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福州优生优育检查的医院福州仓山区排卵监测的医院Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all;把我的所爱者夺走吧,全都夺走,What hast thou then more than thou hadst bee?且看你是否比从前多添了朋俦?No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call;爱呵,你找不到别的什么爱可称为真爱,All mine was thine bee thou hadst this more.我所爱者原是你的,即便此前你未曾到手Then if my love thou my love receivest,那么,假如你为爱我而夺走我的爱,I cannot blame thee my love thou usest;我岂能责怪你为爱我而将我的爱消受But yet be blamed, if thou thyself deceivest但假如你自己骗自己,铁了心品味By wilful taste of what thyself refusest.你不愿接受的活儿,我就真想骂你个够I do give thy robbery, gentle thief,姑且原谅你的窃行,你这来头不小的小偷,Although thou steal thee all my poverty;尽管你把我的全部家当统统掳走And yet, love knows, it is a greater grief然而爱是明白的:忍受爱的屈从俯就To bear love wrong than hate known injury.要比忍受恨的公开伤害更令人忧愁Lascivious grace, in whom all ill well shows,可人的风流啊,连你的恶行都成了美德,Kill me with spites; yet we must not be foes.咬杀我吧,但我们绝不成为冤家对头 575宁德去哪输卵管复通 Monica: Wow, check you out! When did you buy a new car?莫妮卡:哇,好羡慕啊!你这辆新车什么时候买的?Kevin: This isnrsquo;t just any new car. Itrsquo;s a Ferrari.凯文:这可不是一辆简单的新车这是一辆法拉利Monica: I can see that. It must have set you back a few.莫妮卡:我看到了肯定花了你一大笔银子吧?Kevin: Yeah, but it was worth it. You should see the looks I get riding around in this baby. My brother is green with envy.凯文:那是但绝对值啊你应该看到,当我坐在这个座驾里驰骋时,那场面何其拉风我弟弟都要妒忌死了Monica: Then yoursquo;ve been showing it off around town.莫妮卡:你是不是全城都炫耀遍了?Kevin: No, Irsquo;ve just been showing it off to a few friends and family members. Therersquo;s no sense owning a fine machine like this and not bragging a little, right?凯文:没有我只是将它展示给几个朋友和家人拥有这样好的玩意儿而不炫耀一下,真是有点浪费啊,你不觉得吗?Monica: Especially since your brother has been gloating about his new boat, you mean.莫妮卡:特别是自从你弟弟经常洋洋自得于他那条新船以来;;对不对?Kevin: There is that. I donrsquo;t want to toot my own horn, but I think a new Ferrari trumps a measly new boat, donrsquo;t you?凯文:正是如此并非是我自吹自擂,但我觉得一辆崭新的法拉利足以胜过区区一条小船了,不是吗?Monica: Do you and your brother always whip it out like this?莫妮卡:你和你弟弟经常这样比来比去吗?Kevin: Like what? Irsquo;m just sharing my new toy with my brother. Irsquo;m sure hersquo;s just as happy me as I was him when he bought his new boat.凯文:比来比去?我只是在和我弟弟分享我的欣喜而已我敢肯定,他会为我买了新车而感到高兴,正如我为他买了新船而倍感高兴一样Monica: Truer words were never spoken.莫妮卡:嗯,深表赞同,深表赞同 1958南平输卵管复通术哪个医院最好

南平二院宫腔镜手术多少钱三明市去哪间医院治输卵管堵塞 185福州哪间医院治疗男性精子最好

福州市看不孕不育去那里A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives-of approving of some and disapproving of others. Charles Darwin, English naturalist一个有道德的人能够对自已过去的行为和动机加以反省,弘扬正确,剔除错误 查尔斯·达尔文,英国自然学家Who partakes in another joys is a more humane character than he who partakes in his griefs. Johann Lavater, Swiss poet能分享他人的欢乐,比能分担他人的忧愁更为高尚 约翰·拉瓦特尔,瑞士诗人Leave virtue and kindness to your children instead of property-only this can bring happiness to them. Beethoven, German composer把美德和善良传给你的孩子们,而不是留下财富,只有这样才能给他们带来幸福 贝多芬,德国作曲家When a man speaks or acts with good intention, then happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him. Sakyamuni,founder of Buddhism当一个人怀着善意讲话或做事的时候,幸福就像影子一样跟随着他,永远不会离开 释迦牟尼,佛教创始人Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa每当你向别人微笑,这是爱的行动,是给别人的礼物,是一件美丽的事 特蕾莎修女We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. Mother Teresa我们觉得我们所做的只是大海中的一滴水,但是没有了这滴水,海水会变少 特蕾莎修女That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. Henry D. Thoreau, American writer能贫贱而乐的人是最富有的人 亨利·D·梭罗,美国作家I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered bee me. Isaac Newton, English physicist我就像是一个在海滨玩耍的小孩,为不时发现比寻常更为光滑的一块卵石或比寻常更为美丽的一片贝壳而沾沾自喜,而对于展现在我面前的浩瀚的真理的海洋,却全然没有发现 艾萨克·牛顿,英国物理学家 05 80 As Kids Say It第80单元 童言无忌Tell a Story with a Moral讲一个寓言故事A primary school class was asked to tell a story with a moral. Kathy went first. ;Once, we were driving a basket of ten eggs to market and we had a big bump in the road. The eggs broke. The moral is dont put all your eggs in one basket.;一个小学班级里的学生被要求讲一个寓言故事首先,凯西开始了:“有一次,我们带着篮子去市场,篮子里有十个鸡蛋,结果我们摔了一跤,鸡蛋都碎了寓言就是:不要孤注一掷”Tammy was next. ;Once, we had a dozen chicken eggs, but when hatched, we got only ten chicks. The moral is dont count your chicks bee they are hatched.;泰米接着说道:“从前我们有个鸡蛋,但是最后只孵化出来只小鸡寓言是:对事情不要太早下定论”Then it was Johnny turn. ;When my Aunt Karen was in Desert Storm, her plane was hit. She bailed out over enemy territory with only a bottle of whisky and a machine gun.;接下来轮到杰尼斯了“那一年,我的凯伦姑妈参加了沙漠风暴战争,她的飞机被击毁了她跳伞跳到了敌军阵地,身上只有一瓶威士忌和一架冲锋”;She drank the liquor on the way down so it wouldnt break, and landed in the middle of 0 enemy soldiers. She killed 70 with the machine gun. When she ran out of bullets, she killed the rest with her bare hands.;“她在下降过程中把威士忌一饮而尽,为了是将酒瓶砸在敌军0名士兵之中她用冲锋杀死了70人当她子弹耗尽时,她徒手杀光了剩下的所有人”;What the moral of that terrible story?; the teacher asked, horrified.“这可怕的故事比喻的是什么?”老师一脸恐惧地问道;Stay away from Aunt Karen when she been drinking.;“凯伦姑妈喝酒时,离她越远越好”Looking Dad找爸爸A young boy was lost in the mall. He ran out over to a police office. ;Ive lost my dad!;一个小男孩在商场迷路了他跑到警察局说道:“我找不到爸爸了!”;What he like?; he asked.“他长什么样?”警察问道;Soccer and beer.;“足球和啤酒”;Cheese!;“茄子!”The camera is always in use when our three-year-old grandson, Tyler, comes by. I didnt realize how much until the night of a large thunderstorm. Our son called to tell us that when a bolt of lightning lit up their flat, Tyler turned to the window and said, ;Cheese!;每当三岁的外孙泰勒来的时候,我们总是拍照直到一次下了雷阵雨,我才意识到我们拍了多少照片我儿子那晚打电话告诉我,当闪电照亮了他们家公寓时,泰勒跑到窗户边,说道:“茄子!”Turning ty四十岁了I recently turned 0, and on that day I took my nine-year-old daughter, Kelsey, shopping. As we crossed the car-park, she exclaimed, ;Happy 0th birthday, Mum!;最近我过了我的四十岁生日,生日当天我带着我九岁的女儿凯尔西去逛街当我们穿过停车场时,她欢呼道:“妈妈,四十岁生日快乐!”;Thank you, honey,; I said, ;but dont broadcast the 0 part, please.; I went on to explain that I wasnt upset about turning 0, but if people thought I was younger, that was fine with me.“宝贝,谢谢你”我说道,“但是你最好别把四十这个数字说出来”我之后向她解释,我对于步入四十并不悲观,可如果人们认为我看起来年轻,那就在再好不过了;Why dont you tell people youre 50 then?; Kelsey asked. ;Then youll look really good!;“那你为什么不和别人说你50岁呢?”凯尔西问道“那样你看来就真的很年轻了!”Worry担忧The night bee I was scheduled to have major surgery, Jeremy, our nine-year-old son, became worried. ;Im scared, Mum. What if the doctor makes a mistake?;在我进行一项重要手术的前晚,我九岁的儿子杰里米有些担忧“我害怕,妈妈如果医生手术出了错可怎么办啊?”I calmly explained that the doctor had years of experience and mistakes were unlikely.我耐下心来向他解释,这个医生有多年的经验,是不会出错的;But what if he does?; Jeremy persisted.“但是如果他出了错呢?”杰里米坚持问道;Then hed be in a lot of trouble.; I teased.“那他可就有大麻烦了”我向他开起了玩笑;You mean we could sue him,; Jeremy brightened, ;and I could get a new bike?;“你是说我们可以起诉他,”杰里米精神了起来“然后我就能买辆新自行车了?”译文属 91龙岩人流公立医院龙岩哪间医院弱精



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