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襄樊市第一人民医院官网宜城市中医院治疗子宫内膜炎怎么样Syria’s war叙利亚战争Their own men自己人Islamist rebels sever ties with the political opposition伊斯兰反对派与政治反对派断绝关系Sep 28th 2013 | CAIRO AND ISTANBUL |From the print editionSYRIA’S exiled opposition has long struggled to influence the course of the civil war. Its ambitions may just have been dashed for good by those who do the actual fighting. On September 24th eleven of Syria’s strongest rebel brigades jointly announced their rejection of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC), the quarrelsome but broadly moderate Istanbul-based dissident leadership that is recognised by Western and Gulf governments. Syrians outside the country and those picked by foreigners have no authority, said a rebel spokesman. Moreover, he declared, Syria’s revolution must be pursued “within a clear Islamic framework”, based on sharia law as the sole source of legislation.叙利亚流亡的政治反对派一直在努力影响内战的进程。他们的野心可能会被真正参战的反对派所打破。9月24日,叙利亚最强的十一个反叛旅共同宣布他们反对叙利亚反对派联盟(SOC),SOC是西方和海湾各国政府公认的设在伊斯坦布尔的领导,虽然会有争吵,但是相对还是比较温和。一个反对派发言人说,身在国外的叙利亚人和外国人挑选的叙利亚人没有权威。此外,他宣布,叙利亚革命必须奉行“在一个明确的伊斯兰框架之内”,什叶派教法作为立法的唯一来源。New associations come and go in Syria, but this one includes the most powerful and active front-line forces, ranging from moderate Islamists like Liwa al-Tawheed, which previously pledged allegiance to the coalition’s military wing, the Supreme Military Command, to jihadist groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda affiliate. The decision by groups such as Tawheed to partner with radical Islamists guts the military command, leaving it with few groups it can claim to control.叙利亚新旧协会来来去去,但是SOC包含最强大最活跃的一线部队,包括温和派伊斯兰主义者Liwa al-Tawheed,其曾承诺效忠联盟的军事势力最高军事指挥以及诸如基地组织联盟成员,圣战组织Jabhat al-Nusra。诸如Tawheed等组织与激进伊斯兰主义者合作的决定破坏了军事命令,使得很少组织受控于SOC。Islamist fighters of varying hues have grown to dominate Syria’s mosaic of rebel groups. Outside support for jihadists, which comes mostly from private donors and networks in the Gulf, has proven more reliable than the stop-start flow that foreign governments direct to milder-mannered, Western-approved rivals. Even some vetted fighters have long espoused the creation of an Islamic state, but quietly so as not to worry non-Islamist brothers-in-arms—let alone Syria’s myriad non-Sunni Muslim minorities. The decision to go public is in part down to Egypt, says one rebel man. The coup that ousted Muhammad Morsi, a Muslim Brother, showed that there is nothing to gain from paying lip service to democracy.各种色的伊斯兰武装分子已经成长为主导叙利亚的反叛联盟。外界对圣战者的持大多来自私人捐助以及海湾地区的网络,而西方政府则直接向他们认可的对手,温和的派别断断续续的持,前者被明更可靠。甚至一些审查的武装分子都希望建立一个伊斯兰国家,但是都是悄悄地说,以免引起非伊斯兰教兄弟联盟,更不要说叙利亚无数的非逊尼派穆斯林少数民族。一个反对派成员表示,作出公开决定的部分原因是埃及。埃及的争辩推翻了穆兄会的穆罕默德穆尔西,表明嘴皮子民主没什么用。Western powers will now find their proxies have less influence than ever. In the month since America backed away from missile strikes to punish Syria’s regime for using chemical weapons, the SOC has become increasingly irrelevant. Strikes would have bolstered moderates, including Selim Idriss, a defected general who heads the military command. The ensuing deal between Russia and America whereby Syria’s regime must hand over its chemical weapons was perceived as coming at the expense of the rebels.现在,西方势力他们的代理影响力变得前所未有的微弱。自从美国决定放弃导弹袭击惩罚叙利亚政府使用化学武器以来的一个月,SOC已经变得越来越无关紧要。袭击将会增强温和派的实力,包括负责军事指挥的叛逃将军Selim Idriss。随后美俄之间关于叙利亚政府必须交出其化学武器的协议被发现是由反对派买单。The opposition schism renders the prospect of a negotiated end to the conflict in the near future flimsier still. But the new joint fighting force could act as a bulwark against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), an al-Qaeda group manned largely by foreign mujahideen that is more radical than Jabhat al-Nusra. ISIS did not sign the statement, and has faced growing hostility as it seeks to expand its influence.反对分类使得不久将来通过协商解决冲突的前景变得渺茫。但是新的联合作战部队可以作为反抗伊拉克伊斯兰国和沙姆地区组织(ISIS)的堡垒,ISIS是一个很大程度上由比Jabhat al-Nusra更激进的外国基地组织mujahideen所操纵的组织。ISIS没有签署声明,随着其对外扩张会面对更多的敌意。201310/260349襄樊市第一人民医院是三甲医院吗 Time to go the A Moment of Science mailbag. A listener writes:接下来是《科学一刻》听众来信时间。我们的一位听众写道:Dear A Moment of Science,Ive heard that pork can be used to stop a nosebleed.亲爱的《科学一刻》栏目,我听说猪肉能被用来治流鼻血。Is this true, or just a myth?这是真的吗,还是虚构出来的?Well, there are lots of anecdotal stories about doctors in the 17-and 1800s stuffing patientsnoses with salt pork to stop nosebleeds.呃,现在流传着许多这样的奇闻趣事,说的是18,19世纪的医生将腌猪肉塞进病人的鼻子里治疗流鼻血。But the practice fell out of favor at some point because the meat wasnt always the freshest, and often swarmed with bacteria and other dangerous parasites.但是在某些时候,这一疗法并不流行。因为猪肉并不总是最新鲜的,经常有细菌以及其他有害的寄生虫。But recently, doctors at the Detroit Medical Center used this old folk method to treat a young child who suffered from frequent and prolonged bloody noses.但是在近期,底特律医疗中心的医生们就用这一偏方来治疗一名小孩子。这个孩子频繁地流鼻血且持续时间很长,她深受其苦。Using so called nasal tampons made of raw, salt pork, which they packed into her nose, the docs were able to stop the bleeding withintwenty-four hours.医生将由生的腌猪肉做成的,所谓的鼻子止血棉,塞进她的鼻子。在24小时之内,医生们成功的止住了这个孩子的鼻血。Now, to be sure, trying this admittedly weird sounding method on a single patient hardly constitutes an in depth study.说老实话,只在一名病人身上尝试这个听起来确实古怪的老偏方,几乎难以构成一项有深度的医学研究。But the pork treatment seems to have worked in this case.Why?但是在这个案例中,猪肉疗法看起来起作用了。这是为什么呢?It could be that raw salt pork has certain qualities that help stop the bleeding.可能的原因是,生的腌猪肉具有某种特性,有助于止血。Or maybe thecombination of cold and salt narrow the blood vessels while the fat kick-starts clotting.或者可能是,在脂肪快速凝固的同时,低温和盐的共同作用使血管收缩。In any case, its an interesting example of how some old folk cures might have some basis inscience.不管怎样,这都是一个有趣的例子,关于一些老偏方如何具有科学依据。 201404/284373襄阳人民医院输卵管再通术多少钱

老河口第一医院 男科医生A long wait, on this Moment of Science. 本期《科学一刻》将和您聊聊长久等待。You might have heard the old adage that glass is a liquid,你可能听老话讲玻璃是一种液体,and if you go over to Europe and look at the stained glass windows in the cathedrals, youll find them thicker on the bottom than the top because they are gradually spilling out. Is this true?如果你看过欧洲教堂的色玻璃窗,你会发现底部的玻璃要比顶部厚,因为它们正在逐渐变形。这是真的吗?Before we answer that one, lets take a second to think about what a cool image that is.在回答这个问题之前,让我们首先花几秒钟时间思考一个很酷的情景。Maybe if you lived for centuries instead of years, you could sit around and watch glass pour the way we watch molasses ooze out of a jar.也许如果你生活了几个世纪,而不是几年,那样的话你就可以坐在那里,看玻璃就像我们看糖蜜从罐子里洒出来一样。Well, sometimes little factoids like this get passed around that may or may not be accurate.嗯,有时这样的小趣闻会传达亦真亦假的信息。So, to set the record straight, glass is indeed a very slow-moving liquid-yep!所以,正确来讲,玻璃的确是一种流动非常缓慢的液体—是的!given the standard definition of a liquid, which is something that takes the shape of its container.再考虑到液体是能盛下容器的形状的标准定义。If you could wait a really, really long time, you might be able to watch a seemingly-solid piece of glass do this.如果你可以等上非常非常长的时间,你可以看到片状固体的玻璃。But it would take a lot more than a few centuries.但需要超过几个世纪的时间。In fact, a recent study by Edgar Zanotto in the American Journal of Physics showed that the amount of time youd have to wait to see glass change its shape with the naked eye would be longer than the age of the universe!事实上,埃德加·赞诺托最近发表在《美国物理学杂志》的一项研究表示你用肉眼等待玻璃改变其形状的时间会超过宇宙的年龄!Those cathedral windows are probably thicker in some places just because of the crude methods used to form them.那些在某些地方教堂的窗户可能会很厚,只是因为早先是用原油制成。So, yes, technically glass is a liquid, but no, you cant ever see it move.所以,是的,技术上讲玻璃是一种液体,但你却看不到它流动。Unless you have a few billion years. 除非你愿意花上几十亿年时间。201312/270279保康县妇幼保健中医院治疗腹胀多少钱 Indias Hindu nationalists:印度的印度教民族主义者:Men in shorts穿短裤的人们The election over, Narendra Modi may drop the Hindu right选举结束,纳伦德拉莫迪或许将限制印度教权力。Not physical jerks这可不是单纯的体操。POLITICAL pundits have spent much of the past week debating exit polls, released just after the final day of voting on May 12th. The polls pointed, more or less, to a single outcome: the Bharatiya Janata Party will wallop the incumbent party, Congress, and, led by Narendra Modi, will form the next government. Investors pushed the stockmarket to a record high. But details matter, such as whether Mr Modi can rely on a narrow coalition or will need a broad one. Here, the pollsters cannot be relied upon. The official results are due on May 16th, after The Economist goes to press.5月12日是印度大选投票的最后一天,投票结束后不久,政府即公布了一份票站民意调查。在过去的一周中,政治专家们纷纷就这一调查结果展开辩论。调查或多或少地指向了同一个结果:纳伦德拉.莫迪领导的印度人民党将在选举中击溃现任执政党—国大党,组建下届政府。投资者们借机推动股市达到了创纪录的新高。但是一些细节将对最后的结果产生重大影响,例如莫迪先生是否可以依赖这一狭隘的联盟或是去寻求一个更广泛的合作。民意调查并不可靠,官方的结果将会在5月16日即本刊付梓后公布。A second debate concerned the clout of the Hindu right. Since he was a boy, Mr Modi has been an activist member in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, formed in 1925 as a pro-Hindu social movement. It began with charitable aims but always carried quasi-military overtones as men in brown shorts performed dawn callisthenics. These days the RSS is rebranding itself as a more youthful, right-leaning, nationalist organisation, with rugby and volleyball on offer as alternatives to physical jerks.第二个辩论则有关于印度教权力的影响。从童年起,莫迪先生就一直是印度国民志愿务团的活跃成员。印度国民志愿务团成立于1925年,持印度教社会化运动。它是为了慈善的目的而成立,但是成员们每天早晨穿着棕色短裤演练体操却使它染上了一丝准军事化的色。这些天来,国民志愿务团致力于重新标榜自己为一个更加年轻的,右倾的民族主义组织,并且提供橄榄球和排球作为一个替代体操活动的选择。Throughout the election campaign, the RSS supplied volunteers for the BJP. The organisations sway within the party remains strong. Mr Modi became party leader in 2013 when the RSS chose to back him. Observers see an effort to expand the RSSs “majoritarian” appeal, with less talk of Hindu identity and more about national strength. Smooth-tongued spokesmen downplay a once-core assertion of the RSS: that to be Indian was to be Hindu.在整个的竞选活动中,RSS一直为印度人民党提供志愿者。该组织在人民党内保持着巨大的影响力。2013年,在RSS的持下,莫迪先生成为了印度人民党的领袖。观察家们将其视作印度国民志愿务团扩大其“多数人统治”诉求的努力,只是现在他们更少地谈及印度教的身份,转而更多地从国家力量的出发。圆滑的发言人如今则对务团曾经核心的主张—“印度人就得是印度教徒”轻描淡写。Yet Mr Modis rise brings questions about the role of the RSS and the wider Sangh Parivar, or family of Hindu nationalist outfits. Some have high expectations. About 2,000 volunteers turned out to help Mr Modi in Varanasi alone. On May 12th members of the RSSs student wing cheered Mr Modi as “one of us ”, claiming he would bring relief on issues dear to them. These include calls for a temple to be built at the site of a demolished mosque in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh; for Muslim-majority Kashmir to lose its special status under the Indian constitution; and for the abolition of a separate marriage code for Muslims. Not for these people discussions about economic policies.然而,莫迪先生的就职带来了有关RSS与更广泛的“联合家庭”—印度教民族主义者组织联合间的角色问题。有些人抱着很高的期待。仅在瓦拉纳西市就有约2000名志愿者帮助莫迪先生的竞选。5月12日,加入国民志愿务团的学生们便欢呼莫迪先生是“我们的一员”,宣称他将会对有利于他们的事情(对那些穆斯林和无宗教主义者则充满忧虑)带来解决办法。这些就包括呼吁在北方邦阿约提亚市的一处废旧的清真寺旧址上修建一座寺庙;呼吁取消穆斯林人口占多数的克什米尔地区在印度宪法下的特殊地位;呼吁废除专为穆斯林制定的单独的婚姻法。以及不要为这些人讨论经济政策。A senior RSS organiser in Varanasi talks of Mr Modi restoring pride in “what the nation lost in the last 1,000 years, in the sons of the nation, the Hindus who originally belonged to this country”. Only once before, at the defeat of Indira Gandhi in 1977, has the RSS thrown itself so heavily into party politics. Just as it is helping Mr Modis cause, so he is helping the RSS, according to one of its spokesmen in Delhi. With more effective recruiting, especially online, 10,000 new members are said to be signing up each month, including at universities and among employees at the countrys booming IT firms.RSS的一位高级官员在瓦拉纳西市谈及莫迪先生重建了印度人的骄傲,这份骄傲是“在过去的1000年中这个国家所丢失了的事物中,在这个国家的子孙间,在那些从最开始就属于这片土地的印度教徒身上”。之前只有在1977年英迪拉.甘地失败的那一次竞选中,RSS才如此激烈地参与到过党派政治中。据德里的一位发言人称,RSS在帮助莫迪先生的事业,他也在帮助RSS。得益于更有效率的招募行动,尤其是在网络上的,据说每个月都有10,000名新成员加入,而其中就包含着在校大学生和这个国家冉冉升起的IT行业的雇员们。If Mr Modi becomes prime minister, members of the broad Sangh Parivar family say they expect a more forceful approach to Pakistan and China. School textbooks could be reworked to show history “in the right way”, as one puts it, for example by telling how Maratha kings triumphed over Muslim armies.如果莫迪先生当选为总理,广大的“联合家庭”成员们期待着对巴基斯坦和中国采取更为强硬的措施。学校的教科书也会被重新编写,例如通过描述马拉地国王如何打败穆斯林军队这种所谓的“正确的方式”展现历史,。Yet Mr Modis iness for collaboration may prove passing. It is true that on May 10th he spent two hours with the RSSs leader, Mohan Bhagwat, reportedly to assess the national campaign and potential ruling coalitions. But with voting over, the BJP will not need its armies of street volunteers. And Hindu nationalists may recall how in Mr Modis early years of running the state of Gujarat, he mostly kept the RSS at arms length, worried that a rival power might arise. Widening his appeal to all Indians may mean turning his back on the more divisive outfits to which he has been close.然而莫迪先生的合作意愿可能只是短暂的。5月10日,他与RSS的领导人莫汉.巴格瓦特会谈了两个小时,据报道是在评估全国运动以及潜在的执政联盟。但是当投票结束后,印度人民党将不再需要街头的志愿者军队。那时印度教民族主义者或许会记起莫迪先生早年在古吉拉特邦执政时是如何做的——大多数时候他都会与RSS保持距离 ,以避免反对力量的出现。迎合更广大的印度人民意味着莫迪先生会背离这一引起纠纷的组织,尽管他一直同印度国民务团关系亲密。 201405/302140襄樊市第一人民医院女子有做阴道松弛的

襄阳粉刺医院排名Veins are pretty important.血管相当的重要。After all, they carry blood fromvarious parts of the body to the heart.毕竟,它们从身体的各个部分向心脏运输血液。But for all their significance, veins are modest, too.虽然很重要,但血管也很谦逊。Yoursare probably content to work behind the scenes, tucked away beneath the skin.血管甘愿在幕后工作,在皮肤下默默运输血液。Sometimes, however, veins take center-stage and become visible as blue lines on the skin, oftenresembling an unmarked roadmap.然而,有时候血管成为主角,在皮肤上可以看到蓝色的线,很像未被标记的地图。If you havent guessed by now, were talking about varicoseveins.如果你还没有猜到,我们讨论的正是静脉曲张的血管。Have you ever wondered what are they are and how they form?你是否想知道它们是什么并怎样形成的?Basically, a varicose vein is one that is twisted and filled with backed-up blood.通常,静脉曲张的血管充满回流的血液并因此扭曲。Although they mostcommonly occur in the legs, varicose veins can also happen in the esophagus, testes and theurinary bladder.它们不仅多见于腿部,也会表现在食管、睾丸、膀胱上。Varicose veins in the legs occur when the valves in a vein near the surface of the skin malfunction.当皮肤表面下的血管的阀门不起作用时,腿上的静脉曲张开始显现。Valves usually keep blood from flowing backwards in the vein once its been pumped towards theheart.阀门的作用是防止有心脏送出的血液回流。When the valves dont work properly, blood gets stuck, causing the vein to swell and kink.当阀门不正常工作时,血液不能流动,导致血管膨胀和扭结。Although varicose veins are usually associated with senior citizens, not every older person hasthem.虽然静脉曲张多发生在老年人身上,但是不是每个老年人都患有这种病。Weak valves are often inherited, and can also be caused by wearing clothing that squeezesthe legs and veins too tightly.脆弱的阀门通常是遗传的,或者身上的衣把腿和血管勒的太紧导致的。Varicose veins may seem unsightly, but theyre not usually a cause for major concern.静脉曲张是很难看的,但是它们通常不会引起强烈的关注。Still, if youhave them and want to do something about it, talk to your doctor.然而,如果你有这种病并想要治疗,和你的医生聊聊。Treatments range fromwearing strong support stockings to surgery.治疗方法包括从穿修复性的长筒袜到做外科手术。 201403/279990 Drug firms and cancer Lucrative lifesavers医药公司和癌症 利润丰厚的救星The hopes and perils of betting on cancer treatments癌症治疗的希望和风险NEW weapons are emerging in the war on cancer.在对癌症的战争中不断有新武器出现。That is good news not just for patients but also for drug companies.这不仅对病人是好消息,对制药公司也是好消息。The biggest ones, faced with falling sales as their existing medicines go off-patent, are investing in smaller firms with promising cancer treatments under development, hoping to secure the next blockbuster.最先有药物面临着销售下滑,失去专利保护,最重要的是投资于正在开发有前途的癌症治疗方法的小公司来确保拥有下一个重磅炸弹。On August 25th Amgen, the worlds biggest biotechnology company by sales, said it would pay .4 billion for another American firm, Onyx.8月25日世界上最大的生物技术公司安进表示,它将付104亿美元收购Onyx公司。The target firms crown jewel is Kyprolis, a treatment for multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.该公司拥有的药物Kyprolis能治疗多发性骨髓瘤,一种类型的血癌。The next day AstraZeneca, a British drugs firm, said it would snap up Amplimmune, an American firm working on ways to trigger the immune system to fight cancer.第二天,英国制药公司阿斯利康称将抢购Amplimmune公司,美国一家试图通过激活免疫系统来治疗癌症的公司。Oncology is attractive for several reasons.肿瘤学有吸引力是因为以下几个原因。First, the understanding of cancer is evolving rapidly.首先,对癌症的了解在不断加快。In the 20th century treatment relied on surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.在20世纪对癌症的治疗依赖于手术,放疗和化疗。These now seem rudimentary.现在这些都成了最基本的手段。Immunotherapy—getting the immune system to attack cancer—has gone from theory into practice.用免疫系统攻击癌细胞已经从理论进入实践。Genomics has helped scientists target specific mutations that promote cancer.基因组学帮助科学家通过特定的基因突变锁定促使癌症发生的基因。Another area of excitement for cancer researchers is epigenetics, which alters how a gene acts without meddling with the sequence of DNA.表观遗传学是癌症研究的另一个令人兴奋的领域,在不改变基因序列的前提下改变基因的表达。Second, regulators have speeded up their approval of cancer drugs.其次,监管机构已经在加快对抗癌药物的市场准入。Of the 39 medicines approved by Americas Food and Drug Administration in 2012, 11 were for cancer.在2012年由美国食品和药物批准的39种药品中,有11种用于治疗癌症。These included Kyprolis, which was granted accelerated approval, based on a smaller clinical trial than usual, for use as a last-ditch treatment for patients with multiple myeloma.其中包括Kyprolis,在只进行了小规模的临床试验的基础上加速审批通过,用于多发性骨髓瘤患者治疗的最后一道防线。Third, and most controversial, cancer drugs can fetch exorbitant prices, particularly in America.第三,也是最有争议的,治疗癌症的药物可以卖高昂的价格,特别是在美国。The idea is that theres nothing else available, so you can ask for a high price, explains Howard Liang of Leerink Swann, an investment bank.美国医疗保健投资的霍华德梁解释说:我们的想法是,因为没有别的可用,所以我们可以卖很高的价格。A typical course of treatment with Kyprolis lasting, say, five months, can cost around ,000.使用Kyprolis治疗一个疗程,也就是5个月,花费大约5万美元。Little surprise, then, that big drugmakers are keen to develop their own cancer drugs, form partnerships with smaller firms that have promising treatments in the pipeline, and buy such companies outright.有个小惊喜就是大制药公司都热衷于开发自己的抗癌药物,与在治疗过程中能提高治疗效果的小公司形成合作关系,也直接收购这种小公司。Kyprolis was first developed by a small firm called Proteolix, which was bought by Onyx, now acquired by Amgen.首先Kyprolis是由一个叫 Proteolix的小公司开发的,被Onyx收购,现在又被Amgen收购。In Bristol-Myers Squibb, an American drug giant, paid .4 billion for Medarex, which had an experimental immunotherapy drug.美国制药业巨头施贵宝,年斥资24亿美元收购了拥有免疫治疗药物的Medarex公司。That drug, for melanoma, is now sold in America for 0,000 for a full course of treatment.该药物对黑色素瘤,现在在美国一个完整的疗程需要12万美元。There are risks, however.风险还是有的。Even a drug seemingly destined for fame and fortune can fall flat.即使药物名利似乎注定落空。The FDA has approved Kyprolis only for patients who have aly tried at least two other treatments.批准Kyprolis,只适用于那些已经尝试过至少两个其他治疗方法的患者。Its annual sales could reach billion, reckons Goldman Sachs.高盛估计其年销售额能达到30亿美元。But that requires approval beyond America, and data showing that Kyprolis is worth giving to earlier-stage patients.但是这还需要美国以外的批准,并且要有数据能够明Kyprolis也可以应用于早期患者。AstraZeneca is buying Amplimmune largely for two cancer drugs still in early testing.阿斯利康购买Amplimmune主要是两种抗癌药物目前仍处于早期测试。If you are not willing to take risks, you cannot be in this area, says Bahija Jallal, an executive at AstraZeneca.如果你不愿意承担风险,你就不会出现在这个领域,阿斯利康的一个管理人员Bahija Jallal说。The biggest question in the long term is whether health insurers and governments will keep paying up.长期来看最大的问题是医疗保险公司和政府是否会继续持。Onyx and Bayer, a German firm, share the profits of Nexavar, a kidney-cancer drug.德国拜耳公司和Onyx共享肾癌药物多吉美的利润。Last year Indian regulators granted a local firm a compulsory licence to sell Nexavar copies for a fraction of Bayers price.去年印度的监管机构强制许可授予当地一家小公司销售多吉美的仿制药,价格只是拜耳的一小部分。The response elsewhere is less extreme.其他地方的响应却不那么极端。But companies face new scrutiny over their prices, particularly in Europe.但是,公司在欧洲面临新的价格审查。In April more than 100 experts in chronic myeloid leukaemia signed a paper to protest against the high cost of drugs.4月100多名在慢性髓性白血病方面的专家签署了一份抗议药物成本过高的声明。For now, however, Amgen should be able to continue charging handsomely for Kyprolis.但就目前而言,安进能够从Kyprolis获得丰厚的利润。 /201309/255527襄阳市第一人民医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱宜城市中医医院好吗?



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