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On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy A8, which measures just 5.9 millimeters (0.23 inches) thick -- making it the phone manufacturer#39;s thinnest phone yet.三星周三发布了仅厚5.9毫米(0.23英寸)的Galaxy A8, 它也成为了三星手机制造商目前最薄的一款手机。It#39;s slimmer than its predecessor, the wispy Galaxy A7 (6.3 mm), as well as the S6 Edge (7.1 mm). Its display measures 5.7 inches, larger than the A7 (5.5 inches) and the S6 Edge (5.1 inches). The A8 also comes with a 3,050 mAh battery, larger than that of the A7 and S6, both of which had 2,600 mAh batteries. Weighing 151 grams, the A8 is actually a little heavier than the A7 (141 grams).Galaxy A8比三星前款纤细Galaxy A7(厚6.3毫米)以及S6 Edge(厚7.1毫米)都薄。Galaxy A8的显示屏长5.7英寸,比5.5英寸的A7和5.1英寸的S6 Edge还大。A8还配置了一个3050毫安时的电池,容量要比配有2600毫安时电池的A7和S6多。Galaxy A8仅重151克,实际上比A7(141克)重。Samsung this week launched the Galaxy A8 in China, where it will sell for about 5. There#39;s no exact release date for the A8 just yet, and no firm word on whether it#39;s coming to the U.S.三星这周在中国发布了Galaxy A8,它的售价将约为515美元。目前Galaxy A8在美国具体的发布日期还未可知,关于它何时能在美国上市也毫无定论。The Verge noted that the Galaxy A8 is not the thinnest phone on the market today -- phones like the Vivo X5 Max in China and the Oppo R5 are 4.75 and 4.85 mm thick respectively.The Verge(美国的一家科技媒体公司)表示Galaxy A8并不是如今市面上最薄的手机,像是中国的Vivo X5 Max和Oppo R5分别厚4.75和4.85毫米。Still, the A8 is slimmer when compared to the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) -- and rumor has it that Apple isn#39;t desperate to make thinner phones any time soon.但和厚6.9mm的iPhone6相比,Galaxy A8还是更纤细。而且有谣言流传,苹果不久将推出更薄的手机。Super-slim handsets usually come with a trade-off. As The Wall Street Journal reported in February, the larger the phone, the better the battery. With more space, manufacturers can ;cram; more battery inside. The A8#39;s big battery might actually save it here, though.至薄手机通常需要权衡。《华尔街日报》二月份报导,手机越大,电池配备越好。更多的空间使手机制造商们能塞进更多的电池。然而,Galaxy A8的大电池也许真的足够节省空间了。 /201507/388077Earlier this week we reported that Uber had hired Goldman Sachs to raise money from the bank’s high-net-worth clients, via a private placement of convertible notes. This was separate from Uber’s institutional fundraise, which today was revealed to be for upwards of .8 billion at a billion pre-money valuation (with .2 billion aly in the bank).本周早些时候,我们报道了租车务公司Uber请高盛(Goldman Sachs)为其融资的消息,该公司打算向高盛的高净值客户定向发行可转债。这和Uber的机构融资方案互不相干——今天披露的消息显示,后者对Uber的融资前估值为400亿美元,融资额则超过18亿美元(高盛已经收到了其中的12亿)。Now we have a bit more information on the Goldman offering, which could end up raising around billion. Sources familiar with the situation say that the securities will not be priced to the billion valuation, but rather at a 30% discount to Uber’s eventual IPO price.现在我们又获得了一些高盛向客户出售Uber可转债的消息,此举最终筹集的资金可能在10亿美元左右。了解情况的消息人士透露,这批可转债的定价基础不是上述400亿美元的估值,而是按Uber的最终IPO发行价折让30%。That means Uber would need to be worth around billion at IPO in order for the Goldman investors to receive the same upside as the new institutional buyers. Uber also would need to go public, which likely is more than a year off. No word on what happens to the convertible notes in the highly unlikely case Uber is sold, although my assumption is that the conversion calculation would be similar.也就是说,要想让高盛客户获得跟机构投资者一样的增值空间,Uber的IPO估值需要达到约520亿美元。同时Uber还得成功上市,而这可能要等到一年多以后。Uber被收购的可能性非常小,但万一出现这种情况,上述可转债将如何处理我们尚不清楚。我的猜测是它们可以按类似的估值水平转换成股票。An Uber spokeswoman declined to comment.Uber女发言人拒绝对此发表。(财富中文网) /201412/347730SYDNEY, Australia — The Australian authorities on Wednesday raided the home of a computer expert and entrepreneur in suburban Sydney, just hours after two news outlets identified the man as a likely creator of the digital currency Bitcoin.澳大利亚悉尼——本周三,澳大利亚当局在悉尼郊区搜查了一名电脑专家和创业者的住所,在那之前的几个小时,有两家新闻媒体称这名男子可能是数字货币“比特币”(Bitcoin)的发明者。The Australian Federal Police said the raid on the residence of the man, Craig Steven Wright, was for a tax investigation, and a spokesman said it had no connection to the Bitcoin reports. The Australian Taxation Office, which asked the police to carry out the raid, declined to comment on “any individual’s or entity’s tax affairs.”澳大利亚联邦警察表示,该男子名为克雷格·斯蒂文·莱特(Craig Steven Wright),搜查其住所是为了进行税务调查,警方发言人表示此次行动和比特币的新闻无关。而要求警方开展突袭行动的澳大利亚税务局(Australian Taxation Office)拒绝对“任何个人或实体的税务问题”置评。The raid, in the leafy suburb of Gordon on Sydney’s upper north shore, came hours after reports in Wired magazine and Gizmodo drew strong links between Mr. Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the virtual currency that has grown to billions of dollars in total value.这次突袭发生在悉尼上北海岸草木繁茂的郊区戈登(Gordon),就在《连线》(Wired)杂志和Gizmodo报道称莱特和中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)之间有紧密联系的几个小时之后。中本聪是比特币发明者的假名,这种虚拟货币的总价值已增长到了数十亿美元。The identity of Mr. Nakamoto has been a mystery since the currency’s computer code was released in 2009, with several false leads having been aired and debunked. The growing value of Bitcoin, which is managed by computers that run its peer-to-peer software, has driven the search for its elusive creator or creators.自2009年比特币的计算机代码发布以来,中本聪的身份一直是个谜,先后传出的几条假线索也都被揭穿。比特币是通过运行其点对点软件的计算机来管理的,随着它的价值日益增长,人们也一直在寻找它的的发明者。Wired, which was first to identify Mr. Wright as a possible inventor of the currency, cited old blog posts as well as leaked documents and emails. The magazine acknowledged that the trail of clues could be a hoax, but it added: “If Wright is seeking to fake his Nakamoto connection, his hoax would be practically as ambitious as Bitcoin itself.”《连线》率先指出莱特可能是比特币的发明者之一,它引用了一些早前的客文章以及泄露的文件和电邮作为据。该杂志承认,这些线索可能是一个骗局,但它表示:“如果莱特试图伪造出他和中本聪之间的联系,那么这个骗局的高明程度不亚于比特币本身。”The Gizmodo report said that Mr. Wright and Dave Kleiman, an American who died in 2013, “were involved in the development of the digital currency.”Gizmodo报道说,莱特和2013年去世的美国人戴夫·克莱曼(Dave Kleiman)“参与了这种电子货币的开发”。Both outlets cited what was described as a transcript of a 2014 meeting among Mr. Wright, lawyers and tax officials, in which he is ed as saying, “I did my best to try and hide the fact that I’ve been running Bitcoin since 2009.”这两家媒体都援引了一份记录,据称是2014年莱特与律师和税务官员之间的会议记录,其中莱特说,“我从2009年开始,一直在管理比特币,我尽了最大努力来隐瞒这个事实。”“By the end of this, I think half the world is going to bloody know,” he added, according to the transcript.记录显示,他说:“经过这件事之后,我觉得全世界有一半的人都会知道了。”Efforts to reach Mr. Wright on Wednesday were unsuccessful.本周三我们多番试图联系莱特,但均未成功。A Newsweek investigation in 2014 incorrectly identified the Bitcoin creator as Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a physicist living with his mother in Southern California. He denied the report, saying he had only learned of Bitcoin weeks earlier after a reporter contacted his son.《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)在2014年刊发的一篇调查文章误认为多利安·中本聪(Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto)是比特币的创造者。此人是一名物理学家,与母亲住在南加州,他否认了那篇报道的说法,称几周之前一名记者联系他儿子时,他才听说比特币这种东西。 /201512/415517

The keyboard; the mouse; the touchscreen: each new generation of computing has been accompanied by its own new kind of input device. But as we enter the internet-of-things era, no standard has yet been established.键盘、鼠标、触摸屏,每一代新的计算机技术都伴随着一种新式的输入设备。但在我们进入物联网时代之际,输入领域还尚未建立起统一的标准。Several companies are trying to free us from the screen altogether, creating ways to control our digital lives by using little more than the “input devices” we were born with — the natural gestures of our hands and fingers.有几家公司正在尝试让我们完全从屏幕前解脱出来,它们利用的不过是我们与生俱来的“输入设备”——手和手指的自然活动——从而发明出控制我们的数字生活的方法。Gesture-control technology has come a long way since Nintendo’s Wii got gamers off the sofa and waving their arms around in the living room. Now Microsoft’s Kinect can track precisely how our limbs move. The 3in Leap Motion controller, which plugs into a PC, can detect the tiniest changes in the position of a finger.自任天堂(Nintendo)的Wii游戏机使玩家离开沙发、在客厅四处挥舞手臂以来,手势控制技术已经取得了很大进步。现在,微软(Microsoft)的Kinect可以精确追踪我们四肢的任何动作。连接个人电脑的3英寸Leap Motion控制器,可以探测出手指位置最细微的变动。But using Kinect or Leap means keeping within the field of view of their cameras. A new device, Myo, which I first tried at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, takes a whole new approach to gesture control that does not require a camera.但使用Kinect或Leap Motio需要处于它们的摄像机镜头范围内。我在1月美国消费电子展(CES)上首次体验的一款新设备Myo,采用了一种全新的、不需要摄像机的手势控制方式。When it works, Myo can make you feel like Luke Skywalker using the Force or Tom Cruise in Minority Report. But rather than lightsabres, Myo’s maker, Canada-based Thalmic Labs, has decided the killer app is rather less Hollywood than that: helping to give slideshow presentations.当Myo运行时,它可以让你感觉像使用光剑的卢克#8226;天行者(Luke Skywalker)或者《少数派报告》(Minority Report)中的汤姆#8226;克鲁斯(Tom Cruise)。但Myo的制造商——加拿大科技公司Thalmic Labs——决定了这款杀手级应用远没有好莱坞大片里的光剑那么神奇:它可以用来协助幻灯片演示。Slideshow start幻灯片开始The Myo armband comprises eight rectangular 2in blocks, linked with stretchy rubber and worn snugly on the forearm in direct contact with the skin. Its electromyography (EMG) sensors electrical activity in the muscles to detect gestures in the hand, while other sensors track the motion of the arm. The armband sends this information to a paired computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, with a barely perceptible delay.Myo臂环由8块通过弹性橡胶相连、2英寸大小的长方块组成,可以紧贴着套在前臂上,直接与皮肤接触。臂环中的肌电图(EMG)传感器可以通过读取用户肌肉中的电活动来识别手势,还有其他传感器跟踪手臂运动。这款臂环可以在瞬间将这些信息通过蓝牙发送到配对的电脑或智能手机上。Syncing the armband with a computer requires a special pairing gesture: start with your arm across your chest, gently flex your wrist away from your body, pause, then move the whole arm. The movement is purposely not natural to avoid accidental activation, and it took me a while to get right every time.将这种臂环与电脑同步需要一套特殊的配对手势:首先将双臂交叉在胸前,将手腕轻轻移开身体,暂停,然后放下整个手臂。这套手势有意设计成有别于手臂的自然动作,以避免意外激活设备。每次同步,我都要花点时间才能做对姿势。Other gestures are a mixture of the intuitive and the awkward. In place of the double-click of a mouse, you double-tap your finger and thumb together. In the slideshow presentation mode, this action replaces the basic clicker or space bar traditionally used to advance through PowerPoint or Keynote, and it works reliably well. I found it a little harder to go back a slide by cocking my wrist inwards and holding it there for a second.其它手势有的是本能的,有的看起来也不优美。只要两根手指头触碰两下就可以取代双击鼠标的动作。在演示幻灯片时,这一动作可以取代基本的遥控器或者传统上用来浏览PowerPoint或者Keynote的空格键,而且表现相当可靠。我发现通过向内竖起手腕并保持一秒钟以回看一张幻灯片有点难度。One might ask why, other than sci-fi show-off value, one would wish to replace a clicker with hand gestures. The Myo does add a couple of features: making a fist and rotating it anticlockwise turns on a virtual laser- pointer that can be guided around the screen just by moving your arm; turning the fist clockwise zooms into whatever you are pointing at.有人可能会问,除了科幻小说式炫耀的价值,人们有什么理由希望用手势代替遥控器。Myo的确增加了几个功能:握拳并逆时针转动可以开启一虚拟激光笔,然后可以通过移动手臂引导光束在屏幕上游走;顺时针转动拳头,可以将你指向的任何画面放大显示。Overall, it is a neat trick, especially for those who like to move around the room as they give a presentation.总的来说,这是一套很巧妙的设计,尤其是对那些喜欢边走动边演讲的人来说。More broadly, I worry that pitching Myo as a super-clicker sells its tech short. The device can also be used to control PC applications such as games, music and movie players, and even email, where opening and closing a fist or rotating a hand can control playback, volume or delete emails. These are fun, but not quite compelling enough to wear Myo all the time.总的来说,我担心,将Myo定位为一款超级遥控器低估了其科技价值。这款设备也可以用来控制电脑应用,如视频游戏、音乐和电影播放器,甚至电子邮件,只要你张开或握紧拳头或者转动一只手就可以控制播放、音量或者删除电邮。这些都很有趣,但要让人始终佩戴Myo,还不够有说力。However, an enthusiastic developer community is coming up with new and ambitious uses all the time. The Myo can aly be used to control internet-connected lightbulbs, a GoPro camera, toy robots or fly a drone.不过,一个热情的开发者社区正在不断提出新的、重大的用途。Myo已经能够被用于控制接入互联网的灯泡、GoPro摄像机、玩具机器人或者操控无人机飞行。It has huge potential in virtual reality, where there is a desperate need for a breakthrough input device that brings hand and arm movements into a virtual world. Demonstrations have aly shown the Myo working with the Oculus Rift, Facebook’s virtual reality headset.它在虚拟现实中有巨大潜力,这个领域亟需一种突破性的输入设备将手和手臂的运动带入虚拟世界。演示活动已经显示出,Myo可以与Facebook的虚拟现实头戴设备Oculus Rift协同工作。Mass movement大众市场Stephen Lake, Thalmic Labs’ chief executive, says presentations will be a “gateway” reason for the mass market to buy Myo — not just the geeks who want to click their fingers to turn lights on or to disappear into virtual worlds.Thalmic Labs首席执行官斯蒂芬#8226;莱克(Stephen Lake)称,幻灯片演示将是大众市场购买Myo的“入门”原因——而不只是那些想要轻击手指即可开灯或者消失于虚拟世界的极客会购买。I hope the marketing tactic works, because Myo’s applications are still catching up with a technology that might one day become the standard for how we will operate the internet of things.我希望这一营销策略能够奏效,因为Myo的各种应用仍在追逐一种技术,或许有一天这种技术能成为我们操控物联网的标准。 /201505/377185

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