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点击此处下载音频大家好!广播学口语又和大家见面了。这里是Andy老师。人们说:生命在于运动。怪不得老老少少齐健身呢!就连学校也开运动会。(音乐)学校里招开运动会,可以忙坏了John,因为运动会上他报了三个项目。John看样子文质彬彬的,谁会想到他会有此壮举呢。只见John出入健身房的次数越来越多了。He said amp;;I havenrsquo;t had any exercise for six months, so itrsquo;s going to be hard to get into shape.amp;; amp;;get into shapeamp;;是什么意思呢?别着急,它是我们今天要学习的俚语。amp;;shapeamp;;形状,amp;;get into shapeamp;;从面上看是成形的意思,我们可以理解为amp;;锻炼,使身体强壮amp;;的意思。那么他说的是amp;;I haven`t had any exercise for six months, so it`s going to be hard to get into shape.amp;;(我已经有六个的时间没有锻炼了,要强壮起来可不容易)邻家小弟也说I want to get into shape by doing exercises!(我要做运动,使身体强壮起来!)(音乐)锻炼不只可以强壮身体,还可以调节我们的心情。据专家研究,锻炼后,人的大脑可以处于兴奋的状态。你是不是也有这样的感觉呢。I feel like a new man after some exercise.(做了一些运动之后,我感觉如同获得新生一样)amp;;feel like a new manamp;;,就是amp;;感到有如新生一般amp;;。千万不要译成;重新做人;。人逢喜事精神爽,难怪这几天Andy乐得脸上都开了花儿似的。I am energetic and feel like a new man for the boss praised me in the conference.(在会议上老板表扬了我,让我感觉如同新生一般,感觉力量都用不完)(音乐)来回忆一下今天的内容:(1)Itrsquo;s going to be hard to get into shape.(要强壮起来可以真不容易)(2)I feel like a new man after some exercise.(做些运动后,让我感觉如同新生一般)See you next time! /200605/7221What an intriguing group of individuals you are ... to a psychologist.你们是多么有趣的一群人啊……当然,是对心理学家而言。Ive had the opportunity over the last couple of days在过去几天里,我有机会of listening in on some of your conversations and watching you interact with each other.倾听你们的交谈,观察你们的互动。And I think its fair to say, aly, that there are 47 people in this audience, at this moment,我想我已经可以大胆地说,此时此刻,在你们中间,有47个人,displaying psychological symptoms I would like to discuss today.已经表现出了精神病症状,我今天就想聊聊这个。And I thought you might like to know who you are.我想你们都很想知道,到底是谁有精神病。But instead of pointing at you, which would be gratuitous and intrusive,我不会直接指出来,因为那样很没必要,也不礼貌,I thought I would tell you a few facts and stories, in which you may catch a glimpse of yourself.我会列举一些事实和情况,你们可以跟自己对照一下。Im in the field of research known as personality psychology,我从事的是人格心理学研究,which is part of a larger personality science which spans the full spectrum, from neurons to narratives.它属于人格科学的范畴,人格科学的研究领域跨度很大,从神经元到叙述学。And what we try to do, in our own way, is to make sense of how each of us -- each of you --而我们的研究方向是用我们的方式来弄清楚,为什么我们每一个人——在座的每一位——is, in certain respects, like all other people, like some other people and like no other person.在某些方面跟其他所有人都一样,或者只跟部分人一样,或者跟谁都不一样。201608/461254

011 houses and apartment Beginner A: I like this apartment. Do you think we can afford the mortgage? B: yes. I think so. It’s not a very expensive apartment. It’s in the right area and it has everything that we are looking for. The rooms are quite large too. A: I love the balcony. We can sit outside and enjoy the sun in summer. We are on the 12th floor, so there’s very nice view from the balcony. B: the neighbourhood is nice too. There is a park nearby. A: yes, and there are many houses nearby. I like it that the neighbourhood isn’t full of apartment blocks. B: it’s a pity we can’t afford a house. A garden would be so nice. A: yes, it would. Don’t worry. There’s a lawn outside the building and there’s the park nearby. This place will be fine. B: the building is quite new and well constructed. I’m happy with the fittings too. A: yes, everything has been well designed. Intermediate A: so, tell me about you new house. How is it different to your old one? B: well, first of all, it’s much bigger. It has the same number of rooms, but each room is larger. We also have a larger garden, which our dog loves, of course! A: so, it’s a three-bedrooms detached house? B: yes. One bedroom is for my wife and i. there’s another for our daughter. My wife wants to use the third one as a guest room, but I’d like to make it into a study. Our daughter is also keen on making it a study, so that’s probably what will happen. A: what’s the kitchen like? I know both you and your wife like to cook. B: that’s one of the main reason we chose that particular house. The kitchen and dining room are together. It’s really large. A: are the rooms nice and bright? B: yes, they are. That’s very important to us. We like to live in a home with plenty of natural light. Each room has large windows. A: do you have a balcony? B: no, we don’t. we wish we had one. That’s the only thing we wanted, but don’t have. The area is very nice and the neighbours seem friendly. A: you’re right on the edge of the city, aren’t you? There can’t be much noise or traffic there. Is it easy to get into city centre? B: it’s a very quiet neighbourhood. There’s some traffic, but not much. It’s not very difficult to get to the city centre, but you must remember to turn left and right at the right places or you’ll get lost. So when are you going to drop by? Words Bungalow 平房 Garden Yard Garage Shed 小屋/货棚 Lawn Flower bed Rockery 假山 Ground/first floor Balcony Roof Steps Drive Flat/ apartment Fittings Phrases Detached house Semi-detached house Courtyard house Plenty of On the edge of Get lost /200704/12817

即学即用英语会话词典B部分:接电话 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14993

  It wasnt the only big thing that happened that spring my first year as governor. We found out we were going to be parents.这不是我当州长那年唯一发生的大事——我们还发现我们要成为父母了。And...Time passed. On February 27th, 1980,15 minutes after I got home from the National Governors Conference in Washington, Hillarys water broke and off we went to the hospital.时光飞逝,在1980年2月27日,我从华盛顿全国州长大会回来。到家刚过15分钟,希拉里的羊水破了,我们立刻出发去医院。Chelsea was born just before midnight.然后切尔西就在当天午夜出生了。And it was the greatest moment of my life. The miracle of a new beginning.这是我人生中最重要的时刻。这是一个新生命开始的奇迹。The hole it filled for me because my own father died before I was born, and the absolute conviction that my daughter had the best mother in the whole world.她的出生填补了我内心的空洞,因为我的父亲在我出生前去世了。我绝对相信,我的女儿有全世界最棒的妈妈!For the next...For the next 17 years, through nursing school, Montessori, kindergarten, through T-ball, softball, soccer, volleyball and her passion for ballet, through sleepovers, summer camps, family vacations and Chelseas own very ambitious excursions, from Halloween parties in the neighborhood, to a Viennese waltz gala in the White House, Hillary first and foremost was a mother.接下来的17年里,希拉里送她去托儿所、蒙氏课程、幼儿园,带她打过儿童棒球、垒球、足球、排球,看着她喜欢上芭蕾,去那些通宵派对、夏令营、家庭旅行。切尔西有自己充满抱负的人生旅程,从跟邻居的万圣节派对,到白宫里的维也纳华尔兹舞会,希拉里首先也是最重要的是一位母亲。She became, as she often said, our familys designated worrier, born with an extra responsibility gene.她成了——如同她经常说的那样——我们家庭的指定主事人,她常说她天生有份额外的责任感基因。The truth is we rarely disagreed on parenting, although she did believe that I had gone a little over the top when I took a couple of days off with Chelsea to watch all six ;Police Academy; movies back-to-back.事实是,作为父母,我们之间确实没什么意见不一致的事情——尽管那次我带切尔西休假并连续看了6部《警察学校》电影时,她觉得我有点玩过头了。201612/480390

  This is the skyline of my hometown, New Orleans.这是我家乡新奥尔兰的天际线,It was a great place to grow up,这是一个适合长大的地方。but its one of the most vulnerable spots in the world.但这也是这世上最脆弱的地方之一,Half the city is aly below sea level.一半的城市都已经低于海平面了。In 2005, the world watched as New Orleans在2005年,全世界目睹了,新奥尔兰and the Gulf Coast were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.和墨西哥湾岸区被凯瑟琳台风所摧毁,One thousand, eight hundred and thirty-six people died. Nearly 300,000 homes were lost.一千八百三十四人不幸丧命,近三十万人流离失所。These are my mothers, at the top -- although thats not her car,在那上面,是我妈妈的屋子-尽管那不是她的车it was carried there by floodwaters up to the roof -- and thats my sisters, below.那是被洪水带到上面的。而下面的,则是我的Fortunately, they and other family members got out in time,万幸的是,她们和其他家庭成员都及时逃生了but they lost their homes, and as you can see, just about everything in them.但是正如您所见,她们失去了自己的家园和里面几乎一切Other parts of the world have been hit by storms in even more devastating ways.这个世界其余地方也遭遇暴风雨,甚至是以一种更毁灭性的方式。In 2008, Cyclone Nargis and its aftermath killed 138,000 in Myanmar.在2008年,飓风纳尔吉斯及其余波使138,000缅甸人遇害。Climate change is affecting our homes, our communities, our way of life.气候变化正在影响着我们的家园及社区和我们的生活方式。We should be preparing at every scale and at every opportunity.我们需要准备好面对任何规模,任何机会。This talk is about being prepared for, and resilient to这个话题使关于准备好,能时刻适应the changes that are coming and that will affect our homes and our collective home, the Earth.即将来临的变化和其将为我们的家和我们共同的家园:地球所带来的影响。The changes in these times wont affect us all equally.我们将面临的改变不会对每个人造成一样的影响。There are important distributional consequences, and theyre not what you always might think.这里有很多重大的次生结果,并且可能与你一直所想的大相径庭。In New Orleans, the elderly and female-headed households were among the most vulnerable.在新奥尔兰,老年人和需要撑起整个家庭的主妇们是最脆弱的。For those in vulnerable, low-lying nations,对于那些脆弱,无依无靠的人,how do you put a dollar value on losing your country where you ancestors are buried?你怎能等同一美元和失去你的国家和你祖先所埋葬的地方?And where will your people go?而且你又能去哪儿呢?And how will they cope in a foreign land?再之他们又怎么适应新的地方?Will there be tensions over immigration, or conflicts over competition for limited resources?他们是否会因为移民而焦虑,又或为了争夺匮乏的资源而争吵?Its aly fueled conflicts in Chad and Darfur.这已曾在乍得共和国和苏尔富尔引起过冲突Like it or not, y or not, this is our future.喜欢或不喜欢,准备好了或是没有,这,就是我们的未来。Sure, some are looking for opportunities in this new world.是的,有人在寻找新世界的机遇。Thats the Russians planting a flag on the ocean bottom那是俄罗斯在海底插上他们的国旗to stake a claim for minerals under the receding Arctic sea ice.去申明矿物所有权,在北极渐渐退去的冰底中But while there might be some short-term individual winners,但是当这可能会有一些短期获利的同时our collective losses will far outweigh them.我们累计起的损失会远远超过这些。Look no further than the insurance industry as they struggle不要舍近求远,就像保险行业挣扎着to cope with mounting catastrophic losses from extreme weather events.去赔偿灾难的损失,来源于恶劣的天气环境。The military gets it.军队懂得了,They call climate change a threat multiplier that could harm stability and security,他们把气候改变称为一个威胁倍增器,它们可以威胁稳定和安全,while governments around the world are evaluating how to respond.正当全世界的政府正在评估如何去回应的时候。So what can we do? How can we prepare and adapt?所以,我们能做什么?我们如何准备并去适应?201606/448320。

  即学即用英语会话词典B部分:无法接电话时 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14994

  He likes chocolate, he likes vanilla.他喜欢巧克力,他喜欢香草Theres nothing that one should be able to say to the other that should persuade the other.无论跟他们说什么,都不能改变他们。Notice that we dont do this in science.但我们不会这样讨论科学On the left you have Edward Witten. Hes a string theorist.左边这位是爱德华·威滕。他是弦理论的专家If you ask the smartest physicists around who is the smartest physicist around,如果你问你旁边最聪明的物理学家谁是世界上最聪明的物理学家in my experience half of them will say Ed Witten.我的经验是一半都会说是爱德华·威滕The other half will tell you they dont like the question.另外一半会告诉你她们不喜欢这个问题So, what would happen if I showed up at a physics conference and said, ;String theory is bogus.那么,如果我出现在一个物理研讨会,然后说弦理论是个假货It doesnt resonate with me. Its not how I chose to view the universe at a small scale. Im not a fan.;我对它没有感觉,这不是我选择的宇宙观,我不是那派的。Well, nothing would happen because Im not a physicist; I dont understand string theory.什么都不会发生,因为我不是物理学家,我不懂弦理论Im the Ted Bundy of string theory.我是弦理论的Ted BundyI wouldnt want to belong to any string theory club that would have me as a member. But this is just the point.我不想加入任何愿意接受我的弦理论社团,这就是重点Whenever we are talking about facts certain opinions must be excluded.当我们谈论事实,我们必须排除某些意见That is what it is to have a domain of expertise. That is what it is for knowledge to count.那就是为什么我们有专业。那就是为什么我们应该依靠知识How have we convinced ourselves that in the moral sphere there is no such thing as moral expertise,无论我们怎么和自己说,在道德里没有所谓的道德专家or moral talent, or moral genius even?道德人才,或甚至道德天才How have we convinced ourselves that every opinion has to count?为什么我们要说自己所有的意见都应该纳入考虑?How have we convinced ourselves that every culture has a point of view on these subjects worth considering?我们是怎么说自己,所有的文化对这些事情都有自己的观点,而我们都应该把他们纳入考量?201609/465619电影学口语 Lesson 36:[Antz]Meet the right person【精片断】剪辑自《Antz》A man: Two aphid beers.The ant1: Why’d I have to be born a worker? You soldiers get all the glory, plus you get to go out in the world. You meet interesting insects, you get to kill them.The ant2: yeah, but you get to spend all day with those…beautiful worker girls.The ant1: weaver, they are career girls. They are obsessed with digging. [sighs] I don’t think I’m ever gonna meet the right girl for me.The ant2: who said a girl for you? I was talking about a girl for me. [chuckles] Don’t you want your aphid beer?The ant1; Call me crazy, but—[clears throat] I have a thing about drinking from the anus of another creature. Okay?The ant2: Suit yourself. 【口语财富】1、obsessed with doing sth : 沉浸于做某事之中。2、meet the right person : 遇到意中人。3、have a thing about : 对…特别感兴趣 /200604/6512That day was a turning point for our nation.那天是我们美国的转折点。It put the countries of this world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.这一举动提醒着全世界的国家:对美国工人的背叛行为终结了。In the following weeks, I took unprecedented actions to reverse Federal overreach and unleash job creation.在后来的几周,我采取了前所未有的行动,扭转联邦政府越权趋势,释放创造就业的能力。We have slashed burdensome regulations, and imposed a policy that for each new regulation,我们削减了繁重的条例,为各个新条例实施了政策,two regulations must be erased from the books.强制废除了两个法规。Weve done it all while moving quickly to restore the most basic protection for all citizens, the rule of law.我们完成行动的同时,也在快速去恢复对全体公民最基本的保护——法治。A truly great judge, Neil Gorsuch, now sits on the ed States Supreme Court.Neil Gorsuch是一位真正伟大的法官,他现在在美国最高法院任职。Justice Gorsuch is deeply devoted to our Constitution.Gorsuch法官全身心地投入于我们的宪法中。My Administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice in the first 100 days在近代政治时期,本届政府首次在开头100天内确认新人最高法院法官the last time it happened was 136 years ago in 1881.上一次发生在距今136年前的1881年。Defending the rule of law is a priority, not just in the courts, but also on the streets and on the border.捍卫法治是头等大事——这不仅指在法庭上,还在街头巷尾和国界边关。201705/509660

  079 social problems Words Homeless health education corruption crime discrimination racism drug abuse/addiction Poverty housing unemployment statistics data/figures protest demonstration support oppose legislation blame Phrases Solve a problem Legislate against Find a solution to a problem Take measure to Take action against Become addicted to Inner city regeneration Tackle a problem Beginner A: is there a lot of crime in your city? B: there’s some, but I don’t think it’s a big problem. A lot of it is petty crime, burglary and car theft. There’s very little major crime. A: it’s the same in my city. We also have a lot of drug addicts. A lot of the crime is committed by drug addicts who need money for drugs. B; that happens in many places. In my city, there is a very good drug rehabilitation programme. The police and courts are also tough on people who commit crimes, but I don’t know if that’s the reason for our relatively low crime rate. A; some people believe that a tough approach is better. Other prefer a more lenient approach. B; I think that the best way to reduce crime is to sp wealth more evenly. If most people have similar amounts of money, they will not think of stealing from others. A; that’s possible, but I’m not sure it would really happen like that . Intermediate A: which social problem do you think the government needs to concentrate on most? B; I think housing is a big problem. There are thousands of homeless people on the streets. A: how would you solve the problem? B: I have a good idea to solve it. The government could provide some money for homeless people to build their own homes. A; it would probably be very expensive. B; I think the government can afford it. Besides, there are many advantages. Homeless people would find it easier to get jobs if they had an address. They would learn some useful skill for finding jobs in the construction industry or home improvement. A; it’s not a bad idea. I think education is the biggest problem at the moment. Schools don’t seem to have enough money to educate kids properly. B; if we are to invest more money to education, we will need to raise taxes. That wouldn’t be popular with voters. A: most voters what everything bout ways. They want the government to pay for lots of things, but without increasing taxes. B: the government should show that it is using money efficiently. Sometimes you hear about how the government has wasted money on a project. A: yes. The government has limited funds and must show that it is using the money responsibly. /200705/13758

  1_04 You’re doing fine. You’re doing fine. 你做得很好. You got it. 你知道该怎么做. Keep on going. 再接再励,继续努力. That’s the way. 你的做法对. That’s how to do it. 就是这么做. Don’t change a thing. 不要改变. Keep working hard. 继续努力. Keep doing great. 继续好好地做. Keep on doing what you are doing. 继续做你现在正在做的事情. /200705/13647

  Its really been eight years since that fated night in Kentucky.距离肯塔基那改变命运的一夜的确已经过去八年了And Ive played thousands of shows.这期间我参加过数以千计的表演And Ive collaborated with so many incredible, inspirational musicians around the world.我和不计其数的出色音乐人合作过,他们来自世界的各个地方And I see the power of music. I see the power of music to connect cultures.我感受到了音乐的力量。我感受到了音乐能联通不同文化的力量I see it when I stand on a stage in a bluegrass festival in east Virginia我是在东弗吉尼亚一个蓝草音乐节的舞台上意识到的and I look out at the sea of lawn chairs and I bust out into a song in Chinese.当我的视线越过草坪躺椅的海洋时,我突然唱起了一段中文歌And everybodys eyes just pop wide open like its going to fall out of their heads.然后大家都睁大了眼睛,好像眼珠子要掉出来似的And theyre like, ;Whats that girl doing?;他们像是在问,“她发什么神经呢?”And then they come up to me after the show and they all have a story.表演后他们来找我,带着他们的故事They all come up and theyre like,他们过来告诉我;You know, my aunts sisters babysitters dogs chicken went to China and adopted a girl.;“你知道吗,我婶婶的的保姆家的的小鸡去过中国,还收养了一个小女孩”And I tell you what, it like everybodys got a story. Its just incredible.我跟你说,真的是大家都是有故事的人。真是太难以置信了And then I go to China and I stand on a stage at a university后来我去了中国,我站在一个大学的舞台上and I bust out into a song in Chinese and everybody sings along我又突然唱起了中文歌,然后每个人都跟我一起唱and they roar with delight at this girl with the hair and the instrument, and shes singing their music.他们跟我一起大吼,对我这个长着头发拿着乐器的普通女孩唱着他们的音乐感到很兴奋。And I see, even more importantly, the power of music to connect hearts.这时候我意识到更重要的是,音乐能够联通心灵201612/482947。

  网络社交英语口语 45:你的脸上开始表现出来SCENE② C 柔丝下载音乐 Sue: Oh? Did you say probably?苏: 哦?你是说“可能”? Rose: Yes, why?柔丝: 对啊,怎么了? Sue: Ha, ha! That means you're 1) considering it!苏: 哈哈!那表示你在考虑了! Rose: Considering what? Are you jumping to 2) conclusions again?柔丝: 考虑什么?你又想随便下结论了吗? Sue: No. It looks like you're considering liking him for what he is...苏: 才不呢。看起来你考虑不论他是什么样的人,你都会喜欢他…… Rose: I didn't say that.柔丝: 我可没说。 Sue: Rose, you would never say that. But you face is starting to show it.苏: 柔丝,你嘴里绝不会说。但你的脸上已经开始表现出来了。 语言详解 A: Happy one year anniversary! Here're your flowers, baby! 一周年快乐!宝贝,这是给你的花! B: Oh, Holmes! You are so considerate! 喔,荷姆斯!你真是贴心. 【Don't jump up conclusions. 别妄下断语】 当别人还没完整了解事实就开始下结论,你就可以说这句话。 A: So you're going to quit! 那你是要辞职!B: Don't jump to conclusions. I just said I wanted a change. 别那么快下结论. 我只是说我想做些改变. 1) consider (v.) 考虑2) conclusion (n.) 结论 /200708/16785


  In fact, the Tower of Babel story in the Bible is a fable and warning about the power of language.事实上,圣经里巴别塔的故事就是关于语言能力的一个寓言和警示According to that story, early humans developed the conceit that, by using their language to work together,这个故事说,远古的人类变得自以为是,他们以为通过同一种语言一起合作they could build a tower that would take them all the way to heaven.可以建起一座带他们通往天堂的塔Now God, angered at this attempt to usurp his power, destroyed the tower,上帝为此大逆不道的篡夺行为震怒,因此毁了这座通天塔and then to ensure that it would never be rebuilt,并为了确保人类无法再建he scattered the people by giving them different languages -- confused them by giving them different languages.他通过赋予人们不同的语言将之拆散--用不同的语言使他们迷惑And this leads to the wonderful irony that our languages exist to prevent us from communicating.所以这导致一个奇妙而讽刺的结果,正是语言阻碍我们的交流Even today, we know that there are words we cannot use, phrases we cannot say,甚至在今天,仍有些字词我们不能用,有些短语不能说because if we do so, we might be accosted, jailed, or even killed.因为这样做,我们也许会锒铛入狱,甚至招来杀身之祸And all of this from a puff of air emanating from our mouths.这一切只因为口吐一口气而已Now all this fuss about a single one of our traits tells us theres something worth explaining.我们刚刚这番关于语言这一特性的长篇大论,无非是要说有些东西值得去解释And that is how and why did this remarkable trait evolve, and why did it evolve only in our species?那就是语言这一奇妙特性是如何演变的及其原因,并且为什么只在人类中演变?Now its a little bit of a surprise that to get an answer to that question,为获得以上问题的,先要做点意料外的工作we have to go to tool use in the chimpanzees.我们必须先研究黑猩猩使用工具的能力Now these chimpanzees are using tools, and we take that as a sign of their intelligence.这些黑猩猩正在利用工具,这被认为是它们智力的一个表现But if they really were intelligent,但是如果它们真的聪明的话why would they use a stick to extract termites from the ground rather than a shovel?为什么它们要用根棍子把白蚁从地面里取出,而不是用铲子挖呢?And if they really were intelligent, why would they crack open nuts with a rock?如果它们真的聪明,为什么自己要用石头砸开坚果呢?Why wouldnt they just go to a shop and buy a bag of nuts that somebody else had aly cracked open for them?为什么它们不去商店买上一袋坚果,在那里已经有砸好的坚果为它们准备好了?Why not? I mean, thats what we do.为什么呢?因为那些是人类才能做的。201701/488384

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