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By an uncanny coincidence, Mount Kailash perfectly matches the legend of the mythical axis of the world.机缘巧合的是伽拉萨山同世界屋脊神话中的描述非常吻合。Its four faces are roughly aligned to the compass, and four major rivers flow from its foothills.它的四个面大体向罗盘的四个方向,还有四条主河从丘陵地带奔流。These are some of the most significant rivers in Asia. The Yarlung, which becomes Indias Brahmaputra, the Indus and Sutlej, which flow to Pakistan, and the Karnali, a major feeder for the Ganges.他们是亚洲最重要的四条河,雅鲁藏布江形成了印度的布拉马普特拉河、印度河和流经巴基斯坦的萨特累季河,以及恒河的主要流-----卡那丽河。Thanks to its connection with the mythical mountain, Kailash is so sacred that its never been climbed. Its Tibets most important pilgrimage site.由于连接着神话般的高山,卡伊拉什山令人感到神圣而从未被攀登过。它是朝圣者在西藏最重要的朝圣点。For Tibetans, pilgrimage is a journey from ignorance to enlightenment. A pilgrimage around the sacred mountain is believed to wipe out the sins of a lifetime, increasing the chance of a better rebirth.对于西藏人来说,朝圣之旅是从无知到被教化的过程。环行圣山的朝圣者认为这样做可以消除一生的罪孽,获得一个更好的来生。Most pilgrims time their visit for the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar. For over 1,000 years they have gathered at the foot of Kailash for the Saga Dawa festival to celebrate Buddhas enlightenment.大多数朝圣者把朝圣的时间安排在,最重要的藏历节日之时。一千多年以来,他们聚集在卡伊拉什山脚。来庆祝萨嘎达瓦节,感谢佛陀的教化。The festival climaxes with the raising of the newly dressed altar, a 25-metre flagpole. The full entourage of Tibetan monks make the most of the occasion, with music, prayers, and blessings.当新装饰的圣坛上升起25米高的番杆时,节日达到了高潮,藏族僧侣的音乐,祷文和祝福,贯穿了节日的始终。 /201403/282610。

精视觉精讲述Now Mary could have no此时此刻 玛丽的一切幻想都破灭了illusions that she was anything except a prisoner.只能老老实实的做一名囚犯She was shuttled from house to house在什鲁斯伯里伯爵的监视下under the watchful eye of the Earl of Shrewsbury,她被不停的转换牢房who got the unenviable job of being her jailer.作为她的看守 吃力而不讨好Some of the houses were not much more than a damp ruin,有些牢房就像潮湿的废墟 others, like Wingfield here, were more tolerable places.而另一些 如温菲尔德 还勉强可以忍受Now Wingfield is in Derbyshire, and that tells you something温菲尔德在德比郡about the nervousness of her captors.这也说明了关押她的人有多么紧张Mary Stuart had to be kept a long way away from any possibility of rescue,为了防止玛丽东山再起far away from Scotland, far away from London,她被关押在远离苏格兰 远离伦敦far away from the coast.远离沿海的地方In fact, in the Midlands.实际上 她被关押在英格兰中部But wherever she was, Mary Stuart但是无论她身在何处become maximum security problem number one,玛丽·斯图亚特的安全都是重中之重not just a headache but a magnet for conspiracy.不止令人头痛万分 还会诱发无数阴谋 /201308/253688。

This catastrophe was provoked by the decision to produce palm oil,the most consumed oil in the world, on Borneo.在婆罗洲生产全世界销量最高的棕榈油引发了这场大灾难。Palm oil not only caters to our growing demand for food,but also cosmetics, detergents and, increasingly, alternative fuels.棕榈油不仅满足我们增长中的食品需求,还可用于生产化妆品清洁剂和替代燃料。The forest diversity was replaced by a single species-the oil palm.森林的多样性被单一品种的棕榈取代。Monoculture is easy, productive and rapid.棕榈树的单一栽培容易产量高而且生长快。For local people, it provides employment.这为本地人提供工作岗位。It is an agricultural industry.这是一种农业产业。Another example of massive deforestation is the eucalyptus.另一大量森林砍伐的例子是桉树。Eucalyptus is used to make paper pulp.它用于制作木浆。Plantations are growing, as demand for paper has increased fivefold in 50 years.种植场越来越多,因过去五十年纸张的需求增长了五倍。Monocultures of trees are gaining ground all over the world.单一树种在全球广泛种植。But a monoculture is not a forest.但单一树种不是森林。By definition, there is little diversity.从定义看差别不大。One forest does not replace another forest.一个森林不能取代另一个。At the foot of these eucalyptus trees,nothing grows,because their leaves form a bed that is toxic for most other plants.在这些桉树下寸草不生 因其掉下来的树叶覆盖地面令其它植物不能生长。They grow quickly, but exhaust water reserves.它们生长快速,但耗水也多。Soybeans, palm oil, eucalyptus trees.黄豆,棕榈油,桉树。Deforestation destroys the essential to produce the superfluous.森林砍伐是舍本逐末。But elsewhere, deforestation is a last resort to survive.但在其它地方森林砍伐是生存的最后手段。Over two billion people,almost a third of the worlds population,still depend on charcoal.超过二十亿人,即世界三分一人口仍依赖炭。In Haiti, one of the worlds poorest countries,charcoal is one of the populations main consumables.海地,世界上最穷的国家之一,碳是最主要的消耗品之一。Once the pearl of the Caribbean,Haiti can no longer feed its population without foreign aid.曾经的加勒比海明珠如今却要依赖外国援助才能养活人民。201410/338856。

On Wednesday afternoon, the ministry officially issued 4G licences to three of Chinas biggest telecom operators: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. That means these operators now have official permission to develop commercial 4G services.周三下午,政府部门正式将4G执照颁发给中国的三大通讯运营商:中国移动,中国联通和中国电信。这也意味着该三大运营商目前被正式允许进行商业4G务开发。In hopes of taking a lead in the 4G era, China Mobile has spent more than 40 billion yuan or about 6.6 billion US dollars this year alone, building infrastructure and widening coverage. But it doesnt mean customers can call from a 4G phone tomorrow, as it will take time for telecom operators to roll out phone options, call plans and ensure enough coverage.为在4G领域占领领军地位,中国移动就今年已耗资400亿元,约合66亿美元,进行基础设施建设和覆盖范围扩大。但是,这并不代表用户明天就可以使用4G手机拨打电话,因为电信运营商需要时间来进行电话设置,推出自费标准以及确保覆盖范围。201312/267314。

Learn how to easily remove paint from any brick surface with this presentation from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.根据VideoJug和Aspect Maintenance联合提供的这段视频,学习怎样轻松去除任何砖瓦表面的油漆。My names Tom. I work for Aspect Maintenance. Im a decorator and Im going to show you how we take paint off brickwork.我是汤姆,在Aspect Maintenance公司工作。我是一名装饰家,向您展示如何去除砌砖建筑物上的油漆。So if we just look at this wall here, what weve actually got is just some emulsion paint or some oil paint. Possibly its just been dorked on the wall, the brickwork here. So if we wanted to get this off.我们看一下这一面墙,上面染了一些乳胶漆或者油漆。或许是不小心洒到墙上的。所以我们想要清理干净。its pretty tough, tightly on.非常坚硬,紧紧地粘在上面。the best thing to use is something like that which is basically a brick acid.最好使用类似这种砖用酸。When youre using brick acid you have to make sure your hands in particular are properly protected because if it gets on your skin it can irritate you. So use some proper industrial plastic gloves, protective wear; you should really use goggles as well if youre splashing it around. So if you put the acid in a bucket you need something to brush it on.使用砖用酸的时候,确保保护好双手,因为这种酸会刺激皮肤。可以戴工业用塑料手套或者保护装置。如果是大面积喷洒,最好戴上护目镜。如果是把酸倒在桶里备用,需要工具把酸刷到墙上。But also were just using an old broom head here. Because youre going to damage the broom anyways, so youre not going to reuse it for much afterwards. And well show you how it comes up.我们这里用的是一把旧扫帚。因为这把扫帚无论如何都要报销了,以后肯定不会怎样用了。我们来展示一下如何操作。Okay. And that is how you would basically clean the paint from brickwork.好了。这样就可以把砖上的油漆清理掉了。Thanks for watching How To Remove Paint From Brick.感谢收看“怎样清除砖上的油漆”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/248176。