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富阳哪里看妇科好龙门镇中心医院妇科预约公司开会,经理Nick宣布,他们要在法兰克福的纺织品览会上设展台,大家头脑激荡,看需要做哪些准备。Elaine说,E: I think we should have a little pow-wow with the team who will be manning the booth. They need to understand how important their role is. First impressions are crucial! 我认为我们应该碰个头配置一下人员。他们须要知道他们的职责有多么重要。第一印象很重要。M: Thats a good idea, Elaine. Seeing as I will be leading the team, I think Ill get everyone together before departure and go over these points. Its really true that first impressions can make or break a deal. 那是一个好主意,伊莱恩。作为领导小组的人,我觉得启程之前应该碰个头,把一些要点交代一下。第一印象确实对于促成交易有重要的影响。Elaine建议跟负责展台的人have a little pow-wow. Pow-wow is spelled p-o-w-w-o-w,意思是碰头会,因为他们在展台接待客人 man the booth,是公司门面,而且first impressions are crucial,第一印象是非常关键的。Mark同意Elaine的看法,因为第一印象can make or break a deal,既能促成交易make a deal,又能 break a deal,让交易泡汤。N: Thats another thing to stress to your team, Mark. We should remind them to never judge a book by its cover. The guy wandering around our booth might not look like a major buyer, but you never know! 还有一件事需要向你的组员强调,麦克。我们应该让他们不要以貌取人。哪怕一个人其貌不扬的人从站台旁经过,也要当成是潜在的客户来对待!E: Looks can be deceiving! 不可以以貌取人!N: Thats right. We need to treat each person who stops by our booth as a potential customer. Many times Ive met someone who didnt look like a major player, but then they pull out their business card and they turn out to be the vice-president of a huge company. 对的。我应该把每个在展台旁走过的人当做潜在客户对待。很多时候我觉得某个人其貌不扬,看上去也不是什么大人物,但是当他们拿出名片却发现他们往往是某个大公司的副总裁。经理Nick说,负责展台的人必须记住,never judge a book by its cover,不要以貌取人。Elaine也说,looks can be deceiving,外表有时是有欺骗性的,外表其貌不扬的人,说不定却是个大人物,a major player. 因此,不论什么人从展台旁边走过,都必须把他当做a potential customer,潜在的客户来对待。M: These are all good points, but we also have to be aware of industrial espionage. Some of the people milling around could be spies! 这些都是要引起注意的,但是我们也要注意商业间谍。有些人四处乱转很可能是间谍!N: Yes...there are always people trying to steal ideas. We do need to be careful. We should let our staff know what kind of information they can give away and what kind of information they should not make public. 是的;;有很多人想要窃取别人的想法。我们确实应该注意。我们应该让我们的职工知道哪些信息要保密,哪些信息我们可以公布。Mark提醒大家,参加商品览会要小心industrial espionage. industrial is spelled i-n-d-u-s-t-r-i-a-l, industrial,工业的,espionage is spelled e-s-p-i-o-n-a-g-e,espionage,间谍。连在一起,industrial espionage,就是工业间谍。在展台附近游荡的人those who are milling around the booth,很可能是寻找机会to steal ideas,盗取别人的想法,所以必须让负责展台的员工知道,什么信息可以公开,什么信息不能公开。 /165981富阳保宫无痛人流手术 Can you act on your own initiative?你会主动做事吗?When I started working on my current job,every process was paper-based,and we handed 50 applications a day.我刚开始现在的工作时,所有的流程都是纸上作业,我们一天要处理50份申请书。I suggested to my boss to make the process electronic and paperless by scanning all our forms into PDFand making them avaliable online.于是我向上司建议,把我们所有的表格扫描成PDF文档,然后发布到网上,将流程电子,无纸化。Clients can download and print out the froms.客户可以在网上下载表格,然后打印出来。Now our process is 50% paperless and much more efficient,and our clients are very happy with it.现在,我们整个流程的50%已经实现无纸化,也变得更加有效率。Once e-signature becomes avaliable,the clients will be able to submit the forms online and our process will be 100% paperless.这个方法也获得了客户的好评。如果将来电子签名的机制建立起来,客户可以在网上提交表格,我们整个流程就可以全部实现无纸化了。 /201307/247180杭州市富阳区儿童医院收费标准

富阳普通无痛人流多少钱呢1.Taxi (飞机)滑行 A:Ladies and Gentlemen, the airplane is about to taxi. Please fasten your seatbelt. B:Flight attendants, please cross check.A:女士们先生们,飞机就要滑行了,请系好安全带。B:空乘人员,请交叉检查。2. Tip 小费A: To whom do you have to pay tip?B: Waiters, taxi drivers, and hairdressers.A:哪些人你得给小费?B:务员,出租车司机和理发师。3.Travel regulations 出差制度A: What are the travel regulations of our company?B: It's in the employee book. Let me know if you can't find the book.A:我们公司的出差制度是怎么样的?B:都在员工手册中呢,你要是找不着就和我说一声。4.Travel agency 旅行社A: Do we use travel agency for tickets?B: We do. China travel.A:我们通过旅行社订票吗?B:是的,中国旅行社。5.Travel route 出差路线 A: How do you define travel route?B: The shortest possible route.A:你怎样选择出差路线啊?B:最短的可行路线。 /200808/45267富阳第一医院怎么预约 第一句:Any annex is the integral part of this contract.本合同一切附件均为本合同的有效组成部分。A: Any annex is the integral part of this contract.本合同一切附件均为本合同的有效组成部分。B: Any departure from the terms and conditions of the contract must be advised in writing.任何与合同条款相背离的地方,都应以书面形式通知。第二句:Any failure by a party to carry out all or part of his obligations under the contract shall be considered as a substantial breach.一方当事人不履行本合同的全部或任何部分义务均应被视为根本违约。A: Any failure by a party to carry out all or part of his obligations under the contract shall be considered as a substantial breach.一方当事人不履行本合同的全部或任何部分义务均应被视为根本违约。B: This term is rather important.这一条款很重要。A: Any party has no right to terminate this contract without the other partys agreement.未经另一方同意,任何方均无权终止本合同。其他表达法:Example of void contracts are those entered as a result of misrepresentation, duress or undue influence.因欺诈、胁迫和趁人之危而签订的合同属于可撤销合同。If any of the above-mentioned clauses is inconsistent with the following additional clauses, the latter to be taken as authentic.以上任何条款如与下列附加条款相抵触,以下列附加条款为准。 /201303/229667在富阳妇科大夫咨询

富阳/去哪里做人流商务英语必备1000字 8 fax 传真  activity report  (传真机)使用报告  Check the activity report to see if the fax went through.  查一下使用报告看看这份传真有没有传过去  cover sheet  封面页  When sending faxes to your clients, you should include a cover sheet.  传真给客户时,你应该附上封面页。  face down  正面朝下  Place the papers face down on the paper tray.  将纸张正面朝下放到送纸匣上。  fax machine  传真机  This fax machine looks complicated.  这台传真机看起来很复杂。  incoming  adj. 传进来的  There is a danger that incoming faxes could be by unauthorized persons.  有个危险是,传进来的传真会被没有权限看的人看到。  paper jam  卡纸  If you have a paper jam, make sure you clear the jammed paper properly.  如果卡纸,你要确定适当地将卡纸清除。  refill  v. 再装填  Susan refilled the paper tray.  苏珊装纸到纸匣。  resolution  n. 度  The fax machine allows any fax to be sent in either high or low resolution.  这传真机可选择传高度或低度。  scan  v. 扫描  The documents fed into the fax machine were scanned and came out in the return tray.文件放入传真机会被扫描然后送出到文件回收匣。 /200708/16481 富阳市妇科医院有哪些场口镇儿童医院介绍



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