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湖州点痣价格湖州德清县全身脱毛手术多少钱A cloud of brown dust filledwith rock doves rose over Kathmandu, the Nepali capital, when theearthquake struck on April 25th. The ground shook so violently as theIndian tectonic plate lurched three metres (10 feet) northward thatpeople struggled to stand. The earthquake rattled windows in Delhi, the Indiancapital, 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) away.45日一场地震侵袭了尼泊尔首都加德满郀?一群野鸽在漫漫褐色尘雾中慌乱飞起。印度板块向右倾移米(10英尺),以致发生了剧烈地震。这场地震甚至使000公里25英里)之外的印度首都新德里的房屋都发生了颤动。Older parts of Kathmandu arenow rubble. A 62-metre tower put up in the 19th century, Dharahara, collapsed.More buildings fell in Durbar square, a UNESCO world-heritage site that ishome to temples that are hundreds of years old. Both sites had been thickwith locals as well as foreign visitors. Many were trapped and died. Atleast one newish hotel also folded, killing dozens. But for the most part,the citys concrete-and-glass structures stayed up, despitenotoriously poor enforcement of building codes. Some credit is due topublic campaigns by non-governmental groups and the UN. They have trainedbuilders to strengthen the joints of concrete beams. Hundredsof schools in Kathmandu have been retrofitted in recent years. Thanks to that, experts worst fears of a big earthquakeflattening three-fifths of the capital and killing 100,000 were notfulfilled.加德满都的旧建筑现如今已变为了一片废墟9世纪建立2米高塔达拉哈拉塔已经崩塌(达拉哈拉塔又被称为比姆森塔,是为纪念尼泊尔抗英民族英雄比姆·森·塔帕而建。比姆森生前曾筑高塔两座,另一座已834年大地震时倒坍,此塔则经受了两次强烈地震考验934年大地震时,塔附近的房屋倒毁殆尽,而它却只是受到一些损伤——译者摘自百度百科)。在被联合国教科文组织列入世界遗产的,汇聚了众多拥有百年历史的寺庙的杜巴广场还有更多的建筑在地震中被摧毁。在这两个景点都挤满了当地人和外国游客,许多人在这次地震中被困并且死去。同时至少有一家较新的宾馆也在地震中损毁,造成了数十人死亡。但是尽管在尼泊尔建筑规范执行力度出奇的差,大部分混凝土—玻璃结构的建筑仍挺过了这场地震。部分功劳要归于非政府组织和联合国所展开的公共宣传。他们训练了建筑师来加强混凝土梁的关节部位。在加德满都的数百所学校在最近几年都重新翻新了一遍。多亏于此,专家们最担心的情况——这场地震将会使首都的五分之三被夷为平地,并且使10万人丧生——没有发生。Thanks, too, to luck: themain earthquake (there were aftershocks) came at noon on a Saturday, when schoolsand offices were closed and many people were up and aboutoutside. Even so, the suffering is horrendous. By mid-week over 5,000were confirmed dead. The prime minister, Sushil Koirala, predictsthat the toll could reach 10,000. Most victims are in the Kathmanduvalley, which has seen rapid and haphazard urban growth over the pastcouple of decades, partly because a civil war that ended in 2006 pushedvillagers towards the capital. The valleys buildings are especiallyvulnerable since they rest on sediment layers that are prone toliquefaction. Rebuilding the stricken areas could cost billion—a hugebill for one of Asias poorest countries.同样非常幸运的是,主震(主震后还有几场余震)发生在一个星期六的正午,那时学校和政府机关都关闭了,许多人都已经起床并且不在家中。即便如此,地震所导致的后果还是十分可怕的。半个星期过去了,已经超000人被实死于这场灾难。尼泊尔总理苏希尔·柯伊拉腊预言死亡人数可能会达万人。大部分遇难者集中在加德满都谷地。在过去的几十年时间里,加德满都谷地迅速,毫无计划地走向城市化,其中部分原因在006年结束的内战导致大量村民涌入了首郀?加德满都谷地的建筑非常容易受到损害,因为它们都建立在容易液化的沉积层上。重建灾区需要耗费100亿美元,这对于亚洲最贫困国家之一的尼泊尔来说是一笔巨额账单。Three days after the quake, theroads from Kathmandu were thronged with people taking food and tents tonearby villages. In Kavrepalanchok district, an hours drive from thecapital, villagers camped in fields under plastic sheets.They complained of the stench from human corpses and dead livestock.They badly needed water, food and medicine. Two parents digging inthe rubble for the body of their 16-month-old daughter saidlocal police would not help.地震发生三天后,加德满都外的道路挤满了来取食物和帐篷到附近村庄的人。在距离首都一小时车程的加雷帕蓝恰克区域,村民们在由塑料布扎成的帐篷里住着。他们抱怨来自人类尸体和死掉的牲畜发出的恶臭。他们急需要水,食物和药物。一对父母在废墟里寻找他6岁女儿的尸体。他们说,当地的警察是不会来帮忙的。Next door in Sindhupalchokdistrict, every mud-and-stone house was cracked, and many hadcollapsed outright. The government guesses that 530,000 houses are damagedin all, and over 70,000 destroyed. Almost no one has insurance. The UNsays 8m people in a population of nearly 30m are affected in someway. The epicentre was 80km north-west of the capital, in a steep andmountainous area. Landslides reportedly swept entire villages offhillside. Aerial footage shows houses that have collapsed into circlesof dust. Unseasonal rain and cold, and continuing aftershocks, includingone with a magnitude of 6.9, have left survivors exposed.临近的辛杜帕尔乔克地区,每一所由泥土和石头砌成的房子都出现了裂痕,许多已经完全倒塌。政府预计共3万所房子损坏,超万所房子被完全毁坏。而几乎所有人都没有保险。联合国千万人中百万人在某种程度上遭受损失。震中位于首都西北方0公里外的陡峭山区。据报道,山体滑坡席卷了依山而建的整个村庄。航拍画面显示,所有房子都已经崩塌,成了一片废墟。非季节性降雨、寒冷和持续不断的余震(其中还有一.9级的地震)都使幸存者处于危险中。On Mount Everest, east ofKathmandu, tremors set off an avalanche that crushed at least 18climbers and Sherpas. It has been a bad time for Nepali tourism. InOctober freak snowstorms killed 43 on a lower-altitude trail. And a year agoan avalanche on Everest killed 16. Nothing puts off themost determined climbers, but a tourism industry that is central to thelivelihoods of many looks troubled.在加德满都以东的珠穆朗玛峰,地震带来的震颤导致了雪崩,致使至8位登山者和夏尔巴人遇难。现在非常不适合去尼泊尔旅游。十月份一场反常的暴风雪导致低海拔火车上的43人遇难。一年前一场发生在珠穆朗玛峰的雪崩6人丧呀?没有什么能够阻挡那些意志最为坚定的登山者,但是这些天灾终究使得对许多人的生计来说至关重要的旅游业陷入困境。In India the quake killed over70 people, but concern was directed largely at the neighbour. In a radioaddress heard in both countries, Indias prime minister, Narendra Modivowed to ;wipe the tears of every Nepali;, adding that Nepals painwas also Indias. Millions of Nepali migrants live and work in India,sending remittances home. These will now be badly needed.这场地震造成印度70多人死亡。但大家将更多的关注集中在印度的邻国尼泊尔。在一场两国都能收听到的广播演讲中,印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪发誓;为每个尼泊尔人抹去泪;;尼泊尔人的痛苦就是印度人的痛;。数以百万计的尼泊尔移民在印度生活工作,然后汇款回家。目前来讲这些钱是急需的。Mr Modi wants to be seenleading and appears to be guiding the relief effort better thanNepals own leaders. Within hours of the first jolts, the Indian armybegan delivering aid. There is a geopolitical dimension to the help. AModi adviser talks of an Indian strategy of becoming ;moreconfident abroad;. That starts with winning influence in the region. MrModi has twice visited Nepal since he came to office a year ago, after agap of 17 years during which no Indian prime minister deigned to go. Hepromotes Indian investment in Nepali hydropower. And Nepal is a mainbeneficiary of Indias trebling of aid over the past three years, to94 billion rupees (.5 billion). China presumably features in Mr Modiscalculations. It influence has often appeared to be in the ascendant inNepal, which India traditionally considers to be its own back yard.莫迪总理想要被看做领导了这次救援工作,并且比尼泊尔领导人做了更多努力。在几个小时的颠簸路程之后,印度军队到达尼泊尔开始展开援助。这种援助有出于地缘政治方面的考虑。一位莫迪顾问曾讲到过印度的一项政策是要在国外变得更加自信。而印度首先要在这块地区赢得影响力。自从一年之前莫迪上台之后,他已经两次访问了尼泊尔,打破7年来没有印度总理愿意屈尊访问尼泊尔的僵局。莫迪力促印度对于尼泊尔水力发电方面的投资。在过去的三年时间里印度对尼泊尔的援助增加了两倍,达到40亿卢比(15亿美元),这使得尼泊尔成了主要的受益者。(印度的援助增加了这么多)中国大概在其中占了很大的因素。尼泊尔向来被印度视为是自己的后花园,而中国在尼泊尔的影响力日渐升高。Several countries and UNagencies quickly promised financial and other help. So many donors rushedsearch-and-rescue teams, field hospitals, blankets, tents and medicalequipment that the main airport in Kathmandu grew overwhelmed. Within aday of the earthquake China delivered a military rescue team, 13 tonnes ofaid and promised over m in immediate help. It also played down talk ofrivalry, as a foreign ministry official later spoke of a wish to;coordinate positively with India in our assistance efforts;.Pakistan sent tents and a military hospital, and Israel provided 95 tonnesof medical and other assistance.许多国家以及联合国都迅速给予了资金及其他方面援助的承诺。众多捐助者迅速组建搜寻救援队伍,建立野外医院,捐赠毛毯、帐篷和医药设备,加德满都的主机场都已不堪重负。地震当天,中国就派出了一救援军队,捐赠3吨的救援物资,并且承诺将迅速提供超00万美元的救援物资。与印度之间的竞争中国也轻描淡写。一位外交部官员后来;希望在援助工作上与印度积极配合;巴基斯坦捐赠了帐篷并且援了一所军事医院,以色列提供5吨的医药救援物资以及其他的援助。As for Nepals own government,it faces huge challenges. Rescue and immediate relief operations are nowmaking way for more sustained help for survivors. Distributing materialsfor proper shelter and ensuring good sanitation are urgent priorities beforethe monsoon rains arrive in a couple of months. The sowing seasonalso starts soon, so distributing seeds and farm supplies ispressing.对于尼泊尔政府来讲,它面临了巨大的挑战。任何救助和紧急救援行动都没有为幸存者们提供持久的帮助来得重要。在合适的避难所分发各种材料,确保避难所良好的卫生条件——在几个月后将要来临的季风降雨之前做好这些才是当务之急。播种的季节也很快就要到了,所以分派种子和务农工具的任务也十分紧迫。Jamie McGoldrick, who leads theUN in Nepal, worries that it is the most rural and remote areas, thosewhere the poorest,lowest-caste Nepalis live, that are at risk of neglect.Though the needs of the country sides poor are greatest, the lions shareof foreign attention and aid goes to Kathmandu, home to the politicalelite, the bulk of foreign workers and much of the countrys richcultural heritage. Mr McGoldrick also warns about weak governing capacity.He aly sees bureaucratic rivalries as well as sloth asimpediments to the countrys relief efforts. Others point out thatpoliticians have long been interested mainly in their own well-being,fruitlessly debating a new constitution for the past sevenyears while paying little attention to governing.联合国驻尼泊尔国家协调员杰米·麦戈德里克担心那些最偏远的,居住着最贫穷,最低种姓的乡村可能会被忽略。尽管尼泊尔国家边缘的贫穷地方对救援物资才是最迫切需要的,但是国外的大部分关注度还是集中在了加德满都,提供的救助也大部分集中在了这里。因为这个地方聚集了政治精英,聚集了大部分的外国工作者和这个国家大部分的文化遗产。同时,麦戈德里克警告称,尼泊尔政府管理能力十分差劲。他已经将官僚斗争、懒惰视为国家救援工作的障碍。还有人指出尼泊尔的政治家们一直更关注于他们自己的幸福以及长达七年徒劳无获的关于新宪法的争吵,而在此期间,却很少把心思放在对国家的管理上。Effective local councils wouldsurely be most useful administration to have in place now. Yet Nepalhas had no local elections since 1999. Instead civil servants run things.Many are notorious for being unaccountable, corrupt and prejudicedtowards the lowest castes. Donors face a quandary, wondering how muchto trust questionable partners while rushing to help. Nepal has never beenan easy place in which to make aid useful. In this grievous emergency, itwill be harder yet.有能力的地方议会自然而然成为最有效的管理机构并在此刻应当准备就绪。然而,自从1999年之后尼泊尔就已经没举行过地方选举了。取而代之的是政府官员来掌管一切。许多政府官员因毫无责任感、腐败以及对最低种姓的歧视而臭名昭著。各捐助国都面临着窘境,他们都想要知道在自己匆忙赶来援助时,能在多大程度上信任这些问题不断的政府官员。尼泊尔从来不是一个可以使援助发挥其有效作用的国家。在如今这样一种紧急而又及其糟糕的状况下,想要使援助行动顺利展开就更难了。来 /201505/373109湖州第一医院割双眼皮手术多少钱 Outwardly, they put on a show of unity but privately, the Obamas and Clintons, the two power couples of the Democrat Party, loathe each other.表面上,美国民主党最有权势的两对夫妻——奥巴马夫妇和克林顿夫妇——表现得团结友爱;私底下,他们却相互厌恶、势如水火。“I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived,Bill Clinton said to friends on one occasion, adding he would never forgive Obama for suggesting he was a racist during the 2008 campaign.“我厌恶奥巴马胜过我所见过的任何人、胜过活着的任何人。”曾经在某个场合,希拉里的丈夫克林顿直白地表达对奥巴马的反感,他说自己永远不能原谅奥巴马008年大选时暗示他是种族主义者的言论。The feeling is mutual. Obama made #173;excuses not to talk to Bill, while the first lady privately sniped about Hillary.On most evenings, Michelle Obama and her trusted adviser, Valerie Jarrett, met in a quiet corner of the White House residence. They’d usually open a bottle of Chardonnay, catch up on news about Sasha and Malia, and gossip about people who gave them heartburn.Their favorite bête noire was Hillary Clinton, whom they nicknamed “Hildebeest,after the menacing and shaggy-maned gnu that roams the Serengeti.而这种厌恶是相互的。奥巴马的妻子米歇尔经常会与其信赖的助手瓦莱#8226;贾勒特在白宫把酒闲聊,除了谈论米歇尔的两个女儿之外,抨击希拉里是两人的最爱。米歇尔和贾勒特甚至给希拉里起了个绰号“Hildebeest”,这个词由希拉里的名字(Hillary)与牛羚(wildebeest)合成。‘Michelle could be president’“米歇尔也能当总统”The animosity came to a head in the run-up to the 2012 election, when Obama’s inner circle insisted he needed the former president’s support to win. Obama finally telephoned Bill Clinton in September 2011 and invited him out for a round of golf.竞选连任时,顾问团坚称奥巴马需要请克林顿来为他站台。诚不得已,奥巴马于2011月给克林顿打电话,邀请他一起去打高尔夫。“I’m not going to enjoy this,Bill told Hillary when they gathered with a group of friends and political associates at Whitehaven, their neo-Georgian home on Embassy Row in Washington, DC.“I’ve had two successors since I left the White House Bush and Obama and I’ve heard more from Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from Obama. I have no relationship with the president none whatsoever,Clinton said.“我不会喜欢这次会面。”成行之前,克林顿在自家举行的一场聚会上向妻子说明了他的看法,“我离开白宫之后有两位继任者——布什和奥巴马,前者经常向我请教治国之道,后者很少。我跟这个总统没有关系,一点关系都没有。”“I really can’t stand the way Obama #173;always seems to be hectoring when he talks to me,Clinton added, according to someone who was present at the gathering and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Sometimes we just stare at each other. It’s pretty damn awkward. Now we both have favors to ask each other, and it’s going to be very unpleasant. But I’ve got to get this guy to owe me and to be on our side.”据偶然听见克林顿夫妇对话的一位与会者透露,克林顿还愤愤然地补充道:“奥巴马跟我说话时,总是一副居高临下的口气,我真是受不了。有时我们面对面干瞪眼,简直太尴尬了。但现在我们都有求于对方,尽管见面会很不愉快,我还是会让这个家伙欠我一份人情、站到我这边。”During the golf game, Clinton didn’t waste any time reminding Obama that as president he had presided over eight years of prosperity, while Obama had been unable to dig the country out of the longest financial #173;doldrums since the Great Depression.待到打球之时,克林顿无时无刻不在提醒奥巴马,他在位八年期间美国繁荣昌盛,而奥巴马却治国无方始终没能领导美国走出经济困境。“Bill got into it right away,said a Clinton family friend. “He told Obama, ‘Hillary and I are gearing up for a run in 2016.He said Hillary would be ‘the most qualified, most experienced candidate, perhaps in history.His reference to Hillary’s experience made Obama wince, since it was clearly a shot at his lack of experience when he ran for president.“And so Bill continued to talk about Hillary’s qualifications .#8201;.#8201;. and the coming campaign in 2016. But Barack didn’t bite. He changed the subject several times. Then suddenly, Barack said something that took Bill by complete surprise. He said, ‘You know, Michelle would make a great presidential candidate, too.’“Bill was speechless. Was Barack comparing Michelle’s qualifications to Hillary’s? Bill said that if he hadn’t been on a mission to strike a deal with Barack, he might have stormed off the golf course then and there.”“克林顿告诉奥巴马,‘希拉里和我正在016年总统大选做准备,她可能是史上最有资质、最有经验的竞选人’,暗示要奥巴马持他的妻子。”克林顿夫妇一位共同的朋友透露,克林顿的滔滔不绝令奥巴马有些厌烦,“奥巴马撂出一句狠话,‘你知道的,米歇尔也将是一位很棒的总统竞选人’,这令克林顿哑口无言。奥巴马拿毫无从政经验的米歇尔跟希拉里比?克林顿愤怒了,他说如果不是自己还有求于奥巴马,当时愤而离场了。”Blackberry snub共进晚餐火药味十足Bill Clinton would go on to campaign for Obama in 2012, but he felt betrayed when the president seemed to waver when it came to a 2016 endorsement of Hillary. Obama attempted to smooth things over with a joint 0 Minutesinterview with Hillary, and later a private dinner for the two couples at the White House.‘I HATE THAT MAN OBAMA MORE THAN ANY MAN I’VE EVER MET, MORE THAN ANY MAN WHO EVER LIVED.- Bill Clinton In Blood FeudAnd so, on March#8201;1, 2013 the very day that the #8201;billion in budget cuts known as the “sequesterwent into effect the Clintons slipped unnoticed into the White House and sat down for dinner with the Obamas in the Residence.奥巴马成功连任后,克林顿感觉自己遭到背叛了,因为奥巴马在公开场合谈及2016年大选持希拉里事宜时显得犹豫不决。于是,2013日,美国自动削减赤字机制生效的当天,克林顿夫妇悄悄进入白宫,与奥巴马夫妇共进晚餐。Typically, once Obama decided to do something (for example, the surge in Afghanistan), he immediately had second thoughts, and his behavior during dinner degenerated from moody to grumpy to bad-tempered.After the obligatory greetings and small talk about family, Obama asked Bill what he thought about the sequester: Would it turn out to be a political plus for him? Bill went into a long and boring lecture about the issue.程式化寒暄结束后,奥巴马询问克林顿对于自动减赤的看法:“你觉得这会为我加分吗?”之后,克林顿打开了话匣子,开始了一段冗长、无趣的“演讲”。To change the subject, Hillary asked Michelle if it was true, as she had heard, that the first lady was thinking about running for the Senate from Illinois.Michelle said that she was warming to the idea, though she had yet to make up her mind.为了改变话题、活跃气氛,希拉里问米歇尔她是不是真的考虑竞选伊利诺伊州参议员。米歇尔回答道,她有兴趣但还没决定。Bill shot Hillary a look of incredulity.Bill then moved the conversation to Obama’s vaunted 2012 campaign #173;organization. He told Obama that it would be a good idea to fold the organization, along with all its digital and social-media bells and whistles, into the Democratic National Committee.Obama’s only response was a disparaging smile.此时,克林顿看了希拉里一眼,眼神中满是怀疑。接着,他又把话题转向奥巴马的2012年竞选团队,建议将该团队的所有资源转移到民主党全国委员会,但换来的只是奥巴马轻蔑的一笑。President Barack Obama acts cordial with former President Clinton but it’s all for show, according to the new book “Blood Feud,by journalist Edward Klein.Photo: White House“You have to use your organization to aid the candidate in 2016,Bill pressed Obama.“Really?Obama replied in a tone of undisguised sarcasm.The two men went back and forth over the subject of where the money for Obama’s campaign organization had come from and how to allocate funds for the 2016 presidential election. Bill raised his voice. So did Obama.克林顿仍不放弃,他继续强调:“你应该用你的团队去帮助2016年的党内候选人。”“真的吗?”奥巴马的话语里讽刺意味明显。然而,二人在此话题上展开唇舌战、嗓门越来越高。As Bill Clinton went on about his managerial experience, Obama began playing with his Blackberry under the table, making it plain that he wasn’t paying attention to anything Clinton had to say. He was intentionally snubbing Clinton. Others around the table noticed Obama thumbing his Blackberry, and the atmosphere turned even colder than before. Hillary changed the subject again.言语交锋终告一段落,克林顿继续讲述自己的治国经验,奥巴马的耐心耗尽、连敷衍都不愿意,开始在桌子底下玩起手机。奥巴马有意冷落克林顿的举动,被所有人看在眼里,饭桌上的气氛变得更为尴尬。“Are you glad you won’t have to campaign again?she asked Obama. “You don’t seem to #173;enjoy it.”“For a guy who doesn’t like it,Obama replied tartly, “I’ve done pretty well.”“Well,Bill said, adding his two cents, “I was glad to pitch in and help get you re-elected.”There was another long pause. Finally, Obama turned to Bill and said, sotto voce, “Thanks.”于是,希拉里决定为丈夫解围。“不用再参加竞选了,你很高兴吧?”希拉里问奥巴马,“看上去你并不喜欢竞选。”“对于一个不喜欢竞选的人来说,”奥巴马毫不客气地回应说,“我做得很棒了。”“不错,”克林顿也不相让,“我很乐意帮助你再次当选。”这时出现了一段长时间的沉默,最后,奥巴马转向克林顿,低声说了句“谢谢啊。”After the dinner, and once the Clintons had been ushered out of the family quarters, Obama shook his head and said, “That’s why I never invite that guy over.”用餐完毕,终于把克林顿夫妇“扫地出门”了,奥巴马摇了摇头,说了一句:“这就是为什么我从不邀请这家伙的原因。”Obama’s mini-me“他在寻找迷你版的奥巴马”Lately, Bill Clinton has become convinced that Obama won’t endorse Hillary in 2016. During a gathering at Whitehaven, guests overheard Bill talking to his daughter Chelsea about whether the president would back Joe Biden.不久前,克林顿终于开始相信奥巴马不会016年总统大选中持希拉里。在一次聚会上,有人听见克林顿和他的女儿切尔西聊起此事。“Recently, I’ve been hearing a different scenario from state committeemen,Clinton said. “They say he’s looking for a candidate who’s just like him. Someone relatively unknown. Someone with a fresh face.“最近,不少国会议员告诉我,奥巴马正在寻找一位跟他相似的候选人,某个知名度不那么高的新鲜面孔。”克林顿认为,这个人有可能是现任副总统拜登。“He’s convinced himself he’s been a brilliant president, and wants to clone himself to find his Mini-Me.“奥巴马自认为是位杰出的总统,所以想克隆自己。”克林顿说,“他相信美国人民不愿投票给政坛老手,他说我和你的妈妈都‘活0世纪(已经过时了)’,他在寻找一个迷你版的贝拉克#8226;奥巴马。”来 /201406/307751湖州除皱

德清县中医院美容中心Chinese authorities have accused GlaxoSmithKlines former China chief, Mark Reilly, of ramping up drug sales by bribing doctors and healthcare organizations.中国政府指控葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)前任中国区负责人马克锐为提高药品销量而行贿医生和医疗机构。Gao Feng, deputy director of Chinas Ministry of Public Securitys economic crimes unit, said Reilly operated a ;massive bribery network.;中国公安部(the Ministry of Public Security)经济犯罪侦察局副局长高峰指出,马克锐运营着一张“巨大的行贿网”。Under Reilly, revenue in China rose from 3.9 billion yuan in to 6.9 billion in 2012, according to the news agency Xinhua. ;GSKs bribery activities ran through its entire operations in China,; Gao said.新华社称,在马克锐的经营下,这家公司中国区的营业额从年的39亿元上升到了2012年的69亿元。高峰说:“葛兰素史克的行贿活动贯穿了它在中国的整个业务运营。”In order to fund the bribery, Glaxo (GSK) allegedly bumped up drug costs, charging as much as seven times more than in other countries.据悉,为寻求行贿资金来源,葛兰素史克大幅提升了药物成本,它的药品在中国的售价甚至达到了其他国家的7倍;We take the allegations that have been raised very seriously,; Glaxo said in a statement in response to the accusation. ;They are deeply concerning to us and contrary to the values of GlaxoSmithKline. We will continue to fully co-operate with the authorities in this matter.;葛兰素史克在声明中回应相关指控时指出:“我们非常严肃地对待这些指控。它们十分令人担忧,而且也与葛兰素史克的价值观背道而驰。我们将继续就此事全面配合政府机构。”The action signals Chinas plans to take aggressive action against corruption by foreign executives. The country has recently taken a tougher stance on corruption by its own political leaders and local executives, but corruption remains a huge problem.这一举措意味着中国计划采取更为强硬的措施来打击外国高管的腐败行为。中国最近在国内政府官员以及本土高管的腐败问题上采取了强硬的立场,但腐败仍然是一个大问题。Along with Reilly, who left Glaxo in July 2013, Chinese officials accused fellow executives Zhang Guowei and Zhao Hongyan, of bribing officials in Beijing and Shanhai, Xinhua said. An additional 46 others have been implicated in the case, which began last June.新华社称,除了于2013月离任的马克锐之外,中国政府还指控这家公司的高管张国维和赵虹燕行贿北京和上海地区的官员。案件于去年6月开始调查,还涉及其6名人员。Gao said that Glaxo also had tried to disrupt the law enforcement investigation. Its unclear what kind of punishment Reilly faces or when he will be formally indicted, if at all.高峰说,葛兰素史克还曾试图阻挠执法机关的调查。目前尚不清楚马克锐将面临什么样的惩罚,也不知道中国政府将在什么时候会正式他,或者说到底会不会起诉。(财富中文网) /201405/298952湖州曙光整形美容医院驼峰鼻矫正怎么样 湖州市激光去毛

湖州隆鼻需要多少钱 Visitors from mainland China queue at a Hong Kong railway station on their way home with goods bought in the territory在香港一火车站排队的内地游客,他们带着在香港购买的商品准备返程From London’s trendy Shoreditch to a downtown revitalisation project in Las Vegas, pop-up shopping malls have become all the rage among urbanites keen to sample craft beer and buy designer sneakers.从伦敦时尚的肖迪奇区(Shoreditch),到的市中心改造项目,“临时性购物中心pop-up shopping malls)在都市人中间风靡一时,他们可以在此品尝手工精酿啤酒,购买出自设计师之手的运动鞋等等。But, in Hong Kong, plans for the first temporary mall are designed to assuage popular anger with visiting shoppers from mainland China derided by locals as “locustsrather than cater to the whims of hipsters.但在香港,兴建首座临时性购物中心的计划,却是为了缓解民众对从内地涌入的购物者——香港人讥称他们为“蝗虫”——的不满,而非为了迎合潮人们的兴致。As political tensions between Hong Kong and Beijing have risen, the semi-autonomous Chinese territory has seen a growing backlash against the thousands of “parallel traderswho come from the mainland every day in search of cheap baby milk, jewellery and other goods they can sell back home for a profit.随着香港和北京方面的政治紧张气氛升温,在这块半自治的中国领土上,民众对成千上万名每日往返香港内地之间的“水货客”日益反感。这些水货客从内地来到香港,四处寻找便宜的婴幼儿奶粉、珠宝以及其他各种商品,然后回到内地转手卖掉获利。Now two of Hong Kong’s biggest property developers have teamed up with lawmakers to turn a car park near the Chinese border into a mall made out of shipping containers that is meant to serve mainland visitors attracted by the city’s low-tax shopping.香港最大的房地产开发商中的两家,与多位立法会议员联手,计划通过改造港深边境附近的一座停车场,用货运集装箱建成购物中心,主要面向被香港较低购物税率吸引的内地游客。Wong Ting-kwong, one of the legislative council members promoting the project, said it would “reduce the nuisance brought by excessive mainland tourists and relieve the traffic inside the city倡导该项目的立法会议员之一黄定Wong Ting-kwong)称,这座购物城将“减少因内地游客过多而造成的问题、缓解市内的客流压力”。Mr Wong is a member of the main pro-Beijing political party in Hong Kong, which has frequently come under attack for failing to defend residentsinterests in the face of pressure from the central government in China.黄定光是香港主要亲北京政党的成员,该党经常被诟病在面对中央政府压力时未能维护本港居民利益。He hopes that the mall, which will be about the size of two football pitches, according to a recently submitted planning application, will open for business early next year.黄定光希望购物城于明年初开业。根据最近提交的规划申请,购物城面积约有两个足球场大。The land for the pop-up mall is jointly owned by Henderson Land and Sun Hung Kai Properties, which are controlled respectively by Hong Kong billionaires Lee Shau-kee and the Kwok brothers.购物城的建设用地为恒基兆业地Henderson Land)和新鸿基地产(Sun Hung Kai Properties)共同所有,两家公司分别由香港亿万富翁李兆基(Lee Shau-kee)和郭氏兄弟控股。SHKP said that if the plan was approved by the government, they would lease the land for a nominal HK (<牛人_句子>.13) per square metre to a charitable foundation, which would run the pop-up mall on a non-profit basis for two years.新鸿基地产称,如果政府批准该规划,他们将以每平米1港元(合0.13美元)的象征性价格,将地块租给一个慈善基金会,后者将在非营利基础上运营购物中心两年。After that period, the developers expect to remove the shipping containers and start construction of a permanent mall on the same site.在那之后,开发商们预计将拆除集装箱,在原址开始建设永久性购物中心。The initiative has succeeded in grabbing the headlines in Hong Kong, but those who have organised protests against mainland shoppers are far from convinced it will solve their problem.边境购物城计划成功抢占了香港媒体的新闻头条位置,但那些组织反内地购物客抗议的人不相信这会解决他们的问题。Ray Wong, a member of HK Indigenous, a group that campaigns against mainland Chinese influence in Hong Kong, said that while the pop-up mall could alleviate some pressures, it could also disturb local residents if it generated too much traffic.“本土民主前线”是一个发起运动号召抑制内地人在港影响的组织。该组织成员黄台Ray Wong)称,尽管这座临时性购物中心或许可以纾解一些压力,但如果它带来太多客流,也会干扰当地居民的生活。“I think the root of the problem is that mainlanders don’t trust Chinese goods so they have to turn to Hong Kong for guaranteed quality,he said.“我认为问题的根源是内地人不信任中国货,所以他们不得不转向香港寻找质量有保障的产品,”他表示。来 /201508/393766湖州治疗黄褐斑湖州去痤疮多少钱



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