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  这一年,你是福布斯中国名人榜第一名这一年,你依然有很多成就不过,都与唱歌无关,与电影无关这一年,也是你最沉默的一年雇主为什么不给你打电话(双语) --3 :5: 来源:   In the best of times responding to a job listing can feel like sending your resume out to sea in a bottle. But at least you received a call or an email acknowledgement. Now, with the volume of applicants higher than ever, you're more likely to hear nothing.  在求职最好的日子里,对招聘广告做出回应就好像是把你的简历做成瓶中信扔进大海里,但最后你也会收到一封感谢的邮件或接到一通感谢的电话.如今,因为应聘者比以前要多出很多,所以很有可能你得不到任何回音.  If there is a resounding silence from your queries, keep looking and networking. But you can also do some sleuthing to give you a better chance of standing out next time. Recruiters and career experts agree that, if you didn't get an interview or phone call -- or even a thank-you email -- it may be due to at least one of six reasons.  如果你应聘的公司反应非常沉默,那就继续找其他工作吧.但是你也可以做一些侦查工作,以便下次能有更好的机会.人力资源经理和职业专家都认为,如果你没有接到复试通知或回电、感谢信等,可能是因为以下六种原因之一.  1. They're just not that into you.   他们没有那么喜欢你  You're good, but someone else more closely met the qualifications. In a tight job market employers can usually get exactly the type of candidate they want. A polite "thanks, but no thanks" letter or email would be nice. But don't expect it these days.  你是优秀的,但是还有更多比你更能胜任这份工作的候选者存在.在如今供过于求的求职市场上,雇主总能找到自己想要的最合适的候选者.虽然说,一封礼貌的"谢谢,但是不用了"的信或邮件会让你好过一些.但是如今这样的社会你就不要期待再收到这样的信了.  . They may be into you, as soon as they get to you.   如果他们看到了你的简历的话,可能会看中你  Companies receive so many submissions these days that they don't even have time to send out letters or confirmation emails. "I know a major software company that's taking more than three weeks just to send out acknowledgement notes, and some companies are spending months sifting through resumes just one opening," workplace etiquette expert Sue Fox tells Yahoo! Hot Jobs.  如今,公司收到的简历都太多了,以致他们连回感谢信或确认信的时间都没有.职场礼仪专家Sue Fox tells说:"我认识的一家大型软件公司花了三个多星期的时间来发送确认信,而有些公司居然要因为一个招聘职位而花上月的时间来筛选简历."  3. They would have been into you if you had followed directions.   如果你遵照了面试上的指示他们也许会看上你  "Many job listings use the word 'must,' not 'it would be nice to,'" according to Dave Opton, CEO and founder of ExecuNet. "If it says you must have experience in X, then tailor your resume to show that," Opton says.  ExecuNet的建立者兼执行总裁Dave Opton的说法."很多工作招聘中如果用到"必须""不行"这些词会好一些". 他还说:"如果其中说明你必须要有X年的工作经验,那就在你的简历中将这点显示出来."  If you're answering a job listing, be sure you respond in exactly the way the company wants. And be aware that if you're not applying a specific job but rather sending out dozens or hundreds of m letters, your resume is likely to end up in companies' spam folders.  如果你是应聘一个职位的话,要确保你是照公司希望的方式应聘.并且要注意,如果你投的简历不是专门针对该职位的,而是对上百份职位一起发送的,你的简历最后的结果就是被当成垃圾邮件来处理的.  . They might be into you if you apply a more appropriate job.   如果你应聘更适合自己的职位的话他们有可能会看中你  Independent recruiter Cheryl Ferguson tells Yahoo! HotJobs that many job seekers are overqualified, under-qualified, or otherwise just wrong. "If we need to fill a specific job, and you're not right it, don't assume that we're going to find the right fit you. A lot of times people send me resumes, and I want to ask, 'Did you even the job description?'"  独立招聘专家Cheryl Ferguson告诉我们很多的求职者资历过高或过低,有的甚至是完全不符合."如果我们是要为一份特定的工作招聘一名员工,而你不合适的话,不要幻想我们会为你找到合适的职位.很多时候,我都想问问那些给我发简历的人,你是否读过我们的工作职位描述?"  5. Your presentation could use some work.   陈述要用心  "A lot of mistakes I see are a lack of cover letter, and an objective statement on the resume that is all wrong the job opening," says Lindsay Olson, partner and recruiter at Paradigm Staffing. "Even worse are obviously mass emails where the candidates had no clue what they were applying ."  Lindsay Olson 是Paradigm Staffing 公司的合伙人兼人力资源经理,他说:"我看过犯得最多的错误就是缺少求职信,以及在简历中有明显的叙述明该求职者不适合此职位.更糟糕的是很多候选人根本不明白自己在应聘什么."  6. There isn't any job.   该公司没有任何职位空缺  Sometimes, due to last minute budget cuts, a position is eliminated bee it's even filled. Other times, according to Olson, companies reel in resumes even when they know there isn't any opening. "Some companies want a big applicant pool because they think they may be hiring in the future," Olson said.  有时候,因为最后关头的消减了预算,在一个职位找到合格人员之前会取消该招聘.Olson 说:"而另一些时候,有些公司即使没有需要招聘的空缺职位也会打出招聘广告,因为他们认为自己在将来招聘的时候可以用得上这些简历."  How can you learn what happened?   你能从中学到什么?  If you feel like your resume is out at sea, and you'd at least like confirmation that you're out of the running, there are things you can do.  如果你感觉自己投出的简历是石沉大海了,而你至少想知道自己出局的原因,还是有一些事情是你可以努力做到的.  1. Contact the company.   和该公司联系  Yes, the ad had a NO CALLS warning, and there wasn't a name anyway. But if you're pretty sure you're right the job, and you've heard nothing after a week, you can still call someone to find out if you're at least in the running. Try to find the hiring manager (HR is too busy, and they almost never want to hear from you).  是的,在招聘广告上有"不得和我们联系"的警告信息,并且也没有留下名字.但是如果你非常自信自己能够胜任此份工作,一个星期过去了你还没有收到任何回音,那么你可以试着给公司的相关人员打电话来确定你是否有机会.努力打电话找到人力资源部经理(人力资源都太忙了,并且他们中的大部分人都不想接你电话).  "If you do follow up by phone, don't leave a voice mail," Opton says. "Early in the morning or after five you're more likely to reach a real person."  Opton说:"如果你是打电话过去的话,切记不要留语音信息,早晨早一点或下午五点之后你很有可能可以和本人联系上."  . But don't be a pest.   不要讨人厌  "If you've had an interview and sent your thank-you letter, wait a week to call," Fox says. One or two emails are OK, but three will probably look desperate, she adds. "And never, ever, show up at the company without an interview and demand to be seen. It will backfire."  Fox建议说:"如果你参加了一次面试,并且在这之后发出了你的感谢信,那么就等过一个星期再打电话询问吧."一两封邮件是可以的,但是三封的话就会使得别人以为你很渴望得到这份工作.她还补充说:"千万,千万不要没讲过面试和预约就跑到公司去.这样做会起到反效果的."  3. Re- the job posting.   重新阅读招聘信息  Did the resume you sent really fit the job requirements? Or were you hoping they would find another job just you? "I love it when a candidate has done the homework and aly knows the company and the position," Ferguson says. "It makes it easier both of us."  你发出的简历是否真的符合岗位要求呢?或者说你希望他们为你提供另外一份合适的工作呢?Ferguson说:"我喜欢候选人做好了充分的准备工作,清楚的了解了公司和应聘职位,这使得事情对我们双方来说都变得简单了."  . Take a look at your resume.   检查下你的简历  Get a second opinion, and a third. Does it present you in the right light? Is it professionally matted? Does it feature accomplishments, rather than merely job titles and dates?  重新检查,想出更多的主意.你的简历是否恰当的展现了你的闪光点?格式是否专业?在简历中是否详细的描叙了你的成就,而非简单的工作头衔或职位?  5. Step up the networking.   建立关系网  "It's always best to network your way into a position," Opton says. "You'll get a lot more individual attention than someone responding to a job listing."  Opton说:"为了得到一个职位而去经营好人际网络总是最好的,你会得到作为求职者以为更多的注意."Aaron Kwok Fu-shing

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