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So even though weve been growing, the structure of the economies has not changed very much.即使我们一直在发展,经济的机构并没有什么改变。We are still exporting commodities, and exporting commodities is what? Its exporting jobs.我们仍然出口商品,而出口商业等于什么?等于出口就业岗位。Our manufacturing value-added is only 11 percent.我们的制造业只增值了11%。We are not creating enough decent manufacturing jobs for our youth, and trade among ourselves is low.我们没有创造够多的不错的制造业岗位给我们的年轻人,而且我们自己间的贸易也很少。Only about 12 percent of our trade is among ourselves.只有12%的贸易是在我们各国之间的。So thats another serious problem. Then governance.这就是另一个严峻的难题。接着来谈谈管理体制。Governance is a serious issue.管理体制是一个严重的问题。We have weak institutions, and sometimes nonexistent institutions, and I think this gives way for corruption.我们有一些弱势的机构,有时候甚至缺乏了一些机构,在我看来这就给了腐败可趁之机。Corruption is an issue that we have not yet gotten a good enough handle on, and we have to fight tooth and nail,腐败是一个我们至今没有很好去处理的问题,而我们必须尽一切所能去解决它,that and increased transparency in the way we manage our economies and the way we manage our finances.透过增加我们管理经济的方式的透明度和管理我们的金融。We also need to be wary of new conflicts, new types of conflicts,我们同样需要警惕那些新的矛盾,新型的冲突,such as we have with Boko Haram in my country, Nigeria, and with Al-Shabaab in Kenya.比如在我的国家尼日利亚,我们和科圣地的冲突,以及在肯尼亚和索马里青年党的冲突。We need to partner with international partners, developed countries, to fight this together.我们有必要与国际合作伙伴、发达国家,共同打击这些势力。Otherwise, we create a new reality which is not the type we want for a rising Africa.否则,我们只会建立一个全新的,却并不是我们所想要的进步的非洲。And finally, the issue of education.那么最后,是教育的问题。Our education systems in many countries are broken.我们许多国家的教育系统已经崩坏了。We are not creating the types of skills needed for the future.我们未能创造未来所有需要的技能类型。So we have to find a way to educate better.所以我们必须找到一个更好的教育方式。So those are the things that we are not doing right.而这些,就是我们做得不对的地方。201701/488649。

Back in 2001, when I was considering running for mayor people told me: ;Dont do it. 2001年 当我考虑竞选市长时人们都跟我说 ;算了吧;Youll never win The media will tear you apart. 你赢不了的;媒体会把你撕得粉碎You dont know the first thing about politics; And that was just my family talking. 你对政治一无所知这还是我家人跟我说的But one person did say to me ;If you can picture yourself giving a concession speech. 但有个人跟我说;如果你对败选演讲都做好了心理准备;Then why not go for it?; That was the best advice I received and I followed it. 那为什么不试试呢这是我收到的最好建议 我照做了In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail and you must have the courage to go for it anyways. 要想成功 你必须首先愿意接受失败而且你必须有尝试的勇气If I could wish one thing for all of you graduates today it would be this: Live courageously. 如果今天只让我为你们所有毕业生提供一点建议那就是 勇敢地生活Live courageously Dont play it safe. 勇敢地生活别只想着安稳Im not talking about climbing the water tower or swimming in the river or wearing something crazy to shock your mom. 我讲的倒不是攀登水塔或在河流中游泳 或打扮怪异让老妈大吃一惊Im saying: Take risks. Take charge Dont let others decide your future for you. 我说的是 勇于冒险 掌握主动不要让别人决定你的未来And dont wait for opportunity to knock A former Kenyon student --. 不要等机会来敲门一位前肯尼恩学生The comic genius Jonathan Winters who died last month -- once said. 喜剧天才乔纳森·温特斯上周他刚去世 曾经说过If your ship doesnt come in, swim out to meet it Have the courage to act on your hopes; dont be paralyzed by your fears. 如果你的船没来 游着去找它;要有勇气将希望变成行动 不要被恐惧所麻痹Have the courage to think for yourself and to believe in your ideas That kind of courage lies at the heart of human invention and progress --. 要有勇气独立思考 相信自己的想法这种勇气是人类发明和进步的核心所在And the lack of it lies at the heart of our political problems today Last year, about 125 miles northeast of this campus. 其缺乏也是如今各种政治问题的核心所在去年 就在这个校园东北方向大约125英里A 17-year student opened fire in his high school cafeteria killing three people and seriously wounding others. 一位17岁的学生在他的高中食堂开致3人死亡 很多人严重受伤201607/455121。

中级英语口语闪电速成[9] /200702/10578。

即学即用英语会话词典B部分:有关学校 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15010。

VOA流行美语 79: DONE WITH THAT / PAY THROUGH THE NOSE今天Michael和李华要出去买东西。李华会学到两个常用语:down with that和to pay through the nose。M: Hey, Li Hua. What do you want to do today? I don't have any special plan, so we can do whatever you want.L: 你今天没事干呀?太好了,我正想去买几件春天穿的衣。那些旧的都已经过时了。M: I'm down with that. I need to buy some new tennis shoes. My old ones are really gross. My roommate is threatening to throw them out.L: 我也注意到你的球鞋了,实在不象话,怪不得你的室友要把它扔掉呢。哎,那太好了,咱们就一块儿去买东西吧。不过,Michael,你刚才说I'm down with that。那是什么意思呀?就是你愿意去的意思吗?M: Yes, the expression "I'm down with that" means going shopping is okay with me and I'm willing to go.L: 这很有意思。那要是你问我,要不要跟你一块儿吃晚饭,我很愿意的话,我能不能说:I'm down with that?M: Yes, that would let me know that you are willing to have dinner with me. What would you say if I suggested we go to my friend's party on Saturday night.L: 你建议我们星期六晚上上你朋友家去聚会啊。嗯,那一定很好玩,我愿意去,I'm down with that。M: Right. Now, where do you want to go shopping? There are lots of places close by.L: 去哪儿买东西呀?学校附近有很多买东西的地方。去附近那个购物中心,好不好?M: Okay, that's fine with me. That mall has a shoe store and it's close. Let's go.L: Okay, I'm down with that. 我们可以搭公共汽车去,几分钟就到了。然后我们有一整天去买我们要买的东西。还可以在购物中心吃饭呢!M: Okay, I'm down with that.******L: 哎,Michael,这家店看起来真好。我们能不能进去看看呀?我肯定他们有很好的衣。M: That's Neiman-Marcus. They have nice stuff, but they're really, really expensive. You have to pay through the nose to buy even a shirt there.L: 我也猜想它们的衣一定很贵。你说要在他们这里买件衬衣就要pay through the nose? 东西贵和鼻子有什么关系呀?M: To pay through the nose is to pay a lot of money for something, usually way more than the item is worth. For instance, a shirt in a normal store costs about . However, a shirt in Neiman-Marcus easily costs !00. That's paying through the nose.L: 我懂了。To pay through the nose就是用高价买一样东西,往往要比原来的价值高很多。像普通店里一件衬衣要40美元,在他们这里就要200美元。可是,Michael, 我还是不懂,一个人的鼻子和钱有什么关系呀?M: Yeah, it is a strange expression, but that's the way it is. Do you still want to go into that store?L: 不要,不要,我不进去了。我只是个学生,没那么多钱,I can't afford to pay through the nose for things. 我啊,付不起这么高的价钱。M: I agree. I don't want to pay through the nose for anything either. It's stupid to waste so much money on something you can buy cheaper somewhere else.L: 就是呀,能够用便宜的价钱买到的东西为什么要浪费那么多钱去买呢?对了,Michael, 那什么时候我们还可以用to pay through the nose这个说法的呢?M: Well, some people are willing to pay through the nose to buy tickets to see their favorite singers.L: 噢,花好多钱买票去听他们喜欢的歌手唱歌。我就有几个朋友爱买名牌的东西。她们就愿意pay through the nose。M: I don't understand paying through the nose to eat at fancy restaurants either. Food is food. Li Hua, I'm getting hungry. Can we go eat first?L: I'm down with that. 我也有点饿了。但是,I don't want to pay through the nose.李华今天学到了两个常用语。一个是:down with that, 意思是"同意",或者是"愿意"。另一个是:to pay through the nose, 意思是"出高价买东西"。 /200602/3154。

President Obama: Hey! All right, thats enough. Dont want to embarrass the guy. Welcome to the White House, everybody. As I have aly delivered my farewell address, I will try to be relatively brief. But I just wanted to get some folks together to pay tribute to somebody who has not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service to this country, the best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden. This also gives the Internet one last chance to talk about our bromance. This has been quite a ride. It was eight and a half years ago that I chose Joe to be my Vice President. There has not been a single moment since that time that Ive doubted the wisdom of that decision. He was the best possible choice, not just for me, but for the American people. This is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service. This is somebody the people of Delaware sent to the Senate as quickly as they possibly could. Elected at age 29, for more than a dozen years apiece, he served as chair or ranking member of the Judiciary and Foreign Relation Committees. Domestically, he championed landmark legislation to make our communities safer, to protect our women from violence. Internationally, his wisdom and capacity to build relationships that shaped our nations response to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, to counterterrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan. And for the past eight years, he could not have been a more devoted or effective partner in the progress that weve made. He fought to make college more affordable and revitalize American manufacturing as the head of our Middle Class Task Force. He suited up for our Cancer Moonshot, giving hope to millions of Americans touched by this disease. He led our efforts to combat gun violence, and he rooted out any possible misappropriations that might have occurred. And as a consequence, the Recovery Act worked as well as just about any largescale stimulus project has ever worked in this country. He visited college after college – and made friends with Lady Gaga – for our ;Its On Us; campaign against campus sexual assault. And when the Pope visited, Joe was even kind enough to let me talk to His Holiness, as well. Behind the scenes, Joes candid, honest counsel has made me a better President and a better Commander-in-Chief. From the Situation Room to our weekly lunches, to our huddles after everybody else has cleared out of the room, hes been unafraid to give it to me straight, even if we disagree – in fact, especially when we disagree. And all of this makes him, I believe, the finest Vice President we have ever seen. And I also think he has been a lion of American history. The best part is hes nowhere close to finished. In the years ahead, as a citizen, he will continue to build on that legacy, internationally and domestically. Hes got a voice of vision and reason and optimism, and a love for people. And were going to need that spirit and that vision as we continue to try to make our world safer and to make sure that everybody has got a fair shot in this country. So, all told, thats a pretty remarkable legacy. An amazing career in public service. It is, as Joe once said, a big deal. It is. But we all know that, on its own, his work – this list of accomplishments, the amazing résumé – does not capture the full measure of Joe Biden. I have not mentioned Amtrak yet or aviators. Literally. Folks dont just feel like they know Joe the politician, they feel like they know the person – what makes him laugh, what he believes, what he cares about, and where he came from. Pretty much every time he speaks, he treats us to some wisdom from the nuns who taught him in grade school – – or from an old Senate colleague. But, of course, more frequently cited – Catherine and Joseph, Sr., his mom and dad: ;No ones better than you, but youre better than nobody.; ;Bravery resides in every heart, and yours is fierce and clear.; ;And when you get knocked down, Joey, get up – get up.; ;Get up.; Thats where he got those broad shoulders. Thats where he got that Biden heart. And through his life, through trial after trial, he has never once forgotten the values and the moral fiber that made him who he is. Thats what steels his faith in God, and in America, and in his friends, and in all of us. When Joe talks to autoworkers whose livelihoods he helped save, we hear the son of a man who once knew the pain of having to tell his kids that he had lost his job.201702/490229。

8. Napoleon with Musical Farewell Guard of the Speech8. 拿破仑声情并茂告别卫队演讲稿I Want to Embrace You我要拥抱你们My dear comrade-in-arms:我亲爱的战友们:You will have to cherish yourselves. In the past twenty years, we have lived together. 你们一定要多保重。这20年来,我们一起生活,What you have done for me will make me not ask for more from you all. 你们为我所傲的一切让我别无他求。I often find you are always advancing on the glorious road. It is you that made the power of Europe join together in order to be strong enough to fight against us.而我也发现你们正行进在光荣之路上。因为有了你们,才使得欧洲强权必须联合起来才能有实力来对付我们。Some of my generals are not loyal to their duties and to France. France has still more things to do. 有些将军渎职并且不忠实于法国。法国还有好多的事情要面对。I wish I should rebel again with your brave comrade-in-arms who is loyal to me. 我真想和你们以及同我一直在的勇敢的人们再进行一次政变,But the France Parliament would not allow and would not agree. 但是法国国会不会赞同。So, please devote yourselves to your new king and obey your new commander. Please do not give up our lovely motherland.因此,请你们忠于新国玉,听从于新的指挥官。请不要遗弃我们可爱的祖国。201609/463399。

美国习惯用语系列讲座 2 Greasy spoon potluck今天我们要讲两个和吃东西有关的俗语。第一个是: “Greasy spoon” Greasy是油腻的意思,spoon是指调羹,也就是汤勺。Greasy和spoon这两个字合在一起就是指那些有点像夫妻老婆店那样的小饭馆。这些小饭馆一般来说菜谱上花色品种并不多,碗筷也好像不那么干净,装潢也不讲究,但是菜的味道倒不错,价钱也很公道。 下面我们来举个例子。这是一个丈夫在对他的的妻子讲话:例句-1:“Honey, let me take you out to dinner. But you know I don’t feel like dressing up to go someplace fancy. How about just going down the street to the greasy spoon and getting hamburgers.” 丈夫说:“亲爱的,让我带你去外面吃晚饭吧。不过,我实在不想穿得必恭必敬的去那些大饭馆。咱们就上街那头那个小饭馆去吃汉堡包,怎么样?” 下面我们再举一个例子,这是一个人在和朋友说话: 例句-2:“Mike, you ought to try the potstickers at that little Chinese joint on New York Avenue. It looks like a greasy spoon but the potstickers are great and the price is cheap.” 他说:“麦克,你得上纽约大街那个中国小饭馆去尝尝他们的锅贴。那饭馆看起来不像样,可是他们的锅贴味道真好,价钱又便宜。” 下面再讲第二个和吃东西有关的习惯用语: Potluck “Pot”的意思是锅子,luck是运气。可是,我们现在讲的potluck是一个字。Potluck作为一个字,它指的是美国一种经常举行的聚会形式。也就是在某一个人,或几个人的提议下举行一个午餐会或晚餐会,但是参加聚会的每个人都要带一个菜或者带一种饭后甜食。主人除了为聚会提供场地外,也只要准备一个菜,或买一些饮料就行了。这就叫作:“Potluck lunch” or “potluck supper”可以想象,举行Potluck的时候,大家能够尝到许多不同的食品。可是,要是你运气不好,好几个人带的东西你都不爱吃的话,那你就只好回家去那个greasy spoon吃点儿什么了。Potluck还有另外一个意思,那就是:有什么就要什么。用在吃的方面就成了:有什么吃什么的意思。比如,一个人碰到了好几年没见面的老朋友,他说: 例句-3:“Say, Charley, if you don’t have plans for tonight, why don’t you come out to our house and take potluck with us. Helen won’t have time to cook anything speical, but she can put an extra plate on the table for you.”上面我们讲了美国习惯用语的一些特点以及两个和吃东西有关的习惯用语。一个是:Greasy Spoon是指价廉物美的小饭馆。今天讲的另外一个词汇是potluck,是每个人都带一样菜的一种聚会。现在你就懂得下面这句话的意思了: 例句-4:“I’ve been so busy lately. Last week I went to a greasy spoon with a friend and this Sunday I’ve got to go a potluck.” 这句话的意思是:“我最近可忙了。上个周末我和一个朋友去一家小饭馆苑?这个星期天我得做一个菜去参加一个聚会。” /200601/2957。

Ⅲ SPORTS 7 American’s Favorites美 国 人 的 爱 好Part One Expressions1.Cal Ripken just hit a home run. 卡尔·利普金击出一个本垒打。2.What’s the score?比分是多少?3.Who’s winning?谁赢了?4.The referee just called a penalty on the home team.裁判判罚主场的球队。5.Baseball is America’s favorite pastime.棒球是美国人最喜欢的活动。6.What a hit!瞧这球!7.The quarterback threw a touchdown pass.四分卫触地得分。8.He shoots; he scores!他投篮得分!9.They are the Los Angeles Lakers’ star players.他们是洛杉矶湖人队的明星球员。10.Michael Jordan’s slam-dunks are beautiful things to watch.迈克·乔丹的灌篮真是好看。Part Two Dialogues1. Watch Games看比赛A: Here’s your hot dog and beer. What happened? Did I miss anything?B: Yeah, Cal Ripken just hit a home run.A: What’s the score?B: Well it was 3 to 4, but Ripken’s home run made it 5 to 4 since another player was on first base.A: So Baltimore is winning?B: Right.A: This is a really great place to watch a baseball game.B: Yeah, there isn’t a bad seat in the place.A: The fans are great here, too. Not like in Philadelphia.B: It was a great idea to spend a day watching a game.A: Yeah, it reminds you why they say baseball is America’s favorite pastime.A: 这是你的热和啤酒。情况怎么样?我错过了什么吗?B: 是呀,刚刚卡尔·利普金击了一个本垒打。A: 比分是多少?B: 刚才是3比4。因为有一个队员在1垒,利普金的本垒打将比分扳为5比4。A: 那么巴尔的队赢了?B: 是的。A: 这个地方看棒球比赛真不赖。B: 是啊,没有一个座位不好的那样。B: 花一天看看球赛真是个好主意。A: 是呀。这让人想起为什么人们说棒球是美国人最喜欢的活动。2. Football 美式橄榄球A: Wow, American football is more exciting than I thought.B: You’re in America now, my British friend. We just call it football.A: Oh, right. So, I can’t quite follow what’s going on…who’s winning? B: The Giants are up by three points because of the field goal they kicked, but the Redskins have the ball and there pretty close to the end zone.A: Wow! What a hit!B: Yeah, he tackled him so hard his helmet came off.A: Is he ok?B: It looks like it, he’s getting up.A: I guess he hit him too hard; the referee just called a penalty on the home team.B: The Giants?A: Yeah.B: Well, here we go again.A: What happened? Why did everyone get so quiet?B: The Redskin’s quarterback just threw a touchdown pass for seven points. We’re losing again.A: 哇,美式足球可比我想象的刺激多了。B: 我的英国朋友,你现在可是在美国,我们叫它橄榄球。A: 哦,对了。哦,我不知道情况怎么样了,谁赢了?B: 因为射门得分,巨人队领先3分。但现在是红人队控球,而且很接近底线区了。A: 哇,瞧这球!B: 是呀,他拼命抢球头盔都掉了。A: 他没事吧?B: 好像是,他站起来了。A: 我猜他强得太凶,裁判判罚主队。B: 你是说巨人队?A: 是呀。B: 哦,又继续打了。A: 怎么回事?大家都不说话了。B: 红人队的四分卫触地板回了7分,我们又输了。注:美式足球射门可得三分3. Favorite superstar喜爱的球星A: Who are those guys?B: Kobi Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, they are the Los Angeles Lakers’ star players.A: Oh.B: Wait a second. He shoots, he scores!A: All right!B: Here comes Jordan, though.A: Wow, Michael Jordan’s slam-dunks are beautiful things to watch.B: Yeah. He’s older, so he doesn’t slam, as much as he did when he was younger, but when he does, it’s still amazing.A: Which team do you think will win?B: The Lakers. Jordan is the only good player Washington has.A: 这些人是谁?B: 科比·布雷恩和奥尼尔,他们可是洛杉矶湖人队的明星球员。A: 哦。B: 等等。他投篮,得分了。A: 好的。B: 乔丹上场了。A: 哇,迈克·乔丹的灌篮可是精。B: 是呀,虽然年纪大了一些,也不想以前那么频繁地灌篮,但每一次出手,照样很精。A: 你觉得那个队会赢?B: 湖人队。乔丹可是华盛顿拥有的唯一的好球员。Part Three:Substitution Drills1.The player just hit a home run. (Baseball)/ scored a touchdown. (American Football)/shot a basket. (Basketball)这个球员(击了一个本垒打(棒球)/触地得分(橄榄球)/投篮命中(篮球))。2.What’s (the score/ the penalty/ the name of that player)?比分多少?/判罚什么?/那个球员叫什么名字?3.Who’s (winning/ahead/ in the lead)?谁(赢了/领先/居首位)?4.The referee just called a penalty on (the home team/the visitors/the offense /defense).裁判判罚(主场球队/观众/进攻/防守)的一方。5.Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. American football is America’s most popular sport to watch. Basketball is America’s favorite city sport.棒球是美国最受人欢迎的活动。美式足球是美国最受观众欢迎的运动。篮球是受欢迎的美国城市体育项目。6.What a hit! (Baseball amp; American football)/pass! (American football amp; Basketball)/shot! (Basketball)瞧这球(棒球和美式足球)/传球(美式足球和篮球)/ 投篮(篮球)。7.The quarterback threw a touchdown pass/an incomplete pass/an interception.四分卫 (触地得分/传球失败/的球被抢断)。8.He shoots; he scores/misses/throws an air-ball.他射门,(得分/偏了/球未挨到篮筐)。9.They are the Los Angeles Lakers’ star players/stars/ go-to guys.他们是洛杉矶湖人队的(明星球员/球星/主力队员)。10. (Michael Jordan’s slam-dunks/ Brett Favre’s passes/ Mark Maguire’s homeruns) are beautiful things to watch.(迈克·乔丹的灌篮/布雷特·费恩的传球/马克·玛格尔的本垒打)很精。 /200703/11568。