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When couples get married, they often promise to love, honor and cherish each other. Too often, those traditional wedding vows turn out to be nothing but empty promises. Psychologist Doc. Robin Smith who often appears on Oprah says it doesn't have to be that way. Her new book "Lies at the Altar" offers advice on building a happy and healthy marriage. Dr. Robin, good morning!Good morning!So great to have you here!I'm happy to be here, Julie. Ok. You didn't necessarily write this for couples who are married or people're thinking of getting married. It's written for everyone, (Absolutely) right?Yeah. It's because what the book is really about, Lies at the ALTAR is talking about living more in truth than in lies. Lies about what? About who we are, and so when you don't know who you are, it's hard to create, it's actually impossible to create, to carve and to build the life and relationship of our dreams.When you say lies at the altar, these are not intentional lies. (yes) It's not like the bride and the groom were saying, yeah, I'm gonna love / and cherish you, but I'm really not, hahaha. (no) It's, it's you think you are, but you don't know who you are yet? You don't know who you are and often unfortunately because of the models that we've had in our families also on television. There hasn't been anyone who has given us permission, who has shown us the way, the path into living more in the truth, so we're afraid to let someone know who we are. Because maybe they won't love us, maybe they won't choose us, maybe they'll decide, you know, that's not the person that I wanna spend my life with. What we don't know is that if I live with that kinda fear, and I live covering up who I really am, I am cheating myself and minimizing the possibility of really having a good, strong marriage. I mean, my message is pro-marriage but it's about being married and being smart. Do you feel that many people, men and women, not only cover up who they really are to their significant other but to themselves?Absolutely, I mean, I think it starts actually with the cover-up to yourself being an impostor, and again not because we are bad, not because we are liars, not because we are conniving, but because we are afraid, we are afraid of knowing really who we really are, because we think we are gonna lose out when choices and opportunities not knowing that how we really lose out is by being the impostor, that is the cheater, the thief and the robber. So how do we confront who we really are, whether it's a conversation with, you know, myself, looking at myself in the mirror, good and bad.Absolutely. Well, there're several things, one, I always ask people tell me something great about yourself, and then tell me what some of your limitations are. People can often come up with something good, but it's hard for people to be clear about where their limitations are. You know,you, they can talk about they are great wife in this way and great husband in that way, but tell me where you're falling short, and the falling short part is critical because then I have a place to, to know where do I need to do the new work. So I came in the book and I talked about showing up as a grown-up, part of being mature, and grown-up isn't age, it's about knowing who I am, what works for me, what doesn't, what my values are. Those types of things are critical to really know a: first about me, and then about the person / I wanna spend the rest of my life with. You have, what, like 276 questions in here(Absolutely) for someone to ask themselves. And then,(first) first and then you're hopeful potential future mate. (Absolutely) Answering these questions honestly can really help you figure out if the two of you should be together. Absolutely, and then we wanna be aware if you haven't gotten married yet, it's great, because you can go on this and use it like as an, you know, an exploring mission where I get to know me, I get to know you, and not to be afraid of the truth, 'cause we are again, we are scared because we haven't really learned that the truth will make us free. It's the only foundation to a good, strong life and marriage. But for couples who are married who are thinking, Ok, wait a minute, let me put the seat belt on, coz' now I'm scared. I'm 20 years in a marriage. I have kids and I don't know if I wanna ask myself this. (Right) Where it is really useful for married couples is that they can track, oh, that's where we've been stuck, we don't have to throw marriages out, there're too many people getting divorced who actually have marriages that can work and be saved, but they don't have the tools and "Lies at the ALTAR" it's gonna... (It's a tool), it's a tool, (It is a tool) I mean this is, it's a tool to really empower your life and then your marriage. It's a great book. Now I know why, it's No.1 in its category(Thank you) on the New York Times. 200809/49396

2 索赔要求3句英文任你选Im afraid you should compensate us by 10% of the total amount of the contract.恐怕你们应赔偿合同总金额的 10%给我们。As regards inferior quality of your goods, we claim a compensation of US 000.关于你方产品质量低劣的问题,我方要求你方赔偿 1万 5千美元。We register a claim for US $ 200000.我们提出索赔 20万美元。半个句型要记牢claim a compensation (要求赔偿)Tip:claim表示;要求;声称可作及物、不及物动词和名词,相当于 ask for, make a claim for。索赔还可说 to send in/enter/ put in ones claim for compensation (提出索赔)。 /201605/434151

  Welcome back to Tip Top Trading where everyone seems a bit flustered.欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,大家似乎都还处于慌乱之中。…and we really need the best biscuits there are.我们要准备好最好的饼干。Yes, and I’ve made sure there’s tea and coffee…是的,我确保提供茶和咖啡。…and the carpets? …have they been cleaned.地毯呢?收拾干净了吗?Don’t panic Paul, all taken care of.别紧张,保罗,都处理好了。You see, the big boss from America, Mr Socrates, is in town and everything must be just right.你看,美国来的大老板苏格拉底先生到镇上来了,一切都要准备好。What’s he like Anna?安娜,他怎么样?Well, so far he seems OK.到目前为止,他看起来还行。A bit bossy, quite short and… a bit smelly!有点爱发号施令,很矮,身上有点味道!Well, he did just fly in from the States.他刚从美国飞来。But you booked him into a good hotel so hopefully he’s had a chance to clean up.但你给他订了好酒店,希望他有机会收拾一下自己。I hope so! Oh, I had better get that.希望如此!我得接电话了。Hello? Ah hello Mr Socrates, did you sleep well?你好?你好,苏格拉底先生,谁得好吗?Oh! I see… I see… erm… well… oh, I don’t know…我明白了,我明白了,我不知道……Tom said it was five star… well… OK… goodb Oh, he’s hung up.汤姆说是五星级,好的,再见,他挂了。Everything OK Anna?安娜,一切都好吗?You look a bit pale.你脸色有点苍白。It was Mr Socrates. He’s not happy.是苏格拉底先生,他不高兴。 /201702/491112


  US Agrees to Resume Food Aid to North Korea美国恢复对北韩粮食援助   The ed States has announced the resumption of food aid to North Korea after the two sides agreed on new measures to insure that the American-provided assistance reaches those in need. U.S. officials say the pending food aid is unrelated to negotiations on ending Pyongyang's nuclear program. 美国宣布恢复对北韩的粮食援助,此前双方同意采取新措施,确保美国提供的援助物资送给那些需要援助的人。美国有关官员说,还在商讨中的食品援助项目和终止北韩核项目的谈判没有关系。With North Korea again facing the threat of widesp hunger, the ed States has agreed to provide that country with 500,000 metric tons of food over a 12-month span beginning in June. 由于北韩再次受到大范围饥饿的威胁,美国同意从6月开始,在12个月内为北韩提供50万吨粮食。The U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, announced the decision Friday. It said the two countries had agreed on terms for a "substantial improvement" in monitoring of food deliveries, to assure that they reach the intended recipients. 美国国际开发署星期五宣布了这一决定。国际开发署说,两国同意“大幅改善”监督食品发放的条件,以保这些食品被送到应该收到援助的人手里。Despite political differences with Pyongyang, the ed States has been the biggest single supplier of food aid to North Korea since that country's famine in the mid-1990s. 虽然美国和北韩在政治上存在很多分歧,但是自从北韩上个世纪90年代中期发生饥荒以来,美国一直是为北韩提供食品援助最多的国家。But no U.S. aid has gone there since 2005 because of U.S. concerns about possible diversion of food donations to the North Korean military and political elite. 但是,美国的援助在2005年以后就中断了,这是因为美国担心捐赠的食品可能被转给军界和政界高层人士。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the monitoring agreement, the product of several months of negotiations, is the most stringent to date: 美国国务院发言人麦科马克在一个新闻简报会上说,经过几个月的磋商,双方达成了迄今为止最严格的食品发放监督协议。"Because the needs in terms of the monitoring regime have been met, and that there was perhaps the most rigorous monitoring regime for distribution of food aid that we've seen in North Korea, we're able to provide 500,000 tons over the period of a year starting in June," said McCormack.  他说:“由于监督机制的要求已经达到,而且这可能是我们在北韩见到过的最严格的救援粮分发监督机制,所以我们将从6月起向北韩提供50万吨食品援助。”"The aid will be distributed via the Emerson Trust, about one 100,000 tons, and about 400,000 tons via the World Food Program. Representatives of Emerson and the World Food Program will be able to travel to affected areas that are going to be receiving the food aid," he added. “这些援助中的大约10万吨将通过埃默森人道信托基金发放,另外大约40万吨将由世界粮食计划署负责发放。这两个机构的代表将前往那些即将收到食品援助的地区。”The Emerson Humanitarian Trust was set up by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to distribute American food aid. McCormack said U.S. government officials will not be involved in on-the-ground relief activities in North Korea. 埃默森人道信托基金由美国农业部设立,负责发放美国的援助食品。麦科马克说,美国政府官员不会参与在北韩当地的救援行动。The World Food Program, a ed Nations Agency, said last month North Korea faces its worst food shortage in several years due to flooding and a poor harvest in 2007, with the situation complicated by this year's big run-up in food prices. 世界粮食计划署是联合国机构。该机构上个月说,由于2007年的洪水和农业歉收,北韩出现了几年来最严重的食品短缺,而今年的食品大幅涨价使形势变得更为复杂。McCormack said he had no immediate estimate of the value of the U.S. donation. The mix of U.S. farm commodities and delivery schedules are to be worked out in bilateral meetings in the coming weeks. 麦科马克说,他目前并不知道美国援助的价值是多少。在未来几周之内,双方将召开会议,确定美国提供哪些农产品,以及运送时间表。The spokesman reiterated that the U.S. aid pledge is need-based, and unrelated to six-party negotiations aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear program. 麦科马克重申,美国承诺提供援助是因为有这种需要,这和为终止北韩核项目而举行的六方会谈无关。The talks have stalled recently over Pyongyang's failure to produce a declaration of its nuclear activities and holdings, which was due at the end of 2007. 由于平壤没有在2007年底的最后期限之前公布其全部核项目活动及核材料,六方会谈最近陷于停顿。McCormack said the chief U.S., South Korean and Japanese envoys to the talks will discuss the status of the nuclear talks in a three-way meeting in Washington Monday. 麦科马克说,美国、韩国和日本的首席谈判代表星期一将在华盛顿召开三方会议,商讨六方会谈的问题。200805/39241

  squalid ------ 肮脏的(形容词)英文释义(adjective) Describing a filthy, disarrayed, miserable condition.例句The poorest sections of the huge city were squalid neighborhoods without paved streets or proper sanitation.在这座大城市最贫困的地带,居民区很肮脏,没有柏油路,也没有本应常见的卫生设施。 /201611/471237

  Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 14Despite this enormous flood, the Mediterranean took more than a century to refill. But what is more amazing is that this process of drying and flooding has happened not just once, but possibly ten times. With this flooding 5. 5 million years ago, Europe's southern borders had now taken shape--the final act in the genesis of the continent. A chain of incredible events has shaped Europe during its long and dynamic history. It's a history that's written across the face of this unique continent; a story that began billions of years ago south of the equator and which charts an incredible journey across the face of the globe. The diversity of Europe's landscapes today reflects the changing conditions encountered along the way. Each has left a unique fingerprint on the small but incredibly complex continent. For aeons, the birth of Europe had been driven by geological events, but now a new and different force was destined to shape the land. Two million years ago, Europe's climate spiraled out of control. Temperatures plummeted. Consumed by glaciers, the continent would now be plunged into one of the most extreme eras in its history. The great Ice Ages were on their way.words and expressionsaeon:An indefinitely long period of time; an age.极长的时期;永世also:eonspiral: To take a spiral form or course.用螺旋形形式或路径plummet: To decline suddenly and steeply:骤降,爆跌:突然和大幅度地降低:200809/47729Presidential contender Barack Obama won the endorsement of a former rival Tuesday in his battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination. Obama also got some good news in national polls as he and Clinton prepare for a debate later Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio. 美国总统参选人奥巴马正在同希拉里.克林顿角逐,争取成为民主党提名的候选人,奥巴马星期二赢得了一位前竞争对手的持。就在奥巴马和克林顿都在为星期二晚些时候在俄亥俄州克利夫兰举行的辩论作准备时,奥巴马又在全国民意调查中取得了好成绩。Obama was endorsed by Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut. Dodd pulled out of the presidential race shortly after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses in early January. 奥巴马得到了康涅狄克州参议员多德的持。多德在今年1月初爱奥华州的党内预选中表现不佳,在那之后不久他就退出了总统竞选。;I believe Barack Obama has the experience, the ability, the vision to lead this country and to make a difference for us, both at home and abroad, a significant difference. The hour is getting late and that opportunity is not going to last forever,; he said. 多德说:“我相信,奥巴马具备领导美国的经验、能力和远见,他能在国内和国际事务上改变现状,实现很大的转变。时间紧迫,这个机会不会永远停留在那里。”Dodd endorsed Obama at a news conference in Cleveland where Obama is campaigning one week before crucial primaries in Ohio and Texas that could be decisive in the battle for the party nomination. 多德在克利夫兰的一个新闻发布会上宣布持奥巴马。奥巴马正在克利夫兰进行竞选活动,一周以后,俄亥俄州和德克萨斯州将举行重要的初选,这些初选对两党参选人的竞争可能具有决定性意义。Two new national public opinion polls show Obama has moved into a healthy lead over Clinton. A New York Times/CBS News poll has Obama out in front by a margin of 54 to 38 percent. Another survey by USA Today and the Gallup organization shows Obama leading Clinton 51 to 39 percent. 两项新的全国民意调查结果显示,奥巴马以稳定优势领先克林顿。一项由纽约时报和哥伦比亚广播公司新闻部进行的民意调查发现,奥巴马的持率是54%,领先于持率仅为38%的克林顿。另一项由今日美国报和盖洛普民调机构进行的民意调查发现,奥巴马领先于克林顿,两人的持率分别为51%和39%。Obama says he remains focused on the upcoming primaries in Texas and Ohio on March 4. But he is also looking ahead to a possible general election match-up with the presumed Republican candidate, Senator John McCain of Arizona. 奥巴马说,目前竞选的焦点依然是3月4号德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州的初选。但是,他也把目光放在11月的总统大选上,到时他可能会同共和党候选人、亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩进行对决。;John and I are going to have a big set of disagreements and we are going to have a vigorous debate, because I think that he has tied himself to a set of policies that are not good for America and are policies that I intend to reverse when I am president of the ed States,; he said. 他说:“麦凯恩和我将在许多问题上有不同观点,我们将进行一场激烈的辩论,因为我认为他依然坚持一些对美国不利的政策,而这些政策正是我成为美国总统后想改变的。”Clinton is hoping to stop Obamas momentum in Texas and Ohio. Clinton leads in the latest polls in Ohio and is about even with Obama in Texas. 希拉里.克林顿希望能在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州挫一挫奥巴马的锐气。最新的民意调查显示,克林顿在俄亥俄州领先于奥巴马,而在德克萨斯州两人的持率基本持平。Clinton has been touting her foreign policy experience as an asset in recent campaign rallies and speeches. 克林顿参议员还在最近的选举集会和演讲中推销自己的一个强项,即在外交政策方面的经验。;The American people do not have to guess whether I understand the issues or whether I would need a foreign policy instruction manual to guide me through a crisis, or whether I would have to rely on advisers to introduce me to global affairs,; she said. 她说:“美国人民不必猜测我是否理解某项议题,或者我是否需要一本外交政策指导说明来引导我化解一场危机,或者我是否必须依赖我的顾问来向我介绍全球事务。”Both campaigns are trading accusations over a photograph circulating on the Internet that shows Obama in traditional African garb during a visit to Kenya in 2006. The Obama camp accused the Clinton campaign of circulating the photo as part of a smear campaign, a charge the Clinton campaign denied.奥巴马和克林顿双方的持者,都在互相谴责网上流传的一张照片,照片中显示了在2006年奥巴马访问肯尼亚的时候,穿着传统的非洲饰。奥巴马的持者控告克林顿的持者,通过在网上流传这张照片,抹黑奥巴马的形象,但是克林顿的持者却予以否认。In the Republican race, McCain continues to lead former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in both Texas and Ohio. A McCain sweep of the upcoming primaries on March 4 would move him to within striking distance of securing the 1,191 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination. 在共和党方面,麦凯恩在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州都继续领先于前阿肯色州州长哈克比。如果麦凯恩在3月4号的两场初选中大胜,那么,成为共和党提名人所需的1191张代表票对他来说将是垂手可得。McCain told reporters during a campaign stop in Ohio that his chances of winning the election in November could hinge on his ability to convince Americans to stay the course in Iraq.麦凯恩告诉记者,在俄亥俄州的选举活动中止的过程中,他在11月赢得提名的机会就基本取决于自己是否能说美国人在伊拉克坚持到了。;I believed this new strategy would succeed in Iraq, not because I am the smartest guy in the world, but because I studied and I have had 20 years of experience in every major national security challenge this nation has faced,; he said.他说,我相信这一新战略在伊拉克肯定能成功,并不是因为我是世界上最聪明的人,而是因为我已经对伊拉克面临的主要的国家安全危机进行了20年的研究,经验丰富。In the latest general election match-ups in the USA Today-Gallup poll, Obama defeated McCain by a margin of 49 to 45 percent, while McCain led Clinton by 49 to 47 percent. 在今日美国报和盖洛普民调机构进行的最新大选民意调查中,奥巴马战胜了麦凯恩,两人的持率分别是49%和45%,而麦凯恩领先于希拉里.克林顿,两人的持率分别是49%和47%。200802/27900

  Indian Police Shoot Dead Two Suspected Islamic Militants in New Delhi印度警方击毙两名伊斯兰激进分子  Indian police have shot dead two suspected Islamic militants in a shootout in the Indian capital, days after the city was rocked by serial bomb blasts. At least one more militant has been arrested. Police say one of the men killed was behind the blasts in Delhi. 印度警方在印度首都的一场交火中击毙两个伊斯兰激进分子嫌疑人。在这之前,新德里发生了一连串炸弹爆炸事件。至少还有一名激进分子被捕。警方表示,有一个被击毙的人就是策划新德里爆炸事件的主谋。Police say the gun battle erupted when they carried out a raid in a crowded Muslim-dominated residential area in New Delhi Friday, based on a tip-off about suspects linked to last week's deadly bombings in the capital.  印度警方说,他们得到关于上周在首都造成人员伤亡的爆炸事件嫌疑人的密报,星期五突袭了新德里一个以穆斯林为主的人口稠密的居民区,并且在那里与嫌疑人发生交火。A senior Delhi police official, Rajan Bhagat, says two suspected militants were killed after an exchange of gunfire lasting nearly an hour. One militant was captured, while two others fled. Two policemen were wounded in the shootout.  新德里高级警官巴加特说,两名激进分子嫌疑人在长达1个小时的交火中被击毙。一名激进分子被捕,另有两人逃离。在交火中有两名警察受伤。"Two persons have died," he said. "A lot of firearms have been recovered from that place and an investigation is in progress. We are searching the place." 巴加特说:“有两人死亡。在那里发现了许多,正在进行调查。我们正在搜查那个地点。”Police say one of the men who they shot dead had planned and executed the serial bomb attacks that killed more than 20 people in New Delhi. They say he also helped in carrying out bomb attacks in Ahmedabad and Jaipur - two other cities that have been hit by serial blasts in recent months. A group called the Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the serial blasts - the dead militant was one if its top leaders according to the police.  警方说,他们击毙的一个人策划并且实施了在新德里造成20多人丧生的连环爆炸袭击。他们说,他也曾经帮助实施了在艾哈迈达巴德和斋浦尔的爆炸袭击,这两个城市近几个月来都发生过连环爆炸。一个名为印度圣战者的组织出面为这些连环爆炸事件承担责任,据警方说,这名被击毙的激进分子是该组织的首领之一。The government and police have come under pressure in recent weeks to act against the militants behind the attacks.  印度政府和警方这几个星期来受到压力,人们要求他们反击策划这些袭击的激进分子。On Thursday, the government announced a series of measures to strengthen security and surveillance to tackle the growing terror threat. These include deployment of thousands of additional policemen in New Delhi, and creating a new research wing in its intelligence agency.  星期四,印度政府宣布了加强安全和监控工作的一系列措施,以应对越来越多的恐怖威胁。这些措施包括在新德里增加几千名警员,并在政府情报机构内设立一个新的研究部门。A security analyst at New Delhi's Center for Policy Research, Bharat Karnad, says these measures alone are unlikely to help tackle the threat of terror. "These are palliatives, its like a band aid, but what is the will behind upgrading your security organizations and so on? If you look at sheer demographics and sp of the country, effective policing of terror is going to take a lot more efficiency on part of the government, far better intelligence, far better policing," Karnad said. "Most of these things are missing, in part because even though we have experienced terror for the last 25-30 years, starting in Kashmir, we still have not evolved the institutional mechanisms todeal with terror."Since the bomb blasts hit major cities, the government has faced increasing criticism that it lacks an effective counter terror strategy. 自从印度主要城市发生炸弹爆炸事件以来,印度政府受到越来越多的批评,指责政府缺乏有效的反恐战略。200809/49443

  Unlike the fertilizer bomb used in Oklahoma City, device analysis reveals that the New Jersey bomb is made from common household items. The problem is that there are so many things that can be used to make a bomb whether it'd be a digital watch, batteries, or even liquid explosive, they can look like aftershave lotion. By themselves, they look quite innocuous, but assembled together is when they become deadly. For that reason, the Explosives maintains a huge supply of potential bomb-making ingredients. We keep an extensive collection of known standard, clocks, batteries, watches, wire, anything that can be used to make a bomb, we try to keep a sample of, so that we can to try to identify using those the piece that we have in. Using these elements, examiners begin to reconstruct the bomb that killed the New Jersey executive. We actually lay it all out here in the laboratory and see if we can figure out how it fit together and how it came apart which sometimes will tell us what the type of explosive was used. So in this, as the bomb is reassembled, examiners realize they are dealing with a serial bomber who's eluded them for years, the infamous Unabomber. Probably one of the toughest cases that our unit has faced was the Unabomber case. 16 devices, 17 years of investigation, clearly, that was the one that caused us the most trouble. While serial bombers tend to be meticulous and cleverly illusive, the secret to identifying them is to uncover what the FBI calls the bomber's signature. The way they wrap wires, the way they tie knots, the materials that they choose to put into the bomb, those things can often indicate to us that we're dealing with someone who's building a series of bombs. In fact, Sachtleben says the Unabomber literally signed his bombs. Over several devices, he put the letters “FC” in there to let us know that's who it was. But there was even more of a signature than that. We could tell after looking at the 16 bombs that he had made-------the way that he put his batteries in there, the way that the wires were connected, the soldering that he did. Many of those things indicate to us that it was the same personThanks to device analysis and a lucky break, the Unabomber was later identified as this man, Ted Kaczynski. The evidence gathered by the FBI Explosives was instrumental in putting him away for a life. Device analysis is also crucial to solving both the Olympic and abortion clinic bombings. This is a replica of the deadly terrorist bomb that rocked the Olympic Games.innocuous: harmless, not causing injury or damage; not offensiveelude: avoid; shirk, escapesoldering: act of fusing metal surfaces together with solder 200809/50874。

  Afghan Warring Factions to Stop Fighting to Allow Start of Polio Vaccination Campaign阿交战各方停火三天允许接种疫苗 The warring factions in Afghanistan say they will heed a call by the ed Nations to stop fighting so aid workers can begin a three-day polio vaccination campaign. The Taliban, the Afghan army and international military forces say they will halt their offensives Sunday, to coincide with International Peace Day. 阿富汗的交战各方表示,他们会响应联合国的停战呼吁,使援助人员能够进行为期3天的小儿麻痹疫苗接种行动。塔利班、阿富汗军队和国际军队说,他们将从今天(星期天),碰巧也是国际和平日,停止攻击性行动。Over the next three days, thousands of health workers will fan out across six volatile provinces in southern Afghanistan. Their aim is to vaccinate 1.8 million newborns and children under five against polio. 在今后3天里,数千名医务人员将进入阿富汗南部6个动荡省份。他们的目标是为180万名新生儿和5岁以下的儿童接种小儿麻痹疫苗。The UN-led polio immunization campaign was briefly suspended last week following the deaths of two Afghan doctors working for the World Health Organization. 联合国发起的小儿麻痹疫苗接种行动上个星期因为世界卫生组织的两名阿富汗医生死亡而暂停。A spokeswoman for W.H.O.'s Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Sona Bari, tells VOA U.N. aid agencies and local communities decided it was important to go ahead with the campaign for the sake of the children. 世界卫生组织全球消除小儿麻痹计划的发言人索尼亚.巴里,联合国各援助机构和地方社区都认为,为了孩子的利益而展开这项行动是非常重要的。She says she hopes and believes the warring factions will abide by the U.N.'s call for a so-called "Days of Tranquility" and allow the vaccinators to do their job in safety. 她表示,她希望并且相信,交战各方将遵守联合国关于“平静日”的要求,允许防疫人员安全地完成他们的工作。"The 21st of September is an important day because it is International Peace Day and we have traditionally used this opportunity to say let us have everyone pause and help us access the children," said Bari. "After that said, I understand from our team leader there that we do expect probably slightly lower coverage in some of those areas just so that we can respect the measures we need to take to protect our people."  巴里说 :“9月21号是国际和平日,这是一个重要的日子,我们传统上都利用这个机会告诉大家,停止争斗,让我们去帮助孩子。我从我们的领队那里得知,在一些地区,我们预料到接种覆盖率会稍微低一点。我们需要一些措施,保护我们的工作人员。”Afghanistan is one of four countries with endemic polio. The others are India, Pakistan and Nigeria. The World Health Organization has confirmed 18 cases of polio in Afghanistan this year. Most occurred in Southern and Eastern regions where insurgent violence is the strongest and health workers are most at risk. 阿富汗是小儿麻痹症流行的4个国家之一。其他3个是印度、巴基斯坦和尼日利亚。世界卫生组织实,今年在阿富汗发生了18起小儿麻痹病例,其中大部分发生在反叛暴力活动最严重、医务工作者面临危险最大的南部和东部地区。Bari says Afghanistan is the closest of the four endemic countries in stopping the sp of the crippling polio virus. But she acknowledges vaccinators, so far, have been unable to reach about 100,000 children in the south because of the insecurity. 巴里说,在这4个国家之中,阿富汗距离实现遏止小儿麻痹症病毒传播的目标最近。但是她也承认,疫苗接种人员到目前为止由于不安全的原因,还无法为阿富汗南方10万名儿童接种疫苗。"So it is not a huge number. This is a nation with seven million children under the age of five. So that is not a significant obstacle," she added. "Afghanistan can be addressed. They are very close and with the kind of determination that we have seen this week, this is an area where they are very optimistic in terms of stopping polio transmission."  她说:“这并不是一个庞大的数字。在阿富汗,5岁以下的儿童有700万。因此这并不是什么巨大的障碍。阿富汗的问题可以得到解决。这个星期,我们看到了他们的决心。他们离目标已经很近了。在制止小儿麻痹症传播方面,我们对这一地区非常乐观。”About 350,000 children a year have become paralyzed from polio since 1988, when the World Health Organization began its Global Eradication Campaign. Most of the world is now polio free.  自从1988年世界卫生组织开始在全球范围内消灭小儿麻痹症的活动以来,世界各国每年大约有35万儿童由于患有这种疾病而瘫痪。绝大多数国家已经消灭了这种疾病。This year, the W.H.O. reports more than 1,200 cases of polio globally, more than half of these are in Nigeria.  世界卫生组织报告说,今年,全世界发生了1200多例小儿麻痹症,其中半数以上发生在尼日利亚。The World Health Organization says Nigeria is the major stumbling block in efforts to wipe this crippling disease off the face of the earth. W.H.O. spokeswoman Bari says the last two polio immunization rounds in these Nigerian States failed to reach all the children targeted because the operations were not well planned. She says vaccinators lack proper training. She notes some parents, who are reluctant to immunize their children fearing the vaccine could cause sickness or sterility, hide their children during these campaigns.200809/49768

  . . too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt . . Can you be too sexy for the job? A new study finds that women who dress more like Hillary Clinton and are more likely to land a job in the corner office compared with somebody says uhh, I dunno, look like Pamela Anderson. Is that fair? Let's ask Ginger Burr, Ginger is the president of Total Image Consultants. She joins us from Boston. Is that true? Well, to a certain extent, it is, but what we really have to do is look at the word "sexy", it's really provocative, that we are talking about not sexy. Sexy is a very subjective term. And it also makes a difference how high up the corporate ladder you are, what might be acceptable behaviour for a receptionist or an office assistant isn't the same for a senior VP or a CEO. Well, it's not really acceptable anyplace, but people who are at the beginning stages of work or in a considered lower-tier job, it's, it's overlooked. It's not expected that they are going to dress in a way that's as appropriate as somebody who is in a high-power position. So Ginger, what are we saying? In this age of Desperate Housewives where women of any age group are said and almost forced to be very super-sexy, that we don't appreciate or even want the same in corporate America? Well, we really don't, and to be honest with you, your average woman doesn't really dress like that generally anyway, um, it's, it...but we notice it when a few people do it. But that's the message that we're getting in the media , by celebrities, um, that, putting your body out there is the way to present yourself, and it really doesn't help women at all to get ahead. All right, so the tip for women who are looking to aspire to the corner office, guide them on conservative dress, what should first of all they have avoid? Well, they should've avoid anything that shows too much skin, cleavage, too short, too tight, um, you're not there to flaunt your body, you're there to work. But we're not talking about clothes that don't fit you properly, that things can be beautifully fitted, the colors can be gorgeous. You do not have to stick to navy blue and gray, but you don't want to be exposing body parts. Do you think there is a double-standard for men? Oh, always has been. And may always be. And that's part of what women need to be aware of, is that men can, first of all, dressing provocatively is generally not an issue for men in the workplace, and they are allowed more leeway in terms of what they can get away with, they can be a little messy, a little sloppy, a little mismatched, and people who either think it's cute or just kind of overlook it as : '' Oh, they don't know any better, they're just men. " That's not true for women, women are expected from birth to know how to dress themselves, and when they don't, which is totally non, crazy, anyway, then they are, um, looked down on as a result of that, and may not get where they wanna go for something as silly as how they dress. Ok, Ginger Burr, thank you. Good tips. Thank you! 200808/46259

  Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles. 今年3月20号是美国攻打伊拉克五周年,美国几座城市的抗议者星期六举行反战集会。未来几天美国其它城市也计划举行类似抗议集会。有几千人参加了洛杉矶的反战示威。Marchers chanted and some carried flag-draped coffins as speakers demanded that U.S. troops come home. 集会者高呼口号,有些人还抬着用国旗覆盖的棺木,集会发言人要求美国军队撤离伊拉克回国。集会者高呼,“停止战争......”Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 美国-伊斯兰关系协会的谢拉夫.莫吉奥德表示,美国军队继续驻扎伊拉克,正在恶化那里的局势,并且会转移人们对重建新奥尔良等美国国内问题的注意力。新奥尔良市在2005年的卡特里娜飓风中受到严重破坏。"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first." 谢拉夫.莫吉奥德说:“我们需要立即从伊拉克撤军。这是目前我们需要做的首要事情。这本来就是一道难题。因此,目前情况下最佳可行选择就是撤军,理由是,国内现在有大量问题急待解决,比如医疗保健,次级房屋抵押贷款危机,卡特里娜飓风后的重建等等。我们需要首先解决这些问题。”Members of religious, labor and community groups joined the Los Angeles demonstration. Madelyn MacKay, a Quaker, says the protests are sending a message to the candidates in the November 4 presidential election. 宗教组织、劳工组织以及一些社团的成员加入了洛杉矶反战示威。贵格会教徒马德琳.麦凯说,抗议示威活动是向参加11月4号总统选举的候选人传递一个信息。"And I think this sort of unity among groups for this one cause in the country is a big message to all of the candidates running that there is a lot of support through all kinds of organizations and all kinds of communities, people that do want us to get out of the war quickly," she said. 马德琳.麦凯说:“我认为,在这个国家,各个组织和团体因为这样一个原因而如此心齐,是向所有总统参选人传递一条重要信息,那就是希望我们国家尽快结束伊拉克战争,这得到各个组织和各个社团以及全体民众的大力持。”Protests were also scheduled Saturday for Albuquerque, Austin, and other U.S. cities. 阿尔伯克基、奥斯汀等美国其它城市星期六也曾计划要举行抗议示威。More anti-war events are scheduled in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. on March 19, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. 此外,旧金山、芝加哥和华盛顿哥伦比亚特区定于3月19号,也就是美国领导的攻打伊拉克行动的前一天,举行反战活动。200803/30921

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