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Tomalley may be harmful蟹黄有可能对人身体有害Tomalley of crabs, favored by Chinese Americans, may be harmful to health because of industrial contamination, according to New York State Department of Health.纽约州卫生部表示,受工业污染影响,华裔最爱的蟹黄可能损害健康。The department released a Blue Crab Cooking amp; Eating Guide, which advises crab lovers to remove the tomalley of crabs before eating, because this is where PCBs , dioxin and heavy metals concentrate. Do not reuse the cooking liquid for sauces, soups or stews; roughly 80% of the PCBs found in crabs move into the cooking liquid during steaming/boiling, said the guide.纽约州卫生部近日发布了一份;蓝蟹烹饪和食用指南;,其中建议爱吃蟹的人在吃之前要去掉蟹黄,因为蟹黄是氯联苯(PCB)、二恶英和重金属的富集处。该指南还指出,蟹子中约80%的PCB会在蒸煮过程中进入汤汁,所以不要再把这些汤汁重复用于酱汁调味、做汤或炖煮中。 /201506/379097

On the annual occasion in China for recognizing teachers’ contributions to society, a group of professors and students have called on Chinese education officials and university administrators to take more vigorous action against sexual harassment on university campuses.在中国每年一度表彰教师社会贡献的特殊时刻,一群高校师生呼吁中国的教育官员和大学管理者,为防止校园性骚扰事件的发生采取更有力的行动。On Tuesday, the day before Teachers’ Day, the 256 professors and students signed open letters addressed to China’s Ministry of Education as well as to Zhu Chongshi, the president of Xiamen University.周二,也就是教师节的前一天,256名高校师生分别签署了致中国教育部以及厦门大学校长朱崇实的公开信。In the letter addressed to Mr. Zhu, the group called on him to make public the findings of an investigation into a sexual harassment case that came to light in June involving a history professor who was accused of luring female students into having sex with him. After the allegations surfaced, the university suspended the professor, Wu Chunming, and announced that it had set up a special team to investigate the case.在给朱崇实的信中,他们呼吁公布今年6月曝光的一桩性骚扰案的调查结果。该案涉及一名被指诱奸女学生的历史系教授。在指控浮出水面之后,学校中止了涉事教授吴春明的工作职责,并宣布已成立专门小组调查此案。But after three months, the university has yet to announce the results of that investigation.但三个月过去了,厦门大学仍未宣布调查结果。“We hope that Xiamen University will deliver a just and fair conclusion for the involved parties and the public,” says the letter, which was made available to The New York Times. “But we also learned that before the media got involved in the Wu Chunming case, a number of people had aly filed complaints about Wu, but the complaints were not taken seriously or properly investigated.”“我们期待厦门大学能给当事人和公众一个公正、公平的结论,”这封《纽约时报》所见的信中写道,“不过我们也获知,在媒体介入之前,吴案中的一些当事人早就已经通过组织途径进行了投诉,但却并未得到足够重视与相应调查处理。”“The reason,” continues the letter, which includes some signatures from Chinese studying or working abroad, “is because the colleges and universities in mainland China do not have established anti-sexual harassment mechanisms.”“究其原因,”信中接着说,“在于我国大陆地区高校并未建立反性骚扰机制。”Included in the letter to the Education Ministry was a proposed set of guidelines for establishing nationwide regulations to prevent and respond to sexual harassment on university campuses.给教育部的信中还包含了一份高等教育学校性骚扰防治管理办法的建议稿。While the focus of the letters is on the Wu Chunming case, organizers say they see the case as an opportunity to effect change nationwide.尽管这两封信的关注焦点是吴春明案,发起人说,他们将此案看做在全国范围内促成改变的契机。“The main thing is that we don’t think this is an individual case,” said Luo Ruixue of the Women Awakening Network, a Guangzhou-based women’s rights group that helped organize the letter to the ministry and Xiamen University. “What we really need is a system in place at universities to deal with these kinds of situations.”“主要是,我们不认为这是个案。”新媒体女性网络的罗瑞雪说。这家位于广州的女权组织参与发起了致教育部和厦门大学的这两封公开信。“我们真正需要的,是在高校建立起处理类似情况的制度。”“We hope that Xiamen University can set an example by creating this kind of a system,” Ms. Luo said in a telephone interview.“我们希望厦门大学可以建立起这样的机制,成为全国的典范,”罗瑞雪在电话采访中说。One of the signatories to the letter was a woman who recently completed a master’s degree at Xiamen University.联名信的签署人中包括一名刚刚从厦门大学获得硕士学位的女生。On Wednesday morning, the woman, who uses the pseudonym Xiao Wu to protect her privacy, took part in another, separately organized activity, intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment on campus. In photos circulated on Sina Weibo, Xiao Wu and nine other female students can be seen standing at the entrance of their respective universities, dressed in identical Little Red Riding Hood costumes and carrying swords and shields inscribed with the characters: “Give female students back our freedom and our nights.”周三上午,她参加了另一个旨在提高对校园性骚扰案关注的活动。为了保护个人隐私,她化名为“小五”。新浪微上传播的照片显示,小五和另外九名女生站在各自的学校门口,穿着相同的小红帽装,手里举着剑和盾牌,盾牌上写着:“把自由和夜晚还给女生。”“The traditional understanding is that Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf because she was not careful, so the moral of the story is often said to be to stay at home and not go anywhere,” said Xiao Wu by telephone from Xiamen. “Every time something happens or a sexual harassment case comes up, there are always voices that come out and say that the female students involved were not careful enough, were not aware enough of their safety.”“传统的理解是,小红帽被大灰狼吃了,是因为她缺乏警惕,所以人们认为,这个故事告诉我们,要待在家里,哪也别去,”小五在厦门通过电话表示。“每次某些事件或性侵案发生时,总是有人说,是因为女学生缺乏警惕,安全意识不够。”“By choosing Little Red Riding Hood and by holding those shields and swords, we are trying to make a statement to say that we aren’t going to be those people who only stay at home and don’t go anywhere.”“我们选择装扮成小红帽,手举剑和盾牌,是想说,我们不打算成为只待在家里,哪儿也不去的人。”In addition to the photos, which were taken at 10 different universities, including Xiamen University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Fudan University in Shanghai, the Little Red Riding Hood organizers also sent letters to the presidents of 116 of China’s top universities, calling for them to establish systems to prevent sexual harassment.这些照片拍摄于10所不同的大学,包括厦门大学、北京外国语大学和上海复旦大学。除了这些照片,“小红帽”活动的组织者还向中国116所重点大学的校长寄出了公开信,呼吁建立性骚扰防范机制。“The school should be a safe environment,” Xiao Wu said. “Why can men go out but women can’t go out? I think this is very unfair. So we want to hit back against the Big Bad Wolf.”“学校应该是一个安全的地方,”小五说,“为什么男生可以出去,而女生却不能?我认为这很不公平。所以我们想要赶走大灰狼。” /201409/328362

Australia is tightening scrutiny of foreign ownership in agriculture and real estate to combat public fears that Chinese investment is forcing up house prices and could potentially undermine the country’s food security.澳大利亚正在收紧对外国人持有农业地产和房地产的审查,以缓解公众的担忧——来自中国的投资正在推升房价,还有可能危害该国粮食安全。From next month, purchases by foreign investors of agricultural land worth more than Am (US.6m) will be subject to regulatory approval from Australia’s Foreign investment Review Board. The previous threshold was A0m.从下个月开始,外国投资者在购买价值超过1500万澳元(合1160万美元)的农业地产时,将需要得到澳大利亚外国投资审查委员会(Foreign Investment Review Board)的批准。在此之前,免审上限是2.4亿澳元。The Australian tax office will undertake a stock take of agricultural land ownership by foreign owners, and new rules on foreign investment in residential real estate will be outlined in “coming weeks”, according to Canberra.澳大利亚政府称,澳大利亚税务办公室将开始盘点外国业主持有的农业地产。此外,澳大利亚政府还会在“随后几周”公布有关外国人投资住宅地产的新规定草案。“Foreign investment is important to us, but it’s got to be investment that serves our national interests,” said Tony Abbott, Australia’s prime minister.澳大利亚总理托尼#8226;阿特(Tony Abbott)表示:“外商投资对我们十分重要,不过这些投资必须符合我们的国家利益。”The ruling Liberal-National coalition has previously said that Australia was open to foreign investment, and last year signed trade deals with China, Japan and South Korea.在此之前,执政的自由党-国家党联盟(Liberal-National Coalition)曾表示澳大利亚对外商投资持开放态度。去年,澳大利亚曾与中国、日本和韩国签署贸易协议。However, the agricultural sector is a sensitive issue among the National party’s rural base — a fact underlined when the government in 2013 blocked a A.4bn takeover of GrainCorp by US company Archer Daniels Midland.然而,对于国家党(National)的农村票仓来说,农业部门却是个十分敏感的问题。2013年,澳大利亚政府曾阻止美国ADM公司(Archer Daniels Midland)以34亿澳元收购GrainCorp的交易,农业问题的敏感性由此可见一斑。Foreign ownership of agricultural land was a hot topic prior to the 2013 election, with a Vote Compass Survey by state broadcaster A finding that three-quarters of people wanted more restrictions on land sales.在2013年大选之前,外商持有农业地产曾是一个热门话题。当时,澳大利亚国家电视台澳大利亚广播公司(A)开展的“投票指南调查”(Vote Compass Survey)曾显示,四分之三的澳大利亚人希望加强对土地销售的限制。A Lowy Institute poll last year found that 56 per cent of people thought there was too much Chinese investment in Australia, compared with 37 per cent who said it was the right amount.去年,罗维国际政策学院(Lowy Institute)的一项调查发现,56%的澳大利亚人认为中国对澳大利亚的投资太多了,相比之下认为这一投资规模合适的只有37%。Between 2006 and 2012 Chinese investors sank Abn into Australian agricultural businesses, which amounted to 2 per cent of total Chinese investment in the country.在2006年到2012年之间,中国投资者向澳大利亚农业企业投入了10亿澳元,占中国对澳大利亚总投资的2%。This compared with A.8bn investment in mining, according to a report, titled Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Agribusiness, compiled by KPMG and Sydney University.根据毕马威(KPMG)和悉尼大学编制的一份名为《解密中国对澳农业投资》(Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Agribusiness)的报告,与上述数据相比,中国对采矿业的投资为368亿澳元。But agreement on a trade deal between China and Australia in November has heightened interest in Australia’s agricultural sector. Chinese group New Hope is investing up to 0m in Australian dairy farms and processing plants as part of a deal with Freedom Foods, a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.不过,去年11月中国与澳大利亚签署的一份贸易协议,提高了中国投资者对澳大利亚农业部门的兴趣。按照与自由食品(Freedom Foods)达成的协议,中国集团新希望(New Hope)正投资5亿美元于澳大利亚奶牛场和乳品加工厂。自由食品是一家澳大利亚券交易所(Australian Stock Exchange)的上市企业。Chinese state companies have also set up the Beijing Australia Agricultural Resource Cooperative Development Fund, a bn fund to invest in agricultural opportunities.此外,中国国有企业还设立了规模为30亿美元的京澳农业资源合作开发基金(Beijing Australia Agricultural Resource Cooperative Development Fund),以抓住农业方面的投资机遇。But there are concerns that scrutiny of foreign deals is insufficient.不过有的人担心,仅仅审查与外商的协议是不够的。Similar concerns have been expressed about a lack of proper scrutiny of foreign investment in real estate, which has been cited by some as a factor in fast-rising house prices in Sydney and Melbourne. A parliamentary inquiry recently recommended the creation of a new database of foreign buyers and the introduction of a fee on processing purchases.除此以外,对于澳大利亚缺乏对外商投资房地产的适当审查程序,也有人表示了类似担忧。有人认为,外商投资是导致悉尼和墨尔本房价迅速攀升的原因之一。最近,澳大利亚议会一项调查结果建议,澳大利亚政府设立一个有关外国买家的新数据库,并征收购房手续费。Credit Suisse said last year that Chinese investors and newly arrived immigrants had spent Abn on Australian property over seven years. The bank forecast they would spent an extra Abn in the next seven years.去年,瑞士信贷(Credit Suisse)表示,在7年时间里,中国投资者和新抵达移民向澳大利亚房地产投资了240亿澳元。该行预计在今后7年中,他们还会再投资440亿澳元。 /201502/359847

With a near record- setting investment announced last week, the ride-sharing service Uber is the hottest, most valuable technology start-up on the planet. It is also one of the most controversial.上周宣布了几乎创纪录的巨额融资之后,共乘租车务Uber已成为全球最炙手可热且最具价值的科技初创公司,但与此同时,它也是最具争议性的公司之一。The company, which has been the target of protests across Europe this week, has been accused of a reckless attitude toward safety, of price-gouging its customers, of putting existing cabbies out of work and of evading regulation. And it has been called trivial. In The New Yorker last year, George Packer huffed that Uber typified Silicon Valley#39;s newfound focus on ;solving all the problems of being 20 years old, with cash on hand.;本周,欧洲各地发生了针对Uber的抗议活动,它被指罔顾安全、对顾客进行价格欺诈、令现有出租车司机失业,以及逃避监管。还有人说,它没什么价值。去年,乔治·帕克(George Packer)在《纽约客》(The New Yorker)中曾愤怒地写道,硅谷新的关注点就是,“用手头的钱来解决所有存在了20年之久的问题”,并说Uber就是一个典型。It is impossible to say whether Uber is worth the billion its investors believe it to be; like any start-up, it could fail. But for all its flaws, Uber is anything but trivial. It could well transform transportation the way Amazon has altered shopping — by using slick, user-friendly software and mountains of data to completely reshape an existing market, ultimately making many modes of urban transportation cheaper, more flexible and more widely accessible to people across the income spectrum.虽然投资者相信Uber值170亿美元,但它到底是否值这么多钱就很难说了;就像任何其他创业公司一样,Uber也有可能遭遇惨败。然而,虽然Uber有诸多缺陷,它绝不是毫无价值。就像亚马逊(Amazon)改变了零售业一样,Uber也可能改变运输业——通过设计精美、用户友好的软件以及海量数据来彻底重塑现有市场,最终使许多的城市交通模式更便宜、更灵活,更易于为不同收入阶层的人所使用。Uber could pull this off by accomplishing something that has long been seen as a pipe dream among transportation scholars: It has the potential to decrease private car ownership.Uber可以通过降低私家车保有量来实现上述愿景。交通学者长期以来一直认为这是不可能的事,但Uber有这个潜力。In its long-established markets, like San Francisco, using Uber every day is aly arguably cheaper than owning a private car. Uber says that despite dust-ups about ;surge pricing; at busy times, its cheapest service, UberX, is usually 30 percent less expensive than taxis.在Uber的成熟市场,比如旧金山,每天使用Uber可能比拥有私家车更省钱。Uber称,尽管在高峰时段“定价上浮”(surge pricing)的做法引发了一些争议,但公司最便宜的务Uber X通常比出租车便宜30%。Now that Uber, Lyft and other rivals are embroiled in a vicious match for dominance across the globe, ride-sharing prices over all are sure to plummet. The competition is likely to result in more areas of the country in which ride-sharing becomes both cheaper and more convenient than owning a car, a shift that could profoundly alter how people navigate American cities.由于Uber、Lyft以及其他同类公司都卷入了旨在占领全球市场的恶性竞争,共乘租车务的价格必将暴跌。这种竞争可能导致的结果是,在美国越来越多地方,使用共乘租车务比拥有私家车更节约、更方便,这一转变可能会为美国城市人的出行方式带来深远的改变。Over the next few years, if Uber and other such services do reduce the need for private vehicle ownership, they could help lower the cost of living in urban areas, reduce the environmental toll exacted by privately owned automobiles (like the emissions we spew while cruising for parking), and reallocate space now being wasted on parking lots to more valuable uses, like housing.未来几年,如果Uber和其它此类务能成功降低私家车需求,将有助于降低市区的生活成本,降低私家车对环境的影响 (例如寻找车位时所排放的废气),并把目前浪费在停车上的空间用在更有价值的地方,比如建设住房。Paradoxically, some experts say, the increased use of ride-sharing services could also spawn renewed interest in and funding for public transportation, because people generally use taxis in conjunction with many other forms of transportation.矛盾的是,一些专家说,更多地使用共乘租车务会带来对公共交通的新需求以及更多针对公交领域的投资,因为人们在使用出租车的同时,会搭配使用许多其他交通工具。In other words, if Uber and its ride-sharing competitors succeed, it wouldn#39;t be a stretch to see many small and midsize cities become transportation nirvanas on the order of Manhattan — places where forgoing car ownership isn#39;t just an outré lifestyle choice, but the preferred way to live.换言之,如果Uber这类共乘租车务取得了成功,很多中小城市将可能达到曼哈顿那样的理想交通状况——在这些地方,放弃私家车不光是一种特立独行的生活方式,也是人们青睐的生活方式。;In many cities and even suburbs, it#39;s becoming much easier to organize your life car-free or car-lite,; said David A. King, an assistant professor of urban planning at Columbia University who studies technology and transportation. By car-lite, Dr. King means that instead of having one car for every driver, households can increasingly get by with owning just a single vehicle, thanks in part to tech-enabled services like Uber.“在很多城市甚至是郊区,在没有汽车或少用汽车的条件下安排生活正变得越来越容易。”戴维·A·金(David A. King)说。金是哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)城市规划的助理教授,专门研究科技和运输。金士说,所谓减少用车意味着,一家人可以越来越依靠一辆汽车应付日常所需,而不是每人拥有一辆汽车,这一定程度上要感谢像Uber这样的科技务。Transportation scholars are just beginning to study whether the ride-sharing industry will encourage us to give up our cars, but results from some related studies look promising.运输方面的学者对共乘租车行业是否会鼓励人们摒弃私家车的研究才刚刚起步,但一些相关研究似乎前景乐观。Susan Shaheen, the co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that car-sharing services like Zipcar and bike-sharing services have aly led to a significant net reduction of car ownership among users. While she is beginning a study into whether Uber-like services have the same effect, she said it was plausible to guess that they would also reduce levels of car ownership.苏珊·沙欣(Susan Shaheen)是加州大学伯克利分校( University of California, Berkeley)交通可持续性研究中心的主任,她发现热布卡(Zipcar)等汽车共享务以及一些单车共享务已经导致用户私家车拥有率出现了明显下降。苏珊现在开始研究像Uber这样的共乘租车务是否会有同样的效果,她说,估计这类务也会降低私家车的拥有率。;I#39;ve been studying this area for about 17 years, and what we#39;re seeing now is a ubiquity of mobile devices that is really altering this industry,; she said.“我研究这个领域差不多17年了,现在我们可以看到,移动设备的普及确实在改变着这个行业。”她说。To see why Uber and its ilk could prompt many of us to give up our cars, it helps to understand the role that taxis play in urban transport. Taxis and other car services are usually seen as the province of the rich, but that#39;s only partly true, studies show.要理解Uber等务为何会促使很多人摒弃私家车,首先要弄清楚出租车在城市交通中的作用。出租车和其它汽车务通常被视为富人的象征,但研究显示并非完全如此。The richest Americans do use taxis more often than middle-class Americans, but so do the poorest Americans, who rely heavily on taxis for trips that aren#39;t practical through public transportation — shopping trips that involve heavy parcels that wouldn#39;t be convenient to take on the bus, say, or a ride back home after a medical procedure.在美国,最富有的人确实比中产阶级更经常乘坐出租车,但最贫穷的人也是如此。在乘搭公共交通工具不太现实的情况下,他们会严重依赖出租车。比如说,购物后有很多很重的东西都不方便带上公车;此外,手术后也需要乘坐出租车回家。And though you may think of taxis as a competitor to subways and buses, several studies have found just the opposite.虽然你可能视出租车为地铁和公交车的竞争对手,但多项研究却发现,情况恰好相反。In one recent study based on GPS data from New York City cabs, Dr. King and his colleagues found that many taxi trips are ;multimodal,; meaning that riders mix taxis with other forms of transportation. For instance, people from other boroughs might get to Manhattan by train, and then use cabs to return home late at night.最近在一项以纽约市出租车GPS定位数据为基础的研究中,金士(Dr. King)及同事发现,很多出租车乘客的行程中都包含了多种方式,就是说乘客在乘坐出租车的同时,还使用其他交通工具。例如,其他区的居民可能会乘火车到曼哈顿,深夜再乘出租车回家。;The one-way travel of taxis allows people to use transit, share rides and otherwise travel without a car,; the researchers wrote. ;In this way taxis act as a complement to these other modes and help discourage auto ownership and use.;“由于出租车的单程性,没有私家车的人们可以同时使用公共交通、共享乘租或其他方式出行,”研究人员写道。“这样一来,出租车就成为其他交通方式的补充,有助于降低购买及使用私家车的积极性。” /201409/327686

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