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Donald Trump has won a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, wrongfooting investors around the world and defying Republican and Democratic political elites with his populist “Make America Great Againmovement.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)借助其“让美国再次变得伟大”的民粹主义运动,在总统选举中击败了希拉克林Hillary Clinton),赢得了一场令人目瞪口呆的胜利。这一结果令世界各地的投资者措手不及,并且让政治建制派的愿望泡了汤。The victory by the political outsider, amplified by a Republican sweep of the Senate and House of Representatives, marks a repudiation of Barack Obama that was fuelled by a backlash against globalisation in the wake of the global financial crisis.这位政治局外人取得胜利的同时,共和党也全面掌控了美国参众两院。这一局面标志着对巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)八年执政业绩的否定。全球金融危机后全球化遭遇的反弹,就突显出了这种否定。The result, which upended the predictions of most pollsters and investors, led to sharp swings in financial markets. The Mexican peso was off 7.8 per cent after tumbling 12 per cent, its biggest drop since the country’s 1994-1995 devaluation crisis.这一大选结果打破了多数民调机构和投资者的预期,导致了金融市场的巨动。墨西哥比索下跌7.8%,在那之前跌幅一度达2%——这是自1994-95年墨西哥比索贬值危机以来的最大跌幅。The US dollar fell 2.5 per cent against the yen and 1.5 per cent against the euro. Samp;P 500 futures were down 3.4 per cent and gold was up 3.2 per cent. Treasury bond yields tumbled as investors sought out safe assets and marked down the chances of a December rate rise.美元兑日元下.5%,兑欧元下跌1.5%。标00指数期货下跌3.4%,黄金上.2%。随着投资者寻找避险资产和调降2月份美国加息的预期,美国国债收益率大幅下挫。Mr Trump strode to victory with wins in battleground states, including Ohio and Pennsylvania, that were propelled by white, working class “Trump Democratsin the Midwest. These voters crossed party lines to back the billionaire who vowed to return jobs to America echoing Ronald Reagan’s victory over Jimmy Carter in 1980.特朗普是凭借在俄亥俄州和宾夕法尼亚州等摇摆州胜出而大踏步走向胜利的。美国中西部白人工薪“特朗普民主党人Trump Democrats)促成了这场胜利。这些人跨越了党派界限、持这位承诺要让工作岗位流回美国的亿万富翁,重现了1980年罗纳德.里根(Ronald Reagan)对吉卡特(Jimmy Carter)的胜利。In his victory speech in New York, the property developer concluded one of the most divisive campaigns in history by calling on the country to come together, as he stressed his intention to be a president for all Americans, whether they had supported him or not.在纽约发表的胜选演讲中,这位地产开发商通过一番表态,为这场美国历史上分歧最大的选战这一画上了句号。他呼吁美国人民团结起来,强调他想作的是所有美国人的总统,不论他们过去持他与否。“Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division. We have to get together,he said. “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”他说:“现在到了美国包扎分歧伤口的时候了。我们必须团结起来。我要对全国所有共和党人、民主党人及独立人士说,现在是时候走到一起、团结起来了。”After months of vicious rhetoric against his opponent, Mr Trump congratulated Mrs Clinton, who he said had called him to concede, and thanked the former first lady, senator and secretary of state for her years of public service.特朗普表示希拉里已给他打电话承认败选。在数月来对对手恶言相加后,特朗普向希拉里表示了祝贺,感谢这位前第一夫人、参议员和国务卿多年来务于公众。“Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very sincerely,he said. Mrs Clinton’s campaign said she would speak on Wednesday morning.他说:“在很长一段时间里,希拉里一直在长时间地努力工作。我们应该深深感谢她为我们国家提供的务。我是真心这么认为的。”希拉里的竞选团队表示,希拉里会在当地时间周三上午发表讲话。“As I’ve said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement,Mr Trump said. “It’s a movement comprised of Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people, and serve the people it will.”“正如我一开始就说过的,我们所从事的不是一次竞选,而是一次难以置信的伟大运动。”特朗普表示,“这场运动的参与者是来自各个种族、宗教、有着各种社会背景和信仰的美国人,他们想要并期望我们的政府务于人民,而我们的政府也会务于人民。”After months of warm comments about authoritarian leaders such as Russian president Vladimir Putin, coupled with threats to downgrade America’s relationships with its allies, Mr Trump tried to assure the world that he would not be the temperamentally unfit commander-in-chief that Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama portrayed him to be.此前几个月里,特朗普对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)等威权领导人频频示好,还扬言要将美国与其盟友的关系降级。如今,特朗普试图让全球相信,他不会成为希拉里和奥巴马口中那种脾气秉性不适合作三军统帅的人。“I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;all people and all other nations,said Mr Trump. “We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.”“我想告诉国际社会,尽管我们会始终把美国的利益放在首位,但我们会公平地对待每个人……所有人民和所有其他国家。我们将寻求共同立场,而不是对抗;寻求合作,而不是冲突。”来 /201611/477174


  James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has told Congress that his agency stands by its July decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton over the scandal involving her use of a private email server as secretary of state.美国联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯.科米(James Comey)告诉国会,该局维持7月的决定,即不建议因为希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)担任国务卿时使用私人电子邮件务器的丑闻而对她提起公诉。Mr Comey sparked massive controversy two weeks ago when he informed Congress that the FBI was examining new emails related to its prior investigation of Mrs Clinton, amid concerns that the agency was getting involved in the politics of the election.两周前,科米通知国会,FBI正在审查与之前调查希拉里相关的新一批电子邮件,此举引起了巨大争议。人们担心FBI介入了选举政治。While the examination of the new emails which were found on the computer of Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was expected to take weeks, Mr Comey on Sunday wrote to Congress to inform them that his agents had completed their investigation.尽管此前预计对新邮件的审查将需要数周,但科米周日致函国会称,他手下的探员已完成了调查。这些邮件是在希拉里的顶级幕僚胡阿贝Huma Abedin)的已分居丈夫安东维纳(Anthony Weiner)的计算机上发现的。“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton,Mr Comey said in the letter.科米在信中称:“基于我局的审查,我局没有改变7月对国务卿希拉里的问题所表达的结论。”In response to the development, which came two days before the election, Brian Fallon, the Clinton team press secretary, tweeted: “We were always confident nothing would cause the July decision to be revisited. Now Director Comey has confirmed it.”这一事态发生在距离大选投票只剩下两天之际。作为回应,希拉里竞选团队发言人布赖恩.法伦(Brian Fallon)在推特上发言称:“我们始终相信,没有任何事情会导月的决定被重新讨论。现在科米局长确认了这一点。”The development will help remove a cloud from over Mrs Clinton and could reverse some of the slide in the polls that followed the emergence of the first Comey letter.此事将有助于驱散笼罩在希拉里头上的阴云,并可能在一定程度上扭转在科米第一封信出炉后她的持率下滑的局面。来 /201611/476525。


  The man who turned China’s state-owned grain trader Cofco into an integrated agribusiness and led its overseas acquisition spree has been appointed chairman of Sinochem, the Chinese government announced yesterday.中国政府昨日宣布,曾将中国国有谷物交易商中粮集团(COFCO)转型成一家综合性农业企业、并领导该集团进行一系列海外收购的宁高宁,已被任命为中化集团(Sinochem)董事长。Ning Gaoning, who uses the name Frank and enjoys speaking English, oversaw the acquisition of Dutch trading company Nidera and most recently the agricultural arm of struggling Hong Kong-based energy and commodities trader Noble Group.宁高宁使用弗兰克(Frank)这个英文名,喜欢说英语。他曾主导对荷兰交易企业Nidera的收购,而最近的例子则是对来宝集Noble Group)农业部门的收购。来宝集团是一家总部位于香港的能源和大宗商品交易商,目前陷于困境。The deals, which gave Cofco a footprint in Southeast Asia and Latin America, were designed to put the company on a par with those that dominate the world grain trade. These include Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge and Louis Dreyfus Commodities.这些交易为中粮集团在东南亚和拉美留下了脚印,它们旨在令中粮集团与那些主导全球谷物交易的企业平起平坐。这些企业包括嘉Cargill)、阿彻丹尼尔斯米德兰(Archer Daniels Midland, ADM)、邦Bunge)和路易达Louis Dreyfus Commodities)。In December Mr Ning celebrated his 11th year as head of China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co, or Cofco. During that time he transformed the company from a grains importer and exporter into an integrated food and dairy business that now makes wine and fruit juice and dominates China’s soyabean crushing industry.20152月,宁高宁执掌中粮集团进入第11年。在他掌舵期间,中粮从一家谷物进出口商转型成一家综合性食品和乳品企业。目前,中粮集团还生产葡萄酒和果汁,并主导着中国的大豆榨油产业。Cofco’s international expansion was part of wider strategy to build national champions to compete with western multinationals as well as helping secure more grain directly, reducing China’s reliance on international traders.中粮集团在国际上的扩张是整体战略的一部分,目的是打造国家冠军企业,以便和西方跨国公司竞争,并帮助中国直接获取更多谷物,减少对国际交易商的依赖。But expansion has not come without problems. Nidera suffered a significant loss in its biofuels business because of a rogue trader, while some analysts believe Cofco overpaid for Noble Agri.然而,扩张的过程也不是毫无问题。Nidera曾因一名违规交易员的行为而在生物燃料业务上遭遇大额亏损,而一些分析师认为中粮集团为来宝农Noble Agri)付的价码过高。Mr Ning will also face challenges at Sinochem, the state-owned chemicals and fertiliser group, which is one of the country’s largest iron ore importers.宁高宁在中化集团也将面临多种挑战。中化集团是一家国有的化工和化肥集团,也是中国最大的铁矿石进口商之一。“His new post at the Sinochem showcases the central government’s determination to promote China’s agricultural industry,said Ma Wenfeng, agricultural analyst at Beijing Orient Agriculture Consultancy.北京东方艾格农业咨询有限公司(Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants)的农业分析师马文峰表示:“他在中化集团的新职位显示出中央政府促进中国农业产业发展的决心。”“To improve China’s agricultural production level, it will need to promote the integration of the production of seeds, fertilisers, chemicals and machines.”“要提高中国的农业生产水平,就必须加强种子、化肥、化学品和机械生产的整合。”Mr Ma said Mr Ning was expected to oversee aggressive international and domestic mergers and acquisitions.马文峰表示,预计宁高宁将在国际和国内领导一轮大刀阔斧的并购。来 /201601/421535U.S. Vice President Mike Pence swore in Betsy DeVos as U.S. secretary of education on Tuesday after casting the tie-breaking Senate vote to confirm President Donald Trumps controversial nominee. It was the first time in American history that a vice president had been needed to get a Cabinet pick approved.美国副总统彭斯主持了教育部长贝德沃斯的宣誓就职仪式。美国国会参议院星期二在彭斯投下打破平衡的一票后,批准了川普总统这位极具争议的教育部长人选。这是美国历史上第一次在审批内阁人选时需要副总统投出的一票。DeVos pledged at her swearing-in to ;support and defend the ed States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.; In the words of her official vow, she also pledged to ;well and faithfully; discharge the duties of her office.德沃斯星期二晚上宣誓时说,她将“持和捍卫美国对抗所有敌人,无论来自国外还是国内”。她在官方誓词中说,她将保“好好地、忠实地”履行她的职责。The ceremony took place quickly and without fanfare, except for the whirring and clicking of cameras and other media equipment. After the short ceremony was over, a small audience of family and friends burst into polite applause.宣誓就职仪式快速完毕,没有喧闹,只有照相机的快门声和其他媒体设备的响声。在短暂的仪式结束后,一小群旁观的家人和朋友发出礼貌的掌声。Earlier in the day, two Republicans voted with a united Democratic caucus in opposition to DeVos. The result was a 50-50 split before Pence cast the deciding vote, as the Constitution mandates when the chamber is evenly divided.星期二早些时候,两名参议院共和党人投票站在了团结一致反对德沃斯任命的民主党人一边,导致持和反对票数为50-50,副总统彭斯按宪法规定在参议院各执一词时投出了决定性一票。来 /201702/491173

  Soil pollution has reached alarming levels in China, and will cause enormous economic losses and affect the health of people for generations, experts warned.有关专家日前警告称,中国的土壤污染已经达到了令人震惊的水平,并将造成巨大的经济损失,影响几代人的健康。Chinas arable land is shrinking due to soil pollution and is bringing huge economic losses to a country aly short of farmland.由于土壤污染,中国的耕地正在萎缩,给本就缺少农田的国家带来巨大的经济损失。China has 22 percent of the worlds population but only 9 percent of the planets arable land, Gao Guilin, a law professor at Beijings Capital University of Economics and Business, said at a forum held last Sunday, news site legaldaily.cn reported on Sunday.北京首都经济贸易大学法学院教授高桂林在上周日举行的一个论坛上表示,中国的人口占世界的22%,但耕地只占世界%。Gao cited statistics released by Chinas Ministry of Environmental Protection that 12 million tons of crops in China are polluted by soil contaminated with heavy metals annually, which would cause a yearly loss of 20 billion yuan (.9 billion).高桂林教授引用中国环境保护部发布的统计数据称,中国每年有1200万吨作物受到土壤重金属的污染,每年造成200亿元的损失(29亿美元)。Soil pollution also poses a great threat to public health as pollutants, including heavy metals, pesticides and agricultural antibiotics, and severely affects the quality of crops.土壤污染也对公众的健康构成了极大的威胁,包括重金属、农药和农业抗生素等污染物,严重影响了作物的质量。The Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration revealed that among the 18 batches of rice tested during random checks, eight were found to contain excessive amounts of heavy metal, which is known as a strong carcinogen and can cause pathological changes in kidney and other organs.据广州食品药品监督透露,在随机检查的18批次的大米中,有8批次含有过量的重金属,被称为强致癌物质,可导致肾脏和其他器官的病变。Gao said preserving protected arable land should be a priority, surveillance of land should be enhanced, and cleaning up should be done as soon as pollution is detected.高桂林教授说,保护耕地应该是一个优先考虑的事,应加强对土地的监测,一旦发现污染就应该进行清理。According to latest figures from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land and Resources, about 16.1 percent of Chinas surveyed land is polluted by heavy metals including cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury.根据环境保护部和国土资源部的最新数据,在我国接受调查的土地中,约有16.1%被包括镉、砷、铅和汞的重金属所污染。Last year, the central government allocated 2.8 billion yuan for anti-pollution projects in 30 prefecture-level cities, but experts said it is far from enough.去年,中央政府拨8亿元用于30个地级市治理污染的项目,但专家表示,这还远远不够。来 /201612/481533China will offer 11.5 billion dollars in loans and credit lines to five Southeast Asian countries for infrastructure and other projects, Premier Li Keqiang said on last Wednesday.上周三,李克强总理表示,中国将会为5个东南亚国家的基础建设及其他项目提15亿美元的贷款及信贷额度。In 2014, Li offered 20 billion dollars in loans to Southeast Asia, while visiting Myanmar to attend an East Asian summit, an attractive proposition for a region struggling to fund the roads, ports and railways needed for growth.2014年,李克强在参加于缅甸举办的东亚峰会时,曾提00亿美元贷款给东南亚国家,这对于因为发展而急需筹集公路、铁路以及港口建设资金的东南亚国家来说,无疑是一个好消息。He was speaking at a summit with leaders from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in the southern Chinese resort town of Sanya on Hainan island. His comments were carried on the Chinese Foreign Ministrys website and by the official Xinhua news agency.上述表态是李克强总理和缅甸、老挝、泰囀?柬埔寨以及越南的领导人在海南三亚参加的一场峰会中做出的。他的讲话被中国外交部网站以及官方通讯社新华社转载。Such offers of financial aid are not unusual at such get-togethers. He did not give a timeframe for when the funds may be dispersed在此类会议中,这种金融援助很常见。李克强总理并没有给出发放这些贷款的具体时间表。Li added that he would push Chinas new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its Silk Road fund to also fund projects in the region, and ensure a greater use for Chinas yuan currency in dealings with the five countries.李克强总理表示,他将会督促中国创办的亚洲基础设施建设以及一带一路基金更多地投资东南亚地区的项目,并确保在和这五个国家交易时更多地使用人民币;There are six countries on one river. The Lancang-Mekong sub-region is our joint home,; Li said, ;Over the many years of being neighbours we have become family,; he added.李克强总理补充说道:“我们六个国家同饮一江水,命运紧相连,澜沧江--湄公河区域是我们共同的家园,作为多年的邻居,我们已经变成了一家人。”Despite the proffers of friendship and money, China has a strained relationship with two of the countries whose leaders Li met - Vietnam and Myanmar.尽管中国伸出友谊之手,提供资金援助,但是在和李克强见面的5国领导人中,个国家的领导人和中国关系却比较紧张:那就是越南和缅甸。Vietnam and China are involved in an increasingly ugly dispute in the South China Sea over competing territorial claims. In Myanmar, China has been angered by a decision in 2011 by suspending the .6 billion, Chinese-invested Myitsone dam project, and is also nervous at the prospect of Myanmars new government lead by Aung San Suu Kyis National League for Democracy.中国和越南都卷入了愈演愈烈的南海领土纠纷。而缅甸,011年曾经中止了中国投资36亿美元的密松水电站项目,这也激怒了中方,并且中国与由昂山素季领导的全国民主联盟执掌新政府的关系也很紧张。来 /201603/434733

  Chinese head home in worlds biggest annual human migration中国人回家,世界上最大的年度人类迁徙BEIJING (AP) Hundreds of thousands of Chinese travelers were packing airports, train and bus stations Friday as they headed home for Lunar New Year celebrations.北京(美联社)——周五,大量的中国旅客涌向机场,火车和汽车站,回家过年。Officials expect that Chinese travelers will make almost 3 billion trips during the holiday travel rush that starts Friday and runs through Feb. 21. These trips include intercity flights, trains and local bus rides to villages for Chinas 1.4 billion people.官员预测从周五开始一直到21号结束的假日旅行高峰期间中国将迎来大0亿人次的旅行,包括了14亿人的城际航班,列车和前往乡村的巴士客运。Each year, it represents the worlds largest seasonal migration of people as families reunite for Chinas most important traditional holiday. Also known as Spring Festival, it falls on Jan. 28 this year.每年,中国春运是世界上最大的季节性人类迁徙,家人团圆过中国最重要的传统节日。今年春节是18号。来 /201701/488623

  Spring Festival, which falls on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month is the most important festival in China and a time for family reunion, like Christmas in the West.农历正月初一开始,就到了中国最重要的节日——春节。人们阖家团圆,就如同西方的圣诞节一样。Traditionally, Spring Festival starts in the early days of the 12th month of the lunar calendar and lasts until the middle of the 1st lunar month of the following year. With the modernization of China, some traditional customs are still followed today, but others have fallen by the wayside.传统意义上的春节始于农历腊月(即十二月)初,一直持续到来年的正月(即一月)中旬。随着中国的现代化,一些传统习俗被保留了下来,而另一些却逐渐消失在我们的视野中。As we are preparing for the most important festival, lets have a review of the traditional customs that celebrate the Spring Festival.在我们忙着准备这个重大节日的同时,不妨来回顾一下春节有哪些传统习俗吧。Little New Year, which falls the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, is also known as the Festival of the Kitchen God, the deity who oversees the moral character of each household.农历腊月二十三日是小年,也是祭灶节。灶神在中国神话传说中监管一家善恶。People make sacrifices to the Kitchen Gold on this day. A paper image is burnt dispatching the gods spirit to Heaven to report on the familys conduct over the past year. The Kitchen God is then welcomed back by pasting a new paper image of him beside the stove.人们在小年这一天祭拜灶神,焚烧灶神的画像,意味着送灶神上天,禀报这家人在过去一年的德行。接着人们会在灶旁贴上新的画像,意味着再把灶神接回来。Families undertake thorough house cleaning on the 24th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, sweeping out the old in preparation for the coming year.农历腊月二十四日,各家各户会进行大扫除扫舍去尘,预示着除旧迎新。According to tradition, ghosts and deities must choose either to return to Heaven or to stay on Earth during the last month of the year. It is believed that to ensure the ghosts and deities timely departure, people must thoroughly clean both their bodies and their dwellings, down to every last drawer and cupboard.根据传统,各路鬼神在农历腊月必须决定自己是返回天庭还是继续留在人间。据说为了确保鬼神及时启程离开,人们必须彻底地沐浴干净、清理住处,哪怕是抽屉柜子也不能疏忀?People turn the mill and make tofu on the 25th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar, as legend says the Jade Emperor will descend and taste the soybean curd residue to experience an austere life.农历腊月二十五日,人们推磨做豆腐,因为传说玉帝会在这一日降临人间,品尝豆腐渣,体味人间疾苦。According to Taoist mythology, the Jade Emperor is the Taoist ruler of Heaven and all realms of existence below, including that of Man and Hell. He is one of the most important gods of the Chinese traditional religious pantheon.道家神话里,玉帝是道家统治者,管理着天界及以下各界,包括人间和地狱。玉帝是中国传统宗教诸神中最重要的神祗之一。The folk saying goes: ;butcher a pig and get some meat to prepare for the New Year feast; on the 26th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar.中国有一句俗语:“杀猪割年肉。”农历腊月二十六正是杀猪割年肉的日子。In the old days, many people could not afford meat and they saved the best for the New Year feast. Peoples livelihoods have improved greatly and meat is now a very common dish in daily diet, but the Chinese still prefer having meat during festival season.旧时许多人买不起肉,所以就把一年中最好的东西留到新年团圆饭吃。如今人们的生活质量得到了极大的改善,一日三餐里肉食已经再常见不过,但春节期间人们仍然钟爱肉食。People kill chickens and go to market to buy provisions for the Spring Festival on the 27th day of the 12th month in the Lunar Calendar. With the approach of the Lunar New Year, Chinese people prepare ingredients and food they need for the New Year feast. Chicken is an indispensible dish.腊月二十七是人们动手杀鸡、上市场打年货的日子。农历新年即将到来,中国人开始准备新年团圆饭所需的食材,而鸡肉是必不可少的一道菜。After people have cleaned the house and started preparing food, they begin decorating their homes creating an atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity on the 28th day of the 12th month in the Lunar Calendar. Decorations include spring couplets, New Year pictures, posters of door gods and paper-cuts.扫舍除尘、采购食材之后,人们开始于腊月二十八日装饰房舍,营造喜气洋洋的节日氛围。各色装饰品包括春联、年画、门神贴画和剪纸。On the 29th day of the 12th lunar month people visit the graves of their ancestors to honor their memory. It is said Spring Festival originated in the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 -c. 1100 ) from the peoples sacrifice to gods and ancestors at the end of an old year and the start of a new one.腊月二十九,人们动身扫墓,拜祭祖先。据说春节始于商朝(公元600年至公元100年),那时人们在辞旧迎新之际祭祀神灵和祖先。Chinese people are supposed to stay up the whole night on the 30th day of the 12th month in the Lunar Calendar腊月三十,人们熬夜守岁。In Chinese mythology, a monster called nian would come out to harm people on New Years Eve, so people get together, staying up and chatting, hoping for a peaceful passage of time. The custom of staying up (Chinese: shou tai sui) symbolizes the warding off of all diseases and disasters and wishing good luck in the New Year.中国神话里,一头叫“年”的妖怪会在新年的前一夜跑出来伤害人类,因此人们聚在一起,守岁聊天,祈祷能平安度过这一晚。因此,中国人将新年前夕熬夜的习俗称为“守太岁”,意味着远离疾病灾祸,祈祷新年好运。Chinese people attach great importance to the Spring Festival Eve, when all family members eat dinner together.中国人十分重视除夕(即新年前一夜),彼时阖家团圆,共享团圆年夜饭。The first day of Chinese New Year, also known as the ;day of chicken;, officially begins at midnight.午夜零点时分,人们正式跨入新年第一天,也叫“金鸡报晓”。It is traditional to light firecrackers and make as much of a din as possible to chase off the evil monster nian.传统习俗是,人们会燃放鞭炮,尽可能制造大的喧闹声赶走邪恶的妖怪“年”。Most importantly the oldest and most senior members are visited with the visits strengthening family kinship.最重要的习俗是,人们会拜访家中最年长的长辈,以加强家人之间的亲情。Senior members of the family hand out red envelopes containing cash (Chinese: ya sui qian), a form of blessing and to suppress aging and the challenges of the coming year, to junior members of the family, mostly children and teenagers.而家中的长辈会给晚辈(主要是儿童和青少年)红包(中国人称之压岁钱),代表着对晚辈的祝福,也是祈祷自己在来年身体康健、万事如意。On the second day, married daughters usually go back to their own family to visit parents, relatives and close friends. Traditionally, married daughters didnt have the opportunity to visit their birth families frequently.初二,出嫁的女儿会回娘家给父母、亲人和密友拜年。旧时,女儿出嫁后拜访娘家父母的机会并不多。Some believe the second day is also the birthday of all dogs and remember them with special treats.还有一些人认为初二是所有犬类的生日,因此要给它们好吃的以示庆祝。来 /201701/489797。

  Islamic State retakes historic city ofPalmyraISIS重新占领历史名城帕尔梅拉Islamic State fightersappear to have reconquered the historic city of Palmyra after days of intensefighting on its outskirts prompted a withdrawal by the Syrian military.ISIS武装人员在城市经过数日激战后似乎已经重新占领了历史名城帕尔梅拉,叙利亚军队随之撤退。“The catastrophe has happened, I am inabsolute shock,said MaamounAbdulkarim, Syria’s director of antiquities, in a phone interview.“I am losing hope, it looks like we have lost the city.”“灾难发生了,我完全震惊了,”马木恩·阿卜杜卡里姆,叙利亚文物局长在电话采访中说道。“我丧失了希望,看起来我们丢了帕尔梅拉。”An Isis-affiliated news channel claimedvictory in the battle on Sunday, saying its soldiers had reclaimed control ofthe entirety of Palmyra,once a Silk Road oasis that boasted some of the best-preserved ruins ofantiquity.ISIS下属的新闻频道宣布星期日的作战取得胜利。该报道称伊斯兰国已经夺回整个帕尔梅拉。帕尔梅拉曾经是丝绸之路上的一片绿洲,以众多保存完好的历史遗迹而闻名。It was the second time Isis has seizedPalmyra. In May last year, jihadi militants stormed the city after a week-longsiege that ended with the mass retreat of the Syrian military. Militantsrampaged through the city’s museums and ruins, blowing up the 2,000-year-oldtowering Temple of Bel and the Arch of Victory, along with other pricelessartefacts, and killed Khaled al-Asaad, Palmyra’s long-serving leadingarchaeologist.一个战争观察组织——叙利亚人权观察确认了帕尔梅拉的沦陷。这是ISIS第二次占领帕尔梅拉。去年五月,圣战分子经过一周的围城战之后攻陷了该城,引发叙利亚军队的大撤退。武装人员破坏了帕尔梅拉的物馆和历史遗迹,炸毁了拥有两千年历史的巴尔神庙和,并销毁了其他无价的文物,还杀害了帕尔梅拉的考古学家泰斗卡里德·阿拉萨德。The group also carried out mass executionsin the historic amphitheatre.ISIS还在历史古迹圆形剧场进行了大处决。The Syrian army, backed by Russian fighterjets, reclaimed the city in March this year in a well-publicised campaign.Moscow organised a musical concert at the amphitheatre shortly afterwards.叙利亚军队在俄罗斯战机掩护下于今年三月打了一场被广为宣传的战役,夺回了帕尔梅拉。莫斯科在稍后在圆形剧场举办了音乐会。The loss of the city will come as a shock,particularly with Isis in retreat throughout Syria and Iraq withthe killing of its top lieutenants and facing increasing pressure in its twolargest cities, Mosul and Raqqa.帕尔梅拉的陷落将会引起震惊,尤其当前ISIS在叙利亚和伊拉克正在退却,其主要将领都被消灭,在其占领地最大的两座城市苏尔和拉卡也面临着日渐增长的压力。Abdulkarim said the vast majority of theartefacts that were in Palmyra had aly been moved to Damascus forsafekeeping, a prescient move that may help preserve something of the city’sheritage, one of the few aspects that unite many Syrians after nearly six yearsof civil war.阿卜杜卡里姆说帕尔梅拉众多文物已被转移至大马士革进行保护,这一具有先见之明的行动可以保护该城的历史遗迹,成为六年的叙利亚内战中为数不多的能够团结许多人民的事件。But the remaining buildings in the oldcity, a Unesco world heritage site, including the amphitheatre and the ancientcitadel, remain at risk. There were few people left in the city; under 1,000 bygovernment estimates.但老城中的联合国教科文组织承认的世界遗产,包括圆形剧场和古代城堡,仍然处于危险之中。还有少数人仍留在承重,据政府统计大约不到一千人。“We can only pray to God to protect Palmyraand we appeal to the international community to protect Palmyra, because it isa bridge truly between east and west,said Abdulkarim. “Otherwise we will weepfor more destruction of Syria’s heritage.”“我们只能祈求真主保佑帕尔梅拉,同时我们向国际社会呼吁保护帕尔梅拉,因为它是真正的东西方的桥梁,”阿卜杜卡里姆说。“不然我们只能为叙利亚遗产的毁灭而哭泣。”The loss of Palmyra a second time raisesquestions about the ability of the Syrian military, worn down after years offighting, to hold territory even with the backing of its Russian allies. Thebattles on the outskirts of Palmyra have been ongoing for four days and IslamicState’s takeover was preceded by a night of intensebombardment by Russian warplanes, which carried out more than 60airstrikes.帕尔梅拉的沦陷激起了对于叙利亚军队能力的质疑。这军队在多年战争中已经疲惫不堪,即使在俄军援下能否守住领土也无法可知。帕尔梅拉的战斗历时四天,伊斯兰国武装顶着俄军一晚超0次的轰炸占领了该城。It will also come as a shock to observersas Isis is in retreat on multiple fronts. Drone strikes have claimed the livesof most of the group’s leading officials, including its spokesman, Abu Mohammadal-Adnani. Iraqi troops are inching their way through the eastern half ofMosul, the most populous city under the self-proclaimed caliphate’s control,and Kurdish paramilitaries as well as Turkish-backed rebels have been steadilygaining ground against the militants in northern Syria.此事也震惊了观察员们,因为ISIS正在多条战线上退却。无人机轰炸消灭了该组织的大部分头目,包括其发言人阿布·默罕默德·阿拉纳尼。伊拉克军队正在ISIS自称的哈里发国人口最密集的城市——苏尔的东半部缓慢推进,库尔德民兵和土耳其持的反对派武装也在稳步占领ISIS的北叙利亚领地。The latest conquest also shows Isis stillhas the ability to rally sufficient troops to its cause to conquer territory.这一最近的胜利也显示出ISIS仍然有能力聚集足够的军力扩展领地。“It’s a repeat of the same scenario,saidAbdulkarim. “Today we will watch that same film again, that horror movie, ifthey stay in the city. It will be an insult to the entire internationalcommunity and to civilisation as a whole. I hope the international communityunites on this again. It must not be politicised. Palmyra is an internationaltreasure.”“这是同一剧本的重演,”阿卜杜卡里姆说。“今天我们会重新看一遍这部影片,这部恐怖片,如果他们留在城中的话。这会是对整个国际社会和人类文明的侮辱。我希望国际社会再次团结起来。不要再政治化这一事件了。帕尔梅拉是世界财富。”来 /201612/483055



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