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He is going to be promoted since he is a notch above others.他即将晋升,因为他较别人略胜一筹。be a notch above someone直译过来就是:“在别人上面一个等级”,这个短语的正确意思是:“比别人略胜一筹”。因此,当美国人说;He is going to be promoted since he is a notch above others.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;His promotion is due to his better performance.;、;He will be promoted because he is better than others at work.;。情景对白:Terry: Look. He is grinning from ear to ear. Any good news?泰瑞:看,他笑得合不拢嘴,有什么好事吗?Benjamin: He is going to be promoted since he is a notch above others.本杰明:他即将晋升,因为他较别人略胜一筹。搭配句积累:①Have you heard about that?你听说了吗?②Opportunities will always be there for those who are prepared.机会总是留给有准备的人。③What makes him a promotion?他怎么会升职?④He looks so excited. Whats going on?他看上去很兴奋,怎么回事?单词:grin from ear to ear 合不拢嘴,笑容满面He came home grinning from ear to ear.他回家时满面笑容。The boy grinned from ear to ear when I gave him the apple.当我给这个孩子苹果时,他咧着嘴笑了起来。Shell grin from ear to ear if we give her a bike for her birthday.如果她生日得到我们送的自行车,一定会笑得合不拢嘴。 /201302/227418。

Hotel 旅馆 6. Complaint 抱怨 Hotel Manager: I’m Miss Sherman. What seems to be the problem? 我是Sherman,有什么问题吗? Guest: Well, apparently I’ve run up quite a bill. I was under the impression that the Junior Executive Holiday Package only cost 250 dollars per night. I’ve just been informed that it’s actually 500 dollars per night. 我的住宿费算多了。我原以为“初级经理人员假日打包务”只需要每晚二百五十美元,可前台告诉我要五百元一晚。 Hotel Manager: That’s true. For the Junior Executive Room … three nights … yes, your bill should be ,500 是的。初级经理人员假日打包务……三个晚上……没错,您应该付一千五百美元。 Guest: But I definitely was led to believe that a three-night stay would be 0. 但是根据广告,我真的以为是三个晚上七百五十美元。 Hotel Manager: The advertised rate is based on double occupancy. 广告上所说的价格是按两个人一间房算的。 Guest: When I booked the room, your staff didn’t mention this. And the brochure and your promotional mailings do not mention that. 我订房间的时候,你们的职员可没有告诉我这个。你们的宣传册子和推销邮件也都没有说明这一点。 Hotel Manager: Are you quite sure? 是吗? Guest: Yes. Have a look. 没错,可以看一看。 Hotel Manager: I see. I had no idea our advertising was so misleading. It is here, but it’s in the fine print on the last page. 我没想到我们的广告会对您起误导作用。在这里,它在最后一页的小号字体中。 Guest: Perhaps you could arrange to provide me with a new bill that reflects the advertised rate. 你能按宣传价格给我结账吗 ? Hotel Manager: Normally I couldn’t do that. But under the circumstances, I’ll see what I can arrange. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim. 通常是不允许的但是这种情况下,我可以试试看。让顾客满意是我们的首要目标。 Guest: Thank you. 谢谢。 promotional mailings 广告信(或邮寄的广告传单) misleading 误导 fine print 小号字体 advertised rate 广告宣传中的价格 Customer satisfaction 顾客满意 /200701/9972。

1.Intranet 企业内部网 A: Did we put up a website on the company Intranet?B: Yes. It's recevied very well in the company.A:我们在公司内部网上建网页了吗?B:是的, 在公司内很受欢迎。 2.Keyboard 键盘A: I like your keyboard. It's really easy to type.B: Me too. My piano keyboard is not so easy to play.A:我喜欢你的键盘,打起字来很方便。B:是的,比我的钢琴键还方便。 3.LAN(Local Area Network) 局域网A: Can I borrow your LAN line?B: Just one minute.I got to get this urgent email out.A:我能借用一下你的局域网线吗?B:稍等一下,我先把这个紧急的邮件发出去。4.Memory (RAM:Random Access Memory) 内存A: How big is your computer memory?B: Not too big, just 512Mb.A:你电脑的内存是多少?B:不太大,只有512Mb。5.Monitor 显示器A: Would you like a 20" monitor?B: That would be nice. A:你觉得20英寸的显示器怎么样?B:可以。 /200809/50139。

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.你要重新振作起来啊!pull oneself up by ones own bootstraps直译过来就是:“通过自己的靴带站起身来”,这个短语的正确意思是:“不依靠他人,经过自己的努力来改善不良的处境”。因此,当美国人说;Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Cheer up by your own strength.;、;Pull yourself together.;、;Get rid of the bad state by your own struggle.;情景对白:Shirley: I feel extremely embarrassed. I was beaten by a newcomer in this project.雪莉:我简直无地自容。在这个项目上我居然被一个新人给打败了。Benjamin: Honey, pull yourself up by your bootstraps!本杰明:亲爱的,你要重新振作起来啊!搭配句积累:①I was demoted to the grass-roots units.我被降职到基层。②I missed the plane and messed up this important contract.我错过了飞机,把这份重要的合同给搞砸了。③Whatever I proposed was all denied by the manager.我所有的提议都遭到了经理的否定。④The boss scolded my work and told me to leave the company.老板指责了我的工作,命令我离开公司。单词:1. embarrassed adj. 尴尬的He looked a bit embarrassed.他看起来有点尴尬。What made the hostess very embarrassed was that the so-called special guest did not show himself up after her invitation.使主持人非常难堪的是尽管再三邀请,所谓的特邀嘉宾也没有出现。He wore an embarrassed expression.他显出窘迫的神情。2. demote vt. 使降级、降职If they prove ineffective they should be demoted or asked to retire.如果事实明他们已无力胜任,应该将他们降级或让他们退休。The club was demoted at the end of last season.上个赛季末该俱乐部被降级了。It is illegal to demote an employee without reason.无缘无故将一名员工降级是违法的。3. grass-roots units 基层Cadres have gone down to different grass-roots units to take part in manual labour.干部们分别下基层参加劳动去了。The sociologist appeals that the new graduates go to the grass-roots units so that they can gain some practical experience.社会学家呼吁让刚毕业的大学生从最基层的工作做起,这样他们可以获取一些实际经验。 /201211/208381。

1.Obstacles 障碍A: Any obstacles for our growth in the next five years?B: This is what I want to talk to you.A:我们未来五年的增长有什么障碍吗?B:我正想和你谈这个问题呢。 2.Operations optimization 优化运行A: How do we do operations optimization?B: I wish there is one simple formula for this.A:我们怎么实现优化运行?B:要是有一个简单的公式多好。3.Opportunities 机会A: The growing market provided us a lot of opportunities.B: We are also facing many challenges.A:市场(需求)的增长给了我们很多机会。B:我们也面临着许多挑战。4.Short term planning 短期规划A: How do we define short term planning.B: The planning within next year.A:我们是如何定义短期规划的?B:未来一年之内的规划。5.Vision 发展目标A: How do we define our vision?B: We want to become the best small car producer in the industry.A:我们是怎样定义我们的发展目标的?B:我们要成为业内最好的小型车制造商。 /200809/49357。

The phone was out of whack.我的电话坏了。whack是个拟声词,读音仿佛激烈碰撞时那种惊天动地的声音。out of whack这个短语的正确意思是:“紊乱,不正常”。因此,当美国人说;The phone was out of whack.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;The phone was broken.;、;There was something wrong with the phone.;、;The phone was out of order.;。一句话情景对白:Benjamin: Hello, Terry. Whats up? Why are you calling me so late?本杰明:喂,泰瑞,怎么了?为什么这么晚给我打电话?Terry: Ben, I tried hundreds of times to contact you this afternoon, but failed.泰瑞:本,我下午给你打了无数次电话,但是都没打通。Benjamin: Im sorry. The phone was out of whack.本杰明:真抱歉,我的电话坏了。搭配句积累:①So I missed a few important calls.所以我错过了几个重要的电话。②So call him back later.那晚点再回电话给他。③Well, you can try this one.那你可以试试这台电话。④Oh, Ill ask someone to have it repaired.好吧,我会找人来修的。单词:whack n. 重击You really have to whack the ball.你真的需要猛击球才行。Someone whacked him on the head.有人狠狠地打了他的头。We got whacked. On paper we should have wiped the floor with them.我们被轻易地击败了。按理说我们本应该大败他们。His mother was murdered. Yeah, she got whacked. Snuffed out.他母亲是被谋杀的。是的,是被人干掉的,弄死的。The ecosystem will be thrown out of whack.生态系统将会失去平衡。 /201301/220368。