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1. “What if I just got naked and started screaming at people?”1、“如果我全身脱光并对人们大声尖叫,结果会如何?”Although the details always change slightly, there is undeniably this incredibly weird little voice which lives inside each of us, coming out always in the most professional/formal/inappropriate moments, and longs only to see everything be ruined. Who hasn’t been sitting in a business meeting or particularly boring lecture and become overwhelmed with the desire to do something absolutely insane, such as light your neighbor’s beard on fire, or flash your genitals and wave them around a bit, or scream “penis” at the top of your lungs? There is just something almost… itchy about being in reserved, organized, quiet social situations which brings out the disgusting animal in each of us who wants chaos and loud noises and life-ruining behavior. I suppose we now have to work on channeling our inner Steve-O into a little voice which wants us to clean our shower, or file our taxes, or call our grandmother. At least put all that impulsiveness into positive behavior.尽管在细节上会有轻微的不同,但是无可否认的是这种难以置信的怪异小心声却存在于我们每个人心里,通常在最为专业、最为正式或最不恰当的时刻浮现,无非是为了看到一切都被搞砸。谁没有在商务会谈或特别乏味的演讲时,被某种绝对疯狂的念头所征,比如把邻居的胡子点着火,或者展示生殖器并四处甩动一会儿,或者用尽全力喊“”?总有一种可以称为……冲动的东西,让我们在保守的、组织化的、平静的社会状态下放出置身于我们每人心中的野兽,我们希望混乱、噪声和生命毁灭的行为。我认为我们现在必须将内心的史蒂芬·格里斯特·格罗佛(一著名小丑演员,译注)调成另外的小心思,比如清洁浴池、清理税务、打电话给祖母之类。至少,将所有那些冲动转向积极的行为。2. “I want to punch that baby.”2、“我想揍那个小婴儿。”When it’s just screaming endlessly, and no one’s doing anything about it, and you’re just trying to enjoy your meal, and you know that your rage would be much better directed to the spineless parent who is allowing this to carry on, but you just can’t even think about them with the screaming in your ear — sometimes you just want to punch the baby. It is ruining your day, and being such an asshole, and even if you spend 99 percent of your time being a Mary Poppins figure who hands out dandelions to round-cheeked toddlers and whistling showtunes, you are not immune to the baby-punching. Just one swift uppercut to the face and they’d be quiet for a while, and you could finish your meal in peace. We are all terrible.如果他不停歇地尖叫人们却无动于衷,而你就等着享用饭菜,你也知道你的愤怒最好是向让这一切发生的懦弱父母发泄,但是,你却没有考虑过他们,而是在你的耳朵里面尖叫——有时你只想打这个小孩一拳。这将毁掉你的生活,并会如此糟糕,即使你花费99%的时间去扮演《欢乐满人间》的角色,向圆脸庞的婴儿撒出蒲公英,吹着金曲,你还是想着拳击小孩。只需要向脸上来上一记上勾拳,他们就会安静一会儿,你就可以平静地吃完饭。我们都挺坏的。3. “Does this person make more money than me?”3、“这个人比我挣钱多?”How much are your coworkers making? How about your friends? Your frenemies? Your cousins? Where are they geting that nice new blazer, and those fancy throw pillows? What kind of money are they making? They should be paying for my drinks with all this money they’re throwing around. If you could just get, like, an estimate within a 5,000-dollar range, that would be perfect. Just enough to know that you shouldn’t be seething with jealousy.你的同事挣多少钱?朋友呢?竞争性伙伴呢?堂兄弟呢?他们在哪里买到的新法兰绒衣,还有那些奇妙的抱枕?他们挣的是什么钱?他们应当用他们甩出来的钱为我的饮料付帐。如果你能够挣,比如,估计5000美元之内(可能是说差距吧,译注),那非常理想。刚好使你不会充满忌妒。4. “Am I going to jump right now?”4、“我现在跳下去吗?;Whether standing on a subway platform or on the rooftop of a building which would definitely flatten you immediately if you fell, there is always that terrifying moment of “What if I just tipped right over and ended it all?” You’re not sad, you don’t want to die, and you’re not the kind of person who even goes for an adrenaline rush, and yet — it’s all you can think about it. Even the most even-keeled person is guaranteed to get a rush or two of “Maybe I would just break all the bones in my legs and still make it out okay” when looking over the railings of a long stairwell. It’s human nature, and yet it never gets any less unnerving. Because what are you going to do? You can’t just turn to your friend and be like, “Don’t mind me, I’m just contemplating my mortality for a hot sec. I might jump, but probably won’t. You can have my XBox just in case I do.” I mean, you could, but I would discourage it.无论是站在你一掉下去就会被拍扁的地铁站台还是建筑屋顶,总是有那种可怕的时刻,想着”如果我现在跳下,结束这一切会怎么样?“你并不悲观,也不想死,你也不是那种因肾上腺激素上升而行动的人,以及——只是因为你想那样。即使是脾气最好的人,也会有一两下这种冲动,当我们俯视一个很长的楼梯井的栏杆时,会想”也许我可以折断腿上所有的骨头,完成它“。这是人类的天性,而这并不减少紧张。因为你会做什么呢?你不会对你的朋友这样说,”不要管我,我只思索一会儿我的死亡。我可能跳,也可能不跳。如果我万一跳了,你就拿我的XBOX。”我说,你会,但是我会劝阻你。5. “People who say ‘I don’t need to drink to have fun’ shouldn’t get invited places.”5、“说‘我不需要从酒中寻找乐趣’的人不会被邀请。”I’m sure they are capable of being nice people, but I am not trying to get my buzz ruined by some Polly Party Pooper who just wants to look at me condescendingly while I sip my Mad Dog like a lady and talk about how she’s high on life and doesn’t need to intoxicate herself to see all the ~beauty and joy of being a citizen of this earth~ or whatever New Age smugness she has been smoking these days. We all know that it’s the worst, and yet no one works up the courage when told “I don’t need to drink to have fun” to rip the cork out of a bottle of wine with their teeth and be like “WELL I DO GLUG GLUG GLUG.” Someone should really take one for the team and do it.我确信他们有资格成为好人,但是我不会让这些美女聚会扫兴者毁掉兴致的,她们在我像一个女士一样啜一口Mad Dog时,居高临下地看着我,并谈论她的生活品味是如何高雅,不需要喝醉来感受所有的这些——美和身为地球公民的快乐——或任何新生代的自命不凡,这些天她一直在批评。我们都知道这是最差劲的,而且还没有人有勇气在被告知“我不需要从酒中寻找乐趣”时,用牙齿打开瓶塞并说“来来来,喝喝喝。”人们都应该加入团队做事。6. “Thinking about [insert couple here] having sex is offensive and nauseating.”6、“想象[此处添加某某夫妇]性交是冒犯和恶心的。”It’s not even necessarily that this couple is particularly uggo, although that happens quite often, too. Hell, there are some couples that are not at all your cup of tea physically whom you could still picture slapping away like one of those plastic clappy-hands toys kids use at parties. But there are just certain couples who, for whatever reason, are as asexual as the bodies of Barbie and Ken dolls. The idea of them getting it on is at once impossible to imagine and slightly unsettling to consider. They’re just kind of gross in any sexual context, and you’d rather not see them holding hands, lest your mind wander to where else those hands have explored.这对夫妻并不一定非常恶心,虽然通常是恶心的。有的夫妻根本就不是你喜欢的类型,你仍然会想像扇开他们,好象分开那些聚会中使用的塑料拍手玩具小孩。但是,也有一些夫妻,不知是什么原因,就像芭比和肯玩偶一样,是无性的。他们在一起的念头是无法想象的,想起来也让人轻微不安。他们在一个有性的环境下是一种尴尬,而你宁愿不要看到他们牵手,免得你的思维飘荡到另外的那些手已经探索过的地方去。7. “This child/baby is ugly.”7、;好丑的小孩/婴儿。“I don’t know, man, sometimes a baby is just unattractive. You want to be nice, but you’re just like, “Yikes, 2/10 at best.” And it’s bad enough when it’s just some random baby crossed in the street, but sometimes it’s popping up on your Facebook news feed or coming to family functions and then you have to be repeatedly confronted with its presence and forced to muster up some half-hearted lie about how cute it is. Can we just be honest and be like, “Hey, some babies have great personalities. Yours is one of them.” Please?我不知道,哥们儿,有时候婴儿也不可爱。你想是友好的,而你只是像。”呀,20分最多。“在街上随机遇到的婴儿的情况已经足够坏了,但是有时是在Facebook新闻填充栏,或成为家庭功能状态,然后你必须经常面对他的存在,你必须挤出一些半心半意的谎言,说好可爱哟。我们能不能诚实点,这样说,”哧,一些小孩很有个性。你的也是。“拜托。BY:小牛儿 /201303/229847

The Wall Street Journal is following the journey of the graduating class of 2013. We are using social media to connect with a number of graduates, and will be sharing their stories of real world work throughout the year.《华尔街日报》正在跟踪报道2013届毕业生的经历。我们利用社交媒体跟多位毕业生联络,并将分享他们在真实世界中的故事。Meredith Kenyon, 22, graduated from St John#39;s University, NYC, in January 2013 with a degree in Hospitality and Management. Kenyon has been employed as a Marketing Coordinator for HeritageBank Mortgage in Atlanta since March.22岁的梅雷迪斯#8226;凯尼恩(Meredith Kenyon)在2013年1月份从纽约圣约翰大学(St John#39;s University)酒店管理专业毕业。3月份以来,凯尼恩受雇于亚特兰大的房贷公司HeritageBank Mortgage,任营销协调员。She just signed papers completing her purchase on a house in Atlanta. This is a big milestone in anyone#39;s life, especially for someone who has recently graduated.她在亚特兰大买了一栋房子,刚刚签完合同。买房对于任何人的人生都是一个重要的里程碑, 对于毕业不久的人来说更是如此。This is her story.以下是她的故事。I got condo fever and instead of getting a baby, I decided to get a house! Everyone at work told me that I had to buy now, as it was such a good opportunity. Property values are really low in Atlanta, and after looking at the numbers I decided to buy. They have a program for first-time buyers called Georgia Dream Home Ownership, which has a Down Payment Assistance program for first-time buyers. Since I work for a mortgage company, I had heard of the first time home buyer program (because everyone complained about how much work it was and how it doesn#39;t really make the company any money!)我渴望有套房子,于是决定先不要孩子,先买房!同事都说,现在就得买,毕竟机会难得。亚特兰大的房价真的很便宜,研究了相关数据之后我就决定买了。他们针对首次购房者有一个名叫“佐治亚业主梦”(Georgia Dream Home Ownership)的项目,这个项目又有一个面向首次购房者的“首付援助”(Down Payment Assistance)计划。因为是在房贷公司工作,我听说过这个针对首次购房者的计划(因为大家都抱怨它带来了多么繁重的工作,又是怎样没有给公司带来利润)。My loan officer, a friend and coworker, told me that this is probably the only time in my life I#39;ll be poor enough to qualify so I#39;d be crazy if I didn#39;t take advantage of it.贷款专员、同时也是我的朋友、同事跟我说,我这辈子大概只有现在才穷到有资格申请的程度,如果不抓住机会,那我就是疯了。The program gave me , 000 towards the deposit. I contributed , 800 of my own money towards it, and that covered all the initial expenses.这个计划给了我5,000美元用于首付,我自己则拿出了1,800美元,于是初期费用全都涵盖了。My parents were a little hesitant about me buying a house, but now they see it as a good investment. They didn#39;t pay anything towards it. I paid for it all myself. They would have helped me in a heartbeat if I asked, but that#39;s not what this is about. They started from scratch and I will too. The interest rates are very low right now. I know it might make more sense to wait a year or two, but I didn#39;t want to risk it. The monthly costs are around 00 a month, so I do plan to get a roommate.父母对我买房有点犹豫,但现在他们觉得这是一笔不错的投资。他们没有提供任何资助,全都是我自己付的钱。如果我找他们要,他们会毫不犹豫地帮我,但这不是重点。他们是白手起家的,我也会白手起家。目前的利率非常低,我知道等上一两年可能更有道理,但我不想冒这个险。每个月房子的开销在1,200美元左右,所以现在我确实要打算找人合住。It was hard to find a house to begin with, as nothing felt right. Then my realtor showed me one that actually wasn#39;t available yet, and it was perfect! We#39;d been looking for weeks and we were passing this house that her friend lived in. She told me that her friend didn#39;t want to sell, but that he was getting married and she knew that he#39;d rethink, so we went up and knocked on the door and talked to him about selling it. I fell in love with it! I walked out and told my agent I wanted it. The next day we made an offer of 100% of his asking value. The realtor was a close friend of the homeowner, and that helped. The whole process took 45 days, starting with when I saw the house.一开始找房很不容易,因为什么事都不称心。然后经纪人带我去看了一套实际上还没有挂牌的房子,太完美了!之前我们看了好几个星期的房,有次路过她的朋友住的这栋。经纪人说,她的朋友不想卖房,但他要结婚了,她知道他会重新考虑,于是我们前去敲门,跟他聊房子卖不卖的事。我爱上了这套房子!出来之后我就跟经纪人说想买。第二天我们就按他要价的100%发出了要约。经纪人是房主的好朋友,这一点很有帮助。从我看到房子开始到买下来,整个过程花了45天。I even ended up adopting two pit-bull dogs from the owner as well; they were a bit much to take to his new home with his wife. He offered to pay for my dog food for a year, which is a help.最后我甚至还收留了房主留下的两条牛头犬,因为把带到他们夫妇俩的新家不太方便。他提出帮我承担一年的粮钱,这太好了。I do worry about the safety aspect of living on my own, as Atlanta has a high crime rate. My car was broken into last week! Having the dogs should help with that. I also think that as long as you#39;re not stupid you should be OK. I lived in New York for four years, so I know how to be safe at night. I think it will be fun to learn about myself from living on my own.我确实担心独自居住的安全问题,毕竟亚特兰大的犯罪率很高。上个星期就有人闯进了我的车!养这两条应该会在这方面发挥作用。我还觉得,只要人不犯傻应该就没问题。我在纽约生活了四年,所以知道怎样在夜晚注意安全。我觉得,通过独居认识自己将是一件很有意思的事情。I#39;ve been sleeping on my friends#39; sofa to save money for when I move into my house. I realized that I don#39;t have any house things. Over the years, everywhere I have lived has had stuff, and I have no bed, no pans, no sheets, and will have to buy all of this. I just have a couple of suitcases and that#39;s it.在搬进我的房子之前,我一直为了省钱而睡朋友的沙发。我意识到自己没有任何家具。这些年来不管是住哪里,家具都是配好的,而现在我没有床,没有锅,没有床单,这一切都得自己买。我只有两个箱子,除此之外什么都没有。I#39;m lucky enough to not have any loans to pay back. I had a mix of athletic (I play soccer) and academic scholarships that covered my fees. I argued with my Dad about this at the time, as I wanted to go to a college that offered different courses, but not as much scholarship money, but now I#39;m really glad I have no debt.幸运的是,我没有任何其他贷款要还。我拿过多项运动员奖学金(我踢足球)和学术奖学金,涵盖了学费。当初我跟父亲争过此事,因为我想上一所课程不同、但奖学金没这么多的大学。但现在我很高兴自己无债一身轻。A lot of my friends think what I#39;m doing is crazy. They say things like, #39;How can you buy a house, you#39;re not even married yet?#39; It#39;s because a lot of my friends are struggling with unemployment or low-paid internships after graduation. Not having that debt is one of the reasons I was able to get the house now.很多朋友都觉得我买房是疯了。他们说:“婚都没结,怎么能买房呢?”这是因为我的很多朋友在毕业过后都遇到了失业和低薪实习的麻烦。没有债务是我现在就能够买下这栋房子的原因之一。I#39;m not a southern girl, but I really am falling in love with it now.我不是一个南方女孩,但我现在真的爱上了南方。 /201307/246806

  Do sugary drinks cause obesity? The US New York State Supreme Court’s Justice Milton Tingling isn’t convinced. Last month he dismissed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on oversized soda drinks.含糖饮料是肥胖的元凶吗?美国纽约州最高法院法官米尔顿#8226;廷林并不相信这一说法。上个月他驳回了纽约市长迈克尔#8226;布隆伯格关于禁售大瓶含糖饮料的提案。While we know that sugary drinks are loaded with calories, which are believed to cause weight gain, many questions remain. For example, is diet soda any better? Does the carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks damage our bones? Here are the facts behind some claims made about sugary drinks and how they affect our health.虽然我们都知道含糖饮料热量很高,被认为是导致体重上升的罪魁祸首,但仍有很多疑问。比如,无糖饮料是否稍好一些?汽水中的二氧化碳会损害骨骼吗?下面我们来揭开一些有关含糖饮料的说法背后的真相,一起来看看这些饮料是如何影响到人体健康的。The claim: Diet soda is better for you than regular soda.误区一:无糖汽水比一般汽水更健康。The reality: “Diet soda is no panacea”, Lisa R. Young, a professor of nutrition at New York University, told The Huffington Post.事实:“无糖饮料不是万灵药。”纽约大学营养学教授丽萨#8226;R#8226;杨在接受《赫芬顿邮报》采访时说。Sugar-free doesn’t mean healthy. In fact, the “false sweetness” of diet soda can be quite problematic, according to Young. The theory is that the brain mistakenly thinks the sweetness in the drink means calories are entering the body, triggering metabolic processes that can lead to weight gain.无糖不等于健康。杨教授表示,事实上,无糖汽水的“甜味替代素”会带来更大的问题。理论上来讲,大脑会将饮料的甜味误认为是身体正在摄入热量,从而启动新陈代谢,最终导致体重飙升。These studies don’t necessarily prove drinking diet soda regularly causes health problems, Young cautions, but there’s certainly nothing nutritious about it.杨教授告诫人们,尽管这些研究并不能完全明无糖饮料会导致健康问题,但可以肯定的是它没任何营养可言。The claim: Clear soda is healthier than dark soda.误区二:无色汽水比深色汽水健康。The reality: While the caramel coloring responsible for that dark hue can discolor your teeth, Young said, the big difference between clear and dark sodas is typically caffeine. Think Coca Cola versus Sprite.事实:杨教授说,深色汽水中的焦糖色素会使牙齿颜色变深,无色汽水与深色汽水最典型的区别就是咖啡因。就拿可口可乐和雪碧打比方吧!Since the average can of soda contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, most soda drinkers probably don’t have to choose Coca Cola over Sprite. But if you are nearing the caffeine tipping point, it might be a rule worth considering.由于一罐普通汽水中咖啡因的含量比一杯咖啡要低,大多数喝汽水的人大可不必为选可乐还是雪碧而发愁。但如果你体内的咖啡因含量已接近临界值,可能就要好好考虑清楚了。The claim: Carbonated drinks weaken the bones.误区三:碳酸饮料损害骨骼。The reality: Research has zeroed in on the link between soda and bone density. A 2006 study found that women who drank three or more cans of Coca Cola a week had a significantly lower bone density. Researchers believe that the reason is phosphoric acid–found more often in dark sodas–which acidifies the blood, The Daily Beast reported. The body then “leaches some calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acid”, study author Katherine Tucker told the website.事实:科学家们花大力气来研究汽水与骨密度之间的联系。一项2006年的研究表明,每周喝三罐以上可乐的女性骨密度明显较低。《每日野兽》网站有报道称,研究人员认为这是由于深色汽水中较为常见的磷酸成分使得血液酸化。该研究报告的作者凯瑟琳#8226;塔克尔在接受采访时表示,人体骨骼将流失一部分钙质以中和这些酸性物质。Others have suggested that it’s simply the carbonation that hurts bones, but the effect from a single soda is negligible, Popular Science reported.《科技新时代》报道称,尽管一些人认为碳酸化作用会伤害到骨骼,但仅仅一瓶汽水的作用是微不足道的。The claim: If you need a caffeine boost, choose an energy drink over coffee.误区四:如果你需要咖啡因来提神,喝能量饮料而不是咖啡。The reality: The truth is that soft drinks marketed for energy, such as Red Bull, contain less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but considerably more sugar.事实:实际上,与一杯咖啡相比较,像红牛这样以补充能量为卖点的软饮料含有的咖啡因要少得多,但是糖分却高得多。Energy drinks may be easier to drink, but that doesn’t change the fact that brewed coffee contains between 95 and 200 milligrams of caffeine per eight ounces (227 g), while Red Bull has about 80 mg for the same amount, according to US medical research group Mayo Clinic.美国医学研究组织梅奥医学中心表示:尽管能量饮料更便于饮用,但这并不能改变每八盎司(227克)现煮咖啡中含有95—200毫克的咖啡因而红牛只有80毫克这一事实。The claim: A trip to the gym warrants a sports drink误区五:去健身房就该喝运动饮料。The reality: You’re apt to think you’ll need a sports drink anytime you break a sweat. But the truth is that your electrolyte and glycogen reserves aren’t depleted until more than an hour of intensive training. So that 45-minute session on the tmill? It’s probably not going to require much more than some water.事实:你觉得只要出汗就该补充点运动饮料。但实际上,只有高强度训练一小时以上,人体才会分解电解质和糖原储备。如果在跑步机上跑上45分钟呢?大概你需要的就是喝点水而已。 /201305/238125



  Putting feelings into words makes sadness and anger less intense, U.S. brain researchers said on Wednesday, in a finding that explains why talking to a therapist(1) -- or even a sympathetic(2) bartender -- often makes people feel better.They said talking about negative feelings activates a part of the brain responsible for impulse control."This region of the brain seems to be involved in putting on the brakes(3)," said University of California, Los Angeles researcher Matthew Lieberman.He and colleagues scanned the brains of 30 people -- 18 women and 12 men between 18 and 36 -- who were shown pictures of faces expressing strong emotions.They were asked to categorize(4) the feelings in words like sad or angry, or to choose between two gender-specific names like "Sally or Harry" that matched the face.What they found is that when people attached a word like angry to an angry-looking face, the response in the amygdale(5) portion of the brain that handles fear, panic and other strong emotions decreased."This seems to dampen(6) down the response in these basic emotional circuits in the brain -- in this case the amygdala," Lieberman said in a telephone interview.What lights up instead is the right ventrolateral(7) prefrontal(8) cortex(9), part of the brain that controls impulses."This is the only region of the entire brain that is more active when you choose an emotion word for the picture than when you choose a name for the picture," he said.He said the same region of the brain has been found in prior studies to play a role in motor control."If you are driving along and you see a yellow light, you have to inhibit one response in order to step on the brake," he said. "This same region helps to inhibit emotional responses as well."The researchers did not find significant differences along gender lines, but Lieberman said prior studies have hinted at some differences in the benefits men and women derive from talking about their feelings."Women may do more of this spontaneously(10), but when men are instructed to do it, they may get more benefit from it," he said. 周三,美国大脑科学家称:将悲伤和愤怒转化成语言人就会感觉好很多。此发现能解释为什么当人们和心理医生、甚至是有共鸣的酒吧招待诉说心里话后心情会舒畅些。科学家说谈心能够刺激大脑中负责控制冲动的部分。加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶研究员Matthew Lieberman说:“大脑的这一部分似乎能够停止某些脑部活动。”他和同事们让18到36岁间的18名女子和12名男子分别观看面部照片,并用语言描述出这些面部情绪,同时对他们进行脑部扫描。受测者要用“难过”或者“生气”这两个词来描述不同照片,或者用性别特点分明的“Sally”或“Harry”来描述。科学家发现,当人们看着愤怒表情说“生气”一词时,他们脑中负责恐惧、惊慌和其他强烈情绪的扁桃体状物质的反应便会降低。Lieberman在电话采访中说:“语言似乎能压制大脑的这些基本情绪通路的反应—在这里是指扁桃体状物质”。相对的,大脑中负责冲动的右外腹前额皮层会变得活跃。当人们为图片选择一个情绪词汇时,右外腹前额皮层是唯一一个比选择人名时活跃的脑部区域。他说在此前的研究中发现,此区域还负责动作控制。他说:“如果开车时看到黄灯,你必须作出反应踩刹车。此区域同样可以反应阻止某些情绪”。研究人员称并为发现男女在此有区别,但是Lieberman说之前的研究曾显示谈心对于男女来说是不一样的。“女人本能地谈心,男人则往往是被提示才会谈心,但是一旦男人开始谈,他们能比女人得到更多的释放感”。 /200805/37921

  Let#39;s say you recently turned someone down for a raise or a promotion, and he has now retaliated -- for instance, by quitting in a huff and taking a valuable client list with him。假设你最近拒绝给某人涨工资或者升职,现在他开始实施报复——比如,愤然辞职并且带走了一份重要的客户名单。According to a new study of the role of testosterone in business negotiations, you might have foreseen that, and maybe even prevented it, if you had checked out his right hand before making (or refusing) an offer. Specifically, if someone#39;s ring finger and his index finger are the same length, look out。一项关于睾丸激素在商业谈判中所起作用的最新研究表明,如果你在提出(或者拒绝)一项提议之前,能够检查一下对方的右手,你就有可能预料到会发生上述事件,甚至还有可能避免出现这种事。具体说来就是,如果某人右手的无名指和食指一样长的话,那你就得小心了。Little or no difference in the size of those digits is an indicator of high prenatal testosterone, which tells you two things. First, this is a person who is preoccupied with preserving his status and saving face. Unless you handle his ego with kid gloves, he will be quick to take offense. And second, if you cross him, he will get even。如果这两只手指的长度一样或者非常接近,则说明手的主人出生前体内睾丸激素含量就很高,这又进一步说明两点。首先,此人会不惜一切保全自己的地位,维护自己的面子。除非你时时照顾他的自尊,否则他很容易怀恨在心。其次,你跟他作对,他就会实施报复。That#39;s the conclusion of an intriguing study called ;Lex talionis: Testosterone and the law of retaliation,; to be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology。上述是一项名为《Lex talionis:睾丸激素与报复定律》的研究得出的结论。该研究将会发布在下一期的《实验社会心理学杂志》上。Lex talionis is Latin for ;retributive justice,; and here#39;s how the experiment went down: Researchers from Columbia Business School and the Kellogg School at Northwestern put 48 randomly selected volunteers through two rounds of negotiations. Lex talionis是拉丁文,意为“因果应报”。该项实验是这样进行的:哥伦比亚商学院[微]和西北大学[微]凯洛格商学院的研究人员从志愿者中随机抽取48人,让其参加两轮议价。The first bargaining session was rigged so that the test subjects were, in effect, cheated out of they had thought they could win. In the second round, which the subjects were not told about ahead of time, the researchers turned the tables so that, this time, the volunteers controlled the bidding process for a second pot。首轮谈判阶段的设计,目的在于要让测试对象完全上当,拿不到他们以为自己能赢得的40美元。研究对象事先未被告知有第二轮谈判;这一轮,局面被设计成与第一轮相反,志愿者得以控制竞价过程,以赢取第二份40美元奖励。Some people played fair during the second round, swallowing their disappointment at ;losing; the first time and making reasonable efforts to reach an evenhanded outcome. Other subjects, however, responded quite differently. They aggressively lowballed the researchers, clearly determined to get payback。有些人在第二轮中能够光明磊落,行事公允,他们忍气吞声,将“输掉”首轮的扫兴咽到肚子里,凭着自己的努力,赢得公平的结果。但是,其他的研究对象反应则完全不同。他们胆大包天,向研究人员虚报低价,很明显是要借此挽回首轮失利的损失。After it was all over, the researchers used a flatbed scanner to measure everyone#39;s right-hand index and ring fingers (;from the ventral proximal crease of the digit to the tip of the finger;). In every case, they found a direct correlation between ;digit ratio; and vengefulness: The less of a difference between the two fingers, the greater the urge to get even。试验结束之后,研究人员用平板扫描仪测量每个研究对象的右手食指和无名指(从手指内侧掌指关节到指尖)。他们发现,“手指比例”与报复心之间存在直接关系,无一例外:上述两只手指长度差别越小,报复心越强。Many other studies have established ;digit ratio; as an indicator of prenatal testosterone -- that is, how much testosterone someone was exposed to before birth, often as a result of birth order (older children in a family tend to have more than younger ones) or a mother#39;s genes。其他许多研究也发现,“手指比例”能显示出生前睾丸激素含量。出生前睾丸激素含量指的是某人出生前从父母处接受的睾丸激素的多少,往往与出生顺序(家庭中年长的孩子的睾丸激素含量通常高于年幼的孩子)或者母亲的基因有关。But until now, the behavioral implications for negotiation strategy have not been clear。但是,迄今,对谈判策略的行为解释尚未明朗化。;Testosterone is a hormone associated with status-seeking and a need to save face,; notes Adam Galinsky, the Kellogg professor who co-wrote the study. ;It makes a powerful difference in how people respond to situations.[/en]“睾丸激素是与追求地位和挽回面子的需求有关的荷尔蒙。”该研究报告的联合作者、凯洛格商学院的教授亚当-加林斯基指出。“人们对各种处境的反应方式也因而有天壤之别。”;People with low testosterone -- that is, with a noticeable difference in the length of their second and fourth digits -- may perceive that they#39;re being treated unfairly, but they#39;re likely to go sulk in a corner.;“睾丸激素少的人,也就是其食指与无名指长度有明显差异的那些人,虽然也会认识到自己遭受了不公平待遇,但他们很可能只会生闷气,而不会采取报复行为。”However, Galinsky says, ;If you#39;re looking across a bargaining table at someone who has a slight difference, or no difference, between the second and fourth digits, be careful.; Make an extra effort to mollify that person and stroke his ego, because doing otherwise is ;like slapping a sleeping tiger.;但是,加林斯基表示:“如果你放眼望去,看到谈判桌对面的人食指与无名指长短差不多或者根本就一样长,那你就得当心了。”你得多花点心思安抚他,并迎合其自尊心,因为如果不这样的话,就“等于去摸老虎的屁股”。 /201307/248326


  英国:长期减肥成新趋势Many New Year dieting resolutions is now running out of steam in Britain, a survey shows, despite a trend towards longer-term dieting as opposed to celebrity-inspired quick fixes.Weight-loss plans advocated by A-listers -- such as the maple syrup, Atkins or cabbage soup diet -- are becoming less widely followed, with over a third of British dieters now seeing efforts to shed the pounds as an ongoing, permanent lifestyle change rather than an attempt to quickly shed extra pounds.However, the poll of 3,292 British adults by insurer PruHealth also found that the average dieter sticks to a regime for only 78.6 days -- often from January 1 to March 18.Over two thirds of British women (69 percent) planned to embark on a new diet or fitness regime at the start of the year, according to the survey.Katie Roswell, marketing director at PruHealth, said: "It's encouraging to see a common move towards long-term healthy lifestyles, rather than people opting for more short-term fixes, such as unhealthy, fad diet plans."However, it's also clear how important it is to maintain momentum and motivation to stick to a permanent lifestyle change." 跟明星倡导的快速减肥法不同,长期减肥已渐渐成为一种新潮流。尽管如此,一项调查显示,很多英国人的新年减肥决心已开始慢慢动摇。目前,采用明星倡导的快速减肥法(比如:枫浆减肥、阿金饮食法、或白菜汤瘦身)的人越来越少,英国超过三分之一的减肥人士开始将减肥视为一种长期、持续的生活方式的改变,而不是试图快速减掉体重。然而,PruHealth保险公司对英国3292名成年人开展的一项调查发现,从今年1月1日至3月18日,普通减肥者仅有78.6天在坚持减肥。据调查显示,超过三分之二(69%)的英国女性曾立下新年决心,打算开始改善自己的饮食结构或准备开始健身。PruHealth保险公司的营销总监凯蒂#8226;罗斯韦尔说:“如今越来越多的人开始崇尚一种长期的健康生活方式,而不再选择流行饮食计划等不健康的快速减肥法,这是件好事。”“然而,很显然,保持劲头、激励自己坚持长期生活方式的改善也十分重要。” /200803/31590。

  4. Oprah Winfrey has just returned to the No. 1 position on the Forbes celebrity list after two years in second place and a drop in income of million since last year. She is broadly acclaimed as the queen of entertainment, and has enjoyed an amazing career as a talk show host, media proprietor, actress, and producer. However, Oprah began her life in poverty, and in her earlier career she endured numerous setbacks, such as getting fired from her job as a reporter because she was ”unfit for television, ” and fired as the co-anchor of weekday news on WJZ-TV, which resulted in her being demoted to morning TV. Clearly those organizations didn’t recognize the incredible talent they were squandering.4. 奥普拉·温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)在福布斯名人榜上重返第一名的位置,此前两年她位居第二,去年收入减少了8,800万美元。她被公认为是业的女王,她同时还是脱口秀节目的主持人、媒体经营者、演员和制片人,成绩斐然。然而,温弗瑞从小在贫困家庭中长大,在她职业生涯的早期,她承受了数不清的挫折,例如她在做记者的时候被解雇,原因是她“不适于上电视”,后来她在WJZ电视台与同事共同主持工作日新闻节目,但又惨遭解职,降级去了一档早间电视节目。显然,这些机构都没意识到他们白白浪费了一个极为出色的人才。 /201308/253513

  There#39;s no question that cilantro is a polarizing herb. Some of us heap it onto salsas and soups with gusto while others avoid cilantro because it smells like soap and tastes like crushed bugs.毋庸置疑,香菜受到了两种最为极端的对待:喜欢它的人会把成堆的香菜放到沙拉和汤里,而讨厌它的人却觉得香菜闻着像肥皂,尝起来像是在嚼臭虫。A large chunk of the US population—including the likes of culinary goddess Julia Child—have claimed that it tastes offensive. Kinda like soap, in fact. It sps further than these shores, too: a recent survey suggested that 21 percent of east Asians, 17 percent of Europeans, and 14 percent of people of African descent all claim to be repulsed by the stuff.包括著名厨师朱莉娅·查尔德在内的许多美国人都不喜爱香菜散发出的肥皂一样的味道。但实际上并非只有美国人这样认为,最近一项调查显示,21%的东亚人、17%的欧洲人和14%的非洲人都说他们讨厌这种蔬菜。But what separates the cilantro lovers from the haters? Is it hard-wired in our genes, as Harold McGee suggested a few years ago in the New York Times? It#39;s probably not so simple.但为什么有人对香菜爱得要死,有人却避之不及呢?是像食物专家哈洛德·麦基几年前在《纽约时报》上撰文说的那样,我们体内的基因决定对香菜的喜好吗?也许并没有那么简单。Geneticists at 23andMe in California asked about 25,000 people whether they like cilantro or think it smells soapy. When they searched the people#39;s DNA for regions that correlate with a distaste for the herb, a single spot jumped out. And, it sits right next to a cluster of odor-detecting genes, including one that is known to specifically recognize the soapy aromas in cilantro#39;s bouquet.位于加州的个人基因信息网站23andMe曾调查过25000人,问他们是否认为香菜闻着像肥皂。当网站的基因学家研究DNA,看是否有专门控制排斥香菜的基因位点时,他们找到了一个点,而且这个位点就在嗅觉检验基因簇的旁边,将香菜的味道归入肥皂味的基因也位于这个基因簇中。The strongest variant lies within a cluster of olfactory-receptor genes—part of the genome which influences our sense of smell. Buried within that cluster is a gene called OR6A2, which encodes a receptor that makes people sensitive to the aldehyde chemicals contributing to cilantro#39;s characteristic flavor.在这簇嗅觉受体基因中,有一称作OR6A2的最强变体,它负责编码一种受体基因,能使人们对香菜特殊气味的醛类物质异常敏感。But, ;it didn#39;t make a huge a difference in cilantro preference from person to person,; Nicholas Eriksson, the lead author on the study says. In fact, their results suggest that a hatred for cilantro has only a small underlying genetic component. He and his team just published their findings on the arXiv.org.不过该研究的主要作者尼古拉斯·埃里克森告诉记者:“个人对香菜的喜好和这个基因的关系并不大。”实际上,这个研究表明,基因组成只是某些人反感香菜的一小部分原因。埃里克森和他团队的这一研究已经发表在arXiv.org网站上。The scientists pinpointed three more genes that influence our perception of cilantro: Two of the genes are involved with tasting bitter foods and one gene detects pungent compounds, like those in wasabi.通过研究,这些科学家又指出三个影响我们对香菜接受度的基因。其中有两个和品尝苦味有关,第三个和探测类似芥末的刺激性气味有关。Overall, Eriksson says these studies demonstrate that DNA does shape our opinion of cilantro, but probably not enough that we can#39;t overcome it. ;It isn#39;t like your height, that you#39;re stuck with. People can change it,; he says.总之,埃里克森认为,虽然DNA的确会影响人们对香菜的好恶,但却还在可控范围内。他说:“这并不像你的身高一样,一旦定型就不可改变。我们还是可以改变对香菜的看法的。”As Nature reports, McGee offers a strategy for building up an appreciation for the herb: Try a cilantro pesto. Crushing the leaves, he says, releases enzymes that convert the soapy, stinky compounds into more mild aromas.根据《自然杂志》的报道,麦基为我们提供了一个接受香菜的食谱:香菜蒜香酱。把香菜的叶子捣碎,这样香菜就能释放出多种酶,把刺鼻的肥皂味变成更轻微的香气。But Julia Child, an avowed cilantro hater, said she would just pick it out and throw it on the floor, Nature reports.不过《自然杂志》也报道,查尔德依然坚定地站在反对香菜的阵营里,她说她更愿意把香菜挑出来扔到地上。 /201305/240212


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