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Often men my age, President Clinton, by the way, when I met him said--Men my age, mention that character as their favorite of all the women Ive played. And I have my own secret understanding of why that is and it confirms every decision I made in high school. This is not to denigrate that girl, by the way, or the men who are drawn to her in anyway because shes still part of me and Im part of her. She wasnt acting but she was just behaving in a way that cowed girls, submissive girls, beaten up girls with very few ways out have behaved forever and still do in many worlds.很多年纪跟我差不多的男人,包括前总统克林顿,我遇到他的时候,他也曾经跟我说,琳达这个角色是我演过的女人当中,他们最喜欢的一个。在我心里,我非常了解背后的秘密。这也明我高中时候的决定是正确的。我想说,这并不是贬低那个女孩儿或者喜欢她的男性,因为她仍是我的一部分,我也是她的一部分。她的这种样子并不仅仅是表演出来的,事实上她只是那种脆弱顺从的女孩儿,受到命运的捉弄,没有别的出路,只有一直这么顺从下去,在现代社会,这样顺从而弱势的女孩依然存在。Now in a measure of how much the world has changed. The character most men mention as their favorite, is Miranda Priestly, the beleaguered totalitarian at the head of Runway magazine in Devil Wears Prada. To my mind, this represents such an optimistic shift. They related to Miranda. They wanted to date Linda. They feel sorry for Linda. But they feel like Miranda. They can relate to her issues: the high standards she sets for herself and others. The thanklessness of the leadership position, the ;Nobody Understans Me; thing, the loneliness. They stand outside one character, and they pity her. And they kind of fall in love with her, but they look through the eyes of this other character.但是现如今世界已经改变了,今天,大部分男人都说,他们最喜欢我演的角色是《穿着普拉达的女魔头》里面那个时尚杂志《天桥云裳》的总编辑,饱受批评的极端主义者米兰达。在我看来,这象征着想当乐观的转变。他们想与米兰达在一起,他们想要和琳达出去约会,并替她感到婉惜。但他们还是喜欢米兰达。因为他们可以在她身上找到自己的影子:她为自己和其他人设下了太高的标准,身处领导高位却不知感恩,纠葛于“无人懂我”的观念中,同时还伴有孤独感。他们如果站在角色之外,就会既可怜她又爱她,但他们会这样想,是因为他们理解这个角色。201403/279699。

As things stand now, the financial system of each country is being sustained and supported by its own government. The governments are primarily with their own economies. This tends to give rise to financial protectionism, which threatens to disrupt and perhaps destroy global financial markets. British regulators will never again rely on the Icelandic authorities and countries at the periphery will be reluctant to be entirely dependent on foreign-owned banks.照目前的情况来看,每个国家的金融体系都是由本国政府来维持和保障的。政府主要关注本国的经济,这就助长了金融保护主义,有扰乱甚至有可能破坏全球金融市场的危险。英国的监管部门再也不会依赖冰岛当局,边缘国家也不愿完全依赖外资。The point I am trying to make is that regulations must be international in scope. Without it, financial markets cannot remain global; they would be destroyed by regulatory arbitrage. Business would move to the countries where the regulatory climate is the most benign and this would expose other countries to risks they cannot afford to run. Globalization was so successful because it forced all countries to remove regulations but, the process does not work in reverse. It will be difficult to get countries to agree on uniform regulations. Different countries have different interests which drive them towards different solutions.我想说明的是,从范围来讲,规则必须是国际性的。没有这一点,金融市场就不会是全球性的,并且会被监管套利所破坏。商业就会转移到监管环境最好的国家,使其他国家面临无法承受的风险。全球化之所以成功,是因为它使所有的国家都摒弃了本国的规则,否则全球化过程就无法运行。让所有的国家认同统一的规则是非常困难的。不同国家有不同的利益要求,因此它们会采取不同的应对措施。201409/328900。

Hi, Im Lisa Murkowski. And Im honored to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate, where I chair the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Its been a pretty good week in Congress – with the House of Representatives welcoming a new speaker, Paul Ryan, and the Senate passing a major bill to protect our nations cyber security. What I want to talk with you about today, though, is another key national security issue – energy. And I want to highlight what is happening in my home state, because it foreshadows challenges to come all across our nation. Since taking office, the Obama Administration has repeatedly denied Alaskas best opportunities to produce energy for our nation and the world. It has blocked production in half of our National Petroleum Reserve, which was specifically designated for energy development. It is locking away the non-wilderness portion of ANWR, where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil could be produced from just 2,000 acres. In the Chukchi Sea, the constantly-shifting regulatory environment recently forced a company to abandon seven years of work and billion in investment. And instead of recognizing that as a significant loss, the Administration doubled down last week by canceling offshore lease sales in the region. All of these decisions ignore the will of hard-working Alaskans, who overwhelmingly support new production. The Administration is opening the door for Iranian oil production, but closing it on Alaskan oil. And while the consequences are not yet evident, they will be. These decisions mean fewer jobs, less security for our country, and more of our dollars going overseas. They threaten the safe operation of our Trans-Alaska Pipeline, a national security asset that is just one-third full. And, it is only a matter of time until the Administration applies this short-sighted strategy to the rest of our nation. With prices low, we need to open the areas where it is most cost-effective to produce energy. We need to modernize our policies and open our markets. And we need to avoid overly burdensome regulations. Unfortunately, the Administration is charting a different course. The EPA and other agencies are issuing a barrage of regulations that will have limited environmental benefit, but will absolutely reduce our ability to produce energy here at home. For example, the EPAs new ozone standards will provide little in the way of health benefits, while costing billions to comply. Its climate regulations will shutter power plants across the country – raising electricity costs and threatening the reliability of our electric grid. And the ‘Waters of the ed States rule, the WOTUS, a massive expansion of federal regulatory powers, could allow the EPA to regulate drainage ditches and occasional ponds. There is a better path. There is no reason why our energy policy should be so divisive. And thats why I am working hard to forge bipartisan consensus on policies that will keep energy affordable and abundant, as it becomes cleaner and cleaner. To give you one promising example, those of us on the Energy Committee have developed a broad bill that will save energy, promote innovation, invest in critical infrastructure, and boost our energy trade – among many other benefits. It passed out of our Committee with a strong bipartisan vote. We have also gathered bipartisan support to end the outdated ban on crude oil exports. Moving forward, Republicans hope that President Obama will work with Congress on policies like these that can draw bipartisan support. Thats the best way to help states like Alaska. And its the best way to protect our future – our economy, our security, and our environment. Thanks so much for listening.201511/411736。

Third, our network-y PCs enable people to transmit information to friends around the world or to share it with people they dont even know by posting it on a Web site. And, of course, were providing the capabilities to print and duplicate that information. In fact, our all-in-one products do more than that. They print. They scan. They copy. They send and receive information via fax. This is just what the home user or small-business requires, because they dont have room for lots of different pieces of equipment. An E-Commerce competency is becoming a critical success factor for financial institutions around the world. HP has been working closely with Chinese financial institutions for several years to pioneer best E-Commerce practices in China. Let me highlight some of HPs contributions in this area. In 1995 we began to work with the China Construction Bank to develop a fund clearing system run on HPs UNIX platform. Today, HPs servers, PCs and support services are used throughout the banks 44 branches across the country, helping to reduce typical transaction clearance times from up to 10 days to now less than 24 hours. This month, we are launching a trial solution with the Bank of China to enable their corporate customers to perform their standard banking transactions on-line. This marks a first for China. HPs VirtualVault solution was chosen over other solutions for its superior security and reliability, as well as service support. HP, together with our VeriFone subsidiary, is continuing to work with Bank of China to build on this platform, so that by the end of the year a full range of E-Commerce services will be available on line, again marking a first for China.第三,我们的网络型PC机可使人们向世界各地的朋友发送信息或通过把信息貼到网上与陌生人分享信息。当然,我们也提供了打印和复制该信息的功能。实际上,我们的一体化产品涉及的功能更广。它们可以打印、扫描和复制信息,可通过传真发送和接收信息。这就是家庭用户或小型企业所需的产品,因为它们没有太多的空间安置不同的设备。如今,具备电子商务的能力已经成为全世界金融 机构成功的关键因素。惠普公司开始与中国的金融机构密切合作,在中国率先开创最佳电子商务。请允许我概述一下惠普公司在这一领域所做的贡献。1995年,我们开始与中国建设合作,在惠普的UNIX 平台开发了资金清算系统。如今,惠普的务器,PC机和持务用于该行在全国的44家分行,帮助它们缩短了交易清算的射间,从原先的10天缩短为现在的不到24小时。本月,我们将与中国试行一个解决方案,使其公司客户在线进行标准的交易。在中国,这是首次进行此类项目。在所有方案中,惠普虚拟保险箱(Virtual Vault)方案因其卓越的安全性和可靠性,以及其务持而入选。目前,惠普与分机构VeriFone正与中国继续合作,建立这一平台,以便在年底之前确保在线提供电子商务务,从而在中国再拔头筹。 201411/340183。

Its evolved into something that is much subtler. 它已演变成某种更微妙的东西。This is an actual text that was done by a non-male person of about 20 years old not too long ago. 这是一段真实的短信对话它是由一个20出头的姑娘在前不久写的。I love the font youre using, btw. 第一句:顺便说一句,我喜欢你用的字体。Julie: lol thanks gmail is being slow right now.朱莉: lol谢谢谷歌邮箱现在变得好慢。Now if you think about it, thats not funny. 如果大家想想看,这可不好笑。No ones laughing. 也没有人在笑。And yet, there it is, so you assume theres been some kind of hiccup. 但是,这个字(lol)却在那里,你会认为这可能就是打错了。Then Susan says lol, I know, 然后苏珊说lol,我知道,again more guffawing than were used to when youre talking about these inconveniences. 再一次,真让人捧腹大笑。这可不是我们一般遇上这样麻烦事的态度。So Julie says, I just sent you an email. 朱莉接着说,我刚给你发了封邮件。Susan: lol, I see it. 苏珊:lol,我收到了。Very funny people, if thats what LOL means. 非常有趣的两个人,如果这是LOL的真实意思的话。This Julie says, So whats up? 朱莉说,最近怎么样?Susan: lol, I have to write a 10 page paper. 苏珊:lol,我得写一篇10页的作文。Shes not amused. Lets think about it. 这么看的话,她可不开心。LOL is being used in a very particular way. LOL是以一种特别的方式被使用的。Its a marker of empathy. Its a marker of accommodation. 它代表着感同身受,代表着某种无奈妥协。We linguists call things like that pragmatic particles. 我们语言学家称之为口头禅。Any spoken language thats used by real people has them. 任何口语都有这些词语。If you happen to speak Japanese, think about that little word ne that you use at the end of a lot of sentences. 如果你会说日语的话,想想你在很多句子后面加上的那个ne字。If you listen to the way black youth today speak, 如果你听现在的年轻黑人说话,think about the use of the word yo. 想想这个词yo的使用。Whole dissertations could be written about it, 这都够写学术论文的了,and probably are being written about it. 说不定人们已经开始写了。A pragmatic particle, thats what LOL has gradually become. LOL已经逐渐演变成了一个口头禅。Its a way of using the language between actual people. 这就是人们使用语言的一种方式。Another example is slash. 另外一个例子是slash.Now, we can use slash in the way that were used to, 看看这个句子,我们要去一个派对,along the lines of, Were going to have a party-slash-networking session. 同时(slash)来扩展一下人脉slash这里连接派对和扩展人脉两个活动。Thats kind of like what were at. 我们通常这么使用这个字。Slash is used in a very different way in texting among young people today. 今天Slash这个字用在年轻人的短信里却有非常不同的意思。201511/411488。