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顺城医院在哪里抚顺清原县医院疼痛科怎么样Delegates from countries and regions and the European Union have agreed that the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world largest marine protected area (MPA).日前,来自个国家和地区以及欧盟的代表一致同意在南极罗斯海划设全球最大的海洋保护区Some 1.57m sq km of the ocean will gain protection from commercial fishing 35 years.这一覆盖面积约7万平方公里的海域将得到保护,在35年内禁止商业作业The new marine protected area in the Ross Sea was created by a unanimous decision of the international body that oversees the waters around Antarctica - the Commission the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources - and was announced at the commission annual meeting in Tasmania last Friday.在罗斯海设立新海洋保护区的决定由监管南极附近海域的国际组织;南极海洋生物资源养护委员会;一致通过,并于上周五在该机构在塔斯马尼亚的年会上宣布;Im absolutely overjoyed,; said Lewis Pugh, the UN Patron the Oceans. ;This is the biggest protected area on the land or the sea, this is the first large scale MPA on the high seas.;联合国海洋环保人士刘易斯·皮尤对此表示:“我真的很高兴这是陆地或海洋上最大的保护区这也是公海上第一个大规模的海洋保护区 ”A remote and largely pristine stretch of ocean off Antarctica, the Ross Sea is called the ;Last Ocean;.罗斯海位于南极洲附近,是一片遥远且基本保持原始状态的海域,有;最后的海洋;之称Its nutrient-rich water is the most productive in the Antarctic, leading to huge plankton and krill blooms that support vast numbers of fish, seals, penguins, and whales.罗斯海海水营养丰富,是南极海域最多产的部分,大量浮游生物和磷虾在此繁殖,也成了许多鱼类、海豹、企鹅和鲸鱼的家园 6670抚顺中山妇科医院妇产科好吗 Making a Shopping List 制作购物清单A: Im planning on going to the market soon.我打算一会去超市B: What are you buying?你在买什么?A: I dont know what we need.我不知道我们需要什么B: I can check you, if youd like.如果你需要的话,我可以帮你查查A: Ill make a list.我来制作个清单B: First, we need eggs, milk, and b.首先,我们需要鸡蛋,牛奶和面包A: Okay, do we need any meat?好的,我们需要一些肉吗?B: How about some chicken, ground beef, and some steak?一些鸡肉,碎牛肉和一些牛排怎么样?A: What else do we need?我们还需要做什么?B: Get some snack foods.买些小吃吧A: Is there anything else that we need?还有什么是我们需要的吗?B: No, but if you can think of anything else, just get it.没有,但是如果你想到了,可以写进去1. What are you buying?Do you know what to get?What are you going to get? 你要买什么?. How about some meat?What kind of meat do we need?Should I get some meat? 需要一些肉食吗?3. Is there anything else that we need?What else?Do we need anything else? 还有其他什么需要的吗? 88A: I need a pan.我需要一个锅B: Okay. Do you have a particular size in mind?好的,你有特别想要的尺寸吗?A: Well, the bigger the better, I think.嗯,我觉得越大越好B: Look at this one. It our biggest pan.看看这个这个使我们比较大的一个A: Yes, that is big enough, but it too heavy me.是的,这个足够大了,但是对我来说太重了B: Okay, we have the same thing in aluminum.好的,这里还有铝制的锅,跟这个差不多大A: Oh, this is nice and light. But it has an aluminum handle.哦,这个很好看,也很轻但是这个把手是铝制的B: Try this one. Same aluminum pan, but with a heat-resistant bamboo handle.试试这个吧同样是铝制的锅,但是有隔热的木质把手A: Oh, yes. This is very nice. Ill take this one. 哦,是的这个很好看我就买这个了B: That a good choice. How do you want to pay it?很不错的选择你想怎么买?A: Cash. Oh, I almost got. I need a lid, too.现金哦,我差点忘了我还需要一个锅盖B: Im so sorry. A lid comes with the pan. Here it is.对不起这儿有个配套的锅盖,给你 5870抚顺市顺城医院处女膜修复手术多少钱

抚顺妇幼保健院治疗阳痿早泄辽宁省抚顺医院泌尿系统在线咨询 Receive the customer迎接客户A:Good morning, Mr. Jackson. Welcome to Shanghai.早上好!杰克逊先生,欢迎来到上海B:Good morning!早上好!A:Mr. Jackson, did you have a good flight?杰克逊先生,旅途愉快吗?B:I just feel a little tired. You know, it took me hours to get here.只是有点儿累,您知道到这儿得需要个小时A:You must take a rest today.您今天得好好休息B:That very kind of you, but I can do without a rest. I have long wanted to have a talk with you about the possibility of business between us.您太好了,但是我不休息也可以我一直想和你们谈谈我们之间商务活动的可能性A:We welcome good business. Anyhow, we know you must get tired by the flight, so we have arranged a meeting tomorrow morning. Today you can have a good rest.我们欢迎有意义的业务往来但是,我们知道您旅途一定很劳累,所以我们把会议安排到了明天早上今天您可以好好休息一下B:Thank you very much.非常感谢A:We wish you a pleasant stay here!我们希望您在这里过得愉快!B:I believe I will.我相信你会的 188536新抚区人民医院看男科医院

抚顺市轻工局职工医院医院男科No more second guessing! Blade Runner-style emotion detector could reveal if a person REALLY finds you attractive on a first date无需再次猜测!“银翼杀手”风格的“情感探测器”会告诉你,第一次约会时对方是否真的被你所吸引First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience, filled with unease and uncertainty over whether or not the other person is interested. But new technology that could help clear up at least some of the mystery surrounding such dates might be on its way.初次约会是一件非常伤脑筋的经历,对方是否对自己感兴趣,你对此充满了不安与不确定但一项新技术,将有助于缓解这种约会可能会带来的一些神秘的氛围An emotion detector has been created which researchers claim will be able to tell whether or not a person finds you attractive almost instantly.研究人员发明了一种“情感探测器”,据称,它可以帮助你判断对方是否真的被你所吸引Researchers at the University of Lancaster were inspired to make the device by a gadget featured in the 198 sci-fi fantasy film Blade Runner. Replicating the Voight-Kampff machine, a fictional interrogation tool, the research team created a device that mimics this emotion-detector.英国兰卡斯特大学的研究人员表示,这件有趣的设备的灵感来自于198年的经典科幻电影《银翼杀手模仿影片中的一个科幻审问工具Voight-Kampff,研究团队设计出了这个“情感探测器”The polygraph-like Voight-Kampff machine was used by a police ce in the film, to determine if an individual was a biorobotic android, detected using a test to provoke emotional responses. It measured body functions like blush response, respiration, heart rate and eye movement in response to questions dealing with empathy.在《银翼杀手中,警察们使用类似测谎仪的Voight-Kampff机器来探测对象的情绪反应,并借此判断对方是否是生化机器人它会测量人体在回答涉及到情绪问题时产生的诸如脸红、呼吸、心率和瞳孔的变化The team fictional speculative device is set against an online dating backdrop and is designed, in theory, to determine how the first interaction is going. The machine clips onto the bottom of a smartphone or tablet.研究团队的这款设备是根据在线约会的背景设计的,从理论上讲,它主要用来确认在线约会的双方第一次接触时如何反应这一设备可以安装在智能手机或者平板电脑的底部This machine looks and feels very real and has even prompted a film-making company in the States to request filming us manufacturing the device, said Professor Coulton, the expert and head of the research team. But this is actually a tool creating some pretty serious discussions.该项目专家及研究小组领头人科尔顿教授说:“这台机器的外观和感觉非常真实,甚至吸引了一家电影制作公司提出要拍摄我们制造这台设备的过程但它实际上是用来引发一些很严肃的讨论的工具”Design fiction involves speculative design which heralds what might come about in the future world of human computer interaction, said Professor Coulton.科尔顿教授解释说,所谓的Design fiction,是一种推测性设计方法,它主要用来预测人机交互的未来可能会发生什么The factor that differentiates and distinguishes design fiction from other approaches is its novel use of ;world building;. As an example, we built this world in which rules detecting empathy will become a major component of future communications. We take inspiration from the sci-fi film ;Blade Runner; to consider what a plausible world, in which it is useful to build a Voight-Kampff machine, might be like.“区分和区别推测性设计方法与其他方法的一个重要因素在于其对“世界构建”方法的全新应用在这次研究中,我们把这这个装置作为一个例子,用来构建一个情绪检测成为未来沟通主要组成部分的一个世界为此我们从科幻电影《银翼杀手中获得了灵感,因为这个电影就虚构了一个类似的世界”People are working towards this kind of thing, he added. What we are doing is questioning whether it has a place in our society - what kind of uses they have and what the world would actually be like with them. We want people to think about the ethical implications of what we do. Technically a lot of this is possible but is it actually what we want?“人们正在慢慢把这种事情变为现实”他补充说:“我们在做的是质疑它是否会在我们的社会中有位置--它们的用处是什么,以及有了它们世界会变成什么样我们想要人们去思考这样一个道德问题--很多东西从技术上是可能的,但是我们真的想要它吗?” 8671 抚顺男子医院网上预约咨询抚顺县妇幼保健院电话预约



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