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The dawn of the 20th century.20世纪初America is changing in ways never thought possible.美国正以超乎想象的方式发生着改变Cities explode outwards.城市大规模扩张Booze fuels a criminal underworld.酗酒导致的黑社会犯罪屡有发生Millions head north to escape poverty.Violence erupts.几百万人为摆脱贫穷来到北方,暴力犯罪陡然增加America is about to become the richest nation on earth.美国即将成为世界经济头号强国We are pioneers and trailblazers.我们是前锋,也是先驱We fight for freedom.我们为自由而战We transform our dreams into the truth.我们将梦想付诸现实Our struggles will become a nation.我们的奋斗将换来一个国家的新生Its 1900.The dawn of the greatest consumer boom1900年,一场全世界前所未见的the world has ever seen.消费繁荣悄然来临But none of it will happen without the discovery但这场变革还有一个至关重要的前提of what lies beneath the Texas dirt.Oil.那就是埋藏在德克萨斯土地下的新发现,石油Oil will power the 20th century and build the modern world.石油将会成为20世纪的推动力以及现代世界的基石Men call it... ;Black gold.;人们称之为黑金Texas: A wide-open and wild territory.德克萨斯 一片广袤而开阔的未开发土地Closer to the old West than modern day.当时具有比今天浓厚得多的西部气息The Hamill brothers, Al, 24, ex-cattleman,Curt, 28, ex-salesman.哈米尔两兄弟,弟弟艾尔24岁,之前是放牧人,哥哥科特28岁,之前是推销员A new breed of pioneer on the American frontier:oilmen.Young, rugged, ambitious.他们现在成了美国新一代的拓荒者,油井工人,年轻,刚强,志向远大Known as some of the best in the business.他们是同侪中的佼佼者In the beginning of oil, it was hardship.刚开始钻井的时候总是困难重重Everything was hard to do.所有工作都步履维艰We didnt know anything.Only the surface of the ground.我们当时除了地表以外对地底下的情况一无所知Oil has just been discovered in Texas,but the wells are small.此时德克萨斯刚发现石油,但油田储量都不大Prospectors have a hunch that this shallow hill near Beaumont, east of Houston,signifies oil.勘探者们预感到这片位于休斯顿以东,蒙特附近的小山丘应该有石油What they dont know, what nobody knows,is that beneath their feet lie oil reserves worth more than billion today.他们乃至任何人都不知道的是,他们脚下埋藏着价值相当今天110亿美元的石油Nowhere in the world has anybody discovered this much oil before.此前,世界上没有任何地方发现过比它储量更大的油矿The first prospectors to tap into these reserves will become rich beyond their wildest dreams.第一批开采这些石油储藏的勘探者将赚到他们做梦都想不到的巨额财富The field the Hamill brothers are hired to drill will become the stuff of legend...Spindletop.哈米尔兄弟受雇开采的这片油田将成为一个传奇地名,纺锤顶 /201212/215066。

  • Relax on your back and recharge with this Shavasana, Yoga deep relaxation technique. Practice this at the end of your Yoga class. Or practice during your lunch break or before the evening - you can recharge quickly and very efficiently. Also suitable to be able to find sound sleep.用瑜伽的深度放松技术挺尸式放松你的背部吧。在瑜伽课的最后进行练习,或者在午饭时候或晚上前练习,这样你就可以快速并且有效率的恢复身心,也可以更快的进入熟睡当中。201204/177752。
  • You Will Need你需要Engagement and wedding rings订婚或结婚戒指Veil面纱Bridesmaids伴娘Kiss一个吻Strong husband一个强壮的丈夫Something old (optional)老物件Something new (optional)新玩意Something borrowed (optional)借来的道具Something blue (optional)蓝色的道具Herbs (optional)草药Steps步骤Step 1 Put the ring on the finger为她戴上戒指Wear the engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. In the past, that finger was believed to be a direct connection to the heart.将戒指戴在她左手无名指上。过去人们都认为,这根手指是直接与心灵相通的。Tip: Brides wear ;something old; as a connection to the past, combined with ;something new,; for the future. ;Something borrowed; from a happy bride would ensure good luck, while ;something blue; symbolizes faithfulness, fidelity, and good luck, and wards off evil spirits to boot.小贴士:新娘的配饰很有讲究,“老物件”代表着和过去相连,“新玩意”代表着向往未来,从生活幸福美满的人妻那儿“借来的物件”会带来好运,“蓝色的物件”代表着忠贞的爱情和好运,它还能驱走恶灵。Step 2 Disguise the bride装扮新娘Disguise the bride with a veil. Ancient Roman and Greek brides wore veils as protection from evil spirits that sought to harm them because they were envious of happy people.用面纱来装扮你的美丽新娘。古罗马和希腊的新娘们佩带面纱是为了保护自己以防魔鬼的伤害,传说魔鬼最是嫉妒那些幸福的人。Tip: Put herbs in your bridal bouquet. In ancient times, bouquets were a mixture of flowers and herbs because strong-smelling herbs would ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and ill health.小贴士:在新娘手拿的花束中放入草药。在古时候,新娘花束都是由花朵和草药组成的,因为有强烈气味的草本植物能驱赶恶魔,赶走坏运气和疾病。Step 3 Confuse the spirits迷惑恶魔Confuse the spirits with decoy bridesmaids. In the past, bridesmaids wore dresses similar to the bride in order to confuse any nearby evil spirits who wished to harm the bride.伴娘肩负着迷惑恶魔的任务,过去,伴娘的着装和新娘相似,她会让所有想伤害新娘的魔鬼分不清谁才是真正的新娘。Step 4 Seal it with a kiss一吻封印Seal your love with a kiss. During Roman times, all legal contracts were sealed with a kiss. Not only is the kiss a symbol of the bride and grooms love, it also denotes their agreement to enter into a lifelong contract.用一个吻来封印你的爱。在古罗马,所有的法律文件都是用一个吻来封印的。吻不仅象征着新娘新郎之间的爱,还象征着他们签订了为期一生的契约。Step 5 Cross the threshold跨过门槛Carry the bride across the threshold. In ancient times it was considered unlucky if the bride were to trip while crossing into her new home, or enter with her left foot. So her new husband gets the honor of carrying her through the doorway. Follow these superstitions and enjoy a happy marriage.抱着新娘跨过门槛。古时候,人们认为新娘在来到新家时绊在门槛上,或左脚先迈过门槛很不吉利。因此,就需要新郎抱起新娘走过门槛。听听这些婚礼小传说,然后享受你的婚礼吧!Fact: Englands Queen Victoria married in a white gown in 1840 and originated the Western tradition that has lasted to this day. Before then, brides simply wore their best dress.小常识:英国女王维多利亚于1840年身穿白色婚纱出嫁,自此开辟了沿用至今的西方婚嫁传统。1840年以前,新娘们只是在婚礼穿上她们最美丽的衣裳。201208/195935。
  • Dont underestimate the influence your guys parents have over him. The smart woman knows the value of steering them into her corner.不要低估男朋友的父母对他的影响力。聪明的女人知道让未来公婆站在自己这边的重要性。Step 1 Quiz boyfriend1.盘问男朋友Quiz your boyfriend. Are his parents liberal or conservative? Religious or agnostic? What are their hobbies? Did they take a recent trip?盘问男朋友。他的父母思想比较自由还是比较保守?宗教信徒还是不可知论者?他们的兴趣爱好是什么?他们最近有没有去旅行?The more you know, the better youll be able to make pleasant chitchat and avoid conversational minefields.你了解的越多,就可以越好地跟他们愉快地交流,避免沟通雷区。Step 2 Dress conservatively2.穿着保守Err on the conservative side with your clothing. You shouldn’t feel like you have to lose your style entirely, but avoid midriff blouses, low-low riders, stilettos, and anything skintight.着装方面尽量保守一点。你不需要完全丢掉自己的风格,但是要避免肚脐装,低腰裤,细高跟鞋和任何紧身衣。Step 3 Tone down makeup3.化妆低调Tone down the makeup.化妆要低调。Wear clear gloss or neutral-colored lipstick. You don’t want his folks to be reluctant to get close to you for fear of greasy lipstick stains.使用透明或中性的唇膏。你肯定不想他的家人因为担心沾上你的唇膏而不想靠近你。Step 4 Bring a gift4.带礼物Bring a gift. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. Hydrangeas, mums, sweetheart roses, and lilies will stay fresh for several days.带点礼物。带一束花给他们总不会错。绣球花,菊花,蔷薇和百合可以保鲜几天的时间。If youre in it to win it, send the flowers to his mother a few days before the get-together with a card saying you’re looking forward to meeting her. Its sucking up, but it works.如果志在必得,可以提前几天将鲜花寄送给他的母亲,附上一张卡片,表示非常期望与她会面。这比较小儿科,但是非常奏效。Step 5 Pitch in5.积极帮忙Pitch in. No one likes a guest who sits around waiting to be served. The more you help, the more his family will see you as part of the gang.积极帮忙。没有人喜欢客人坐在桌旁等着别人招待。你帮的忙越多,他的家人就越容易把你视为家庭的一分子。Step 6 Dont correct or criticize6.不要纠正或批评Don’t correct or criticize your boyfriend--it’s the fastest way to make an enemy of his adoring mom. In fact, slip in some compliments.不要纠正或批评你的男朋友——这是让他的母亲对你产生敌意对快的方法。实际上,应该多表扬男朋友几句。Step 7 Send a thank-you note7.寄送感谢卡Send a written thank-you note. Old-fashioned? Yes. But very impressive.寄送一张手写的感谢卡。很老套对吗?是的,但是给人印象深刻。In a 2004 survey, half the men said they’d be willing to let their in-laws visit as often as they liked in exchange for their wife letting them buy a plasma TV!在2004年的一份调查中,半数的男性表示,他们愿意让岳父岳母经常来访,换取妻子允许他们购买一台等离子电视。201301/220018。
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