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惠州早泄需要多少钱惠州龟头炎治疗方法If you want to renegotiate your current rent or are looking to move into a new location, take action and be happy with your terms by negotiating your rent.如果你想重新协商现在的租金,或者搬到新的地方,行动起来,为自己争取最低的租金。You Will Need你需要Research调查Communication skills沟通技巧Negotiating skills谈判技巧Alternative options其他选择Steps步骤STEP 1 Research1.调查Look in the newspaper, attend open houses, and call a local realtor to find out the value of comparable rentals in your neighborhood.查看报纸,登门造访,致电当地房地产经纪人,了解你所在社区的相对租金水平。STEP 2 Ask neighbors2.询问邻居Ask your neighbors or other tenants in the building what they are paying for rent.询问邻居或这栋大楼中的其他租户他们的租金水平。STEP 3 Talk to your landlord3.与房东谈判Talk to your landlord and negotiate the rent. Propose an offer, asking lower than you know you will get.与房东谈判,协商租金。提出自己可以接受的租金,最初提供的价格要低于最终能接受的价格。Do not accept the first offer.不要答应房东最初提出的价格。STEP 4 Look at options4.其他选择Look at alternative options if you do not get the rent you were looking for such as free parking or new carpet.如果没有得到自己期望的租金水平,也没有免费停车或新的地毯等优惠,查看其它选择。STEP 5 Ask for a break5.要求降价Ask your landlord if they will give you a break in the rent if you pay before the first of the month.问一下房东,如果你在每个月的1号之前交房租,能否便宜一点。STEP 6 Talk about your qualities6.品行保Express your good qualities to your landlord such as your good credit, timeliness, cleanliness, lack of pets or children, or the fact that you do not cause problems, if applicable.向雇主讲述你的良好品行,例如良好的信誉,适时,清洁,没有宠物或小孩,或者从来不惹麻烦。STEP 7 Take a longer lease7.延长租期Offer a longer lease for lower rent. Landlords will not have to worry about cleaning, painting, or getting another tenant if you are willing to sign a longer lease, and they may be more willing to accept lower rent.提出租的时间长一点,以换取低一点的租金。如果你愿意签长期一点的合同,房东就不用担心清洁,油漆或者再找租户等问题,这样他们或许愿意接受较低的租金。According to Roger Dawson, author of the book Secrets of Power Negotiating, 80 percent of concessions come in the last 20 percent of time left to negotiate.根据《优势谈判》作者罗杰·道森所说,80%的让步是在谈判最后20%的时间里作出的。视频听力译文由。201405/296862惠州友好门诊收费 This episode of Good Food Good Times - Word Cup Special is all about the host nation: Brazil. And when it comes to hot dogs, they really go all out!现在是美味食物美好时光节目——世界杯的特别之处肯定在于主办国:巴西。巴西的热非常美味!INGREDIENTS材料:250 g mince250克肉末1/4 onion1/4个洋葱Small heap of mash potato少量土豆泥Sweet corn甜玉米1 carrot, grated1根胡萝卜,切碎Large handful of shredded lettuce一大把切碎的莴苣8 olives sliced8个橄榄,切片Mayonnaise蛋黄酱Tomato ketchup番茄酱English mustard英国芥末1/2 green pepper, chopped1/2个绿青椒,切碎200 ml beef stock200 ml牛肉汤1 tsp tomato puree1汤匙番茄糊1 tsp dry thyme1汤匙干百里香Pepper辣椒1 tsp lime juice1汤匙柠檬汁Parmesan意大利干酪4 hot dog buns4个热圆面包4 hot dog sausages4根热香肠Serves 4 Prep 15m Cook 15m Total 30m.份数:4 准备:15分钟 烹煮:15分钟 总共:30分钟Step 1: Prepare The Mince Filling1.准备肉末填料Brown off the mince in a hot pan with a little oil, then add half an onion and half a chopped green pepper and cook for 4-5 minutes. Next add the garlic and cook for a minute. Add the beef stock, 1 tsp tomato puree, 1 tsp of thyme and a grind of black pepper. Cook for about 10 minutes until reduced, then top with a squeeze of lime.向热锅中加少许油,翻炒肉末,然后加入半个洋葱和半个切碎的青椒,烹煮4-5分钟。然后加入蒜末烹煮1分钟。加入牛肉汤,1汤匙番茄糊,1汤匙百里香和黑胡椒末。烹煮大约10分钟,然后加入柠檬汁。Step 2: Cook The Hot Dogs2.烹煮热Cook the hot dogs on a hot griddle pan for a few minutes until cooked through on both sides.在热煎锅上烹煮热几分钟的时间,直到两面都煮好。Step 3: Assemble3.组合Assemble the hot dogs, using as many or as few of the toppings as you like. Enjoy!把热组合起来,上面的配料想加多少就加多少。认真品尝吧!视频听力译文由。201406/303303Your parents tell you to just ignore it, but sometimes it takes more than that to handle being teased.你的父母告诉你无视他们就可以了。但是有时候,被人取笑时可以通过其他方式来处理。You Will Need你需要Resolve决心Poise姿态A feeling of self-worth自我价值感Steps步骤STEP 1 Show them up1.让他们尴尬Show them up. Most teasers rely on humor that’s rarely funny and almost always pathetic. So the next time a would-be tormentor tries to make you feel bad, roll your eyes and call the fool out on their lame joke. Something simple like, Really? That’s intended to be funny, right? can shut someone up at least briefly.让取笑你的人尴尬。大部分爱戏弄别人的人以为自己很有幽默感,其实非常无趣,非常悲哀。下次有人试图让你丢脸时,直视他们,嘲笑他们站不住脚的笑话,比方说,“真的吗?难道很有趣吗?”这样就可以马上让他们闭嘴。STEP 2 Channel your rage2.不要愤怒Don’t give your teaser the satisfaction of making you cry. Instead, channel your anger productively, through art, sports, or music.取笑你的人就是想让你出丑哭泣,不要让他们得逞。相反,通过艺术,体育或音乐来有效疏导自己的愤怒情绪。STEP 3 Learn to talk trash3.学会毒舌Learn how to trash talk like a pro. You might not be strong enough to take your teaser on physically, but you can certainly learn how to verbally judo flip him or her.学习如何像专业人士一样说一些侮辱性的语言。你或许不够强大用武力来教训取笑你的人,但是你可以学习如何用语言攻击对方。STEP 4 Kill ‘em with kindness4.以德报怨Try this trick: respond to their insults and taunts with compliments and charm. This won’t just take all the fun out of teasing you—it will confuse the hell out of them.尝试这种技巧:用赞扬和魅力来回应他们的侮辱和嘲讽。这不仅不会让他们觉得取笑你很有趣,还会让他们感到困惑。If you’re a girl and your teaser is a boy, it’s possible said boy is stuck in the pre-pubescent mentality that girls are icky but also kinda cute so I’m gonna repress my confusion by being relentlessly obnoxious and hope that she’ll kiss me. That ought to make you feel better, albeit nauseous.如果你是女孩子,取笑你的人是男孩子,或许他青春期心思萌动,认为“女孩子真讨厌,但是好像又有点可爱,我要表现得无情冷漠一点,抑制自己的困惑和让她亲吻我的希望。”这样想的话或许会让你感觉好一点,尽管很恶心。STEP 5 Talk to someone5.倾诉If the teasing is particularly nasty and/or you feel threatened, there’s no shame in speaking to your mom, dad, teacher, or counselor.如果对方的取笑非常恶劣,或者让你感受到威胁,无需感到羞耻,可以告诉父母,老师或辅导员。STEP 6 Be proud6.自豪Remember that you’re awesome. Maybe the kids tease you because you love science or you wear pink Chucks. What do they know? People who are considered nerdy or different are often the ones who change the world—just look at Bill Gates.记住,你是非常出色的。或许其他人取笑你是因为你喜欢科学或者你戴了粉红色的夹子。他们知道什么?被认为无趣乏味或与众不同的人通常是改变世界的人,就像比尔·盖茨。About 30% of U.S. teens are involved in bullying in some way, either as a bully or as a victim.大约30%的美国青少年涉及某种形式的欺凌,可能是欺凌者也可能是受害者。视频听力译文由。 /201403/279201惠东县医院网上咨询

惠州大男科医院惠州浅表性龟头炎怎么办 Emotions are bound to play a role at a wedding. Whether you are happy or sad, prevent the tears from falling with these tear-free tips.情绪在婚礼上发挥着重要作用。无论你是开心还是悲伤,根据下面的技巧,防止泪洒婚礼现场。You Will Need你需要Deep breaths深呼吸Imagination想像Steps步骤STEP 1 Stop from crying1.防止哭泣Stop your lip from quivering, and the tears from falling, by taking a deep breath and counting to 10.深呼吸,数到10,制止嘴唇颤抖,眼泪洒落。Repeat the process until you feel relaxed and calm.重复这个动作,直到你感觉放松和平静。STEP 2 Blink your eyes2.眨眼Blink your eyes faster and faster to prevent the tears from falling.快速,更快速地眨眼,防止眼泪滑落。STEP 3 Imagine yourself3.想像Imagine yourself in a calm, relaxing place, such as a beach. Picture sitting there, smelling salty air and watching the ocean waves.想像自己处于一个平静而放松的地方,比如沙滩上。描绘自己坐在那里,闻着有咸味的空气,欣赏波浪的场景。STEP 4 Impede your tears4.抑制眼泪Impede your tears by pinching the skin between your thumb and your pointer finger.掐一下拇指和食指之间的皮肤,抑制眼泪流出。STEP 5 Say a mantra5.念咒语Repeat calming words or phrases, such as ;relax; or ;stay calm.;重复一些让自己平静下来的词语或短语,比如“放松”或“保持冷静”。Breathe and close your eyes to relax even more.闭上眼睛深呼吸,让自己进一步放松下来。STEP 6 Distract your emotions6.转移注意力Distract yourself from your emotions by reciting the alphabet backwards, singing your favorite song in your head, or counting the number of guests. You can enjoy the flood of emotions without the flood of tears.从后往前倒背字母表,或者在脑海中哼唱自己喜欢的歌曲,或者数一下宾客的数量,转移对情绪的注意力。没有眼泪,你也可以纵情宣泄自己的情绪。Over 1 billion people around the world watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on July 29, 1981.1981年7月29日,全世界超过10亿人观看了查尔斯王子和戴安娜王妃的婚礼。201412/346949淡水医院男科咨询

惠州市第三人民医院东院区包皮手术多少钱Now that the spring equinox is behind us, its time to start thinking about how youre going to commemorate the start of summer.现在春季已经远去,夏天即将开始,应该思考一下如何庆祝这个热情似火的季节的来临了。You Will Need你需要Bonfire篝火Freshly picked flowers新摘的鲜花Stonehenge visit史前巨石柱游览Maypole五朔节花柱Naked run裸跑Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand the solstice1.了解夏至Understand what the summer solstice is -- in the Northern Hemisphere, its the day when the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun, making it the longest day of the year.了解什么是夏至,在北半球,夏至这一天是北极最靠近阳光照射的时候,是一年当中白昼最长的一天。STEP 2 Have a bonfire2.点燃篝火Make a bonfire. Ancient civilizations believed that the fire they created would ward off evil spirits. Many cultures carry on this tradition today.点燃篝火。古代文明相信,他们点燃的篝火可以抵御恶灵。许多文化直到今天还传承着这种传统。STEP 3 Pick some flowers3.摘花Pick some flowers. In medieval Europe, people believed that plants picked during the summer solstice had the ability to heal.摘一些鲜花。在中世纪的欧洲,人们相信夏至期间摘的鲜花有疗伤功效。STEP 4 Head to Stonehenge4.前往史前巨石柱Visit Stonehenge, Britains famous prehistoric stone monument. Because the structure aligns with the sunrise on the solstice, thousands of people gather there to celebrate the day by watching the sun come up.游览史前巨石柱,这是英国著名的景点。因为夏至这一天日出时,数千人会来到这里观看太阳升起。Other great destinations for celebrating the solstice include Sedona, Arizona, and Cairo, where an ancient sun temple was discovered in 2006.庆祝夏至到来的其他比较好的目的地包括塞多纳,亚利桑那和开罗。2006年,开罗发现了一座古老的太阳神庙。STEP 5 Dance around a maypole5.围绕五朔节花柱舞蹈Dance around a maypole -- a flower and ribbon-festooned vertical bar. Thats a cherished tradition in Sweden, where the summer solstice is a major holiday.围绕五朔节花柱舞蹈。这是瑞典珍视的一个传统,夏至在这里是一个非常重要的节日。STEP 6 Organize a naked run6.组织裸跑Organize a naked run -- if you can secure your towns permission! Its a new -- but increasingly popular -- ritual in Riga, the capital of Latvia, as part of their solstice festivities.组织裸跑——如果能够获得公众的许可!这是一项新活动,但是越来越受欢迎。这是拉脱维亚共和国首都里加的一项惯例,是他们夏至日活动的一部分。;Solstice; comes from the Latin words ;sol,; which means sun, and ;stare,; to stand.夏至一词来源于拉丁语,意思是太阳站立起来。视频听力译文由。201405/298474 惠州割除包皮哪家医院好博罗医院电话号码是多少



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