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图木舒克哪家医院脱毛好新疆沙绣眉哪里好昆玉哪家美容医院比较好 The film critics of The New York Times — Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott — share their picks the best movies of the year.时报影评人曼诺拉·达吉斯(Manohla Dargis)与A·O·斯科特(A. O. Scott)分享他们挑选的年度最佳电影Manohla Dargis曼诺拉·达吉斯. Another 6 Favorites — because why not? Many of these could have made my top on another day. “’71,” “Amy,” “Anomalisa,” “Blackhat,” “Chi-Raq,” “Ex Machina,” “Experimenter,” “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,” “The Good Dinosaur,” “The Great Man,” “Inside Out,” “Joy,” “Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles,” “Magic Mike XXL,” “Office,” “Results,” “The Revenant,” “Seymour: An Introduction,” “Shaun the Sheep Movie,” “Spy,” “Straight Outta Compton,” “Tangerine,” “Timbuktu,” “Trainwreck,” “White God” and “The Wolfpack.”. 另外6部我喜爱的影片——为什么不呢?其中很多影片本可以跻身我的十佳之列的《迷失1971(’71)、《艾米(Amy)、《失常(Anomalisa)、《骇客交锋(Blackhat)、《芝拉克(Chi-Raq)、《机械姬(Ex Machina)、《实验者(Experimenter)、《诉讼(Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem)、《恐龙当家(The Good Dinosaur)、《伟人(The Great Man)、《头脑特工队(Inside Out)、《奋斗的乔伊(Joy)、《洛杉矶消逝的风景(Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles)、《魔力麦克(Magic Mike XXL)、《办公室(Office)、《结果(Results)、《荒野猎人(The Revenant)、《西默简介(Seymour: An Introduction)、《小羊肖恩(Shaun the Sheep Movie)、《女间谍(Spy)、《冲出康普顿(Straight Outta Compton)、《橘色(Tangerine)、《廷巴克图(Timbuktu)、《生活残骸(Trainwreck)、《白色上帝(White God)及《狼群(The Wolfpack). Most Hopeful Sign At one point, you could feel the status quo shift as it became O.K. to talk about discrimination in the industry not just openly but also loudly. Viola Davis spoke out, as did Jennifer Lawrence, who went public about making less than her male co-stars. “I didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled,’” she wrote in the newsletter Lenny, speaking many, including those with far more modest paychecks.. 最有希望的迹象有段时间,你会觉得现状已经改善了,人们可以公开大声谈及业内的歧视现象维奥拉·戴维斯(Viola Davis)出来说话,詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)公开谈起,自己比片中的合作男星片酬少“我不想被视为‘难搞’或者‘被宠坏了’,”她在简报《伦尼(Lenny)中为许多人发言,其中包括许多薪酬更低的人们. Even Better In October, The Los Angeles Times reported that the Equal Employment Opporty Commission was investigating gender discrimination in the industry, just as the American Civil Liberties Union requested state and federal agencies do after it conducted its own inquiry.. 还有更好的月,《洛杉矶时报报道,平等工作机会委员会正在调查这个行业内的性别歧视现象,美国民权同盟要求各州与联邦机构继自己之后各自进行调查. On the Other Hand Here is an estimate of the movies directed by women that were released by major studios this year: Warner Bros. (five! — Lana Wachowski, Anne Fletcher, Dana Nachman, Nancy Meyers, Patricia Riggen); Universal (three — Sam Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Banks, Angelina Jolie); Disney (one — Niki Caro); Paramount (0); Fox (0); and Sony (0). (I excluded Fox and Sony’s specialty s.). 另一方面下面是一份今年大制片公司发行,由女导演执导的粗略名单:华纳兄弟五部!包括拉娜·沃卓斯基(Lana Wachowski)、安妮·弗莱彻(Anne Fletcher)、黛娜·纳彻曼(Dana Nachman)、南希·迈耶斯(Nancy Meyers)和派翠西亚·莱根(Patricia Riggen)环球影业三部,包括萨姆·泰勒·约翰逊(Sam Taylor Johnson)、伊丽莎白·班克斯(Elizabeth Banks)和安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie);迪斯尼一部,尼基·卡罗(Niki Caro)派拉蒙零部福克斯零部索尼零部我没有把福克斯和索尼的独立部门包括进去. An Amazing Coincidence One of the studios with the most on-screen diversity — it released “Trainwreck” and “Straight Outta Compton” (if also “Ted ”) — and with the most female directors is Universal, which, as of early December, had gobbled up almost percent of the year’s market share.. 有趣的巧合环球影业是题材最具多样性的制片公司之一,它发行了《生活残骸,也发行了《冲出康普顿,还有《泰迪熊(Ted )环球影业的女导演也是最多的,月初,它占据了今年%的市场份额. Most Ignored Truism “There’s a myth in the business that young males drive the box office,” Tom Rothman, the chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s motion picture group, told The Hollywood Reporter in November. In this same interview, Alan F. Horn, the chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, tried to make it simple: “There are variables that do affect what one pays any permer. Angelina Jolie, example, got a lot more money ‘Maleficent’ than Daisy Ridley did ‘Star Wars,’ but they’re both women.” (Gee, thanks, Alan!). 最受忽视的真相“这个行业内有一个神话,就是年轻男性主导着票房,”月,索尼电影公司电影组主席汤姆·罗斯曼(Tom Rothman)在接受《好莱坞报道者(Hollywood Reporter)采访时说在同一次采访中,沃尔特·迪士尼公司的主席艾伦·F·霍恩(Alan F. Horn)试图把问题简化,“演员薪酬受很多变量影响比如说,安吉丽娜·朱莉出演《沉睡魔咒(Maleficent)的片酬就比黛西·雷德利(Daisy Ridley)出演《星球大战(Star Wars)高,但她们都是女性”(哦,多谢了艾伦!). Most Complex Hurdle As of Dec. 7, seven out of domestic top-grossing movies released this year had female-driven stories, according to the website Box Office Mojo. By contrast, five out of female-driven stories topped the international market, which s some 70 percent of the industry’s revenue. This may look bad, but the numbers appear marginally better than they have in recent years.. 最复杂的障碍根据Box Office Mojo网站统计,截止到月7日,今年发行的部票房最高的影片中,有7部是由女性主导的与之形成对照的是,部由女性为主导的影片中,有五部在全球票房领先,而海外票房占据了电影业收入的70%这看上去可能很糟,但是比近年的数据要好一点18. Most Interesting Apology (tie) On Nov. 18, The Hollywood Reporter disgorged a 1,0-plus word apology not including any nonwhite permer in its Oscar actress round table. Soon after, the director Alex Proyas and Lionsgate apologized the lack of diversity in the cast in their new movie “Gods of Egypt.”18. 最有趣的道歉(并列)月18日,《好莱坞报道者发表了一份00多字的道歉,因为它的“奥斯卡女星圆桌会议”没有邀请非白人演员出席很快,导演亚历克斯·普罗亚斯(Alex Proyas)和狮门公司就为新片《埃及众神战(Gods of Egypt)中的演员缺乏多样性而道歉19. Going, Going, Almost Gone Quentin Tarantino shot his latest, “The Hateful Eight,” in 70 millimeter, and the film is slated to play in almost 0 theaters that, like most of rooms across the country, now usually use digital projection. Whatever you think of Mr. Tarantino, try to catch “The Hateful Eight” on film so you can see yourself how the industry-enced switch to digital has radically changed movies.19. 前进直至消失昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Trantino)用70毫米胶片拍摄了新片《八恶人(The Hateful Eight),这部影片将在将近0家影院上映,它们和全国大多数影院一样,通常使用数码放映不管你对塔伦蒂诺有何看法,你都应该去影院看《八恶人,这样你就可以自己看看,这个行业被迫转向数码,对电影究竟产生了多大的影响. Best Advice Movie Lovers In August, the scholar Wheeler Winston Dixon sounded an alarm: “If you go on Amazon and you see some great black-and-white film, and it’s going , or any kind of eign or obscure film, buy it, because it’s going out of print, and they’re not going to put them back into print.” Tens of thousands of films that were on VHS never made the jump to DVD or to Blu-ray, Mr. Dixon warns. And the brave new world of downloads (a.k.a. electronic sell-through) — well, tune in next year.. 对电影爱好者的最佳建议8月学者韦勒·温斯顿·迪克森(Wheeler Winston Dixon)发出了警告:“如果你上亚马逊,看到什么精的黑白电影卖三美元,或者其他什么外国电影和鲜为人知的电影,赶快买下来,因为它就要绝版了,他们不会再出版它们了”成千上万这种VHS格式的电影不会被做成DVD格式或蓝光格式,迪克森警告说而下载的美丽新世界(又名电子销售)明年将是好年头 1Who is hosting the Oscars?谁来主持年奥斯卡颁奖典礼?Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars ceremony a second time.脱口秀主持兼喜剧演员艾伦·狄珍妮丝将会第二次主持奥斯卡颁奖典礼Ellen DeGeneres艾伦·狄珍妮丝Age: 56年龄:56岁Job history工作经历Ellen is a stand-up comedian and is best known her self titled talk show, which she hosted since .艾伦是一名优秀的喜剧演员并凭借自年起主持由她自己名字命名的脱口秀节目而被观众喜爱熟知Bee that, she starred in popular sitcom, and has also made a name herself in films.在那之前,她曾出演过大受欢迎的情景剧,并且也因饰演的角色而小有名气She the perfect choice this role, having hosted the Oscars last year, and previously hosted the Grammy Awards and the Primetime Emmys.在主持过去年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼、之前的格莱美奖及艾美奖之后,她无疑是这个角色的最佳选择Ellen DeGeneres:艾伦·狄珍妮丝:I am so excited to be hosting the Oscars the second time. You know what they say - the third time the charm.能够再次主持奥斯卡我感到非常激动和荣幸你知道有句老话:第三次总是幸运的Dawn Hudson, Academy CEO:道·哈德森,学院理事会执行官Ellen is talented, wonderfully spontaneous, and knows how to entertain a worldwide audience. She’s a big fan of the Oscars; we’re huge fans of hers. It’s a perfect match.艾伦非常有才,主持也自然,她知道如何调动世界范围内的观众的心绪她是奥斯卡的铁杆粉丝,而我们也是她的庞大粉丝团真是完美的契合Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Academy President谢丽尔·布恩·艾萨克斯,学院理事会主席I agreed with Craig and Neil immediately that Ellen is the ideal host this year’s show. We’re looking ward to an entertaining, engaging and fun show.我立刻赞同了克雷格和尼尔关于艾伦是今年颁奖礼最合适的主持的想法我们希望举办一场、吸引人而又有趣的颁奖礼 7839新疆医科大学第五附属医院激光脱毛多少钱

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乌鲁木齐市中医医院丰胸多少钱All of us may be trying desperately (or at least occasionally) to eat enough wild Alaskan salmon, leafy greens and quinoa salads. But let’s be honest; if we’re making the eft to pack a bag and book a flight in search of flavor, it’s going to be something decadent.我们大家可能会努力(至少也是偶尔)去吃很多阿拉斯加三文鱼、绿叶蔬菜和藜麦沙拉不过,咱们实话实说吧,如果我们不辞辛苦地整理行装、预订机票去寻找美食,那一定是去找不健康的食品The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival in Ireland and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris are two more obvious choices edible extravagance. Having just celebrated its 60th anniversary, the oyster festival has grown from a banquet 30 to one of Ireland’s most celebrated events, with music, shucking competitions and historical tours marking the beginning of the oyster harvest (Sept. 5 to 7).爱尔兰的戈尔韦国际牡蛎海鲜美食节和巴黎的巧克力沙龙是享用侈美食的两个好选择牡蛎节刚庆祝完60周年纪念,它从一个30人的宴会发展成爱尔兰最著名的活动之一,包括音乐、剥壳大赛以及标志着牡蛎收获季开始的历史游览(9月5日至7日)Salon du Chocolat hosts several events focused on the darling of indulgences, this year in Japan, Belgium, Russia and England; all amuse-bouches to the main course in Paris, a virtual fondue pot of international confectioners and pastry chefs mixing, tasting, building towers out of, and designing clothing with cacao (Oct. to Nov. 1).巧克力沙龙通常会举办好几场活动,全是围绕着这种人们用来宠爱自己的食品今年的活动将在日本、比利时、俄罗斯和英格兰举办;巴黎将展示全套巧克力大餐,从小点心到主菜应有仅有国际糖果商和糕点大厨们会在这些活动中搅拌、品尝巧克力,用可可建大楼、设计装(月日至月1日)But some of the world’s richest treats aren’t quite as refined. Take, instance, the “doppelbock,” a doubly strong version of an aly thick and malty beer first brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich in the th century. Oddly, it was brewed during Lent, when fasting allowed only the consumption of liquids. The more potent the beer, the more nourishment they got, or so the story goes, and the local flock was happy to follow their example.不过,世界上味道最浓郁的一些美食未必都这么精致比如双倍浓郁的doppelbock柏龙啤酒柏龙啤酒本就是口味厚重的麦芽啤酒,最初是世纪慕尼黑修士们酿造的奇怪的是,它是在大斋节(Lent)期间酿造的——大斋节期间禁食,只允许饮用液体啤酒越浓郁,就越有营养,或者至少据说是这样的,所以当地人很乐意效仿修士们的榜样Today, the tradition is celebrated during Starkbierzeit, or “strong beer time,” the first of Germany’s spring beer festivals (Feb. 7 to March ). It begins each year at the Nockherberg brewery’s Paulaner beer hall and garden, mer home to those crafty friars, with the tapping of the first keg of Salvator, the original brew, just as strong. Look other varieties, as well as oompah bands and other entertainment, at any of Munich’s abundant breweries.如今,人们在浓啤酒节(Starkbierzeit)上庆祝这一传统,它是德国的第一个春季啤酒节(月7日至3月日)每年,它在Nockherberg啤酒厂的柏龙啤酒屋和啤酒花园开始,当年那些手艺精湛的修士们就住在这里啤酒节的第一个活动是拧开第一桶Salvator啤酒,也就是最初酿造的那种啤酒,它依然浓郁你可以在慕尼黑的众多啤酒厂寻找其他口味和品牌的啤酒,以及各种节目The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival may have mile-long trains of crawfish b and stuffed-mirliton, but the gumbos and gravies of the South Louisiana Blackpot Festival amp; Cook-Offin Lafayette win crowds with personality. Each pot entered in the festival’s th anniversary cook-off this year (Oct. 3 to ) represents centuries of Acadian and Cajun history, family recipes tweaked and tooled over the years to compete modern palates.新奥尔良爵士乐与遗产节上也许会有一英里长的小龙虾面包和填馅佛手瓜;拉斐特的南路易斯安那黑陶罐和烹饪大赛则以独特的秋葵汤和肉汁吸引游客今年,这个美食节将迎来十周年纪念(月3日至日)烹饪赛上的每个陶罐都代表着阿加底亚人和路易斯安那州法国后裔几百年的历史,这些家庭菜谱在漫长的岁月中不断演变,以迎合现代人的口味Crowds gather at competitors’ pots on Saturday evenings while the judges decide which wins the day in five categories: gravies, gumbos, cracklins (or “gratons”), jambalayas and desserts (yes, pies, cobblers and even cinnamon rolls cooked in cast iron).周六晚上,观众聚集在参赛者的陶罐前,等待裁判们宣布当天的赢家,竞赛分为以下五个类别:肉汁、秋葵汤、猪油渣、什锦饭和甜品(是的,派和水果馅饼,甚至包括用铸铁锅做的肉桂卷)Americana plays throughout, from the region’s best zydeco to Appalachian bluegrass, topped off with an accordion contest and square dancing lessons. And in the campgrounds, where most out-of-towners settle in the night, there’s more grilled boudin sausage and fried catfish to be shared, most likely along with a fiddled fais-do-do from a neighboring tent美国传统贯穿活动全程,从该地区最著名的柴迪科舞到阿巴拉契亚蓝草音乐,还有手风琴大赛和方块舞课程大部分外地人在露营地过夜,那里有烤猪血香肠和煎鲶鱼供大家分享,很可能从旁边帐篷里还会传来fais-do-do小提琴催眠曲Could there be a better promotion a new music festival than the Great Wall of China? The Yin Yang Festival, which made its debut on the wall in Tianjin last fall, is to host a second edition in June ( to ). And while the music is a bit narrow in scope (the website touts it as “high quality noncommercial underground electronic dance music”), it can serve as a good jumping-off point those who want to see more of Chinese culture.要宣传一个新音乐节,还有什么比得过长城?去年秋天,阴阳音乐节在天津的长城上首次亮相,第二届将于今年6月(至日)举办虽然该音乐节的乐曲范围有点窄(官网宣称它是“高品质的非商业地下电子舞曲”),但是对那些想更多了解中国文化的人来说,它是个很好的切入点Tickets include three days of access to the Great Wall, which knocks out a big portion of the to-do list, and the event coincides with one of China’s oldest cultural events, the ,000-year-old Dragon Boat Festival. (Take the high-speed rail to Suzhou to watch races on Lake Jinji.)购买门票后,你可以在长城上游玩三天,这是活动清单上的重头戏该音乐节举办之际,正值中国最古老的节日之一——有00年历史的端午节(你可以乘高铁到苏州观看金鸡湖上的龙舟赛)Just make sure to bring plenty of supplies to Yin Yang, including food and water. Unlike its predecessor, the Great Wall Music Festival (an eclectic mix of dance music at the Juyong pass in Beijing each May), there are few, if any, established vendors nearby. And catch a nap — it’s an all-night affair.不过,去参加阴阳音乐节,你一定要带够食物和水不像它的前辈——长城音乐节(每年5月在居庸关举办的综合舞曲大会)——阴阳音乐节附近几乎没有固定商贩活动开始前,你可以先小睡一会儿——它是个通宵活动 6795 A sluggish summer Hollywood came to a close with a movie that earned the dubious distinction of the worst opening of all time. 随着一部可能赢得了有史以来最糟糕首周末票房头衔的电影公开上映,惨淡的好莱坞(Hollywood)暑期档落下帷幕 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, a family movie from a mer marketer the Teletubbies, earned ,000 over the holiday weekend when it opened on ,0 screens, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com. That gave the film a per-screen average of $, making it the worst wide opening to date, according to the site. 据网站BoxOfficeMojo.com统计,适合全家观看的电影《气球大冒险(The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure)节日周末在,0块银幕上映,获得.8万美元的票房收入该网站表示,这部影片每块银幕的平均票房仅为美元,是迄今为止大范围上映的影片中首周末票房最差的该片制片人曾是幼儿节目《天线宝宝(Teletubbies)的市场推广商 While the season was also marked by a record set on the other end of the spectrum-the biggest opening to date, by the superhero action film The Avengers-this summer box office was down .8% from last year, bringing in $. billion, from $. billion, according to Hollywood.com. 另一方面,今年的暑期档也创造了一项最好纪录--超级英雄动作影片《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)成为迄今为止首周末票房最高的影片但据好莱坞官方网站Hollywood.com统计,今夏的整体票房收入为.8亿美元,较去年的亿美元下跌了.8% Industry executives had high hopes heading into the summer, especially as the season kicked off with the massive success of The Avengers, which took in $. million domestically in its opening weekend in early May (and this weekend surpassed .5 billion in cumulative world-wide receipts). 今年入夏时,业内高管曾对这个暑期档有很高期望,特别是《复仇者联盟以巨大成功拉开暑期档大幕时该片5月初上映首周末便在北美地区狂揽.亿美元,截至上周末其全球票房累计超过亿美元 But despite what appeared to be movie-industry momentum generated by that film and the successful opening earlier in the year of Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol, nearly every other summer film failed to live up to expectations, a fact some blamed on factors beyond the content on the screen. 然而,尽管《复仇者联盟以及今年早些时候《碟中谍:幽灵协议(Mission: Impossible─Ghost Protocol)大获成功的首周末表现似乎为电影业带来了可喜的势头,但暑期档的其它电影几乎都有负众望有人认为这要归因于影片内容之外的因素 I think there still an issue with the economy, said Nikki Rocco, president of distribution Comcast Corp. Universal Pictures. When you get into the real world, frequent moviegoing may be difficult a family. While a few films found success, there were a lot of misses, and that what makes the difference, she said. 康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)旗下环球影业(Universal Pictures)负责影片发行的总裁罗科(Nikki Rocco)说,我认为还是经济有问题,因为说实在的,老去电影院对家庭来说可能有困难她说,虽然有几部电影取得了成功,但很多都不行,于是就出现了这种局面 There were also hurdles both anticipated-namely, the Olympics-and not anticipated. 另外,意料之中(如伦敦奥运会)以及意料之外的各种因素也是今年暑期档票房的拦路虎 The Dark Knight Rises was expected to be one of the biggest openings on record, but its debut weekend was blackened by an opening-night shooting rampage at a theater in Aurora, Colo., that left people dead and 58 injured. Its opening weekend fell about million short of industry expectations, though with . million in cumulative domestic ticket sales, the final film in Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is still the second most-successful film of the year to date. 人们本以为《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)会成为史上首周末票房最高的影片之一,但其上映首周末票房成绩受到美国科罗拉多州奥罗拉市首映现场击事件的影响那次事件造成人死亡,58人受伤该片首周末票房收入比业内预期少约,500万美元尽管如此,这部由克里斯托#86;诺兰(Christopher Nolan)执导的蝙蝠侠三部曲终结篇在北美仍获得了.3亿美元的票房,是年初至今第二大最为成功的电影 Speaking of the Colorado shootings, Erik Lomis, Weinstein Co. president of theatrical distribution, said, You cant quantify how much it hurt, but it hurt that weekend and I think it hurt every action movie afterward. We all tailored the marketing away from what it would have been, because you dont want to be glorifying violence. 温斯坦影业公司(Weinstein Co.)院线发行业务总裁罗米斯(Erik Lomis)在谈到科罗拉多击案时说,无法量化这件事的影响,但它确实对那个周末的票房成绩造成了冲击,而且我觉得也对之后上映的所有动作片产生了负面影响;我们在定制营销策略时都改变了当初的计划,因为我们不想美化暴力 Among the surprise breakouts of the summer was : Obama America, a low-budget documentary critical of President Barack Obama that beat out several new studio titles during its first week of release. The $.5 million film, co-directed by conservative author Dinesh Douza and distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures, has earned $.3 million since its release in late August. 在今年暑期档杀出的黑马当中,有一匹是批评美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)的低成本纪录片《:奥巴马的美利坚(: Obama America)该片上映第一周,就击败了多部新片8月底上映以来,这部耗资50万美元、由保守派作家迪索萨(Dinesh Douza)联合执导、Rocky Mountain Pictures发行的影片已吸金,0万美元 Over the holiday weekend, The Possession, a Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. horror movie, earned .3 million in North American theaters to rank No. 1 at the box office. Lawless, a gangster film distributed by Weinstein Co., took the No. spot, earning $ million domestically through Monday. 狮门影业公司(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.)出品的恐怖片《聚魔柜(The Possession)节日周末以,0万美元的成绩位居北美周末票房排行榜第一位温斯坦影业公司发行的警匪片《无法无天(Lawless)截至周一斩获1,300万美元,位列排行榜第二 1985可克达拉做双眼皮多少钱乌鲁木齐米东区吸脂多少钱



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