅并将视频传到了网上。“这个地方就像一个怪异的独裁主题公园”记者颇具讽刺性地对着摄像机说道。智库皮尤研究中心最近发表了一个新的报告,该报道显示近三分之一的美国人在网上看视频新闻,约近乎三分之一的人称他们在有线电视上看新闻。在那些18-29岁的年轻人中,近一半的人在网上看新闻。In years past Pews “State of the News Media” reports have been sombre, chronicling the evisceration of jobs and the gutting of news budgets. This year, however, Pew sounded more optimistic, pointing to the slew of digital-news services, such as Vices online news channel, that have sprung up recently. Around 5,000 full-time jobs have been created at 468 digital-news firms, according to Pew. Many online-news firms have hired high-profile journalists away from big publications, such as the New York Times and Washington Post, and are launching bureaus around the world (although not nearly as many as have been shuttered by newspapers).在过去的几年,皮尤中心有关“新闻媒体的状况”的报告都是阴郁的,长久以来都是老生常谈的就业问题和新预算。但是今年,皮尤似乎更为乐观,指出数字新闻务局势的回转,比如说Vice在线新闻频道,最近如雨后春笋一般冒出来。根据皮尤的数据,468家数字新闻公司已经创造了近5000个全职岗位。许多在线新闻公司从大型出版社挖墙脚,雇了许多高知名度的记者,如纽约时报级华盛顿邮报,并在全球广设分局(尽管并非很多由于纸质新闻业而惨遭关闭)。Digital news firms used to do little besides rehashing traditional newspapersstories. Now they are starting to feature more original articles. Last year Business Insider, a business-news site, ran a profile of Marissa Mayer, the boss of Yahoo. At 23,000 words, it was as long as a novella. “Online you can afford to do that. In a magazine youd go broke,” says Henry Blodget, the boss of Business Insider. Buzz Feed, which used to be known for casting out “click bait” online, now claims around 170 full-time staff, including a Pulitzer-prize winner, Mark Schoofs, who has been hired to run a new investigative team.数字新闻公司过去除了重复传统新闻报纸的故事之外很少写自己的东西。而现在他们正开始创作更多原创的文章。去年,商业新闻网站“财经内幕”就写了一篇文章概述雅虎的老板玛丽莎·梅耶尔,该文章字数达到2.3万,已然是一部中篇小说了。“你可以在网上这么做,若是在杂志上你就直接破产了”,该杂志的老板亨利·布洛杰特声称。Buzz Feed,曾经因网上清楚“点击诱惑”而闻名,现拥有约170名全职员工,其中包括普利策奖获奖者Mark Schoofs,他目前负责一个新闻调查组。Lower costs explain why so many digital news firms, like Silicon Valley start-ups, are launching today. Ken Doctor, a newspaper analyst, reckons it costs as little as m to start a “credible” digital news offering. Financiers and philanthropists are investing in news: eBay founder Pierre Omidyar put 0m into a new non-profit, First Look Media. All this has injected hope into a beleaguered industry. Last month Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist, predicted that journalism may “be entering into a new golden age” and that the news industry would grow ten- or a hundredfold.低成本运行解释了为什么现在如此之多的新闻公司就像硅谷的暴发户一般地崛起。新闻分析人肯·多科特回想当时打造可靠的数字新闻产品仅需500万美元。现在金融家和慈善家都在投资新闻:易趣网创始人皮尔斯·奥米戴尔投资了2,5亿元运营一个新的非盈利网站First Look Media。所有的这些为这个四面楚歌的行业注入了一缕希望。上个月,风险资本家Andreessen预测新闻业将“进入一个新的黄金期”并且新闻业的利润将增长十倍甚至百倍。Journalism is at least becoming more participatory. Pew finds that around half of social-media users share news articles or s, and comment on them. Around 7% of American adults have posted their own news to a social network, or submitted one to an established news site. Interactive features are doing particularly well. Last year the New York Timess most popular “article” was a quiz in which people could test whether they spoke more like a Los Angeleno or a Louisianan.至少现在新闻业变得越来越具参与度了。皮尤研究中心发现近乎一半的社交媒介用户分享新闻视频和文章并且在上面发表。约7%的美国成年人将他们自己的新闻视频传到社交网站,或转交至已存在的新闻网站。交互式的特写做的尤其出色。去年,纽约时报最受欢迎的文章是一个小测试,通过该测试人们可以知道他们的口音是更像洛杉矶人还是更像路易斯安娜人。Some positive news is welcome, but newsrooms continue to bleed jobs (see chart). The rise of digital-media firms has done little to restore local news coverage, which has suffered with the closure of many local papers. Digital-news firmslong-form narratives and investigative journalism may grab attention, but they are unlikely to compensate for projects that will never take place again in old newsrooms because of budgetary woes.积极的新闻总是受欢迎的,但是新闻编辑室持续削减全职编辑(见图)。数字媒体公司的崛起为重建本地新闻报道做的事少之又少,当地许多报刊倒闭。数字新闻公司长篇的叙事手法以及调查性新闻或许能吸引读者的眼球,但是他们依然不能弥补那些由于预算困难而不再恢复其在新闻编辑室的位置。Facebook users may be ing news, but they spend on average only a minute and a half on a news site each month if they come from Facebook, about a third of the time that visitors spend if they go to a newspapers site directly. And digital may be growing, but its advertising only accounts for around 10% of all digital ad revenues, and viewing growth has slowed. Even television news is not having an easy time. In 2013 the three big cable news channels—CNN, Fox and MSN—lost around 11% of their combined audience during prime-time. The news industry today resembles Newtons third law of motion, says Amy Mitchell, Pews director of journalism research: for every action, there is an equally strong reaction. The momentum might have shifted online, but gravity is still pulling everyone down to earth.脸谱网的用户或许在读新闻,但是如果消息来自脸谱网,他们平均一个月花一分半钟看新闻,若他们直接进入新闻网网页,访客花费的时间约占三分之一。数字视频或有增长,但是其广告收入仅占所有数字广告收入的10%,并且据观察增长已放缓。即便是电视新闻日子也不好过。2013年,三大新闻频道,美国有线新闻网、福克斯和微软全国有线广播电视新闻公司黄金时间流失了约11%的共同观众。今天的新闻业与牛顿的第三运动定律很像,皮尤新闻调查中心的主任Amy Mitchell如是道,每一步都会有同等强烈的反应。新闻业的发展势头或许已经转向了网络,但是重力作用依然在将人们往地上拽。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201601/424176

And the dominant thought in Chamberlains mind was the memory of this the First World War.张伯伦脑海里最深刻的记忆来自于第一次世界大战。The bloodiest war in British history.英史上最血腥的战争。And the worst killing fields were here,in the valley of the River Somme.死伤最惨重的战役发生于此索姆河山谷。On 1st July 1916,the first day of the Battle of the Somme,nearly 20,000 British soldiers lost their lives,more than on any other single day in the history of the British Army.1916年7月1日,索姆河战役的首日,接近两万英军阵亡,超过英军史上任何单日阵亡人数。;Surely,; thought Chamberlain, ;no leader of a major European state ;wanted something like this to happen again.;张伯伦想,当然没有一位 欧盟领导人想这一幕重现。But British leaders aly had an idea of Hitlers true character,because Lord Halifax had met Hitler the year before,in November 1937, at Berchtesgaden.但英方领袖早已看出希特勒的真面目,因为哈利法克斯于1937年11月在贝希特斯加登与希特勒会晤。During the meeting, Hitler had said the British could solve any problems they had in India by shooting the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.会晤期间,希特勒曾说,英国可通过毙印度圣雄甘地来解决所有问题。And, if that didnt work,they should shoot a dozen members of his Congress party,and if there were still problems, shoot 200 more and so on until order was established.若然无效就应该毙一打国会众议员,依旧解决不了的话,毙两百个或更多,直至达到目的。Lord Halifax was not impressed.哈利法克斯大为不悦。He certainly didnt succumb to Hitlers charisma.他当然不会屈于希特勒的做法。 译文属201603/433885




  We are back with Sherrie Ghan.The amazing amazing woman that I found out回到现场 这位是Sherrie Gahn 一位非常杰出的女性shes principle Whitney elementary school in LasVegas惠特尼小学的校长The things that you do and I know you keep saying you see children needed you and you just do it你所做的一切 我知道你说过 是因为看到孩子们需要你 所以去做这些But there are a lot of people lack work of school system and they feel like they cant do anything但有很多不在学校工作的人 就会觉得自己无能为力And you actually took steps to do something on your own,you grow up the project your self事实上你靠自己的努力一步步的实现目标 你设定了自己的计划These are some of the things that Sherrie does,with your own money and of course when she asked for donationsSherrie自掏腰包做一些事情 当然也是在接受捐赠的同时you help pay rent you help pay bills,you get free doctor appointments,free eyeglasses for them你帮他们交房租 付账单 你免费预约医生 给孩子们配免费的眼镜you get free business from the dentists,you get the food for the families,and how do you do that提供免费的牙医治疗 还有足够全家的食物 你到底是怎么做到的every single day It must be overwelming to think tomorrow I have to do it over again.日复一日做一样的事情 想到明天还要重复做肯定很崩溃Well it can be overwhelming but when you see their faces when you see the hope you are giving them是听崩溃的 但是当你看到他们的表情 看到你给他们的希望and when you see you giving them food giving them clothing,when the child can see for the first time who couldnt see看到带给他们食物和衣时的画面 看到近视到底孩子第一次能看清楚because we have eyeglasses on them.it gives you the energy to move on因为我们给他们配上了眼镜 这给了你继续前行的动力And on Fridays when I was really really bumping,which happens a lot sometimes,I would TiVo your shows每到周五 当我实在顶不住压力时 这种情况时常出现 有时 我会录下你的节目and watch them cause I was all your ringing and get inspired.because you do it all the time看看节目我能受到鼓舞 只要你的铃声一响起来 没错你经常这样做I say all the time the fact that I get to make people feel good,especially people like you that need to laugh need to feel good我总是说我得逗大伙开心 特别是像你这样需要开怀大笑 轻松一下的Id love being a part of that in any way I can我将尽我所能来帮忙 /201605/446205

  Greeces finance minister希腊财政部长Absent professor心不在焉的教授The immovable Yanis Varoufakis毫不动摇的雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯ALMOST every recent Greek finance minister has been an Athens university economics professor moonlighting as a politician. Yanis Varoufakis is no exception. But unlike his predecessors, Mr Varoufakis has become a global celebrity, to the annoyance of many in Syriza, the leftist party in power. To his critics, Mr Varoufakiss lifestyle—riding a powerful motorbike, spending evenings in chic bars and weekends at a smart island villa belonging to his wife—is embarrassingly close to that of the rich Greeks he castigates for avoiding taxes by stashing cash abroad.希腊近几任财政部长皆为希腊大学的经济学教授,业余职业是政治家。雅尼斯·瓦鲁法克斯也不例外。但与前几任部长不同的是,他已是全球瞩目的热门人物,惹来执政党激进左翼联盟中诸多人士的不满。瓦鲁法克斯财长经常骑着飙劲十足的托车,夜晚沉浸在时尚酒吧,周末在妻子的智能沙滩别墅度过。在其批评家看来,这差不多是希腊富豪阶级的生活方式,而瓦鲁法克斯财长也严惩海外存钱避税的富豪阶级,这种矛盾的表现令人哭笑不得。The leather-jacketed Mr Varoufakis is not much liked by his euro-zone colleagues either. He lectures them and shows little interest in the details of reforms demanded by Greeces creditors. The pace of negotiations has picked up as Greeces cash crunch gets more acute. But Mr Varoufakis continues to raise obstacles, say officials in Brussels and Frankfurt. He is deeply reluctant to cross any of Syrizas “red lines”: no more cuts in pensions, no more labour reforms, no increases in value-added tax and no privatisations beyond the handful that are aly under way.身着皮夹克的瓦鲁法克斯财长亦不招欧元区同僚的喜欢。他训斥他们,对希腊债权人发起的改革详情几乎毫无兴趣。随着希腊现金危机的不断加剧,谈判进程才恢复正常。但是,据布鲁塞尔与法兰克福两市的官员称,瓦鲁法克斯还是不断加以为难。他极其不愿越激进左翼联盟的“雷池”一步,即禁止再度削减养老金,禁止劳力改革,禁止提高增值税,禁止少数人以外的私有化扩大。Divisions within Syrizas economic team do not help. Amazingly, Mr Varoufakis is often away on the international conference circuit. In his absence Yannis Dragasakis, the deputy prime minister, who is close to Mr Tsipras but not to Mr Varoufakis, takes over. His messages to the “institutions”, as the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission are now known (in place of the hated “troika”), are more conciliatory than those of Mr Varoufakis. But their senior officials are still banned by Mr Varoufakis from holding discussions in the finance ministry inAthens.激进左翼联盟经济团队的内部分化也于事无补。而国际电话会议上常常不见瓦鲁法克斯其人,让人不可思议。在其缺席期间,亲齐普拉斯的Yannis Dragasakis副总理代其参会。他在会议上向如今熟知的国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央以及欧盟委员会“三方集团”(取代“三巨头”这一令人厌恶的称呼)传达的信息相较于瓦鲁法克斯的而言,调解性强。但瓦鲁法克斯财长仍然禁止三方机构的高级官员在雅典财政部举行洽谈会。Greeceis unlikely to reach a deal this month with its creditors. Mr Varoufakis is trying to buy more time. The latest wheeze was to get local authorities and other public agencies to transfer their cash reserves to the central bank. But without a deal,Greece seems certain to run out of money to repay its debts to the IMF and ECB. Some fret that Mr Varoufakiss half-hearted negotiating tactics show a lack of commitment to keeping Greece in the euro. As a fellow economics professor puts it: “Unlike his predecessors, Yanis isnt interested in managing the economy. What he really enjoys is brinkmanship.”希腊本月与其债权人达成协议看来无望。瓦鲁法克斯财长设法周旋,以拖延时间。最新的举动即让地方政府等机构将其现金储备转移到中央。如果双方还未达成协议,希腊很可能为偿还国际货币基金组织与欧洲央行的债务而落得倾家荡产。有些人士万分焦灼,表示瓦鲁法克斯财长在谈判中不太认真,并未表现出希腊留在欧元区的承诺和决心。正如一位经济学教授同仁所言:“真正让瓦鲁法克斯上心的不是管理经济,而是实行边缘政策。” 翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201505/373054And then its away out to sea.然后就该上路了。最后筑巢的 Back on Raine Island, the very last birds to nest are rufous night herons.回到雷恩岛,是赤色苍鹭。They havent travelled far,just out from the mainland and they surely have the most unattractive chicks on the reef.它们的旅途并不远,只是从大陆来,它们知道它们的幼崽是大堡礁上最没吸引力的。Theyve hatched late in the season for a very good reason,because their food is not out at sea, but right on the doorstep.它们在这个季节末孵化是有原因的,因为它们的食物不来自于海里,而是刚好在巢下面。In late afternoon, the parent birds take their positions.下午晚些时候父母们已经就位。They scan the sand, alert to any movements.它们盯着沙滩,留意着任何动静。At sunset, the temperature change triggers the start.在日落时,气温变化像是一个触发器开始工作。Its what the herons have been waiting for.这就是苍鹭在等待的。 译文属201512/415019

  Well that works.I love it.Its a great joke. - Yes.So we laugh.Thats great.And then Harper will go my turn my turn.这个挺棒啊 我喜欢 这很好笑 -是的 所以我们都笑了 这很棒 然后哈珀就会喊 ;该我了该我了;Knock knock. - Whos there?He will say um Peter.Peter who?叩 叩 -是谁 他就会说 ;彼得; 哪个彼得Peter never bother me anyway. - Right. Right.彼得再也不会烦扰我 -好吧 好吧No. This kind of Knock.Thats what I have with my niece.这种;叩叩; 我跟我侄女也玩这个I try to tell her the oranges one. That the.- Knock knock. - Whos there?我试着教她橙子的那个 就是 叩叩 -是谁Orange. - Orange who?Knock knock. - Whos there?Orange.- Orange who?Knock knock. - Whos there?Orange. - Orange who?橙子-哪个橙子 叩叩 -是谁 橙子-哪个橙子 叩叩-是谁 橙子-哪个橙子Orange glad I didnt say banana.I said it wrong.I said the whole thing wrong.橙子很高兴我没说香蕉 我讲错了 我整个都讲错了You said the whole thing wrong. - I said the whole thing wrong.你整个错得太离谱了 -是的 错得太离谱Youre no better than Harper.Im horrible.你比哈珀可好不到哪儿去 我太糟糕了Im the worst at Knock-knock. - You are not.史上最挫的;叩叩;笑话 -你不是的Oh, my god.What happened to me?I dont know.哦 天哪 我不知道 我到底怎么了I think its banana. Banana, banana.Yeah Banana and then orange glad.我想应该是;香蕉 香蕉 香蕉; 是的 是;香蕉 橙子很高兴;I know, orange glad. I know.Orange glad I didnt say.我知道 ;橙子很高兴; 我知道 橙子很高兴我没喊它You and Harper will get along so well.你和哈珀会成为好朋友的And thats why Eve doesnt know how to do Knock-knock jokes.Because I taught her that.这就是为什么伊芙一直不会 玩;叩叩; 的玩笑 因为是我教的 /201511/406939

  The World Health Organizations cancer agency released a statement on Wednesday claiming that ;there is no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer.;周三,世界卫生组织癌症机构发布一份声明,称“没有确凿的据表明饮用咖啡会导致癌症。”They did add a note that all ;very hot; drinks are probably carcinogenic. 他们补充道,所有“非常热”的饮料可能会致癌。The International Agency for Research on Cancer had originally rated coffee as ;possibly carcinogenic; but then changed its stance. 国际癌症研究机构原先评定咖啡为“可能致癌的”,但随后改变了立场。It now says its latest review found ;no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect; of coffee drinking 现在最新研究发现,没有确凿的据明喝咖啡有致癌效应,and pointed to some studies showing coffee may actually reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.并指出一些研究表明,咖啡可能实际上降低患某些类型癌症的风险。译文属。201606/449627。


  A survey of users, admittedly conducted by the firm itself, suggests that team productivity increases by around a third when they start using the software, primarily by reducing internal e-mail and meetings. Slack has decided to open itself up to other apps, becoming a platform by which employees can log into and use other software tools. Today it has 2.7m daily active users, up from 1m last June. Around 800,000 of them are paying subscribers; their firms pay around or more a year for each employee using the service. The firm has m in annual recurring revenue and is breaking even, says Mr Butterfield.Slack自己做的用户调查显示,在使用该软件后,团队效率提升近三分之一,主要是由于内部邮件及会议的减少。Slack已决定向其他应用开放,成为企业员工可以登陆并使用其他软件工具的平台。去年六月时,该软件的日活跃用户为100万,目前已上升至270万,其中约有80万是付费用户,公司为每位使用务的员工付至少80美元的年费。巴特菲尔德表示,Slack的年度经常性收入为7500万美元,公司正逐渐实现收平衡。Slacks rise points to three important changes in the workplace. First, people are completing work across different devices from wherever they are, so they need software that can work seamlessly on mobile devices. Messaging naturally lends itself to this format. Second, communication is becoming more open. Just as offices went from closed, hived-off rooms to open-plan, Slack is the virtual equivalent, fostering a collaborative work environment, says Venkatesh Rao of Ribbonfarm, a consultancy. Slacks default setting is to make conversations public within a firm.Slack的崛起昭示着职场的三个重要变化。首先,人们现在会在不同地点,通过各种设备来完成工作,所以他们需要能在移动设备上无缝运作的软件。发送消息天生适合这种形式。第二,通讯正变得越来越开放。正如办公室从封闭小隔间变为开放式空间一样,Slack在虚拟领域引领着同样的变革,打造协同工作环境,咨询公司Ribbonfarm的文卡泰什·拉奥(Venkatesh Rao)说道。Slack的默认设置就是让员工在公司内公开对话。Third, software firms are trying to automate functions that used to be done by people in order to make employees more productive. Slack has made a big push into “bots”, algorithms that can automate menial tasks which used to be done by humans. Slack offers bots that compile lunch orders and projects progress reports, or generate analytics on demand. In the future employees will be able to chat with software agents to get more done, working alongside bots as well as their peers.第三,软件公司正尝试把以往需要人工处理的职能自动化,借此提高员工的工作效率。Slack已大量运用“机器人”, 这些算法可以自动完成以往需要人工处理的低级工作。Slack提供的机器人务包括确定午餐订单,编写项目进度报告,以及按需生成分析等。未来,员工将可与“软件员工”对话,与这些机器人和同事并肩工作,取得更多成果。Mr Butterfield is not the typical leader of a striving startup. Called “Dharma” by his hippie parents, he spent his early years on a commune with no running water or electricity; he changed his name to Daniel Stewart when he was 12.巴特菲尔德不是那种典型的拼搏型创业企业领袖。被嬉皮士父母称为“达”的他,早年生活在一个没有自来水或电力的公社中;12岁的时候他把自己的名字改为丹尼尔·斯图尔特(Daniel Stewart)。 /201606/447348

  France’s industry minister法国工业部长Enfant terrible顽童Will Arnaud Montebourg stay in the French government?阿尔诺·蒙特布尔是否还会继续呆在法国政府?FOR sheer theatrical effect, it is hard to beat Arnaud Montebourg. Tall and telegenic, the 50-year-old Socialist politician is as shameless bossing about global companies as he is charming old ladies at trestle-table picnics over bottles of burgundy in his wineland constituency. Since becoming France’s industry minister in May, however, Mr Montebourg has had a series of awkward encounters with economic reality, which have begun to raise questions about his future in government.如果在意戏剧效果,阿尔诺·蒙特布尔很难被打击。这个修长、上镜的50岁社会党政客不知羞耻的对于跨国公司的干涉正如其在葡萄酒选区品酒时向年长的女士献殷勤一样。自从五月成为了法国工业部部长,阿尔诺·蒙特布尔便遭遇了一系列经济形势上的难堪,也给他以后的政客生涯带来了麻烦。His most recent bruising experience came from his effort to stop ArcelorMittal, a steelmaking giant, closing two blast furnaces at Florange, in Lorraine. At a time when other companies are laying off many more workers, the 629 planned job losses were relatively small. But the political symbolism was large. Lorraine, on France’s eastern border, was once the centre of world steelmaking, and still projects muscular industriousness as a source of national pride. On the election trail, Francois Hollande, now president, went to the site, clambered atop a van, and vowed to protect jobs there.他最近的受伤经历来自于他致力于停止阿赛洛米塔尔,钢铁巨头,关闭在洛林地区弗洛朗热的两个钢铁炉。当其他的公司正在解雇更多的员工时,阿赛洛米塔尔裁员629人不算过分。但是其裁员的政治的意义却很大。洛林,法国东部边境的城市,曾经是世界的钢铁制造中心,而且仍然以其勤勉和强壮的品格成为国家的骄傲。在选举期间,弗朗索瓦·奥朗德,现任法国总统就曾拜访该地,他爬上一辆货车,誓言保护此地的工作机会。Mr Montebourg took up the cause with enthusiasm. He promised to find a buyer for the blast furnaces and denounced the company, declaring “we don’t want Mittal in France any more”. As union hopes rose, he threatened to nationalise the firm—an option Mr Hollande himself then refused to rule out. In the end, however, the government backed down. On November 30th Jean-Marc Ayrault, the prime minister, announced that the blast furnaces would not be restarted, and that talk of nationalisation was off the agenda.蒙特布尔满怀热情的接下了这个工作。他承诺为这两个钢铁炉找到买家,并向钢铁公司宣称:“我们不在需要米塔尔再留在法国”。因为联邦的期望增加,他威胁国有化这个公司---对于此种说法,奥朗德不排除有这样的可能。虽然最终政府做出让步。在11月30日,总理让-马克·艾罗,宣布熔炉将停止使用,并宣称国有化将不在议程内。In his role as saviour-in-chief of French industry, Mr Montebourg has tirelessly criss-crossed the country, even dressed up in a striped Breton top in a bid to promote stuff “made in France”. But his credibility is wearing thin. Although he staked out a claim as a left-winger at the Socialist presidential primary, he has zigzagged within the party over the years.作为法国工业的首要拯救者,蒙特布尔不知疲倦的跑遍了整个法国,甚至穿着海军风条纹衫在一次竞拍会推广“法国制造”的产品。但是其信誉却每况愈下。虽然他在社会党总统候选最初阶段宣称自己是左翼,其在党内的这些年道路却十分曲折。Mr Montebourg’s real hallmark is a tough and consistent call for cleaner democratic politics. A lawyer, he campaigned to hold Jacques Chirac to account on charges of corruption linked to the former president’s stint as mayor of Paris. He called for a new constitution and a Sixth Republic. More recently, he has been one of the rare Socialist voices calling for the expulsion of corrupt officials. Today, however, that reputation has got lost amid what his detractors consider recklessness, and what union supporters—including at Florange—increasingly see as betrayal.蒙特布尔最重要的作为是持续的要求严肃的清理民主政治。作为一个律师,他参与了对于雅克·勒内·希拉克账户的冻结,因为其在担任巴黎市长期间的腐败。他呼吁新的宪法的颁布以及成立第六共和国。最近,他又成为了社会党中少数要求肃清腐败官员的人中的一员。然而今天,他的好声誉已经在其诋毁者认为其鲁莽和持者认为其背叛(包括弗洛朗热地区)中消磨殆尽。For now, Mr Montebourg insists he will stay in his “battle station” job. In some ways, this suits Mr Hollande, who was elected on a promise to stand up to finance and save industry, and needs to show his left wing that he does not just roll over in the face of giant corporations. Yet keeping his minister in place also makes for confusion in French economic policy. Reformists in government are trying to argue that France is open for business. Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, who has glacial relations with Mr Montebourg, talks of a “Copernican revolution” in Socialist economic thinking. But such a message remains inaudible after Mr Montebourg has so recently put the threat of nationalisation back on the table.如今,蒙特布尔坚持他将继续坚守在“战斗岗位”。在某种程度上来说,这最符合奥朗德,这位在选区期间承诺面对金融局势和挽救工业,以及表现出他的左翼式强势表明他不仅仅周旋于大企业之间的总统的心意。但是,保住蒙特布尔的部长位置会造成法国经济政策的混乱。政府中的改革派一直尽力表明法国需要打开商业大门。一直与蒙特布尔关系糟糕的财务部长皮埃尔·莫斯科维奇提出了实行社会经济的“哥白尼改革”的想法。但是在蒙特布尔提出国有化的威胁后,这一声音便消失了。翻译:董睿。译文属译生译世201609/464257

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