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Oh, we have too many these guys, and you gotta hate this one. This guy is particularly hateable. Right now, we got a very special guest here in the studio. With “this” I do mean special.Some idiots advanced their skills with music or numbers. Twelve-year-old James Kimura’s skill is spelling. Like a real life Rain Man. That’s right, Tracy. Here’s him winning the New Jersey State Spelling Bee. He did such a good job there that he gets to represent the state in the National's. And he joined us live right here in the Today Now Studios. James, good morning.Good morning to you. James, we’re both so proud of you. Yeah, when I won, I would like ‘Yes’!But James, tell us how do you get to be able to spell like that. My brain works normally, so I don’t, I can’t even find it.I study like two or three hours a day.What is going on in your brain right now? I think you can probably understand everything we’re saying but is it all jumbled up and maybe you see random colors and flashes and stuff like that.Oh, I don’t. I’m just…I’m fine. I understand your school has actually put you into a specialized institution… the gifted and talented program?Well, those are accelerated learning classes.Ah, is that what they’re calling now?Yeah.Well let’s take another look at you up on that big high stage.e-u-d-a-e-m-o-n-i-c, eudaemonic.That’s correct.Tracy, look at him in there. He may not be able to feed himself but he can spell the word I cannot even pronounce. Woo…I can feed myself. I am just fine. James, the other kids must be so cruel to you, aren't they?No, they treat me fine.Do they call your names? No, I’m fine. No, I bet they do.I bet they've really hurt your feelings.They never called my names.Well, James, do you know if your mother did a lot of drinking or had a drug problem while she was pregnant with you.No, she didn’t. She was fine.I really admire her strength in raising you. I mean I would have just tossed you in the gutter to end your agony. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. Right. James , if you want to howl or pound your head against something, you just go ahead and do it.There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. You just do whatever you have to do.No, I’m just…I’m just smart.05/71035

The View ladies talking about Rihanna Rihanna was hit by her boyfriend Chris Brown, The View ladies are talking about it. Welcome back to a Day of Hot Topics on The View. Now E! Online reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited in Miami this weekend and her father Ronald Fenty apparently supported her decision saying "whatever road she chooses I'm behind her". Good for him. What d'you think?You think so?Yea, I do.Well, I mean you can't just say we're gonna, you know, if you get back together with Chris, we're not gonna talk to you any more. She's a grown woman.I would, if he touches my daughter one more time, I will get his ******.He probably did. I'm sure he probably did say something like that, I mean. That's kinda like a father's kinda impetuses, his natural reaction. We don't know that he didn't say that to Chris.(But to say with, I think he probably would say...)I think he came out. He publicly, we public, you know, he publicly supported her. But I, you know, what concerns me is I would hope that, you know, he says he's going to anger management classes, that if she's gonna take him back, they both go to some classes. I would really love to see them do something for the young people. I would really love to see them do some PSAs (公益广告) about hitting people. And Rihanna, if it happens again, you'd better run for the hills, cuz...They are gonna get their stuff together first.Why can't you have a time-out from the guy though, you know, have a time-out, go anger management for a year and then we'll discuss it.I still want to hear what actually happened cuz we still don't know.But we saw the picture.That doesn't matter, seeing the picture, (You don't know what happened Sherri.)we don't... We still don't know what happens. And I find it extraordinarily interesting that it has not come out. So, there is a lot going on in this particular situation that we're not aware of, I believe.Just think, you know, the young, Sherri talked about her niece, so you think about young girls who are watching this and using this as a model. You know, you just have to, I don't know. It upsets me because I feel as though these young girls to get back with someone after he has done that to you. They are not married. They don't have a commitment. I hope they're not. I really hope they're not.(One hopes...) Go and find someone who treats you right. Don't...One hopes...Where was it? One hopes that after a period of time, she will say this is my relationship. (Yes.)This is a man I loved, I wanted, and I 've taken back with these conditions. So, this is, again, we don't know.Point is what happened actually.run for the hills: When someone really wants to get away from a situation or relationship as fast as they can, they "run for the hills."04/68169

Can China End The Credit Crunch? Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is due to arrive in Britain for talks with Gordon Brown. The two are expected to discuss how they can co-operate to tackle the global financial crisis. Holly Williams reports on how China could be crucial to the recovery. Could these women help save us all from the financial crisis? China has transformed itself from drab Communism to the world's third biggest economy with 1.3 billion consumers hungry for the decade of fruits of Capitalism. And they might be the ones who give the keys of life to the world's economy. While people in Britain and America have been taking on too much debt, the Chinese have spent the last two decades carefully saving their money. In fact, this country has one of the highest national savings rates in the world. If the Chinese can now be coked into spending their money, economists say that will be key to a global recovery. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was in Davos this week, talking up how China can revive the world's fortunes. Gordon Brown wants to do business with Mr. Wen, and more trade and investment will be top of their agenda when they meet. But there are others who blame China for the financial crisis. China's become the workshop of the world, exporting far more than it imports. China used those export earnings to buy American debt, which helped fuel the mortgage bubble. And some say the credit crunch (信贷紧缩). Timothy Geithner was sworn in this week as America's new Treasury Secretary, he's accused China of currency manipulation that created trade imbalances leading to the financial crisis, though most experts disagree. "It's much better to believe there's some conspiracy in Beijing to artificially overvalue the Chinese currency so as to make Chinese manufacturers and exporters wildly and unfairly competitive and to put American worker out of business, all that is economic debut?." But if China is not to blame, how much help can it give Britain? The country has its own money problems, rural poverty, slowing growth and laid-off workers. In this global crisis, many Chinese consumers would be lucky to keep themselves afloat, never mind the world economy. Holly Williams, Sky News, Beijing.02/61717

Israeli Settlers Disrupt Palestinian Olive Harvest以定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄 An annual Palestinian harvest means trouble in the occupied territories. 巴勒斯坦人一年一度的橄榄收获季节到来了,然而,这却意味著约旦河被占领土上麻烦的开始。Jewish settlers attacked two news photographers covering the Palestinian olive harvest in the West Bank. Video showed four Israelis move into a grove near their settlement where Palestinians were picking olives with the help of Israeli and foreign supporters. The settlers punched and kicked the Palestinian photographers and grabbed one of their cameras. They also assaulted a British activist. One of the photographers threw stones at the settlers. 以色列定居者袭击了两名前来报导约旦河西岸巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄情况的新闻摄影记者。录像显示,四名以色列人进入了定居点附近的一个树丛,当时,巴勒斯坦人正在那里采摘橄榄,另外还有一些以色列人和外国持者在给他们帮忙。四名定居者对巴勒斯坦摄影记者拳打脚踢,并抢走了其中一人的照相机。他们还袭击了一名英国活动分子。录像上,一名摄影记者向定居者投掷石块。It was the latest in a series of attempts by militant settlers to disrupt the annual olive harvest which is vital to the Palestinian economy. Israeli police intervened and broke up the brawl. There were no serious injuries and the settlers were allowed to walk away. 这是激进的以色列定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人一年一度收获橄榄的最新一次企图。橄榄是巴勒斯坦经济的重要组成部分。以色列警察前来干预,驱散了吵闹的人群。没有人在冲突中受重伤,定居者后来被放走了。Palestinian parliamentarian Moustafa Barghouti was there. 巴勒斯坦议员巴尔古提当时也在冲突现场。"Palestinian villagers are encountering a terrible war by the Israeli illegal settlers and the Israeli army against their trees, against their land," he said. "We are here to help them in a peaceful, non-violent resistance to maintain their land." 他说:“巴勒斯坦村民正在经历一场可怕的战争,以色列的非法定居者,以色列军队针对他们的树林、他们的土地发起的战争。我们到这里来帮助他们,以和平和非暴力的方式来抵抗,来保护他们自己的土地。”The settlers say disrupting the olive harvest is a legitimate response to repeated Palestinian vandalism and attacks. 以色列定居者说,干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄是对巴勒斯坦人一再发动破坏和袭击的最合理的还击。200810/53322

Modern working fathers now spend so much time at the office they consider their primary role to be 'bwinner' rather than 'father'.Researchers studied the attitudes towards family life of 2,500 dads around Britain who work full-time.They were asked to identify the roles they perceived as their key responsibilities within their own family unit.Staggeringly, three quarters of those questioned said they saw themselves more as a bwinner than they did as a father.Just one in two identified 'dad' as their first priority while a similar number picked 'husband'.Other roles which many of them they felt they occupied were 'gardener', 'driver', 'repairman' and 'chef'.The study, carried out by discount voucher site Savoo.co.uk to mark Fathers' Day, also found seven out of ten dads would like more time with their kids.Simon Bird for savoo.co.uk said: 'It's worrying so many fathers see their role as putting food on the table, rather than as a father figure.'They don't want to feel distanced from their family, but long office hours and lengthy daily commutes means millions of dads miss out on valuable time with their kids.'They feel under pressure to provide a decent standard of living for their family, but in doing so are potentially damaging their relationship with their children.'It's a difficult balancing act, but it's important to spend time with children and partners at the weekend and anytime during the day.'Trying to eat dinner around the table three or four times a week, playing football at the park or hearing the kids will all help family bonding.'That's why we want children and partners to celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, to show fathers they are appreciated, and for everything they do.'The study, carried out between the 9th and 11th June, asked dads to select what they felt that their main role was.Seventy four percent picked 'bwinner', 53 percent picked 'father', 52 percent opted for 'husband' and 18 percent went for 'gardener'.Vocabulary:bwinner:a person who earns a livelihood, esp. one who also supports dependents(养家糊口的人,负担家计的人)staggeringly: causing great astonishment, amazement, or dismay; overwhelming(惊人地,难以想象地)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106692

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