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富阳做超导可视人流的价格富阳无痛人流价格比较低杭州富阳中心医院看病贵么 Like many African leaders, Yoweri Museveni preached democracy even as he was seizing power through the barrel of a gun. In his stirring inaugural speech of January 1986, three days after his National Resistance Movement stormed Kampala, Uganda’s new leader spoke eloquently about the cycle of coup and counter-coup despoiling Africa’s political landscape. “We have had one group getting rid of another one, only for it to turn out to be worse than the group it displaced,he said. “The first point in our programme is the restoration of democracy.同许多非洲领导人一样,约韦#8226;穆塞韦尼(Yoweri Museveni)即便在通过杆子夺得政权之时还在宣扬民主986月,他率领的全国抵抗运动组织(National Resistance Movement)攻占了坎帕拉天后,这位乌干达新领导人在就职演说中发表了滔滔雄辩,谈到政变与反政变的恶性循环败坏非洲的政治生态。“我们经历过一个统治集团赶跑另一个统治集团,结果却是迎来了比之前更糟糕的统治集团,”他说,“我们计划的首要着力点是恢复民主制度。Thirty years after those rousing words, Mr Museveni is still in charge. Barring a violent upheaval of the sort that propelled him to power all those years ago, he will remain so for at least another five years following deeply flawed elections that culminate at the ballot box today. After a campaign marred by intimidation, Mr Museveni will be duly returned for a fifth term. He has aly amended the constitution once to scrap two-term limits. If he can do so again, this time to end an age limit of 75, then Mr Museveni, aly 71, may be able to carry on as leader of Uganda well into his eighties. 那些激动人心的言论发0年后,穆塞韦尼仍掌控着这个国家。除非爆发当年将他推上权力宝座的那种暴力动荡,否则他至少将再担任5年总统——乌干达刚刚举行了问题多多的选举。在经过一场被恐吓蒙上阴影的竞选之后,穆塞韦尼将开启第5届总统任期。他早已将宪法修改过一次,废除了最多连任两届总统的限制。如果他能再次修宪——取消总统年龄不超5岁的限制——已1岁的穆塞韦尼或许能继续担任乌干达领导人至80多岁That is quite a feat for someone who once said that the problem with Africa was leaders “who want to overstay in power Even so, Mr Museveni is not the overstayer-in-chief. That honour goes to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea and José Eduardo dos Santos of Angola, who have both lasted 36 years. Robert Mugabe, who turns 92 this weekend, is not far behind. He will celebrate 36 years as Zimbabwe’s leader in April and has pledged to run again in elections due in 2018. Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, who secured power the old-fashioned way in a coup, once told the B he was y to serve for a billion years if Allah willed it. He didn’t mention the will of the people. 对于曾说过非洲的问题就在于国家领导人“恋栈”的人来说,这可是一项壮举。即便如此,穆塞韦尼还不是掌权时间最长的领导人。赤道几内亚总统特奥多罗#8226;奥比#8226;恩圭#8226;姆巴索戈(Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo)与安哥拉总统若泽#8226;爱德华多#8226;多斯#8226;桑托José Eduardo dos Santos)的执政时间都达到6年。刚2岁高龄的津巴布韦总统罗伯#8226;穆加Robert Mugabe)紧随其后。今月,穆加贝将庆祝自己担任津巴布韦领导6周年,他还誓言要再次参018年大选。通过政变这种老方法上台的冈比亚总统叶海#8226;贾梅(Yahya Jammeh)曾在接受B采访时表示,如果真主有意,他愿意再干10亿年。他没有提到人民的意愿The temptation is to see strong leaders the right ones, of course as the best solution for weak and troubled states. Nic Cheeseman, an academic and author of Democracy in Africa, says that the prerequisites of democracy are generally taken to be “a coherent national identity, strong and autonomous political institutions, a developed and vibrant civil society, the effective rule of law and a strong and well-performing economy If that is the case, then, sadly, most African countries need not apply. 世人面临的诱惑在于,把强势领导人——当然是那些合适的领导人——视为虚弱、陷入困境国家的最佳出路。著有《非洲的民主Democracy in Africa)一书的学者尼#8226;奇斯Nic Cheeseman)说,实现民主体制的先决条件通常应包括“一致的国家认同、强大且自治的政治机构、发达且充满活力的公民社会、有效的法治以及强劲且运行良好的经济”。若是这样的话,那么,不幸的是,大多数非洲国家都谈不上实现民主In Asia, some of the most successful economies, from Taiwan to South Korea and, of course, China, took off during dictatorship, even if some of them eventually became robust democracies. The problem for Africa is that leaders of the calibre of China’s Deng Xiaoping or Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew have simply not emerged, save perhaps Nelson Mandela. 在亚洲,一些最成功的经济体——从台湾到韩国,当然还有中国——都是在独裁统治时期实现了经济起飞,即便其中一些经济体最终形成了稳健的民主政体。非洲的问题在于没有出现像中国的邓小平或者新加坡的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)那样有水平的领导人——或许纳尔#8226;曼德Nelson Mandela)除外To be fair to Mr Museveni, his tenure has not been all bad. In his first decade, he presided over a period of political stability after the horrors of Idi Amin. Growth was brisk. Infrastructure was repaired. And Mr Museveni did better than most of his peers some of whom were shamefully neglectful in tackling the Aids epidemic head on. 平心而论,我们也不能全盘否定穆塞韦尼的总统生涯。当政的第一0年期间,在结束了伊迪#8226;阿明(Idi Amin)的恐怖统治后,他为乌干达带来了一段时期的政治稳定。经济实现快速增长。基础设施得到修复。在抗击艾滋病疫情方面,穆塞韦尼比多数非洲领导人——有些可耻地根本不重视——做得更奀?Yet the problem with successful leaders, says Mr Cheeseman, is that “they start to believe their own hype While villains and kleptocrats cling on because they fear reprisal, he says, better leaders stay in power because they genuinely believe no one else can do the job. Without their firm hand, they imagine, the state will slip back into penury or chaos. But holding on means hollowing out the institutions on which the future must be built. That is what has happened in Uganda. 然而,奇斯曼说,成功领导人的问题在于“他们开始相信自己的宣传造势”。他说,恶棍和窃国大盗因为担心报复而恋栈,而较好的领导人不愿下台是因为他们真的相信没有别人能胜任这份工作。在他们的想象中,离开了自己的铁腕统治,国家将再度陷入贫困或混乱。但抓住权力不放意味着,打造未来所必需的各种机构遭到空心化。这正是乌干达所发生的情况The west is often complicit. By the mid-1990s, outright grants accounted for more than half of the Ugandan state’s revenue, up from just 10 per cent when Mr Museveni gained control. One of Africa’s supposedly great success stories was being bankrolled from afar. 西方国家经常与这些领导人沆瀣一气。到上世0年代中期,援助赠款占到了乌干达政府财政收入的一半以上,而这一比例在穆塞韦尼上台时仅为10%。号称伟大的非洲成功故事之一,其实是依靠遥远国度的资金撑起来的History repeats itself. These days Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda since 2000, has replaced Mr Museveni as many donorsAfrican leader of choice. Though he has lost a little of his lustre, Mr Kagame is credited with ending the 1994 genocide and bringing rapid development. Today, donors account for 30-40 per cent of Rwanda’s operating budget. The price of all that love means turning a blind eye to some of the seamier aspects of the Kagame administration: political assassinations, hollowed-out institutions and a cowed press. 历史往往重复自己。如今,000年以来一直担任卢旺达总统的保#8226;卡加Paul Kagame)已取代穆塞韦尼,成为许多捐赠机构偏爱的非洲领导人。虽然不如以前那样风光,但卡加梅因结束了1994年种族大屠杀并为本国带来快速发展而受到赞扬。如今,援助赠款占到了卢旺达政府预算0%0%。这种偏爱的代价意味着对卡加梅政府比较阴暗的一些方面——政治暗杀、机构空心化以及受打压的媒体——视而不见True to type, Mr Kagame has started to see himself as indispensable. After amending the constitution, he is now seeking a third term, a possible prelude to a fourth and fifth. That could see him maintain his hold on power until 2034. If he makes it anything like that long, he will have joined the ranks of the overstayers. By then, his reputation will almost certainly be in tatters. 典型的是,卡加梅开始将自己视为不可或缺的人物。修改宪法之后,他如今正在寻求第3届任期,这可能成为其和第5届任期的序曲,从而让他一直掌权至2034年。若果真如此,他将加入那些把持权力过久的领导人行列。到那时,他的声望几乎肯定将会一落千丈。来 /201603/430770富阳市新登中医骨伤科医院子宫肌瘤

富阳妇幼保健医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗When it comes to making an impact on the menswear market, newly reinvented British heritage label Kent amp; Curwen has two aces up its (nonchalantly rolled up) sleeve. Firstly, it boasts a lively history going back to 1926 of making ties and sportswear for institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge universities, and secondly, David Beckham is at the helm.说起对男装行业的重大影响力,旧貌换新颜的英国老品牌肯迪文(Kent amp; Curwen)有两大秘招。第一,自己深厚的历史底蕴——早926年就为牛津及剑桥大学(Oxford and Cambridge)学生制作领带及运动装束;第二则是大卫?贝克汉姆(David Beckham)主持设计了专门的时装系列。The former footballer became a business partner in Kent amp; Curwen after retiring from the game three years ago because he wanted to start “owning and building businesses,he explains on the phone from New York. But while there’s no pretence that he’s started sketching sweaters himself, it’s clear that he’s hands on. He helped hire creative director Daniel Kearns, an alumni of Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. “David is involved in all aspects of the business,says Kearns, “from the collection to the packaging.”这位昔日足坛巨星三年前挂靴后成为肯迪文的商业合作伙伴,原因是他想“自己创业打拼”,他从纽约打来电话解释道。他已经开始自己设计毛衣图样了,除此之外,很显然他也有一线工作经验。他帮助聘请了丹尼埃卡恩Daniel Kearns)担任创意总监。对方是亚历山大?麦奎(Alexander McQueen)、路易威Louis Vuitton)以及罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)的校友。“大卫全面参与公司各项业务。”卡恩斯说,“从装设计到包装风格。”The details of Kent amp; Curwen’s ownership aren’t exactly simple: Beckham and his business partner Simon Fuller share a 50-50 stake in a partnership called Seven Global with the Hong Kong-listed Global Brands Group. In 2015 Seven signed a five-year deal with Kent amp; Curwen, owned by Trinity Ltd, which retails luxury menswear in Greater China and Europe.肯迪文的产权关系详情实际上并不简单:贝克汉姆与商业合作伙伴西富勒(Simon Fuller)在与香港上市的环球品牌集Global Brands Group)合创的品牌Seven Global中各0%股权015年,Seven Global与肯迪文签定了一份五年合同,肯迪文是大中华区及欧洲区主打奢侈男装的利邦公Trinity Ltd)旗下品牌。Beckham has also put himself forward as the face of the brand’s campaign. Click on Kent amp; Curwen’s new website and you’ll find a black and white of him sitting on a bench by the river Thames wearing a military coat with brass buttons, chunky lace-up boots and his trademark mild and moody knitted brow. Did it feel strange to be in the imagery for his own brand? “I didn’t think I wanted to be in the campaign,says Beckham, “but then working so closely with Daniel and seeing what he has produced I’m now really happy about it. I love the clothing and it’s what I would wear day in day out anyway, so, I just thought, why not?”贝克汉姆还自任品牌形象代言人。点击肯迪文新网址,诸位会发现这样一段黑白视频:贝克汉姆端坐在泰晤士河畔的长凳上——身穿黄铜扣军大衣、脚穿厚实系带靴,标志性的眉头紧蹙,显出些许忧郁神情。充当自家品牌形象代言人是否有些怪异?“我当初并不希望出现在广告片中。”贝克汉姆说,“然而与丹尼埃尔亲密合作、亲眼目睹其设计的作品后,自己如今对此真的很满意这部广告片。我酷爱这些装,它们正是我每天会穿的行头,所以嘛,我就想,为何不自己代言一把呢?”Clearly, it would have been an own-goal for the label not to make the most of the footballer’s appeal. Beckham’s charisma was in full effect at the Fashion Awards in London at the start of December when he presented an award to Ralph Lauren and only had to walk on stage in black tie to elicit enthusiastic whooping (and some swooning) from the audience. He rocks a suit, but after 20-odd years in the limelight (with some entertaining sartorial experiments along the way), he’s honed a strong off-duty look. It’s this casual style that Kent amp; Curwen has taken as inspiration for the new collection, so if you want to dress like Beckham you won’t get closer than this.很显然,肯迪文如若不最大程度利用这位昔日球星的巨大影响力,就好比是球场自摆乌龙(自毁长城)。在去年12月初举行的伦敦时尚大奖颁奖典Fashion Awards in London)上,贝克汉姆大放异:他当时身穿晚礼款款走上舞台给拉尔劳伦(Ralph Lauren)颁奖时,引发观众席一片点赞声(甚至迷倒了有些人)。他的西有些摆动,但经过近20多年明星生涯(曾愉快地试水过时装设计)后,他早已练就一副闲适神情。肯迪文正是从这闲致风格中获取了设计新系列的灵感。诸位若想穿出贝克汉姆的那种感觉,穿肯迪文的西装就合适得很。This isn’t edgy fashion it’s a contemporary take on daywear; where a military greatcoat with brass buttons and epaulettes costs ,200, a Shetland wool lumberjack-style jacket is ,000, and rugby shirts in thick cotton with subtle distressing around the collar are 00. Pricewise it sits alongside brands such as Acne or Kingsman, and British materials and manufacturing are used where possible. “We wanted to create a masculine aesthetic which felt contemporarysays Kearns, “like a rugby shirt worn with a skinny jean and a boot, or a tailored coat with a distressed T-shirt. We wanted it to chime with David’s personal style rather than fall into associations with the regatta and the traditional preppy college look.”这并非潮装——这只是当前的寻常装束:一件肩章式铜扣军大衣销200英镑,一件伐木工人款的雪兰羊毛夹克售000英镑,而一件领口有意仿旧的厚棉质橄榄球衫售价为200英镑。其售价与艾克妮(Acne)及Kingsman等品牌不相上下,而且优先采用英国本国面料及生产商。“我们希望打造与时俱进的男性时尚。”卡恩斯说,“比方说与紧身牛仔衣裤以及靴子搭配的橄榄球衫或是用仿旧款T恤搭配的定制外套。我们希望契合贝克汉姆个人时尚风格、而不是落入那些赛艇会以及传统私立学校装束的俗套。”Kent amp; Curwen was started in 1926, two years after Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen met on Savile Row, where the brand still has its headquarters. It became known for neck wear, supplying ties to Oxford and Cambridge universities, and by 1930 the brand was producing ties for smart London clubs such as the Embassy Club, Eton amp; Harrow and British regiments around the world. Colour combinations were often inspired by the flower market Eric Kent would pass on the way to work. He would pick up bright bunches of blooms and throw them on to the table to create arresting juxtapositions. His personal flair allowed him access to some rarefied circles (the Duke of Windsor was a friend) and informed his business. “That whole idea of reappropriation was something he pioneered,says Kearns. “He would wear a cricket sweater into Mayfair. He took elements of traditional sports and brought them into different lifestyle concepts.His cricket outfits were also worn by members of the Hollywood Cricket Club in the 1930s, including Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, and C Aubrey Smith. Now the cricket sweater has been updated, and it epitomises Kearnsapproach of “reinvigorating iconic menswear staples into a contemporary wardrobe1924年,艾里肯特(Eric Kent)与多萝西?柯温(Dorothy)结识于伦敦的萨维尔街(公司如今的总部仍在此)926年,肯迪文创立。它以领饰著称于世:为牛津及剑桥大学生制作领带(结);到1930年,公司为Embassy Club等伦敦高档会所、伊顿与哈罗公学(Eton amp; Harrow)以及大英帝国在世界各地的军队供应领带。领带颜色搭配的灵感来自艾里克每天上班途中经过的花市。他经常把随意采摘鲜艳的花束随意扔在办公桌上,打造出别具一格的混搭造型。他才华横溢,因此能出入某些达官贵人圈子(温莎公Duke of Windsor)是其好友),也让其生意如虎添翼。“他是混搭理reappropriation)的始作俑者。”卡恩斯说,“他经常穿板球毛衣出入伦敦梅菲尔上流社会(Mayfair);他汲取传统体育精华、并应用在不同生活装束中。”他设计的板球装也成为上世纪30年代好莱坞板球俱乐部成员的常备行头(包括了埃罗尔?弗林(Errol Flynn)、劳伦斯?奥利Laurence Olivier)以及奥布史密C Aubrey Smith))。如今这款板球装已有了升级版,这集中体现了卡恩斯“再造顺应当代时尚的经典男装”的理念。Beckham’s eye meanwhile was caught by another piece of the brand’s heritage, the three lions insignia, which appears on plain and striped long-sleeved rugby shirts and was taken from the heraldry of Eric Kent’s family crest. “The brand is known in China as the three lions, and over the years this emblem has been a huge factor in my life,explains Beckham, who also introduced another heritage motif from the archive; the English rose.与此同时,贝克汉姆高度关注肯迪文另一项富贵遗产:长袖素色条纹橄榄球衫上的三狮标志,它源自艾里肯特家族徽章的纹章图案。“肯迪文的三狮图案在中国家喻户晓,这个标记多年来一直是我生活的重要组成部分(他多年来代表三狮军团英格兰队比赛)。”贝克汉姆解释道,他还在设计的时装中引入了英国另一历史悠久主题——玫瑰。Kent amp; Curwen aly has a strong retail business in Greater China with more than 130 stores in Asia. The challenge now is to bring the brand back to Europe. “It’s a 0m business in China,adds Beckham, “so we wanted to reboot that in Europe, especially in London.”肯迪文已在大中华区开设了大量零售门店,在整个亚洲开30多家门店。如今面临的挑战是品牌重回欧洲市场。“我们在中国的年销售额亿美元。”贝克汉姆补充道,“因此我们希望能在欧洲、尤其是伦敦市场东山再起。”Following the launch of Kent amp; Curwen on Mr Porter at the end of November, and an e-commerce site, 50 new points of sale are planned by autumn 2017. “To grow this business it has to be wearable clothes,says Beckham, “Us men are very simple my wife tells me that every day we like to see clothes that go together. All ages can wear the collection. My 17-year-old son Brooklyn was coming down for breakfast in one of the rugby shirts the other day.”肯迪文自去1月底在Mr Porter网店上架以及开通自己的网店后,计划017年秋季开0家门店。“业务量要稳步增长,装就必须经久耐穿。”贝克汉姆说,“我们男人穿着崇尚简单至上(我妻子也每天不厌其烦地这样说),我们喜欢互搭型装。各个年龄段都适合穿。我7岁的大儿子布鲁克Brooklyn)有一天就穿着橄榄球衫下楼吃早餐。”Beckham’s personal style is not only at the heart of the brand it will be key to its success. “Menswear is about that fine balance between something that makes a statement but isn’t too much, and David is perfect at achieving that,says Kearns.贝克汉姆的个人着装风格不仅是肯迪文品牌的首要关注点——更是成功与否的关键。“男装的关键就是如何把握含蓄展现流行时尚的‘度’。贝克汉姆是这方面的完美典范。”卡恩斯说。Beckham believes his dress sense is more “maturenow. “When you get to a certain age there are things that you should stay away from,he says. “At 41 I definitely wouldn’t wear the matching leather outfits I wore with Victoria 15 years ago. It was all right back then and it looked kind of cool at the time but when I look back now I think, ‘Yep, maybe that was an interesting decision.I might have a midlife crisis and pull on the leather outfit, but I don’t think so, maybe for Halloween. My dress sense is probably going to be classic from now on.Classic, casual, and now easier to emulate.贝克汉姆认为自己如今的着装风格属“成熟男人”范畴。“人到一定岁数后,有些事就得规避。”他说,“如1岁的我肯定不会再5年前与维多利Victoria)互搭的那些皮草行头。当时穿象模象样,也挺酷,但如今回过头看我觉得:‘没错,当时决定这么穿或许是为了引人关注。’假如现在有了中年危机,我或许会穿皮草装,但我没有中年危机;或许万圣节那天我会穿皮草。从今往后,我的着装很可能秉持传统风格。”传统、休闲,而且更易于仿效。来 /201701/489799富阳最好的男科医院地址 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned the murder of Bangladeshi gay rights activist Xulhaz Mannan, who was an employee of the U.S. embassy in Dhaka.美国国务卿克里对孟加拉国同性恋权益活动人士曼南被谋杀一事提出谴责。曼南是美国驻达卡大使馆的雇员。Kerry said in a statement late Monday: ;We are profoundly saddened by the loss of one of our own in such a senseless act of violence.; He also said Xulhaz ;embodied the spirit of the people of Bangladesh and the pride with which they guard their traditions of tolerance, peace, and diversity.;克里星期一晚间发表声明说,“我们对自己中的一员死于如此愚蠢的暴力而深感悲痛”。克里还说,曼南体现了孟加拉国人民的精神以及他们维护容忍、和平与多元化之传统的骄傲。Xulhaz and a companion were hacked to death by unidentified attackers on Monday.曼南和一名同伴星期一被身份不明的袭击者砍死。A USAID official, Mannan, was at his home with his friend, Tanay Mojumdar, when five attackers arrived, disguised as couriers and pounced on them with machetes.曼南是美国国际发展署雇员,他和朋友莫朱姆达尔当时正在他的住所,被5名冒充送货人的袭击者用砍刀杀害。A security guard and a police officer- who tried to catch the assailants - were wounded in machete attacks.事发时,一名保安和一名警察试图抓住袭击者,结果被砍伤。来 /201604/439678富阳区中医院网上挂号

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