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年英语节日相关词汇整合 -- :55: 来源:qnr 58EN网讯:每年春节、清明、五一、端午等各种各样的法定假日,看看"放假"、"调休"和"休息"怎么表达1.Timeoffinlieu(ofovertime)"调休"的意思 用法如: Iwouldliketoget1dayoffinlieuoftheovertimeIworkedonChristmasday. CanIhave3hoursofftodayinlieuofthe3hoursofovertimeIworkedlastnight? DoIgettimeoffinlieuifIworkovertimeontheholiday?.Holiday一般指法定假日 当老美说theholidaystheholidayseason,是说包括Christmas,Hanukkah(犹太人圣节),andNewYear'sDay的这段假期但不包括周末,如果是周末必须说onaweekend 如 单词搭配NewYearHoliday新年假期 alegalholiday,anationalholiday法定假日 onholidayonone'sholiday休假中 half-holidayhalf-day半天休假 takeaweek'sholiday一周的休假 haveaholiday休假、庆祝、休息 behometheholiday放假回家 packageholiday指由旅行社包办所有事宜的观光旅游3.Vacation:通常指停止工作或读书的假期,与天数无关 如annualvacation,Christmasvacation 单词搭配summervacation暑假wintervacation寒假 goonvacationtakeavacation自己放假.Daysoff纯粹指不用上班,休息的日子或一段时间,例如周末,就是daysoff 单词搭配:[一段时间+off](通常用takehave当动词) 单词例句 Hehasadayofftoday. Shehadtwoweeksoffbecauseshewasill. Iwanttotakeadayofftoseethedoctor. Igotanafternoonoffandwenttotheballgame.(请两小时假看球赛)5.Leave亦可当假期,对于年法定节假日但通常必须是自己申请的休假 如askleave(请假)grantleave(准假)overstayone'sleave(超假)sickleave(病假)maternityleave(产假)annualleave(年假) 单词搭配: onleave告假中 gohomeonleave请假回家 takeone'sleave告辞 takeFrenchleave不告而别 单词例句: ImetherwhileIwasonleave. Sheisonsixweek'spaidleave.(她正在度六周有薪假期) Igetleavetwiceayear.Ihavetwoleavesayear.(我一年有两次休假)6.Break短时间的休息,亦指课堂间的短暂休息或音乐会的中场休息 单词搭配 havetakeabreak休息一下 Givemeabreak!饶了我吧 单词例句 Therewasabreakintheconcert. Let'shaveacoffeeteabreak. Theyusuallygoshoppingduringtheirlunchbreak.7.Furlough指军人、公务员、政府官员的休假,通常假期较长 单词搭配 behomegohomeonfurlough回家回国休假 单词例句 He'sonninemonth'sfurlough. Hewasgivengrantedtwoweek'sfurlough. Ihaveafurlougheverytwoyears. 词汇 英语 词汇 节日英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 初中英语暑假作文:在农村过暑假 -- 19:50:58 来源: 初中英语暑假作文:在农村过暑假My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day.Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them English improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me this.年年6月六级翻译练习题(新题型):书籍 -- 18:7:38 来源: 年年6月六级翻译练习题(新题型):书籍书籍具有不朽的精神,他们是迄今为止人类所创造持续最久的产品宇宙会损坏,塑像会颓废,但是书籍却能常存人间对于思想而言,时间并不重要,它们今天让然能同多年前第一次在作者的头脑中刚刚产生时那样鲜活当年的话语和思想如今依然通过书本在向我们生动的述说参考翻译Books possess the essence of immortality.They are by far the most lasting products of human eft.The universe can be damaged,temples and statues decay,but books survive.Time is of no with great thoughts,which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their author's minds ages ago.What was then said an thought still speaks to us as vividly as ever from the printed page.

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 A Picnic英语作文范例 --31 18:8:1 来源: 范文一:APicnic-郊游上周六天气非常好,我们全家一起去郊外野炊我们开了一个小时的车,找了一个空地,摆上食物我们一边欣赏着郊外的风景,一边吃着鲜美的食物,快乐极了Last Saturday the weather was fine. Our family went to the countryside to have a picnic. We drove about one hour and found a wide and open area to stop. We ate delicious food while we admired the scenery of the countryside.范文二:A PicnicIt was a sunny day. We decided to have a picnic outside the city. In the morning, we took an early bus to Nanhui. It was quite a colorful world. There were green trees, orange leaves,red peach blossoms. At noon, we reached the place, we sat by the river bank and took out a lot of things, such as b, orange juice, apples, cakes, eggs and so on. But all of a sudden, it began to rain. Unluckily there was no shelter nearby. We had to take a bus to go back home in a hurry.What an ungettable picnic it was! 范文三:初三英语作文:A PicnicYesterday my classmates and I went to on a picnic. According to our plan we would climb the West Mountain.  Early in the morning all of us gathered at the gate of our school, we started of at seven, soon it began to have a little rain. We kept on riding an hour till we reached the foot of the mountain.  The little rain stopped then. We began to climb. Soon we reached the top of the mountain. How beautiful it was when we looked at the view from the top. We ran. sang, jump, played chess, and had the pictures taken on the top of the mountain. and had lunch on the rocks. How happy we were!  After the lunch we went down the mountain. We got home at four, all of us almost gave out.

容易被忽视的词汇汇总 -- :55: 来源:qnr 58EN网讯:中很多词汇是大家平时经常遇到的,但是参加过的考生积累一定词汇量之后在考试中还是会遇到很多生词,影响进行下面的答题,下面小编为大家整理了容易被忽视的词汇总结,帮助大家积累address v.从事,忙于;n. 演讲aging n.老化,陈酿alternate v. amp;;adj. 交替,轮流; 交替的alternating adj.交互的,交替的alternative n. amp;;adj. 可供选择的方案(option);appreciate 理解,认识,意识到;欣赏;感激appropriate v. 拨给(资金), 盗用 adj.合适的 n. 物品,商品assume v. 承担,担任;假装;假设attribute v. amp;;n 归因于;特征,属性bark n. 树皮; 犬吠bill n.议案,法案; .鸟嘴;账单champion vt. 持,拥护;n.冠军complex n. 综合体 adj.复杂的concern n. 公司(垄断组织“康采恩”就是它的音译)default n. amp;;v. 不履行;违约;拖欠;默认(值)drill vt. 钻(孔);训练,操练elaborate v. amp;;adj. 精心制作,详细描述;精心制作的exploit v. 开发,利用n. 功绩fair n. 集市,交易会;adj.公平的,美丽的 adv.公平地,直接地fairly adv. 相当地,公平地fashion vt. 形成,塑造 n.时尚,方式figure n. 人物;体形game n. 猎物,野味;hit n. 轰动一时的人物或作品vt. 偶然碰见intrigue v. amp;;n 激发兴趣;密谋;阴谋intriguing adj. 激发兴趣的inviting adj. 引人注目的,吸引人的perspective 透视画法;观点,方法;前景,远景prospect 前景,景色;前途;勘探,寻找strain n. 血统,品系,菌株;紧张,张力;v.扭伤,拉紧 词汇 词汇-- ::7 来源:kekenet   His passport was confiscated by the police.

七大原则助你写出加分句 -- :5:51 来源: 一、长短句原则 工作还得一张一驰呢,老让读者读长句,累死人!写一个短小精辟的句子,相反,却可以起到画龙点睛的作用而且如果我们把短句放在段首或者段末,也可以揭示主题:As a creature, I eat; as a man, I . Although one action is to meet the primary need of my body and the other is to satisfy the intellectual need of mind, they are in a way quite similar如此可见,长短句结合,抑扬顿挫,岂不爽哉?牢记!强烈建议:在文章第一段(开头)用一长一短,且先长后短;在文章主体部分,要先用一个短句解释主要意思,然后在阐述几个要点的时候采用先短后长的句群形式,定会让主体部分妙笔生辉!文章结尾一般用一长一短就可以了二、主题句原则国有其君,家有其主,文章也要有其主否则会给人造成"群龙无首"之感!相信各位读过一些破烂文学,故意把主体隐藏在文章之内,结果造成我们稀里糊涂!不知所云!所以奉劝各位一定要写一个主题句,放在文章的开头(保险型)或者结尾,让读者一目了然,必会平安无事!特别提示:隐藏主体句可是要冒险的!To begin with, you must work hard at your lessons and be fully prepared bee the exam(主题句). Without sufficient preparation, you can hardly expect to answer all the questions correctly三、一二三原则领导讲话总是第一部分、第一点、第二点、第三点、第二部分、第一点… 如此罗嗦可毕竟还是条理清楚考官们看文章也必然要通过这些关键性的"标签"来判定你的文章是否结构清楚,条理自然破解方法很简单,只要把下面任何一组的词汇加入到你的几个要点前就清楚了1)first, second, third, last(不推荐,原因:俗))firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally(不推荐,原因:俗)3)the first, the second, the third, the last(不推荐,原因:俗))in the first place, in the second place, in the third place, lastly(不推荐,原因:俗)5)to begin with, then, furthermore, finally(强烈推荐)6)to start with, next, in addition, finally(强烈推荐)7)first and emost, besides, last but not least(强烈推荐)8)most important of all, moreover, finally9)on the one hand, on the other hand(适用于两点的情况)) one thing, another thing(适用于两点的情况)建议:不仅仅在写作中注意,平时说话的时候也应该条理清楚!四、短语优先原则写作时,尤其是在考试时,如果使用短语,有两个好处:其一、用短语会使文章增加亮点,如果老师们看到你的文章太简单,看不到一个自己不认识的短语,必然 会看你低一等相反,如果发现亮点-精的短语,那么你的文章定会得高分了其二、关键时刻思维短路,只有凑字数,怎么办?用短语是一个办法!比如:I cannot bear it可以用短语表达:I cannot put up with itI want it可以用短语表达:I am looking ward to it这样字数明显增加,表达也更准确五、多实少虚原则原因很简单,写文章还是应该写一些实际的东西,不要空话连篇这就要求一定要多用实词,少用虚词我这里所说的虚词就是指那些比较大的词比如我们说一个很好的时候,不应该之说nice这样空洞的词,应该使用一些诸如generous, humorous, interesting, smart, gentle, warm-hearted, hospital 之类的形象词再比如:走出房间,general的词是:walk out of the room但是小偷走出房间应该说:slip out of the room走出房间应该说:sail out of the room小孩走出房间应该说:dance out of the room老人走出房间应该说:stagger out of the room所以多用实词,少用虚词,文章将会大放异!六、多变句式原则1)加法(串联)都希望写下很长的句子,像个老外似的,可就是怕写错,怎么办,最保险的写长句的方法就是这些,可以在任何句子之间加and, 但最好是前后的句子又先后关系或者并列关系比如说:I enjor music and he is fond of playing guitar如果是二者并列的,我们可以用一个超级句式:Not only the fur coat is soft, but it is also warm其它的短语可以用:besides, furthermore, likewise, moreover)转折(拐弯抹角)批评某人缺点的时候,我们总习惯先拐弯抹角说说他的优点,然后转入正题,再说缺点,这种方式虽然阴险了点,可毕竟还比较容易让人接受所以呢,我们说话的时候,只要在要点之前先来点废话,注意二者之间用个专这次就够了The car was quite old, yet it was in excellent conditionThe coat was thin, but it was warm更多的短语:despite that, still, however, nevertheless, in spite of, despite, notwithstanding3)因果(so, so, so)昨天在街上我看到了一个女孩,然后我主动搭讪,然后我们去咖啡厅,然后我们认识了,然后我们成为了朋友…可见,讲故事的时候我们总要追求先后顺序,先什么,后什么,所以然后这个词就变得很常见了其实这个词表示的是先后或因果关系!The snow began to fall, so we went home更多短语:then, theree, consequently, accordingly, hence, as a result, this reason, so that)失衡句(头重脚轻,或者头轻脚重)有些人脑袋大,身体小,或者有些人脑袋小,身体大,虽然我们不希望长成这个样子,可如果真的是这样了,也就必然会吸引别人的注意力文章中如果出现这样的句子,就更会让考官看到你的句子与众不同其实就是主语从句,表语从句,宾语从句的变形举例:This is what I can doWhether he can go with us or not is not sure同样主语、宾语、表语可以改成如下的复杂成分:When to go, Why he goes away…5)附加(多此一举)如果有了老婆,总会遇到这样的情况,当你再讲某个人的时候,她会插一句说,我昨天见过他;或者说,就是某某某,如果把老婆的话插入到我们的话里面,那就是定语从句和同位语从句或者是插入语The man whom you met yesterday is a friend of mineI don't enjoy that book you are ingMr liu, our oral English teacher, is easy-going其实很简单,同位语--要解释的东西删除后不影响整个句子的构成;定语从句-借用之前的关键词并且用其重新组成一个句子插入其中,但是whom or that 关键词必须要紧跟在先行词之前6)排比(排山倒海句)文学作品中最吸引人的地方莫过于此,如果非要让你的文章更加精的话,那么我希望你引用一个个的排比句,一个个得对偶句,一个个的不定式,一个个地词,一个个的短语,如此表达将会使文章有排山倒海之势!Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, sophisticated or simple, there is plenty in London youNowadays, energy can be obtained through various sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, solar heat, the wind and ocean tidesWe have got to study hard, to enlarge our scope of knowledge, to realize our potentials and to pay our life. (气势恢宏)要想写出如此气势恢宏的句子非用排比不可!七、挑战极限原则既然是挑战极限,必然是比较难的,但是并非不可攀!原理:在学生的文章中,很少发现诸如独立主格的句子,其实也很简单,只要花上5分钟的时间看看就可以领会,它就是分词的一种特殊形式,分词要求主语一致,而独立主格则不然比如:The weather being fine, a large number of people went to climb the Western HillsAfrica is the second largest continent, its size being about three times that of China )内容错误不给分  天仙子 Song Of Immortal

考研英语 考研英语阅读高频词汇:科普类 -- :: 来源: 词汇是英语的基础,,参加考研的考生要想搞定考研英语,就必须积累和掌握足够的词汇量在复习考研英语阅读的时候,很多同学发现阅读中经常会出现一些比较难掌握的专业词汇和背景词汇下面,文都考研小编给大家整理了考研英语阅读中出现频率较高的专业词汇和背景词汇,方便各位考生复习以下是科普类的:access time 存取时间anti-virus programs 杀毒软件assembler 汇编程序bar code 条形码beeper 传呼机buffer storage 缓冲存储器call instruction 呼叫指令cellular 手机comsat 通讯卫星cordless telephone 无绳电话cursor 光标cyber crimes 网上犯罪cyberspace 电脑空间,网络世界desktop 台式计算机digital television 数字电视electronic control 电子控制electronic hearing aid 电子助听器encryption 加密fast-ward(放录像带等时的快进)fiber optic technology 光纤技术firewall 防火墙flat panel display 平板显示技术floppy disk 软盘genetic engineering 基因工程hacker 黑客identifier 标识符intelligent system 智能系统intranet 内联网IT-industry 信息产业jumbotran(电视机的)超大屏幕know-how(技术)诀窍laser 激光long-distance educational system 远程教育系统microprocessor 微处理机minicomputer 小型计算机modem 调制解调器multimedia 多媒体multimedia learning system 多媒体学习系统netsurfed 网虫on-1ine service 网上务palmtop(:PDA)掌上电脑password.PIN(:personal identification number)密码portable 便携式计算机snooper 窥探者software package 软件包solar collector 太阳能收集器terminal 终端设备 camera 摄像机disc 影碟workstation 计算机工作站xerox 静电复印Yk bug 千年虫zip-code 邮政编码以上就是考研英语阅读中经常出现的一些科普类的英语词汇,希望参加考研的同学们抽出一点点时间将这些词汇搞定,也预祝大家愉快复习,在考研的考场上考出理想成绩  诺#86;韦伯斯特58年出生于康涅狄格州的西哈特福德,他一生热爱词语韦伯斯特曾就读于耶鲁大学,后来当了教师,又从事写作英语专业四级 年英语专业四级常见词辨析之能力 -- ::5 来源: ability, capacity, capability, genius, talent, competence, faculty, gift, aptitude这些名词均可表示人的“能力,才能”之意ability: 普通用词,指人先天的或学来的各种能力eg: 1. The ability to use a language can be acquired by the ct of using the language.运用语言的能力只能能通过不断练习才能获得. His ability is limited.他的能力有限capacity :侧重指人的潜在能力,通常不指体力,多指才智,尤指接受与领悟能力eg: 1.Their reasoning capacity must be developed.他们的推理能力必须加以培养. His capacity of accepting knowledge helps him to be the top student in his class.他接受知识的能力使得他成为班里的第一名capability :多用于人,指胜任某项具体工作的能力,也指本身具有、尚未发挥的潜在能力常与of或连用eg: 1. Not by age but by capacity is wisdom acquired.智慧的获得是依靠才能而不是年龄. The little girl has great capability as a singer and should be trained.这个小女孩很有当歌手的才能,应该加以训练genius: 语气最强,指天赋的高度才能与智力eg: 1. Mozart showed genius even at the age of six, when he began to compose minuets.莫扎特六岁时就开始创作小步舞曲, 展露才华. Einstein was a mathematical genius.爱因斯坦是数学天才talent: 着重指人某方面具有可发展和倍养的突出天赋才能,但语意比genius弱eg: 1. He was a man of many talents.他是一个多才多艺的人. There was a lot of talent in this company.这个公司有很多人才competence: 正式用词,侧重指令人满意的业务能力与水平,达到胜任某项工作等的要求eg: We knew her competence in solving peoblems.我们都是知道她解决问题的能力faculty: 指特殊的才能或智力eg: An unerring faculty detecting hypocrisy is one of her most useful attributes.能无误地看出伪善的能力是她身上最有用的特征之一gift: 着重个人的天赋的才能或在某方面的显著本领,常暗含不能用一般规律作解释的意味eg: 1. Her tactfulness is a remarkable gift.她的机敏是一种非凡的天赋. This diplomat possessed an excellent gift repartee.这位外交官具有卓越的应对才能aptitude: 多指先天或后天习得的运用自如的能力,常暗示接受能力强,能迅速掌握一种学术训练或艺术技巧eg: That student has an aptitude mathematics.那个学生有数学方面的天赋

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