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And that is how I wash my hair in space on the International Space Station.这就是我在国际空间站 在太空中洗头的方式。Hi there,Ive had a lot of people ask me how I wash my hair in space and I thought Id show you how I do it.各位好。此前有很多人问我在太空中我是如何洗头的。我觉得是时候该表演真正的技术了。Lets see,to get started,these are the things I need;a bag of warm water,a little;no rinse; shampoo,a towel,and my comb.What I like to do is start by just putting some hot water squirt it onto my scalp,and I have a mirror here so I can kind of watch what Im doing,Sometimes the water gets away from here and youre trying to catch as much as you can.And i just work the water up through to the ends of my hair.好的。为了洗头 我需要这些东西;一袋温水。一点无水洗发液 一条毛巾 还有我的梳子。最开始 我一般会把一些热水。挤到头皮上这还有个镜子这样我就能看到自己在做什么了。有时水会从这跑出去 你就会把水尽可能多的抓回来。我把水向上抹 一直抹到头发的最顶端。And i take my ;no rinse; shampoo and squirt it also on the scalp;just a little bit and rub it in,again kind of working it out to the ends.And sometimes Ill actually take my comb to help work it all the way to the ends.现在我把无水洗发液拿出来 同样挤到头皮上;一点点就够了 把它揉到头发里,也差不多是把它揉到头发最顶端。有时我会用我的梳子来帮我把它们一直弄到头发末端。Then I like to take my towel while I have the shampoo in there and just kind of work it because without standing under running water,you kind of need use the towel a little bit to help get some of the dirt out.I like to follow that by a little more water.Its called ;no rinse;shampoo,but I think its best to use a little water with it,I actually feel kind of squeaky clean right now.And Ill take the dry part of my towel;之后 当头皮上沾满洗发液时 我喜欢用毛巾,差不多像这么做 因为在没有流水冲头的情况下,在一定程度上 你还是需要用毛巾来把灰擦出去的。之后,我会再用一点水。名义上它是“无水”洗发液 但我觉得还是加一点水为好。现在我倒是觉得头发挺干净了。现在我要用毛巾干的部分;We use towels for quite a while here,Since we have limited supplies,we use them wisely,There,I think thats pretty good.And now as my hair dries,as the water evaporates from my hair,it will become humidity in the air and then our air conditioning system will collect that into condensate and it wont be long,and our water processing system will turn that into drinking water.在这里 我们的毛巾得用好一阵。因为供给有限 所以我们得合理使用物资。嗯,目测还不错。现在我的头发慢慢变干,水从我的头发上蒸发出去,它将成为空气中的湿气,之后我们的空调系统会把它收集到冷凝器中 不久之后,我们的水处理系统会把它变成饮用水。At the end,I just do one final comb through to make sure there are no snarls and snags and while it dries,I like to let it stay free.I dont put it back in a pony tail while it is drying.And that is how I wash my hair in space on the International Space Station.最后 我只要再彻底梳一次头,来确保头发没有打结和缠绕的地方,当它变干时 我就这么让它自然地呆着。我不会在头发干燥时扎马尾辫。这就是我在国际空间站,在太空中洗头的方式。201501/351717And then theres all this stuff about, you know, how he died the sinister way in which he died.很多人都在讨论他是怎么死的,他死的有多痛苦。He had an aneurysm or the death hands got him or,you know...有人说他得了动脉瘤,也有的说他被死亡之手扼住了,众说纷纭。He was murdered.They gave him the dim mak, they gave him a death touch.他是被谋杀的,他们点了他的死穴。Theres absolutely positively something a little shady about the way that it all went down.他的过世怎么看都有些蹊跷。How he could pass away at that age,you know, but it does happen,so Ive learned to cope with it and deal with it.他怎么能这么年轻就走了,但一切是真的,我学会去面对它,接受它。But it always puzzled me.The fact that my family is cursed and the very sad and tragic circumstance that my brother died,those are sort of the themes that pop up.但这还是经常困扰我,我的家族被诅咒,我哥哥死时的那种悲伤的气氛,那种感觉又再次来临。They wrote so many stupid stories,the tong killing him and all that bullshit,and he died of drugs, that sold magazines.他们写了很多愚蠢的故事,帮会杀了他之类的胡言乱语,他吸毒而死,都是些杂志的卖点。Because he died in Betty TingPei s apartment,so theres no denying that.他死在丁佩的公寓中,这无可辩驳。The decision was made by the producers to say that he had died at home.制片人自作主张说他是死在家中的When that news got out that he had not died at home,the tabloid press went crazy.But my mom knew he had been at a meeting and doing his films.当他不是死在家中的消息传出后,小报沸腾了,但我妈妈知道他当时在开会讨论电影。She was dealing with his death and taking care of her kids and all of that gossip was just the tabloid press trying to make it bigger and crazier than it needed to be.她在筹办葬礼,照顾他的孩子,所有的传闻都是小报夸大其词,试图让这一切都变得离奇起来。201312/270711Throw a bachelor party that everyone will be sure to remember. At least, parts of it.举办一个所有人都难忘的告别单身聚会。至少,其中的部分内容令人印象深刻。You Will Need你需要Schedule日期安排Guest list宾客名单Budget预算Location地点Entertainment活动Camera照相机Car service (optional)汽车(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Schedule1.日期安排Schedule the party a few days before the wedding, but preferably at least a week ahead of time. Scheduling a party the night before the wedding is usually a mistake.将聚会时间安排在婚礼前几天,但是最好能提前至少一周。将单身聚会安排在婚礼的前一天晚上通常是错误的。Step 2 Invite friends and family2.邀请朋友和家人Invite the grooms male friends and relatives.邀请新郎的男性朋友和亲戚。Step 3 Set up a budget3.制定预算Plan a budget for the party and figure out how much each guest is willing to spend.制定聚会预算,算好每一位宾客乐意付多少。Overestimate the cost per person to make sure all the expenses are covered.尽量多预算一点,确保所有费用都包括在内。Step 4 Pick the location4.选择地点Pick a location for the party. Popular bachelor party destinations vary from Las Vegas to local bars to camping in the outdoors.选择聚会地点。受欢迎的单身汉聚会目的地从到当地酒吧到户外野营都可以。Hire a car service if the party includes drinking and no one wants to be the designated driver.如果聚会内容包括饮酒,任何人都不想做司机的话,可以考虑雇佣一辆汽车。Step 5 Plan activities5.策划活动Plan the evening so that theres never a dull moment. Consider hiring entertainment, going golfing, gambling, or camping.提前计划好当天晚上的活动,这样就不会索然无味。考虑雇佣道具,打高尔夫,或野营。Step 6 Have fun6.玩得开心Have fun. Bachelor parties are a chance for everyone to have a good time, but dont let it get too out of control.玩得开心一点。单身汉聚会是每一个人好好休闲的好机会,但是不要过分失去控制。Step 7 Take pictures7.照相Take lots of pictures at the party, but dont take pictures of anything too incriminating.在聚会上多照点相,但是不要照太不符合规矩的照片。Bachelor parties originated in fifth-century Sparta.单身汉聚会起源于五世纪的斯巴达。视频听力由。201311/265278Summer fashion is all about flirty silhouettes, fun fabrics, and effortless dressing. Highlight your assets by choosing a summer dress that suits your style and your figure.夏季时尚无外乎轮廓轻盈,布料有趣和穿着轻松。选择适合自己风格和体型的裙子,为自己的形象加分。You Will Need你需要Knowledge of your body type了解自己的体型Options选择权Jewelry (optional)首饰(可选)Strappy heels (optional)有带子的高跟鞋(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose clothes that complement your chest1.选择适合胸部形状的衣Concentrate on details that draw the eye away from your chest if youre large-busted. Look for pretty empire waists and sleek necklines that de-emphasize the bust. Also look for full, bra-friendly straps that offer additional support.如果你的胸部比较丰满,集中在可以将人们的视线从胸部转移的细节。高腰或有曲线的领口都能弱化你的胸部。另外,宽肩带同样能为你的穿着加分。Tip: Coordinate your jewelry to your dress. Opt for a chunky necklace to highlight a maxidress, or wear pop-inspired earrings with a mod minidress. Classic bangles and gold chains also work well with most every dress.小贴士:配戴能搭配你裙子的首饰。用粗项链搭配长裙,或用时尚耳环来搭配迷你短裙。手镯和金链子是裙子的百搭饰品。Step 2 Choose clothes that complement your hips2.选择修饰臀部的裙子Balance a pear shape with a fluid bottom to cover the hips, and play up your arms and neckline. Try a strapless or halter dress with an empire waist, or opt for an A-line tunic, which draws the eye upward.用流线型底部的裙子来掩盖梨形的臀部,突出手臂和领口部位。试一试裹胸或露背的高腰连衣裙,或能够将注意力移到脖颈的A字形连衣裙。Tip: Accessorize a pretty dress with strappy sandals. Try ladylike kitten heels or low-heeled slides. Espadrilles and mules are other summertime footwear favorites and work well with tropical-themed dresses.小贴士:高跟凉鞋是搭配裙子的最好选择了。中跟鞋或低跟凉鞋也是女士的最爱。帆布鞋和凉拖也是夏季的百搭鞋品,尤其是搭配热带风情的裙子效果最好。Step 3 Create curves3.营造动人曲线Create curves to soften a slim, boyish figure with a V-neck halter dress, or try layers of ruffles to create a soft shape.Look for vertical stitches and seams, which achieve the illusion of curves.用V字领吊带连衣裙营造身体曲线来柔化中性化的体型,或是选择分层有褶皱的裙子。选择垂直剪裁的连衣裙将能更好地营造柔美身形。Step 4 Dont overwhelm a petite frame4.避免过度夸张Avoid overwhelming a petite frame. Try a bold, colorful dress, but keep it in proportion with neutral accessories — basic dress cuts flatter a smaller figure. Check out tunics, shifts, and tank dresses that elongate your frame.试试设计大胆,色艳丽的连衣裙。但你要避免穿着过度夸张,可以选择中性化的饰品来搭配夸张的裙子。基本款式的裙子会显得你体型娇小。选择那些有拉长效果,能体现你窈窕身姿的连衣裙。Step 5 De-emphasize apple shape5.苹果型身材慎选衣Skim your midsection if you have an apple shape. Look for dresses with a flattering neckline, such as an empire waist, that elongates the torso. Emphasize your lower half with fluid, A-line skirts.如果你是下肢纤长腰腹丰腴的苹果型身材,就要选择夸张领口设计的连衣裙,例如高腰裙子能在视觉效果上加长下身。你也可以选择A字裙来强调身体的流线型。Fact: Actress Debbie Reynolds owns the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.你知道吗?演员黛比·雷诺斯拥有巨星玛丽莲梦露在《七年之痒》中那款白色裙装。视频听力译文由。201404/286716

The inscriptions give us the name of King Den and, between him and the enemy, are the chilling words they shall not exist. This other is going to be obliterated. Who he is we dont know but, to the right of the label, is an inscription which s: the first occasion of smiting the east. And, as the sandy ground beneath the figures rises to the right-hand side, its been suggested that the enemy comes from the east, from Sinai. All the tricks of savage political propaganda are aly here-the ruler calm and victorious, the alien misshapen, defeated enemy.这铭文告诉了我们这法老的名字是丹,然后在他与他的敌人之间是一句令人心寒的话:“他们不得存在。”这些“他们”终将被消灭。虽然我们不知道这里的“他们”指的是谁,不过这标签的右侧刻的是:“第一次东征”。而且在人物形像脚下的沙质地面向东方延伸,这说明了敌人是来自于东部的,有人在猜,也许是西奈半岛。总之,这里集中体现了所有野蛮的政治宣传伎俩:顺我者昌,逆我者亡。The area that this Egyptian state was able to coerce and control is staggering; at its height, it included virtually all the Nile Valley from the Delta to what is modern Sudan, as well as a huge area to the east up to the borders of Sinai. We asked archaeologist Toby Wilkinson what state building on this scale required:当时埃及国王能够进行强权统治的疆土范围之大令人咋舌,在王朝鼎盛时期,几乎囊括整个尼罗河谷,从三角洲到现代苏丹,向东直达西奈半岛的边界。我们请教了考古学家托比?威尔金森,到底建设这么大规模的王朝需要什么呢?;Well obviously this is an early period in Egypts history, when the nation is still being consolidated, not so much territorially as ideologically and psychologically. And the king and his advisers are looking for ways to reinforce Egypts sense of its own nationhood, and support for their regime.“嗯,显然这是埃及历史上一个早期的阶段,国家仍旧在扩张兼并中,思想上与心理上还没形成一种固定疆土的理念。法老与他的智囊团不断地寻找可以进一步强化埃及自身的国家民族意识及持他们政权的方法。And I think they realised, as world leaders have realised throughout history, that nothing binds a nation and a people together quite so effectively as a foreign war against a common enemy, whether that enemy is real or manufactured.我认为他们已经意识到了,作为世界各国领导人都清楚的一点,纵观历史,对于一个国家或一个民族而言,没有什么比团结一致对抗一个共同敌人具有更大的约束力与凝聚力,这敌人真实也好,假想也罢,都无所谓。201405/302156

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