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福清妇科医院无痛人流手术水平福建省福清市渔溪镇妇科医院那个好Japan’s automotive industry is making an international push for the custom of the world’s least vocal road users: the dead.日本汽车业正向海外拓展一项业务,这项业务的顾客为世界上最沉默的道路使用者——逝者。Mitsuoka, best known for its roaring supercars, is wooing emerging Asian markets with a sales pitch for its more sedate ,000 Type 5 hearses.以生产轰鸣的超级跑车而闻名的光冈汽车(Mitsuoka),正力争向亚洲新兴市场推销其更为安静的、售价7万美元的Type 5灵车。Japan’s battle for the funeral dollar was on display at Endex, the country’s largest end of life industry trade show in Tokyo last week. 在上周东京Endex展览(日本最大的殡葬产业展)上,上演了一场殡葬生意争夺战。Japan may boast one of the world’s oldest populations, but its domestic bn funeral industry is in decline: mourner numbers are dwindling and graves are shrinking.日本人可能是全球最老龄化的人口之一,但其国内200亿美元的殡葬产业却在走下坡路,送葬者人数不断减少,坟墓也在不断收缩。Indeed, pricey real estate — the driver of ever smaller final resting places — made compact graves-stones the hit product of the show. 事实上,昂贵的地价——导致墓地面积越来越小——使得紧凑型墓碑成为此次展览上的热门产品。Nobuko Inada, a tombstone wholesaler, bemoaned the fact that where once the Japanese spent between ¥3m (,000) and ¥5m on a tombstone, the average was now between ¥1m and ¥3m.墓碑批发商Nobuko Inada感叹,以往日本人在墓碑上的花费在300万日元(合3万美元)到500万日元之间,现在的平均花费则为100万到300万日元。Demographics in today’s Japan mean there are more funerals than before, but they are being held on a smaller and cheaper scale. 日本现在的人口结构意味着,葬礼数量超过以前,但葬礼规模和花费却小于从前。Some 8 per cent of elderly Japanese now opt for no funeral at all, according to an estimate by Japan’s largest firm of undertakers, taking a toll on hearse sales — now 550 a year, one-third of which are sold by Mitsuoka and Kawakita.据日本最大的殡仪公司估计,现在约8%的日本老人根本不想举办葬礼,这对灵车销售造成打击——现在每年的销量为550台,其中三分之一为光冈和Kawakita销售。Beyond Japan, the industry is looking up. 在日本以外,丧葬业前景向好。Like Mitsuoka, Kawakita has turned its attention to exports as Asia’s rising middle classes demand a classier final journey for their loved ones and environmental regulators clamp down on the smoke-belching small trucks and minivans deployed by undertakers.和光冈一样,Kawakita也已将注意力转向出口——亚洲日益庞大的中产阶级想让亲人更体面地走完最后一程,环境监管机构也在打击殡仪业者使用的、废气排放严重的小卡车和小型货车。Efforts so far have been modestly rewarded: nine high-end hearses have been sold abroad since 2015, though Mitsuoka expects more explosive growth when China trades in its hearse fleet for something more luxurious.这些向海外拓展的努力到目前为止成效不大,2015年以来仅有9辆高端灵车销往海外,不过光冈预计,随着中国灵车升级换代,销量会有爆炸式增长。We are in negotiations in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong and are expecting orders from those, said Takanari Kawakita, the president of Kawakita. Kawakita的总裁Takanari Kawakita表示:我们在台湾、印尼、马来西亚和香港都有项目在洽谈中,有望从这些地区获得订单。In those countries, we are seeing a big shift from carrying coffins in micro-bus style vehicles to the more traditional van-type hearses.在这些国家我们看到运载灵柩的车辆正在发生很大的转变,从微型客车转向更传统的厢式灵车。Hearse makers are not the only funeral players eyeing growth potential in Asia. 灵车制造商并不是着眼亚洲丧葬业增长潜力的唯一殡葬业参与者。Japanese coffin makers, who have come under increasing pressure to produce high-quality, non-traditional caskets that feature the favourite hobbies, locations and spectator sports of the deceased, said they were expecting a substantial pick-up in overseas demand.日本的灵柩制造商也表示他们预期海外需求将大幅增长,该行业面临着越来越大的压力,要生产高品质、非传统式骨灰盒,展示死者的爱好、最喜欢的地方和最喜欢观看的运动项目。So too do companies that offer engineering solutions for securing tombstones in quake-prone countries.那些可为地震频发国家的墓碑提供抗震工程方案的企业也将眼光投向了海外。Nor is it just humans. 丧葬业的眼光还不仅局限于人类。One exhibit closely scrutinised by foreign buyers at the Endex show was a range of portable crematoriums that can be installed in vehicles to allow delivery of roadside pet funeral services.外国买家在Endex展会上密切关注的一项展览是可以安装在车辆上的各种便携式焚化炉,让人们能够在路边为宠物举办葬礼。 /201609/463867一都镇妇女儿童医院门诊部地图 This post is adapted from GetYourGuide,a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data?Become a Priceonomics customer.本邮报改编于GetYourGuide——一家Priceonomics 消费者数据工作室。你所在的公司有有趣的数据吗?加入Priceonomics消费者吧。Are tourists from some countries meaner,ruder, and more negative than others?某些国家有比其他国家更刻薄,更粗俗,更消极的游客吗?It#39;s a difficult question to answer, but wedecided to use online data to try to figure out the answer. We analyzed datafrom GetYourGuide, a Priceonomics customer that offers 26,000 internationalactivities and tours that receive reviews from people all over the world.这个问题很难回答,但我们试图通过网上数据找出。我们分析了由GetYourGuide, Priceonomics消费者数据工作室提供的26,000项关于国际活动和旅游的数据,以便回顾世界各地游客的评价。 /201606/448741福清处女膜修复术比较正规医院嘛

福清肛肠医院The ultimate impact of Donald Trump’s announced intention to withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is yet to be seen. 唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)宣布有意让美国退出贸易协议《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP)的最终影响尚不得而知。But it is clear that it will give China an opening to assume economic leadership in Asia and may be treated by leaders across the region as a sign of America’s retreat from the responsibilities of world leadership.但是此举明显将给中国一个争夺亚洲经济领导权的突破口,还可能被该地区各国领导人视为美国放弃世界领袖责任的迹象。The global progress of American economic and political values has been the dominant trend in human events since the end of the second world war. 自从二战结束以来,美国向全球输出经济和政治价值观的进展一直是人类事件的主导性趋势。The US and its allies prospered greatly from it and are immeasurably more secure than in the prewar world,美国及其盟友借助这种趋势蓬勃发展,安全程度远远高于战前世界。 when we tried to isolate ourselves with, among other follies, protectionist trade policies.二战前,除其他种种愚蠢行为外,各国还试图用贸易保护主义政策自我孤立起来。To be sure, the changes wrought by liberalised international trade have not all been positive. 没错,国际贸易自由化带来的变化并不都是积极的。Together with technology-driven productivity gains, it has contributed to job losses in industries and communities where manufacturing was once the main support of a thriving middle class. 加上技术进步推动的生产率提升,贸易自由化在那些制造业曾经是欣欣向荣的中产阶级的主要撑的产业和社区加剧了就业岗位消失。The US is still a leading manufacturer but fewer Americans are employed in those industries. 美国仍然是领先的制造业大国,但是在这些行业就业的美国人日益减少。That trend will continue whether or not we sign another trade agreement because productivity gains will continue. 无论我们是否签订又一份贸易协定,这种趋势都将持续下去,因为生产率仍然在不断提高。Most lost manufacturing jobs were made obsolete by technology innovations.制造业岗位的消失大部分源于技术创新。But turning aside opportunities to sell more goods and services overseas will add to job losses, not stem them. 但是,放弃向海外出售更多商品和务的机会,将进一步加重(而非遏止)就业岗位消失。One in 12 American jobs is dependent on international trade.美国每12个就业岗位中就有1个依赖于国际贸易。To argue against the global economy is like stating opposition to the weather — it continues whether you like it or not. 反对全球化经济,就像跟天气唱反调——无论你喜不喜欢,它都我行我素。More than 95 per cent of the world’s consumers live outside the US. 世界上95%以上的消费者生活在美国以外。The global economy will become more accessible and competitive, whether we try to remove trade barriers or impose them. 无论我们移除还是设置贸易壁垒,全球经济都会变得越来越开放并具有竞争性。That is why withdrawing from TPP will hurt our ability to compete.这就是退出TPP将有损美国竞争力的原因。Barriers to trade in America are lower than in the other TPP countries and regulatory standards are higher. 美国的贸易壁垒低于TPP其他成员国,而监管标准高于其他国家。TPP would have removed more than 18,000 tariffs that had made our exports more expensive and less competitive in 11 Pacific Rim markets. TPP将取消超过1.8万项关税,这些关税使得我们向环太平洋地区11个市场出口的成本更高、降低了我们的竞争力。More importantly, the agreement was designed as a model for future trade agreements by focusing on non-tariff barriers to trade, pursuing regulatory reform in areas such as intellectual property, labour and environment laws, and limiting government support for state-owned companies.更重要的是,该协定从设计上聚焦于非关税贸易壁垒;推动在知识产权、劳动力和环境法律等领域进行监管改革;以及限制政府对国有企业的持,借此成为未来贸易协定的榜样。Beyond its economic benefits, TPP was to serve as an important part of the foundation of American leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. 除经济利益外,TPP还是美国在亚太地区确立领导地位的重要举措。It would strengthen US alliances there and build new relationships based on mutual economic interests and increasingly shared geopolitical ones. 它将强化美国在该地区的同盟关系,以相互经济利益和日益共享的地缘政治利益为基础打造新关系。Its collapse will benefit China.该协定夭折将有利于中国。Beijing is pushing its own trade agreement, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, with many countries that would have been in TPP. 北京方面正在推动自己的贸易协定《区域全面经济伙伴关系协定》(RCEP),其中很多国家原本会加入TPP。It is a less advantageous agreement than TPP for all the countries involved save China but it offers Beijing an easier way of sealing its regional ascendancy than its heavy-handed claims on disputed islands in the South China Sea.除了中国本身以外,RCEP对其他成员国的好处不如TPP,但是,相比中国在南中国海争议岛屿上的强硬主张,RCEP给中国提供了一个实现区域优势的更容易方法。Politics abhors a vacuum and Asian countries will gravitate towards China if US influence is perceived as declining. 政治厌恶真空,如果亚洲各国认为美国影响力正在减弱,它们会向中国倾斜。Rumours of the next administration’s intention to reduce the US military presence in Asia are shaping that perception, too, to China’s advantage.有关特朗普政府有意缩减美国在亚洲军事存在的传言,也在促使各国形成这种看法,让中国得利。It is a fool’s errand to try to recreate a mythical time when Fortress America was impregnable, unaffected by the world’s troubles. 尝试重建孤立主义的美国堡垒、不受外部世界种种麻烦影响的传奇时代,是徒劳无益的蠢事。Instead, we should have faith in American leadership and the power of our values, including the advocacy of free trade, which have made the world and us safer, freer and richer.相反,我们应该相信美国领导力和美国价值观(包括主张自由贸易,使整个世界和我国都更加安全、自由和富有)的力量。 /201612/482621海口镇人民医院有哪些医生 Shares in Burberry fell sharply following its warning yesterday that sales had been hit by the slowdown in China, underlining the challenges facing the global luxury market.柏利(Burberry)昨日警告销售受到中国市场放缓冲击,随即股价大跌。这凸显了全球奢侈品市场面临的挑战。The British luxury group said retail sales were affected by an “increasingly challenging environment for luxury, particularly Chinese customers”.这家英国奢侈品集团表示,零售额受到“奢侈品行业越来越具挑战性的环境(尤其是中国顾客)”的影响。The shares ended 8 per cent lower at 13.05, having recovered from a 12 per cent fall earlier in the day.昨日早盘,柏利股价一度下跌12%,后来收复失地,收盘时跌幅收窄至8%,至13.05英镑。Retail sales growth slowed from 8 per cent in the first quarter to 2 per cent, to deliver 774m of sales from stores and online in the six months to September 30. Total sales — which include wholesale and licensing businesses — were flat at 1.1bn, while sales from stores open at least a year rose 1 per cent. The sales growth missed analysts’ forecasts, which was for a more than 5 per cent rise in like-for-like sales in the first half.在截至9月30日的6个月里,柏利实现了7.74亿英镑的店面和在线零售额,增长率由第一季度的8%下滑至2%。总销售额——包括批发和授权业务——持平,为11亿英镑,而开张至少一年的商店的销售额增加了1%。销售额增长率低于分析师的预测,后者此前预测上半年同店销售额增幅超过5%。Carol Fairweather, finance director, said sales from stores open at least a year fell 4 per cent in the second quarter, compared with a 6 per cent increase in the first. She blamed the deceleration on waning demand from Chinese consumers. “We believe the slowdown is macro,” she said.财务总监卡萝尔费尔韦瑟(Carol Fairweather)表示,第二季度,开张至少一年的商店的销售额减少了4%,第一季度则增加了6%。她把销售滑坡归咎为中国消费者需求降低。“我们认为,销售放缓跟宏观形势有关,”她说。But Burberry said demand was also “uneven” in the US, and weaker among local shoppers in London.但是柏利表示,美国市场的需求也是“不均衡的”,伦敦当地顾客的需求更为疲弱。Anusha Couttigane, senior fashion consultant at retail research group Conlumino, said: “What this demonstrates is a mixed response to a brand which, just two years ago, appeared to be warmly welcomed the world over.” Some analysts are questioning whether Burberry’s governance is limiting its flexibility. Since 2014, Christopher Bailey has served as chief executive and chief creative officer.零售研究集团Conlumino的资深时尚顾问阿努莎錠提康尼(Anusha Couttigane)表示,“这表明,对于这个仅仅两年前还受到世界各地热捧的品牌,如今市场的回应好坏参半。”有些分析师开始质疑,柏利的治理方式是否限制了灵活性。克里斯多弗贝利(Christopher Bailey)自2014年开始担任公司的行政总裁兼首席创意官。“Your creative director being your chief executive too, would introduce a complicating factor, and possibly delay necessary adjustment,” wrote Luca Solca, head of luxury research at Exane BNP Paribas. “We have recently seen the case of Gucci, where chief and creative director proximity reduced available options and delayed change, for a time.”“你的首席创意官也是行政总裁,将产生一个复杂化的因素,并可能阻碍必要的调整,”法国巴黎券部(Exane BNP Paribas)奢侈品研究总监卢卡∠尔卡(Luca Solca)写道。“我们最近看到了古驰(Gucci)的案例,该公司首席执行官与创意总监的亲密关系一度减少了可选择范围,推迟了改革。”Charmaine Yap, analyst at Jefferies, said: “In my view, perhaps this will spark questions surrounding his time allocation between his chief executive and creative role.” She said the macro challenges would be a test for Mr Bailey, who had more support from market conditions since becoming chief executive 18 months ago. But, she thought investors would acknowledge the digital changes he has brought into the brand and give him more time.杰富瑞(Jefferies)分析师夏尔曼雅普(Charmaine Yap)表示:“我认为,他如何在行政总裁和创意角色之间分配时间的问题,可能引发巨大的质疑。”她说,宏观挑战将对贝利构成考验。18个月前贝利刚出任行政总裁时,市场状况更为持。但她认为,投资者将认可他给柏利品牌带来的数字化改革,并给予他更多时间。 /201510/404423江阴镇妇女医院做血常规检查

福清看妇科比较好 Resting at a depth of 13,000ft (4,000m), the RMS Titanic continues to captivate the public more than a century after it sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. It has now been announced that those still intrigued by the vessel will be able to see it for themselves, by joining diving drips to the shipwreck in 2018.皇家邮轮泰坦尼克号一个多世纪前在北大西洋沉底后,沉睡在了海底1.3万英尺(4000米)深处,但是它对公众的吸引力依然不减。日前一家英国公司宣布,泰坦尼克号的粉丝们将能亲眼看到这艘沉船,2018年该公司会组织一次泰坦尼克潜水之旅。Commencing in May next year, London-based tour operator Blue Marble Private will run eight-day journeys that will culminate with an up-close encounter with what is the most fabled vessel of modern times. Open to just nine clients at a time, groups will begin their experience by flying by helicopter or seaplane from St John’s, Newfoundland to the expedition support yacht set somewhere above the wreck.伦敦旅行社Blue Marble Private将从明年5月起提供泰坦尼克八日游,让游客们得以和现代最传奇的大船“亲密接触”。泰坦尼克号一次只对9名游客开放,旅游团将从加拿大纽芬兰的圣约翰市乘坐直升机或水上飞机到达沉船上方海面附近的探险游艇。There will be time to adjust to this new environment, with this small group of privileged visitors being taught about the ship’s workings on their second day on board by its crew and guest explorers, scientists and expedition crew.这个精品小团里的每名尊贵游客将有时间适应这一新环境,他们将在登上游艇的第二天听船员、探险嘉宾、科学家和探险队员分别讲授轮船的工作原理。Those who wish to engage more directly with the workings of the ship will have the opportunity to take part in orientation sessions and can “assist” the crew in planning a dive, operating the sonar and using the undersea navigation system.那些希望能更直接地参与轮船工作的游客将有机会参加新人培训课,并能“辅助”船员策划一次潜水,进行声波定位,以及使用水下导航系统。It’s on days three to six that the expedition is at its most exciting, however. Should weather conditions allow, that is when up to three passengers at a time will clamber aboard a specially designed titanium and carbon fibre submsersible to see the decaying remains of the Titanic itself.然而,旅程的第三天到第六天才是最激动人心的。如果天气条件允许的话,每次最多三名游客将能进入特别设计的钛和碳纤维潜水器去参观泰坦尼克号的残骸。Accompanied by a pilot and deep ocean expert, they will sail over the ship’s deck and should even be able to glimpse its still recognisable grand staircase from amongst the detritus.在一名驾驶员兼深海专家的陪同下,游客们将掠过泰坦尼克号的甲板,甚至能够在残骸堆中瞥见依稀可辨的宏伟楼梯。Dives will take place throughout the day on night, dependent on when weather conditions are most favourable, and Blue Marble Private’s clients will be expected to contribute to the mission (if even in just a cursory way) by assisting with sub-sea communications and undertaking basic tasks.潜水将不分日夜地进行,取决于什么时候天气条件最良好。Blue Marble Private旅行社的客户们多多少少都要为这次潜水任务贡献一份力量,协助进行海底通信和完成一些基本工作。The doomed vessel, which measured more than 880ft long and 100ft tall, went down with the loss of more than 1500 lives on April 15, 1912 during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.泰坦尼克号长880英尺高100英尺,1912年4月15日在从南安普敦去往纽约的处女航途中沉没,超1500人在这次事故中丧生。Next summer’s trip marks the first time since 2005 that it has been possible for the public to dive to the site of the Titanic, and far fewer people have seen the wreckage than have travelled to space or summited Qomolangma.明年夏天的这次旅行是2005年以来公众首次有机会潜水到泰坦尼克号遗址,看过泰坦尼克遗骸的人比去过太空或登顶过珠穆朗玛峰的人要少得多。The complexity of the trip and the scarcity of places also go some way to explaining its prohibitive price: it costs 5,129 (£86,500) per person.这次旅游行程的复杂和景点的珍稀可以从某种程度上解释它那逆天的价格:每人105129美元(合726767元人民币)。There is a greater significance to that cost than might be immediately apparent, however. Adjusted for inflation, the price is equivalent to the ,350 a first-class passenger would have paid to sail on the Titanic’s maiden voyage in 1912.不过,这一价格的意义不只是表面看起来那么简单。在根据通胀率调整后,这一价格相当于1912年的4350美元,也就是泰坦尼克号处女航一等舱的船票价格。Obviously, however, all will hope and expect for these forthcoming expeditions to prove far more successful.显然,大家都希望并期待即将到来的泰坦尼克探险之旅会比之前成功得多。 /201703/498412福清流产去哪个福清带环一般都多少钱



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