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When I was young, my household consisted of my mother, my grandmother, and my uncle. I had no contact with my father. My mother took a passive role in my upbringing causing my grandmother to raise me primarily. I lost her to severe pneumonia when I was 10.在我小的时候,家庭是由妈妈、外婆和舅舅组成的。我没有关于父亲的任何音讯。主要是外婆带我,母亲在我的成长过程中所扮演的角色非常被动。(可惜)在我10岁的时候外婆就因患上急性肺炎去世了。My mother tried to continue my grandmother#39;s efforts; although, began to fall short. She did not work and withdrew most days leaving me to my own actions/thoughts. My uncle, who was providing all financial support passed when I was 11 leaving my mother and myself with no financial support.母亲试图接下外婆的角色(来带我)然而好景不长。她不去工作,也不管我,大部分时间让我想做什么就做什么。11岁以前我和母亲生活,生活费都是舅舅出的,在我和母亲分开以后,就再也没有经济柱了。With my mother’s withdrawal from life, little financial skills, and poor organization. I did not have food, clothes, or discipline. After an investigation by child services, I was placed in foster care. Upon returning to my mother#39;s care, I had lost hope of a ;normal; life.母亲从我的生活淡出,而我也不具备任何挣钱的技能,收容机构的条件也很差,所以我吃不饱、穿不暖,也没有约束。在儿童务机构调查以后,我被加入了领养儿童名单。想到母亲对我的“照顾”,我对于“正常”的生活也不抱什么希望了。Prior to placement in foster care, I had volunteered at the local hospital to gain hospital experience, since I had wanted to be a doctor. After the foster home experience, I felt alone and destitute. I saw no hope of obtaining such a grand educational journey.在被领养之前,我在当地的一家医院参加志愿者活动,累计了一些医院务的经验,在那以后我想成为一名医生。在领养家庭的生活让我感觉到孤独与贫困,想到要求学路的漫长和花销,我感到非常的无望。At the age of 20, my son was born and I began working long hours. I continued to work; although, had many ups and downs along the path. My mother passed away when I was 23 leaving me with no close family.20岁那年我的儿子出生了,我开始延长工作时间。我一直不停地工作,其中也是波折不断。23岁那年母亲去世,除了我没有什么亲密的家人。I struggled with the gap in my life and felt alone, but continued on and was married at the age of 24. My daughter was born and I promised myself to strive higher in life. I took a chance and applied for a better job, which would double my salary —I was accepted!我感到人生的无常,感到孤独。但是生活依然继续24岁那年我结婚了,我的女儿出生了,我暗自许诺要过更好的生活。我抓住机会申请到了一个更好的工作,工资翻倍,而且被录用了!My life was again changed due to divorce and a lay-off at 27 years old. For my children, I decided to pursue college and my dream. Succeed or not, at least I tried. I began at the local community college and was then able to transfer to a 4-year college for a degree in Biology. I applied to 5 medical schools in the area to stay close to my children. I was accepted in 2006.27岁那年我的人生又发生了转折,我离婚还失业了。为了我的孩子,我决定去上学。不管成败与否,最起码我尝试过。我开始在当地的社区大学学习然后才能转入四年制的大学生物专业获得学位。为了和我的孩子们离得近,我申请了5所医学院。2006年我接到了入学通知。I dedicated myself and did not let anything distract me from my goal. I am now a practicing physician and could not be happier. I did eventually become close to my father only to lose him a few months before my medical school graduation. I am close with my son, who is now 22 and my daughter, who will soon be 18.我全心投入来达到自己的目标,不想让任何事情分心。现在我是一个职业医师,心愿达成,感觉圆满。在医学院的毕业典礼之前的几个月我的父亲去世了,这是我第一次了解他。现在我和孩子关系很近,儿子已经22岁,女儿也快成人。I continue to be inspired by those I meet who have gone through much worse than I and have achieved success. We can all obtain so much in our lives. I hope this story provides you hope.那些与我相比更加经历人世悲苦最终实现自我获得成功的人的故事,总是能打动激励我。生活教会我了我们这么多。如果我的故事也能给你带去希望那便好。 /201704/502841

  Many of us love the hot kick of a curry searing with chili peppers and ginger. Some can#39;t stand the burn.许多人都喜欢咖喱热辣的口感,因为辣椒和生姜会烧灼人的口腔。不过有些人却不能忍受这种火烧般的感觉。But spice-phobes should consider a change of heart - since new research shows these two ingredients combine to create a compound that fights cancer.但是香料恐惧症患者们应该考虑改变一下看法了--因为最新研究发现,辣椒和生姜结合在一起会产生一种可以治疗癌症的化合物。The finding, from the American Chemical Society, builds on previous studies that suggested a property in chili peppers (capsaicin) fuels tumor growth.美国化学协会的这一发现建立在之前的研究的基础上。该研究指出,辣椒中的一种成分(辣椒素)会促进肿瘤的生长。However, according to the new research, capsaicin can be turned into a cancer-fighting property when combined with ginger#39;s pungent compound 6-gingergol.不过,最新研究指出,当辣椒素和生姜成分姜辣素合成在一起的时候,可以形成一种治疗癌症的物质。Ginger has long been touted as a health food, recommended to patients for everything from a cold to a severe disease as it stimulates anti-inflammatory cells.长久以来人们一直盛赞生姜是一种健康食品。小到感冒,大到严重疾病的病人都会被推荐食用生姜,因为生姜可以刺激抗炎症细胞。Over several weeks, the ACS researchers fed mice prone to lung cancer either capsaicin or 6-gingerol alone, or a combination of both.在过去的几个星期里,美国化学协会的研究员们给一群易患肺癌的小白鼠喂食了辣椒素、姜辣素以及两者的混合物。During the study period, all of the mice that received only capsaicin developed lung carcinomas while only half of the mice fed 6-gingerol did.在研究期间,所有喂食辣椒素的小白鼠都患上了肺癌,而只喂食姜辣素的小白鼠中只有一半患上了肺癌。Surprisingly, an even lower percentage - only 20 per cent - of the mice given both compounds developed cancer.令人吃惊的是,在喂食辣椒素和姜辣素混合物的小白鼠中,只有20%患上了肺癌。The researchers also dug into the potential molecular underpinnings of how the compounds interact to lead to this effect.研究员们还对这种化合物到底是如何导致这种结果的分子基础进行了研究。 /201609/466403



  1. “Goodnight Moon”《晚安,月亮》“Goodnight Moon” doesn’t really have much of a story. The book is just a description of certain things like kittens, a mouse and a quiet old lady. There are also mittens, a toy house and even a cow. The author introduces everything in the beginning and then says goodnight each of them at the end.《晚安,月亮》并不是一个真正意义上的故事。这本书只是描述了某些东西,比如猫咪们、一只老鼠和一位安静的老太太。还有连指手套、一座玩具屋,甚至有一头奶牛。这位作者在开始介绍了上述的一切,然后在结尾时向他们道声晚安。“Goodnight Moon” uses repetition of the same sentence structures with different vocabulary, which is great for English learners. For example, one line in the book s, “Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon.” This is really helpful for learning a lot of new words.《晚安,月亮》重复使用相同的句式,但是词汇不同,这对英语学习者而言很棒。例如,书里有一行写道, “晚安,房间。晚安,月亮。晚安,跳过月亮的奶牛。”这对学习许多新词很有帮助。Most of the story is made of short two- and three-word sentences, which is why I have listed it as the easiest book here.大部分的故事是由两三个单词的句子组成,这是我将它列为最简单书目的原因。2. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” 《饥饿的毛毛虫》“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is about a caterpillar who eats more and more food during a week. The book starts with a little caterpillar who comes out of its egg and starts searching for food. He does this every day.《 饥饿的毛毛虫》是关于一只一周内越吃越多的毛毛虫。这本书以一只小毛毛虫从卵里孵出来,开始寻找食物作开篇,他每天都在做这件事。In the beginning, the caterpillar eats healthily, such as fruit and vegetables. Later, the caterpillar begins to eat junk food more and more, until its stomach hurts. Because of this, the caterpillar decides to eat something good again and it feels better. In the end, the caterpillar wraps up into a cocoon and soon becomes a butterfly.开始,这只毛毛虫吃得很健康,比如水果和蔬菜。后来,这只毛毛虫开始吃越来越多的垃圾食品,直到它的胃受伤。因此,毛毛虫决定再吃些好东西,也感觉舒起来。最后,毛毛虫化茧成蝶。This children’s book is great for learning essential English words, such as numbers, foods and days of the week. Once again, repetition is very important for improving your English, and this book has lots of great repetition.这本童书对学习基础英语单词而言很棒,比如数词、食物和一周七天。再说一次,重复对提高英语来书很重要,这本书有许多很好的重复。3. “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” 《如果你给驼鹿一块松饼》“If You Give a Moose a Muffin” is about a moose who always wa00nts something more in his life. First, he wants a muffin. Then he wants some jam to go with it. When he’s finished eating, he wants some more until they’re all gone. Then, he asks you to make more, and more…《如果你给驼鹿一块松饼》是关于一头在生活中总是想要更多西的驼鹿。开始,他想要一块松饼。接着他想要一些搭配松饼吃的果酱。当他吃完了,他想要更多,直到吃完所有松饼。接着,他让你再多做一些,再多一些……This book is one of the shortest on the list, and its language uses a lot of future tense. This means most of the sentences have the verb “will” in them. For example, “If you give a moose a muffin he’ll want some jam to go with it.” This book is especially helpful for learning future tense and its contractions (he’ll, you’ll, etc.).这本书是名单中最短的一本,而且语言用了许多将来时。这意味着许多句子里有“将要”这个词。例如,“如果你给驼鹿一块松饼,他即将要一些搭配松饼吃的果酱”。这本书对学习将来时和相关的缩写尤其有帮助。If you like this book, you’ll probably also like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” written by the same author.如果你喜欢这本书,你或许也会喜欢同一位作者写的《如果你给老鼠一块曲奇》。4. “Curious George”《好奇乔治》“Curious George” is very famous series about a monkey named Curious George. The word “curious” means to be interested in knowing more about something. Curious George is a little too curious, which causes humans to catch him and bring him to their big city.《好奇乔治》是连载故事,关于一只名为好奇乔治的猴子,非常出名。“好奇”这个词意味着对某些事情想了解地更多。好奇乔治是一个小好奇,这引得人类抓住他并将他带去了大城市。There, the monkey creates all sorts of problems. He calls the fire department, ends up in prison (jail), escapes from prison, is carried into the sky by balloons and eventually, he arrives safely in the zoo.在那儿,这只猴子制造了各种各样的问题,他打电话给消防部门,被关进监狱,逃狱,被气球带飞到天上,最后,他安全地到达动物园。This book uses a lot of short, simple sentences, which makes it very easy to for English learners. For example, “One day George saw a man. He had on a large yellow straw hat. The man saw George too.” As you can tell, the sentences are very short and choppy, which is what makes “Curious George” a great for both children and English learners.这本书用了许多短而简单的句子,对英语学习者而言很容易阅读。例如,“一天,乔治看到一个人。他戴着一顶很大的黄色草帽。这个人也看到了乔治。”正如你可以看到的,这些句子很短,不连贯,使《好奇乔治》成为孩子和英语学习者很棒的读物。5. “The Giving Tree”《给予的树》In this story, a boy loves to play in an apple tree, and the apple tree loves when the boy plays with her. The boy gets older, though, and doesn’t play in the tree anymore. Later in life, he comes back to the tree to ask her for help in life. The tree helps the boy because she loves him. In the end, the boy comes back to the tree one final time as an old man, and uses the tree’s stump (the short part that’s left after a tree is cut down) to sit, making the tree happy.在这个故事里,一个男孩喜欢在苹果树上玩,这时候苹果树也很喜欢。可是男孩日渐长大,再也不在树上玩了。后来,他回到树身边寻求帮助,这棵树因为爱他帮助了他。后来,男孩成为一位老人,最后一次回到树的身边,坐在树墩上,让它开心。This book has such a deep meaning, and it is fun to at the same time. This book uses its simple words to create one clear idea, making it an easy .这本书意义深刻,同时读起来又很有乐趣。这本书用简单的词汇创造出一个清晰的概念,使它简单易读。 /201609/466165A British man could become the first person in the world to be cured of HIV using a new therapy designed by a team of scientists from five UK universities.通过使用由英国五所大学科学家团队设计的最新疗法,英国一名男子可能会成为全球首个治愈患艾滋病的人。The 44-year-old is one of 50 people currently trialling a treatment which targets the disease even in its dormant state.这位44岁的男子是50位当前接受该疗法的其中一位,其旨在消灭处于休眠期的病毒。Scientists told The Sunday Times that presently the virus is completely undetectable in the man#39;s blood and if it remains that way it will be the first complete cure.科学家们向《星期日泰晤士报》透露,当前该男子的血液中完全检测不到病毒了,如果一直这样,那么他将是首例完全治愈的病人。;This is one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV,; said Mark Samuels, managing director of the National Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure.英国国家临床研究基础设施健康研究所负责人马克·萨缪尔斯表示:;这是一次尝试完全治愈HIV的严肃试验。;;We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV. This is a huge challenge and it#39;s still early days but the progress has been remarkable.;;我们在探索治愈艾滋病的可能性,虽然现在还只处于研究的初期,但已经有了很好的进展。;The trial is being undertaken by researchers from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London and King#39;s College London.负责该试验的研究人员来自牛津大学、剑桥大学、帝国理工学院、伦敦大学学院和伦敦国王学院。HIV is so difficult to treat because it targets the immune system, splicing itself into the DNA of T-cells so that they not only ignore the disease, but turn into viral factories which reproduce the virus.HIV很难治愈,因为它以免疫系统为攻击对象,将自己与T细胞的DNA结合,这样一来T细胞不仅会忽视这一疾病,还会转化为复制该病毒的病毒性工厂。Current treatments, called anti-retroviral therapies (Art), which cannot spot dormant infected T-cells.目前的主要治疗方法是抗逆转录疗法,但是它无法识别休眠的受感染的T细胞。More than 100,000 people in Britain are living with HIV, around 17 per cent of whom do not know they have the disease, and 37 million are infected worldwide.英国有超过10万名HIV感染者,其中约17%不知道自己得了此病,而全球共计约有3700万感染者。 /201610/469805

  Businesswoman and all-around fashion legend Iris Apfel had two important things to celebrate: thelaunch of her fashion brand and her 95th birthday.女企业家兼全能时尚传奇爱瑞斯.阿普费尔有两件重要的事情要庆祝一下:她的时尚品牌发布了以及她的95岁生日。The forever young icon was pretty much the best advertisement for the collection that she curated.对于爱瑞斯策划的时装系列,这位青春永驻达人几乎可作为最佳广告了。Some fashion icons are reluctant to be frank about a burning topic: ageism and that oft-used expression, ;dressing for your age.; However, Apfel has earned every right to say what she wants.一些时尚达人不愿意坦诚地面对一个很重要的问题:年龄主义,以及那句常说的什么年龄就穿什么衣。不过,阿普费尔有充分的权利说自己想说的话。;I think that#39;s stupid,; Apfel says. 我认为(在意年龄)是很傻的一件事, 阿普费尔说道。;I think [designers are] all entirely youth-oriented. 我觉得(设计师们)全都是以年轻人为导向的。I think a lot of designers create very expensive clothes for women [in their] 60s and 70s and they create them for 16- and 18-year-old bodies. 许多设计师为六七十岁的女士设计非常昂贵的装,但那些装却是按照16岁和18岁的身材设计的。The kids can#39;t afford to buy them and the women look like a horse#39;s ass if they put it on. 孩子们买不起这些衣,而(年长的)女士们穿上去看起来像个傻瓜。So it#39;s all out of whack.;所以,这些都不正常。;I think if a woman has her own style and knows who she is, she doesn#39;t have to dress for being 60 or 20 or 90,; she says.我认为如果一位女士有自己的风格,并且了解自己的话,她不需要因为是20岁、60岁或90岁而穿不一样的衣,她说道。;I mean, there are just some certain things that older women shouldn#39;t do.They shouldn#39;t wear mini skirts. 我的意思是,只有某些事情是年长女性不应该做的。They shouldn#39;t wear very high heels. They shouldn#39;t wear too much makeup. Things like that which are just common sense.; Apfel adds. 她们不应该穿迷你裙,不应该穿鞋跟太高的鞋子,不应该化太浓的妆,诸如此类,都是常识。阿普费尔补充道。;I always say it#39;s more important to be happy than well dressed. 我总是在说,开开心心比穿得漂亮更重要。Do your own thing. I don#39;t sit and judge anybody. 去做自己的事。我不会坐下来评判任何人。I think it#39;s nice to look in a mirror once in awhile.;我认为偶尔照照镜子很不错。 /201609/465367



  Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of the US president, came out in support of Chinese fashion designer Wang Tao last Saturday.上周六,美国总统特朗普的小女儿蒂法妮·特朗普现身并持中国时装设计师王陶。Along with her mother Marla Maples and boyfriend Ross Mechanic, Trump sat in the front row at the Taoray Wang show for New York Fashion Week.在纽约时装周的王陶时装秀上,蒂法妮·特朗普在母亲玛拉·梅普尔斯和男友罗斯·梅凯尼克的陪同下在前排就座。;She#39;s an amazing designer,; Trump said backstage before the show, explaining that she became a fan of Shanghai-based Wang after a show in September.节目开始前,蒂法妮·特朗普在后台表示:“王陶是位非常棒的设计师。” 她解释说,去年9月在看过来自中国上海的王陶的一场时装秀后,她就成了王陶的粉丝。Last month, she wore a custom-made white, double-breasted Taoray Wang coat to the inauguration of her father Donald Trump as president of the ed States.就在上个月,她曾身着王陶订制的白色双排扣大衣参加了父亲唐纳德·特朗普的总统就职典礼。Tiffany Trump said she is keen to see the work of more Chinese designers. ;I#39;ve never been to China, but maybe one of these days, I would love to,; she added.蒂法妮·特朗普称,她渴望看到更多中国设计师的作品。她还表示:“虽然我从未去过中国,但也许最近某天,我就会去中国看看。”After spending 14 years as creative director of Shanghai womenswear brand Broadcast: Bo, Wang debuted the Taoray Wang label in New York City in fall 2014. She has returned every season since.在担任了上海女装品牌Broadcast:播的创意总监14年后,王陶的装品牌Taoray Wang于2014年秋天首次亮相纽约。此后每季她都会回到纽约。Taoray Wang targets ;powerful, professional and modern women who want to be stylish, elegant and sexy;, the designer said.王陶表示,Taoray Wang品牌定位于“那些有权力的、专业的、又不失时尚、优雅、性感的现代女性。” /201702/494197


  Hey, you#39;ve seen #39;My Little Pony#39;,#39;Barbie goes surfing#39;, #39;Tinker Bell and the Winter Fairy#39; ...嘿,你竟然看过“《小马宝莉》”,“《芭比去冲浪》”,《奇妙仙子》和《冬天童话》……Never watch Netflix on a first date绝对不要在第一次约会时上Netflix(美国的一家在线影片租赁务商) /201611/479221

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