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US and Vietnam enter new era 美越关系进入新时代For many years the aftermath of war coloured US-Vietnamese ties 多年来,越战的阴影影响着美越关系 President Bill Clinton has announced that the ed States and Vietnam have signed a wide-ranging trade deal, a quarter of a century after the end of the Vietnam War. The historic agreement, reached after four years of negotiations, is expected to encourage more US companies to invest in Vietnam, and help speed-up plans for Vietnam to join the World Trade Organisation. The deal is also a sign that Vietnam's Communist leadership has decided to embrace reform. 克林顿总统宣布美国和越南签署了一份内容广泛的贸易协议,这是在越南战争结束25年后达成的一份协议。谈判4年后达成的这一历史性的协议,将鼓励更多的美国公司在越南投资,并加速越南加入世界贸易组织计划的实施。这一协议也表明越南的共产党政权决定接受改革。 Article/200803/31347I hate pollution. It makes me really angry. I think pollution is greed. People don’t care about the environment so they pollute the air just to make lots of money. Big companies are the worst. They pretend they’re not polluting. They have the money to say they are “green”. Pollution affects us all. We are all less healthy because of companies that pollute the air or our rivers. Everybody needs to think about how we can reduce the amount of pollution we create. Not using the car when we can walk is one way. Turning off lights we don’t need is another. Barack Obama says he’s going to do his best to help the Earth. I really hope he does because if pollution gets any worse, we’ll be in seriously big trouble. Article/201107/143563Until recently daydreaming was generally considered either a waste of time or a symptom of neurotic tendencies, and habitual daydreaming was regarded as evidence of maladjustment or an escape from life's realities and responsibilities. It was believed that habitual daydreaming would eventually distance people from society and reduce their effectiveness in coping with real problems. At its best, daydreaming was considered a compensatory substitute for the real things in life.As with anything carried to excess, daydreaming can be harmful. There are always those who would substitute fantasy lives for the rewards of real activity. But such extremes are relatively race, and there is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that most people suffer from a lack of daydreaming rather than an excess of it. We are now beginning to learn how valuable it really is and that when individuals are completely prevented form daydreaming, their emotional balance can be disturbed. Not only are they less able to deal with the pressures of day-to-day existence, but also their self-control and self-direction become endangered.Recent research indicates that daydreaming is part of daily life and that a certain amount each day is essential for maintaining equilibrium. Daydreaming, science has discovered, is an effective relaxation technique. But its beneficial effects go beyond this. Experiments show that daydreaming significantly contributes to intellectual growth, powers of concentration, and the ability to interact and communicate with others.In an experiment with schoolchildren in New York, Dr. Joan Freberg observed improved concentration: "There was less running around, more happy feelings, more talking and playing in the group, and more attention paid to detail."In another experiment at Yale University. Dr. Jerome Singer found that daydreaming resulted in improved self-control and enhanced creative thinking ability. Daydreaming, Singer pointed out, is one way individuals can improve upon reality. It is, he concluded, a powerful spur to achievement.But the value of daydreaming does not stop here. It has been found that it improves a person's ability to be better adapted to practical, immediate concerns, to solve everyday problems, and to come up more ily with new ideas. Contrary to popular belief, constant and conscious effort at solving a problem is, in reality, one of the most inefficient ways of coping with it. While conscious initial effort is always necessary, effective solutions to especially severe problems frequently occur when conscious attempts to solve them have been put off. Inability to relax, to let go of a problem, often prevents its solution.Historically, scientists and inventors are one group that seems to take full advantage of relaxed moments. Their biographies reveal that their best ideas seem to have occurred when they were relaxing and daydreaming. It is ell known, for example, that Newton solved many of his toughest problems when his attention was waylaid by private musings. Thomas Alva Edison also knew the value of "half waking" states. Whenever confronted with a task which seemed too hard to be dealt with, he would stretch out on his laboratory sofa and let fantasies flood mind.Painters, writers, and composers also have drawn heavily on their sensitivity to inner fantasies. Debussy used to gaze at the River Seine and the golden reflections of the setting sun to establish an atmosphere for creativity. Brahms found that ideas came effortless only when he approached a state of deep daydreaming. And Cesar Frank is said to have walked around with a dreamlike gaze while composing, seemingly totally unaware of his surroundings.Many successful people actually daydreamed their successes and achievements long before they realized them. Henry J. Kaiser maintained that "you can imagine your future," and he believed that a great part of his business success was due to positive use of daydreams. Harry S. Truman said that he used daydreaming for rest. Conrad Hilton dreamed of operating a hotel when he was a boy. He recalled that all his accomplishments were first realized in his imagination."Great living starts with a picture, held in some person's imagination, of what he would like someday to do or be. Florence Nightingale dreamed of being a nurse. Edison pictured himself an inventor; all such characters escaped the mere push of circumstance by imagining a future so vividly that they headed for it." These are the words of the well-known thinker Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, and they show that people can literally daydream themselves to success. Fosdick, aware of the wonderful power of positive daydreaming, offered this advice: "Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind's eye, and you will be drawn toward it. Picture yourself vividly as defeated and that alone will make victory impossible. Picture yourself as winning and that will contribute remarkably to success. Do not picture yourself as anything, and you will drift like an abandoned ship at sea."To get the results, you should picture yourself - as vividly as possible - as you want to be. The important thing to remember is to picture these desired objectives as if you had aly attained them. Go over several times the details of these pictures. This will deeply impress them on your memory, and these memory traces will soon start influencing your everyday behavior toward the attainment of the goal.While exercising your imagination, you should be alone and completely undisturbed. Some individuals seem to have the ability to tune into their private selves in the midst of the noisiest crowds or company. But most of us, especially when the experience is new, require an environment free from outside distraction.A life lived without fantasy and daydreaming is a seriously impoverished one. Each of us should put aside a few minutes daily, taking short 10- or 15-minute vacations. Daydreaming is highly beneficial to your physical and mental well-being, and you will find that this modest, inexpensive investment in time will add up to a more creative and imaginative, a more satisfied, and a more self-fulfilled you. It offers us a fuller sense of being intensely alive from moment to moment, and this, of course, contributes greatly to the excitement and joy of living. Article/200803/28123One night the sweeper was awakened from his dreams by the sound of the parish bells ringing out loudly in the darkness. He leapt to his feet, fearing some emergency, and then realized that his wife and children had not stirred in their beds. Remembering the evil priest's last words, the sweeper felt sure that the mysterious ringing of the bells was for his ears alone, to lead him to the treasure.   Taking his shovel, the sweeper followed the sound of the church bells up into the hills. He was gasping for breath when he reached the source of the sound. He was on a wide ledge overlooking the valley. Two trees guarded the spot, and it was beside these trees that the glowing, ghostly church bells hovered. Taking his shovel, the poor sweeper dug a deep hole among the roots of the trees. After several moments, his shovel hit something hard! Eagerly, he swept the dirt away from the object and found a small chest. He hauled it out of the ditch with trembling hands, placed it on a rock, and broke the lock with the edge of his shovel. when he opened it, piles of yellow gold met his dazzled eyes. He gathered up a handful of coins, reveling in the weight of so much money. The coins were cool to his touch, and he felt the smoothness of the metal as he rubbed the coins between his fingers. And that was when he heard the moaning...   有一天晚上,他被教堂的钟声唤醒,钟声在夜晚时分显得格外洪亮。他恐怕是发生了什么突发事件于是就下了床,但是随即发现妻子和孩子们还都在熟睡中。他想起邪恶神父的临终遗言,此时他确信这神秘的钟声肯定只是给他一个人听的,是在引领着他去找那些黄金。  他拿起铁锨,跟着钟声传来的方向上了山,来到声音发出的地方已经是上气不接下气。这里岩石向外突出形成一片宽阔的平台,站在上面可以俯瞰下面的山谷。有两棵树守护着这里,旁边萦绕着洪亮而又有点阴森恐怖的钟声。可怜的清洁工抡起铁锨,在两棵树中间深深的挖了下去,过了没多久,铁锨碰到了一个硬邦邦的东西。他迫不及待的拂去上面的土,发现那是个小箱子。他颤抖着双手把箱子拽了出来放到一块石头上,用铁锨砸开了锁。当他打开盖子,满满一箱黄澄澄的金子简直让他眼花缭乱。他抓了满满一手金币,见自己有了如此多的钱他此时心花怒放。金币很凉,他用手指挲着它们体会着黄金表面的平滑,这时他听到了呻吟的声音… Article/200809/50562

12Rehoboam went to Shechem, for all the Israelites had gone there to make him king. 2When Jeroboam son of Nebat heard this (he was still in Egypt, where he had fled from King Solomon), he returned from Egypt. 3So they sent for Jeroboam, and he and the whole assembly of Israel went to Rehoboam and said to him: 4"Your father put a heavy yoke on us, but now lighten the harsh labor and the heavy yoke he put on us, and we will serve you." 5Rehoboam answered, "Go away for three days and then come back to me." So the people went away. 6Then King Rehoboam consulted the elders who had served his father Solomon during his lifetime. "How would you advise me to answer these people?" he asked. 7They replied, "If today you will be a servant to these people and serve them and give them a favorable answer, they will always be your servants." 8But Rehoboam rejected the advice the elders gave him and consulted the young men who had grown up with him and were serving him. 9He asked them, "What is your advice? How should we answer these people who say to me, 'Lighten the yoke your father put on us'?" 10The young men who had grown up with him replied, "Tell these people who have said to you, 'Your father put a heavy yoke on us, but make our yoke lighter'-tell them, 'My little finger is thicker than my father's waist. 11My father laid on you a heavy yoke; I will make it even heavier. My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions.' " 12Three days later Jeroboam and all the people returned to Rehoboam, as the king had said, "Come back to me in three days." 13The king answered the people harshly. Rejecting the advice given him by the elders, 14he followed the advice of the young men and said, "My father made your yoke heavy; I will make it even heavier. My father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions." 15So the king did not listen to the people, for this turn of events was from the Lord , to fulfill the word the Lord had spoken to Jeroboam son of Nebat through Ahijah the Shilonite. 16When all Israel saw that the king refused to listen to them, they answered the king: "What share do we have in David, what part in Jesse's son? To your tents, O Israel! Look after your own house, O David!" So the Israelites went home. 17But as for the Israelites who were living in the towns of Judah, Rehoboam still ruled over them. 18King Rehoboam sent out Adoniram, who was in charge of forced labor, but all Israel stoned him to death. King Rehoboam, however, managed to get into his chariot and escape to Jerusalem. 19So Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day. 20When all the Israelites heard that Jeroboam had returned, they sent and called him to the assembly and made him king over all Israel. Only the tribe of Judah remained loyal to the house of David. 21When Rehoboam arrived in Jerusalem, he mustered the whole house of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin-a hundred and eighty thousand fighting men-to make war against the house of Israel and to regain the kingdom for Rehoboam son of Solomon. 22But this word of God came to Shemaiah the man of God: 23"Say to Rehoboam son of Solomon king of Judah, to the whole house of Judah and Benjamin, and to the rest of the people, 24'This is what the Lord says: Do not go up to fight against your brothers, the Israelites. Go home, every one of you, for this is my doing.' " So they obeyed the word of the Lord and went home again, as the Lord had ordered. 25Then Jeroboam fortified Shechem in the hill country of Ephraim and lived there. From there he went out and built up Peniel. 26Jeroboam thought to himself, "The kingdom will now likely revert to the house of David. 27If these people go up to offer sacrifices at the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, they will again give their allegiance to their lord, Rehoboam king of Judah. They will kill me and return to King Rehoboam." 28After seeking advice, the king made two golden calves. He said to the people, "It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Here are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." 29One he set up in Bethel, and the other in Dan. 30And this thing became a sin; the people went even as far as Dan to worship the one there. 31Jeroboam built shrines on high places and appointed priests from all sorts of people, even though they were not Levites. 32He instituted a festival on the fifteenth day of the eighth month, like the festival held in Judah, and offered sacrifices on the altar. This he did in Bethel, sacrificing to the calves he had made. And at Bethel he also installed priests at the high places he had made. 33On the fifteenth day of the eighth month, a month of his own choosing, he offered sacrifices on the altar he had built at Bethel. So he instituted the festival for the Israelites and went up to the altar to make offerings. Article/200809/48183

6 An adventure with a teatable6 茶桌历险One day Sapt brought me some news he had found out where the King was.Duke Michael was holding him prisoner somewhere in the Castle of Zenda.有一天萨普特带来了一个消息——他发现了国王在哪儿。迈克尔公爵把他关在曾达城堡里的什么地方。Sapt also brought me a letter.It was in a woman#39;s handwriting.萨普特还给我带来了一封信,是一个女人的笔迹。#39;To know what you most wish to know,#39;the letter began,#39;meet me tonight in the garden of the big house in New Avenue.Come at midnight,and come alone.#39;“要想知道你最想知道的事,”这封信的开头这样写着,“请今晚去新马路大房子的花园见我。半夜12点,一个人来。”There was another note on the back of the letter.#39;Ask yourself which woman does not want Black Michael to marry the Princess.A.de M.#39;信封的背面还有一句话:“问问你自己哪个女人不想让黑迈克尔和公主结婚。A.deM.”#39;Antoinette de Mauban!#39;I cried.#39;She wants to marry the Duke.#39;“安东纳特·德·莫班!”我叫了起来,“她想嫁给公爵。”#39;That#39;s true,#39;Sapt said.#39;But you won#39;t go,of course.They#39;ll kill you!Duke Michael made her write this letter!#39;“确实如此。”萨普特说,“但是你可不能去。当然不行,他们会杀了你的!是迈克尔公爵让她写这封信的!”#39;I must,#39;I replied.#39;Every day we play this game there#39;s more danger.I could make a mistake at any time,and,if I do,we#39;ll all die.Don#39;t you see?I have to go tonight.We can#39;t go on much longer.#39;“我得去。”我说。“我们玩这场游戏,每过一天,危险就增加一分。我随时可能出错,而一出错我们就都完了。还不明白吗?我今晚必须去。我们没法老这样继续下去。”#39;Then I#39;m coming too,#39;said Sapt.“那我也去。”萨普特说。So,at half-past eleven that night,Sapt and I rode out to the house in New Avenue.We left Fritz to watch my room in the palace.The night was dark,so I took a lamp.I also had my revolver and a knife.于是,那天晚上11点半,萨普特和我骑马去新马路的那所大房子。我们把弗里茨留下来照应我在王宫中的屋子。夜很黑,我带了一盏灯。我还带了我的左轮手和一把刀。We soon reached the house,and came to a gate in the wall.I got off my horse.很快我们来到那所大房子跟前。围墙中间有一座大门,我下了马。#39;I#39;ll wait here,#39;said Sapt.#39;If I hear anything,I#39;ll-#39;“我在这儿等着。”萨普特说,“假如我听见什么动静,我就……”#39;Stay where you are!#39;I answered quickly.#39;It#39;s the King#39;s only chance.They mustn#39;t kill you too!#39;“你就在这儿呆着!”我很快地回答,“这是国王唯一的机会。他们不会连你也一块杀的。”#39;You#39;re right,#39;said Sapt.#39;Good luck!#39;“你说得对。”萨普特说,“祝你好运!”Silently,I opened the gate and went into the garden.In front of me I could see the dark shape of a summer-house and I moved towards it.我静悄悄地开了门,走进花园。我眼前能看见的是一所避暑别墅的昏暗轮廓。我朝它走去。Without a sound,I went up the steps,pushed open the door and went in.A woman hurried over to me and took me by the hand.I turned my lamp on her.She was beautiful.我悄悄地走上台阶,推门进去。一个女人急步走过来拉住我的手。我用灯照着她,她很美。#39;Close the door!#39;she said.#39;We must be quick,Mr Rassendyll!Michael made me write the letter-three men are coming to kill you-three of the Six!“关上门!”她说。“我们得快一点,拉森狄尔先生。是迈克尔让我写这封信的,有三个人会来杀你——那六个人中的三个。They#39;ll tell everyone that Sapt and Fritz von Tarlenheim murdered you.Then Michael will make himself King and marry the Princess.他们会告诉每个人萨普特和弗里茨·冯·塔伦汉姆杀了你。然后迈克尔会登上王位,并且和公主结婚。”#39;Antoinette#39;s beautiful eyes were sad as she added softly,#39;I can#39;t let him marry her.I love him!#39;安冬纳特美丽的眼睛露出悲哀,低声说,“我不能让他娶她,我爱他。”#39;But the king,#39;I said.#39;I know he#39;s in the Castle of Zenda -but where?#39;“我知道国王在曾达的城堡里,”我说,“但他在哪里?” /201205/182900

9The prophet Elisha summoned a man from the company of the prophets and said to him, "Tuck your cloak into your belt, take this flask of oil with you and go to Ramoth Gilead. 2When you get there, look for Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi. Go to him, get him away from his companions and take him into an inner room. 3Then take the flask and pour the oil on his head and declare, 'This is what the Lord says: I anoint you king over Israel.' Then open the door and run; don't delay!" 4So the young man, the prophet, went to Ramoth Gilead. 5When he arrived, he found the army officers sitting together. "I have a message for you, commander," he said. "For which of us?" asked Jehu. "For you, commander," he replied. 6Jehu got up and went into the house. Then the prophet poured the oil on Jehu's head and declared, "This is what the Lord , the God of Israel, says: 'I anoint you king over the Lord 's people Israel. 7You are to destroy the house of Ahab your master, and I will avenge the blood of my servants the prophets and the blood of all the Lord 's servants shed by Jezebel. 8The whole house of Ahab will perish. I will cut off from Ahab every last male in Israel-slave or free. 9I will make the house of Ahab like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat and like the house of Baasha son of Ahijah. 10As for Jezebel, dogs will devour her on the plot of ground at Jezreel, and no one will bury her.' " Then he opened the door and ran. 11When Jehu went out to his fellow officers, one of them asked him, "Is everything all right? Why did this madman come to you?" "You know the man and the sort of things he says," Jehu replied. 12"That's not true!" they said. "Tell us." Jehu said, "Here is what he told me: 'This is what the Lord says: I anoint you king over Israel.' " 13They hurried and took their cloaks and sp them under him on the bare steps. Then they blew the trumpet and shouted, "Jehu is king!" 14So Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi, conspired against Joram. (Now Joram and all Israel had been defending Ramoth Gilead against Hazael king of Aram, 15but King Joram had returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds the Arameans had inflicted on him in the battle with Hazael king of Aram.) Jehu said, "If this is the way you feel, don't let anyone slip out of the city to go and tell the news in Jezreel." 16Then he got into his chariot and rode to Jezreel, because Joram was resting there and Ahaziah king of Judah had gone down to see him. 17When the lookout standing on the tower in Jezreel saw Jehu's troops approaching, he called out, "I see some troops coming." "Get a horseman," Joram ordered. "Send him to meet them and ask, 'Do you come in peace?' " 18The horseman rode off to meet Jehu and said, "This is what the king says: 'Do you come in peace?' " "What do you have to do with peace?" Jehu replied. "Fall in behind me." The lookout reported, "The messenger has reached them, but he isn't coming back." 19So the king sent out a second horseman. When he came to them he said, "This is what the king says: 'Do you come in peace?' " Jehu replied, "What do you have to do with peace? Fall in behind me." 20The lookout reported, "He has reached them, but he isn't coming back either. The driving is like that of Jehu son of Nimshi-he drives like a madman." 21"Hitch up my chariot," Joram ordered. And when it was hitched up, Joram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah rode out, each in his own chariot, to meet Jehu. They met him at the plot of ground that had belonged to Naboth the Jezreelite. 22When Joram saw Jehu he asked, "Have you come in peace, Jehu?" "How can there be peace," Jehu replied, "as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?" 23Joram turned about and fled, calling out to Ahaziah, "Treachery, Ahaziah!" 24Then Jehu drew his bow and shot Joram between the shoulders. The arrow pierced his heart and he slumped down in his chariot. 25Jehu said to Bidkar, his chariot officer, "Pick him up and throw him on the field that belonged to Naboth the Jezreelite. Remember how you and I were riding together in chariots behind Ahab his father when the Lord made this prophecy about him: 26'Yesterday I saw the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons, declares the Lord , and I will surely make you pay for it on this plot of ground, declares the Lord .' Now then, pick him up and throw him on that plot, in accordance with the word of the Lord ." 27When Ahaziah king of Judah saw what had happened, he fled up the road to Beth Haggan. Jehu chased him, shouting, "Kill him too!" They wounded him in his chariot on the way up to Gur near Ibleam, but he escaped to Megiddo and died there. 28His servants took him by chariot to Jerusalem and buried him with his fathers in his tomb in the City of David. 29(In the eleventh year of Joram son of Ahab, Ahaziah had become king of Judah.) 30Then Jehu went to Jezreel. When Jezebel heard about it, she painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out of a window. 31As Jehu entered the gate, she asked, "Have you come in peace, Zimri, you murderer of your master?" 32He looked up at the window and called out, "Who is on my side? Who?" Two or three eunuchs looked down at him. 33"Throw her down!" Jehu said. So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered the wall and the horses as they trampled her underfoot. 34Jehu went in and ate and drank. "Take care of that cursed woman," he said, "and bury her, for she was a king's daughter." 35But when they went out to bury her, they found nothing except her skull, her feet and her hands. 36They went back and told Jehu, who said, "This is the word of the Lord that he spoke through his servant Elijah the Tishbite: On the plot of ground at Jezreel dogs will devour Jezebel's flesh. 37Jezebel's body will be like refuse on the ground in the plot at Jezreel, so that no one will be able to say, 'This is Jezebel.' " Article/200809/49721

嘉丁纳太太一碰到有适当的机会和伊丽莎白单独谈话,总是善意地对外甥女进行忠告,把心里的话老老实实讲了出来,然后又接下去说:Mrs. Gardiner#39;s caution to Elizabeth was punctually and kindly given on the first favourable opportunity of speaking to her alone; after honestly telling her what she thought, she thus went on:嘉丁纳太太一碰到有适当的机会和伊丽莎白单独谈话,总是善意地对外甥女进行忠告,把心里的话老老实实讲了出来,然后又接下去说:;You are too sensible a girl, Lizzy, to fall in love merely because you are warned against it; and, therefore, I am not afraid of speaking openly. Seriously, I would have you be on your guard. Do not involve yourself or endeavour to involve him in an affection which the want of fortune would make so very imprudent. I have nothing to say against HIM; he is a most interesting young man; and if he had the fortune he ought to have, I should think you could not do better. But as it is, you must not let your fancy run away with you. You have sense, and we all expect you to use it. Your father would depend on YOUR resolution and good conduct, I am sure. You must not disappoint your father. ;“你是个非常懂事的孩子,丽萃,你不至于因为人家劝你谈恋爱要当心,你就偏偏要谈;因此我才敢向你说个明白。说正经话,你千万要小心。跟这种没有财产作为基础的人谈恋爱,实在非常莽撞,你千万别让自己堕上情网,也不要费尽心机使他堕入情网。我并不是说他的坏话……他倒是个再有趣不过的青年;要是他得到了他应当得到的那份财产,那我就会觉得你这门亲事再好也没有了。事实既是如此,你大可不必再对他想入非非。你很聪明,我们都希望你不要辜负了自己的聪明。我知道你父亲信任你品行好,又有决断,你切不可叫他失望。”;My dear aunt, this is being serious indeed. ;“亲爱的舅母,你真是郑重其事。”;Yes, and I hope to engage you to be serious likewise. ;“是呀,我希望你也能够郑重其事。”;Well, then, you need not be under any alarm. I will take care of myself, and of Mr. Wickham too. He shall not be in love with me, if I can prevent it. ;“唔,你用不着急。我自己会当心,也会当心韦翰先生。只要我避免得了,我决不会叫他跟我恋爱。”;Elizabeth, you are not serious now. ;“伊丽莎白,你这话可就不郑重其事啦。”;I beg your pardon, I will try again. At present I am not in love with Mr. Wickham; no, I certainly am not. But he is, beyond all comparison, the most agreeable man I ever saw--and if he becomes really attached to me--I believe it will be better that he should not. I see the imprudence of it. Oh! THAT abominable Mr. Darcy! My father#39;s opinion of me does me the greatest honour, and I should be miserable to forfeit it. My father, however, is partial to Mr. Wickham. In short, my dear aunt, I should be very sorry to be the means of making any of you unhappy; but since we see every day that where there is affection, young people are seldom withheld by immediate want of fortune from entering into engagements with each other, how can I promise to be wiser than so many of my fellow-creatures if I am tempted, or how am I even to know that it would be wisdom to resist? All that I can promise you, therefore, is not to be in a hurry. I will not be in a hurry to believe myself his first object. When I am in company with him, I will not be wishing. In short, I will do my best. ;“请原谅。让我重新讲讲看。目前我可并没有爱上韦翰先生;我的确没有。不过在我所看见的人当中,他的确是最可爱的一个,任谁也比不上他;如果他真会爱上我……我相信他还是不要爱上我的好。我看出了这件事很莽撞。噢!达西先生那么可恶!父亲这样器重我,真是我最大的荣幸,我要是辜负了他,一定会觉得遗憾。可是我父亲对韦翰也有成见。亲爱的舅母,总而言之,我决不愿意叫你们任何人为了我而不快活;不过,青年人一旦爱上了什么人,决不会因为暂时没有钱就肯撒手。要是我也给人家打动了心,我又怎能免俗?甚至我又怎么知道拒绝他是不是上策?因此,我只能答应你不仓忙从事就是了。我决不会一下子就认为我自己是他最中意的人。我虽然和他来往,可是决不会存这种心思。总而言之,我一定尽力而为。”;Perhaps it will be as well if you discourage his coming here so very often. At least, you should not REMIND you mother of inviting him. ;“假如你不让他来得这么勤,也许会好些;至少你不必提醒你母亲邀他来。”;As I did the other day, ; said Elizabeth with a conscious smile: ;very true, it will be wise in me to refrain from THAT. But do not imagine that he is always here so often. It is on your account that he has been so frequently invited this week. You know my mother#39;s ideas as to the necessity of constant company for her friends. But really, and upon my honour, I will try to do what I think to be the wisest; and now I hope you are satisfied. ;伊丽莎白羞怯地笑笑说:“就象我那天做法一样,的确,最好是不要那样。可是你也不要以为他是一直来得这么勤。这个星期倒是为了你才常常请他来的。你知道妈的主意,她总以为想出最聪明的办法去应付的;我希望这一下你总该满意了吧。” Article/201109/155575

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