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The world’s biggest mass migration has hitched a ride on the sharing economy, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese turning to carpooling for their annual pilgrimage home for the lunar new year.全球规模最大的人口大迁徙搭上了共享经济的便车,数十万中国人在一年一度的春节回家过年的旅途中转向拼车务。The holiday season, which kicks off on Monday, will see mass criss-crossing across the country and bottlenecks at stations and on the roads, as tens of millions of migrants return back home from the cities for a fortnight of family.在本周日开始的春节假期期间,全国各地将出现大规模人口迁移,车站和道路将人满为患,数千万务工人员将从城市回到家乡与家人共度春节。Yan Chao, a 25-year-old mobile app developer, is one of the 300,000 travellers in the last week of January who opted to forgo these hardships and instead hitch a lift using one of the new and increasingly popular on-demand carpooling services.25岁的移动软件开发员严超(音译)是1月最后一周30万拼车大军中的一员,他们选择放弃旅途辛苦,利用日趋流行的新的汽车拼车务搭便车。As growth slows, state initiatives such as Premier Li Keqiang’s “Internet Plus” strategy are making an accelerated push to fill the cracks in China’s creaking old economy using big data and mobile internet to tackle longstanding problems such as traffic congestion.随着经济增速放缓,中国总理李克强提出的“互联网+”战略等政府举措正加紧努力,利用大数据和移动互联网填补中国岌岌可危的老经济的裂缝,解决交通拥堵等长期问题。But progress is slowed by an inherent fear of new technologies being too disruptive and, as local governments and their taxi fleets are fighting hard for the status quo, many new initiatives stay semi-illegal until they prove sufficiently useful.但出于对新技术破坏性太强的固有担心,这方面进展缓慢,地方政府及其出租车公司正奋力维持现状,很多新的举措处于半非法状态——直到它们被明足够有用。Chinese new year lift-sharing was given the green light by the authorities two weeks ago when deputy minister Wang Shuiping said the transport ministry “encouraged” carpooling services so long as they were free.两周前,中国政府批准了春节拼车务,当时交通部运输务司副司长王水平表示,只要不以盈利为目的,交通部“鼓励”拼车务。“Obviously public transport is falling short,” said Sun Liang, a spokesperson for Didi Kuaidi, China’s homegrown Uber equivalent, which operates the carpooling platform Didi Hitch and calculated the number. It predicts 1m journeys by the end of the holiday.中国版“优步”(Uber)、打车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)发言人孙亮(音译)表示:“公共交通显然运力不够。”该公司经营拼车平台滴滴顺风车(Didi Hitch),并对拼车数据进行了计算。该公司预测,到春节假期结束,将有100万单拼车行程。“Six million people standing for sometimes 40-hour train rides... our dense driver network, we thought we could help people share their resources.”“600万人有时要站着搭乘40个小时的火车……凭借我们密集的私家车主网络,我们认为,我们能够帮助人们共享资源。”That chimed with Yan Chao. “Using Didi Hitch was about the same price, and it is much more convenient and comfortable,” he said.这与严超产生了共鸣。他表示:“利用滴滴顺风车价格与公共交通一样,但方便得多,也舒适得多。”Because of its established driver network, Didi Kuaidi’s service, which is currently free of charge, is among the most trusted options, as it comes with insurance and a code of conduct for drivers.借助现有的车主网络,滴滴快的顺风车务(目前不收取任何费用)是最受信赖的出行选择之一,公司还为车主和乘客提供了保险,并对车主实行行为准则。The platform was launched last June as a short-range commuter sharing service that Didi hoped would relieve the “pain point” of China’s nightmare rush hours and help the environment.滴滴顺风车于去年6月推出,滴滴希望这种短程通勤拼车务将缓解中国交通高峰的“痛点”并有利于环境。But it is not all altruistic: non-profit services such as these help Didi Kuaidi keep customers and the authorities onside — something Uber’s various travails around the world have shown to be a valuable commodity.但这并非完全无私:这类非盈利务帮助滴滴快的争取到客户和政府的持,优步在全球的各种遭遇表明这种持非常宝贵。The transport ministry’s Mr Wang injected a note of caution, saying he “hopes both sides clarify their interests [before setting off] to avoid unnecessary conflict”.中国交通部的王水平提出了告诫,他表示他“希望双方(在出行前)明晰权益,以避免不必要的纠纷”。Yan Chao, meanwhile, laughs off worries of being cheated on the road. “I spoke with [the driver] many times, and confirmed details — including that he would be bringing his dog in the car,” he said. “It’s not a big issue.”与此同时,严超对于在路上被骗的担忧一笑置之。“我与(车主)交谈过很多次,实了一些细节,包括他会把他的带上车,”他说道,“这不是个大问题。” /201602/426175。

Deutsche Bank is experimenting with new antifraud technology that uses the way you handle and hold your phone to work out if you are really you.德意志(Deutsche Bank)正在测试新的反欺诈技术,这项技术通过你使用和握持手机的方式来判定你的真实身份。The bank hopes the system will free customers from passwords and allow it to lift limits on mobile transactions.德银希望,该系统能让客户免于输入口令,并让它能够取消对移动交易的限制。The technology analyses about 50 different factors to build a picture of a user from pressure applied to the pin-pad to how the phone is held, location, facial recognition and thumbprint.这项技术对大约50个因素进行分析,以建立一套用户特征。这些因素包括用户按个人识别码键盘的力度、握持手机的方式、地理位置、面部识别和指纹。Some of these are aly in use. MasterCard is trialling facial recognition — dubbed “selfie pay” — and voice recognition.其中一些技术已在应用当中。万事达(MasterCard)正在试用被称为“自拍付”(selfie pay)的面部识别以及语音识别。The boast of Callsign — the company working with Deutsche Bank on the new technology — is that its system brings so many factors together.Callsign正与德银就这项新技术展开合作。Callsign宣称,它的这套系统汇聚了多种因素。“If I stole your mobile... I got hold of your pin number and biometric (fingerprint) and I was trying to impersonate you in some way, just because I could do that doesn’t mean that I’m you,” said Zia Hayat, chief executive and founder of Callsign.Callsign首席执行官兼创始人齐亚哈亚特(Zia Hayat)表示:“如果我偷了你的手机……搞到了你的个人识别码和生物特征(指纹),并企图以某种方式冒充你,就算我能够做到这些,我也成不了你。”Nick Doddy, Deutsche’s regional innovation manager, said the system can adjust to multiple profiles to take into account whether a customer is sitting or standing. It can even adjust to temporary setbacks.德银地区创新经理尼克多迪(Nick Doddy)表示,该系统能调整自身以适应客户的多套特征,比如考虑客户是坐着还是站着。它甚至能调整自身以适应暂时性的匹配困难。“If you’ve broken your right arm and... at home and now you’re using your left hand, it will say her location is good, her pin is good, her biometric is good, but she’s now handling it in a different way, so it might say ‘give me a facial recognition’,” he said.他说:“如果你摔坏了右臂……在家里正用左手使手机,它会说地理位置匹配、个人识别码匹配、生物特征匹配,但现在握手机的方式不匹配,那么它会说‘请使用面部识别’。”In tests, Deutsche says no one has managed to achieve a “match” above 15 per cent trying to hack someone else’s account. In most cases, the match was zero.在测试中,德银表示,尝试侵入别人账户的人,没有一个实现了15%以上的匹配度。在很多实例中,匹配度为零。Philip Gilligan, head of innovation at Deutsche, said that having such a high degree of confidence about who was accessing an account would allow the bank to let customers execute higher value transactions.德银创新负责人菲利普吉利根(Philip Gilligan)表示,对账户访问者的信任达到如此高的水平,将使德银能够让客户执行金额更高的交易。This will benefit wealthy individuals, businesses or funds who want to move large sums with ease. Deutsche has been trialling the system and plans soon to extend it to 10,000 members of its staff as part of a larger pilot.这将让那些希望轻松转移巨额资金的富有个人、企业或基金受益。德银一直在测试该系统。作为一个更大的试点计划的一部分,该行计划不久之后让其1万名员工也成为该系统的试用者。 /201511/412217。

Innovation is an essential yet elusive ingredient in corporate success, and one that is notoriously difficult to measure.创新对于企业的成功至关重要,但它往往难以实现,而且众所周知,它也很难衡量。But for the past decade, the Boston Consulting Group has picked up the challenge, publishing a ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world and an accompanying analysis of successful innovators. The 2015 ranking and report, published on Wednesday, shows the top two companies, Apple and Google, are the same pair as last year.但是在过去十年,波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)直面这项挑战,持续发布全球最具创新力企业50强榜单,同时也对最成功的创新者进行分析。周三发布的2015年榜单和报告显示,排名最靠前的两家公司,仍是去年高居榜首的苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)。American corporations account for six of the top 10. In addition to Apple and Google, they are Tesla (ranked third), Microsoft (fourth), Gilead Sciences (eighth) and Amazon (ninth). But the company that has climbed the most since last year, up 35 places to the 12th spot, is the Chinese company Tencent.排名前十的公司,有六个都是美国公司。除了苹果和谷歌,还有特斯拉(Tesla,排名第三)、微软(Microsoft,第四)、吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences,第八)和亚马逊(Amazon,第九)。但和去年相比,排名上升最快的是中国公司腾讯,它今年上升了35个位次,排名第12位。Technology companies occupy the most slots at the top of the list, but car companies are a rising presence. Besides Tesla, the top auto innovators include Toyota (sixth), BMW (seventh) and Daimler (10th). The automotive ascent on the list has been evident for the last three years, said Andrew Taylor, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and co-author of the report.榜单顶端的位置大多被科技企业占据,但汽车厂商的排名正在上升。除了特斯拉,最具创新力的汽车企业还有丰田(Toyota,第六)、宝马(BMW,第七)和戴姆勒(Daimler,第十)。波士顿咨询集团高级合伙人、同时也是这份报告共同作者的安德鲁·泰勒(Andrew Taylor)表示,过去三年,汽车企业排名上升非常明显。“Cars have become delivery systems for technology,” Mr. Taylor explained, including hybrid and electric power systems, driver-assisting safety features, heads-up displays and touch screens for entertainment and information. “The amount of consumer-facing technology is incredible compared with five years ago,” he added.“汽车已经成为技术应用的载体,”泰勒解释说,比如混合动力和电力系统、安全驾驶辅助功能、平视显示器和用来提供和信息的触摸屏。“相比于五年前,面向消费者的技术数量之多,让人难以置信,”他接着说。The rankings are determined largely by a survey of 1,500 chief executives and senior executives worldwide. They are asked what companies in their own industry and in general they consider most innovative. They can’t name their own company. The rest of the ranking formula, 40 percent, is based on a company’s total return to shareholders over five years.这些排名主要基于对全球1500名企业首席执行官和高管进行的问卷调查。他们需要回答在自己所在领域,以及在普遍意义上,哪些企业最具创新力,还需要将自己所在企业排除在外。剩余40%的排名依据是各企业在过去五年的股东权益总回报率。But the ranking questions are only a few of the dozens included in the annual survey. The Boston Consulting Group report is grounded mainly in answers to the wider set of responses, supplemented by the management consultant’s other research.但有关排名的问题,只是这个年度问卷中出现的几十个问题中的少数。波士顿咨询集团的报告主要是基于高管们针对更广泛问题的回答,然后再结合该咨询公司的其他研究。Reading the report, two themes seem most prominent: speed and technology. The executives were asked which of more than a dozen “areas of innovation, research and development or product development will have the most impact on your industry over the next three to five years?” The top three choices were “speed of adopting new technology,” “big-data analytics” and “technology platforms.”这份报告似乎有两个最为显著的主题:速度和技术。高管们被问到,在所列出的十多个“创新、研发或产品开发领域中,哪一个会在未来三五年对你所在行业产生最大影响?”被提到最多的前三个选项是“采用新技术的速度”、“大数据分析”和“技术平台”。In the survey and in follow-up interviews with executives, Mr. Taylor said, “The word that keeps coming up is speed” — accelerating traditional innovation processes to rapidly develop products and experiment with ideas.泰勒表示,在对高管们进行的问卷调查和后续采访中,“不断被提到的词是速度”——加速传统创新过程,以快速开发产品和实践新想法。Technology, Mr. Taylor noted, opens the door to faster innovation — as even industrial companies, for example, use sensors and software to build more intelligence and flexibility into their products. And techniques originally employed by software engineers, like agile programming and quickly building prototypes and testing them on customers, are being embraced in many industries. “It’s all about learning fast,” Mr. Taylor said.泰勒还指出,技术可以带来更快的创新——比如,即使是工业公司,也可以利用传感器和软件使自己的产品更智能、更灵活。而且,原先只有软件工程师使用的技术,如敏捷编程、快速建模和在消费者中进行测试,也正被很多行业采用。“重要的是快速学习,”泰勒说。However achieved, innovation seems to be increasingly valued by senior executives. This year, 79 percent replied that innovation was either their company’s top priority or among the top three. That is the highest percentage since the survey began in 2005, when the innovation priority share was 66 percent.无论以什么方式实现,创新似乎都越来越被高管们看重。今年接受采访的高管有79%都回答,创新是他们所在企业的第一要务,或者头三要务之一。自2005年进行这项问卷调查以来,今年这个比例是最高的。在2005年,这个数字是66%。Have they just browbeaten by the term over the years, so that nearly everyone would say yes? That is not the explanation Mr. Taylor offered.是不是因为他们在过去数年被创新这个词给唬住了,所以几乎所有人都给了肯定的回答?泰勒可不是这么解释的。Instead, he suggested that so many of the other steps to create higher corporate value — like acquisitions, cost-cutting and outsourcing, restructuring and financial engineering — have run their course at many major companies. “As the toolkit gets narrower, innovation rises to the top,” he said. And Wall Street investors, he added, bid up the shares of companies that produce strong organic growth through innovation, like Apple and Google.相反,他表示,很多其他的创造更高企业价值的方法,比如收购、削减成本、外包、重组和金融工程,都已经被很多大公司采用过。“当可选择的工具选项减少时,创新就一跃成为首选,”他说。他还表示,华尔街投资者也会抬高通过创新实现有机增长的企业的股价,比如苹果和谷歌。 /201512/414142。

A computer that can cook会做饭的电脑问世What do you get when you put 10 former Apple engineers together in one kitchen?把10位前苹果工程师放进同一间厨房会发生什么?An oven equipped with an iPhone-like interface and built-in camera to help you ;optimize; your cooking.他们研制出了一台拥有类似iPhone界面和内置摄像头的烤箱,能帮助你;优化;厨艺。Essentially, it#39;s a computer that cooks.本质上来说,它是一台会做饭的电脑。The computerized oven June ;thinks; like a chef.这台智能烤箱名为;六月;,能够像厨师一样;思考;。It uses sensors to recognize the type of food you#39;re cooking and instruct you on how to cook it best.它通过传感器识别你正在烹饪的食物种类,并指导你如何做出最美味的菜肴。You don#39;t have to preheat the oven, and, best of all, the smartphone app sends you a notification when the food is y.它不需要预热,最妙的是还能在饭菜好了后发个消息提醒你。June, which costs ,495, was officially launched a month ago.;六月;一个月前正式发布,售价1495美元。 /201507/386265。

Lynette Kucsma wants to sell the 21st century’s version of the microwave.The “Foodini”—an automated meal-assembly machine that creates homemade meals faster and more efficiently than human hands—is the first product by Natural Machines, Kucsma’s company.利奈特o库斯玛想要卖“21世纪版的微波炉”。作为他的自然机器公司推出的第一款产品,Foodini自动化食品加工机,能够更快、更高效地制作家常美食。Natural Machines is marketing the Foodini as a 3D food printer. That sort of futuristic branding may scare consumers from the supremely out-there concept. Kucsma’s not worried, though.自然机器公司将Foodini称为一台3D食品打印机。这种颇具未来主义色的品牌定位或许会吓跑一批消费者,不过库斯玛并不担心。“When people first heard about microwaves they didn’t understand the technology, but now 90% of households have microwaves,” she says. “We see the same thing happening with 3D food printing, but on a much faster scale because we adopt technology faster and the technology advances faster.”“当人们第一次听说微波炉时,他们也不理解微波炉的技术原理,但现在90%的家庭都有微波炉,”她说。“我们认为3D食品打印也会经历这样的发展历程,但人们接受3D食品打印的速度要快得多,因为现在我们采用科技的速度,以及科技进步的速度,都比以往更快了。”In reality, the Foodini isn’t a 3D printer, per se. 3D printers generally run at one speed and handle a single ingredient: plastic. The Foodini is programmed similarly, but offers multiple speeds and works with numerous ingredients at the same time. The box-shaped contraption is approximately 17 inches wide, 18 inches high and clocks in at 33 pounds.实际上,Foodini并不是一台严格意义上的3D打印机。3D打印机基本上是按照同一个速度运行的,处理的原材料也只有一种——塑料。Foodini的运行程序和3D打印机类似,但它提供了几种不同的运转速度,并且可以同时处理几种原材料。它的箱型机身大约有17英寸宽,18英寸高,重约33磅。Natural Machines’s first iteration of the Foodini works best for time-consuming projects like pasta, elaborately shaped bs and cookies. Users first select a recipe from the touch screen or send their own to the Internet-connected machine. They then make the individual components of the dish from scratch and put the components into Foodini’s stainless steel ingredient capsules. From there, Foodini whips up dinner.作为自然机器公司的第一代Foodini,它最擅长的就是做那些比较耗时的菜,比如意大利面和需要造型的面包及饼干等。用户首先要从触摸屏上选择一份菜谱,或者也可以把自己喜欢的菜谱发送到这台联网的机器上。用户只需要备好原料,并且将原料放进Foodini的不锈钢原料容器就行了,Foodini会完成制作过程。If the user is making a recipe for ravioli, for instance, the Foodini prints the bottom layer of dough, the filling and the top dough layer in subsequent steps. It reduces a lengthy recipe to two minutes construction time and ensures that no one has to clean a countertop caked with leftover dough and flour.打个比方,如果用户做的是意大利饺子,Foodini会相继“打印”出下层饺子皮、馅料和上层饺子皮。漫长的包饺子过程会缩短至2分钟,用户也不必在事后收拾粘乎乎的面粉案板了。Version 1.0 can’t cook or heat food, but Kucsma expects to add those features in future Foodini models. She also anticipates food companies making y-to-print items, so users can skip the ingredient prep stage entirely.Foodini的1.0版目前还不能烹饪或加热食物,但库斯玛打算在以后的机型上添加这些功能。库斯玛还预计,食品公司以后或将推出各种“打印耗材”,这样一来用户就可以完全跳过准备食材的环节。Foodini will go on sale in the mid-2015. “The demand is so high that we’re thinking about rolling out 1,000 machines for our first run,” says Kucsma. The device costs ,300 and will be available online. Kucsma is initially targeting chefs, but says she’s also been in talks with both corporate retailers and food manufacturers (non-disclosure agreements prevent her from providing company names and details). Kucsma says the food industry is embracing the technology. “They are asking us how this will impact their market and are getting involved quite early to figure out how to get engaged with it.”Foodini将于2015年年中正式上市。库斯玛表示:“市场需求非常高,我们打算首轮推出1000台机器。”每台Foodini的售价为1300美元,消费者可以从网上订购。库斯玛最初瞄准的目标客户是厨师,但她也表示,她目前也在与企业零售商和食品制造商进行接洽(由于保密协议的缘故,她无法提供合作企业的名称和细节)。库斯玛表示,食品行业非常欢迎这项新技术。“他们问我们,这项技术将对市场产生什么样的影响,而且他们都在积极参与这项技术,以便搞清楚能够如何利用它。”She adds that culinary professionals see it as a tool to unlock creativity, not as their replacement. “We’re trying to reinvent food experiences, so what [Kucsma] is doing with using technology to change foods fits right into our wheelhouse,” says New York City caterer Peter Callahan, who has thrown events for President Obama and corporate clients Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Kate Spade. Callahan plans to purchase a Foodini—and he feels the device’s appeal extends beyond the restaurant kitchen. “[Kucsma] is pricing her machine so it can be purchased by a home cook,” he says. “I could see it being in a lot of houses.”她补充道,很多专业厨师都把它当作一种释放创意的工具,而并不认为它会抢走自己的饭碗。纽约宴会美食家彼得o卡拉汉曾经为奥巴马以及拉夫o劳伦、托里o伯奇和凯特o斯派德等企业客户提供过宴席。他说:“我们正在致力于彻底改造食物的体验,所以库斯玛利用科技改造食物的做法,和我们的方向是一样的。”卡拉汉自己也打算购买一台Foodini,他认为这台设备的吸引力并不局限在餐厅的厨房里。“它的定价是普通家庭也能承担得起的,所以我认为它会进入很多普通家庭。”Inventor Alex Lightman has been advising Natural Machines and sees tremendous potential for the hardware to be in any space-crunched cooking space—including airplanes. “People would want to fly on the first airline that uses it because they won’t have to have airline food,” says Lightman. “And ten years from now, if you talk about airline food as a bad thing, people will look at you strange and say that airline food is fabulous.”自然机器公司的顾问,发明家艾利克斯o莱特曼认为,Foodini在一些烹饪空间狭小的场合下拥有广阔的应用前景——比如在飞机上。“人们可能会想要乘坐第一家使用Foodini的航空公司的航班,因为这样他们就不必吃飞机上的食物了。10年后,如果你再说飞机上的食物难吃,人们可能会用奇怪的眼神看着你,对你说飞机上的食物其实很好吃啊。”Other large-scale institutions like sports stadiums, transportation hubs and school cafeterias could use it to turn their plastic-tasting offerings into something more gourmet, says Lightman. “Think about someone going to Harvard. If you’re paying that much for tuition, you don’t want to eat crap food.” (Lightman would know; he attended Harvard.莱特曼还表示,其他大型场所和机构也可以用它制作美食,来取代以往味同嚼蜡的产品,比如体育场馆、交通枢纽和学校食堂等等。“比如有人上了哈佛大学,既然你已经交了那么多学费,你肯定不想吃难吃的饭。”(这一点莱特曼一定深有体会,因为他上过哈佛。)Interestingly, Natural Machines is based in Spain. After a career working at several startups and as Microsoft’s public relations manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Kucsma followed her husband to Barcelona when he took a new job in 2009. She formed Natural Machines—and the company now has 20 employees scattered across the globe.有意思的是,自然机器公司实际上是一家西班牙公司。库斯玛在创办该公司之前,曾经在好几家创业公司工作过,并曾担任过微软公司欧洲、非洲及中东地区公共关系经理。2009年,由于她的丈夫在巴赛罗那找到了新工作,她便随丈夫一同搬到巴赛罗那,随后创立了自然机器公司——目前该公司在全球各地已经拥有了20名员工。Some are working for little or no pay. “To date, we’ve been bootstrapping the company,” says Kucsma. The initial 0,000 in capital has come from the founders (Kucsma started the company with its CEO Emilio Sepulveda and entrepreneurs Alex Moreu and Rosa Avellaneda) and from loans. Natural Machines has secured another million in financing and is looking for an additional million from investors. Later this year, Kucsma plans to relocate to Los Angeles to establish a five-person U.S. base for the operation while keeping company offices in Barcelona and China.有些员工领的薪水很低,有些甚至是免费工作。库斯玛表示:“到目前为止,我们的发展完全是自力更生。”该公司80万美元启动资金主要来自创始人的投资(库斯玛与CEO埃米利奥o赛普尔韦达和企业家艾利克斯o墨利欧、罗萨o阿韦亚内达等人共同创办了这家公司)和贷款。现在,自然机器公司已经获得了100万美元投资,并且正在试图从投资者手中再拉来500万美元。今年晚些时候,库斯玛打算在洛杉矶开设一间5人的美国总部,同时继续在巴塞罗那和中国设置办事处。As Kucsma envisions it, one day everyone will be able to tap a button on their smartphones when they head home to tell their Foodini to get to work. By the time the user arrives home, there will be hot, fresh ravioli—or whatever else strikes a user’s fancy—waiting. “We are a food manufacturer, shrunk down for everyone’s personal taste,” she says.在库斯玛的设想中,总有一天,当我们临近下班时,只要在智能手机上轻轻一点,就可以让Foodini替你在厨房里忙活。等到用户回到家里,Foodini已经为你做好了热腾腾的饺子——或是任何能够挑逗用户味蕾的美食。库斯玛说:“我们是一家食品制造商,只不过是专门针对每个人的独特口味。” /201503/364320。