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2019年05月22日 10:39:55 | 作者:天涯中文 | 来源:新华社
Amazon has seen the future — and it is a pushcart on the New York subway. The online retail giant has started delivering parcels to its Manhattan customers using the city’s underground train network, having discovered what New Yorkers have known for years: it can be much quicker than driving.亚马逊(Amazon)从纽约地铁上的手推车看到了未来。这家在线零售巨头发现了纽约人多年来就已熟知的一个道理:乘地铁可能比开车快得多,已开始通过遍布纽约地下的地铁网络向曼哈顿的客户递送包裹。In December, Amazon started piloting an ultra-fast service, Prime Now, which promises to deliver popular items such as phone chargers, soap and pet food in as little as an hour for .99, or within two hours for free. The scheme was launched in New York, but has since been rolled out in a handful of other US cities, including Miami and Dallas.去年12月,亚马逊试行了一种超快捷务Prime Now。这种务承诺最快在1小时内,以7.99美元的价格递送手机充电器、肥皂和宠物口粮之类急需用品,或在两个小时内免费递送这类商品。这项务首先在纽约启动,自那以来已在包括迈阿密和达拉斯在内的其他几个美国城市推出。Two delivery workers pushing large trolleys of Amazon parcels on the subway said the company was using underground trains for most Prime Now deliveries because traffic on Manhattan’s gridlocked streets made it impossible to honour a 60-minute guarantee. Both asked not to be named because they were not authorised to speak to the media.在纽约地铁上,两名用手推车递送大量亚马逊包裹的员工表示,多数Prime Now货物都用地铁递送,原因是曼哈顿拥堵的路面交通让60分钟送达的可能性几乎为零。由于公司未批准他们与媒体打交道,这两名员工都要求不要公开他们的姓名。Amazon confirmed it was using the subway for Prime Now orders: “In Manhattan, our folks bike, walk or use public transportation. They only drive if the item is large like a flat screen TV.”亚马逊确认了该公司正在使用地铁投递Prime Now订单:“在曼哈顿,我们的员工会使用自行车、徒步或使用公共交通方式递送包裹。他们只有在商品像平板电视那么大的情况下,才会采用驾车的方式送货。”Amazon’s Prime Now service is part of a push to capture the instantaneous purchases that have so far proven elusive to online retailers, according to Sucharita Mulpuru, an ecommerce analyst at Forrester Research.福里斯特调查公司(Forrester Research)电子商务分析师苏乍利达#8226;墨普鲁(Sucharita Mulpuru)表示,亚马逊的Prime Now务是该公司实现“即时购物”体验举措的一部分。迄今“即时购物”仍被明是在线零售商的一大短板。“With online retail, one of the fundamental weaknesses is that you cannot get products immediately. This is an attempt to address that,” said Ms Mulpuru.墨普鲁表示:“对在线零售而言,一个根本缺陷就是你无法在购物时立刻获得商品。这项务正是试图解决这个问题。”However, she warned the service could struggle to gain traction with customers, especially in New York where there are drug stores on nearly every street corner selling many of the same items as Amazon’s Prime Now service.不过,她警告说该务可能很难吸引客户——尤其是在差不多每个街道拐角都设有便利店的纽约。这些便利店出售的许多商品都与亚马逊Prime Now务提供的商品雷同。Ms Mulpuru also suggested some customers might feel uneasy about having their deliveries transported on a mass public transport system. “I wouldn’t want my packages sitting on the smelly New York subway for long,” she said.墨普鲁还暗示,对于通过人流密集的公共交通投递他们的包裹,部分客户可能会感到不适应。她说:“我不希望我的包裹长期停留在气味难闻的纽约地铁中。” /201505/376320Airline to offer Wi-Fi飞机上将会提供无线上网China Eastern Airlines will launch in-flight Wi-Fi services on 21 of its flights, making the first extensive splash in the huge potential domestic market.东航将在21架飞机上向旅客提供;空中上网;务,这是国内首次批准这一务大范围使用,标志着一个潜力巨大的市场的解封。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will give green light to more airlines to launch such services, said an insider.一位知情人士透露,接下来还会有更多航企获得工信部放行。Currently, it is estimated that there are 360m people travelling by air annually in China, each flying 2.5 hours on average. That makes a total of 900m potential hours yet to be filled.据估算,按照中国民航年均运送旅客3.6亿人次、人均飞行2.5小时计算,一年就有9亿小时的飞行时间可以利用。The in-flight online services thus have the potential to become an RMB100b industry, according to experts.因此专家认为,整个民航互联网产业规模可能将超过千亿元。 /201506/378316

The traditional path onto Wall Street for women typically involves getting your degree from a top-20 university and then landing a position within an analyst program at a prestigious firm like JPMorgan JPM 0.17% , Citi C 0.61% , Bank of America BAC -0.36% , Goldman Sachs GS -0.41% , or Morgan Stanley MS -0.33% , all of which actively recruit women graduates. There, you would spend the required “two years” determining where you fit within the company and how to pursue your career. However, while this remains a coveted and valid path to success, it isn’t the only one.对于女性来说,进驻华尔街的传统路径包括,就读美国排名前20的高校,然后在根大通、花旗、美国、高盛或根士丹利等知名公司获得一份分析员工作,所有这些公司都在积极地招聘女性毕业生。在那里,人们可以在公司要求的“两年期”内决定自己契合的部门以及职业路径规划。不过,尽管这仍是一条令人梦寐以求的通往成功的康庄大道,但并非唯一的路径。If you’re working towards a career on Wall Street don’t limit yourself to an analyst program – this isn’t the only door of opportunity. There are many other areas on Wall Street where your skills and talents will be equally as valued.如果你准备在华尔街谋职,请勿将自己局限于分析员职位,这并非唯一的机会之门。华尔街还有许多其他领域同样珍视你的技能和才干。So, where should you look then?那么,其他的选择都是什么?For starters, don’t think of Wall Street as just the sell side. There’s a whole world out there that is buying what the sell side is offering in fact, at a number of funds, jobs on the buy side can be more lucrative than analyst positions. But even adding only the buy side to your perspective is still too narrow. Many parts of Wall Street would not exist without the exchanges and IT aspects, which from my personal experience are both extremely interesting and rewarding areas to work. As a matter of fact, Nasdaq would not be where it is today if not for some of the great women who have held managerial and leadership roles in various areas within the company.对于新人来说,不要把华尔街看做是唯一的卖方。事实上,在一买一卖的闭环中,购买卖方产品的公司多如牛毛。在一些基金公司中,买方的工作比分析员职位更赚钱。但是,仅把目光放在买方公司仍然过于狭隘。如果没有交易所和IT业务,很多华尔街公司都无法存在。从我的经验来看,这些领域都有一些非常有意思而且能让人获益匪浅的工作。事实上,纳斯达克有今天的成绩,多亏了在公司各个部门担任管理和领导职务的一些伟大女性。Entry-level jobs are excellent opportunites to educate young women about the realities of the financial world, and can prepare them for the next move up within the firm or another area of the financial industry. And I can assure you that exchanges and financial technology firms are fast-paced, dynamic organizations that often sit at the center of the financial fabric of our economy. Additionally, industry oversight organizations, such as FINRA and the SEC, are also critical components of the financial ecosystem and present relevant opportunities for women. It’s important to experience as many parts of an organization as you can – because some day, you may have the chance to lead that organization.入门级别的工作是年轻女性认识金融界的绝佳机遇,而且能够让她们为今后在公司或金融行业其他领域的晋升做好准备。可以肯定的是,交易所和金融技术公司都是快节奏、充满活力的公司,通常位于经济金融构架的核心。此外,像美国金融业监管局和美国券交易委员会这样的行业监管机构也是金融生态系统的关键组成机构,也为女性提供相关机遇。尽可能多地去体验一个组织不同环节的工作至关重要,因为未来有一天,你可能有机会来领导整个组织。Regardless of how or where you enter Wall Street use your inherent skills and strengths to succeed. One of many strengths that I often see in successful women on Wall Street is a responsible balance between risk taking and risk mitigation – the ability to assess situations smartly and make the right medium-to-long-term decisions without being lured into reckless, short-term profit-taking. Particularly in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, the ability to achieve this balance was highly prized and much sought after.不管你是如何进入华尔街的,运用你的内在技能和优势来获得成功。在华尔街成功女性所具有的众多优点当中,我经常看到的一个优点便是对风险进行认真负责的权衡,她们合理判断形势并做出正确的中长期决策,而不是盲目地追求短期利益。尤其是在2007-2008年金融危机过后,实现这一平衡的能力被高度珍视,而且供不应求。As you start your journey into the world of Wall Street, assume nothing, question everything, and open your eyes to all possible opportunities. Frankly, this advice will help you succeed on Wall Street or anywhere else.随着你开始华尔街的征程,对任何事不要先入为主,但保持怀疑精神,睁大双眼探求所有可能的机遇。坦白地说,这一建议将有助于你在华尔街或其他任何地方获得成功。 /201503/364317

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