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重庆哪些妇科医院好些西南医院无痛人流好吗重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院无痛人流好吗 The price of iron ore has declined to a tonne for the first time in five and a half years, hit hard by concerns about weak Chinese demand for the steelmaking ingredient.受投资者对中国铁矿石需求疲软的担忧情绪的强烈打击,这种炼钢原料的价格五年半来首次跌至每吨63美元。Benchmark Australian ore for immediate delivery into China fell .60 to .30 a tonne yesterday, according to the Steel Index. The last time it traded this low was in May 2009.钢铁指数公司(The Steel Index)数据显示,对华即时交割的基准澳大利亚铁矿石的价格昨天下跌2.60美元,至每吨63.30美元。该基准铁矿石的价格上次处于如此低位还是在2009年5月。China is the world’s biggest producer of steel and the biggest consumer of seaborne iron ore, which is crucial for the profitability of large mining groups, including Vale of Brazil, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, as well as Japanese trading companies such as Mitsui amp; Co.中国是全球最大的钢材生产国,也是全球最大的海运铁矿石消费国。海运铁矿石对巴西淡水河谷(Vale)、必和必拓(BHP Billiton)和力拓(Rio Tinto)等大型矿企以及三井物产(Mitsui amp; Co)等日本贸易企业的盈利水平有着至关重要的影响。Last year, the price of the raw material halved as a surge in supply overwhelmed demand growth. Analysts said a build-up of steel inventories in China, caused by overproduction in December, had affected demand for iron ore.去年,由于供应量的激增大大超过了需求的增长,这种原料的价格跌去了一半。分析师表示,12月份的生产过剩导致中国钢材库存积压,影响了对铁矿石的需求。“While some mills are turning off production, old inventories still need to clear,” said Melinda Moore, analyst at Standard Bank, who reckons demand for steel has effectively fallen 15-20 per cent from December’s levels.标准(Standard Bank)分析师梅琳达#8226;穆尔(Melinda Moore)表示:“尽管部分钢厂正在采取停产措施,但原有的库存仍有待消化。”她估计,与12月份的水平相比,钢材需求实际上已下降15%到20%。Other factors weighing on Chinese steel demand include the forthcoming new year holiday, the decision to scrap a key export rebate and a slowdown in the manufacturing sector. A private survey showed growth has stalled for a second straight month in January.其他压低中国钢材需求的因素包括即将到来的春节假期、一项重要出口退税措施的取消决定、以及制造业增长的放缓。一项私人调查显示,1月份,中国钢材需求增长连续第二个月出现停滞。With the domestic construction market in the doldrums, many Chinese steel mills have turned to the export market for buyers. However, the Chinese government recently scrapped an export tax rebate on boron-added steel products, and analysts are unsure whether moves to offer chrome-alloyed steels as an alternative will be successful.由于国内建筑市场低迷,许多中国钢厂已转向出口市场寻找买家。然而,中国政府最近取消了对含硼钢材的出口退税,同时分析师无法确定钢厂改为出口铬合金钢享受退税的举措能否成功。The country’s imports of seaborne iron ore rose almost 14 per cent last year to a record 932.5m tonnes, with shipments from Australia accounting for 58.5 per cent of the total, up from 50.9 per cent in 2013, recent government data showed.近期的政府数据显示,去年中国海运铁矿石进口量攀升了将近14%,达到创纪录的9.325亿吨。其中,来自澳大利亚的进口占总量的58.5%,高于2013年的50.9%。Australian producers BHP and Rio had been ramping up production, in an effort to win market share and drive high-cost producers out of business. They are reckoned to have knocked about 125m tonnes of China and ex-China supply out of the market last year.为了扩大市场份额、将高成本生产商挤出市场,澳大利亚铁矿石生产商必和必拓和力拓一直在提高产量。据估计,去年它们已把大约1.25亿吨的中国及中国以外的供应量挤出了市场。On Friday, Goldman Sachs lowered its iron ore forecasts to this year, next year and in 2017 and 2018, saying the adjustment required to balance the market was “far from complete”.上周五,高盛(Goldman Sachs)下调了对铁矿石价格的预期,对今年的预期下调至每吨66美元,对明年的预期下调至每吨61美元,对2017年和2018年的预期则下调至每吨60美元。高盛表示,市场达到供需平衡所需的调整“远未完成”。 /201501/357204綦江大足区做无痛人流医院

重庆妇产科医院挂号Chinese stockpiles of agricultural commodities have hit historically high levels, complicating efforts to phase out a policy of state buying without causing a steep fall in prices, according to Beijing’s most senior agricultural adviser.按照中国政府最资深农业顾问的说法,中国农业大宗商品库存达到历史高位,这让政府很难做到在不导致价格大幅下跌的前提下逐步取消国家收购政策。Government buying of cotton, wheat, corn, soya, sugar and rice at above market prices has encouraged farmers to grow strategic crops. But the practice has led to bloated warehouses, smuggling and an increase in cheaper imports.近年政府以高于市场的价格买入棉花、小麦、玉米、大豆、糖和大米,这种做法鼓励农民种植具有战略重要地位的农作物。然而,这也导致了库存过高、走私行为、以及相对廉价的进口商品的增长。China has amassed 60 per cent of the world’s cotton stocks, prompting an announcement by Beijing last year that it would release its cotton holdings.目前,中国的棉花库存占全球60%。这一局面促使中国政府在去年宣布,它将释放其棉花库存。The bigger the stockpiles grow, the harder it is for the government to extricate itself. Dumping the glut into the market would reverberate through the international sector because China has become a large buyer of agricultural commodities.库存增长得越高,政府脱身的难度就越大。由于中国已经成为农业大宗商品的大买家,将过剩商品投入市场,会在国际市场引发震荡。Policy makers fear that releasing inventories would depress prices and push farmers towards more lucrative cash crops, increasing reliance on imports.中国政策制定者担心,释放库存会抑制作物价格,促使农民转向更有利可图的经济作物,从而增加对进口的依赖。China’s grain harvest has risen every year for more than a decade, as high prices have encouraged farmers to grow strategic crops. But costs have remained high and the agricultural sector is uncompetitive compared with other countries.由于高价格鼓励了战略性作物的种植,10多年来中国谷物收成年年增长。然而,中国的农作物种植成本居高不下,农业部门的竞争力弱于其他国家。“Since last year we haven’t raised the minimum price [for wheat and rice]. That sends a signal to the farmers,” said Chen Xiwen, director of the office of the central rural work leading group, at a press conference to explain rural policies for the year.在解释今年农村政策的记者会上,中央农村工作领导小组办公室主任陈锡文表示,中国政府自去年以来没有提高小麦和稻谷的最低收购价,此举向农民发出了信号。By capping the state-set minimum purchase price as costs rise, the government hoped to bring it into line with market prices, Mr Chen said. But the steep drop in oil prices meant growers should still have comfortable margins this year, he added. “We just want it to stabilise — that’s all.”陈锡文表示,通过在成本攀升的同时封顶政府设定的最低收购价,中国政府希望让收购价靠拢市场价格。不过,他补充说,油价的暴跌意味着今年农民们仍可达到较高的利润率。“我们只是希望价格稳定下来——这就是我们的目的。” /201502/358436北碚渝北区治疗内分泌多少钱 WASHINGTON — While the ed States and Japan dawdle over the last details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, China is moving to fill the vacuum. Beijing is intent on defining trade relations in the Asia Pacific for the 21st century.华盛顿——美国和日本就跨太平洋伙伴关系(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)最后的细节久拖不决之时,中国正积极地填补空白。北京已经下定决心,要为21世纪的亚太地区设定贸易关系框架。As host of the approaching Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, which take place just a week after America’s midterm elections, Beijing has been pushing for a post-meetings declaration that will lock in its vision of free trade — language that will, according to reports, endorse the so-called Beijing road map, which does not include the T.P.P. As the ed States trade representative, Michael Froman, said, “We do not expect to have a final agreement on T.P.P. at APEC.”亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)峰会的召开,就在美国中期选举之后一周。作为APEC会议的东道主,北京已经在推动一份会后的宣言了。这份宣言会确定其自由贸易愿景,据报道,措辞会持所谓的北京合作蓝图,其中并不包括TPP。就像美国贸易代表迈克尔·费罗曼(Michael Froman)所说的,“我们并不期待在APEC会议期间,就TPP达成最后协议。”The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would bring broad economic benefits for a vast majority of citizens in the 12 countries that would be signatories to the deal — including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam, among others. The T.P.P. would set high standards for regulatory systems, rules on intellectual property and fair competition — standards that China should aspire to but cannot currently meet.TPP协议将会为12个缔约国的绝大多数民众,带来广泛的经济利益,包括澳大利亚、新加坡、马来西亚、墨西哥和越南等国。TPP也会为监管体系、知识产权规则和公平竞争,设置很高的标准,都是中国应该努力追求、但目前达不到的标准。So as well as promoting its alternative plan to shape the region’s economic future by means of an Asia-Pacific free trade area with considerably lower standards, Beijing is betting that the small number of vocal opponents of the T.P.P. in America and Japan will derail the agreement. For the T.P.P. parties, failure to conclude an agreement would have untold costs, as countries like China that pursue mercantilist, government-directed economic policies would be emboldened to set the terms of trade in the Asia-Pacific region.所以,除了推动自己的方案,以标准明显更低的亚太自贸区,塑造该地区的经济未来之外,北京还期望美国和日本国内一小部分尖锐反对TPP的人,能够破坏相关协议。对TPP的参与方来说,无法签订协议会造成难以估量的后果,因为中国这种追求重商主义,由政府主导经济政策的国家,会受到鼓励,来为亚太地区设置贸易规则。China understands that democratic systems like those of the ed States and Japan show great deference to the interests of small groups. They protect minorities from the tyranny of a majority. In effective democracies, however, the interests of small groups are protected not through stalemate and inaction, but through compromise, as new policies move forward for the overall benefit of a country.中国明白,美国和日本这样的民主政体,会对小群体的利益给予极大的尊重。它们保护少数群体免受多数人暴政的侵害。然而在有效的民主体制里,保护小群体的手段并不是僵持不下的不作为,而是要通过妥协,为了国家的整体利益推动新政策。Trade negotiations test democracies to their limits. In the final phases, weary negotiators attempt to find common ground. Small interest groups that fear being disadvantaged become more shrill and intransigent; larger business and industry stakeholders that would gain by the deal fall largely silent; and the public, which would gain most of all, is confused. Media coverage is saturated with ever more strident rhetoric over ever narrower issues, overshadowing the fundamental interests at stake.贸易谈判对民主体制的极限提出了考验。在最后阶段,疲惫的谈判代表试图各让一步达成共识,然而担心利益受损的小利益集团却会发出更为尖锐的声音、更加顽固;将从协议中受益的规模较大的工商界利益相关方,基本上会保持沉默;绝大多数民众会从协议中受益,但他们已经被搞糊涂了。媒体报道则充满越来越强硬的言论,针对的议题却越来越狭窄,遮盖了其中涉及的根本利益。This is the stage we have reached in the American-Japanese negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Public debate has become dominated by, on one hand, the profits of pork farmers in Japan and the ed States and, on the other, political maneuvering to assign blame in anticipation of a failure to close a deal.美国与日本就TPP举行的谈判就来到了这个阶段。公共辩论的主导议题,一方面是日本和美国养猪业者的利润,另一方面是来自政界不断的动作,以确定在无法达成协议时该指责谁。Lost in the discussion are the advantages to both countries’ overall national interest and an overwhelming majority of their respective citizens. Few voices are heard saying that a T.P.P. agreement will establish American-Japanese leadership in setting a course that will enable greater prosperity throughout the Asia Pacific region.公众讨论中所欠缺的,是它对两国的整体国家利益,以及各自国家的绝大多数民众有哪些好处。我们极少听到有人说,TPP协议能够让美国和日本取得领导权,规划出一条路线,从而促进整个亚太地区实现更大的繁荣。It is time to make the compromises necessary to close a deal that will set the standard for international business in the future. Critically, a small number of relatively minor issues must not block an agreement between two of the world’s three largest economies.现在应当做出必要的让步,达成协议,从而为未来的国际商业活动树立标准。至关重要的一点是,世界前三大经济体中的两个国家之间的一项协议,不应当因为少量相对轻微的问题而受到阻挠。The T.P.P. will provide an American- and Japanese-led framework for business in the world’s center of economic power. It will establish the best practices aly observed by American and Japanese companies for a trading area of nearly 800 million consumers in 12 countries. And it will be open to new members, including China, that are willing to accept the high standards that the T.P.P. will demand.TPP能够在世界经济的核心地区,建立起一个由美国和日本领导的国际商业框架。它将为一个包含12个国家、拥有近8亿人口的贸易区,建立起美国和日本企业已经在遵循的最佳行为准则。它也欢迎新成员的加入,包括中国,只要它们愿意接受TPP提出的高标准。It’s important to note that China has expressed interest in joining the T.P.P. — even if this reflects a view in Beijing that the agreement is more inevitable than desirable. While China’s accession to the T.P.P. would place the world’s second-largest economy on a more certain and stable path, it would do so based on rules developed under the leadership of free-market democracies. Many of the areas in which weak World Trade Organization rules have failed to level the playing field for foreign companies in China would be strengthened under the T.P.P., making China a better place to do business.需要注意,中国已经表达了加入TPP的兴趣,不过这只是反映出,中国更多是认为该协议无法避免,却未必乐于加入该协议。中国加入TPP,会让这个世界第二大经济体,走上更加确定和稳定的道路,而且中国在这样做时所遵循的规则,也是在信奉自由市场的民主国家领导下制定的。在许多领域,世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)软弱的规则,并没有让外国企业在中国享有平等的竞争环境,但在TPP之下,这些规则会得到加强,使中国成为一个更适宜开展商业活动的国家。China understands that the T.P.P. will reinforce the vital American-Japanese alliance. That alliance is, of course, the bedrock of the region’s security upon which the Asian economic miracle was built. As Japan assumes a more important international role, the T.P.P. provides additional strategic ties that will enhance Tokyo’s ability to manage relations with the countries that pose the greatest challenges.中国理解TPP会增强美日之间至关重要的联盟。而美日联盟当然也是亚太地区安全的基石,正是在这种安全的环境之上,才构筑起了亚洲的经济奇迹。随着日本承担起更重要的国际角色,TPP也会提供更强的战略联系,从而为日本赋予更强的能力,来管理与那些构成最大挑战的国家之间的关系。A failure to conclude the T.P.P. would be a terrible setback. In place of establishing joint leadership in a rules-based regional economic system based on free-market principles, the American-Japan relationship would suffer from a period of mutual recriminations and loss of trust and cooperation. As both President Obama and Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, have stressed, the time for bold action to conclude the T.P.P. is at hand. China’s bet against Japan and the ed States has only reinforced the urgency of closing the deal.如果不能签订TPP,将会是一个糟糕的挫折。无法基于自由市场原则,在一个遵守规则的地区经济体系里,建立共同的领导地位,美日两国就会在一段时间里相互指责,失去信任并减少双边合作,进而对双边关系造成冲击。就像奥巴马总统和日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)强调的,果断采取行动,签订TPP协议的机遇就在眼前。中国认定日本和美国无法达成共识,更让这份协议的签订显得颇具紧迫感。 /201411/341767渝中大渡口区产前检查医院

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