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2019年06月16日 05:03:58 | 作者:快乐媒体 | 来源:新华社
正文: Have I got it right, please?我做对了吗?Is this the right thing to do?这么做对吗?Hes about the same age as she, yes?他和她同龄,对吗?经典句扩展:Is it true that he used to be very lazy?他过去非常懒,对吗?Would you mind telling me if the doctor’s diagnosis is correct? 能不能告诉我医生的诊断对不对?Is there any mistake in his opinion?他的观点有错误吗? /201407/310827Three Gulf states isolating neighbouring Qatar have softened their stand on the expulsion of all Qatari nationals after a US plea to weigh the humanitarian impact of their blockade.孤立卡塔尔的3个海湾邻国在美国恳请他们权衡封锁卡塔尔做法的人道主义影响后,在驱逐所有卡塔尔人的问题上立场有所软化。Saudi Arabia, the ed Arab Emirates and Bahrain said in co-ordinated statements on Sunday they would set up telephone hotlines to “take into consideration the humanitarian circumstancesof Qataris related to their nationals.沙特阿拉伯、阿联酋和巴林周日在协调发布的声明中表示,他们将开通电话热线,考虑与本国公民有亲属关系的卡塔尔人的“人道主义情况”。But the three states will keep their air and seaports shut to Qatar as they try to cajole Doha into changing its attitude to political Islam in the region.但这三个国家将继续对卡塔尔关闭领空和港口,试图以此促使多哈方面改变其对该地区政治伊斯political Islam)的态度。Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, Qatar’s foreign minister, last week said the actions of his neighbours amounted to “collective punishment adding that he would not expect such behaviour “from an enemy上周,卡塔尔外交部长谢赫穆罕默德?阿卜杜勒拉赫阿勒萨尼(Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani)表示,其邻国采取的行动相当于“集体惩罚”,并补充称,他甚至不会预期“敌人”会有此类行为。Rex Tillerson, US secretary of state, called on Friday for an easing of the blockade, saying family separations “could be addressed immediately Mr Tillerson said the blockade was “impairing businessand hindering the US campaign against Isis.美国国务卿雷克斯?蒂勒Rex Tillerson)上周五呼吁放松封锁,称家人分离的问题“可以立即解决”。蒂勒森称,封锁行动正在“破坏商业”,并妨碍美国打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的行动。US military operations in the region are based at the al-Udeid air base, south of the Qatari capital.美国在中东军事行动的大本营就是卡塔尔首都以南的乌代德(al-Udeid)空军基地。But President Donald Trump has singled out Qatar for its “high-level supportfor terrorism, saying its neighbours had come together to condemn Doha’s policies.但美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)专门批评卡塔尔向恐怖主义提供“高级别持”,称其邻国已团结起来,谴责多哈方面的政策。Qatar denies funding terrorism and says the blockade is based on false accusations and fake news, but the government has said it is willing to discuss any evidence presented by its neighbours.卡塔尔否认向恐怖主义提供资金,称封锁是基于错误指控和虚假新闻,但卡塔尔政府也表示,愿意讨论邻国拿出的据。The abrupt economic and transportation blockade has torn families apart, causing anger and grief.突如其来的经济和交通封锁使得家庭分离,引发了愤怒和悲伤。Qataris complain that the measures have forced vulnerable relatives to leave family members to return to Doha, while nationals of the Gulf states have been forced to leave families in Qatar.卡塔尔方面抱怨称,这些措施迫使脆弱的亲属离开家人返回多哈(见上图),而海湾国家的公民则被迫告别在卡塔尔的家人。Qatar’s national human rights committee says more than 11,000 Saudis, Bahrainis and Emiratis live in Qatar.卡塔尔国家人权委员会称,超过1.1万的沙特人、巴林人和阿联酋人生活在卡塔尔。“For potentially thousands of people across the Gulf, the effect of the steps imposed in the wake of this political dispute is suffering, heartbreak and fear,said James Lynch, deputy director of Amnesty International’s global issues programme.“对于人数可能成千上万的海湾各国的人来说,在发生这场政治争端后强加的措施带来了苦难、心碎和恐惧,”大赦国Amnesty International)全球问题项目副主任詹姆斯?林奇(James Lynch)表示。Qatar has reaffirmed that it will not expel any nationals, including Egyptians who play an important role in the gas-rich economy.卡塔尔重申不会驱逐任何他国公民,包括在这个天然气资源丰富的经济体中发挥重要作用的埃及人。Doha has also rejected calls to implement countermeasures, such as terminating the supply of natural gas through the Dolphin pipeline that helps fuel about 40 per cent of UAE’s power needs.多哈方面也拒绝了采取反制措施的呼吁,比如停止通过Dolphin管道对阿联酋供应天然气——这为阿联酋大约40%的电力需求提供了燃料。来 /201706/513221Clarifying final details A: This is what my boss is expecting, Sandy.He wants a detailed list of expenses and equipment costs.B: That’s going to take a while to put together, Paul.A: The sooner, the better, Sandy. I don’t think he’ll sign anything till he’s got that in his hands.B: I’ll get to work on it right away. Anything else? 确定最后细节A:这是我老板想的,仙蒂。他想要一份详细的费用及设备成本清单。 B:把这些都做出来得费些时间,保罗。A:越快越好,仙蒂。我想不拿到这个他是不会在任何东西上签字的。B:我现在就去做。还有别的什么吗? /01/60392

3 提供帮助3句英文任你选Can I help you with it?需要我帮忙吗?Certainly , with pleasure.当然,乐意效劳。If you think of any other questions, let me know.如果你又想起什么问题,就告诉我。半个句型要记牢With pleasure (乐意效劳)Tip: With pleasure与All right, No problem. Id like to等习语意义相同,用于别人求你做某事,你很乐意去做的时候。如:-Could you post the letter for me?-你能否帮我寄这封信吗?-With pleasure.-愿意效劳。注意与Its a pleasure.的区别,Its a pleasure.表示;不用谢;与You are welcome.等习语意义相同,用于当别人对你说Thank you.时。 /201506/373247

This Business English Pod lesson is the final part in our series on handling a crisis. We’ll see how to start moving forward after the first phase of a crisis has passed.这是有关处理危机的系列课程的最后一节。来看下在危机的第一阶段过后该如何前行。A crisis is a stressful situation. People are under pressure and meetings or conversations can be tense. But if everyone maintains the same goal, and a good leader gives direction to a group, a crisis can be overcome. And overcoming a crisis means talking about how to move forward.危机是令人感到压抑的状况。人们在压力下,在会面和谈话中都会紧绷神经。如果大家目标一致,好的领导会给大家明确的方向,那样危机就会克。克危机也意味着该谈论如何继续前行。In our last episode, we heard a conference call, as the team of Frank, Mike, Sandy, Monika, and Simone re-evaluated the situation and tried to gain some perspective. They talked about how the crisis has been handled, and things became a little tense, especially between Simone and Mike.上节课中,我们听到了Mike 和Monika,美国的老板Frank,工厂经理Sandy,和律师Simone之间的电话会议。他们重新评估状况并试图找到新的方案。他们讨论了危机是如何处理的,事情不那么紧张了,尤其是在Simone 和Mike之间。In this episode, we’ll continue with that conference call. Mike and Simone continue to disagree, while Sandy and Monika try to support Mike, and Frank tries to take control of the situation. Let’s listen as they figure out how to move forward at this stage of the crisis.这节课,我们继续来听电话会议。Sandy 和Monika准备帮助Mike,但是Simone 和Mike并不同意,Frank要控制局面。来听下他们是如何在危机的这个阶段继续前行的。Listening Questions:1. What does Sandy say about the company’s history?2. According to Monika, what are the local people worried about?3. What does Frank think about the group of people? /201104/133190

第一句:We were going to try to surprise you for your birthday.我们打算给你个生日的惊喜。A: We were going to try to surprise you for your birthday.我们打算给你个生日的惊喜。B: Thats really sweet of you guys.你们真太好了。A: But youre just too busy!但是你的确太忙了。B: Yes, I am crazy about the new project.是的,我简直要被新项目逼疯了。第二句:Can you tell me when youll be free?你能跟我讲你什么时候有空吗?A: Can you tell me when youll be free?你能跟我讲你什么时候有空吗?B: I would love to get together with all of you. How about Friday?我非常想和大伙儿聚一聚。星期五怎么样?A: Great! What time?太好了!什么时间?B: Im free all afternoon. Why dont we meet at 1 oclock in the lobby?我一下午都有空,我们1点在大厅见好吗?背诵句型:I am being pressed for time.我时间很紧。Sorry, but that is taken, too.对不起,我那时也有约会。 /201305/24

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