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国家地理:Coffee: Beans to Buzz 星巴克的传奇It's 3 friends with gourmet taste on a search for the perfect cup of coffee that help jump-start the whole specialty coffee revolution in the US. In 1971 after trying the coffee in cafés from Berkeley to Vancouver, Jerry Baldwin and his partners opened up their own little coffee bean shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market and they named it after the coffee drinking first mate in Moby Dick, Starbuck.It was instantly successful and I became the person who was the roaster and the coffee buyer and it just got into my blood. Now since the brewing and the pressing of the caffeinated coffee bean, some pretty heavy-hitters have been hidding at the coffee house scene.With over 12,000 locations worldwide, Starbucks has got into a lot of people's blood. And talking that bohemian rag, even at starbucks. All-it revolution, it's clearly evolution. And talking that bohemian rag.I joined Starbucks in 1982 when we were opening our fourth store, believe it or not. The epiphany for me though was when I was actually sent by Starbucks to Italy and became enamored with the Italian coffee bar and how they brought coffee to life as the theatrical presentation, the extension of people's homes, and since Starbucks only sold whole bean or ground coffee for the home, I raced back from Italy with this wonder in my eye about recreating the Italian coffee bar in my own image and bringing it to America. After returning to the US, Howard Schultz's goal is to create, and then expand the Starbucks coffee house experience, Jerry Baldwin chooses to stick with roasting and acquires Peet's of Berkeley.Italians have been serious about making coffee for hundreds of years. At Italy's famous Illy Cafe, a specialty is cappuccino, a classic blend of the Espresso and steamed milk named after the brown robes of Capuchin monks. Owner Ernesto Illy knows how far coffee has come from its ancient methods of preparation, and he credits the impatience of Italians for the discovery of espresso. In Naples, some people are impatient, and one guy who had a friend in Milano, he said, "listen, can you make it a little faster, I have to wait the 6 or 8 minutes to have my cup of coffee. Put some pressure on them, and the guy put some pressure, and this was the beginning of espresso.New Words:bohemian: (n.) A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior. 放荡不羁的文化人enamor: (v.) To inspire with love; captivate 使爱上 espresso: (n.) A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans. 浓咖啡200708/16996Hello again. Well, this is very exciting!又见面了!这真是期待人心!Paul, the boss, is sending Anna and Tom on a business trip to France.老板保罗要派安娜和汤姆出差去法国。He wants them to clinch the deal with a company interested in buying their Imperial Lemons.他想让他们和想买皇家柠檬的公司做成这笔交易。But has Tom got more than business on his mind?但汤姆心里除了商务是不是还有别的想法呢?Really? What… me and Anna… to France?真的?我和安娜去法国?Yes but make sure you get that contract signed.是的,但要保你签到了合同。We need the business.我们需要这笔生意。Yeah, yeah, of course.是的,当然。Are we staying overnight?我们要过夜吗?Theres no money for that – just get there and come straight back.没有多余的钱过夜,到了办好后直接回来。Oh and could you bring back those nice French biscuits that have in the duty-free shop?你能在免税店买点好吃的法国饼干回来吗?Sure. So, Anna, were off on holiday together are we? !当然。那么安娜,我们要一起去度假了?!No! But Ive got to book the flights online, can you help me please?不是的!但我要网上订机票了,你能帮我一下吗?Its not my thing. Im sure Denise will help.这不是我的事,我肯定丹尼斯能帮你。I need to go and pack for this trip.我要为这次旅行打点行李去了。Yes Marge… in the cupboard… envelopes apparently… Tom and Anna… oh here she is… got to go Marge… bye.是的,玛吉,在文件柜里……显然是信封……汤姆和安娜,她来了,我要挂了,玛吉,再见。Hello Anna, everything OK?你好,安娜,一切正常吗?Sort of. Ive got to go to France with Tom.还好了,我要和汤姆去法国。Yes, I know.是的,我知道。 /201704/506748

  Former Khmer Rouge Minister Appears Before Cambodian Court前红色高棉外交部长在柬法院出庭  Former Khmer Rouge foreign minister leng Sary appeared before Cambodia's genocide tribunal to press for his release from pretrial detention. He is one of five defendants being held by the so-called Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, set up to try the former leaders of the ultra-Maoist group for crimes against humanity. 前红色高棉外交部长英萨利在柬埔寨一个审判种族灭绝的法庭上敦促法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。他是被所谓的柬埔寨法院特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。设立这个法庭是审判前极端的毛派组织领导人犯下的反人类罪。Looking visibly infirm, 82-year-old leng Sary appeared in court today to appeal for his release from pre-trial detention on the grounds of ill-health. 82岁的英萨利看上去身体非常虚弱。他星期一在法庭上以身体有病为由呼吁法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。His lawyers said that he is too old and frail to pose a flight-risk or to threaten potential witnesses, and asked that he be placed under house arrest until his trial begins, probably next year.  他的律师说,英萨利年老体弱,不会构成逃跑的风险,也不会威胁可能的目击者。他们要求法庭在审理之前,对他实行软禁。法庭预计可能于明年开始审理。Leng Sary is charged with crimes against humanity, committed during the brutal 1975-1979 rule by the Khmer Rouge, when almost two million people died from starvation, disease, overwork and execution. 英萨利被指控在红色高棉统治的1975年到1979年间犯下反人类罪。那段时间将近200万人死于饥饿、疾病、过度劳累和处决。Known as 'Brother Number Three' in the organization's secretive hierarchy, he was deputy prime minister as well as foreign minister of Democratic Kampuchea, as Cambodia was renamed by the Khmer Rouge. Using his position, he encouraged thousands of Cambodians living abroad to come home. Almost all were later executed. 英萨利在红色高棉内部的秘密排名中以“第三把手”著称。他曾经是民主柬埔寨的副总理兼外交部长。柬埔寨后来被改名为红色高棉。英萨利利用其职位鼓励居住在国外的数以千计的柬埔寨人回国。这些人后来几乎都被处决。Youk Channg is the director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, which is compiling evidence on the Khmer Rouge regime ahead of the upcoming trials. 尤区汉是柬埔寨档案中心的主任,负责在开庭审理之前搜集红色高棉集团的有关据。"He is sort of the international face of the Khmer Rouge, out there [to] convince the world, and the West, to believe that the regime was a success and was good for the country," said Channg. "His mission [was] to bring Cambodians abroad back to the country to help build the revolution - and usually [the] people ended up executed." 他说:“他在某种程度上是红色高棉在国际上抛头露面的人物,在国际上说全球,说西方,相信红色高棉集团的成功,以及对那个国家的好处。他的使命是让在海外的柬埔寨人回国,帮助建设革命,但通常这些回国的人最后都被处决。”leng Sary was given an amnesty by the government in 1996 as a reward for breaking with the Khmer Rouge, along with hundreds of his supporters. Until his arrest last year, he lived in a palatial villa in the capital Phnom Penh, earning a small-fortune from gold and precious-stones interests. 英萨利1996年被柬埔寨政府大赦,以此作为他断绝同红色高棉关系的奖励。他的数百名持者也断绝了同红色高棉的关系。在去年被捕前,他一直住在首都金边的一个宫殿式别墅里,靠着黄金和珍贵珠宝利息滋生的一小笔财富生活。Youk Channg says his prosecution is seen as particularly important for many Cambodians. 尤区汉说,对很多柬埔寨人来说,起诉英萨利被认为尤其意义重大。"He [was] the untouchable Khmer Rouge leader that has been protected by the government, given amnesty by the kings, and have so much money," said Channg. "So for all of us who is the victims having him arrested makes a huge difference."  他说:“他是不能动的红色高棉领导人,受到柬埔寨政府的保护,被国王赦免,家财万贯。因此,对于我们这些受害者来说,逮捕英萨利意义非凡。”leng Sary is one of five defendants being held by the tribunal, which plans to begin its first trial later this year. His wife, 76-year-old Ieng Thirith, who served as the Khmer Rouge's social affairs minister, is also being held on charges of crimes against humanity. 英萨利是特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。特别法庭计划今年晚些时候首次开庭审理。英萨利76岁的夫人英蒂丽曾担任红色高棉的社会事务部长,目前也因被指控犯下反人类罪受到关押。A decision on leng Sary's appeal is not expected for a couple of weeks. Similar appeals by other defendants have been rejected. 对于英萨利请求不要对他审前羁押的裁决预计不会在几个星期之内做出。其他被告提出的类似诉求都被拒绝。200807/43137

  Negotiation about inspection检验商议A: Good morning, Mr. Black, Im here to talk about the inspection of the goods.A: 早上好,布莱克先生。我来是想讨论一下商品检验的问题。B: Great, thats what I have in mind.B: 太好了,我也正想和你们商量一下这事儿呢。A: Firstly we want to confirm something.A: 首先我们想确认一些事情。B: Go ahead.B: 好的,什么事情?A: How would the goods be inspected?A: 商品是如何检验的?B: Well, according to the international practice, you should inspect the goods before shipping and we have the right to reinspect on arrival.B: 嗯,根据国际惯例,你方负责货物装船前的检验,而我方负责货物抵达后的复检。A: Who will take charge of the inspection fee?A: 那么谁来负责检验费呢?B: According to the international practice, the exporter should pay the inspection fee.B: 根据国际惯例,检验费有出口一方负责。A: We agree but we demand that we find an organization we both trust to inspect the commodities.A: 我们同意,但是我们要求货物由我们双方都信任的机构进行检验。B: Thats fine for us.B: 这点没问题。A: If there is any discrepancy when you reinspect our goods, could you please inform us in 10 days?A: 再复检过程中如果发现什么问题,请在十天之内通知我们。B: We will, for sure.B: 一定。 /201602/425133。


  An adult wanderer may travel 5, 000 miles, sometimes to Brazil and back, in order to collect squid for its young. This enormous chick weighs 10 kilos, as much as a full-grown swan. It's the biggest of any seabird chick. Although it's a couple of months before it has to face its first flight, it's now at its maximum weight. In fact, it's heavier even, haha, than... heavier than the adult. The spring snows,er, are now beginning to melt, but the chick has aly faced the worst of the winter weather. Hatched last March, it has sat here on its nest mound, unprotected and unshielded for 8 months, while the temperatures may have fallen to minus 10 degrees, and terrible storms raged around. It's so big that it can't possibly grow to this very huge size in the short summer season. So the parents have to come to feed it every 3 or 4 days for 10 months. And in order to do that they have to be able to reach the open sea. Only one other animal breeds throughout the year on the outer islands, King Penguins. They also need continuous access to the ocean to collect food for their chicks.New Words amp; Phrasesunshielded:没有防护的200809/47064Obama Addresses Racial Divisiveness in Presidential Campaign奥巴马谴责他的牧师发表不妥言论Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to defuse a brewing political controversy Tuesday when he condemned inflammatory statements made over the years by his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright of Chicago. Obama's remarks came during a speech on race in America delivered in Philadelphia.  角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克.奥巴马参议员星期二谴责他在芝加哥多年的赖特牧师所做的煽动性言论,寻求以此来减轻酝酿中的政治争议。奥巴马在费城发表的关于美国种族问题的讲话中做出了上述。Senator Obama condemned racially charged comments made by Reverend Wright in some of his sermons, calling his view of the ed States profoundly distorted. 奥巴马参议员谴责了赖特牧师在布道中所做的一些充满种族色的,说他对美国的看法严重地扭曲。Over the years, Reverend Wright accused the U.S. government of being the source of the AIDS virus and said the 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States were retribution for U.S. foreign policy. 多年以来,赖特牧师谴责美国政府是艾滋病的根源,并说2001年美国遭受的恐怖袭击是对美国外交政策的报复。Obama is seeking to become the first African-American president and said Wright's comments offended both blacks and whites and have the potential to widen the racial divide in America. 奥巴马正在寻求成为美国的第一位非洲裔总统。他表示,赖特的既伤害了黑人,也伤害了白人,有可能会在美国进一步扩大种族分歧。"Did I know him to be an occasionally fierce critic of American domestic and foreign policy? Of course," Obama said. "Did I ever hear him make remarks that could be considered controversial while I sat in church? Yes. Did I strongly disagree with many of his political views? Absolutely, just as I am sure many of you have heard remarks from your pastors, priests or rabbis with which you strongly disagreed." 奥巴马说:“我是否知道他偶尔会强烈地批评美国国内和国际政策呢?当然知道。我在教堂里是不是曾经听到过他发表可以被认为是有争议的观点呢?听到过。我是否非常强烈地不同意他的很多政治观点呢?绝对是。就像我肯定你们当中有很多人听到自己的牧师、神父或者教士的观点也非常强烈地表示难以苟同是一样的。”Wright retired recently and was known for fiery sermons, like this one in 2003 that focused on what he believed were U.S. government efforts to mistreat blacks. 赖特最近退休,他激烈的布道是出了名的,就像2003年他关注他所认为的美国政府虐待黑人那样。"The government gives them drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing God Bless America," Wright said. "No, no, no, not God Bless America, God damn America! That is in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human!" 赖特说:“政府给他们毒品,建造更大的监狱,通过了从严的惯犯法,然后还想让我们高唱上帝保佑美国。不,不,不。不是上帝保佑美国,是上帝谴责美国!圣经中有关于杀害无辜的记载,上帝谴责美国,因为它对待我们的公民不像对待人那样。”Obama met Wright more than 20 years ago and described him as someone who helped introduce him to his Christian faith. 奥巴马20多年前就认识了赖特,他说是赖特把他引上了基督徒的道路。Despite his criticism of Wright's racially-tinged comments over the years, Obama said he will not disown his former minister. 尽管他批评了赖特多年来富有种族色的,奥巴马说,他不会抛弃他过去的牧师。"As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me," Obama said. "He strengthened my faith, officiated my wedding and baptized my children. I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother." 奥巴马说:“尽管他可能不够完美,但他曾像我的家人一样。他加深了我的信仰,主持了我的婚礼,为我的孩子行洗礼。我无法脱离他,就像无法脱离我的黑人社区一样。我无法脱离他,就像我无法脱离我的白人祖母一样。”Obama also attempted to spark a frank discussion of race as an issue in U.S. politics. Obama acknowledged that blacks and whites had different views of the state of the problem, but said the answer was openly confronting those differences to bring the country together. 奥巴马还试图要激发一次关于种族的坦诚讨论,种族问题是美国政治中的一个问题。奥巴马承认黑人和白人对问题的状态有不同的观点,但是他说,是,公开地面对这些分歧,把国家团结起来。"I would not be running for president if I did not believe with all my heart that this is what the vast majority of Americans want for this country," Obama said. "This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected."The controversy over Wright's comments has been a major distraction for the Obama campaign in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination with Senator Hillary Clinton. 有关赖特牧师言论的争议在奥巴马和克林顿参议员竞争民主党总统候选人提名的选战中成了对他的主要干扰。Obama and Clinton next face off in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22. A new poll gives Clinton a 12 point lead in Pennsylvania as she tries to overcome Obama's continuing lead in the delegate count. 奥巴马和克林顿下一次的竞争是4月22号在宾夕法尼亚州的初选。新的民意调查显示,克林顿在努力克奥巴马在党代表名额上持续领先的局面时,她目前在宾州领先12个百分点。200803/31230

  I spoke earlier to Bob Parker who's the deputy chairman of Credit Suisse asset management. I asked him whether he's impressed by the new highs in Asia and whether those numbers can be sustained.Well certainly it's justified by the high levels of growth that we are seeing in Asia. And you know, we stick with our view that Chinese growth for example this year will be well above 10 % may actually come out to 12 %. Um, and it also is justified by the high level of savings which are now being transfered from bank deposits into equity markets. Now having said that the Asian markets which we have been long of and have been recommending to our clients for at least the last 2-3 years are now becoming expensive. That our pockets are undervaluation in Asia and I would highlight the Japanese market, Taiwan and possibly, Thailand and Malaysia. But over all Asia has a block that's gone from being cheap two years ago to now expensive relative to other equity markets.So treat with caution but does that mean that we should be keeping on money mainly in Europe in the ed States or in the ed States or is there still a worry that we could see a slowdown which take the shine of those markets?Well I think the first point to make is that on our models, globally equities are cheap relative to other asset classes. So I think the equity market rally that we have had this year with the interuption in August. Um, I think taking a 3-6 months view is still intact. Within equity markets the geographic markets which are the cheapest today are still a core Europe, Germany France Italy. And quite very interestingly Japan. Japan on our model is gone(So it sounds like terribly,I mean we had a very very bad year last year)it's been...(and not so good to stride there.)it's just been one of the worst performing equity markets for the year last 18 months. And Japan 9 months ago looked very expensive now Japan is moving up to being one of the cheapest equity markets. In the last few days we have had 4 of the biggest banks, Merrilynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Citigroup announce huge write-downs in round numbers just those 4 are gonna write down 15 billion dollars in round numbers. Are you impressed with that? Does that draw the pain, draw the poison out of the subprime or equity crisis.I think the simple anwser is yes. Having said that the subprime market is 700 billion US dollars and we estimate that going into 2008 the default rate on subprime could actually rise close to 20%. So I think the subprime crisis is not over. It's gonna take months if not years to sort out.OK. What about the dollar though, I mean clearly we are looking at an ailing dollar. Does that suggest to you that there are a lot of imbalances and difficulties in the financial system of gain, of which we should beware as investors?Well I think the primary source of the problems for the US dollar is obviously the expectation that interest rates will come down further in the ed States and I think that's right. And the trade and current account deficit one of the surprises going into the 2008 may well be the improvement in the trade uh, in current account position of the ed States as we see an economy which is growing more moderately and therefore importing less. Against the Euro the dollar is clearly undervalued and I would be very surprised if we actually break out of this range of 140-145 one dollar Euro towards 150. I think we actually could be forming a base for the dollar against the Euro. It's a different question against the Asian currencies which I think appreciate on trend and one should obviously highlight the fact that the Japanese yen is probably now the most undervalued currency in the world. Notes:round numbers: A round number is a number that ends with one or more zeroes (0), meaning that they are multiples of 10, 100, 1000, and so on.200807/43914

  Telling the viewers they are seeing something when they are actually seeing something different is, in the opinion of all reputable TV makers, beyond the pale. But what of the ordinary techniques that TV producers use everyday in pursuit of their craft? In the current atmosphere, some TV producers worry that a lot of what we in the industry take for granted might now need to be reconsidered. Girish Juneja brings you the most honest report you've ever seen.Here I am reporting from outside the High Court. Now you might think that means I have been inside the High Court listening to a case, but I haven't. And more often than not, reporters would have stayed in the office. They would have kept up with developments by ing the oral important in newswires. They might have made a phone call or two and even filmed an interview. This is just one of the tricks of our trade, but is it dishonest!You are happy? Yeah, I hate wearing ties. And start walking.Take this for example, it's called an establisher. It enabled me to say something impressive about this person that I am about to interview. Faking certainly is common in Television. Across the… Oh, yeah, sure, OK. Faking is endemic in all television. Across the…I have just helped create a brief striking remark. You may know it is a sound bite, but without I hope any misrepresentation. Now for the cutaway. A shot of me helps us edit the interview. But a cutaway also makes you think we are listening to each other. In reality though, as we usually only have one camera, these are shot afterwards. Is that a lie? This is where it's all done, the edit. The camera man forgot to record the sound on the street shot. But that's ok, we can add some. I think something VROOM, VROOMing would sound right, Mike. You know, VROOM, VROOM.Is this cheating? Generally it's thought not. But putting gunfire over a battle scene, for example, would be a different story.And by the way, this is a pieced camera, and this one was written hours ago before I even went out filming. But that's because I largely knew what my conclusions were going to be. Dose that make it untrue?Well, no. Because for most pieces by the time I start filming, I have done enough research to know what I need to say. So a TV producer that values perfectionism wouldn't bend editorial meaning, but all of us use techniques to make watchable television. It's for the public to decide whether they are justified. Oh, it's all so boring. I will say something with you. What's, what's next?Faking is, that's the bite, use that bite, Mike. Perfect.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.beyond the pale:outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.2.more often than not:多半, 通常 200805/39709

  Katie Couric: In 1927, Time magazine put Charles Lindbergh on the cover of its final edition of the year, called him their "Man of the Year", and a tradition was born. Since then the honor has been bestowed on leaders, presidents and peacemakers. Jim Kelly is Time's Managing Editor and he's here to reveal this year's finalists for "Person of the Year". Matt Lauer: You get nervous since you are gonna say, reveal the actual winner.Jim Kelly: Exactly, when I went here, I didn't sign up for this. Katie Couric: Nice to see you. Listen. I know you've got six finalists and they represent sort of a wide variety of potential people. Let's start with the world of politics. You have two. You have President Bush and Valerie Plame.Jim Kelly: Right, we put President Bush who hasn't had a very good year. But this would not be the first time we put the president on with a bad year. Lyndon Johnson was on in '67 with the war in Vietnam and slab of bad opinion polls. Valerie Plame really interests me because without Valerie Plame there is no Patrick Fitzgerald, there is no Karl Rove in trouble. And I met Valerie Plame for the first time a few months ago. She is an absolutely charming, really interesting person. And that would be an interesting way to tell the story of this year.Matt Lauer: But, but wouldn't it be kind of different? I mean, she didn't do anything on purpose to be put in that position. And shouldn't someone have to initiate some kind of behavior or some kind of action? Jim Kelly: Well, that's fair enough. You could do Patrick Fitzgerald, I suppose. I was just struck by just how unlikely a...a person like Valerie Plame is to be in the part of this whole investigation. Katie Couric: Because she really opened up the floodgates.( Exactly, right.) Speaking of that, Katrina,(Katrina. Yes.) and opening up the floodgates, I mean, I know that obviously, was the domestic story of the year, if not, the decade. (Exactly.) Um, and...and you have put in animated objects on the cover before,(Yes, we have, the computer.) I guess twice, right? The computer. Jim Kelly: Yeah, the computer, I mean we put the planet of earth once on the cover of "Time of the year". Matt Lauer: And when we talk about Katrina, we're talking about the Mother Nature. Jim Kelly: Yes, exactly, exactly, or, also, if you do Mother Nature that you'll also get the tsunami which was of technically late last year but obviously its effects are so felt, to get the terrible earthquake in Pakistan. And on an online poll, most people have voted for Mother Nature. The problem which we're, you know, have struggled with is how do you illustrate Mother Nature for the cover.Katie Couric: You do. You also talk about possibly the...the refugees that resulted from, (Yes.) but, they weren't called refugees (Kind of victims. (Right..) except for that, at the very beginning. But really I guess the homeless and displaced individuals from Katrina. Jim Kelly: Exactly, exactly. And now they sp still all across the country, and there is, as you know, there is hundreds of thousands of them, and it's likely they won't return to New Orleans for months and months. Matt Lauer: And yet we'd like to prognosticate it, (OK) and without Mother Nature you don't have their story, (yes, exactly) so again, I am, well, I'm leaning toward Mother Nature here.Jim Kelly: I see where you are going. (Yeah, right.)Katie Couric: And, and then there are two other personalities. I guessed Oprah is a possibility.Jim Kelly: Well, Oprah is supposed a possibility mostly frankly because the way she responded to Katrina which obviously was very effective. And some leaders have reckoned in and nominated Bono for his work on debt relief. Matt Lauer: Who's gonna be? (....)Katie Couric: Matt Lauer, I nominate Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer: Matt Lauer as Mother Nature. How about that? I tell you can illustrate that on the cover. Jim Kelly: We're gonna use (inaudible), but you would do if you like. (Hey. Jim) (Matt)Matt Lauer: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature(inaudible).Katie Couric: Anyway, thanks, Jim, we are gonna see you on Monday. ( you bet ) and you actually will reveal your Person of the Year, right here on today. (Yes. I'll be here with Mother Nature.) 200808/46322。



  Burma Admits US Aid Coordinator, But Still Bars Team Members美缅甸灾难评估小组负责人获签    The State Department said Thursday Burma has granted a visa to the head of the U.S. assessment team assigned for duty in that country's cyclone disaster. But other members of the U.S. Agency for International Development - USAID - team continue to stand by in Bangkok as they have since shortly after the May 3 storm. 美国国务院星期四表示,美国国际开发署缅甸热带风暴灾难评估小组的负责人已经得到缅甸政府的入境签。但是,国际开发署的其他成员继续在泰国曼谷等候。5月3号强热带风暴后,他们很快就到了曼谷。Officials here say Burmese authorities granted a visa to USAID disaster expert William Berger for a two-day government-conducted tour Thursday and Friday of the country's hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta region. 美国国务院官员说,缅甸当局已经签发给美国国际开发署灾难评估专家威廉.伯格入境签,由缅甸政府安排,于星期四和星期五前往受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。However, they caution that the move does not appear to indicate that the military government is prepared to admit the several other members of Berger's disaster assessment team who have been waiting to enter for more than two weeks. 但是,国务院官员警告说,这项举动并不表示缅甸军政府准备准许伯格的灾难评估小组其他成员入境。这个灾难评估小组等候进入缅甸灾区已经超过两个星期。The Bush administration has pressed Burma to admit the USAID team for a first-hand appraisal of needs and logistics in the cyclone-ravaged area, and says that without a report from the experts it cannot make an informed decision on further U.S. contributions. 布什政府一直对缅甸施压,要求准许美国国际开发署小组对灾区的需要和补给做第一手评估。布什政府表示,如果没有这些专家的评估,美国就无法进一步做出可靠的救灾决定。At a press briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey said Berger was chosen to be the U.S. representative on the tour, instead of a member of the American embassy staff in Rangoon, because of his expertise: 国务院副发言人凯西在记者会上说,选择伯格、而不是美国驻仰光大使馆成员做评估小组负责人,是因为他的专业知识。"The rest of the team hasn't been given visas and he's not been given permission to conduct his own assessment or the kind of things he'd do as team leader," he said. "He's just the person that will be representing the U.S. government on this tour for foreign governments that the regime is sponsoring."  凯西说:“评估小组的其他成员还没有得到签,而伯格本人也没有获准去进行他自己的评估,或者去做他身为评估小组组长应当做的事。他只是缅甸政府为外国政府所组织的一次考察中的美国代表而已。”"We thought it was important though to have him be the representative rather than someone else from the [U.S.] mission simply because it will at least give someone with real expertise at least some kind of overview of some of the area and what's going on," he added. “但我们还是认为让伯格、而不是美国大使馆其他人员作为代表进入灾区是很重要的,因为这至少能让一位真正有专业知识的人对灾区至少能够有一些总体观察。”Under normal circumstances, a U.S. assessment team precedes large-scale American aid in a disaster zone, coordinating deliveries and assuring that items provided actually reach those in need. 正常情况下,美国的评估队伍都是先进入灾区,然后才开始大规模的美国援助,协调救灾工作,并确保救灾物资确实送到需要者手上。Despite the lack of direct access, and press reports of some diversion of supplies, the ed States is continuing an airlift of basic relief items to Rangoon. 尽管不能直接进入灾区,而且有新闻报导说,一些救援物资被挪作他用,但美国还是继续向仰光空运基本的救灾物品。Spokesman Casey said U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes made five flights Thursday carrying bottled water, plastic sheeting, mosquito netting and other items.  国务院发言人凯西说,美国空军c-130运输机星期四飞了五个架次,为缅甸送去瓶装水,塑胶布,蚊帐,和其他物品。He said in three of the flights, the supplies were handed over directly to non-governmental groups - the preferred procedure in the absence of U.S. personnel on the ground. 凯西说,其中三个架次的救灾物品被直接交给非政府组织, 这是在没有美国救灾人员在场的情况下,比较好的一种作法。Casey said the U.S. charge d'affaires in Rangoon, Shari Villarosa, will be the U.S. representative Sunday at the donors conference there organized by the ed Nations and ASEAN to be attended by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 凯西说,美国驻仰光代办维拉罗萨星期天将代表美国参加在仰光由联合国和东盟举办的捐助国会议。联合国秘书长潘基文也将参加这次会议。 200805/39935

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