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My Favorite Program -- :8: 来源: My Favorite ProgramNowadays more and more programs are shown every day. My favorite program is "Discovery" which is broadcasted by CCTV at 5' clock every other afternoon, except weekends.The program provides us with knowledge in natural and scientific aspects. I like to know about the secrets of animals and some scientific research.I acquire some knowledge about nature and science of the past, present and even the future. It is an interesting as well as instructive program.Besides, the pictures are very vivid and beautiful. It' s really a great joy to watch it. Ifyou don't believe what I said, just watch it by yourself. and then you will know I am right.我最喜欢的节目如今,每天的节目越来越多我最喜欢的节目是“发现”,这个节目除周末外,隔天下午五点在中央电视台播放这个节目为我们讲述了自然和科学领域的知识我想知道一些有关动物和科学研究的秘密我获得了从前、现在和未来的自然科学知识这个节目不仅有趣,而且很有教育意义此外,节目的画面逼真美丽观看这个节目真是一种享受如果你不相信我的话,就请亲自看看,到那时你就知道我说的没错。

  • 功夫熊猫1中英文字幕 --7 3:: 来源: -Narrator: Legend tells of a legendary warrior...legend: 传奇 legendary: 传奇的 warrior: 武士传奇故事传颂着一名传奇武士,whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.他的功夫出神入化He traveled the land in search of worthy foes.in search of: 寻找 foe: 敌人他走遍天涯,独孤求败,-Demon: I see you like to chew.chew: 咀嚼,咬你挺喜欢吃啊,Maybe you should chew on my fist!有种就吃了我的拳头!-Narrator: The warrior said nothing his mouth was full.武士一言不发,因为正忙着吃,Then he swallowed.然后一口吞下,And then he spoke.开口道:“Enough talk. Let's fight! Shashabooey! Shashabooey!”“别废话,动手吧!沙哈波易!沙哈波易!”-Narrator: He was so deadly in fact他的一招一式如此彪悍that his enemies would go blind from over exposure to pure awesomeness.exposure: 暴露 pure: 完全的 awesomeness: 敬畏他的敌人目不暇接,只有瞠目结舌的份儿-Demon: My eyes!我的眼睛!-Rabbit1: He's too awesome!awesome: 令人惊叹的他太彪悍了!-Rabbit: And attractive!太有魅力了!-Rabbit1: How Can We repay you?我们何以回报?-Warrior: There is no charge awesomeness.awesomeness: 非凡的伟大不求回报Or attractiveness.attractiveness: 魅力迷人更无所需Kablooey! Kablooey!哼哼哈哈!哼哼哈哈!-Narrator: It mattered not how many foes he faced.他征战无数They were no match his body!无人堪与匹敌,Never bee had a panda been so feared!从没有哪只熊猫能让人如此恐惧,And so loved.又让人如此爱戴Even the most heroic heroes in China,即使是神州大地之上最英勇的勇士们the Furious Five,furious: 凶猛的勇猛五杰, bowed in respect to this great master.也心怀敬意地拜倒在这位大师脚下-Monkey: We should hang out.hang out: 出去咱出去玩玩怎样?-Warrior: Agreed.同意-Narrator: But hanging out would have to wait.但出去玩的事情得先放一边,Because when you're facing the 000 demons of shemon Mountaindemon: 恶魔因为尚有万千暴徒待铲除,there's only one thing that matters and that's...正经事只有一件,就是……-Monkey: Po! Get up!Po,快起床!You'll be later work!要误了生意了!-Po: What?什么?[Scene: the dream is over, and Po gets up to work.]-Dad: Po! Get up!Po,快起床!Po. What are you doing up there?Po,你磨蹭啥呢?-Po: Nothing.没啥Monkey! Mantis! Crane! Viper! Tigress!mantis: 螳螂 crane: 鹤 viper: 毒蛇Monkey! Mantis! Crane! Viper! Tigress!-Dad: Po! Let's go! You're late work.Po!快点,都误了生意了-Po: Coming!来啦……Sorry, dad.对不起,老爸-Dad: Sorry doesn't make the noodles.对不起可变不出面条来What were you doing up there?你在搞什么名堂?All that noise.稀里哗啦的-Po: Nothing. I just had a crazy dream.没什么,就是个乱七八糟的梦-Dad: About what?什么梦?What were you dreaming about?梦到什么了?-Po: What was I...?梦到了……我梦见了……I was dreaming about...我梦见了……...noodles.……面条-Dad: Noodles?面条?You were really dreaming about noodles?你真梦见面条了?-Po: Yeah. What else would I be dreaming about?没错不然还能梦见啥?Careful! That soup is sharp.小心!汤很锋利哦(有飞镖)-Dad: Oh, happy day!哦,太让人高兴了!My son finally having the noodle dream!我儿子终于梦到面条了!You don't know how long I've been waiting this moment.哦,你不知道我等这一刻都等了多久!This is a sign, Po.sign: 迹象这是个好兆头,Po-Po: A sign of what?什么好兆头?You are almost y to be entrusted with the secret ingredient of my Secret Ingredient Soup.entrust: 委托 ingredient: 原料我终于可以把我的私酿密汤的配方传给你了Then you will fulfill your destiny and take over the restaurant!destiny: 命运 take over: 继承这样你就能不辱使命,继承这间饭馆了As I took it over from my father who took it over from his father...就像我子承父业,父承祖父业一样,...who won it from a friend in mahjong.mahjong: 麻将这店可是爷爷来麻将从朋友手里赢来的-Po: Dad, Dad, Dad, it was just a dream.老爸,老爸,这不过是场梦-Dad: No, it was the dream.不,这是注定的梦We are noodle folk.folk: 特定集团中的人我们是面条世家,Broth runs through our veins.broth: 肉汤 vein: 静脉流淌着肉汤面条的血脉-Po: But, Dad, didn't you ever want to do something else?可是,老爸,你有没有……想过做点别的?Something besides noodles?除了面条之外的?-Dad: Actually, when I was young and crazy,其实,我还年少轻狂的时候,I thought about running away and learning how to make tofu.曾想过离家出走,学做豆腐-Po: Why didn't you?那你干吗不做?-Dad: Because it was a stupid dream.因为这是个黄梁蠢梦,Can you imagine me making tofu?你能想象我做豆腐的样子吗?Tofu.豆腐?No! We all have our place in this world.别提了!我们各有其命Mine is here,我就是面条命,and yours is...而你……-Po: I know, is here.我知道了,也是面条命-Dad: No!it's at tables , 5, 7 and .错!是号桌,5号桌,7号桌还有号桌Service with a smile.别忘了微笑务[Scene: in the Jade Palace, Master and his students are playing kungfu, and the bad news comes. ]-Master: Well done, students...干得好,徒儿们!if you were trying to disappoint me.如果还有什么想让我挑剔的地方,就是Tigress, you need more ferocity!ferocity: 凶猛Tigress,力道要更强!Monkey, greater speed.Monkey,速度要更快Crane, height.Crane,更高Viper, subtlety. Mantis...subtlety: 微妙Viper,更精准Mantis……-Zeng: Master Shifu.大师傅-Master: What?!插什么嘴?!-Zeng: It's Master Oogway.是Oogway大师,He wants to see you.他想见您-Master: Master Oogway, you summoned me?summon: 召唤Oogway大师,您召见我Is something wrong?是出什么事了吗?- Oogway: Why must something be wrong me to want to see my old friend?为何非要出事才能与老友相聚呢?-Master: So nothing's wrong?这么说,没出啥事?-Oogway: Well, I didn't say that.我倒也没这么说,-Po: You were saying?您是说……-Oogway: I have had a vision.vision: 幻觉我看见了些幻相,Tai Lung will return.Tai Lung会重现江湖-Master: That is impossible! He is in prison.这不可能!他还在牢里呢-Oogway: Nothing is impossible.一切皆有可能(阿迪达斯赞助了?)-Master: Zeng!Zeng!Fly to Ohorh-Gom prison and tell them,马上飞到桃岗天牢去告诉他们,to double the guards, double their weapons, double everything!看守加倍,兵器加倍,什么都加倍,Tai Lung does not leave that prison!确保Tai Lung不会越狱-Zeng: Yes! Master Shifu!遵命!师傅大师-Oogway: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.avoid: 拒绝有言,子欲避之,反促遇之-Master: We must do something!我们不能无动于衷!We can't let him march on the valley,march on: 向...推进 valley: 山谷我不能让他来谷中泄愤,take his revenge!take revenge: 报复以报私恨He'll...他会……-Oogway: Your mind is like this water my friend.你心如此水,老朋友When it is agitated it becomes difficult to see.agitated: 不安的乱则不明But if you allow it to settle...但若心如止水,...the answer becomes clear.……便尽现眼前The Dragon Scroll.dragon: 龙 scroll: 卷轴龙之卷轴It is time.是时候了-Master: But who?可传给谁?Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power?谁能有能力继承这无限的力量?To become the Dragon Warrior?warrior: 武士成为“龙武士”?-Oogway: I don't know.我亦不知[Scene: Master Oogway is going to choose the “Dragon Warrior”, and Po goes to see the selection, and the unexpected thing happens.]-Po: Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry.借过,抱歉,-Customer: Watch it!嘿,看着点走!-Po: Sorry.对不起,-Customer: Suck it up!suck up: 吸收(吸尽)把这个擦掉!-Po: Sorry. A thousand pardons.对不起,一千个抱歉What?什么?Master Oogway's choosing the Dragon Warrior! Today!Oogway大师选龙武士?!今天!Everyone! Get to the Jade Palace!jade: 大伙们,快去宫!One of the Five is gonna get the Dragon Scroll!五杰之一要得到龙卷轴了!We've waited 00 years this!千年等一回啊!Take the bowl!吃完就快去啊!This is the greatest day in kung fu history! Just go!今天是功夫史上最伟大的一天,(别操心付账了)快去吧!-Dad: Po! Where are you going?Po!你要去哪儿?-Po: To the Jade Palace.去宫-Dad: You're getting your noodle cart.cart: 搬运车可你忘了你的面条车了,The whole valley will be there and you'll sell noodles to all of them.整个山谷的居民都会去,你就可以大卖特卖了-Po: Selling noodles?卖面条?But, Dad, I was thinking, maybe I...可是,老爸,我在想我可不可以……-Dad: Yeah?什么?-Po: I was thinking Maybe I...我在想我可不可以……could also sell the bean buns.bean: 豆 bun: 圆形小点心可不可以也顺道卖点绿豆糕,They're about to go bad.它们快坏了That's my boy!真是个好孩子!I told you that dream was a sign.我说过那个梦是个好兆头-Po: Yeah. Glad I had it.是呀,真高兴我做了这个梦-Rabbit1: I'm a kung fu warrior!我是功夫兔子!-Rabbit: Me too!我也是!-Rabbit1: There's spots at the top.比赛地点在山顶呢!-Rabbit: Let's go.我们走-Po: Come on. Come on!加油,加油!Almost there.就要到了What?什么?No! Oh, no!不会吧,不,不!-Rabbit: Sorry, Po.不好意思了,PoWe'll bring you back a souvenir.souvenir: 纪念品我们会给你带纪念品的-Po: No. I'll bring me back a souvenir.不,我要自己带纪念品下来-Master: It is an historic day.这是历史性的一天,Isn't it, Master Oogway?是吧?Oogway大师?-Oogway: Yes, and one I feared I would not live to see.没错,我还怕我不能活着等到这天Are your students y?你的徒弟们准备好了吗?-Master: Yes, Master Oogway.准备好了,Oogway大师-Oogway: Know this, old friend.老朋友,你得明白,Whomever I choose will not only bring peace to the valley...不管我选了谁,不仅是给山谷带来安宁……but also to you.也是给你带来安定-Master: Let the tournament begin!tournament: 锦标赛比武大会现在开始![Scene: the tournament begins, and Po finally gets to the Jade Palace, but untunately, he is shut out of the door, and he manages to get in.]-People: Yeah.帅!-Po: No, no, wait!不!等等!I'm coming! Wait, wait!我来了!等等!Yes!到了!Hey! Open the door!嗨,把门儿开开!Let me in!让我进去!-Master: Citizens of the Valley of Peace,平和谷的居民们,it is my great honor to present to you... Tigress!我深感荣幸为你们介绍,Tigress!Viper! Crane! Monkey! Mantis!Viper!Crane!Monkey!Mantis!The Furious Five!勇猛五杰!-People: Yeah, the Furious Five!耶,勇猛五杰!-Master: Warriors, prepare!武士们准备!-Po: Wait. No. Oh, peeky-hole.peeky: 可窥视的等等,不,噢,可以从门洞里看-Master: Ready battle!准备比武!-People: Yeah.太好了!-Master: The Thousand Tongues of Fire.数千火舌-People: Look at that.哇噢,看看那个!-Po: Hey!Get out of the way!嗨!别挡着我!-Master: And finally Master Tigress!最后出场的是Tigress!And believe me, citizens you have not seen anything yet.相信我,居民们,你们将大开眼界-Po: I know!我知道!!(啥也没看到)-Master: Master Tigress! Face Iron OX and his Blades of Death.blade: 刀刃Tigress上场,为您表演空手入白刃-Oogway: I sense the Dragon Warrior is among us.我感觉到“龙武士士”就在我们中间,-Master: Citizens of the Valley of Peace平和谷的居民们,Master Oogway will now choose the Dragon Warrior!Oogway大师现在要甄选“龙战士”了!-Po: Oh, no! No, no! wait!什么?不不,等等!Yeah.有了!Po!Po!-Dad: What are you doing?!你在干什么?-Po: What does it look like I'm doing?你说我在干什么?Stop!别过来!I'm going to see the Dragon Warrior!我要去看“龙武士”!-Dad: But I don't understand. You finally had the noodle dream!可我不懂,你才梦到了面条啊!-Po: I lied. I don't dream about noodles, Dad.我骗你的,老爸我没梦见面条I love kung fu!我爱功夫(看他嘴唇)-Dad: Come on, son.算了吧,儿子Let's get back to work.还是回去做生意吧-Po: OK.好吧-Dad: Come back!回来![Scene: Po gets in the Palace by using a fire-rocket, and then he is selected as the Dragon Warrior.]-Po: What's going on?怎么回事?Where...?我在哪?What are you pointing...?你在指什么?OK. Sorry.哦,对不起I just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior was.我只是想看看谁才是“龙武士”-Oogway: How interesting.真有意思啊-Tigress: Master, are you pointing at me?大师,您是指我吗?-Oogway: Him.是他-Po: Who?谁?-Oogway: you.是你-Po: me?我?-Oogway: The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!universe: 宇宙上苍降“龙武士”予我们!-Po: What?什么?-Master: What?!什么?!-The Five: What?什么?!-Dad: What?!什么?!-Master: Stop, wait! Who told you to...?停下!等等!谁叫你们去的!Master Oogway , wait.Oogway大师,等等,That flabby panda can't possibly be the answer to our problem.flabby: (肌肉)松软的那只肥头大耳的熊猫不可能是救世主,You were about to point at Tigress你正要指Tigress的时候,and that thing fell in front of her!那只破烂熊猫从天而降!That was just an accident!这是个意外!-Oogway: There are no accidents.世上没有巧合-Tigress: give us, Master.请您原谅,师傅We have failed you.我们让您失望了-Master: No. If the panda has not quit by morning不,要是明天那熊猫还没打退堂鼓,then I will have failed you.那是我让你们失望了[Scene: Zeng flies to the jail, and sees Tailung.]-Zeng: Wait!Wait, wait, wait!等一下!I bring a message from Master Shifu.我是替大师傅来送信的-Guardian: What?!什么?!Double the guard?!守卫加倍?!Extra precautions?!特别警戒?!Your prison may not be adequate?!你的天牢或许不够严密?!You doubt my prison security?!你怀疑我天牢的安全?!-Zeng: Absolutely not.绝对没有Shifu does. I'm just the messenger.师傅这么说,我就是个传话的-Guardian: I'll give you a message your Master Shifu.那么请你代我传个话给师傅,Escape from Ohorh-Gom prison is impossible!从桃岗天牢越狱绝不可能!Impressive, isn't it?叹为观止吧?-Zeng: It's very impressive.是,是,叹为观止It's very impressive.相当的叹为观止-Guardian: One way in, one way out.进道出路只有一条One thousand guards and one prisoner.千名守卫只为一囚-Zeng: Yes, except that prisoner...没错,只是那个囚徒是……is Tai Lung.Tai Lung-Guardian: Take us down.送我们下去-Zeng: What are you doing?你要干什么?Oh, my.oh, my: 哎呀!噢,我的天!-Guardian: Behold is Tai Lung.behold: 看阿看看,这就是Tai Lung-Zeng: I'm just gonna wait right here.我……我还是待在这儿吧It's nothing to worry about. It's perfectly safe.没什么好担心的,万无一失-Guardian: Crossbows! At the y!crossbow: 拉弓弓箭准备!Crossbows?弓箭手?Hey , tough guy, did you hear?嗨,混蛋,你听说了吗?Oogway's giving someone the Dragon Scroll and it's not gonna be you.Oogway要把龙卷轴传别人了,别想了,反正不会是你-Zeng: Don't get him mad.别把他惹恼了-Guardian: What's he gonna do about it?他又能怎么着,I've got him completely immobilized.immobilized: 使固定我已经把他捆结实了Did I step on the little kitty's tail?我刚是不是踩到小猫咪的尾巴了?-Zeng: I'm good. I've seen enough.我了,我看的够多了I'll tell Shifu he has nothing to worry about.我会跟师傅说没啥可担心的-Guardian: No, he doesn't.当然不用担心-Zeng: I'll tell him that.我会告诉他的Can we please go now?咱们能走了吗?[Scene: in the Jade Palace, Master Shifu is teaching a lesson to Po.]-People: Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!龙武士!龙武士!Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!龙武士!龙武士!-Po: Wait a second!等一下!I think there's been a slight mistake.我想这是个小误会Everyone seems to think that I'm...大家都以为我是……The Sacred Hall of Warriors!这是武士圣殿!No way!不会吧!Look at this place.瞧瞧这地儿,Master Flying Rhino's armor with authentic battle damage!rhino: 犀牛authentic: 真正的飞行犀牛大师的盔甲,还有货真价实的战斗中损坏的痕迹!The Sword of Heroes!英雄之剑!Said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by looking.据说看看都会受伤,The Invisible Trident of Destiny!invisible: 隐形的 trident: 三叉戟 destiny: 命运隐形的命运之杖!I've only seen paintings of that painting.我只见过这画的赝品No!不会吧!The legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors.urn: 骨灰缸 whisper: 说悄悄话传说中的武士窃语之瓮Said to contain the souls of the entire Tenshu Army.soul: 灵魂据说里面有整个天书军的灵魂Hello.你们好-Master: Have you finished sight-seeing?sight-seeing: 观光你观光完毕了吗?-Po: Sorry, I should have come to you first.对不起,我该先来看你-Master: My patience is wearing thin.wearing thin: 逐渐消失我的耐心有限,-Po: Well, I mean, it's not like you were going anywhere.不过,看起来你也没法去哪儿-Master: would you Turn around?你能转过身来吗?-Po: Sure.当然可以How's it going?嗨,这怎么弄的?How do you get 5 000... Master Shifu!你是怎么让五千…… 大师傅!Someone... broke that.有人把这个打碎了But I'll fix it.但我会给补好的Do you have some...你有没有……...glue?胶水?A splinter.splinter: 碎片有一块碎片-Master: So you're the legendary Dragon Warrior?你就是那个传说中的“龙武士”?-Po: I guess so.我想是吧-Master: Wrong!错!You are not the Dragon Warrior. You will never be the Dragon Warrior until...你不是也不可能是龙武士,除非you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll.除非你学会了那龙轴里的秘密-Po: So how does this work?那我怎么上去呢?Do you have a ladder or a trampoline or...?trampoline: 蹦床,你有梯子或者蹦床或者其它东西……-Master: You think it's that easy?你想的太简单了,That I'll just hand you the secret我会把那无限力量的秘密to limitless power?就这么交给你?-Po: No I...不,我……-Master: One must first master the highest level of kung fu.一个人必须先达到功夫的最高境界,And that is impossible if that one is someone like you.而像你这样的人是不可能了-Po: Someone like me?像我这样?-Master: Yes, look at you! This fat butt!Flabby arms!butt: 屁股 flabby: (肌肉)松软的没错,你瞧瞧你这肥肥的臀,软绵绵的手臂,Those are sensitive in the flabby parts.啊,这些赘肉可都娇贵的很呢!And this ridiculous belly.ridiculous: 滑稽的 belly: 肚子还有这滑天下之大稽的大肚皮And utter disregard personal hygiene.disregard: 不顾 hygiene: 卫生还有,一点儿也不讲个人卫生-Po: Now, wait a minute. That's uncalled .uncalled : 不适当的嘿,积点口德这么说可有点不耐听-Master: Don't stand that close. I can smell your breath.别站这么近,口臭都出来了-Po: Listen, Oogway said I was...听着,Oogway大师说我是……The Wuxi Finger Hold. Not the Wuxi Finger Hold!啊,巫师指,别用巫师指!-Master: Oh, you know this hold?哦,你知道这个指法?-Po: Developed by Master WuXi in the Third Dynasty.第三王朝时,巫师大师发明的Then you know what happens when I flex my pinky.flex: 弯曲 pinky: 小手指那你一定知道,一旦弯下小指会发生什么了-Po: No, no!不,不要-Master: You know the hardest part of this?你知道最难办的是什么吗?The hardest part is cleaning up afterwards.就是清理你的尸骨残骸-Po: OK, OK, take it easy.好吧,好吧,不要激动-Master: Now listen closely, panda.那仔细听着,熊猫Oogway may have picked you but when I'm through with youOogway也许选了你,可当我找上你,I promise you, you're going to wish he hadn't!我向你保,你会希望,他选的不是你!Are we clear?清楚了吗?-Po: Yeah, we're clear. We're so clear.清楚了,清楚了,太清楚了-Master: Good.很好,呵呵I can't wait to get started.我都耐不住,就等着开始了Let's begin.我们开始吧[Scene: Master wants Po to make some moves, and Po falls into great mess.]-Po: Wait, wait, wait.等等,What?什么?Now?现在?-Master: yes, now.是的,现在!Unless the great Oogway was wrong除非你认为了不起的Oogway错了,and you are not the Dragon Warrior.而你也不是“龙武士”-Po: Oh, OK, well……好吧I don't know if I can do all of those moves.我不知道我能不能把那些招式都比划出来-Master: Well, if we don't try we'll never know, will we?不试试,又怎么能知道呢?-Po: Yeah, it's just ,是啊,maybe we can find something more suited to my level.但能不能从更合适我这个层次的开始-Master: What level is that?那你的层次又是什么呢?-Po: Well, I'm not a master, but...你知道,我不是大师,let's just start at zero. Level zero.不如从零级开始,零级-Master: No. There is no such thing as level zero.不,从来没有零级的说法-Po: Maybe I Can start with that.嘿,也许我可以从那开始-Master: that?那个?We use that training children我们用这训练孩子,and propping the door open when it's hot.prop: 撑物天热的时候还用来顶着门But if you insist...可要是你坚持的话,-Po: The Furious Five!喔,是“勇猛五杰”!You're bigger than your action figures.figure: 身形你们可比功夫公仔大多了Except you, Mantis. You're the same.除了你,Mantis,你还是那么大-Master: Go ahead, panda. Show us what you can do.开始吧,熊猫让我们看看你的能耐-Po: Are they gonna watch?你们就在这看我打?or should I wait till they get back to work?还是我应该等你们都回去再开始?-Master: Hit it.出招-Po: OK , yeah. I mean, I just ate.好吧,我才刚吃完东西,So I'm still digesting.所以还在消化So my kung fu might not be as good as... later on.所以我的功夫可能不像晚些那么好-Master: Just hit it.快出招!All right.好吧What you got?你算老几啊?You got nothing 'cause I got it right here.你算个屁,因为有我在这儿!You picking on my friends? Get y to feel thunder.pick on: 找……岔子 thunder: 雷电你找我朋友的茬?等着找死吧I'm coming at you with crazy feet.看我佛山无影脚,你没辙了吧?Come on. I'm a blur. You've never seen bear style.blur: 模糊不清的东西我移型幻影,你看不见,看不见You've only seen praying mantis.pray: 祈祷你就崇尚螳臂,Or monkey style.猴拳Or I could come at you snickety-snake.金蛇狂舞袭击你-Master: Would you hit it!你能出招吗?!-Po: All right. All right.好吧,好吧-Master: Why don't you try again? A little harder.再来一次,重点打-Po: How's that?怎样……啊,That hurts.疼死我了!This will be easier than I thought.这比我想得可简单多了I'm feeling a little nauseous!nauseous: 令人作呕的我感到有点想吐Those are hard!他们太难了My tenders.tender: 嫩肉我的小嫩肉How did I do?我表现如何?-Master: There is now a level zero.你给“零级”下了一个定义-Mantis: There's no words.无话可说了-Viper: No denying that.我同意你的说法-Mantis: What was Master Oogway thinking?我不明白Oogway大师在想什么?The poor guy's gonna get himself killed.那可怜的家伙差点自送黄泉-Monkey: He is so mighty!mighty: 有权势他太“无敌”了!The Dragon Warrior fell out of the sky on a ball of fire!龙武士从天而降坐在火球上,When he walks, the very ground shakes!举手投足,地动山摇!-Tigress: One would think Master Oogway would choose someone who knew kung fu.本以为Oogway大师会选一个会功夫的,-Monkey: Yeah, or could at least touch his toes.没错,起码是一个能摸到脚趾头的Or even see his toes.至少也要能看到自己的脚吧-Po: OK.好吧Great.很好Hi. You're up.嗨,你还没睡啊-Crane: I am now.现在醒了-Po: I was just...我只是……-Crane: Some day, huh?不简单的一天,嗯?That kung fu stuff is hard work, right?功夫可够累人的哈?Are your biceps sore?bicep: 二头肌 sore: 酸软的你二头肌酸不?I've had a long and rather disappointing day, so,今天已经是又长又失望的一天了,所以,Yeah, I should probably get to sleep now.我差不多也该睡觉了-Po: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. of course. OK, Thanks.是是,当然谢谢It's just, Man, I'm such a big fan!只是,我可是你们的超级粉丝You guys were amazing at the Battle of Weeping River.卫平河战役,你们表现得太厉害了Outnumbered a thousand to one but you didn't stop.敌人千倍于你们,你们毫无退意,You just...outnumberoutnumber: 数量上超过你们只是……数量上超过Sorry about that.哦,不好意思哦,-Crane: Look, you don't belong here.听着,你不属于这儿-Po: I know. I know. You're right.呃,我知道,你没错I don't have... I just...我没有……我只是……My whole life I dreamed of...我一生都梦想……-Crane: No, I meant you don't belong here.不,我指你不属于“这儿”,I mean, in this room. This is my room.我指这个房间,这是我的房间Property of Crane.property: 财产Crane产权所有-Po: OK. Right, right.哦,好的确实,确实So, you want to get to sleep?那么,你想睡觉了?-Crane: Yeah.是的-Po: I'm keeping you up.我妨碍你了-Crane: We got big things tomorrow.明天还有要事呢-Po: All right. You're awesome.好吧,你很彪悍!Last thing I'm gonna say. Bye-bye.我就说这么多,拜拜-Crane: What was that?你刚说什么?-Po: I didn't say anything.我什么都没说-Crane: OK. All right. Good night.好的,晚安-Po: Sleep well.好梦!That seemed a little awkward.awkward: 尴尬貌似有点尴尬Master Tigress!Tigeress大师!I didn't mean to wake you.没想吵醒你,-Tigress: You don't belong here.你不属于这里!-Po: Yeah, of course.是,当然This is your room.这是你的房间-Tigress: I mean, you don't belong in the Jade Palace.我的意思是,你不配待在宫You're a disgrace to kung fu and if you havedisgrace: 耻辱你让功夫蒙羞,any respect who we are and what we do如果你对我们,还有我们的事业存有所敬重you will be gone by morning.明早前你就该走人-Po: Big fan!超级粉丝哦![Scene: Po is eating under the Peach Tree, and he meets Master Oogway, also wins encouragement from him.]-Oogway: I see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.heavenly: 天上的 wisdom: 智慧看来你找到了神秘的天堂智慧桃树啊-Po: Is that what this is?这就是那棵树?Sorry. I thought it was just a regular peach tree.regular: 普通的抱歉,我以为它就是棵普通桃树-Oogway: I understand. You eat when you are upset.我能理解,你不开心的时候就会狂吃东西-Po: Upset? I'm not upset.不开心?我没不开心啊What makes you think I'm upset.什么让你认为我不开心了?-Oogway: So why are you so upset?那你为什么不开心呢?-Po: I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu.sucked: 被对方假动作骗过我可能是功夫史上最烂的,In the history of China. In the history of sucking!中国史上最烂的,烂人史上也是最烂的!-Oogway: Probably.可能吧-Po: And the Five!看看“勇猛五杰”!Man, you should've seen them!你该看看,They totally hate me.他们对我恨之入骨啊!-Oogway: Totally.一点不假-Po: How is Shifu ever going to turn me into the Dragon Warrior?大师傅怎么可能把我变成“龙武士”啊?I mean, I'm not like the Five.我一点也不像“五杰”I've got no claws, no wings, no venom.claw: 爪子 venom: 毒液我没爪子,没翅膀,也没毒牙Even Mantis has those... things.就连Mantis,也有那些……镰刀Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.唉,也许我就该一走了之,回家煮面-Oogway: Quit, don't quit.走?别走!Noodles, don't noodles.面条?不要面条!You are too concerned with what was and what will be.concern with: 对……关注你太在意过去是怎样,将来会怎样There's a saying:有句谚语说得好:Yesterday is history,昨天已是历史,tomorrow is a mystery,明天是秘密,but today is a gift.但是今天是一个礼物That is why it is called the present.这就是为什么要把它叫做“present”(现在)[Scene: Tailung breaks the prison, and sends Zeng back to warn Master Shifu.]-Guardian: Oh, no!What's happening?!噢,不会吧?发生什么了?To your battle stations!去你的战斗位置!Go! Go! Go!快!快!快!Fire crossbows!巨箭开火!Fire!开火!Fire!开火!-Zeng: Tai Lung is free!Tailung越狱了!I must warn Shifu.我必须去警告师傅!-Guardian: Not going anywhere!你哪儿都不许去!Neither is he!他也是!-Zeng: Let go of me!放开我!-Guardian: Bring it up!把它拉起来!Wait!Bring it back!等一下,把它放回去!-Zeng: He's coming this way!他朝这来了!-Guardian: He won't get far. Archers!archer: 弓箭手他过不来的,弓箭手!-Zeng: We're dead. So very , very dead.我们死定了,一定死定了!-Guardian: Not yet, we're not.还没呢,我们还没输!Now!就是现在!-Zeng: Can we run now?现在能逃了么?-Guardian: Yes.逃吧-Tailung: I'm glad Shifu sent you.我很高兴师傅派你来I was beginning to think I'd been gotten.我还以为都把我忘了呢Fly back there and tell them...飞回去跟他们说,the real Dragon Warrior is coming home.真正的“龙武士”要回家了[Scene: Po chooses to stay in the Palace, and Shifu still wants to get rid of him.]-The Five: Good morning, Master!早上好,大师!-Master: Panda!熊猫!Panda!熊猫!Wake up!起床!-Master: He's quit.他退出了-Viper: What do we do now, with the panda gone?我们现在怎么办?熊猫走了,Who will be the Dragon Warrior?谁会成为“龙武士”呢?-Master: All we can do is resume our training and trust that in timeresume: 继续我们能做的,就是勤加练习,假以时日,the true Dragon Warrior will be revealed.reveal: 显露真正的“龙武士”便会脱颖而出What are you doing here?!你在这干吗?-Po: Hi!Good morning, Master!早上好,大师!I thought I'd warm up a little.我想先热热身-Master: You're stuck.你是被卡住了-Po: Stuck? Nah. What? Stuck?卡住了?什么,哪有?Nah. This is one of my... Yeah, I'm stuck.这是我的一只……没错,我是被卡住了-Master: help Him.去帮他-Crane: Oh, dear.噢,我的祖宗,Maybe on three. One two...我数到三!一,二,...three.……三-Po: Thank you.谢谢-Crane: Don't mention it.不用客气-Po: No, really, I appreciate...appreciate: 感激不,我真的很感激……-Crane: Ever.永远别提!-Master: You actually thought you could learn to do a full split in one night?split: 劈开你真以为你能一夜练成横劈?It takes years to develop one's flexibility!flexibility: 柔韧性这可是数年苦练才修得的柔韧性And years longer to apply it in combat!combat: 格斗再继以数载,才能用之以战Put that down!把那放下来!The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones.knuckle: 指节我们只收集的纪念品是流血的指节跟断掉的骨头-Po: Yeah!Excellent.好啊!棒极了!-Master: Let's get started.让我们开始吧Are you y?你准备好了吗?-Po: I was born re...我天生就准备……啊!-Viper: I'm sorry, brother.真不好意思,伙计I thought you said you were y.我以为你说了你准备好了呢-Po: That was awesome!awesome: 令人叹为观止的那太彪悍了!Let's go again!我们再来一次吧!-Master: I've been taking it easy on you panda.我一直都还比较照顾你,熊猫But no more.可现在不了Your next opponent will be me.下一个对手,就是我了-Po: All right!Yeah , let's go!好!太棒了!上吧!Step th.上前一步The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness胜利的两个诀窍就是,找到对手的软肋,and make him suffer it.suffer: 遭受并让其为之受罪-Po: Oh, yeah!太爽了!-Master: To take his strength and use it against him...出其不意,攻其不备!until he finally falls...直到他倒下放弃,or quits.或认输退出-Po: A real warrior never quits.真的武士绝不言弃,Don't worry, Master. I will never quit!别担心,大师我永远不会放弃的!-Monkey: If he's smart he won't come back up those steps.如果他够聪明,他不会再爬上来了-Crane: But he will.可他会上来的-Viper: He's not going to quit, is he?他不会放弃的,是吗?-Mantis: He's not going to quit bouncing I'll tell you that.bounce: 弹跳我可以告诉你,他不会放弃弹跳的-Po: I thought you said acupuncture would make me feel better.acupuncture: 针灸我记得你说针灸会让我好受些-Mantis: Trust me, it will.相信我,会的It's just not easy finding the right nerve points under all this...只是不容易找准你的穴位,都是些……-Po: Fat?脂肪?-Mantis: Fur. I was going to say Fur.毛皮,我是想说毛皮的-Po: Sure you were.知道你是这意思-Mantis: Who am I to judge a warrior based on his size?我怎么会用体型来评价一个武士?Look at me.看看我I'm over here.我在这里-Viper: Maybe you should look at this again.也许你得再看看这个-Mantis: Oh, OK.噢,好吧-Po: Stop it. Stop!住手,住手……啊!I know Master Shifu is trying to inspire me and all...我知道师傅是在激励我,but if I didn't know better I'd say he was trying to get rid of me.get rid of: 摆脱要不是我了解他,我还会以为他是想撵我走I know he can seem kind of heartless我知道他看上去有点无情,-Viper: but he wasn't always like that.可他不总是这样的,According to legend,传说,there was once a time when Master Shifu actually used to smile.很久前,师傅也曾笑口常开-Po: No!不可能!-Crane: Yes.可能-Viper: But that was bee.那是在……之前,-Po: Bee what?在什么之前?-Tigress: Bee Tai Lung.在Tailung之前-Crane: We're not really supposed to talk about him.我们不该提起他的-Tigress: Well, if he's going to stay here he should know.要是他打算留下,他也该知道[Scene: Tigeress begins to tell Po the story of Tailung and Shifu. ]-Po: Guys, guys, I know about Tai Lung.大伙,我知道TailungHe was a student.他曾是一个学徒The first ever to master the thousand scrolls of kung fu.他是有史以来第一个学会了师傅千般武艺的徒弟And then he turned bad and now he's in jail.jail: 监狱然后他变坏了,然后,就蹲大牢了-Tigress: He wasn't just a student.他不只是个徒弟Shifu found him as a cub...cub: 幼仔师傅在他还在襁褓中时就发现他了and he raised him as his son.抚养他长大,视同己出,And when the boy showed talent in kung fu,当发现那小子天生就是武学奇才时,Shifu trained him.师傅倾其所能悉心教导He believed in him.他信任他He told him he was destined greatness.be destined : 命中注定将会……跟他说必将成其大器It was never enough Tai Lung.Tailung他永远不满足,He wanted the Dragon Scroll.他想得到龙之卷轴But Oogway saw darkness in his heart and refused.可Oogway洞察到他心中的黑暗,拒绝传之于他Outraged ,Tai Lung laid waste to the valley.outraged: 愤慨 lay waste: 变成废墟盛怒之下,Tailung血洗山谷He tried to take the scroll by ce.他试图强行夺取龙轴,And Shifu had to destroy what he had created.可师傅必须毁灭他自己培养的徒弟But how could he?他怎么忍心呢?Shifu loved Tai Lung like he had never loved anyone bee.师傅之前从没像爱Tailung那样爱过别人,Or since.或者说,从那之后And now he has a chance to make things right.而现在他有机会重新来过,To train the true Dragon Warrior.训练真正的“龙武士”And he's stuck with you.却碰到了你,A big fat panda who treats it like a joke.这只肥头大耳玩世不恭的熊猫That is it!够了!到此为止!-Mantis: Wait!My fault!等等,是我的错!I accidentally tweaked his facial nerve.nerve: 神经 tweak: 扭,用力拉我不小心扭到了他面部神经And may have also stopped his heart.好像心脏也被扎停了[Scene: Master Shifu learns the bad news, and he turns to Oogway help, but Oogway passes away, and tells him to believe in Po.]-Master: Inner peace.inner: 内心的心静我静Inner peace.心静我静Inner...内心的,内心的,Inner peace.心静我静Would whoever is making that flapping sound quiet down?!flap: 拍打谁在外面吵吵闹闹的?给我安静点!Inner...心静...Oh, Zeng.噢,Zeng!Excellent.太好了!I could use some good news right now.我现在可以听到一些好消息了-Master: Master! Master!大师大师I have... It's... It's very bad news.我有……是…… 呃,大势不妙了!-Oogway: Shifu. There is just news.师傅消息就是消息There is no good or bad.没有好坏之分-Master: Master, your vision. Your vision was right.vision: 幻想大师,你的幻相,你的幻相应验了!Tai Lung has broken out of prison. He's on his way.Tailung越狱了,他正赶过来!-Oogway: That is bad news,这还真是坏消息if you do not believe that the Dragon Warrior can stop him.如果你不相信“龙武士”可以阻止他的话-Master: The panda?那只熊猫?Master, that panda is not the Dragon Warrior.大师,那熊猫可不是什么“龙武士”He wasn't meant to be here! It was an accident.他根本不该在这儿,那是个巧合-Oogway: There are no accidents.没有巧合-Master: Yes, I know. You've said that aly.是的,我知道你已经说过了Twice.两遍-Oogway: Well. That was No accident, either.那也绝非偶然-Master: Thrice.三次.-Oogway: My old friend,我的老朋友,the panda will never fulfill his destiny nor you yoursfulfill: 完成Po没法完成他的使命,你也一样不能until you let go of the illusion of control.illusion: 幻象除非你拨开眼前的迷雾-Master: Illusion?迷雾?-Oogway: Yes. Look at this tree. Shifu.没错,看看这棵树,师傅I cannot make it blossom when it suits meblossom: 开花我无法强迫它开花愉悦我,nor make it bear fruit bee its time.fruit: 结果时机未到我也不能让它结果-Master: But there are things we can control.但是,有些事情我们可以控制的I can control when the fruit will fall.我可以左右果子何时落地,And I can control where to plant the seed.我还可以左右种于何地That is no illusion, Master.这可不是假象,大师-Oogway: Yes.即便如此,But no matter what you do但是无论你做什么,that seed will grow to be a peach tree.这种子终会长成桃树,You may wish an apple or an orange但你能得到的只是桃子而已,but you will get a peach.你也许想要苹果或是橘子,-Master: But a peach cannot defeat Tai Lung!但是桃子不能打败Tailung!-Oogway: Maybe it can.也许可以呢?If you are willing to guide it.只要你愿意对其谆谆教导,To nurture it.nurture: 培养悉心培养To believe in it.心存信念-Master: But how? How?但是得怎么做呢?怎么做呢?I need your help, Master.我需要你的帮助,大师-Oogway: No, you just need to believe.不需要,你只需要相信Promise me, Shifu.答应我,师傅Promise me you will believe.答应我你会相信-Master: I will try.我尽量-Oogway: Good.很好My time has come.我气数已尽You must continue your journey without me.你得孤身上路了-Master: What are you...? Wait!什……什……你说什么?等等!Master!大师!-Oogway: You can't leave me!不要丢下我一个!You must believe.你必须相信!-Master: Master!大师!-Po: Yeah,so I'm like "Fine, you may be a wolf,可怕吧?对呀,我当时说“就算你是豺狼”you may be the scariest bandit in Haijin Province...province: 省 bandit: 强盗你也许还是福建第一恶霸but you're a lousy tipper."lousy: 差劲的 tipper: 给小费的人要是不懂给狱卒点儿好处...-Monkey: Really? So how did you get out of there alive?真的?那你是怎么活着回来的?-Po: I mean, I didn't actually say that我……我没有真的说出口,but I thought it in my mind.我只是心里这么想If he could my mind he'd be like "What?"他要是会读心术的话,他一定会想:“你胆子还真大?”Order up!Hope you like it.上菜咯,希望你们会喜欢-Viper: This is really good!!味道好极了!-Po: No, come on.哦,得了吧Try my dad's Secret Ingredient Soup.你得尝尝我老爸的私酿密汤,He actually knows the secret ingredient.只有他知道秘方-Viper: What do you mean? This is amazing!你在说什么?这太好吃了!You're a really good cook.你可真会煮I wish my mouth was bigger.为什么我嘴巴不再大点呢Tigress, you've got to try this.Tigeress,快尝尝-Tigress: It is said that the Dragon Warrior can survive months相传“龙武士”单靠银杏甘露,on nothing but the dew of ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe.ginkgo: 银杏 dew: 露水和日月精华就可活好几个月-Po: I guess my body doesn't know it's the Dragon Warrior yet.我猜我的身体还没意识到它成了“龙武士”呢I'm gonna need a lot more than dew and universe juice.gonna: 美俚>( going to)将要光靠甘露和日月可没法活What? Nothing... Master Shifu.笑啥?没事,师傅Never be the Dragon Warrior你永远都不会成为“龙武士”,unless you lose 500 pounds and brush your teeth!除非你减掉500磅,刷干净牙What is that noise you're making? Laughter? I never heard of it!吵什么吵?!还敢笑?我听都没听过!Work hard, panda, and maybe someday,努力吧,熊猫,也许有一天,you will have ears like mine.你可以拥有像我一样的耳朵,-Monkey: That's good.还真像Ears. It's not working you?这是耳朵,不好笑吗?I thought they were pretty good.我觉得蛮不错的-Mantis: It's Shifu!是师傅!-Po: Of course it's Shifu.当然是师傅What do you think I'm doing?不然你以为我在模仿谁?Master Shifu!噢,大师傅!-Master: You think this is funny?你们觉得好笑吗?Tai Lung has escaped and you're acting like children!Tailung越狱了,你们还跟个毛孩子一样-All: What?什么?-Master: He is coming the Dragon Scroll他是冲着“龙之卷轴”来的and you are the only one who can stop him.而你是唯一可以阻止他的人,-Po: And I was saying you got no sense of humor.哈哈,我说的没错吧,你还真不懂幽默I'm gonna... stop Tai Lung.我要阻止Tailung……What? You're serious? And I have to...?啥?!你当真?我得……Master Oogway will stop him like he did bee.Oogway大师会阻止他的像上次一样Oogway cannot!Oogway不能!-Master: Not anymore.再也不能了!Our only hope is the Dragon Warrior.我们唯一的希望就只剩下“龙武士”了-Tigress: The panda?这熊猫?-Master: Yes, the panda!就是这熊猫-Tigress: Master, let us stop Tai Lung. This is what you've trained us .师傅,让我们来阻止Tailung这也是你教我们武功的目的呀No!It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung.不,打败Tailung不是你的使命It is his!而是他的!Where'd he go?人呢?You cannot leave!A real warrior never quits.你不可以走,真的武士是永不言弃的-Po: Watch me.看看我,Come on.拜托,How am I supposed to beat Tai Lung?我凭什么打败Tailung?I can't even beat you to the stairs.我连绕过你下山都不行-Master: You will beat him because you are the Dragon Warrior.你可以打败他的,因为你是“龙武士”-Po: You don't believe that. You never believed that.你不信这鬼话,你从没信过这鬼话From the beginning you've tried to get rid of me.我初来乍到的时候,你不是想方设法把我踢走?-Master: Yes!I was.没错But now I ask you to trust in your master但现在,我要你相信你师傅,as I have come to trust in mine.就像我开始相信你一样-Po: You're not my master. And I'm not the Dragon Warrior.你不是我师傅,我也不是什么“龙武士”-Master: Then why didn't you quit?!那你为什么不放弃?!You knew I wanted you gone, yet you stayed.你明知道我要赶你走,但你还是留下了-Po: Yeah, I stayed.没错,我是留下了I stayed because every time you threw a brick at my head,brick: 砖头我留下是因为,每次你往我头上拍砖or said I smelled, it hurt but it could never hurt more或者说我难闻,这很让我伤心than it did every day of my life just being me.但是每天我看到自己不成材,更让我伤心I stayed because I thought if anyone could change me...我留下是因为我知道,要是还有人能改变我could make me... not me...可以让我超越自我it was you.那个人就是你The greatest kung fu teacher in all of China!全中国最了不起的功夫师傅-Master: But I can change you!我可以改变你!I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! And I will!我可以让你成为“龙武士”!我会的!-Po: Come on. Tai Lung is on his way here right now.得了吧!Tailung马上就要赶到了Even if it takes him a hundred years to get here就算他要在路上耗上个一百年,how are you gonna change this into the Dragon Warrior?你又怎么能把眼前这个肥仔训练成龙武士?How?哪有办法?How?有吗?How?!没有了吧?-Master: I don't know!我不知道I don't know.我不知道-Po: That's what I thought.我就知道-Tigress: This is what you trained me .train: 训练养兵千日,用兵一时-Viper: Tigress!Tigeress!-Tigress: Don't try and stop me.别想拦我!-Viper: We're not trying to stop you.我们不是要拦你,-Tigress: What?什么?-Viper: We're coming with you!我们是要跟你并肩作战!-Po: What? I eat when I'm upset, OK?怎么啦?我不开心就吃不行吗?-Master: No need to explain.噢,不需要解释I thought you might be Monkey.我还以为是皮猴儿呢He hides his almond cookies on the top shelf.almond: 杏仁他总把杏仁饼干藏在架子最上面-Po: Don't tell Monkey.别跟猴哥说-Master: look At you.看看你,-Po: Yeah, I know, I disgust you.disgust: 使……感到恶心我知道,我让你看了恶心-Master: No, I mean, how did you get up there?不,我是说,你是怎么爬上去的?-Po: I don't know. I guess that...不晓得,我只是……I don't know. I was getting a cookie.不晓得,我只是想着饼干-Master: Yet you are ten feet off the ground.然后你就瞬间离地十尺And you have done a perfect spilt.而且还做出了完美的一字马-Po: No, this? This is just... an accident不是啦,这只是……误打误撞-Master: There are no accidents.根本就没有什么误打误撞Come with me.跟我来[Scene: Shifu finds out the secret to teach Po, and he trains Po by the temptation of food. Finally succeed.]-Po: I know you're trying to be all mystical and kungfuey,我知道你为教我武功,故弄玄虚but could you at least tell me where we're going?但也至少告诉我现在是去哪吧?You dragged me all the way out here...drag: 拖你让我累死累活爬上来…… a bath?就为了让我洗个澡?-Master: Panda熊猫,we do not wash our pits in the Pool of Sacred Tears.这池神圣之泪可不是给你洗腋窝的-Po: The Pool of...这个池是……-Master: This is where Oogway unraveled the mysteriesunravel: 阐明 mystery: 神迹这是Oogway大师参透禅机的地方,of harmony and focus.两极调和,心无旁骛This is the birthplace of kung fu.birthplace: 发源地这就是功夫的发源地-Master: Do you want to learn kung fu?你想学功夫吗?-Po: Yeah!当然!-Master: Then I am your master!那么我就是你的师傅!-Po: OK!明白!-Master: Don't cry.不要哭-Po: OK.知道了-Master: When you focus on kung fu当你一心想着功夫,when you concentrate, you stink.stink: 发出臭味心无杂念,你就会散发出体臭Perhaps that is my fault.不过那也许是我的错I cannot train you the way I have trained the Five.我不该一成不变,像教导“五杰”一样教导你I now see that the way to get through to you...不过现在我明白了,要你学好武功,is with this.就得靠这个-Po: Oh, great, cause I am hungry.噢,太棒了!我饿死了-Master: Good.很好When you have been trained, you may eat.你有点长进的时候,就可以吃了Let us begin.授业开始-Master: After you, panda.熊猫,你先请-Po: Just like that?这么简单?No sit-ups? No ten-mile hike?不需要仰卧起坐?不需要十里跑步?-Master: I vowed to train you, and you have been trained.vow: 誓愿我起誓教你武功,你也学有所成You are free to eat.你可以尽情享用了Enjoy.多吃点-Po: Hey!嘿!-Master: I said you are free to eat. Have a dumpling.我说了你可以尽情享用,来个饺子-Po: Hey!嘿!-Master: You are free to eat.尽情享用-Po: Am I?!我可以吗?!-Master: Are you?!你可以吗?!-Po: I'm not hungry.我不饿Master.师傅[Scene: The Five meet Tailung and make a fierce combat, but all fail.]-Tigress: Cut it!砍断吊桥!-Tailung: Where's the Dragon Warrior?龙武士怎么没来?-Tigress: How do you know you're not looking at her?你怎么知道我不是?-Tailung: You think I'm a fool?你以为我这么好忽悠?I know you're not the Dragon Warrior. None of you!我知道你不是,你们都不是!I heard how he fell out of the sky in a ball of fire.我听说了他是从天而降的火球,That he's a warrior unlike anything the world has ever seen.他才是武士,前无古人-Monkey: Po?Po?-Tailung: So That is his name. Po.那就是他的名字?PoFinally,a worthy opponent.我终于棋逢对手Our battle will be legendary!这场对决将流传万世-Viper: We've got this. Help her.我们来拉住,你去帮她-Tigress: Monkey!Monkey!Go!拿着!-Mantis: What was I thinking?!我在想什么?!Mantis!Mantis!Now!快啊!-Tailung: Shifu taught you well.师傅把你们调教得不错But he didn't teach you everything.不过并没倾囊相授-Master: You have done well, panda.你表现不错,熊猫-Po: Done well? Done well?表现不错?只是表现不错?I've done awesome!我表现超常!-Master: The mark of a true hero is humility.humility: 谦虚真英雄无不谦逊有加But, yes, you have done awesome.虽然这样说你表现确实非常好-Po: Guys? Guys?! They're dead!伙计们?伙计们?他们挂了!No, they're breathing. They're asleep?不对,还在呼吸,睡着了吗?But their eyes are open.可眼睛睁着呢-Tigress: We were no match his nerve attach.nerve: 神经 attach: 与……有关联我们根本不是对手,都被点穴了-Master: He's gotten stronger.他越来越强大了-Po: Who? TaiLung? Stronger?谁?Tailung吗?变强大了?-Viper: He's too fast!他速度太快了!-Monkey: Sorry, Po.不好意思,Po-Tigress: I thought we could stop him.我以为我们可以阻止他的-Master: He could have killed you.他本来可以杀了你们的-Po: Why didn't he?那他为什么没呢?-Master: So you could come back and strike fear into our hearts.strike: 引起……敢情 fear: 恐惧让你们活着回来引发我们内心的恐惧But it won't work.我可不会着他的道,-Po: It might. I mean, a little. I'm pretty scared.这样会吓到我的,我是说,就一点点,我真的吓死了-Master: You can defeat him, panda!你可以打败他的,熊猫-Po: Are you kidding? If they can't?! They're five masters.你在说笑吧?我是说他们都不行,他们可是“勇猛五杰”I'm just one me.我只有一个人而已-Master: But you will have the one thing that no one else does.但是,你拥有一样任何人都没有的东西-Po: You really believe I'm y?你真的相信我已经准备好了?You are...你是说……-Master: Po. Behold the Dragon Scroll.Po,尽揽龙之卷轴[Scene: Po s the Dragon Scroll, finding out it’s blank, and Shifu decides to fight Tailung on his own.]-Master: It is yours.现在它是你的了-Po: Wait. What happens when I it?等等,如果我读了它的话会怎么样?-Master: Legend says you will be able to hear a butterfly's wing beat.butterfly: 蝴蝶传说你甚至聆听到蝴蝶振翅之音,-Po: Really? That's cool.哦,真的?酷!-Master: Yes. And see light in the deepest cave.是的,你能在至深之洞中明察秋毫You will feel the universe in motion around you.motion: 运动你也会感受到天地万物间的运动-Po: Can I punch through walls?哇哦!我能打烂墙吗?do I quadruple back flip?quadruple: 翻四倍我能连做四个后空翻吗?-Master: Focus.集中注意力-Po: will I...?我能……?-Master: Focus.心无杂念Focus.心无杂念-Po: Oh, Yeah, Yeah.哦,好的,好的-Master: Read it , Po, and fulfill your destiny.Po,认真读,然后完成你的使命Read it, and become the Dragon Warrior.读吧,成为龙武士!-Po: It's impossible to open.根本打不开-Viper: OK. Come on, baby. Come on now.加油!加油!-Po: Thank you.谢谢I probably loosened it up you though.也许是我刚才已经弄松了吧?OK,here goes.好了,开始了It's blank.是空白的-Master: What?!什么?-Po: here, look.你看这里-Master: No, I am bidden to look upon.禁止旁人看的Blank. I don't...空白的,我……I don't understand.我想不通-Po: OK. So, like...好吧,就是说,Oogway was just a crazy old turtle after all.Oogway也不过就是只疯癫老龟-Master: No. Oogway was wiser than us all.不,Oogway比我们大家都要英明-Po: Oh, come on!Face it he picked me by accident.哦,拜托,面对现实吧!他只不过是碰巧选上了我Of course I'm not the Dragon Warrior.我当然不是什么“龙武士”Who am I kidding?开什么玩笑-Tigress: But who will stop Tai Lung?但是谁来阻止Tailung呢?He'll destroy everything and everyone.他会毁了一切并杀了每个人的-Master: No.不会的Evacuate the valley.evacuate: 清空疏散整个山谷,You must protect the villagers from Tai Lung's rage.rage: 暴怒你们必须保护村民们免受Tailung残暴的侵害-Po: What about you, Master?那您怎么办呢,师傅?-Master: I will fight Him.我来迎战-All: What?什么?-Master: I can hold him off long enoughhold off: 耽搁我可以尽可能久的拖延, everyone to escape.这样大家都能全身而退-Po: But, Shifu, he'll kill you.但是,师傅,他会杀了你的-Master: Then I will finally have paid my mistake.那就是我为我犯的错误付出代价了Listen to me, all of you.都听我说,It is time you to continue your journey without me.没有我,你们也要继续走下去I am very proud to have been your master.身为你们的师傅,我十分自豪We've got to get them out safely.我们必须让他们平安无事地转移-Monkey: Come, little one. Let's find your mama.别怕,小猪猪我们去找妈妈-Tigress: Viper, gather the southern farmers.Viper,聚集村子南边的人Mantis, the north.Mantis,你去村北Crane, light the way.Crane,点灯引路-Pig: Look, it's the Dragon Warrior.看,那就是“龙武士”-Po: Hey, Dad.嗨,老爸-Dad: Po!Po!Good to have you back, son.很高兴见你回来,儿子Good to be back.真高兴能回来Let's go, Po.我们走吧,PoSo our next shop it's time to face it,我们该规划一下下一家面馆了the future of noodles is dice-cut vegetables,dice: 切成丁面的未来就是切成块的蔬菜,no longer slices.再不是蔬菜丝Also, I was thinking, maybe this time我还在想……这次we'll have a kitchen you can actually stand up in.也许这次我们可以有一个厨房,你可以堂堂正正做个大厨You like that?喜欢不?Po, I'm sorry if things didn't work out.Po,我很遗憾事情不顺利It just wasn't meant to be.命运本就不该如此Po, get everything else.Po,忘了这些不快吧Your destiny still awaits.你的命运还在等你We are noodle folk.我们是面条世家,Broth runs deep through our veins.broth: 肉汤 vein: 静脉血管里流淌着面条的血液!-Po: I don't know, Dad.我不知道,老爸Honestly, sometimes I can't believe I'm actually your son.说实话,有时我甚至不相信我是你儿子-Dad: Po...Po……I think it's time I told you something我想是时候告诉你,I should have told you a long time ago.一些很久以前就该告诉你的事了-Po: OK.好的-Dad: The secret ingredient of my Secret Ingredient Soup.ingredient:配料我那秘之又秘私酿密汤的配方,Come here. The secret ingredient is...靠近点,秘之又秘的配方就是……nothing.啥都没有You heard me. Nothing!你听到了,啥都没有!There is no secret ingredient!根本就没什么秘之又秘的配方!-Po: Wait, wait. It's just plain old noodle soup?等等,不过是普通的面汤?You don't add some kind of special sauce or something?什么特别酱汁都没加?或者其他什么的?-Dad: Don't have to. To make something special 没那必要,想让一件东西特别,you just believe it's special.你只要相信那是特别的就够了-Po: There is no secret ingredient.根本没有秘方[Scene: Tailung comes back, he almost kills Shifu, at that moment, Po comes to save Shifu.]-Tailung: I have come home, Master.我回来了,师傅-Master: This is no longer your home.这里不再是你家了And I am no longer your master.我也不再是你师傅了-Tailung: Oh, yes. You have a new favorite.是啊,你已经另有新宠了So where is this Po?那么这个Po人呢?Did I scare him off?scare off: 吓跑我把他吓跑了吗?-Master: This battle is between you and me.这是你我之间的战斗-Tailung: So, that is how it's going to be.那么,就如你所言吧-Master: That is how it must be.必须如我所言!-Tailung: I rotted in jail years because of your weakness!rot in jail: 进监狱 rot: 腐烂我在大牢里蹲年,就因为你的懦弱!Obeying your master is not weakness!听师父的话,怎叫懦弱!You knew I was the Dragon Warrior.你知道的,我原本应是“龙武士”You always knew.你一直知道But when Oogway said otherwise what did you do?但是当Oogway说:“非也” 你做什么了?What did you do?!你做什么了?Nothing!什么都没做!-Master: You were not meant to be the Dragon Warrior!你本来就不是龙武士,That was not my fault!那不是我的错!-Tailung: Not your fault?!不是你的错?Who filled my head with dreams?!是谁让我充满梦想?Who drove me to train until my bones cracked?!crack: 断裂是谁让我练功练到骨断筋逆?Who denied me my destiny?!是谁否定了我的命运?-Master: It was never my decision to make!这不是我能决定的事!-Tailung: It is now.那就趁现在(快做决定)!Give me the scroll!给我卷轴!-Master: I would rather die.我宁可死(也不给你卷轴)-Tailung: All I ever did , I did to make you proud!我做的一切都是为了让你骄傲,Tell me how proud you are , Shifu!告诉我你有多骄傲,师父!Tell me!告诉我!Tell me!告诉我!-Master: I have... I have always been proud of you.我……我一直都为你骄傲,From the first moment, I've been...从一开始,我就……...proud of you.……为你骄傲And it was my pride that blinded me.是这种骄傲,让我看不清你I loved you too much to see what you were becoming...我太爱你了,而看不到你变成了……what I was turning you into.我让你转变成的样子I'm...我……I'm sorry.我很抱歉-Tailung: I don't want your apology.我不要你的道歉,I want my scroll!我要卷轴!What?!什么!Where is it?!卷轴去哪了?!-Master: Dragon Warrior has taken the scroll halfway across China by now.龙武士早已带着卷轴穿行在神州大地,You will never see that scroll, Tai Lung.你永远见不到那卷轴了,TailungNever.永远Never.永远-Po: Stairs.台阶太多了-Tailung: Who are you?你是谁?-Po: Buddy, I am the Dragon Warrior.伙计,我就是“龙武士”-Tailung: You?你?Him? He's a panda.他?他是只熊猫You're a panda. What are you gonna do, big guy?你就是只熊猫,你要干什么?大个子?Sit on me?泰山压顶?-Po: Don't tempt me.tempt: 触犯别把我惹毛了Now. I'm gonna use this.现在,我要用这个(卷轴)You want it? Come and get it.你要不?来拿啊-Tailung: Finally!终于!That scroll is mine!那个卷轴是我的!Lightning!闪电般!The scroll has given him power!卷轴给了他力量!No!不!Finally! Oh, yes.终于!哦,太好了!The power of the Dragon Scroll is mine!龙轴的力量是我的!It's nothing!什么都没!-Po: It's OK. I didn't get it the first time, either.没关系,我第一次也没看出个所以然来.What?什么?There is no secret ingredient.根本没有秘方It's just you.只有你Stop it!停下!I'm gonna pee.pee: 小便我要尿出来了Don't.别……Don't! Don't!别!别!-Tailung: You...你……...can't defeat me.……不可能打败我的You...你……...you're just a big...……你不过是只个……...fat...panda!……肥头大腚的……熊猫!-Po: I'm not a big fat panda.我不是肥头大腚的熊猫,I'm the big fat panda.我是独一无二的肥头大腚的熊猫-Tailung: The Wuxi Finger Hold!巫师指?!-Po: Oh, you know this hold?原来你知道这招啊?-Tailung: You're bluffing. You're bluffing. Shifu didn't teach you that.bluff: 虚张声势你吹牛,你吹牛,师傅不会教你的-Po: Nope.当然没教I figured it out. Skadoosh.是我自己悟出来,看招吧![Scene: Po defeats Tailung, he returns to the valley, and is welcomed and bowed by the Five and citizens, finally he rees Master Shifu.]-People: Look!看啊!The Dragon Warrior.是“龙武士”-Dad: That's my boy!是我的儿子!That big lovely kung fu warrior is my son!那个可爱的大个儿功夫武士就是我儿子!-Tigress: Yes!太棒了!-Po: Thanks, Dad.谢谢,老爸Hey, guys.嗨,伙计们-All: Master.大师-Po: Master.大师Master?大师?Master Shifu!大师傅!Master!大师!Shifu, are you OK?!师傅,你还好吗?-Master: Po.PoYou're alive.你还活着?Or we're both dead.还是咱俩都死了?-Po: No, Master, I didn't die. I defeated Tai Lung.不,师傅,我没死,我打败了Tailung-Master: You did?真的?Wow. It is as Oogway etold.etell: 预言哇噢,正如Oogway说的,You are the Dragon Warrior.你就是“龙武士”You have brought peace... to this valley你给这个山谷……带来了平和...and... and to me.也……也给我……带来了宁静Thank you.谢谢Thank you, Po.谢谢你,PoThank you. Thank you.谢谢,谢谢你-Po: No! Master!No ,no, no don't die ,Shifu, please!不不不,师傅,别死啊!!-Master: I'm not dying , you idiot!idiot: 白痴我还没死,你个白痴!Dragon Warrior...龙武士……I am simply at peace. Finally.我只是在享受平和终于等到了-Po: So, I should stop talking?这样啊,那我也该闭嘴了?-Master: If you can.如果你可以的话-Po: Want to get something to eat?想吃点东西吗?-Master: Yeah.可以 本文导航 1、功夫熊猫1中英文字幕、功夫熊猫中英文字幕 字幕 功夫。
  • 轻松开口说洋话-- :5: 轻松开口说洋话Speaking is no big deal  Teacher:Hello,Modern English.  老师:你好,洋话连篇  Student:Hi,This is Ryne.Is this the phone-in line?  学生:你好,我叫Ryne.是声讯台吗?  Teacher:Yes, how may I help you?  老师:是的,有什么可以帮你的?  Student:I'm calling to practice my English.  学生:我想练练口语.  Teacher:No problem.I'm here to help.What do you want to talk about?  老师:没问题.你想聊什么?  Student:Please can you tell me your name?  学生:能先告诉我你叫什么吗?  Teacher:Sure.My name is Drew.  老师:当然.我叫Drew.  Student:That's a good name.Does it have any special meaning?  学生:名字不错啊.有什么特别含义吗?  Teacher:No,just a name.  老师:没有,只是个名字而已.  Student: Are you American?  学生:你是美国人吗?  Teacher:No .I'm from Canada.  老师:不,我来自加拿大  Student:That's a beautiful country.  学生:那个国家很漂亮  Teacher:Yes,and it's big too.  老师:是的.也很大  Student:How long have you stayed in China?  学生:您来中国多久了?  Teacher:Almost 3 months.  老师:快三个月了吧  Student:How do you like China so far?  学生:觉得中国怎么样?  Teacher:Well, it's good. Everything is dirt cheap.Especially DVDs and books and there're lots of places to hang around.  老师:太棒了,东西很便宜,尤其是DVD和书,还有很多地方可以去  Student:What about Canada?  学生:加拿大怎么样?  Teacher:Canada is very beautiful, but it's not as cheap as China , and the food is not as good. Chinese food is so good.  老师:很漂亮,但那的东西有点贵,还有食物没有中国的好吃,中国食物太好吃了  Student:I'm glad you like Chinese food.  学生:很高兴你喜欢中国美食.  Teacher: Well,I sure do.  老师:当然  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1] I'm calling to practice my English.我打电话来练练口语. I'm calling to…是个打电话时常用的句型.我们来举几个例子:I'm calling to file a complaint.我打电话来投诉. I'm calling to book a ticket.我打电话来订票. I'm calling to ask some inmation.我打电话来询问一些情况等.  [] That's a good name.适当的夸奖对方是继续交谈的诀窍.打电话时由于看不到对方,那就只能夸一夸对方的名字或是国家了.  [3] How do you like China so far?你觉得中国怎么样? How do you like…?表示你觉得…怎么样? so far表示到目前为止.  [] Everything is dirt cheap.东西特别便宜. dirt cheap并不是又脏又便宜.在这里, dirt相当于very.表示"很,十分".  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  so far so good culture tradition custom conversion  注:书中对话仅作参考,重要的是拿起电话就自己喜欢的内容与老外反复练习轻易不出口,出口必砸人。
  • 一封信(A letter) -- :7: 来源: 一封信(A letter)  dear amy,  i am happy to be your new pen pal. i live in china. i am in grade six.  i like riding a bike, playing basketball, ing books and listening to music. my school is far from my home. usually i go to school by motor bike. sometimes i go to school by bike. i go to school from monday to friday.  tell me something about you. write to me soon, please.  your new pen pal。
  • 体育课(Gym Class) -- ::19 来源: 体育课(Gym Class)  Out of all my classes, I particularly like gym class. Why? Because in gym class you can have fun and get out in the fresh air. We play baseball, basketball, football and practice running.  It's fun. When you are defeated, you can't lose hope because failure is the mother of success. And when you are victorious, you will be happy. I like gym class. I really like it.。
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