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For:正方辩词:Online shopping is more advanced than the traditional shopping.网上购物相对传统的购物方式是先进的。I think online shopping is more advanced than the traditional shopping. Instead of shopping in traditional way, such as going to an actual retail outlet, using telephone shopping or mail order catalogues, online shopping allows companies and consumers to make their business transactions over networked computers, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. without having to leave their homes or offices. Besides, consumers can also compare prices from a variety of different retailers with greater ease.Therefore, its very convenient and time-efficient.较传统的购物方式而言,网上购物是一种更为先进的购物方式。不同于传统购物,如逛实体商店,使用电话购物或者通过邮寄订单目录等,网上购物使厂家和消费者无需离开家门或者公司,只需能联网的电脑,便可以进行全天24小时并且无双休日的无间断交易。另外,消费者还能同时对不同网店所售同种商品的价格作比较,从而可以放心消费。因此,网上购物是非常方便和省时的。Against:反方辩词:Online shopping is less reliable than the traditional shopping.网上购物不如传统方式购物可靠。Although shopping online is very convenient,it is also full of threats of online fraud and unreliable delivery of products. I think online shopping is less reliable than traditional shopping.虽然网上购物给我们带来了很大地便利,但是网络欺诈以及产品质量和寄送风险等问题使网购也充满了陷阱。所以,我认为网上购物没有传统购物可靠。In my opinion, there are many risks in online shopping. Take buying a shirt as an example. You can not try it on when you buy it online. Therefore, the color may be not the same with what you see on the web page, the size may be too large or too small. So, I dont think shopping online is reliable.依我看来,网上购物存在很多风险。以买T恤衫为例,在网上购买时,你是无法试穿的。因此,颜色可能与网上的贴图不符,号码可能也会不合适。所以,网上购物时十分不可靠的。 /201502/351745上海市新华医院祛疤痕多少钱Sian is amused because Feifei is looking for a stamp to post her letter. Why doesnt she just send an email? In this programme youll learn an adjective that describes people or things that seem old-fashioned.菲菲正在找邮票,打算贴在信上,这让希恩觉得很有趣。她为什么不发电子邮件呢?在本期节目中,大家将学习一个形容词,用来描述某人或某事“过时”了。Sian: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak from B Learning English. Im Sian.希恩:大家好,欢迎收听B英语教学频道的地道英语节目。我是希恩。Feifei: Hi everyone, Im Feifei.菲菲:大家好,我是菲菲。Sian: What on earth are you looking for Feifei? Why are you taking everything out of your bag?希恩:菲菲,你到底在找什么?你为什么把包里所有东西都拿出来了?Feifei: Im just looking for a stamp — I know Ive got one in here somewhere. I just cant seem to find it.菲菲:我在找邮票,我记得我包里有张邮票的。可是现在我找不到了。Sian: A stamp? What do you want a stamp for?希恩:邮票?你找邮票要做什么?Feifei: Ive written a letter to my family and I want to get it in the post before midday.菲菲:我给家里写了封信,我想在中午之前把信寄出去。Sian: Youve written a letter? Thats a bit old-school isnt it?希恩:你写了封信?这有点儿老旧过时了吧?Feifei: Old-school? Who are you calling old-school? Im younger than you!菲菲:老旧?你说谁老旧过时呢?我可比你年轻!Sian: Yeah but writing letters is quite old-school, you know — its a bit old-fashioned. Most people just email or send instant messages nowadays.希恩:没错,可是写信有点儿太老套了吧,你知道这可是过时了。现在大部分人都写电邮或是发信息。Feifei: Yeah, but its so nice to get a real letter in the post! So old-school basically describes something thats from an earlier time — something old-fashioned. Lets hear some examples:菲菲:对,可是收到一封邮寄来的真实信件感觉非常棒!所以,old-school这个词就是形容早期的东西,一些过时的东西。我们来听例句:Examples例句Woah! That haircut is so old-school!哇!那个发型真是太老土了!You want to go roller-skating tonight? Man, thats so old-school!你今晚想去滑旱冰?老兄,那也太过时了!Our new teacher is a bit old-school in his approach, but he always gets good results.我们新老师的教学方法有点儿过时,不过他总能收到不错的效果。Feifei: So old-school is used as a bit of an insult, right?菲菲:old-school这个词有点儿侮辱性,对吧?Sian: No, it doesnt have to be. It can also be used a compliment — to talk about something from the past that you admire. Or to describe something you feel nostalgic about.希恩:不是,不一定。在谈论你所欣赏的旧事物时,可以用这个词表示称赞的意思。或者也可以用来形容你觉得怀旧的事物。Examples例句I love your new coat — its so old-school!我喜欢你的新大衣,它太复古了!Look at these old-school computer games, arent they awesome?!看看这些怀旧的电脑游戏,是不是很棒?!Feifei: Exactly, I think its a good thing to be old-school. If only I could find that stamp.菲菲:没错,我认为怀旧是件好事。要是我能找到那张邮票就好了。Sian: Why dont you just fax it?希恩:为什么不发传真呢?Feifei: Well, that really would be old-school Sian. Get with the times!菲菲:希恩,那太过时了。要跟上时代的步伐! 译文属 /201609/467211上海市奉贤区奉城医院激光去斑多少钱Todd: OK, Mark, weve been talking about places that youve traveled, things that you have done. What about people that go to your country, England? Can you recommend three or four good places to go to in England?托德:马克,我们之前谈了你去过的地方,和你在旅行时做的事情。那如果人们去你的祖国英国旅游,你可以推荐三四个游览胜地吗?Mark: Right. Well, obviously, most people should visit London. Personally, I dont like London. Its too busy and too expensive.马克:好,显然大部分人都应该去伦敦旅行。我个人并不喜欢伦敦。那里太繁忙,而且物价也贵。Todd: But, wait a minute, youre saying that people should visit it but you dont like it. Why?托德:等一下,你说人们都应该去伦敦旅游,可是你并不喜欢那里。为什么?Mark: They should visit it because you have to go once to see all the famous places such a Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, just to say youve been, but if you arrive in London, Id say spend maybe one or two days there and then move and you can move to cheaper places. My favorite place in England is in the North of England. Its called the Lake District.马克:人们应该去伦敦旅游的原因是,你要去一次那里看看那些著名的景点,比如大本钟、特拉法加广场、白金汉宫等等,你可以和别人说你去过这些地方,我建议在伦敦玩一两天就好,然后就可以去物价便宜些的地方继续游玩。英国我最喜欢的地方是英国北部称为湖区的地方。Todd: The Lake District.托德:湖区。Mark: Yeah, it is very, very beautiful.马克:对,那里非常非常漂亮。Todd: So, I take it theres many lakes.托德:我想那里一定有很多湖。Mark: Thats right. Theres got to be about twenty or thirty lakes up there and the scenerys beautiful. Famous for Peter Rabbit. Do you know Peter Rabbit?马克:没错。那里大概有二三十个湖,景色非常美。湖区以彼得兔闻名。你知道彼得兔吗?Todd: Yeah, the fairy tale.托德:知道,那个童话故事。Mark: Thats right. The childrens character. Yeah. The writer, Beatrice Potter, she was born in the Lake District, so thats how she got her inspiration.马克:对。那个儿童故事。作者碧雅翠丝·波特出生在湖区,那里是她的灵感来源。Todd: So if you go the Lake District, now are you talking about camping or do you stay in a like a bed-and-breakfast, or?托德:如果我们去湖区旅行,你是建议我们在那里露营,还是住家庭式旅馆?Mark: Yeah, you can stay in a bed-and-breakfast. You can camp. You can stay in pubs or inns, or there are many hotels. Its very organized for the tourists in the Lake District. Yeah, and its not such a big area, so you can travel around there by bus, or by car pretty easy. Yeah.马克:你可以住家庭式旅馆,也可以露营,还可以住在小旅馆,那里有很多酒店。湖区组织完善,对游客来说很便利。湖区的面积并不大,你可以坐巴士在那附近游玩,开车也很方便。Todd: OK, so thats two. Anymore?托德:好,你推荐了两个地方。还有其他地方吗?Mark: Actually, Ive never been but Id probably recommend Scotland, but Ive never been. But Edinburgh Castle is very famous. Also, York. The city of York, in Yorkshire is very beautiful as well. That was famous for the Vikings in the olden days, so it has a beautiful big cathedral and all the old viking walls, so if you like history then England is a beautiful place to visit. There are many places. You have Stratford-upon-Avon for Shakespeare, Oxford which is a famous university city, so if you like history then England is great.马克:虽然我从来没去过苏格兰,不过我还是要推荐一下这里,不过我没有去过。爱丁堡古堡非常出名。另外,约克郡的景色也很棒。约克郡在古代因海盗而出名,那里有又大又漂亮的天主教大教堂,还有古老的海盗墙,如果你对历史感兴趣,那英格兰是个不错的选择。英格兰有很多美丽的景点。比如莎士比亚的故乡斯特拉特福,还有著名大学牛津大学,如果你喜欢历史,那英格兰是非常适合游玩的地方。Todd: OK, well, sounds good. Thanks, Mark.托德:好,听起来很好。谢谢你,马克。 译文属 /201512/413291复旦大学附属浦东医院吸脂手术价格费用

上海市中山医院激光去斑手术价格上海市中西医结合医院口腔美容中心Warren: So, thanks for telling me about the ballet and all that kind of stuff, but Im really more into sports and things like that. Do you know of any other things you can do in New York?沃伦:谢谢你给我介绍芭蕾舞这一类的艺术,不过我更喜欢体育。你知道纽约还有什么活动吗?Antoinette: Oh, absolutely. There are a lot of events for a sports enthusiast in New York. Weve got basketball. The Knicks play. Theyre an NBA team. Weve got baseball. The Yankees and the Mets play, and theres a feud. Yankees fans hate Mets fans and Mets fans hate Yankees fans.安托万内特:哦,当然有了。纽约有很多供体育爱好者观看的赛事。我们有篮球队,纽约尼克斯队,这是一只美职篮球队。我们还有棒球队,纽约扬基队和纽约大都会队,这两球队是老对手。扬基队球迷讨厌大都会队的球迷,而大都会队的球迷也讨厌扬基队的球迷。Warren: Right. They have two baseball teams.沃伦:好。纽约有两棒球队。Antoinette: Thats right.安托万内特:没错。Warren: Wow.沃伦:哇哦。Antoinette: Exciting. We even have a Subway Series. Well, it used to be a Subway Series because the teams would play different stadiums for about a week or so and the fans would just switch back and forth from one stadium to the other. But I think they recently built one stadium for both teams.安托万内特:这非常激动人心。我们还有地铁大赛。以前纽约有地铁大赛,两球队要在一周左右的时间在不同的体育馆进行比赛,球迷要在两队比赛的场馆之间来回移动。不过,我想他们为两球队建造了一个体育馆。Warren: Oh. Do you think one team is more popular than the other?沃伦:哦。你认为一球队比另一球队更受欢迎吗?Antoinette: I think probably the Yankees, unfortunately.安托万内特:不幸的是,我认为扬基队更受欢迎。Warren: The Yankees.沃伦:扬基队。Antoinette: Yeah. My family was a Mets fan and dont tell anyone else in my family that I said that.安托万内特:对。我家人是纽约大都会队的球迷,不要告诉我的家人,我刚才说扬基队更受欢迎。Warren: Oh, so I guess, they dont get along with each other?沃伦:哦,我想他们之间相处得不好。Antoinette: Oh, not at all.安托万内特:一点也不好。Warren: Oh well. Well, Im from Canada. I really like hockey. I know that you guys have the Rangers.沃伦:哦,我来自加拿大。我非常喜欢冰球。我知道你们有纽约游骑兵队。Antoinette: Yeah. We do have the Rangers. They play at Madison Square Garden, so you could easily find, like, buy tickets to see a game there. Thats the same place where the Knicks play.安托万内特:对。纽约游骑兵队。他们的主场在麦迪逊广场花园,你看,在纽约买票看比赛非常方便。那个场馆也是纽约尼克斯队的主场。Warren: Oh, they both play at the same place?沃伦:哦,他们都在同一个场馆打比赛?Antoinette: Yes, they do.安托万内特:对,没错。Warren: Maybe, I could go to a basketball and a hockey game.沃伦:也许,我可以去看一场篮球赛或是冰球赛。Antoinette: You probably could if you stayed long enough. I think they have different seasons, right?安托万内特:如果你旅行的时间够长,你可以看场比赛。我想不同球队的赛季不同,对吧?Warren: Oh, do they?沃伦:哦,是吗?Antoinette: Yeah. Madison Square Garden is pretty big though, so maybe theres more than one arena. Im not sure. Ive only been there two or three times in my life.安托万内特:对。麦迪逊广场花园非常大,可能不只一个场馆。我也不清楚。我只去过两三次。Warren: Oh, okay.沃伦:哦,好。Antoinette: Well, we also have the US Open, if you like tennis.安托万内特:你喜欢网球吗?我们还有美国网球公开赛。Warren: Right.沃伦:好。Antoinette: Yeah. Thats held in Queens, not on Manhattan.安托万内特:嗯,美网在皇后区举办,不在曼哈顿。Warren: Oh, okay. What about the US Tennis Open but theres also the US Golf Open. Is that in New York as well?沃伦:哦,好。除了美网以外,还有美国高尔夫公开赛。这个比赛也在纽约举办吗?Antoinette: In New York? I dont think the – is it?安托万内特:在纽约吗?我不知道,是在纽约办吗?Warren: Im not sure.沃伦:我也不确定。Antoinette: I dont think that the US Open for golf is in New York. I think – no, I dont think thats New York. Yeah. No.安托万内特:我想美国高尔夫公开赛不在纽约举行。我想应该不是在纽约,不是。Warren: Okay. Have you seen tennis before?沃伦:好。你以前看过网球比赛吗?Antoinette: Yes, I have. I saw Serena Williams play.安托万内特:我看过。我看过塞雷娜·威廉姆斯的比赛。Warren: Oh, shes great.沃伦:哦,她打得很好。Antoinette: She is. Yeah. Powerful woman.安托万内特:没错。她是很有力量的女性。Warren: Yeah. Id like to see her play.沃伦:对。我想看她的比赛。Antoinette: Yeah.安托万内特:嗯。 译文属 /201706/514272上海市曙光医院纹眉多少钱上海市长海医院点痣多少钱

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