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原味人文风情:So, if you#39;re like me, you probably have at least a few bad habits you would like to break.如果你和我一样,你可能至少有几个想改掉的坏习惯。But it#39;s tough because no matter how hard I try, I seem to slip back into the same old routines again and again.不过那很难,因为不管我多努力尝试,我似乎一次又一次地重蹈覆辙。In the last decade, we#39;ve learned a lot about how habits work.过去十年来,我们对习惯的运作有许多了解。That#39;s Charles Duhigg, author of the book The Power of Habit.那是 Charles Duhigg,《习惯的力量》那本书的作者。And in particular we#39;ve learned the neurological structure of a habit.而我们特别认识到习惯的神经结构。He says that we tend to think of habits as a single thing, but actually...他说我们往往把习惯想成单独一件事,但事实上...Each habit has three components: There#39;s a cue, which is like a trigger for a behavior to start.每个习惯都有三项构成要素:有提示,那就像触发一个行为开始的东西。And then there#39;s a routine, which is the behavior itself.然后是惯性行为,也就是行为本身。And then, finally, a reward, which is how our brain learns to encode that automatic behavior for the future.接着最后,奖励,也就是我们的大脑如何为未来学习替那自发行为编码。And one of the big differences is that for years, when people thought about habits, they focused in on the routine, on the behavior.其中一个最大的差异是,几年来,当人们想到习惯时,他们专注在惯性行为、行为上面。But what we now know is that it#39;s these cues and these rewards that really shape how habits occur and how to change them.不过我们现在知道,这些提示和这些奖励,它们才是真正构成习惯形成和改变习惯的方法。And Charles says that whether we like it or not, this kind of habit formation is endemic to our brain.Charles 表示,无论我们喜不喜欢,这种习惯形成是我们的大脑特有的。And what it will do is our brain will latch on to a cue that it associates with a behavior and a particular reward.它的作用是,我们的大脑会抓住一个提示,一个大脑连结到某个行为和特定奖励的提示。And over time, that cue and that reward become more and more and more, sort of, intertwined.随时间过去,那提示和那奖励会变得有点越来越纠缠在一起。A particular part of your brain named the basal ganglia will relate them together.你脑内一个称为基底核的特定区块会将它们连结在一起。And the behavior that#39;s associated with that, that will just sort of happen automatically.而和那相关的行为,那就会有点不自觉地发生。But Charles says the good news is we can also use this knowledge to our advantage.不过 Charles 表示,好消息是我们可以善用这项知识。There was a big study that was done about how to create exercise habits.有一个关于如何养成运动习惯的重大研究。And so what they did is they told a group of people, ;Okay, first of all, choose an obvious cue.他们所做的事是告诉一群人:「好,首先,选一个明显的提示。Always go running at the same time every day or put your workout clothes next to your bed so that you see them first thing when you wake up.;每天都在同样时间去跑步,或把运动放在床边,好让你起床第一眼就看到它们。」And then they said, ;And then go for a run or go workout. And when you get back from exercising, give yourself a small piece of chocolate.;接着他们说:「然后去跑步或健身。在你运动完回来时,给自己一小块巧克力。」Now, this is kind of counterintuitive, right? Because people who are exercising are trying to lose weight, not eat more chocolate.现在,这有点违反直觉,对吧?因为运动的人是在试着减重,不是吃更多巧克力。And yet what the researchers knew is that their brain needed that reward.然而研究者所知的事情是,他们的大脑需要那奖励。Their basal ganglia needed some reward.他们的脑部基底核需要一些奖励。And what they found was that people who ate a small piece of chocolate after coming home from a run or a workout, they were much more likely to start exercising habitually.他们发现人们,跑步或健身完回家有吃一小块巧克力的人,他们比较有可能开始规律运动。So, according to Charles, whether you want to break a habit or start a new habit, the key is to divide the habit into its component parts: cue, routine, and reward, and design it for the result that you want.所以,根据 Charles 所说,无论你是想改掉一个习惯,或开始养成一个新习惯,关键是将习惯划分成它的构成要素:提示、惯性行为以及奖励,并依你想达到的结果来设计。 Article/201611/475437零起点英语口语 第36讲:星期 月份 季节这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/54761

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?如果你可以和任何人共进晚餐,活着或过世的都可以,你会选谁?Kylie Minogue. Marilyn Monroe.凯莉·米洛。玛丽莲·梦露。Oh God, I wouldn#39;t have a clue.老天,我不知道耶。I know, straight up. Paul Hogan.我知道,真的。保罗·霍根。Kim Kardashian. No! No, no.金·卡戴珊。不!不、不。I#39;d like to have dinner with Justin Bieber.我想和小贾斯汀一起吃晚餐。What? He#39;s not coming to my house.什么?他才不能来我家。I#39;d have Bob Hawke. Dave Hughes. Barry Humphries. Jimi Hendrix.我要和鲍勃·霍克。戴夫·休斯。贝瑞·亨弗里斯。吉米·亨德里克斯。People who have made a difference in the world—maybe Nelson Mandela at the dinner table.为世界带来影响的人--或许和曼德拉一起吃晚餐。Hello! Come in! I don#39;t know what he#39;s gonna say. I#39;m scared.哈啰!进来吧!我不知道他会说什么。好害怕。If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?如果你可以和世界上任何一个人吃晚餐,你会选谁?Probably our whole family, like, our whole extended family.可能是我们全家人,像是,整个大家族。Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。妈妈和爸爸。Does it have to be a celebrity? Could it be family?一定要是名人吗?可不可以是家人?We love it. We talk about how school is. We ask Mom and Dad how their day was.我们爱一起吃。我们会聊学校怎样。我们会问爸爸妈妈他们今天过得好吗。Family. Yeah. Mom and Dad.家人。嗯。妈妈和爸爸。Family! Who would you like to have dinner with?家人!你又是想和谁一起吃晚餐?They just want to be with us while they#39;re eating food, which is pretty cool.他们吃饭时只想和我们一起,那真是满棒的。They see us above everything. Oh, I#39;m gonna get...他们把我们看得比一切重要。噢,我要...Yeah. Yeah. Bit of message in it for me. Yes!嗯。嗯。给了我一些启示。没错!What are we having for dinner?我们晚餐要吃什么? Article/201612/482010栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451796Currie#39;s site seemed to prove it all. But other paleontologists were not yet convinced.Currie的发现似乎已明了这一切。可是其它古生物学家仍持有保留态度Bone beds are very tantalizing, because you have a tremendous number of bones in one single layer.化石场的资料非常混乱,因为大量骨骼被埋在同一地层中And for tempting to look at that as evidence for a herd of animals, living in one place at one time.你当然很渴望一群恐龙生活在同一时代、同一地点There are times when the bone bed information I think supports that interpretation. But there are times when it does not.有时候这些资料能明这一点。有时候却不是这样Before anyone would accept Currie#39;s evidence, he would have to verify some key details about the dig site.在别人反驳Currie之前,他必须核实一些关于挖掘点的关键性的据A collection of bones and bone bed doesn#39;t automatically mean what we looking that a collection of animals lived together.从一个化石场收集到的骨骼并不能直接说明这些动物生活在一起Sometimes bone beds accumulate from large areas of land where floods have brought all kinds of animal remains together and makes them up.有时化石可能来自很大一片地区,因为洪水把各种恐龙的尸体都冲在了一起So you might be looking at an accumulation from ...of many different animals, from miles and miles away.所以你看到的这许多不同的恐龙可能来自数英里之外This was the first problem.这是第一个问题Flood waters sping acrooss the plains could have washed together the remains of several unrelated tyrannosaurs.铺盖平原的洪水可能把许多互不相干的暴龙尸体冲到一起Buried in the same place millions of years ago, today they might look like a pack.在同一个地方埋葬了亿万年后,它们今天看上去就像是一个族群 Article/201612/483236

英语口语1+1:The heart grow fonder【1+1英文】Angela: "Does it bother you that your husband goes away on long business trips?" Andy: "No. The time we have spent apart has been good for us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder."【1+1中文】安吉拉:你的丈夫去很远的地方出差,这让你烦恼吗?安 迪:没有呀。分开的时刻对我们两个有用呀!距离产生美(小别胜新婚)嘛!【1+1】"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" means that the time you spend away from one you love makes you love that person even more. 中文意思:小别胜新婚。 /200605/7006The grandest of these tombs had openings cut in the wall,最豪华墓穴的墙壁上开凿了凹槽to create side chambers where the most important bodies以便让最重要的尸体could be laid out in aristocratic spaciousness like family vaults in a country church.能够安息在奢华宽敞的空间内 就像教堂中的家族墓穴Unlike medieval knights though,与中世纪的骑士们不同these grandees were buried with eagles and dogs, or even treasure.这些贵族将 鹰 甚至珍宝作为陪葬品The kind of thing the Vikings who broke into these tombs thousands of years later were quick to filch.这些陪葬品让数千年后维京海盗的盗取 易如探囊取物In return, though,these early tomb raiders left their own legacy.然而作为回馈 这些早期盗墓者也留下了他们的遗产These wonderful graffiti.These runes were carved by the most skilled rune carver in the western ocean.这些珍贵的涂鸦 这些如尼文 由大西洋最娴熟的雕刻师 书刻在墙上I bedded thorny here.Ingegirth is one horny bitch.我在此如卧针毡 茵妮格斯是个浪荡的贱人As for the Orcadian hoi polloi,they ranked space in a common chamber,而作为奥克尼的平民 只能葬于一间公共墓穴之内on a floor carpeted with the bones of hundreds of their predecessors.葬于由无数祖先的尸骨铺就的地板之上A crowded waiting room to their afterworld.一个熙熙攘攘 通向来世的等候室For centuries,life at Skara Brae must have continued in much the same way.几个世纪以来 斯卡拉布雷人的生活几乎毫无变化But around 2,500 ,the island climate seems to have got colder and wetter.然而在公元前2500年前后 岛上气候开始变得寒冷潮湿The red bream disappeared and so did the stable environment the Orcadians had enjoyed for countless generations.红鲷鱼灭绝了 让奥克尼人世代安居乐业的气候 也不再规律与稳定Fields were abandoned, the farmers and fishers migrated,土地变得贫瘠 农民与渔夫开始迁徙leaving their stone buildings and tombs to be covered by layers of peat, drifting sand and finally grass.留下了他们的石室 墓穴 任由其被层层泥炭 流沙 与最后的茵茵绿草所覆盖 /201606/451012They must have been very carefully cherished, and we know that many of them were preserved in princely collections and in church treasuries.它们一定曾被人悉心收藏。我们知道,这些玻璃杯中有很多为皇室藏品或教堂珍宝,So it#39;s probable that many of them were in fact used as chalices in royal chapels and churches.极有可能在皇家礼拜堂或大教堂内被用作圣杯。Many of the surviving Hedwig beakers have been mounted with precious metal for use in the mass, and when you look at the foot and the sides of our beaker, you can see that it, too, once had metal mounts.现存不少海德薇玻璃杯都曾被置于贵金属制成的架上,在弥撒时使用。观察这个杯子的底部与边缘,也能看到金属架的安装痕迹。Fascinatingly, Hedwig was one of a new kind of saint.值得注意的是,海德薇属于新类型的圣徒。By the time she was canonised, in 1267, the number of women saints had hit an all-time high in the history of the church.1267年,她被宣布为圣徒之时,女圣徒的数量达到了教会史上的新髙,You really can say that this is the point where women broke through the glass ceiling of sanctity.并且终于打破了封圣无形的性别限制,A quarter of all new saints were now female.约有四分之一的新封圣徒为女性。This may well have had something to do with the religious revival fostered by the new preaching orders, the Franciscans and the Dominicans.这应该是得益于当时的新教派圣方济会和多明我会推行的宗教复兴策略。They believed that the true Christian life should be lived not in the cloister but in the town, and they insisted that women should play a full part in this.他们相信真正的基督徒不应该生活在修道院中,而应该生活在城镇里,也坚持认为女性应该在教会中与男性平起平坐。译文属 Article/201605/445163

I have all my little animals, who, by the way, are very jealous of me, and so I have to give them jewelry...otherwise they bite.我养着我的宠物…它有时候会嫉妒我,我得给它们买些珠宝,否则它们会咬我。I always heard growing up that Joan Crawford said that...whenever she went out, she had to go out as Joan Crawford.我常听人说…比如琼·克劳馥说过她每次出门,她必须是自己,是琼·克劳馥的样子。So I took that to heart, and whenever I go out, I have to be Patrick McDonald.我把这句话深深地记在心里每次我出门,也必须打扮的就是我自己的样子。I have to be the dandy, and I would never go out...without my beauty mark, my eyebrows, my hat.我必须保持这样的样子,我绝不会不画这样妆,这样的眉毛,带这样的帽子出门。I would never do that.我绝不会那么做。We#39;re all canvases.我们就像是画布。We#39;re all blank canvases when we get up in the morning, and we paint ourselves.每天早上起来就是一块空白的画布然后我们要去装扮自己。Sometimes we#39;re surreal.有时是超现实主义的。Sometimes we#39;re impressionistic. Sometimes we#39;re modern.有时是印象派的,有时是前卫的。It...It just depends on the day.这完全取决于…那天你是怎样的状态。This is my, uh, alphabet outfit, and, this is another of, uh, my...my clothing...that appeared in ;On the Street; column of Bill Cunningham.这是我的…字母装这件衣同时也曾经登上过Bill的 ;On the Street;专栏。I call it ;Awning Stripes.;我把这件叫做;条纹帐篷;。A Scottish plaid outfit.这是一件苏格兰格子装。I don#39;t know which clan it belongs to.我也不知道这是什么民族的。When I wear this outfit, people smile, and it kind of cheers them up a little bit.当我穿这件外套出去时,很多人会笑好像这件衣会让他们变得开心一些。This is one of my other lollipop salesman#39;s outfit.这是一件棒棒糖售货员外套。A combination of different plaids from Scotland.这件衣融合了很多苏格兰的格子花纹。 Article/201608/460197We#39;re living during one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.我们处在世界上最严重的人道主义危机之中。Being able to affect as many people as we have here, that#39;s just powerful.能够影响和我们同样多的人,是非常强大的。I was part of the emergency unit that the IRC sent to Greece我是国际红十字会派驻希腊的应急小组的一员,to assess and provide life-saving support to refugees.来给难民评估并提供求生持。This is 30 days worth of arrivals on this gigantic mound, can you imagine eight months?这一大堆是30天内到达这里的人积攒下来的,你能想象八个月是种什么情况吗?There were boats coming in day or night carrying 50, 60, 70 people each,有很多船只昼夜不停地抵达这里,每只载有50,60,70人不等,having survived this hellish trip, to face chaos.他们从地狱般的旅途中幸存了下来,却到这里来面对动荡。We were a handful of volunteers and some NGOs trying to provide basic stuff我们是一些志愿者及非政府组织,尝试提供一些基本的物品,such as food, dry clothes, medical attention and these people were totally helpless.比如食物,干燥的衣,医疗照顾。这些人们真的非常无助。Information was so scarce, they were full of anxiety of what comes next.信息不足,他们对未来充满了焦虑。You know, they had this first big step achieved, and then uncertainty.要知道,他们实现了这关键的第一步之后,接下来就不知所措了。It was incredibly important to be here and to see what was happening on the ground.来到这里亲眼看到这片土地发生了什么真的是非常重要。There were people carrying their children, a few of their personal belongings,有人带着孩子以及他们的一些私人物品,but what was interesting to see that many of them were holding phones, mobile phones.但是非常有意思的是他们中的很多人都带着电话,移动电话。And we thought, well maybe we could use our technology, with the IRC and Mercy Corps#39; understanding of the crisis itself所以我们就想,或许可以利用我们的技术,配合国际红十字会及慈善组织对于危机本身的理解in order to give the refugees the information to stay safe.来给难民提供保持安全的信息。So together we made Refugee InfoHub.所以我们一起创办了难民信息中心。It#39;s a mobile site that gives refugees information like where to get medical attention,它是一个给难民提供信息的移动门户。用他们的母语告诉他们哪里可以获得医疗照顾,how to find refugee camps and anything else needed all in their own language.怎样找到难民收容所,以及其他任何需要的信息。- When we went live, it was powerful.这些功能上线的时候非常强大。What would take a few days, now it#39;s a matter of minutes.之前需要几天才能做到的事情现在几分钟就可以了。What we started here – delivering life-saving information through technology我们从这里开始——通过技术传递拯救生命的信息。I think that#39;s going to be done more in the future.我想这项技术在未来会有更进一步的发展。And the amount of people that we#39;ve touched is, it#39;s incredible.我们所接触的人数是令人难以置信的。 Article/201706/515078

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