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What are some things that psychologists know, but most people don#39;t?哪些事心理学家知道,普通人却不知道?You don#39;t really know how happy or sad something is going to make you in the future, even though you think you do right now. Put another way, psychologists know that most people are very bad at being able to predict how they will respond to positive or negative events in the future.即使你认为你现在做的很好,你也不会知道将来会有什么让你开心或伤心的事。换言之,心理学家知道,大多数人不擅长预知将来他们在遇到积极或消极的事件时会如何应对。Most happiness researchers (like Dr. Dan Gilbert) believe that there is a ;happiness set point; for most people, and regardless of positive events (winning the lottery) or negative events (losing your home), a person will generally settle back to their own personal happiness set point, which may be higher than some or lower than some.大部分研究幸福心理学的人(如丹尼尔?吉尔伯特)认为,对大多数人来说,有一个“固定的幸福水平”,不管是发生积极的事(票)还是消极的事(失去你的家),一个人通常会回到他们自己原来的幸福水平上,或许高一点也或许低一点。If the happiness set point explains why people can#39;t predict what will make them happy or sad, other psychologists, like Dr. Martin Seligman, suggest that in order to be happier, you have to try to nudge your set point up a point or two.即使幸福的设定点解释了为什么人们不能预测什么会使自己快乐或悲伤,其他心理学家,如Martin Seligman士建议,为了变得更加快乐,你必须尽力让你的平均幸福水平提升一点。I continually work with my clients (and remind myself, as well) that happiness is most likely to be found in this moment, not in any future one regardless of happy plans, goals, and dreams being pursued. And imagining future catastrophes turns this moment into an unhappy one, perhaps more negative than it would actually be if the catastrophe were to actually occur.我常与我的客户一起工作(并且也提醒自己),不管你有没有计划、目标或是正在追寻的梦想,幸福最有可能发生在这一刻,而不是在未来的某一天。想象未来可能发生的灾难会让此刻变得不愉快,如果灾难真的发生的话,也许会更加消极。Stereotype threat is a fascinating phenomenon in psychology which describes underperformance among minority groups based on self-perceived stereotypes.刻板印象威胁是心理学中描述了基于自我刻板印象的少数群体表现不佳的一个有趣的现象。What this means is that, if you#39;re part of a minority which you know is typically not perceived to be adept in a certain field, you will do worse than otherwise identical peers who are unaffected by stereotype threat (people not in that minority group).这意味着,如果你是这少数人中的一份子,并且你知道这个群体在某一领域并不擅长,你会比其他没意识到这一点的同辈(不在该少数群体中)变现得更差。There have been some studies which have demonstrated tactics to overcome stereotype threat. The first step is education about stereotype threat itself. Make students aware that this is a psychological effect and that this nonsense about Black people being worse at Math or Asians being worse at writing is bogus.已经有一些研究提出了克刻板印象威胁的策略。第一步是关于刻板印象威胁本身的教育。让学生意识到这是一种心理效应,那些关于黑人在数学上表现更糟或亚洲人书写更差的说法是错误的。But evidence suggests that this only has a temporary effect. To get long-term results, make the student internalize the content surrounding stereotype threat; make them reflect on the content and write about it.但有据表明,这只是暂时的影响。要获得长期的成果,就要使学生内化有关刻板印象威胁的内容;让他们进行反思再写下来。EMDR - A therapy wherein people use a systemic process of alternate tapping or using a prompt to move the eyes back and forth while vividly recalling traumatic memories. It#39;s theorized that the left/right alternating motion encourages the brain to more thoroughly integrate unprocessed memories.眼动身心重建法---在回忆有创伤的记忆时,人们系统地交替轻拍或快速来回转动眼睛的治疗方法。它认为,目光左右移动能让大脑更彻底地加速记忆处理的速度。Tourette Syndrome - Is not just yelling out swear words. It does however involve impulses which are very difficult for the person to suppress.抽动秽语综合征-不只是喊着骂人的话。然而,它确实包含冲动的成分,而这种冲动非常难压制。Bipolar disorder - Is not someone simply being moody. Full blown (Bipolar I) disorder requires the presence of a Manic episode, which is very intense and can be so extreme as to involve hallucinations.躁郁症-不是简单的喜怒无常。在症状展现出来时,躁狂会发作,这是非常激烈的,也很极端,涉及幻觉。ADHD - Is simply a description of a set of symptoms. It is split into Hyperactive Symptoms and Inattentive symptoms. There are MANY other reasons someone can have a hard time focusing, including things like anxiety and depression.多动症-仅仅是一组症状的描述。它的症状表现为分为多动症状和注意力不集中。有许多原因导致注意力难以集中,这些原因中包括焦虑和抑郁。Anorexia Nervosa - Can exist in Men, and actually can take the form of excessive exercise or bodybuilding.神经性厌食症-可发生于男人身上,实际上可以通过大量运动或健身的形式来改善。People naturally give preference to information which confirms their biases.人们通常偏爱可以实他们的观点信息。 /201703/495370

Being a parent is a challenge, even with the easiest of kids. Nobody feels like they are getting it right. So when you notice your spouse or partner winning at parenting, tell them. They might not know, and your opinion means everything.即使你的孩子特别好带,但为人父母也是种挑战。没有人觉得自己在这件事上完全正确。所以当你注意到你的配偶或另一半在这方面十分成功时,你要告诉他们。因为他们可能并不知道这一点,而且你的观点对他/她来说意味着一切。Lookin#39; Good!看起来真棒!He#39;s been getting up early for spin class. She#39;s been training for a marathon. The results are in. Your partner#39;s body is looking better than ever. So take note and throw a compliment his or her way. It#39;s hard work getting in shape!最近他一直早起上旋转课,而她也一直为了马拉松参加训练。结果显而易见。另一半的身体真是好极了!所以注意这一点,赞美他/她吧,因为保持身材真的很难!Great Balance平衡的很好Your spouse is doing it all-balancing work, home, friends and family. Give him or her a compliment for doing so. And help out. Sounds like he or she could use it.你的配偶分配得很好--平衡了工作、家庭、朋友和家人。赞美他/她如此周到的表现吧!你也可以帮他/她分配,他/她肯定会感谢你的。Nice Hair!发型不错!It may seem trivial, but if she told you she#39;s going to get her hair done, compliment her on it when she returns. A haircut isn#39;t just haircut to most women. Her hair represents so much more, so take note. She paid a lot for that look, and she wants you approval! Go on.这可能看上去微不足道,但如果她告诉你她要去做头发了,那当她回来的时候请赞美她。对大多数女性来说,理发不单单是理发这么简单。她的头发代表着很多东西,所以长点心吧。她对她的发型付出了努力,也希望得到你的认同!去赞美她吧!Never Hurts To Say I Love You说我爱你又不会掉块肉Most couples think it, but don#39;t always remember to say, ;I love you.; Truth is, you can#39;t say it enough. And strong couples say it-and mean it-all the time.大多数情侣都会想,但总忘了说;我爱你。;事实是,这句话怎么说都不为过。恩爱的夫妻时时刻刻都在说,而且是由心而发。Express Gratitude表达感激There#39;s nothing worse than feeling unappreciated by one#39;s partner. A simple way to avoid that is to express gratitude toward your partner and all he or she does for you. It may not seem like a compliment. But when you#39;re on the receiving end, it sure does.没有什么比不受另一半欣赏更糟糕的事了。避免这种情况的简单方法就是向另一半表达感激之情,感谢他/她为你所做的一切。看上去这可能不是赞美,但当你是接受方时,你会开心得不要不要的。Home Sweet Home家,温馨的家Chances are, one person in your relationship takes care of the house more than the other does. That#39;s cool, but make sure to compliment that person on making your house a home. Chances are she or he put a lot of love into making your living space spectacular.恋情中,很有可能一人对家的照顾多于另一方。这很好,但要确保赞美他/她,因为他/她让一座冰冷的房子成为了温馨的家。很有可能他/她倾注了很多的爱才使你们的家如此温暖。Best Friends Forever永远都是最好的朋友You may be in love, but your partner also wants to know that you#39;re best friends. So even though you#39;ve got your bros from college or your gaggle of gals you call bff#39;s, your partner wants to know he or she is your best friend forever.你们可能在相恋,但你的另一半也想知道你们是最好的朋友。所以即使你有大学的兄弟、哥们儿或是死党,但你的另一半仍想知道他/她永远都是你最好的朋友。译文属 /201704/503294


  Web users shocked at Donald Trump#39;s surprise victory have reacted with a string of tongue-in-cheek memes.特朗普意外胜出让网民大跌眼镜,他们进行了一系列恶搞。The Republican has sensationally won the White House – taking Pennsylvania to secure 274 electoral college votes in a humiliating defeat for Hillary Clinton.希拉里在宾西尼亚州惨败给特朗普,令这位共和党人获得274张选举人票,意外入主白宫。But while the 70-year-old#39;s supporters were celebrating victory, shocked Twitter users took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation.但在特朗普的持者庆祝胜利时,惊呆了的推特网友借机进行了一番嘲弄。One likened the 70-year-old to Forrest Gump.70岁的特朗普被比作阿甘。Online jokers posted a picture of former president George W Bush raising a glass with a caption saying: #39;Good luck America... and you thought I was an idiot#39;有网友发布了一张美国前总统小布什举着酒杯的图片,上面的文字写着:“为美国祈祷……你们以为我是个蠢货”。One tweet shows an Air Canada jet taking off alongside two passports - along with the caption: #39;Election night starter kit#39;一条推特显示,一架加拿大喷气式飞机正在起飞,旁边是两本护照,标题是“选举之夜的礼包”。One commentator imagined the reaction of Facebook users in the aftermath of the election result一位员设想了脸谱用户得知选举结果后的反应。One showed a picture of the one-time Democrat hopeful Bernie Saunders along with the words #39;Where are you now that I need you#39; - lyrics from a Justin Bieber hit.在一张图片中,前民主党候选人伯尼.桑德斯身旁配有一段文字:“你现在在哪里,我需要你”——这句是贾斯汀.比伯的热门歌词。One tweet simply showed a US flag along with the words #39;If I#39;m being honest, I#39;m terrified#39;.一条推文简洁明了地在一面美国国旗旁配了几个字:“要是说实话,那真是吓着我了”。Another post suggested an election night drinking game, with the rules being: #39;Drink. Then keep drinking#39;.另一条推文建议在选举之夜玩一个饮酒游戏,规则是:“喝,接着喝#39;。A Twitter user defended Trump, remembering his brief appearance in the 1990 movie Home Alone. A clip of the scene was accompanied by the caption: #39;Everyone#39;s bashing Trump but I don#39;t remember Hillary helping Kevin find the lobby...#39;一位推特用户为特朗普“辩护”,回忆起他在上世纪90年代电影《小鬼当家》里的短暂亮相。给这段视频配上了文字:“每个人都在抨击特朗普,但是我不记得希拉里帮助凯文找到酒店大堂。”Twitter users were quick to point out that The Simpsons predicting Donald Trump would be president of America 16 years ago推特用户很快发现,《辛普森一家》16年前就预测出特朗普会成为美国总统。One Twitter user reworked the design for Fallout, a post-apocalyptic game, with the faces of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump一位推特用户把《辐射》的封面设计改成了希拉里和特朗普的脸,这是一个后末日题材的视频游戏。Another tweet imagined the possibility of rapper Kanye West standing for election in 2020另一条推文设想侃爷参加2020年的美国大选。A scene from the comedy classic Airplane was used in one tongue-in-cheek meme this morning经典喜剧《逢凶化吉满天飞》的一幕今早被拿来恶搞。His triumph over Hillary Clinton will end eight years of Democratic dominance of the White House and threatens to undo major achievements of President Barack Obama.特朗普战胜希拉里意味着民主党对白宫8年的统治即将结束,奥巴马总统取得的主要成果面临被废止的威胁。He#39;s pledged to act quickly to repeal Obama#39;s landmark health care law, revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite important trade deals with other countries, particularly Mexico and Canada.特朗普承诺迅速采取行动废除奥巴马具有里程碑意义的卫生保健法,撕毁与伊朗的核协议,并改写与其他国家的重要贸易协定,特别是墨西哥和加拿大。The Republican blasted through Democrats#39; longstanding firewall, carrying Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that hadn#39;t voted for a GOP presidential candidate since the 1980s.共和党此次将民主党的长期票仓宾夕法尼亚和威斯康星收入囊中,这两个州自上世纪80年代以来就未曾持过共和党总统候选人。He needed to win nearly all of the competitive battleground states, and he did just that, claiming Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and others.特朗普需要赢得几乎所有的关键摇摆州,包括佛罗里达,俄亥俄,北卡罗莱纳等,而他做到了。One tweet imagined Trump and Clinton as divorced parents battling for custody of their children along with the words #39;...but we just wanna live with Gradpa Bernie#39;一条推文把特朗普和希拉里想象成一对争夺孩子监护权的离婚夫妻,并配上文字:“……但是我们只想和伯尼爷爷一起生活”。One tweet, showing a content-looking woman sleeping said: #39;How Canadians are sleeping tonight knowing they have a chill, dope, Prime Minister eh#39;一条推特中,一个面容安详的女人正在睡觉,推文写道:“加拿大人今晚如何入眠,听说他们那儿很冷、毒品泛滥,总理,呃……”。Global stock markets and U.S. stock futures plunged deeply, reflecting investor alarm over what a Trump presidency might mean for the economy and trade.全球股市和美国股市暴跌,这反映出投资者十分担心特朗普当选总统对经济和贸易的影响。Trump will take office with Congress expected to be fully under Republican control.在特朗普任期内,预计国会将被共和党完全掌控。GOP Senate candidates fended off Democratic challengers in key states and appeared poised to maintain the majority. Republicans also maintained their grip on the House.共和党参议院候选人在关键州压制了民主党对手,似乎有望保持绝对多数。共和党人在白宫也维持主导地位。Another Twitter user mocked up Mount Rushmore showing nervous-looking former Presidents一位推特用户恶搞了总统山,图片上前总统们的表情显得十分不安。Many commented about Trump#39;s glance across to his wife while she was voting当特朗普的妻子投票时,他瞟向了妻子,网友对此议论纷纷。 /201611/477783。

  A Beijing court last Tuesday ordered Internet celebrity Sun Jie and Hong Kong-based herbal drink maker Jiaduobao Group (JDB), to apologize to the family of deceased war hero Qiu Shaoyun for microblog posts that the court said hurt Qiu#39;s reputation and honor.因网红孙杰和香港草本饮料公司加多宝微发帖损害了已故战争英雄邱少云的声誉,北京一家法庭于上周二宣判,要求孙杰及加多宝公司向邱少云的家属道歉。The Daxing District People#39;s Court said Sun and JDB must issue public apologies for five consecutive days, and pay 1 yuan (about 15 US cents) in compensation as requested by Qiu Shaohua, Qiu Shaoyun#39;s brother.北京大兴区人民法院称,孙杰和加多宝公司必须连续五天张贴公开道歉声明,并且如邱少云弟弟邱少华所要求的那样,向邱少云的家属付1元人民币(约合15美分)的赔偿金。Qiu, who Chinese children learn about in school, is a war hero who resisted US aggression and aided North Korea (1950-1953).正如中国孩子们在学校里了解到的那样,邱少云是抗美援朝战争中的一个战争英雄。The story goes that Qiu, 26, was hiding in the grass on Hill 391 before an attack, but an American incendiary bomb was dropped nearby, and instead of abandoning his position and that of hundreds of fellow Chinese soldiers, he stood on the ground and was burned to death.他的英雄事迹是这样的,在一场进攻发起之前,当时26岁的邱少云躲藏在391高地的草丛里,而美军的一枚燃烧弹掉落在了他附近,但是邱少云没有暴露自己和数百名战友藏身的位置,他在草丛中苦苦坚持,最终被烈火焚身而牺牲。Skeptical of the official story, Sun Jie mocked Qiu Shaoyun as ;barbecued meat; in a post in 2013 on Sina Weibo to his over six million followers, saying that ;consumers refused to pay for [Qiu#39;s meat] as it was only half roasted.;孙杰对这一官方发表的世纪表示质疑,于是便在2013年的时候,对其600多万微粉丝发文嘲笑邱少云是“烤肉”,说“顾客们拒绝为(邱少云)的肉埋单,因为只烤了一面。”;They think the #39;barbecued meat#39; of Lai Ning is better,; he continued, referring to a 14-year-old Chinese middle school student who died trying to help put out a forest fire in 1988.孙杰继续说道:“他们认为赖宁的#39;烤肉#39;更好一点”,他指的赖宁是1988年因为帮助扑灭森林大火而牺牲的一名14岁的中学生。The post caused quite a stir before Sun deleted it the next day. In April 2015, the JDB referenced the controversy again by promising in its own Weibo post to give 100,000 cans of herbal tea to Sun should he open a barbecue shop.这份帖子在网上引起了轩然,孙杰第二天就将其删除。而到了2015年四月,加多宝再次提及了这一争论,该公司在其微上发言声称,如果孙杰开烤肉店的话,承诺将送给他10万罐凉茶。The beverage group soon issued a statement of apology after the post, but Qiu Shaoyun#39;s brother filed a lawsuit against Sun and JDB in June 2015, demanding ;the immediate cessation of the infringement, elimination of ill effects, issue apologies and provide mental compensation of one yuan.;在发表该言论之后不久,加多宝公司随即发表声明表示道歉,但是邱少云的弟弟在2015年6月向孙杰和加多宝提起了法律诉讼,要求“立即停止侵权行为、消除影响、赔礼道歉、并且付1元的赔偿金。”In its verdict, the court said Sun#39;s comments were derogatory and humiliating.在判决中,法院指出,孙杰的言论是对邱少云的贬低和羞辱。The sp of such comments online had ;a negative impact, had affected public sentiment and undermined the public interest, and had caused Qiu#39;s family psychological trauma,; it said.法院判决指出,这种言论在网上传播产生了“一个消极影响、影响了公众情绪、破坏了公共利益,并且给邱少云的家属带来了心理伤害。” /201609/468658

  7 Ways To Manage Stress Creatively7个创意方法,帮你管理自己的压力Stress is a huge problem for us all. Here’s what I’ve learned and apply to manage stress using my creativity.对于我们所有人来说,压力都是个大问题。我在这分享点我自己学到的东西:如何用自己的创造力来管理压力。1. You don’t have to be a “tortured” artist.并不是只有“苦难”才能出诗人It’s easy to use drugs, alcohol, and other crutches to “enhance” our creativity. We’re too disoriented to be thinking about the future, or the past, and we just focus on what’s directly in front of us. We can express ourselves without these crutches.用药物、酒精或者其他的辅助品通常能很容易地“增强”我们的创造力。因为它们把我们弄迷糊了,让我们看不到未来和过去,只能着眼于当下。(其实只要主动着眼于当下)我们即使不用这些东西也能发挥自己的创造力。2. Take care of your self. Mind AND Body.照顾好你自己,心灵与身体都要。Putting my creativity and my work first, I often neglected to eat, exercise, even stand up from my desk. I spent the whole year in non-stop pain – constant doctors which only caused me to feel depressed, sad and useless. I now realize that how I feel physically (and mentally) is more important than the work I create. Taking care of myself includes all natural remedies such as acupuncture, herbs and vitamins as my only form of medicine. I’m learning how to say no to social pressures, in favor of my own well being.我曾把创造力和工作放在第一,经常忽视吃饭,锻炼,甚至从桌边站起来。我花了整整一年的时间不停地找医生治疗,而这些只会让我感到沮丧、悲伤和无助。我现在意识到,比起我创作的作品,身心健康更为重要。我照顾自己的方法包括所有的自然疗法,如针灸、草药和维生素(唯一可以算药物的东西)。为了有利于我自己的幸福,我在学习如何对社会压力说“不”。3. Don’t worry about what other people think of you.不要担心其他人是怎么看待你的This is easier said than done, but I promise it does come with age. No one cares about what you’re doing unless what you’re doing affects and/or benefits them in some way. A lot of people do offer unsolicited advice, it’s human nature to want to help other people… but if that advice is coming from a place of control or judgement, RUN in the opposite direction.说起来容易,但做起来难。不过我保随着年龄的增长,这种想法会变得容易接受些。如果你所做的事情对他们没有影响或者益处,没有人会关心你在做什么。很多人会提供主动的建议,这是人类的天性——想帮助其他人……但如果这个建议是一种控制或评判,这就不对了。4. Stop Judging.不要不停地评判(自己正在创造的东西)The judgements, awards and critiques of other people are nothing but words constructed as a way of comparing you to someone else. Art is often made to be critiqued, and I love dissecting a good painting or film. However, as the artist, the joy of creativity SHOULD come from the process of creating.其他人的评价、赞扬和批评只不过是些将你与别人比较而说的文字罢了。艺术往往是需要受到批判的,我喜欢仔细分析一幅好画或是一部好电影。然而,作为艺术家,创造力的喜悦应该来自创造的过程。正反馈可以令人为之振奋。评价通常是一种衡量成功的方法。最令人感到愉悦的方法是对你身在何方和你现在所拥有的一切心存感激。5. Don’t Compare.不要做比较Stress is often caused by comparison to others.Most people are not as happy as they portray themselves to be. The best advice I ever heard was this… Don’t compare your inside to other people’s outside. Be open to new experiences, be kind to yourself and accepting of the journey which is life. Being present means not thinking into the future, or harping on the past. The coolest thing about being present is that CREATIVITY LIVES IN THE MOMENT. Each moment is UNIQUE.与别人的比较往往会引起压力。其实,大多数人并不像他们所描绘的那样快乐。我听过的最好的建议是,不要拿你内在的东西和别人外在的东西进行比较。学会接受新的经验,善待自己,并接受如旅程般的生活。活在当下就是不考虑将来,或唠叨过去。最酷的事情是要创造性生活在当下。每一刻都是独一无二的。6. Your intentions matter.你的初衷很重要It’s important to remember why you started doing something. What was your intention? I remind myself to enjoy the process of my creative fun stuff, it’s for me. If others like it, great, but it’s the enjoyment of my creative intention, in the moment, that I treasure.重要的是你要记住为什么开始做某事。你的初衷是什么?我提醒自己要享受创造乐趣的过程,最终目的是为了我自己的快乐。如果别人喜欢它,这很好,但更为重要的是,它让我享受到了创作的乐趣。我很珍惜那一刻。7. Accept Creativity as Work…because who wants a real job anyway?将创造力视作工作……因为,谁想真地工作呢?The biggest skill is being able to separate yourself from your work. This is helpful in our own creative work. If someone doesn’t like our painting, that shouldn’t send us into a spiral of distress. Newsflash: this happens at any job. We have to work, in order to live. So why not spend your days practicing your craft? Why not spend your days being creative?我认为最大的技能,是能够将你自己和工作分开。在进行创造性的工作时,这是有帮助的。因为虽然这些只是我们的工作和创造力,而非我们自己。如果有人不喜欢我们的画,我们不应该把自己陷入痛苦的恶性循环之中。 /201701/487926After 37 years of perpetual complaining Hubert#39;s face imploded经过37年的不间断抱怨,休伯特的脸内爆了 /201612/481836Modern Situation of Chinese Textile Industry中国纺织业的现状In today#39;s reforming and opening China , while many mass production enterprises are the principal force in textile industry,traditional folk textile still has its share in the market. Along with the rise of people#39;s living standard, folk textile as a practical and aesthetic handiwork has nevertheless won people#39;s favor. Traditional spinning and weaving techniques and ancient looms are still playing their role in vast areas in the country. For example, the rural women in the southwest part of Shandong Province are still making a cotton fabric that enjoys a good reputation as “Luxinan brocade”, while the rural women in Mount Yimeng area#39;s handmade printed cotton fabrics are also well liked in the world market. Traditional folk textiles as such enter into the lives of various nationalities carrying with them the strong cultural flavor and also bearing evidence of Chinese women#39;s diligence and intelligence.随着现今中国的改革开放,纺织工业是许多大规模生产企业的主要力量,民间传统纺织仍然有其市场份额。随着人们生活水平的提高,民间纺织作为一种实用和美观的手工也仍赢得了人们的青睐。传统的纺织技术和古老的织布机在广大地区的国家仍然发挥着重要作用。例如,在山东省西南部的部分农村妇女仍在织棉织物,享有良好的声誉“鲁西南锦”,而在沂蒙地区的农村妇女做的手工印花纯棉布在世界市场也很受欢迎。传统民间纺织就这样携着各民族浓厚的文化韵味进入世界,也是中国女性勤劳和智慧的据。 /201609/468102

  Malik regretted after a few months, that he had asked Aia if they should watch the sunset together几个月后,马立克后悔当初约艾尔阿一起看天边的日落啊(“好想好想和你在一起,并肩看天边的落日”,赵薇唱得很美好、很浪漫,但鉴于他们看落日的经历,看来得考虑天气因素啊!) /201704/504896





  Want to live in India? You can, if you#39;re willing to invest .5 million.想住在印度?只要你愿意投资150万美元就行了。The Indian government is launching a new program that rewards foreigners with a 10-year residency permit if they invest .5 million in the country over an 18-month period.印度政府正在出台一项新计划,外国人只要在18个月内投资150万美元,就能在印度居留10年。Investors are also required to generate a minimum of 20 jobs for Indian residents per financial year.政府还要求投资者在每个财年都能为印度创造至少20个就业岗位。In return, investors will receive a multiple entry visa and the right to purchase a property. Family members will be able to work and study in India for the duration of the visa, which can be extended by another 10 years.作为回报,这些外国投资者将取得多次入境签,并获准在印度购买一套房子,在签有效期内,其配偶和子女也可在印度工作或求学。居留权还可进一步延长至20年。Roughly 20 countries currently offer immigrant investor schemes. They include the ed States, select countries in Europe and a smattering of island nations in the Caribbean.现在全球大约有20个国家允许投资移民,其中包括美国、欧洲的一些国家和加勒比海的一些岛国。The required investments range from 0,000 to several million dollars, and some countries offer citizenship rather than a residential permit.这些国家的投资额度要求从50万到几百万美元不等。部分国家甚至可直接获得公民权而不是居留许可。In India, the program could attract foreign entrepreneurs who are eager to do business in the world#39;s fastest growing major economy.而在印度,这个新计划能吸引那些希望在全球发展最快的经济体做生意的外商。Under the current rules, foreigners are often caught in tangle of bureaucracy that requires them to frequently switch visas, exit the country for prescribed amounts of time and complete reams of paperwork.在现行制度下,外国人经常被繁琐公文所困扰,比如要求他们频繁更换签,在限定的时间内离开,以及填写大量的文件。Still, the relatively high investment of .5 million could deter businesspeople in all but a few select professions.然而,这个相对较高的150万美元投资要求可能会将投资者局限在某些行业内。For comparison, the U.S. EB-5 immigration program hands out green cards to foreigners who invest just 0,000 and create 10 jobs.相对之下,美国的EB-5移民计划要求,只要投资达到50万美元并创造10个就业机会,就可以发放绿卡。St. Kitts And Nevis in the Caribbean mandates only a 0,000 investment in real estate, or 0,000 in its sugar industry.加勒比海岛国圣基茨和尼维斯则是只要投资至少40万美元于该国房地产,或者投资25万美元其制糖业即可。 /201609/466143

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