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Four common bad habits combined — smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet — can age you by 12 years, sobering new research suggests。一项最新研究结果让人警醒:吸烟、酗酒、缺乏运动和饮食不合理等四个不良习惯加在一起,会让你看上去老12岁。The findings are from a study that tracked nearly 5,000 British adults for 20 years, and they highlight yet another reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle。这些发现来源于对近5000名英国成年人开展的一项长达20年的跟踪调查,调查结果进一步强调了健康生活方式的重要性。Overall, 314 people studied had all four unhealthy behaviors. Among them, 91 died during the study, or 29 percent. Among the 387 healthiest people with none of the four habits, only 32 died, or about 8 percent。总体来看,受访者中有314人占尽四种不良习惯。其中有91人,即29%的人在研究期间去世。而在387位四种坏习惯都没有的最健康人士中,只有32人在此期间去世,比例约为8%。The risky behaviors were: smoking tobacco; downing more than three alcoholic drinks per day for men and more than two daily for women; getting less than two hours of physical activity per week; and eating fruits and vegetables fewer than three times daily。这些高风险行为包括:抽烟、男性每天喝酒超过三杯或女性每天喝酒超过两杯、每周运动不足两小时以及每天吃水果和蔬菜少于三次。These habits combined substantially increased the risk of death and made people who engaged in them seem 12 years older than people in the healthiest group, said lead researcher Elisabeth Kvaavik of the University of Oslo。奥斯陆大学的首席研究员伊丽莎白·克瓦维克说,这些习惯加在一起极大增加了死亡风险,有这些恶习的人比生活方式最为健康小组的人看起来老12岁。The study appears in Monday#39;s Archives of Internal Medicine。该研究在本周一的《内科学档案》期刊上发表。The healthiest group included never-smokers and those who had quit; teetotalers, women who had fewer than two drinks daily and men who had fewer than three; those who got at least two hours of physical activity weekly; and those who ate fruits and vegetables at least three times daily。生活方式最健康小组的人包括从不抽烟的人和已经戒烟的人、禁酒者、每天喝酒少于两杯的女性和每天喝酒少于三杯的男性、每周运动至少两个小时的人和每天吃水果蔬菜至少三次的人。;You don#39;t need to be extreme; to be in the healthy category, Kvaavik said. ;These behaviors add up, so together it#39;s quite good. It should be possible for most people to manage to do it.;克瓦维克说,保持健康的生活方式“并不需要走极端,这些习惯加在一起就能让你受益良多。大多数人应该都能做到。”The US government generally recommends at least 4 cups of fruits or vegetables daily for adults, depending on age and activity level; and about 2 1/2 hours of exercise weekly。按照美国政府的建议,成年人每天至少要吃四杯水果或蔬菜,食用量可根据年龄和运动量进行调整,每周应锻炼约两个半小时。 /201210/206536GAYLE KING: But when you look at it, Condoleezza Rice, what is your take on it as to why the numbers don#39;t match up in terms of what women have done?主持人盖尔-金:赖斯,说说你的看法吧。你认为为什么女性做了这么多,但是在各界担任领导地位的女性数量还是那么少呢?CONDOLEEZZA RICE: I do think the numbers are getting better. If you look at the Senate, we have new women in the Senate, if you look at the fact that three of the last four secretaries of state, or three of the last five, were in fact women. So things are getting better. But I see it in the classroom, even at a place like Stanford. It#39;s very important that women feel that they are fully accepted in the workplace and that women put themselves out there. I found when I was a young specialist in international security, had I been waiting for a female, black, Soviet-specialist role model, I would still be waiting. And indeed the people who advocated for my career were white men; in fact they were old white men, because they dominated the field.美国前国务卿赖斯:我认为实际上情况是在越变越好。如果从在国会的女性数量来看,我们在国会中一直都有女性议员。而且在过去的三四年里,美国国务卿都是由女性担任的。所以,情况是在变好。但是如果从学校的情况来看,即使是斯坦福大学这样的名校,非常重要的一点是,女性必须完全相信自己能够在职场上有所作为,并将自己放到那些重要位置上。当我还在学国际安全政策时,我能等待有一个女人、黑人、学习前苏联政治经济的人来做我的榜样吗?如果是那样的话,我到现在还只是在那里等而已。事实上,在我的事业上指导我的人都是白人男性,而且是老年白人男性,因为他们在这个领域占有统治地位。KING: I#39;ve been hearing that things are getting better for such a long time.主持人:可是这些年我一直都在听人说情况在好转。RICE: But they are. And I do think that women – there are barriers, we still have gender definition. When a woman walks into a room, people see certain aspects. My good friend, the late astronaut Sally Ride, often talked about the degree to which if a woman puts herself forward in science and math, maybe she#39;s not quite y. So it#39;s a combination, as Valerie said. It#39;s women putting themselves forward and it#39;s also men being more accepting.赖斯:事实的确如此。现在确实还有各种对性别认同的障碍。当女性走入房间时,人们就会看到她身上一些女性的特质。我的好朋友,女宇航员萨莉-莱德经常说,在科学和数学方面,女性要把自己看得更高,即使她们还没有完全准备好。正如瓦莱丽-贾勒特(另一位嘉宾,白宫高级顾问)所说,现在的情况复杂。一方面女性要把自己看得更高,另一方面男性也在越来越多地接受女性。KING: What would you tell women today that you wish someone had told you back when you were starting?主持人:你现在想告诉女性朋友们哪些话,这些话是你希望当初在你刚开始工作时有人告诉你的?RICE: I wish someone had told me that my own sense of unease about whether I really belonged was shared by everybody in the room, including my male colleagues, but they hid it better, they covered it better. And not to be afraid to put yourself out there. I tell young women, if you get to the place that we are and someone treats you badly because you#39;re a woman, that#39;s your fault, not theirs, because you have plenty of arrows in your quiver by this time. But with young women, find someone who can help you navigate and understand the cues, because it is a little unnerving particularly if you are in a field that is male-dominated like the one I entered, international security policy.赖斯:我希望有人能告诉我,我的那些格格不入的紧张感其实每个人都有,包括我的那些男同事们,只不过他们隐藏得比较好,比较会掩饰。还有就是不要害怕把自己置于更高的位置。我要告诉年轻女性们,如果你身处高位,别人却因为你是女人而无礼对待,那么错不在他们,而在你自己,因为这个时候你大可挺直腰板明自己。但是我还要告诉年轻女性们,给自己找一个可以帮助你、指引你理解行业规则的人,因为如果你身处一个男性占主导地位的领域,就像我当年加入国际安全政治领域学习时那样,你需要有个人指引才不会过于紧张。JARRETT: But you can#39;t let the fear of failure stop you from trying. And I think so many times women are waited been given permission – you can#39;t do that. You have to put yourself out there, you have to have a tough skin, you have to be able to accept rejection and get back up and bounce back in the game.白宫高级顾问贾勒特:但你不能因为害怕失败而停止尝试。太多时候,女性会在那里等着别人允许自己做某事,这样是不行的。你必须把自己的位置摆得高一点,你必须要厚脸皮,你必须要敢于接受拒绝,然后在哪里跌到了就在哪里爬起来。 /201303/229697

Sending your child to piano or violin lessons in a bid to boost their academic achievement is a waste of money, according to scientists.科学家称,为了提高孩子的学习成绩而把孩子送去学弹钢琴或拉小提琴,纯属浪费钱。Although research has shown that youngsters who take music lessons are more likely to be top of their class, psychologist Glenn Schellenberg claims this link is misleading.尽管有研究显示,学音乐的小孩更可能在班上名列前茅,但心理学家格伦#8226;舍伦贝格指出,将这两者联系在一起有误导性。Instead, improved academic performance may be because brighter children from privileged backgrounds are more likely to learn an instrument, rather than music classes helping to boost their intelligence.事实上,更优秀的学习成绩可能是因为这些家庭背景更优越的小孩更聪明,更可能去学习乐器,而并非学音乐有助于提高他们的智力。‘Music may change you a bit, but it’s also the case that different children take music lessons,’ said Professor Schellenberg of the University of Toronto, who added that parents’ education was the most influential factor on musicality.多伦多大学的舍伦贝格教授说:“音乐也许能让你有些改变,但是实际情形是,学音乐的小孩本就不同。”他补充说,父母的教育是对音乐才能最重要的影响因素。‘Children who take music lessons come from families with higher incomes, they come from families with more educated parents, they also do more extra-curricular activities, they have higher IQs, and they do better at school.’“上音乐班的小孩来自收入更高的家庭,他们的父母受教育程度更高,他们参加的课外活动也更多,而且他们的智商也更高,在学校的成绩也更好。”In tests on 167 children who played piano or other instruments, they found their answer to personality tests could predict how likely it was for them to continue their music lessons.研究人员对167个弹钢琴或其他乐器的小孩进行了性格测试,发现从他们的回答可以预测出他们继续学音乐的可能性。Those who were more outgoing and conscientious were more likely to continue to play.那些性格更外向、更认真的小孩更可能继续弹奏乐器。‘We were motivated by the fact that kids who take music lessons are particularly good students, in school they actually do better than you would predict from their IQ, so obviously something else is going on,’ Professor Schellenberg told the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual conference in Boston.舍伦贝格教授在波斯顿举行的美国科学促进会年会上说:“我们因为上音乐班的小孩学习成绩特别好的事实而受到鼓舞,实际上这些小孩在学校的学习成绩超出了他们的智商让人产生的预期,所以显然还有其他一些因素在起作用。”‘So we thought that personality might be the thing.“因此我们认为这一影响因素可能是性格。Asked if so-called helicopter parents were wasting their money sending their children to music lessons in the belief they could boost their school results, he said ‘yes’.在被问及那些送孩子去上音乐班、以为这样能提高孩子学习成绩的“直升机父母”是否在浪费钱时,舍伦贝格教授回答说“是的”。‘Clearly studying music changes the brain, but so does any learning. In fact, that is what learning is,’ he said.他说:“无疑学音乐会改变大脑,但是学习其他任何东西也会这样。事实上,学习本就如此。” /201302/226135About 6 percent of luxury hotels in three major Chinese cities have stopped serving shark fin, a survey has found.一项调查显示,在中国的三大城市中有近6%的高档酒店对鱼翅说“不”。Although the controversial delicacy remains on the at most hotels, Green Beagle Environment Institute, a Beijing-based non-government organization that was the main sponsor of the survey, said the results are encouraging and reflect increased awareness.尽管这道备受争议的美味仍出现大多数酒店的菜单上,本次调查的主办单位、来自北京的非政府组织达尔问自然求知社则表示,此次调查结果令人鼓舞、体现出人们环保意识的提高。The survey was carried out in Beijing, Shenzhen in Guangdong province and Fuzhou in Fujian province, which were selected as representative cities to collect basic data on shark fin consumption nationwide.这些调查分别在北京、深圳、福州三地展开,这三座城市被选为收集全国鱼翅消费基本数据的代表城市。In Beijing, 132 hotels completed the phone questionnaire between Nov 20 and Dec 12.11月20日到12月12日之间,共有132家北京酒店完成了电话问卷调查。Only 12 hotels, 9 percent, said they do not serve shark fin.只有12家酒店(占9%)表示拒绝鱼翅。A similar survey of 131 Beijing hotels conducted a year ago found only one hotel that did not serve shark fin, Wang Xue, chief coordinator of the survey, said on Saturday.该调查的主要协调人王雪(音译)上周六表示,一年前的一项类似调查显示,在北京受访的131家酒店中,只有一家酒店对鱼翅说“不”。In Shenzhen, four out of the 85 four and five star hotels surveyed had stopped serving shark fin, accounting for about 5 percent. In Fuzhou, only one of the 40 hotels surveyed did not serve shark fin.在深圳,共有85家四五星级酒店参与此次调查,其中有四家酒店拒绝鱼翅,约占5%。在福州,参与调查的40家酒店中,只有一家表示拒绝鱼翅。On average, about 6.61 percent of the hotels in the three cities did not serve the food.平均来说,三地约有6.61%的酒店对鱼翅说“不”。;The survey reminded us there is still a long way to go to remove shark fins from Chinese hotels and restaurants, but the improved situation in Beijing is encouraging,; said Wang. ;We found more hotels and restaurants were willing to take action over the past year.;王雪表示:“该调查提醒我们要想中国餐营业全面拒绝鱼翅,还有很长一段路要走,但是北京状况的改善十分令人鼓舞。过去一年中我们发现越来越多的餐厅和酒店自愿加入拒绝鱼翅的行列。”International hotels are more active in the ;shark-fin-free; project, she noted. Shangri-la, Peninsula, JW Marriot, Accor and Starwood are among the hotels that have declared they will not serve shark fin.她指出,许多国际酒店在“拒绝鱼翅”项目中表现得更积极。香格里拉、半岛、J.W.万豪、雅高以及喜达屋等酒店品牌纷纷表示不再提供鱼翅。China is the world`s biggest importer and consumer of shark fin, which has been used in luxurious Chinese dishes for 500 years. Dishes made from shark fin are still regarded as a symbol of honor and respect, especially at business dinners, according to Wang.王雪介绍说,中国是全球最大的鱼翅进口国兼消费国,鱼翅作为中国顶级食材已有500年的历史了。鱼翅菜肴仍然被视作尊贵的象征,尤其是在商务宴会上。;Our awareness-raising mainly targets the luxury hotels, restaurants and businessmen associations,; she said.她表示:“我们旨在提升这些高档酒店、餐厅以及商会的相关意识。”Her organization has held talks with China Hotel Association and discussed the association adding ;shark fin free; into its scoring system for hotels hoping to gain the Green Hotel or Green Restaurant label, said Wang.王雪称自己所在的组织已同中国饭店协会展开会谈,并就将“零鱼翅”加入绿色酒店、餐厅的评分机制这一问题进行讨论。Displays of dried shark fin in hotels and restaurants are expected to soon be banned by the hotel association.中国饭店协会有望在短时间内对各大酒店、餐厅下达“鱼翅禁售令”。;We hope hotels and restaurants remove shark fin products from their s,; Wang said.王雪表示:“我们希望所有酒店及餐厅都可以将鱼翅产品从菜单上去除。”The Chinese government pledged to ban shark fin products from government banquets in late June, but the regulation is expected to take three years to release officially.今年六月末,国家政府承诺官宴禁止鱼翅产品,而该禁令将在三年内正式发布。The NGOs that oppose shark fin consumption aim to protect the decreasing number of sharks in the ocean and stop shark-finning, a practice that condemns the finless sharks to a slow death.那些反对鱼翅消费的非政府组织致力于保护海洋中鲨鱼数量的减少,制止“削鳍”行为的发生——这种行为致使那些失去鳍的鲨鱼慢慢消亡。Research has also found that shark fin contains poisonous elements, including lead and mercury, but the nutritious value is less than that of chicken or pork.同时也有研究发现鲨鱼翅含有铅汞等有毒元素,而营养价值却不及鸡肉和猪肉。Some fishing associations in China say shark fin products should not be banned and deny shark-finning occurs. They claim a ban on the fins will lead to waste when sharks are captured with other fish.国内几家水产协会表示鱼翅产品不应被禁,声称割鳍弃肉的行为根本就不存在了。他们表示,当鲨鱼同其他鱼类被一同捕捞上来时,鱼翅禁令将会导致资源浪费的现象。 /201212/215203

Forgetting people#39;s names and unsightly sweat patches are among the most common faux pas that leave Britons blushing with embarrassment four times a day.忘记人名、难看的汗渍,这些失态行为都是让英国人一天脸红四次的最常见的原因。Tripping in public and getting food stuck between teeth are also humiliating moments that most try hard to avoid and one in seven say a relationship has ended because something embarrassing happened.在众人眼前绊倒、食物残渣夹在牙缝中,也是许多英国人极力避免的尴尬时分。七分之一英国人称,自己曾有一段恋情因为发生了尴尬的事而告终。A study of 2,000 adults found that burping accidentally, stalling the car at traffic lights and having food on your face are among the top 50 most common moments that leave us red faced.一项涵盖了2000名成人的研究指出让英国人脸红的50个最常见的原因。研究发现,突然打嗝、交通灯亮时急刹车,还有食物粘在脸上,都是最常见的脸红原因。Commissioned by Ladbrokes, the research found that the biggest embarrassments were most likely to have been in the workplace while stories involving things going wrong in front of the in-laws were also very common.立公司委托开展的这一调查发现,最让英国人脸红的事情最经常发生在工作场所中,在姻亲面前犯错的事情也是最让英国人脸红的。A Ladbrokes spokesman said: ;Everyone does their best to be composed and cool wherever they are, but it isn#39;t always going to work and clearly there are many pitfalls.;立公司的一名发言人说:“每个人都努力在任何情况下保持沉着冷静,但有时候还是冷静不下来,显然陷阱比比皆是。”;The good thing is once the awkwardness clears the little things that throw us can eventually be looked back on and laughed about.;“好的一面是一旦尴尬过去,那些让我们绊倒的小事情,以后在我们回首时,可以作为趣事来谈笑。”A fifth of people have had a public speaking nightmare that they would rather forget and the most embarrassing speaking blunder is having your voice break or squeaking high pitched unexpectedly.五分之一的英国人在公共场合发言这方面都有一段不堪回首的回忆,最让人尴尬的错误就是说话破音,或是突然发出尖声。And one in seven Britons have been so embarrassed that they have fled a room to avoid the awkward stares.七分之一的英国人曾经陷入迫使自己逃离现场来躲避众人目光的尴尬境地。The spokesman said: ;The good thing about this list is no one is immune and we#39;re all guilty of having done at least some of these things.;立公司的发言人说:“这份清单的好处是让人们知道谁都无法避免尴尬,我们都曾因做过其中一些事而愧疚。”;We don#39;t always bring them on ourselves of course, so it#39;s worth being aware of particular mates or people who might look to embarrass you when you#39;re off guard.;“当然,这些尴尬并不都是我们自己造成的,所以要提防某些人在你没有戒备的时候出你的糗,这也是值得我们注意的。”;Certain situations have more potential for embarrassment than others of course but the thing to take remember from all of it is there#39;s no point taking yourself too seriously.;“当然,某些情形比其他时候更容易出糗,但需要从中吸取的是,没必要太把自己当回事儿。;Look down the list and the results show there are many things that we can all relate to and some might have more embarrassing memories than others.;“看一下这份清单,我们发现,许多尴尬事情都和我们有关,但有些人也许拥有的尴尬回忆比其他人更多。;With hindsight they can even be quite funny, even if at the time you just wanted the ground to swallow you up.;“回头看时,这些事甚至让人觉得挺好笑,即使当时你恨不得钻进地缝里。” /201209/199403A little boy did not like the look of the barking dog.一个小男孩非常不喜欢狂叫的样子。;It#39;s all right,; said a gentleman, ;don#39;t be afraid. Don#39;t you know the proverb: Barking dogs don#39;t bite?;“没有关系,”一位先生说,“不用害怕,你不知道这条谚语吗:“吠不咬人。””;Ah, yes,; answered the little boy. ;I know the proverb, but does the dog know the proverb, too?;“啊,我是知道,可是也知道吗?”

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