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新疆阿克苏市第一人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱阿拉尔做疤痕修复多少钱Michael would always do funny things, anything for a laugh.迈克尔总是会为了君一笑 而做些很搞笑的事Anything for a laugh.只要能引人发笑La Toya was always very persnickety拉托雅对自己的房间about the way she kept her room.总是很要求And she had this beautiful...她那时有...l think it was a white satin bedsp that she had just gotten.我记得好像是一床缎做的被单才刚入手Michael took some invisible ink迈克尔竟然拿神奇墨水and he sp it all over the bedsp, squirted it all over.洒得一床都是And then he had her come in and look at it. she was livid.然后再叫她来看 她简直气炸了Michael used to love telling me stories about Gary, lndiana,迈克尔以前常爱跟我说印第安纳州瑞城的事especially how he would have a candy store,尤其是他开糖果铺的事and he would sell candy to all the neighbours,卖糖果给附近的小孩and to his brothers.还有他的兄弟And he never made any money doing it,但他从来就没赚过钱but he showed signs of being an entrepreneur at a very young age.但在很小时就显现出企业家的风范As kids, we had a lot of fun.我们的童年很有趣You know, just playing around in the neighbourhood.每天就在附近玩Playing practical jokes,搞恶作剧throwing balloons out the car windows at bus stops,从车上对着公交车站牌扔汽球singing and dancing to every song that came on the radio.跟着收音机上的歌又唱又跳的201508/390762阿克苏市自体脂肪填充多少钱 How to Carve on Skis走刃转弯/卡宾Theres a lot of information out there about carving.在这儿有许多关于卡宾的介绍。These days you can buy carving skis, carving gloves, carving underpants,现在你可以买卡宾滑板,卡宾手套,卡宾衬裤。were going to clear up some of these misconceptions and make it nice and easier for you to understand.我们会澄清一些误区让你更容易理解卡宾。A pure carved turn is a turn where the ski is gripping and biting and the shape of the ski is turning you, and this is the important bit - there is no skidding.一个单纯的卡宾转弯就是滑雪板紧贴,咬紧雪面,滑雪板的形状带着你转弯,非常重要的一点---没有搓雪。The moment you have skidding in your turn it is no longer a carved turn.在转弯中只有你有搓雪行为就不再是卡宾转弯。Skidding is important in your everyday skiing but we are going to focus just on the carving.在你的日常滑雪中搓雪滑雪非常重要但今天我们只谈卡宾。So while were on the subject of carving, lets take a closer look at the ski.所以当我们谈卡宾时,我们先仔细看一下滑雪板。The ski is thinner in the middle than it is at the top and the bottom.滑雪板中间细两头宽。The skis creating an hourglass shape.滑雪板形成一个沙漏形状。When I put that onto the edge, its actually going to start to bend当我在刀刃用力时,它就开始弯曲。and that is what is going to take me round.弯曲的滑板开始带我转弯。Its not a new idea, skis have had sidecut , which is what its called, for over a hundred years.这不是一个新名词,滑雪板有侧切, 我们已经叫了一百多年了。If I put the ski onto the edge, youre going to notice that theres a gap here through the middle of the ski.如果我把滑雪板侧立,你会看到在滑雪板的中段有空隙。If I then put pressure and push through it, you can see the ski bending and flexing and its that thats going to take you round the corner.如果我用力压滑板你会看到滑板弯曲,这就会带你在拐角处转弯。Im on the edge and the shape of the ski is making me turn.我的板刃立起,滑雪板的形状让我转弯。In this turn the skis are skidding, creating resistance and its not a carved turn.在这个转弯中滑雪板是搓雪,形成了阻力。这就不是卡宾转弯。Ive found myself a nice, easy slope, all Im going to do is start to slide across and roll those knees and ankles in towards the slope.我给自己找了一个非常好的容易的斜坡,我打算滑行通过,利用膝盖和脚踝的动作下坡。It starts easy, and then Im going to gently build it up.开始是放松的,后我慢慢稳固Feet hip width apart, hands nicely in front, and from here I can just gently roll the skis on, Im not trying to turn, just feel the skis turning you.双腿分开与臀部同宽,双手在前,从这儿我能轻柔的左右换刃。我不试着转弯,只是让滑雪板带你转弯。Its all about trust, as I roll onto the edge the ski will turn.信任你的感觉,当板刃立起,雪板就会转弯.All Ive done here is come slightly higher on the slope, my skis are going to be pointing more downhill, but Im doing exactly the same thing.我所做的就是从稍微高一点的坡上下来,我的滑雪板更多的指向山下,但我的动作和前面完全一样。Start to slide down, now just feel those edges biting, but dont try and do too much ,just let it happen smooth.开始朝下滑行,感觉到刀刃的咬紧,但不要太用力,只是让它自然平顺的发生。Im spending more time pointing down the hill picking up speed but its the same movement.我更多的朝山下滑得以加快速度,但动作还是一样。Ive come even further up the hill and were going to complete a whole turn.我来到更高一点的山,我们要完成一整个弯。The trick is to be patient at the start. Feel the ski engage,开始时要有耐心,感应滑雪板的接触。and what I mean by that is feel the edge,我的意思是感应它的刀刃and then just gradually build it up through the turn.通过转弯慢慢稳固So Im starting to slide in, really smooth,我开始滑动,非常流畅feel the skis come round, and gently build the edge through the turn.感觉滑板开始转弯,通过弯加强刀刃的感觉。This is now a complete turn.这是一个完整的弯。Im on one set of edges, then roll the skis flat, feel the new edges engage and start to turn.我在滑板上,让滑板放平,感觉另一边板刃开始接触并转弯。Remember. Be patient.记住:要有耐心A great way to feel the skis engage is to use a gentle slope最好的办法来感觉滑雪板刃的接触是找一个缓坡转动膝盖和脚踝换刃.and then just roll the knees and ankles from side to side.非常轻微的动作但却是感觉滑板工作的一条有效的办法。Its a very subtle movement, but an effective way to feel the ski working.这是非常好的一个斜坡来练习用膝盖运动来换刃.This is a great slope just to practice rolling those knees and edges into the slope.你可能会直直的下去,所以在这里多练练。Youd probably just go straight down here, so use it for training.当你的雪感提升,你可以开始连接这些弯并加快速度As your feel for the ski improves, you can start to link the turns and pick up the speed.有耐心的开始转弯就会让你不是搓雪A patient start to the turn will stop the ski skidding, roll the edges on gently and let the skis work.轻柔的换刃让滑雪板滑动.All the things weve looked at there will help you in your general skiing,所有这些都将有帮助于你平时的滑雪活动its not just about carving.这不仅是卡宾Try not to draw a massive line between carving and everything else, feeling that nice, strong edge helping you come round the corner,不要在卡宾和其他动作之间画上一条粗粗的线, 感觉那美好而又坚挺的板刃帮助你在滑雪板拐弯处转弯Its a general skill that youre going to use all around the mountain,这是一项基本技能你可以在任何山上使用。and as it gets steeper youre going to have to replace a percentage of that carve with a skid,当你滑的地方变得陡峭之后你可以适当搓雪,but make it a nice progressive, controlled skid, and even if the ski is skidding,但要确保搓雪是流畅的,有控制的.the ski is still bending and helping you go round the corner. Thats carving.滑雪板弯曲帮助你转弯就是卡宾。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201506/379776乌鲁木齐美容医生高峡

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铁门关市自体脂肪移植隆胸价格During pregnancy, many women will have food cravings怀期间,许多女性会突然很想吃一些食物based on taste, smell, or texture.食物种类因味道,气味,或材料不同In some women, these cravings can be dangerous.对一些女性而言,这种渴望有可能很危险PICA is an abnormal ingestion of non-food items异食癖是指一种不正常的摄入非食物类or ingestion of food in excessive amounts.或过量摄入食物PICA is a potentially fatal and may lead to异食癖很可能是致命的,也许会complications to the pregnancy影响怀depending on what substance is consumed.这主要取决于食用了什么物质Consumption of laundry detergent, baking soda,异食癖的妇食用洗衣粉,小苏打corn starch, or coffee grounds has been reported玉米淀粉,或咖啡渣都in women with PICA.已经是报道过的了Intestinal disturbances, such as an obstruction肠功能失调,例如会引发阻塞or contamination can result from these situations或污染or more severe complications,或者更严重的影响for example metabolic alkalosis, can occur例如,有可能发生代谢性碱中毒if a box of baking soda is consumed.如果用了一盒小苏打的话Over consumption of foods can also lead to过量食用食物也会引发excess weight gain or hyperglycemia.超重或高血糖症Furthermore, women can damage their teeth此外,女性很有可能损伤自己的牙齿by either consuming hard or acidic compounds.如果吃太硬或太酸的食物的话Studies have shown a smaller head circumference研究表明,胎儿的头围变小of the child is correlated with the mother eating clay与母亲在期食用or dirt during pregnancy.黏土或泥土是有关的The poison center advises women not to防中毒中心建议女性consume coffee grounds不要食用咖啡渣because it can be associated with caffeine toxicity.因为有可能会咖啡因中毒PICA is a medical emergency异食癖是一种医疗紧急事故and at the first sign of this abnormal behavior,一旦发现这种不正常的行为medical assistance must be sought就应寻求医疗帮助to prevent damage to the health以避免损害of the mother and the baby.母体和胎儿的健康Less severe than PICA, many women think that没有异食癖那么严重的是,许多女性认为cravings are a sign that the baby needs specific food渴望某种事物表示胎儿需要某种食物and that they are free to eat whatever they feel like.因此,母亲可以随意食用胎儿想吃的食物For example, the coworker例如who munches on a jar of pickles throughout the day一个妇整天都嚼食一罐酸菜because she believes that the baby wants them因为她觉得胎儿需要may be increasing here intake of sodium但这会过量增加钠元素的摄入量to a dangerous level.引发危险Several years ago,几年前the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated that美国妇产科学院申明when exercising while pregnant heart rate锻炼时,妇的心率should not exceed 140 beats per minute每分钟不能超过140下and the exercise shouldnt last more than 15 minutes.锻炼时间也不应超过15分钟Now the American College of Obstetricians如今,美国妇产科学院and Gynecologists recommend moderate exercise建议妇要进行适当的运动30 minutes or more for most days of the week.尽量每天锻炼30分钟或30分钟以上For many women, once they learn that对许多女性而言,一旦她们得知they are pregnant, they stop exercising.自己怀了,就停止锻炼了For some, this may be because they dont understand对一些人而言,也许是因为她们不懂得the benefits of regular exercise经常锻炼的益处or they feel uncomfortable.或是她们觉得不舒During pregnancy, changes occur in hormones,怀期间,激素水平body, balance, and heart rate.体重,平衡状态及心率都会发生变化Because of the extra weight,由于体重增加balance will be off and joints will be strained.身体会失去平衡,关节也会扭伤Also, exercise increases the flood of oxygen blood锻炼能够使更多的有氧血液to the muscles being worked and away from other parts流入锻炼的肌肉或者将有氧血液移除of your body including the fetus.身体其他部位包括胎儿部位Therefore, care must be taken to participate in exercise因此,必须小心谨慎地参加锻炼that avoids these issues.以避免这些问题The first step is第一步to speak with your healthcare professional与自己的医疗保健医师进行沟通before starting an exercise regimen.然后再开始锻炼养生Exercising has many benefits锻炼的益处很多for both the mother and the fetus.对母亲和胎儿都很有益For the mother, it can improve对母亲而言,能够提高cardiovascular function, limit pregnancy weight gain,心血管功能,控制期体重增加decrease muscle and skeletal discomfort,减少肌肉和骨骼不适reduce muscle cramps, reduce lower limb swelling,减少肌肉痉挛,减少下肢肿胀and stabilize mood.平和内心等201503/365610 In vast particle accelerators like this one at CERN in Switzerland在巨大的粒子加速器里 例如瑞士欧洲核子研究委员会这一台Scientists are on the hunt for quarks and other subatomic particles.科学家正在寻找夸克和其它亚原子粒子By smashing protons together at incredible speed借由以惊人的速度将质子互相对撞We can study the behavior of the tiniest particles in nature.就能研究自然界最小粒子的行为Although we havent enable to directly observe quarks,虽然我们无法直接观察夸克we have seen evidence of particle behavior predicted by the quark model.却看到了从夸克模型预测粒子行为的据So do Quarks exist?那么夸克到底存不存在?The answer is they exist only as a model that works.是夸克只存在于相符的模型当中That is as far as we can go这就是我们目前所知道的This is called the concept of model dependent reality.即我们所能建立的模型中 这种概念就称为;模态实在论;And I believe that lead us directly to the meaning of life.我认为这就能直接解释生命的意义To my mind,science has taught us something pretty remarkable:就我看来 科学让我们得知非常不可思议的事情We humans are highly complex biological machines behaving in accordance人类是高度复杂的生物机器with the laws of nature. Our brains create and sustain our conscious mind行为举止全根据自然法则 大脑得以创造并延续人的意识through an extraordinary network of interacting neurons.有赖于奇妙的神经元互动网络That consciousness creates a three-dimensional model而人的意识 创造了of the outside world:外在世界的三维模型a best fit model that we call reality.这种最适模型就是我们所谓的现实201602/427958乌鲁木齐整形美容医院丰唇怎么样乌鲁木齐妊娠纹去除



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